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Episode 10

1 "Everything becomes clear once the right time comes.
" "Time is the father of truth.
" (Episode 10) Professor.
Professor Yoon time travelled, didn't she? She'll be in danger if she doesn't take this.
She'll wake up soon.
Stay by her side.
Why are you helping Professor Yoon? For the same reason you are.
I was with your mother in 1992.
We were going to leave after our job was done, but your mother remained here.
Why? For you.
What do you mean? She later found out that she was pregnant.
That's why she stayed, to give birth to you.
She gave up everything she has for you.
So, stay out of trouble for your mother.
Who are you to say that? I was her friend.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know your mother died, or that she had a son.
I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.
But I'll make sure to catch the suspect.
Don't you speak nonsense.
You're one of the suspects.
You people killed my mother.
If I get arrested, our staff will come here.
That'll put Professor Yoon in danger.
It's all my fault.
I should've looked into Park Jin Gyeom more.
Si Young knew everything all along.
No way.
Tae Yi and Si Young were friends.
Si Young said that she met Tae Yi in 2011.
But Tae Yi died a year before that, in 2010.
She's surely hiding something.
Hey, can you give me a break from work for a few days? I'm going to look into Si Young more.
What if it's her? What? You think I might take revenge on her or something? What right do I have to do that? I abandoned Tae Yi alone when she was pregnant.
Had I wanted to, I could've easily gone back to get her.
But I didn't.
I was mad at Tae Yi.
I couldn't forgive her for running away without a word.
I was so mad about that that I didn't go back for her.
So, what right do I have to take revenge? I left her to raise a child in an unfamiliar world alone and let her die.
I don't deserve to take revenge.
I'm just going to find the suspect.
I'm just going to find who killed Tae Yi, and hand whoever it is over to Park Jin Gyeom.
Don't worry about Park Jin Gyeom.
As long as I'm here, he won't be in danger.
And let me know if you need anything.
If you want to bring him to Alice, I'll find a way.
Wait, does Park Jin Gyeom know who you are? I'll find whoever killed Tae Yi first.
That's the least I can do before I can bring myself to tell him who I am.
Detective Park is not dead.
So there's no one to catch.
He's as tough as nails.
He wouldn't die so easily.
I can change everything.
I can change it.
When did you get here? Where's the professor? She went out to meet someone.
The person you have reached Did she say where she was going? Was it her birthday yesterday? Don't worry about it.
It's just a coincidence.
At first, when Eun Soo talked about a time machine, I thought it was understandable since she was a kid.
When I met a man who insisted he was five years old, I told myself there are many crazy people in the world.
When a man from a photo from 1992 appeared before me without having aged at all, I assumed they just looked alike.
Even when you knew in advance about the Schrödinger incident, I tried to tell myself that you simply found clues first.
But this, I really can't understand.
The woman who looks exactly like your mother has the same birthday too.
Don't worry.
I'm not asking you.
I know you won't tell me anyway.
I'll find out myself just what is going on right now.
Everyone thinks Director Seok is dead.
I guess you don't.
Why are you looking into the director's disappearance? Will you write an article? Yes.
So please work with me.
What did you mean by what you said a few days ago? That you and I will walk the Camino de Santiago together next year.
You were annoying me, so I was just trying to shut you up.
They call them parallel universes.
A world in another dimension where another version of me exists.
I don't know how our relationship changes next year, but I don't think I will ever take a trip with you.
If you and I took a trip together notwithstanding that, that must be another version of me, and not me.
You went into the future in another dimension, didn't you? And you and I who exist there went to the Camino de Santiago.
Why are you suddenly asking me that? Is it a reporter's curiosity? No.
I'm asking because of Jin Gyeom.
Have you ever felt like you've known him from a while ago? What do you mean? Didn't he tell you? That you look like his mother.
Make your point.
Whoever you may be, whatever you may mean to him, I wish you'd stay away from him.
I'm saying this not as the girl who likes him, but as his friend.
Because I'm so worried about him.
He has never once been happy in his entire life.
