Alice (2020) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

"There is nowhere better than here.
" (Cherie Carter-Scott) (Episode 13) When did you come home? You should've called me.
I told you.
- When? - In the living room.
I have to study.
All right.
I'll get changed and cut some fruit up for you.
(Hope Orphanage) Why are you here? How did you get here? Tae Yi.
When I was a kid, I've come here before, haven't I? Why did you do that? Why did you pretend to be my mother? Tae Yi, this is our home now.
Will it be just the two of us? No, there's also a baby in my belly.
Look at that.
Tae Yi, what are you doing? You did this? Where did you learn this? From the doctor.
I begged him to teach me.
I even got something right and he didn't.
He called me a genius.
You're smart, just like your mother.
Can I take a look at it? Yes.
(The tragedy began when she opened the door of time.
) Tae Yi, did you draw this picture? Yes.
I did a good job, right? There's some more after.
What were you looking at when you drew this? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
"She opened the forbidden door of time" "and saw the world that was not meant to be seen.
" "Her punishment has now been sentenced.
" Mom.
What is it? Did you read the whole thing? Yes.
But I can't understand any of it.
It's okay.
You don't have to understand it.
You don't have to understand any of it, Tae Yi.
Tae Yi.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
(Hope Orphanage) Mom, look.
There's a huge tree here.
Listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you.
This will be your home from now on.
Here? Yes.
So you have to listen to the sisters.
What about you? We can't live together.
We must not live together.
Why not? Why can't we live together? If you live with me, you'll be in danger.
I want to live with you, Mom.
I want to live with you.
I'm sorry that I came here.
I had forgiven you.
I figured you had a reason for abandoning me, that you probably had no choice.
I tried to forgive you for everything since you were still my mom.
Was it because of "The Book of Prophecy"? Was that why you acted like you were my mom and abandoned me? No.
I had I had no choice back then.
Where's the last page? I burned it.
No one can see it.
Why? Do you know how much I searched for it? I did it for you.
Father gave it to me.
Your father would've understood.
Are you on the phone? I'll come out as soon as I get off the phone.
Jin Gyeom doesn't know anything.
And he must not.
I'll be right back.
What is it? Do you need something? Is someone in the room? Of course, not.
I'll cut up some fruit for you.
Jin Gyeom! Detective! Jin Gyeom! Jin Gyeom! Jin Gyeom! Jin Gyeom! (No service.
Emergency calls only.
) Hey, you psycho! What year is this? What year is it? It's 2010.
He needs to get to the hospital.
I got the same spots from time traveling too.
The hospital can't help him.
He needs to leave this place.
Why didn't you tell me that you came with Jin Gyeom? Is the detective here too? We have to find him first.
If he stays here, they'll both be in danger.
Hello? Are you Park Jin Gyeom's mother? Yes, I am.
Your son was just brought to the hospital.
He was? Jin Gyeom is home Which hospital? I spoke to his mother.
A junior in high school.
If he was born in 92, he's 18.
Aren't you going with me? It's best I don't see him.
Once you see him, tell him to return right away.
He won't just go back.
That's why you have to persuade him.
Tell him not to worry about my death.
Do you know what's going to happen? It's in the last page, isn't it? You must know who does it.
My death isn't something Jin Gyeom can stop.
He has to give up.
Otherwise, it'll only get more dangerous for him.
Don't you know your son? He became a detective to catch his mother's killer.
That's all he thought about for 10 years.
So don't let him come.
If I meet him, I may get weak.
Excuse me.
I'm here for Park Jin Gyeom.
I was told he was here.
He just woke up and ran away.
Do you mind if I borrow your phone? Jin Gyeom.
Why are you here? You can't be here.
What's wrong? Let's talk outside.
If you come here, everyone will be in danger.
Go back.
I can't yet.
There are things I must do for you.
You want to save me and catch the criminal? How do you know that? Listen carefully.
Even if you save me, nothing will change.
Only you and the world you live in will change.
I think about it every single day.
