Alice (2020) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

In 2050, our Alice finally succeeded in traveling through time.
Jang Dong Shik.
I'm here for the book.
You can't handle it.
I found it.
Give me the book.
We'll take this book.
It must be from the radiation from the wormhole.
If we do that, something horrible may happen to the baby.
Jin Gyeom.
He pushed her off.
You were close to the student that committed suicide, yes? Then why did you push her off? I'll make sure that you get out of here.
I don't want you to get hurt.
Sorry, Mom.
Happy birthday to you I'll be right back.
What happened? Who did this? If you see me again, you must avoid me at all costs.
Mom! I became a cop to catch my mother's killer, and I searched for 10 years.
Odd crimes have been happening in the country since last year, and they're all as absurd as this kidnapping case.
Were you really with your mom? She came back on a time machine to see me.
I have no idea where he's coming from.
What's your name and personal identification number? Do I not look like I'm five? Client 1012's car is being chased by the police.
Please send help.
Target confirmed.
Let's retrieve the time card by the end of tonight.
That's called the time card? Seems like I shouldn't leave you alive.
It was left by my mother.
Is there an expert that I can talk to on this? How can you be majoring in Physics when you don't even get this? Oh my gosh.
Did you mistake me for someone else? Are you a time traveler? I guess I look a lot like your mother.
They call them parallel universes.
There's a witness who saw him with your mother.
You still think of me as a criminal.
It would be best if you don't get involved in this anymore.
There's a drone flying outside my window.
Hello? Professor? "The moment the child becomes a time traveler," "the prophecy will begin to be fulfilled.
" What year is it? It's 2010.
Where are you? Jin Gyeom.
I'll come home.
Don't step foot outside.
It was you after all.
There's no time for this.
Your mom's in danger.
My son.
Don't come back here ever again.
I wanted to protect you.
Why didn't you call even once? I was worried.
You knew that my mother would die on the night of the blood moon.
If you really want to find the suspect, why don't you look for your father? The man in prison He might be your father.
The only father I have is Mr.
Is that what killed my mom? Just what is in that book? The end of time travel.
"The Book of Prophecy" is with me.
It seems Mr.
Seok Oh Won was abducted.
A program similar to the one I've been researching is on this card.
We got a signal from the card that's with Park Jin Gyeom.
Have we met somewhere before? This is my final warning.
She must die for the future.
and stay with me at a temporary residence.
What have you done to Tae Yi? Professor! Regardless of what year you're in, I promise to save you.
Are you saying Detective Park is dead? He was killed.
By the person who killed his mother.
What did you see when you traveled through time? I think it was Captain Ko.
Where's the last page of the book? How do you know about "The Book of Prophecy"? And I have you to thank for that.
So please stay by my side like this.
I didn't know your mother died or that she had a son.
You're one of the suspects.
Yes, I just arrived.
It's you.
You did it.
"Time is the most valuable thing that humans can use.
" (Episode 11) Hello? Yes, I just arrived.
I'll take care of Seok Oh Won.
Since it's a big park, let's divide and search.
I'll take this side.
You can take that side.
All right.
You startled me.
I think Seok Oh Won was here.
I think I just missed him.
Start investigating.
(Seok Oh Won) Jin Gyeom.
Was Captain here first? Did you call him? Let's find Seok Oh Won first.
Have you seen this man? No, I haven't.
Have you seen this man? I don't think so.
(Seok Oh Won, male, age 46) (Ju Hae Min) It's evident that Seok Oh Won was held here for a prolonged time.
But all the hair and fingerprints belonged to him.
We found no clues regarding the abductor.
That's all.
There was no blood? - No.
- That means he's alive, right? Did you just make detective? I think there's a good chance he's buried somewhere.
We didn't find a single clue in the Lee Se Hoon case either.
Did you check the USB drive? The dash cam video of the motel Lee Se Hoon was at.
I checked, but there was no one particularly suspicious.
I need to show you something.
What's wrong? Where did you get that? Where did you get that? You've seen this before, haven't you? Did you show it to anyone else? That doesn't matter.
Captain Ko appears in the video.
He's a suspect in Lee Se Hoon's murder, isn't he? I know the video is misleading.
