Alice (2020) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

"One must have chaos in oneself" "to give birth to a dancing star.
" (Episode 14) Mom! Mom Mom! Mom Mom It was you.
"She opened the forbidden door of time" "and saw a world that was not meant to be seen.
" "Her punishment has now been sentenced.
" "To close the door of time," "she must kill her beloved son.
" "As a price of opening the door of time" "she will die by her son's hands.
" "The son will become the murderer and destroyer of all," "and rule over time.
" Detective? Tell me.
Did you do it? Tell me that it's not true.
Tell me you didn't kill her! Professor! Professor! Detective! ("Gone with the Car Explosion") Hey! It has been over 10 days since they've gone missing, and all you can say is that you couldn't find any bones to confirm their deaths? If there's nothing, doesn't that mean that they're dead? If they're not, you guys should be out and searching for them! What's with the corpse and the bone talk? Are you people so desperate to kill my daughter like that? Stop it, Dad! You being like this won't bring Tae Yi back.
Yes, honey, stop.
His colleague also went missing.
Tae Yi! Where are you? Honey, get up.
Honey, Tae Yi must be doing fine somewhere, right? Of course.
You know her.
I bet she's fine.
I'm sure.
Please excuse us.
I'm sorry.
(Missing Person) Thank you.
Are you okay? It's nothing.
You and Professor Yoon's family must be having a harder time.
Do you think they really traveled through time? I hope they did since that means they can return someday.
They'll be back.
Sorry about earlier.
Stand tall.
If you hadn't done it, I would've.
Aren't you hungry? Let's eat.
We need our energy to find Tae Yi.
(Crime Squad) What? Did I leave the light on? No.
It just came on.
You You saw that, right? I locked the door.
Who (Missing Person) Mom.
- Tae Yi.
- Tae Yi.
What happened to you? Where have you been? Stop it.
- Where have you been? - Mom.
- Where have you been? - Mom.
Stop it, honey.
Calm down.
Are you hurt? Dad.
I'm really back, right? This is our home, right? What's wrong with you? Why do you have blood on you? Are you hurt? What happened? It isn't my blood.
Then whose blood is it? Detective Park was hurt.
I have to find him.
I'll be right back.
Don't worry.
Tae Yi! Where did you go? Wait until you come back, Jin Gyeom.
I'll kill you for sure this time.
But don't you dare not come back because of that.
I'll disown you for sure then.
Do Yeon.
I must be losing my mind.
I'm hearing things now.
Do Yeon.
Jin Gyeom! Jin Gyeom! Jin Gyeom! Hello? How's Detective Park? Is he okay? Why are you asking me that? You should be the one telling me.
Where were you? Who did that to him? I don't know either.
It was too dark and scary.
Luckily, they missed his organs.
We're closing up the wound and giving him blood, so he'll be awake soon.
Thank you.
Are you okay? I'm glad you returned as well.
It's all thanks to you.
The reason we've been able to time travel was you.
I think the child from "The Book of Prophecy" who was born by opening the door of time and controls time is you.
The reason the time travelers were always after you, and the reason your mother hid the last page was because of your ability.
(She opened the forbidden door of time) (and saw a world that was not meant to be seen.
) I don't understand everything written in the last page.
I feel like it may include metaphors symbolic words.
However, your mother definitely researched how to stop time travel.
I'm sure that is the creation.
Forget this stupid piece of paper.
There's an error already.
My mother's murder wasn't me or the teenager there.
The man who attacked you and stabbed me.
He's the killer.
He's the killer? He murdered my mother with this knife.
But your mother was shot to death.
That's what's weird.
It was definitely a gunshot wound 10 years ago, but she was stabbed this time.
Did we go to another dimension? Whether or not it was a different dimension, my mother was murdered at the same time at the same place.
The killer couldn't have changed too.
Excuse me.
How's Park Jin Gyeom? I think he's okay.
Did you confirm when he traveled to? Be patient.
What about Si Young? She won't say a word.
We can't keep her locked up forever.
I'll have to notify headquarters and have her sent back.
Not until we get an answer.
I need to know why she tried to abduct Professor Yoon.
Like you don't know? You know how she feels about you.
