Alice (2020) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

1 "Time passed is time lost," "lazy and lethargic," "and cannot be kept even if you had infinite chances.
" (Episode 15) Detective.
Didn't someone come by? I get it now.
I know who killed your mother.
I know the murderer.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I was going to do this earlier, but I had to.
Had to do what? (DNA Test Results) (There is a 99.
87 percent chance that A and B are the same person.
) Please don't take it the wrong way.
I'm not suspecting you.
Another you from another dimension may be the suspect.
Who else knows? Just myself.
I didn't even tell my assistant that this is your sample.
Detective I told you that it's your turn now.
What are you doing? Detective! Park Jin Gyeom! Jin Gyeom! Mom.
I'll go.
You were the one I've been chasing for in the past 10 years? How could you? She only lived for you and only had you to count on.
How could you kill Mom? What are you doing? I I didn't do it.
It wasn't me.
It can't be me.
I know that it's not you.
I tried to kill you.
It's just a side-effect from time travelling.
It's not your fault.
The Detective Park that I know of joined the police for his mother, who died for him.
He also believed in Mr.
Ko until the end, because he was like a father to you.
And you'd put yourself in danger just to protect me.
Detective, you're not the one who killed your mother.
Who are you? Someone keeps following you.
I think he's the one who's making you like this.
I'll help you.
Thanks for yesterday, but you can stop now.
He's not coming for you.
He's the one who killed your mother.
He's coming after Professor Yoon by using you.
You and Professor Yoon will be in danger if we leave him to be.
I'm the only one who can help.
I'll keep on checking on you.
You won't need to worry, but please don't meet Park Jin Gyeom for a while.
It's not that I don't trust him, but he hasn't returned to normal yet.
That's why I need to be with him.
And I trust Detective Park.
All right.
It'll be hard for Detective Park to forgive you.
I know.
But Detective Park will someday come to understand you.
Thank you.
I tried to find the one you're looking for, but there's no trace.
He certainly seems like a time traveller, but he's not from Alice.
I know who killed Tae Yi.
Si Young! It was Director Gi.
Beware of him.
Check where Director Gi has been.
Director Gi? Check on where he has been and who he has met.
Yes, sir.
Director Gi.
Where were you yesterday? Is something wrong? You don't have to worry about it.
I'm worried because I'm your friend.
Someone is doing strange things to Park Jin Gyeom and Yoon Tae Yi.
That's why I'm searching for him.
I'll make sure he can't touch them again.
I'll kill him whoever it may be.
Lieutenant, take a look at this.
Seok Oh Won's prints were found here.
The time traveller Seok Oh Won must have been hiding here.
There are some unidentified prints and yours as well.
Maybe I left them here when I came yesterday.
That's what I thought at first too, but it's weird.
There are way too many.
It's like you lived here for a while.
I told CSI that they were left while you were investigating, but what happened? That jerk was here.
Who? (There is a 99.
87 percent chance that A and B are the same person.
) (Her destroyer son can only be killed) "Her marvellous creation.
" (Kim Do Yeon) I kept looking at it, and the word "creation" bothers me.
"Create" means to newly form something that didn't exist before.
I don't think it refers to a scientific technique.
And the term "creation" is closer to a religious term.
It can be interpreted as something new created by a deity.
You must be very worried about Detective Park.
I can't sit back and do nothing.
I still don't know what "creation" refers to.
But I will find it somehow.
How? If his mother made it, I may be able to find it.
You? I won't leave Detective Park in danger either.
What is it? Nothing.
I wondered what your feelings are for Jin Gyeom.
I shouldn't have asked that.
I'm sorry.
I don't know either, what my feelings for him are or what they should be.
How do you feel? Are you okay? Drop the useless small talk, and tell me what you found out.
It's an unofficial investigation, so I need more time.
However, I'm positive he has nothing to do with Alice.
Then what about Seok Oh Won? Seok Oh Won was in that house.
There's no way I wouldn't know if it were a staff member.
I'm sure he said "us".
He seemed to know a lot about my mother too.
To be honest, I couldn't understand either.
Why did your mother betray us and try to destroy time travel that she created? Okay.
I'll look into it.
Do you have something more to say? If not, leave.
Yoo Min Hyuk has started to move.
I see.
I apologize.
We should've gotten rid of him with Oh Si Young.
I didn't expect this.
It's fine.
He must want to act like a father belatedly.
I can understand.
But anyway, what happened to Park Jin Gyeom? He's investigating the house where you had resided.
I wonder how much he'll find out.
What are you doing? You scared me.