It isn't misleading.
Captain Ko has been acting weird.
For 10 years, he was like family to me.
I know better what he's like.
Then why did he not investigate Director Seok? You strangled him after seeing a 10-year-old sketch.
But Captain Ko, who was in charge of your mother's murder never once questioned Director Seok during the past 10 years.
Isn't that strange? Give me that.
You had this on you when you died.
This may be related to your death.
This is the only clue that I have.
I can't give it to you.
Not even to you.
I can't give this to you.
Why are you asking about Mr.
Ko? I just want to know what he's like.
I can answer that question, but I want to know why you're asking.
Detective Park often says Mr.
Ko is like a father to him, so I became curious.
Yes, he is like a father to Jin Gyeom.
I'm not fooling around here.
Detective Park and Mr.
Ko met for the first time in 2010, correct? When Detective Park was falsely accused in high school, Mr.
Ko came to arrest him.
You already know everything.
What else do you want to know? How long after that incident was Detective Park's mother killed? Why? I'm just curious.
Three days.
She was killed three days after Jin Gyeom was released.
What are you doing in someone else's room? I was just looking around, thinking about the old days.
Do you know whose room this is? I heard it used to be Detective Park's mother's.
Why are you here, anyway? Are you looking for something? No.
I just wanted to see Jin Gyeom.
Do you remember anything from your childhood? No, not yet.
If you know anything, can you tell me? I would, but I know nothing.
Then let me ask you about something you do know.
How long have you known Detective Park? I already told you the other day.
Jin Gyeom was once falsely accused because of me.
Are you sure you didn't know him before that? I didn't.
Why? You're suspicious.
So is the scar behind your ear.
May I ask when you got that? Why do you want to know that? I think I've seen it before.
Where? Why were you at my house? I had something to tell you.
You could've called me.
I'm leaving the force.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier.
Still, I'm telling you before I tell anyone else.
Why all of a sudden? I'm just a little tired.
I want to retire and travel around with my wife.
What? Are you sad? No.
It sounds like a good idea.
I'll quit as soon as we find Mr.
Don't tell anyone until then.
Do you think we can find him? Something tells me we can't.
Hello, Sergeant Kim.
Lieutenant Park, Seok Oh Won is back.
I had been locked up in a warehouse but managed to escape yesterday.
You said you'd show me "The Book of Prophecy".
Where is it? It seems like the criminal took it.
You said the book contains something I should know.
Tell me what it is.
Going through this, I realized I'd been reckless.
I quit.
I don't want anything to do with this.
I know it was a horrible experience.
But for the past 10 years, you've been trying to stop time travel.
How can you give up so easily? It's only natural to feel resistance to a new world.
But I've finally come to terms with it.
Detective Park, think carefully.
There's nothing you can do against time travelers.
If you have nothing else to say, may I leave? The procedure is not done yet.
Is this the place? Yes, it is.
The criminal killed the other victims right away.
Why do you think you were locked up instead? Well It sounds like you have a problem with me coming back alive.
Is there a reason why the criminal didn't kill you? Beats me.
How did you escape? I escaped while the criminal was on the phone two days ago.
Did you see his face? No, his eyes were covered.
I only heard his voice.
Did it sound familiar? No, I'd never heard it before.
Being back here is bringing back bad memories.
Can we go out now? Thank you for your cooperation.
Let's go.
I'll escort you.
I'm afraid Park Jin Gyeom is suspecting you.
Just focus on doing your part.
Where's Min Hyuk? I don't know.
I have no idea what he's up to.
It'll be a while before he can trust you again.
Don't take it to heart though.
He has his reasons.
I know.
I did lie to him.
I'll work it out.
The CCTV footage from around the inn where Lee Se Hoon was killed is being restored.
Finding the one who killed Lee Se Hoon may lead us to the one who killed Tae Yi.
And maybe to the teacher as well.
Report to me when you know more.
Yes, sir.
How is the restoration going? It's not going to be easy.
(Target Identified: Ko Hyeong Seok) The police found evidence that Ko Hyeong Seok killed Lee Se Hoon.
But Park Jin Gyeom doesn't seem to want to arrest Ko Hyeong Seok.