She probably wanted to kill Tae Yi from the past.
She wouldn't have gone through the trouble of abducting her then.
I'm sure there's another reason.
I don't want to be here anymore.
I'll return to headquarters.
You have to do something first.
Once you do, I'll send you and Min Hyuk back to headquarters.
He'll want to stay here since Park Jin Gyeom is here and so is Tae Yi.
I doubt he'll be staying back for the sake of the two.
Shouldn't you go to the police? There's no point in analyzing this if we don't have the criminal's sample.
The criminal will be caught someday.
Then we'll need this evidence.
(She will be punished for opening the door of time.
) "Her destroyer son" "can only be killed" "by her marvelous creation.
" "And only then" "will time start moving again.
" Once time travel is stopped, everything is reset.
"Reset"? Time travel disappears from the world, and so does all time travelers.
Isn't that what we want? No.
Resetting is not an option.
We've come too far.
Why did she say resetting is not an option? Lieutenant.
When did you come? - Welcome back.
- Just a second.
I was just so excited to see you again.
Then how come you never visited me in the hospital? I was meaning to, but you were being discharged Wait.
Did you just make a joke? You make jokes now? Goodness.
You brought this from 2010? And the blood on it is yours? Yes.
This doesn't look mass-produced.
I'm not sure if this is enough to go on.
It was used 10 years ago.
But it looks peculiar.
I'm sure we'll be able to find something.
Have you seen anything like this before? No, I don't think so.
All right.
(Busingak) Wait! Let me have another look.
Oh, now I remember it.
- Try the shop over there.
- Thank you.
Is it true that you once owned this? Yes, I thought it looked so special, so I bought it at an auction 10 years ago but eventually sold it to a customer.
Was it also 10 years ago that you sold it? No.
That was recent.
Recent? About 10 days ago, maybe? Do you remember what the customer looked like? Not a chance.
So you don't know the person who bought this? What makes you think I do? It's one of a kind, and it's in your hands now.
Could there be more than one of these? You don't seem to understand, young man.
With these things, it's impossible to make two that look identical.
So the dagger found in 2010 was sold to someone 10 days ago? Yes.
We must find that person as soon as we can.
I'll look into it.
All right.
Thank you.
In that condition, you won't be even able to catch a shoplifter.
Stay in the hospital a little longer.
Who says you can come in here? Where did you travel through time to? What happened there? I'm trying to help you here.
Have you seen this before? Hand it over to me.
I'll look into it.
It's one of you.
I know.
So hand it over.
I saw my mom die three times.
I'll catch the killer.
(Medicine) Treat your wound first.
Don't think you mean anything to me.
(Medicine) (Mr.
Yoo, I have something to ask you.
From Yoon Tae Yi) Mr.
Yoo, I have something to ask you.
From Yoon Tae Yi.
You're the person I love more than anyone in the world.
Should we shower and then go? Are you okay? Yes.
Why did you want to see me? When did you last see Detective Park's mother? I'm doing this for Detective Park.
The last time I saw her was in 1992.
Why are you asking me this? When I met her in 2010, she was in distress.
Because of "The Book of Prophecy", time travel, and Detective Park.
And she probably had no one to talk to about her problems because she was a time traveler.
If I was in her situation, I would have wanted someone to rely on.
Someone like Detective Park's father.
Did Detective Park's mother really never get in touch with you? Did she ever write to you or something? No.
What is it that you want to know? I want to know just what was worrying her.
What was worrying her? She tried to stop time travel.
But in the end, she gave up for some reason.
I want to know why.
I'm afraid I don't have the answer.
I still don't even understand why she left me.
Tae Yi.
You went through a wormhole filled with radiation while you were pregnant.
Be rational.
We can't get back without going through the wormhole again.
If we do that, something horrible may happen to the baby.
What happens if I give birth here? Don't be absurd.
We have things to do back home.
Get an abortion.
What's wrong? It's nothing.
Do you keep having deja vu since meeting Park Jin Gyeom's mother? How did you know? That must be the quantum entanglement.
When two doppelgangers from different dimensions meet, their memories or feelings become entangled You don't have to tell me.
I get it.