I wish I could go back to that day and save you.
Tomorrow is the day.
Your birthday.
Let me stay here until then.
Don't you understand? That will make it even more dangerous for us.
If you really care about me, don't come back here again.
- Mom.
- My son is at home right now.
Hello? Did you wake up? Mom? Yes.
How are you feeling? Are you okay? Where are you? I stepped out for a moment.
I'm wondering if anyone strange has come by.
Who? Don't worry.
The police think Sung Eun killed herself.
What are you talking about? Who are you? I know.
I thought you just looked like her, but you sound exactly like her too.
We met earlier, didn't we? At home.
When did you wake up? A moment ago.
Were you worried because I was gone? Are you hungry? Give me just a second.
(New Message) (Funeral Notice) (Yeseong Hospital Funeral Hall, October 7, 2010, 5pm) What's wrong? Any bad news? Detective! Professor.
Are you okay? I didn't know you were here.
Have you met your mother? Yes.
Is everything okay? I don't understand.
She's avoiding me, and I don't know why.
What's wrong? Let me ask you something.
In high school, did you ever suddenly pass out, bleeding from your nose? No.
Then did your alexithymia ever cause any trouble? Why are you asking that? I just talked to you in this world, who is in high school, on the phone.
Even considering the 10-year gap, he didn't sound like someone I know.
Your mother's reaction was a bit off too.
Maybe things changed because we came here.
Or maybe we're in a dimension that we didn't know of.
I don't care.
I just need to catch Seok Oh Won before my mother gets killed.
Use this phone while you're here.
What if this is another past than the one you remember? Also, if Mr.
Seok is the culprit, why would your mother meet him here? There are two of him here too.
And when my mother was killed, the time traveler Seok Oh Won was definitely there.
Even if the culprit is someone else, we must catch Seok Oh Won first.
I booked a hotel room across the street for you.
Call me if anything happens.
Jin Gyeom.
Park Jin Gyeom.
You're still here? Thanks.
Now I know why Sung Eun killed herself.
If she'd told me, I would've found a way to help her.
Anyway, how did you find out? Did she tell you before jumping off here? Did she say anything else? I just want to know, as her friend.
She told me to save her.
What do you mean? What do you mean, she asked you to save her? Aren't you going to tell me to save you? You're Do Yeon, right? Who are you? I'm Jin Gyeom's aunt.
I have a question about him.
Why would you ask me about him? Jin Gyeom said that you're his only friend.
What? He said that? Is he insane? Have you noticed anything odd about Jin Gyeom lately? He's always odd.
What were you talking about with him on the rooftop? I don't even want to think about it.
Can I leave now? Bye.
Kim! Ms.
Kim! I'm here to meet Dr.
Seok Oh Won.
Is he inside? What brings you here? I have something important to tell him about the research.
He was killed last night.
(Seok Oh Won) (Professor Yoon Tae Yi) Yes, Professor.
Kim is hurt.
Do Yeon? Where can I see patient Kim Do Yeon? Detective Park! You can't go in.
She can't see your face.
Who did this? Someone attacked her from the back, so she didn't see who it was.
But I found this on the site.
I think it might belong to the attacker, but it's locked, so I can't tell whose it is.
What's wrong? Do you recognize the phone? Jin Gyeom? (My son) Where are you? Are you out? (My son) Son! Can you not hear me? (My son) The person you have reached is not available.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Did you go somewhere? I just took a walk.
Is your phone broken? No.
Jin Gyeom Jin Gyeom Park Jin Gyeom Jin Gyeom Jin Gyeom.
Jin Gyeom.
Jin Gyeom Jin Gyeom! Wake up, Jin Gyeom! Jin Gyeom! You have to tell your mother.
She knew something.
Do Yeon could've just had the phone on her.
Do Yeon is a special friend to me, and my young self here would think the same.
There is no way my young self did that to Do Yeon.
I'll talk to your mother tomorrow.
No, we don't have time.
I have to investigate on Seok Oh Won's case, and I need your help.