Please don't be scared.
I'm here to see Park Jin Gyeom.
Where is he right now? Why do you need to see Detective Park? I have something to tell him.
Don't worry.
I'm trying to help him.
You were just trying to kill Detective Park days ago.
You want to help him now? Yes.
There was a misunderstanding.
What misunderstanding? I don't know what you misunderstood, and how you worked it out, but I'd like you to never approach Detective Park again.
You're a time traveler.
Once this is sorted out, I'll never appear again.
What is "this"? What could "this" be? What? You resigned? Tomorrow is my last day.
I'm sorry for making this decision all by myself.
Good job.
"Good job"? Yes.
Every time you were on a case, I was so worried that I couldn't sleep.
Seems like I can finally sleep in peace now.
This is the best thing you've done in our entire marriage, you know? You know what? Tonight, you may drink as much as you want.
You know, you're the best.
Of course.
Give that to me.
Cheers! Have some food.
You guys started without me? You're here.
You're the one who's late.
But how could you start when the star of the night hasn't arrived? You're the star of the night? I'm sorry.
Eat up.
- Eat as much as you'd like.
- Thank you.
Tell me if you need anything else.
- Thank you! - Thank you! Of all the Chinese restaurants, why did you have to come here? I'm sorry.
We'll make sure to eat somewhere else from now on.
You want to be cooking in the kitchen? Come here, you! Yes, why don't you just fry some jjajang in the kitchen instead? You're going to make me cook now? You're really using me for everything.
How would you run the restaurant without me? Stop it! Bring that over already.
Captain, you can eat up.
Even if you're quitting, come visit us sometimes.
Thank you.
Now that everyone is here, let's do another toast! Hold on! Before that, let's hear Captain Ko's retirement speech.
Yes! - Please say something.
- Captain Ko! Let's just eat.
You have to say something, anything! - Just say something.
- Come on.
Ko, I'm not drinking until you say something.
Give me a call when you get home.
Be careful.
You seem like you recognize me.
Who are you? (Mrs.
Ko) Yes, Mrs.
Ko? Jin Gyeom, you're still with Mr.
Ko, right? Can I talk to him? Why isn't he picking up? What did you come here for? Why are you around Park Jin Gyeom? Why? Are you finally trying to be his father? How did you know? I will make you talk.
Listen to me.
I'm trying to help you.
This man is an illegal time traveler.
You've been suspecting him, too.
Trust me.
I'm trying to get the man who killed your mother and is trying to kill you as well.
I'll return to Alice and look into the matter.
Why? Who are you to do so? What right do you have to do that? Don't you ever lay a finger on Mr.
Ko again.
Ko is like my father to me.
This is my last warning.
Jin Gyeom? Why are you here? You're awake now? How much did you drink to fall off the stairs? What would you have done without Jin Gyeom? I'll get going now.
You don't have to see me out.
(The teacher?) (The teacher?) What are you going to do now? I don't know.
Park Jin Gyeom is relying on the man too much when he killed his mother and is trying to kill him, too.
Are you sure he killed Tae Yi? I don't think you're 100 percent sure.
Hey, the teacher is looking for "The Book of Prophecy".
That's why he sent Lee Se Hoon, killed Tae Yi, and is trying to kill Jin Gyeom, too.
(Seongsin Inn) Why did Tae Yi run away with "The Book of Prophecy"? What did it say? Nobody knows who wrote it, nor has anyone read it.
I don't know why the corporate office is so hung up on some book, either.
But there must be a reason why they are so determined.
Apparently, it tells the end of time traveling.
It's about how whoever can control time can stop time traveling.
Ironic, isn't it? What's wrong? Park Jin Gyeom.
Wormholes have opened near Park Jin Gyeom.
Not once, but twice.
I'll look further into it.
Don't tell the corporate office yet.
All right.
It's me, Lee Se Hoon.
You want to know why your mother died, right? Protect me and I'll tell you.
Teacher Take this.
What is it? I'm giving you a chance.
This is the antidote.
You won't suffer any side effects if you take this within five minutes.
Please forgive me, teacher! I did you wrong.
Teacher Where's the last page of "The Book of Prophecy"? I didn't hide it! It was never there to begin with.
