Alice (2020) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

"Love is patient, love is kind.
" "Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
" "It always protects, always trusts," "always hopes, and always perseveres.
" Don't be foolish.
I just want to give you a chance to seize time.
I don't care for any of that.
I'm going to turn everything back to the way it should be.
After saving everyone who was killed because of you, I'm going to kill you.
You started it, so I'm going to end it.
(Final Episode) Eat before you leave.
Did you make her some seaweed soup? - No.
- I taught you how! What did you get her for her present? - I didn't get anything.
- Why not? I've never bought her a present before.
What a shame.
Wait at the front entrance after school today.
I'll help you pick one out.
I'll buy you the cake.
Oh, right.
There will be a super blood moon tonight, so surprise her right then.
What are you looking at? Is this your first time seeing a woman this pretty at 8am? I know.
It's really rare for someone to look so pretty this early in the morning.
Hey! Wait for me! (1 Missed Call) Yes, Professor.
I shouldn't have come to you.
Please disregard everything you've heard from me, as well as all the research we've done.
Why so suddenly? It's all because of me.
I have to be responsible for it.
I thought time travel would make many people happy.
I thought it'd heal broken hearts and correct all the regrets everyone had.
But I was wrong.
All the heartbreaks, and disparity from regrets, they're all necessary.
I invented time travel to make pain go away, but all it has created is obsession and greed.
It's not your fault.
I don't believe that your goodwill to take pain away from others can be a sin.
Furthermore, you've realized your wrong, and you're trying to turn things back.
I'll help you until the end.
Thank you for your kindness, but I have to battle this on my own.
Mom! (Investigation results: Case closed) (Print) Mr.
Ko? Who are you? Where are you from? You were the only one that I could think of.
Help me.
Are you from the future? Who sent you? Nobody sent me.
Are you here because of your mother? You've come to the wrong place, then.
I won't kill your mother.
I absolutely won't.
I know.
I know that you won't kill her.
Why are you here, then? In the end, Mom gets killed.
Not only her, but many more will die.
Ko, you know where the teacher is, right? Please tell me.
I'll get him.
I don't know.
I don't know who he is, or where he is.
(Wife) Hello? Hi, honey.
But sorry, I'm busy right now.
Let me call you back later.
I don't think I should've come.
I won't make things harder for you anymore.
Take your mom and run away.
I can help you with that.
She can't know.
She doesn't want to change the system for the entire world because of me.
This isn't your first time.
Furthermore, if I run, the people who have died cannot return.
Am I among them? No.
Don't worry.
You and your wife are safe.
May I hug you just once? I've missed you.
Were we Were we close there? After my mom died, it hurt so much that I wanted to die.
But you were by my side.
That's how I was able to survive.
What will you do now? I have to stay by my mom's side and protect her.
And all the people that I love.
I'm going to bring them all back.
I hear Jin Gyeom gets really good grades.
You must feel satisfied even without eating.
Gosh, no.
But I keep gaining weight for some reason.
(The Happy Butcher) Is today a special day? Why are you buying so much meat? I just feel like it.
- Bye.
- Bye! - Thanks.
- Make sure to tell your mom that you have a really pretty friend named Do Yeon, and that she got it for her.
Also, tell her that I'm sorry you were suspected because of me.
She'll understand even if you don't apologize.
- Don't worry.
- Still, tell her that I'm very sorry.
Got that? Okay.
Anyway, are you sure you're not mad anymore? I was never mad at you.
Then smile for me.
Show me you're really not mad.
You look 100 times better when you don't smile.
Happy birthday, Mom.
You're home? You can't just go like that.
You have to light the candles for me.
It'll be like a date.
Go with me, son.
I don't want to.
Go by yourself.
I'll be right back.
Jin Gyeom! Calm down, and listen to me.
Your mother asked me She asked me to come.
She asked me to stop her son if he comes.
That he can't stop her death anyway.
Sun Young was very worried that her son would get hurt because of her.
I know how she feels, but I have to catch him.
I understand how you feel.
I do.
But whatever you do here, the future will not change.
You can't save your mom or anyone else from death.
So please give up and go back.
How do you know that other people will die? That happens 10 years later.
How could I not? Since I'm here now to stop you.
Jin Gyeom.
Jin Gyeom, where are you? Jin Gyeom.
Jin You came after all.
I had hoped "The Book of Prophecy" was wrong.
Were you searching for me until you grew to be this old, my son? Son.
There was a time when I was your son.
It was my fault for trusting Ko Hyeong Seok.
Who knew he'd give up his wife to save you? What do you mean, I give up my wife? Mr.
After what I went through to get here, why would I give up my wife? There's a misunderstanding.
Let me explain.
Hey, go to your mom.
I need to hear what this punk has to say.
Thank you, Mr.
No, Mom.
I didn't know you'd turn out like this.
Are you sure you didn't? You're the one who opened the door of time.
Because of you, I've killed many people.
It's all my fault.
I'll pay for what I've done.
But leave Jin Gyeom alone.
I can't let him turn out like you.
I'm not responsible for your son becoming me.
You are.
You turned your son into a monster.
I'm not you.
No, Jin Gyeom.
What are you doing, Mom? Move.
Jin Gyeom.
Don't shoot him.
If you do, you'll both die.
- I don't care.
- Listen to me.
Please don't do this because of me.
Move, Mom.
Just like you, I tried to save her once.
You're just a monster who came here to kill my mom.
You don't know who she really is.
Why do you think she stayed in 1992? In 1992, she saw "The Book of Prophecy".