What case? He has been murdered.
He should've been alive until 2020, but he's dead now.
When Seok Oh Won and my mom were working together, he received "The Book of Prophecy" from her.
There's a big chance that he was killed because of that book.
Are you trying to get into Director Seok's office? Yes.
Seok Oh Won the time traveler would've gone into that office for "The Book of Prophecy".
I have to find any clue that will lead me to him.
You'll never get in there as yourself, but people can't tell the difference between your mother and me.
You think Director Seok would've kept the book here? Isn't it weird? What is? I met Director Seok around this time of the year in 2010, but I've never heard about your mother, nor have I ever seen her office.
Based on how the info desk staffs recognize me as your mother, she must've come here quite often.
Where could she have been doing her research? Could you turn the heat up to max? What are you doing? Come on.
In thermodynamics, there's something called the ideal gas law.
When the room temperature rises, the rate of the particle movement in the room increases, and as the frequency and the power in which the particles hit the walls, the pressure rises.
If there's a hidden room in here, the pressure difference will make the hidden wall absorb the smoke.
It's here.
There must be a switch around here.
Your mother must've done her research here.
(Dedicated to those who are lost in time.
) (The tragedy began when she opened the door of time.
) "The child who was born through the door of time" "will eventually take control of time.
" "However," "rather than rejoicing, he is to be disheartened," "for having control over time" "means there's a price to pay for," "and he will experience a feeling of immeasurable loss.
" "The Book of Prophecy.
" I've seen the last page of it.
I don't remember the whole content, ("As a price of opening the door of time,") but I remember this very sentence.
("she will die in her son's hands.
") I had no idea what it meant back then, but the woman who opened the door of time must be referring to your mother.
Were you pretending to be asleep? Professor, your memory must be wrong.
How could it be that I killed my mother? She must've burnt it because it says something terrible about her son.
She didn't want anyone to see it.
I'm telling you.
Your memory must be flawed.
I'm not suspecting you.
I'm suspecting Park Jin Gyeom, the high school student here.
That's me! Why would I kill my mother? Ten years ago, when my mother died, I was out, looking for her.
There's no way I killed her, and there's no way the murderer changed! Detective.
Did you not hear that? Hear what? The scream.
No, I didn't.
You really didn't hear it? What's wrong, Detective? Jin Gyeom! Are you okay? Detective.
Jin Gyeom.
Jin Gyeom.
Come eat.
Hello? Jin Gyeom.
Jin Gyeom.
What happened? I'm not sure.
He was hearing things all night and finally fell asleep.
He wasn't hearing things.
He's hearing sounds from another dimension.
What do you mean, sounds from another dimension? Voices of people living in different dimensions.
He shouldn't have come here.
He shouldn't have time traveled.
Every time he travels through the wormhole, something strange will happen to him.
Is that why something happened to your teenage son too? "She will be punished for opening the door of time" "by being killed by her son.
" That's the last page, isn't it? Is the son mentioned in the last page Detective Park? You're jumping to conclusions.
It has nothing to do with Jin Gyeom.
Then why did you tell him to go back? You knew that he'd cause trouble.
Isn't that why you're trying to stop time travel? You want to stop time travel to stop your son from suffering those problems.
"The Book of Prophecy" talks about the people who stop time travel.
How do we stop time travel? We can't.
Time travel cannot be stopped.
Once time travel begins, it can't be stopped.
You created time travel.
There must be a way.
If there were, I would've stopped it already.
It's all my fault.
I never should've created time travel.
I'm sure your mom didn't know it would end up this way either.
My mom? Do you know my mom? How? The first person who found "The Book of Prophecy" was your mom.
Not Dad? Your mom was also a time traveler.
When I was your age, I succeeded in time traveling.
There was a strange rumor going around.
That there was a book that describes the end of time travel.
I didn't believe it at first.
I was sure it was a false rumor that someone made up.
The new world of time travel was just about to open.
How could I believe that there was a book that described its end already? However, your mom found it.