I know he can't feel emotions.
Do you know that it makes him blame himself and struggle too? He changed a lot compared to 10 years ago.
That's why he knows now just what he did to his mother before she passed away.
He realized how tough a life his mother had led because of him.
But if you stay with him, he'll keep thinking of his mother.
And he'll put himself in danger if it's for you.
So I'm sorry, but I wish you would stay away from Jin Gyeom now.
Detective Park has a good friend.
I don't know whether or not it was a parallel universe, but we may really be able to go on the Camino de Santiago together.
I'm sorry too, but I have to stay with Detective Park.
Because he needs me right now.
It breaks my heart that he's reminded of his mother when he looks at me, but I have to do anything and everything that I can.
(Jang Dong Shik's Murder Suspects) I went to the orphanage to find Dr.
Jang Dong Shik's wife.
You knew that Professor Yoon Tae Yi was Dr.
Jang's daughter, didn't you? Yes.
Why didn't you tell me? A heads up would've been nice.
She doesn't know yet either, so I couldn't.
Did you find the woman who dropped her off at the orphanage? Was it her mother? No.
Jang's wife Professor Yoon's mother did in fact pass away.
I even checked her grave.
Seeing as the orphanage document states she was dropped off by her mom, the woman must have been impersonating her mom.
Wasn't this man his only accomplice? There was a woman if I remember correctly.
Shouldn't we tell Professor Yoon about her father's death? I'll tell her myself when the time is right.
Did you go somewhere? I met with a friend.
A good friend.
What is that? Pork belly.
We said we'd have pork belly on my birthday, but couldn't.
And some soju.
Why are you eating it burnt? It's so bad for you.
I'll feed myself.
Say, "Ah.
" I'm fine.
You eat it.
Come on.
My arm's getting tired.
" Thank you.
I'll make you breakfast starting tomorrow, so eat before you go.
Detectives don't get to eat on time.
You should at least have a good breakfast.
That's right.
Take this to the station and take them there.
It's a probiotic.
You eat out all the time.
It's hard to watch your weight.
Try it.
I ordered yours while ordering mine.
It's good for you, so take some.
Did something happen? No.
Do you have a bucket list for before you die Things you want to do before you get too old? I haven't really thought about it.
Why do you ask? I'm just curious.
Everyone has things they really want to try.
I do not.
Then I'll pick some from people's bucket lists, so pick one.
(Travel around the world alone) "Travel around the world alone.
" "Master a foreign language.
" "Love passionately.
" "Travel all around Korea.
" "Read 100 books in a year.
" Do you want to do any of them? Read 100 books in a year.
Except that.
Master a foreign language.
Forget it.
Just eat.
To be honest, there is so much that I haven't done, that it's difficult to choose just one.
But Do you not like the necklace? That's not it.
I'm saving it for a special occasion.
Have you been to an amusement park? I'm not asking because I want to go.
You know how to laugh.
Why don't you laugh a little? Isn't this so fun? Are you feeling happy? One more ride? No.
Never again.
My gosh.
Excuse me.
Could you take a picture of us? Sure.
Thank you.
Here we go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Why don't we take a picture together? Do you take pictures too? I want to keep it as a souvenir.
Sure, let's do it.
Here we go.
Let me have a look.
I'll delete it if it's not good.
What's wrong? This picture looks terrible.
Do you want to take another one? No.
Let's not take any pictures from now on.
(Delete 1 photo) Let's go.
Something happened, right? Tell me.
What did you see when you travelled through time? Do you have to catch the person who killed your mother? I know I shouldn't say this, but can't you just give up? With time, some people forget what happened in the past or just let it go.
Can't you do that? You can, right? Will something happen to me? You must be tired.
Let's go home.
While trying to catch the person who killed your mother, you'll die.
By any chance, do you know - who killed my mother? - What does that matter? You'll die.
You asked about my bucket list, right? I've always wanted only one thing.
Catching the person who killed my mother.
Tell me who it is.
Detective Park was after the last page of "The Book of Prophecy".