Please trust me on this.
I'll trust you, all right.
You're late.
Please take care of him.
("The Start of the Prophecy") "The child born through the door of time" "will one day rule over time.
" (Lee Se Hoon) ("Lee Se Hoon Released from Jail Found Murdered at an Inn") (Seongsin Inn) (You have entered the incorrect pattern.
) (You have entered the incorrect pattern.
) (You have entered the incorrect pattern.
) What are you doing? Well I was just Don't take it the wrong way, but let's download an app on both of our phones.
I stayed up all night to make this location-tracking app.
Let's download it and share each other's locations.
Why do you need my location? If anything happens to you, I could help.
And if anything happens to you, you can help.
All right.
This is where we are.
I'm going to check where you are constantly, so don't go off to inappropriate places.
I don't go to such places.
What do you mean? I'm just telling you to not go anywhere dangerous.
Don't worry.
Whether it be inappropriate or dangerous, I won't go.
People are starting to realize that Park Jin Gyeom can time travel.
Once he begins to control time, all of us will be in danger.
We must kill him.
We haven't found the last page to "The Book of Prophecy" yet, and we don't know what's on it.
We'll find the last page.
But we don't have time.
If Park Jin Gyeom closes the door to time before that, we don't know what might happen.
Alice might get eradicated, and all time travelers here may get trapped in here.
Kill Park Jin Gyeom.
What's wrong? Is the food not good? No.
You cooked for me.
How could it be not good? I'm just worried about how I'll make a living now that I'm no longer a detective.
Why worry about that? Don't worry.
We're still so healthy.
We wouldn't starve to death.
Take a few months off to rest and go traveling, too.
We can think about that after.
Cheer up, honey.
Cheer up! Try some of this.
This is fresh.
Come on.
Aren't you going to pick up? (Mr.
Ko) Yes, Mr.
Ko? Mr.
Ko? Are you busy tonight? No.
Then do you want to go night fishing with me? Sure.
I'll pick you up.
Kill Park Jin Gyeom.
You may lose your wife again.
Ko Hyeong Seok, there's no reason for me to let you be here if you don't obey my commands.
I'll have you evicted, then erase every trace of you existing here, starting with your wife.
So, make your decision now.
Will you kill Park Jin Gyeom or part with your wife for good? Nice.
(Park Jin Gyeom) The person you have reached is not available.
Just the two? Yes, they do that sometimes.
What's wrong? Detective, can you help me? What's this? The captain is a suspect in the murder.
You're hungry, aren't you? Do you want to eat? I'm sorry, Jin Gyeom.
This is the only way for me to save my wife.
Mi Sook I'm sorry.
Are you Mr.
Ko Hyeong Seok? Who are you? I'm here to give you a chance.
What chance? I can make you meet your wife again.
She's already dead.
How can I possibly do that? By traveling through time.
I'll let you meet your wife alive with time traveling.
But you have to go to 2010 and get something done for me.
(Researcher Seok Oh Won) Welcome.
- I'll take this.
- Is that all? - Here you go.
- Thank you.
Come again.
- See you again.
- Yes, thank you.
- Hello.
- Why, hello.
- How much is that? - This? It's four dollars per bundle.
- It's expensive.
- But it's fresh.
- I'll take one.
- Anything else? - Garlic.
- Garlic is two dollars.
It's so expensive.
Look how big they are.
They're good.
Honey! Did you go to the market? That's great.
I'm starving.
And you are? I see.
You're my husband.
I didn't see or hear from you for over a week, so I forgot.
I told you.
I was on a stakeout to catch an arsonist.
What is that smell? I couldn't wash for a week.
- Let's go.
- You didn't even brush your teeth? - I did.
- Are you serious? - See? I did.
- Seriously.
- Darn it.
- Let's go.
Keep a distance.
Let's go.
What? You found him? No, no.
Why would I be out? I've been chasing him for so long.
I'll be right there.
I need to go.
- Why? - They found the arsonist.
Don't get carried away again and get hurt.
Always be careful.
Don't worry.
I've been doing this for years.
They have lifeguards at the pool even when Park Tae Hwan swims! What do you mean? I'm working right now.