Don't worry too much.
It'll get better with time.
So, the same thing might happen to Detective Park? Detective Park met his high school self back there.
(Park Sun Young, Yoon Tae Yi) Jin Gyeom, here! Jin Gyeom, come here.
Over here.
(Park Sun Young, Yoon Tae Yi) Aren't you coming in? What are you doing? Are you insane? Park Jin Gyeom! What do you think you're doing? Park Jin Gyeom! Have you gone out of your mind? Detective, are you okay? When did you get here? Do Yeon, you came with him? You don't remember any of this? Jin Gyeom! Are you really okay? It was a mistake.
I thought someone snuck into the apartment.
Don't lie to me.
You don't even remember what you've done.
Let's talk some other time.
When we were in school, everyone used to be scared of Jin Gyeom, even the teachers.
Even then, I was never scared of him, but I was today.
I'll meet with him.
Something happened to Jin Gyeom during time travel, right? No, nothing.
Why is he acting this odd if nothing happened? He was like a different person.
He witnessed his mother die again, so he must be mentally exhausted.
Don't worry too much about it.
What's the knife? Is that really the knife the murderer killed his mom with? Yes.
Any other clues? Nothing? We found this.
What's this? I found it by chance.
Since what's stated on the page can't be directly deciphered, "she", "the son", "punishment", and "creation" must have some other meaning behind them, but I can't tell what they could mean.
No, never mind.
It could just be a page out of any fiction.
I don't know any of those, but I get what the murderer and the destroyer of all means.
What is it? Time.
Many old texts describe time as the murderer and the destroyer of all.
Everyone dies of old age, and even the hardest rock becomes sand in time.
But I don't think that the quote is only referring to time.
In ancient texts, time is often described as the ruler over everything, for time cannot be seen, yet creates and evolves all.
Detective! Detective! (Park Jin Gyeom) Detective, where are you? Detective? Glad to hear your voice again.
(Park Jin Gyeom) Don't you remember? We talked on the phone ten years ago.
Who are you? It's your turn this time.
What are you doing here? Are you all right? The woman who must pay the price for opening the door of time doesn't refer to only me.
Forget everything once you return.
Don't see Jin Gyeom at all.
Your life may be in danger too.
I'll take you home.
No, there's no need.
It's too late.
Thank you.
Hello, Sergeant.
It isn't you, right? What is that? Compare it against that sample DNA I gave you last time.
Did you find the killer? Call me as soon as you get the results.
I think Tae Yi brought the last page.
Given the circumstances, why get rid of them at once.
Yes, sir.
In other words, this is about Jin Gyeom and his mother? I don't believe all of it either.
But I saw something with my own eyes, that's why.
(As a price of opening the door of time) (she will die by her son's hands.
) Professor.
I thought we had gotten a little closer.
I'm disappointed.
Why are you joking around with me? Don't get the wrong idea.
I'm not saying Detective Park killed his mother.
That's what it sounds like.
That Jin Gyeom is the killer.
You were very shocked when you first saw me, right? Because I looked so much like his mother.
It was hard for me to accept at first as well.
That someone exactly like me could exist.
Why are you telling me that? I'm saying, as different times became linked and dimensions became connected, the same people can coexist in the same place and time.
I'm saying his mother's killer may be Detective Park from another dimension.
Even if it's Jin Gyeom from another dimension, it makes no sense that he killed his mother.
I don't want to believe it either.
But Detective Park will continue to get stranger.
Just as I am being influenced by his mother.
What do you mean? His mother's memories remain like an afterimage.
If the 19-year-old Detective Park really was a bad person, he may be influenced and change.
He may have changed already.
We must find out how his mother tried to stop time travel.
Please help me.
Stop time travel? His mother said everything could be reset.
She knew how to as well.
And yet, she gave up at the very last minute.
I don't understand why.
If she did that, it had to have been Jin Gyeom.
She lived only for him.
Do you know when his birthday is? October 20.
He was born in 1992, correct? Yes.
That's the year Dr.
Jang Dong Shik was murdered.
Can you find out exactly when that was? Why do you ask? That was the day his mother arrived here.
("Physicist Murdered") It was March 23, 1992.