He thought it would help him stop time travel and find out who killed his mother.
But precisely because of that, he was killed.
By the person who killed his mother.
Wait for me.
You can go home.
Detective! Park Jin Gyeom! Take a look around.
Don't you see the people who love you? Why do you not care about the people who worry about you? Park Jin Gyeom! - "The Book of Prophecy"? - I don't know exactly what it is.
But it seems it'll tell me who I'm after.
I'll look for Mr.
Seok Oh Won first.
He had the book for a while.
I'm sure he's already dead.
Otherwise, how could he disappear into thin air? If Professor Yoon is right, he's still alive.
(You brought this upon yourself.
) This was sent the morning before Tae Yi was killed in 2010.
It's our number, isn't it? Who was using that number in 2010? You know, don't you? Ms.
Oh was using it.
But it could have been anyone in the organization.
This doesn't prove she killed Tae Yi.
I know.
I just need to find out if it was in 2011 that she went to Lee Se Hoon.
(Foster Morality and Live Wholesome Lives) (Seongsin Inn) (Director Seok Oh Won) Hello.
It's Lee Se Hoon.
Do you remember me? Do you want to find out why your mom was killed? Protect me, and I'll tell you everything.
I even know who killed her.
Where are you? Hello? It's been located.
It's an inn.
(Seongsin Inn) Lee Se Hoon has been murdered.
Check the CCTV footage.
What are you trying to hide by killing him? You got the wrong idea.
I'll explain later.
It's you.
You did it.
I was tracking down the person who killed your mother.
Your mother and I Why did you kill my mom? Check all the surveillance cameras near the motel.
He got killed right before I got there.
I checked all the cameras, and all the footage was deleted.
Where's Si Young right now? There are 15 clients that we're looking over.
I'll have the final list ready by next week.
Everyone, get out.
Get out! Were you the one who killed Lee Se Hoon? What are you talking about? You made all of this happen.
On the day Tae Yi died in 2010, you texted her.
Tell me what happened on that day.
You think I killed Tae Yi? Why did you lie, then? Why did you lie? When I went to see Lee Se Hoon, I found out that Tae Yi had "The Book of Prophecy".
So, I went to see her myself in an attempt to sort it out myself.
But Tae Yi never showed it to me.
Yes, I was the one who sent that text.
I thought she deserved to know that what she was doing is dangerous and selfish.
So So, you killed her? No, I didn't kill her, though I wished that she died.
Why? Why would you? Because of you, Min Hyuk.
I was going to tell you that Tae Yi died and that Tae Yi from the past is in danger, but I couldn't.
No, I didn't want to, knowing that you'd be so affected like this.
I knew you'd be going crazy, trying to catch the murderer! Don't you dare make excuses.
Do you know what the worst part is? Tae Yi has finally disappeared, but another Tae Yi is back.
I finally thought that I was getting closer to you, but you're only looking at Yoon Tae Yi again! This is the footage of Lee Se Hoon since his release.
It's your choice to believe what you see or not.
You saw the suspect here yourself? Yes, I saw him with my own eyes.
That's weird.
- What is? - He died about two hours ago.
If he's really the suspect, then why did he stay here after killing Lee Se Hoon two hours after? He was the suspect.
I was looking for the man that killed your mother.
There are people outside, waiting to check on the site.
Yes, tell them to come in and check the site.
Yes, sir.
- What? - Nothing.
I'm just thinking back to when we first met.
You were so handsome.
You had a lot of hair, too.
Do you remember going to the Namsan Mountain on our first date? I don't even remember yesterday.
How could I remember that? Hey! I told you not to scratch your neck while eating.
All right.
You know my friend Soo Jin, right? I know.
Her husband runs a big company.
Her husband has cancer.
Stage-three cancer.
When I heard that, I realized that happiness isn't anything grand.
I realized that living as long as we can, eating sundae together is the best happiness I can have.
As long as we can? Honey, you're very ambitious.
That means you have to stay healthy.