"The Book of Prophecy".
And she fled with it.
Why? No one knew why your mom made such a choice.
We only found out later that your mom had fled to the year 1986.
There, your mom married a man from the past.
That was your father.
Jang Dong Shik.
The rest is as you know.
Your mom died while giving birth to you.
Your dad found "The Book of Prophecy" among her things.
When I finally located your mom, I came to 1992 to get "The Book of Prophecy" back.
I wanted to see for myself what was written in it.
But I arrived too late and couldn't save your father.
But I was going to raise you myself.
Why? Because I grew up as an orphan too.
That was why I was obsessed with time travel.
Because I wanted to find my parents.
All I remembered was my father's face.
But only when I went to 1992 was I able to find my father.
That's insane.
That's when I realized that the time traveler who had found "The Book of Prophecy" was my mother, and that Dr.
Jang Dong Shik may be my father.
And that the young girl crying in front of me may be me.
That's why I wanted to look after you.
But I changed my mind once I saw the last page.
I wanted to free you from this fate.
What fate? The woman who must pay the price for opening the door of time doesn't refer to only me.
Forget everything once you return.
Don't see Jin Gyeom at all.
Your life may be in danger too.
It's where your parents are buried.
I was taking care of them.
Jang Dong Shik and Ahn Shi Yun surpassed time and sleep together.
) (Dr.
Jang Dong Shik and Ahn Shi Yun surpassed time and sleep together.
) Jin Gyeom.
Are you okay? Yes.
Why aren't you eating? It's been 10 years since I've had your cooking.
Eat up.
Why are you crying? It tastes so good.
It's delicious, Mom.
I'm sure the book is wrong.
There's no way I'm the culprit.
How could I possibly do such a thing to you? I'll find out if the me in this world really is the culprit.
Don't worry.
I won't meet him in person.
Jin Gyeom.
You don't have to worry about me.
How can I not? I'll protect you by all means.
And then I'll leave without hesitation.
You lived a lonely life for 19 years for my sake.
I'll protect you.
I was never lonely.
You were with me.
There hasn't been a day that I wasn't happy in the past 19 years.
My boy.
You turned out amazing even without me.
I have nothing to worry about now.
Hey! Where are you going? Hey! Sir.
Jang Dong Shik and Ahn Shi Yun surpassed time and sleep together.
) (Mom, happy birthday.
) Don't go to your room yet.
Light the candles for me.
You said it was impossible to stop time travel.
Were you lying? No.
Why would I tell such a lie? Are you telling me it was by chance that Mr.
Seok found me 10 years ago? He wanted me to continue your research.
Isn't that why he approached me? Let's talk somewhere else.
You're right.
I had found a way to stop time travel.
But there was something I had overlooked.
So it was put on hold.
Once time travel is stopped, everything is reset.
"Reset"? Time travel disappears from the world, and so does all time travelers.
Isn't that what we want? No.
Resetting is not an option.
We've come too far.
What are you talking about, all of a sudden? What's so funny? Once you find out the whole truth, you'll realize how funny this moment is.
Cut it out.
Do you think I don't know that you're the one who killed my mother? I wouldn't dare do such a thing.
But her death is inevitable.
Then who is it? Who is after my mother? Accept the truth.
Tell me who it is, you jerk! I'm sure you already know.
What do I do? (Entrance Fee) Mom! Mom Mom! Mom Mom It was you.
Tell me.
Did you do it? Tell me that it's not true.
Tell me you didn't kill her! (Alice) I watched my mother die three times.
I'm going to get him.
Something happened to Jin Gyeom during time travel, right? Glad to hear your voice again.
It's your turn now.
We have to find how your mother was trying to stop time.
I think Yoon Tae Yi might've taken the last page.
Let's take care of all of them at once.
Min Hyuk, you're the only one who can protect Jin Gyeom.
I need to get someone.
I'm going to go back once I get him.
I know who killed Tae Yi.
You from another dimension might be the suspect.
I told you that it's your turn now.

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