Where are you? Where else? I'm outside so that I can support you.
I can't talk, so don't call.
What (Incoming call) Yes, sir.
I've located Yoon Tae Yi.
My wife too.
I'll return as soon as I kill Yoon Tae Yi.
My wife has a good person by her side.
I saw that she was happy, so I'm satisfied.
Why can't I reach you? I need to talk to you, so make time and call me.
(Yangjae-dong arson) (Lieutenant Ko Hyeong Seok Goes Missing During Search) ("The Yangjae-dong Fire Appears to be the Work of an Arsonist") How are you here? I know I stabbed you.
Where did you stab him? Where did you stab him? Help me.
Are you all right? I'll explain everything later.
Get on my back.
Let's get to the hospital.
Who are you? I'm here to help you.
You'll die otherwise.
Who are you? You met your wife while investigating a case.
She was the victim.
Your son died of heart disease when he was five.
I am you.
My son died of heart disease when he was five.
What nonsense.
After my son died, I buried myself in work because I didn't want to be home.
I felt like he'd run out, calling out to me.
So I stopped at the front door and went back to the station.
That's why I didn't know that Mi Sook was sick.
That she was dying.
Who dies? Mi Sook dies.
Why? She dies because of me.
She dies because I couldn't do anything for her.
Mi Sook can't die.
So snap out of it.
Snap out of it and stay with Mi Sook.
What is she supposed to do without you? How can I go back? Don't go.
Can I ask you to take care of Mi Sook? She only suffered because she met me.
I need to make her happy.
(Ko Hyeong Seok) Okay.
I'll make our wife happy.
Rest in peace.
Hey, you.
What happened to you? How many times must I tell you? I was in the hospital.
I woke up only yesterday.
Right away.
We got a call from a school.
A girl fell from the roof.
I'll go.
Wait for me.
You know the student that committed suicide, don't you? Yes, we were in the same acting class.
Acting class? You want to become an actor? No, my mom forced me to take it.
She said that it'd help.
Give me that.
I'll do it.
I don't need to fish.
Then why did you come with me? You dragged me here.
You know, hunting is a natural instinct of all men.
You're only tall.
You have a long way to go before you become a man.
Ten fish.
We can't go home until we catch 10 fish.
Do you want mine? No! Tell me the truth.
You've fished before, right? Why are you so good? Hunting is a natural instinct of all men.
Isn't fishing fun? Let's come back after your college entrance exam.
Are you sure about applying for the Police Academy? It's a big decision.
Think carefully.
I'm not sure if it really suits you.
I can put up with it until I catch the killer.
You can trust me.
I'll catch the killer by all means.
Just give me some time.
I promise.
I'm sorry, Jin Gyeom.
How can a cop be so slow? I brought you here to kill you.
Why didn't you do anything? I held you at gunpoint! Because it's you.
You're not the culprit.
It can't be.
You promised to catch the killer.
I'm sorry I made you wait so long.
I'll keep the promise I made 10 years ago now.
I'll catch the one who killed your mom.
- Mr.
- While I'm away, please take care of my wife.
What are you thinking? Stay here until morning.
Ko! Mr.
Ko! Yes, I got rid of Park Jin Gyeom.
I also found out something new about him.
Can we meet? Yes, I'll see you there.
The person you have reached is not available.
Why isn't he picking up? Why are you here? Where's Detective Park? What did you do to him? Tell me! Leave now.
If you stay here, you'll die.
Detective Park trusted you.
He trusted you even after finding out what you did.
How could you kill him? Jin Gyeom is like a son to me.
Why would I kill him? Keep quiet if you want Jin Gyeom to live.
Yes, I'm here.
Are you on your way? Did you think you could save Park Jin Gyeom by doing this? The matter is out of my hands now.
(Director Seok Oh Won) Mr.
Ko, your choice today will cost you both your wife and Park Jin Gyeom.
What are you doing here? I didn't know you meant this much to Mr.
It was you? When did it start? How long have you been fooling me? Your mother asked me the exact same question.
(Alice) Someone is trying to kill Park Jin Gyeom.
Yoon Tae Yi's memories began to come back.
I've met your mother.
I can finally find the last page.
Let's see if you can save your son again.

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