(Hope Orphanage Child Profile Name: Yoon Tae Yi) Why are you asking for that? When I first came here, did I bring anything? - Like what? - A book, or even just a piece of paper.
You certainly read a lot, but you didn't bring a book, nor any paper.
You said that the person who asked about my father also asked if I brought a book with me.
Yes, even that strange man asked about some book.
Did you not ask him what book he's talking about? Is something going on? Some buff detective came in earlier as well.
Some buff detective? This one? Yes, that one.
Don't mind him, then.
I'm sure he was here to investigate the person who asked about my dad.
It was him.
The one who came before and asked about your biological dad.
Does Yoon Tae Yi remember her biological father who passed away in 1992? You must have seen wrong.
He's a detective captain.
Did I? Maybe it wasn't him after all.
I'm confused.
I won't take it unless there's money in here.
Take it back.
I'm sick of this life now, that's why.
You were born to be a cop.
And people like us can't live quietly at home.
Can't I even quit as I want? I'm not coming in starting next month, just so you know.
Why are you doing this? Did something happen? Nothing happened.
I just I want to sleep peacefully, eat well, and receive love from my wife.
That's how I want to live.
(Seoul Nambu Police Station) Hello.
Remember me? May we speak for a few minutes? Thank you.
I'm on duty, so please make it quick.
How did you end up getting close to Detective Park? Why do you want to know that? Because I heard you were like family to him.
Didn't Jin Gyeom tell you? You know he doesn't talk about things like that.
I heard he lived with you.
I wonder how someone like him ended up living with you.
When he was in high school, he was framed because of me.
I felt bad about that.
- That's very odd.
- What is? You took care of a 19-year-old boy with an unusual personality like your son and brought him home just because of that? Please don't get the wrong idea.
I was adopted as well, so I'm interested in families that aren't blood-related.
I heard you don't have kids, right? Why didn't you adopt? Adoption isn't for everyone.
Then why did you go to Hope Orphanage? You went there.
I did not.
I assume you're finished, so - Sorry, sir.
- Sorry, sir.
I've seen it before.
What do you mean? The scar behind Captain Ko's ear.
I've seen it before.
I'm sure of it.
What scar did you see, and where? I'm not getting you.
I know I've seen it before, but I can't remember.
Remember the man who asked about me at the orphanage? I think it was Captain Ko.
That can't be.
Even if it was, it was probably about the case.
It wasn't about the case.
He asked about my father.
I think you should go home and get some rest.
I'll take you.
It's okay.
I'll sleep at my parents' place tonight.
We found a capsule in his stomach.
It was probably for some type of poison, but I'm not sure what.
This is odd.
Remember the guy whose body disappeared? That Ju Hae Min, was it? The Schrödinger killer.
He had the same scar.
(Female, Unidentified) (Unknown organization) Gosh.
All the surveillance videos were deleted.
I got the dash cam videos from all the cars in the area.
We'll have to stay up all night to watch them all.
I'll do it.
(Seongsin Inn) Continue.
He visited Lee Se Hoon in 2010, and I found evidence of illegal travel between dimensions.
In 2010? Yes.
It's suspicious that he's in charge of Tae Yi's case too.
Does that mean he approached Park Jin Gyeom intentionally? I think so, but I don't know why.
I don't think we can handle this on our own anymore.
We need to report to headquarters.
Please give me a little time.
Things will get more complicated if headquarters finds out.
Let me resolve it.
I can't give you a lot of time.
- It's hot.
- Hold on.
How is it? - It's delicious.
- Is it? Hold on.
My gosh.
What are you doing here so late? Thank you for preparing my mother's memorial table.
Sure, but this wasn't necessary.
Of course, I should do it.
You're hurting my feelings.
There's so much in here.
I know you're happy.
If you were going to bring food, you should've brought hanwoo beef, not a fruit basket.
You need to feed Jin Gyeom some nutritious foods.
Look how haggard he looks.
If he works you too hard, tell me, okay? Stay for dinner.
This is so heavy.
That shows how unaffectionate you are normally.
Look how giddy she is about a fruit basket.