When did you get here? What are you doing? I saw the last page of "The Book of Prophecy".
I'm trying to figure out what "creation" refers to.
I went to Mr.
Ko's house too.
You don't have your mother's things anywhere else, right? You're wasting your time.
I remember everything my mother had.
You never know though.
Professor Yoon said we have to find it.
(To: Jin Gyeom, From: Do Yeon) What? Why are these here? Right? Why are these there? Why are the gloves I gave you for Christmas stuck in a box in storage? My mom must have put them there.
I gave these to you last year.
I don't want any.
I may bug you if I get drunk.
It's hard enough for you as is.
Are you going to drink? Why? I told you thousands of times that I hated drinking alone.
Why are you drinking today? You're keeping something from me, aren't you? What is it? Tell me.
I've never once thought you were bugging me.
So drink comfortably.
Jin Gyeom.
Let me bug you just one more time.
Can't you stop now? Stop what? These aren't people that you can fight and beat.
Can't you just run away? Won't you be safe if you run away where they can't find you? Let's run away and live an ordinary life.
You can be apathetic about everything like before, and I'll just keep nagging you.
Let's live an ordinary life like before.
It's too late for that.
I like you.
Ever since high school until now, there isn't a single day when I didn't like you.
I'm not asking you to like me back.
I just want to be able to keep liking you.
That's all I need.
Is that too much to ask? Sorry.
I can't promise anything.
- Did you have lunch yet? - No, I haven't.
Where are Dad and Tae Yun? They went to the market.
What's wrong? Did something happen? No, nothing happened.
You look so haggard.
Let's go eat something nutritious.
(Ilmiri Geumgyejjimdak) - Enjoy.
- Thank you.
Dig in.
They're famous for their generous cheese-topped, delicious dishes.
Your dad complains that this place is taking our customers away, but he won't say anything if I tell him I took you here.
It's delicious.
Mom, you should have some too.
It looks so tasty.
It tastes even better because I'm eating with my daughter.
Mom, did you worry a lot when I went missing? Of course.
Your dad cried and screamed at the police station.
He grabbed the officers by the collar and knocked over the desks.
He made such a scene.
Really? He's usually so polite.
- I'm touched.
- But it's no wonder.
There's nothing parents wouldn't do to get their children back.
All parents wish their kids the best even if they suffer themselves.
Even when they're sick, all they care about is their kids' health.
It makes their blood boil when something happens to their kids.
That's how I raised you.
Tae Yi, I may not have given birth to you, but you're still my daughter.
You're the most precious person in the world to me.
Not everyone deserves to be a mom.
I probably won't make a good mom.
Why not? You'll be an even better mom than I am.
You're 12 weeks pregnant.
Didn't you know? Tae Yi, what's wrong? Mom, there's something I need to check.
I have to go.
(Her destroyer son can only be killed by her marvellous creation.
) "Her marvellous creation" It's Detective Park.
He is her creation.
(Professor Yoon Tae Yi) Hello, Professor.
Hello? I wanted to free you from this fate.
What fate? The woman who must pay the price for opening the door of time doesn't refer to only me.
What's wrong? Be good to Ms.
You two are perfect for each other.
She stayed by your side when your mother passed away.
If it hadn't been for her, you wouldn't have become the good person you are now.
Why are you saying this to me all of a sudden? Professor.
Jin Gyeom.
You turned out to be an amazing man.
Thank you.
The teacher says everything is ready.
Get it done tonight.
Yes, sir.
What should we do with Yoo Min Hyuk? Around Ms.
Oh's estimated time of death, the director was near the villa.
What are you doing? I'm sorry.
This is an order from the director.
To do what? To bring in all the people in the past who suspect the existence of time travellers and everyone close to them.
Any staff members who get in the way will be locked up.
But that's beyond the director's power.
Who's behind him? I'm afraid I don't know.
All right.
Where's the director? Yes.
I'm going home to change.
I heard about it.
Is Professor Yoon missing? Okay.
I'll be there after I change.
Are you a time traveller? Follow me obediently.
Good luck with that.
(Lieutenant Park Jin Gyeom) (Lieutenant Park Jin Gyeom) You're here.
What happened? I couldn't reach him, so I came here, and all this blood was basically all that there was left here.
There was no witness, and Dong Ho disappeared.
Hello? Where are you right now? I'll call you later.
You have to flee right now.
Alice is taking in everyone who knows about time travel.
- What? - Just flee right now.
You're the one who's in the most danger right now.
Do Yeon Do Yeon.