If it was seven months before he was born, she was pregnant already.
That's why she gave it up.
I'm sure she didn't know when she was researching it.
What? That if all time travelers disappear, so will she and Detective Park whom she was pregnant with.
That's why she gave up on stopping time travel.
For Detective Park.
For her son who was not yet born.
Was it the same knife? Yes.
He bought it 10 days ago.
I already finished checking the car.
Should I request backup? No.
I'll go myself.
I'll go with you.
I'm worried stiff about you.
I'll go alone.
I need to check something first.
- What is it? - Si Young's gone.
Don't resent me.
Whether I kill you or not, you and Yoon Tae Yi can't survive anyway.
(Detailed Analysis) (The DNA data analysis concludes that there is) (a 99.
87-percent probability that A and B are the same person.
) Is this certain? Yes, they're definitely the same person.
Did the owner of the toothbrush try to strangle you? Who is he? Shouldn't you report it to the police? You can't tell anyone about this.
Leave Professor Yoon alone.
Worry about yourself.
Go to Professor Yoon now.
What are you doing? Don't do anything stupid and put your gun down.
What? You're going to kill me? Why would I kill you? Si Young.
How did we end up like this? Time travel should not have been created in the first place.
We should have let the past be the past.
Our greed was ruining not only the people in the past but also us.
Go back to the headquarters.
And don't come back here again.
Come with me.
I still have things to do here.
You want to send me away and stay here alone with Yoon Tae Yi? I can't let that happen.
There's someone I must catch.
Once I catch him, I'll go back.
Si Young.
We can't undo what happened here.
But we can make up for it.
Because we have time.
I don't resent you anymore.
Min Hyuk.
Thank you for saying that.
And I'm sorry I was selfish.
I used to care so much about you and Tae Yi.
But I did something unforgivable.
Actually, I know who killed Tae Yi.
What? She was killed by Si Young! It was Director Gi.
Beware of him.
Si Young.
Min Hyuk.
I liked you a lot.
That's why I made you suffer.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Min Hyuk.
I should have given this to you earlier.
Tae Yi gave it to me before she died.
Si Young.
Si Young.
Si Young.
It's me, Min Hyuk.
How are you doing? I'm not sure if this message will reach you.
But if it does, will you do me a favor? I have a son.
We do.
His name is Jin Gyeom.
Park Jin Gyeom.
I considered giving him your last name but gave up the thought because I was afraid it'd make Jin Gyeom curious about his father.
I'm sorry.
Still, I think I deserve a compliment from you for doing a great job raising Jin Gyeom.
He knows what's right and wrong and would fight for what's right no matter what.
He might fight against you even knowing you're his father.
Even if he does, please don't resent him.
Protect him.
You're the only one who can protect him.
Jin Gyeom will try to find the teacher.
But he should never meet him.
If he is not stopped, the same thing will be repeated.
I'm sorry I'm asking you for a favor after running away so selfishly.
But back then, I had no choice.
And I couldn't tell you.
Can you hear me? I wish I could hear your voice too.
You must've resented me so much.
It was also hard for me.
I'm sorry.
I should've come for you.
I miss you so much.
Me too.
But you'd be disappointed to see how I look right now.
I've aged quite a bit.
No, you were always beautiful in my eyes.
You're still beautiful.
Min Hyuk, please take good care of my Jin Gyeom.
I'll protect him at all costs.
Detective! Didn't someone come by? I get it now.
I know who killed your mother.
I know the murderer.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I was going to do this earlier, but I had to.
Had to do what? (DNA Test Results) Please don't take it the wrong way.
I'm not suspecting you.
Another you from another dimension may be the suspect.
(The DNA data analysis concludes that there is) (a 99.
87-percent probability that A and B are the same person.
) Who else knows? Just myself.
I didn't even tell my assistant that this is your sample.
Detective I told you that it's your turn now.
(Alice) You would never kill your mother.
I just want to be able to love you like I always have.
I'll protect you at all costs.
Let's just run away together! Where's Alice? Going there is like committing suicide.
I wonder how much Park Jin Gyeom will find out.
How are the teacher and Detective Park related? We finally meet after 10 years.

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