Come in.
Stay for dinner.
I need to talk to you outside.
This is nice.
What are you looking at? It's all so new to me.
What's so new about it? All bathhouses are the same.
It's my first time.
Do you not like to wash? Well I had no reason to come or anyone to come with.
You dirty punk.
Come to the bathhouse with me once a week from now on.
I'll do it myself.
I want to do it for you, that's why.
Jin Gyeom.
It'll be hard being a detective.
If things get hard, tell me.
Don't worry.
How can I not worry? They say kids never tell their parents how they really feel.
What's there to life? You just find someone to whom you can expose your back, and fill each other's voids.
You've seen my back now.
- Come here.
- Dad! Dad! What? Hey.
Try calling me Dad.
Fine, forget it.
That hurts.
What did you say? It hurts.
What is it? Can you pour me one? But you don't drink.
I started drinking a little recently.
With Do Yeon? Anyway, it's good to drink a little now and then.
Now I'm relieved.
You're getting better and better.
When I first met you, you were almost not human.
Is this about the Lee Se Hoon case? Did you find anything? Jin Gyeom.
I No.
I haven't found any clues yet.
I think I really am a lot better now.
And I have you to thank for that.
So please stay by my side like this for a long time.
Do you have any plans for the weekend? Why? Do you remember In Sook's son? The tall and handsome one.
What? He's not handsome at all.
What about him anyway? Is he sick or something? He recently got a promotion.
So? You want me to congratulate him? You're doing this on purpose, right? Anyway, free up some time this weekend.
I can't.
I'm busy.
I'm worried you'll get old without dating anyone.
Don't worry about that.
I have Jin Gyeom.
Can't you find someone more ordinary? What's so wrong with him? He's perfect.
He's not interested in girls, so he'll never cheat on me.
Hey, I'm even more worried now.
Ko) Mr.
Ko! You called a chauffeur, right? Is he your son? It's so nice to see a father and son drinking together.
I called her.
You're drunk.
Stop with that joke already.
I never know how to respond.
Gosh, you're so boring.
Did something happen? You never drink.
Nothing happened.
Give me the keys.
Get in, Mr.
I'll give you a ride home.
I live close by.
Drive safe.
- Good night.
- I will.
- See you.
- See you.
Anyway, what made you want to drink with Mr.
Ko all of a sudden? Are you sure nothing happened? Just because.
I just felt like it.
I'm glad you did.
Ko must have been very happy.
Hello, sir.
Got it.
What are you doing here? I'm looking for Yoon Tae Yi.
She's been here, right? Why are you looking for her? I need to kill her.
Did you drink a lot? No.
Then are you up for another drink with me? Sure.
Really? Yes.
Where should we go? Hello, Sergeant Kim.
I think I've located Mr.
I'll be right there.
Moving on.
Lee Se Hoon, who served 29 years in prison for murder, was found murdered at an inn right after being released.
By the time the police arrived at the scene, he was already dead after coughing up blood in his room.
The police suspect that he was poisoned.
Kang Hyun Jin reports.
(Seongsin Inn) That was him.
The one who came before and asked about your biological dad.
How did you find him? Someone reported a rented car discarded at an abandoned amusement park in Paju.
And the contract is in the name of Ju Hae Min.
But Ju Hae Min, who is locked up, says he never rented a car.
My guess is that the dead time traveller did.
Anyway, we found Seok Oh Won's DNA in the car.
Who's at the scene now? (Jin Gyeom) The person you have reached is not available.
Ko) Yes, I just arrived.
I'll take care of Seok Oh Won.
You're here.
Is this the car? According to residents in the area, the car was here for a whole week.
This amusement park has been closed for a long time, so there isn't much foot traffic around the area.
Seok Oh Won should be around.
Let's divide and search.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Since it's a big park, let's divide and search.
I'll take this side.
You can take that side.
All right.
(Thank you to Announcer Joo Si Eun for making a special appearance.
) (Alice) I'm sorry, Jin Gyeom.
This is the only way for me to save my wife.
Ko No!
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