(Jin Gyeom) Why did you call? Where are you right now? Where else would I be? I'm hiding to save myself from embarrassment because I got rejected by a man.
Where are you? At the café by my office.
What's up? How many people are there right now? Just me.
Get out of there right now.
Right now? Yes.
Right now.
I'm out.
I'm almost there.
Until I get there, be somewhere where there's a lot of people.
Something happened, didn't it? No, it's nothing like that.
Am I in danger? I don't have time to explain.
What is it? I don't know how I feel about you, but all I know is that if something goes wrong for you, it goes wrong for me.
I'm going to protect you at all costs.
Just wait there.
Get here fast.
Jin Gyeom What's wrong? I should've confessed my feelings for you sooner.
What's wrong? You don't have to come here.
No, don't come here.
The person you have reached is not available.
Are you okay? I'm sorry I got here so late.
Jin Gyeom! Why don't you ever listen to me? I told you not to come here! You might get hurt if you're here.
Thank you.
Thank you for staying alive.
It's all good now.
It's all good.
Stay here for the night.
It's safe here.
What about you? Where are you going? I have something to do.
Do Yeon, I know.
I know, so make sure you save her.
But promise me that you won't get hurt.
I'm going to kill you if you come back with even the tiniest scar, okay? Okay.
Are you okay? What are you people doing? - I'm looking into it.
- Where's Professor Yoon? I'll look for her.
Hide somewhere until then.
Stop speaking nonsense! Where's Alice? No.
Going there is like committing suicide.
I can't lose her twice.
I'm going to protect her this time.
Help me.
She was your lover.
How long will it take? Ten minutes.
- What is it? - People from the past can't go in.
Take it if you want to get into Alice.
Do you have any plans after saving Professor Yoon? I'm going to kill whoever killed my mother.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Seok Oh Won.
You even sound just like Director Seok.
You're quite different from the Yoon Tae Yi that I know.
You know Detective Park's mother.
We were on the same research team.
I know it's hard to believe, but we were very close as colleagues.
That's why Park Jin Gyeom's mother found my past self and invited me to stop time travel with her.
Because we've conducted research projects together before.
How does it feel to kill your past self, who looks just like you? I understand why you're being so hostile.
I didn't want to cause harm to anyone, but in order to protect the time travel that we created, I had no other choice.
As a fellow scholar, don't you understand me? Let me ask you a question as a fellow scholar.
Do people there believe in "The Book of Prophecy"? You people invented time travel, and yet, you all believe in some mere prophecies? Not only that, the book contains some non-scientific prophecies.
"Her destroyer son can only be killed by her creation.
" "And only then will time start moving again.
" Does that make sense? The son's death and time have no correlation to each other.
Then I'd like to ask you this.
We're from the year 2050.
Do you believe that time travel will become so accessible in just 30 years? There are some things that can't be explained by human intelligence and the science that we've developed.
Give me an example.
Someone like Park Jin Gyeom.
I know you're upset about a lot of things, but it'll be over soon.
Please hold on for a little longer.
How are the teacher and Detective Park related? Are they really the same person? Have you heard of this story? It's about a monster.
A long time ago, a monster kidnapped a boy from his mother.
The mother pleaded with the monster to keep her son alive.
The monster suggested that if the mother solves a riddle that he gives her, he'll let the child go.
The riddle was very simple.
It was, "Will I kill your child or not?" The mother was wise, so she came up with an answer that the monster didn't think of.
She answered that the monster will kill her son.
So, the monster couldn't kill the son.
Why? If he killed the son, the mother's answer to the riddle would be right, so he'd have to let the son go.
Isn't that a cliché paradox that has a flaw in the question? Why are you telling me this? Every question in this world is filled with flaws like this.
But there's always an answer still, and something that results from that.
So, what do you think the monster did? He killed the mother.
The monster kept his promise, and no longer messed with the son.
But instead, he made the son a monster like himself.
The teacher knew what was on the last page of the book, didn't he? Why, then, did he stay quiet until now? Because it's important for you and Park Jin Gyeom to know, not us.
Follow me if you want to get to Alice.
It was your mother's last request.
She told me to stop you from going to Alice.
A total war against them is impossible, anyway.
Just wait here for a few hours.
I'll bring Professor Yoon Tae Yi back.
When you meet her again, flee as far away as you can together.
We don't have time for this.
We have to get to Alice.
It's the pill.
Take it if you want to get into Alice.
I'm sorry.
For the first and the last time, I'll be a father to you just this once.
I'd like to talk to the teacher myself.
I'm sorry, but he's not someone you can meet just because you want to.
If you have anything to say, say it to me.
Yoon Tae Yi is here, isn't she? Why did you bring her? For the last page of the book, of course.
What are you going to do to her? Well, why would that matter to you? Yoon Tae Yi is just someone from the past.
The teacher values your contribution very much.
If you would just tell us where Park Jin Gyeom is, you will only be expelled.
Nothing else.
I don't know where he is.
I don't want to be involved with this anymore, so send me back quickly.
I'll rush things so that you can leave this place sometime tonight.
Are you all right? Yes.
What about Detective Park? He's safe.
I'll help you get out of here.
I'll tell you where Park Jin Gyeom is, so run away with him as far as you can.
He'll listen to you.
What about you? Alice will probably follow.
I will buy you time to escape.
Come with us.
You'll be in danger too if you remain here.
Hearing you say that is rewarding enough.
Please wait a short while.
Park Jin Gyeom is coming to Alice.
Park Jin Gyeom can't come here.
An ordinary person cannot pass through.
You must not know about him yet.
He is very special.
There is nowhere in this world where he cannot go.
I'm begging you.
I'll do anything you ask.
Leave Park Jin Gyeom alone.
Why? Do you want to act like a father now? I gave you a chance to leave.
What a shame.
Sadly, I have a feeling you won't be able to protect anyone.
Not even yourself.
Min Hyuk! You found the last page that you people were looking for.
So let Professor Yoon go.
That's why we have no reason to keep Professor Yoon Tae Yi alive anymore.
Min Hyuk! Min Hyuk.
Tae Yi.
Don't speak.
You shouldn't.
Is it because of time travel? Is time travel that valuable? Enough to kill all these people? Why are you asking me that? You were the one who told me that we must succeed in creating time travel.
It was you! You've finally come.
Why are you going this far? It was all for you, Park Jin Gyeom.
The teacher is waiting for you.
Why did you do it? I still haven't forgiven you.
You should've given me time to forgive you.
I'm sorry.
Tae Yi.
You went through a wormhole filled with radiation while you were pregnant.
Be rational.
We can't get back without going through the wormhole again.
If we do that, something horrible may happen to the baby.
What happens if I give birth here? Don't be absurd.
We have things to do back home.
Get an abortion.
Things to do? Tae Yi, what I mean is I'm hungry.
I'll get an abortion.
I will.
But before that, let me feed the baby some good food first.
Let's have the baby here.
Let's live here, just the three of us.
You, me, and our baby.
I promise to make both of you happy.
Min Hyuk.
You should get back.
The car is outside.
What about you? No.
I know what you're thinking, but don't.
We need to run away.
You're the creation.
If you die here, there will be no hope left.
I don't care who I am.
As long as the person who killed my mother is here, I can't go anywhere.
Just run away with me! We finally meet again after 10 years.
What's the reason? Why did you kill my mother? Tell me! Why did you kill her? A very long time ago, I asked an old man the exact same question.
- Who - Who - are you? - are you? Just like you, I tried to kill the old man.
- Nonsense.
- Nonsense.
- I'm not a monster like you! - I'm not a monster like you! I tried to deny it too.
But I've become the old man myself.
And now you came to kill me.
The riddle was very simple.
It was, "Will I kill your child or not?" The mother was wise, so she came up with an answer that the monster didn't think of.
Don't kill Detective.
The "creation" doesn't only refer to Detective Kim.
It also refers to you.
You may be in different dimensions, but you have the same mother.
So don't kill Detective Park.
If you kill him, the prophecy will come true and the door of time will close.
So, what do you think the monster did? He killed the mother.
I promise I'll undo everything.
Just run away.
This is the end.
It has to end here.
Time has neither a beginning nor an end.
But a person has a beginning.
It has to be stopped.
This woman sacrifices her life for you every time.
You have killed a woman who has sacrificed her life for me.
I know you resent me now, but one day, you'll thank me.
I saved you.
And you saved me.
Look at me now.
I can control time, but even then, I'm being suffocated by time.
I'm not going to become like you.
Don't be foolish.
I just want to give you a chance to seize time.
I don't care for any of that.
I'm going to turn everything back to the way it should be.
After saving everyone who was killed because of you, I'm going to kill you.
You started it, so I'm going to end it.
(Alice) You know where the teacher is, right? I'll get him.
Whatever you do, the future isn't going to change.
That child must die.
Don't mess with Jin Gyeom.
I'm going to bring all my loved ones back to life.
I had hoped that the book would be wrong, but you're here.
I was so happy to be your son.

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