Then she realized the power that her baby had.
That her baby's death would close the door of time.
That's why she stayed.
Her baby had to live to maintain the door of time that she created.
- My mom - "My mom" - would never do that.
- "would never do that.
" Tonight, you'll fail to save this woman.
And you'll wander around looking for a way to save her for the coming decades.
Just like I did.
That's nonsense.
Why did I turn into a monster? Why will you turn into a monster? I have another heart inside me now.
It's smaller and weaker than mine, but I can feel it beating.
My baby's heart.
After wandering through different dimensions, you'll finally realize that there is only one way to save this woman.
Going back to 1992 and stopping me from being born.
Who are you? Close the door of time immediately, or you'll die.
You can stop this.
Go back and close the door of time.
Who are you? Tell me who you are first.
I'm a person who should not exist.
Abort the baby.
Once the baby is born, the chance to close the door of time will be gone.
That baby should never be born.
For you and the baby himself, the baby must die.
I don't know who you are, but no one can hurt my baby.
You will be killed at the hands of that baby.
I'm here to save you.
There's no way he'll do that.
But even if that's true, I'm his mother.
I'll raise him well.
This is your last warning.
I can't.
That baby is a monster.
A monster should not be kept alive.
You're the one who should die.
That's the past I experienced and the future you'll experience.
That's not my mom's fault.
Back then, she didn't know who you were.
Did she really not know? Mom.
That's impossible.
This woman knew that we would become a monster but still gave birth to you.
She didn't love you.
She only pretended to.
Because of her, we lived a life that we never wanted and became a monster.
You're the only person who can understand my suffering.
I'm giving you a chance to avoid the pain that I suffered.
A chance to kill this woman.
We must kill her first.
Just kill me.
It's all my fault.
I'm responsible for the way you turned out.
Even if everything you said is true, I don't care.
I just need to save my mother.
Once you and I die, everything will be over.
Mom! What? Are you going to kill me again? Shoot me right here, then.
I lived my whole life in guilt.
Every day was filled with guilt and fear.
I thought I should do everything, but there was nothing I could do.
You're both my sons, and you'd both disappear if I closed the door of time.
Don't make excuses.
To you, the world that you created was more important than your son.
That's why you made us like this.
To a mother, her child is absolutely everything.
Even if I can't exist with you, I'm fine as long as you are.
I know it'll be hard for you to forgive me, but you have to stop now, Jin Gyeom.
Mom! Mom No! Mother! No, don't do this.
It's not your fault, so why should you die? Why should you? I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry that you were born as my son.
I was so happy to be your son.
I'll be born as your son again.
Mom No.
This isn't what I wanted.
This woman was trying to kill us! Why are you dying? Why are you dying instead of me? Because she's our mom.
Remember that she's sacrificing everything she has for us.
Remember that on your way to your death, and suffer for eternity.
Happy birthday, Mom.
You're home? You can't just go like that.
You have to light the candles for me.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday to Mom - Happy birthday to Mom Happy birthday to you Thank you so much, son.
Just blow them out already.
Hold on.
After I make a wish.
Blow them out with me.
Happy birthday, Mom.
You finished the bottle.
I'll go out and get some.
You'll drink with me then, right? Okay.
I'll be right back.
I'll go with you.
What's wrong? Mom.
I forgot my wallet.
Would you get it for me? Okay.
I'm sorry I took so long.
But I kept my promise to protect you.
Now, you'll come to my high school graduation, right? When I get into college and become a cop, you'll be the happiest for me.
When I get hurt while investigating a case, you'll be more worried about me than anyone else.
When I get my first paycheck, I'll give you money.
I'll sing "Happy Birthday" on your birthdays.
It won't be me, but it will happen.
So Mom, don't worry about me.
Live happily as you do now.
That's good enough for me.
Here's your wallet.
Thank you, son.
Let's go.
Why did you wake up so early? How did I get here? How much did you drink last night? I told you alcohol doesn't help with jetlag.
What do you mean? You came home after midnight from your seminar in Germany.
Seminar? How could you not bring back any gifts? Not even fridge magnets.
That's so wrong.
Detective Park.
Where's my phone? (Recent calls) (Physics 16 Ahn Ji Hyun, PTO Chair Jung Joo Yun) Did you mess with my phone? No.
Why? Detective Park's number's gone.
- Who? - Detective Park Jin Gyeom.
You know a detective? Don't you know Detective Park Jin Gyeom? He came over several times.
Did you bring a man home? May I help you? This is my house.
Are you looking for someone? Isn't this Park Jin Gyeom's house? No, it isn't.
I'm sure he lived here.
He was here yesterday.
I've lived here for over seven years.
May I help you? I'm here to see Detective Park Jin Gyeom.
There's no one here by that name.
What do you mean? This is his desk.
This is my desk.
Hello, professor.
How may we help you? Detective.
You know, don't you? Where's Detective Park Jin Gyeom? Detective Park Jin Gyeom? Who's that? Do you really not know? Then how do you know me? How could I not? You're the daughter of the owner of Crime Squad.
Didn't you see our captain there? Captain? Here.
They'll get cold.
Bring out the two jjajangs.
Two jjajangs for table three.
Here they come.
Thank you.
- More pickled radish, please.
- Coming right up.
How long is he going to do that? Let him be.
He's off today.
He should do what makes him happy.
Look at him.
He's glowing.
How did you come back to life? Where's Detective Park? Where's Detective Park Jin Gyeom? Who's Park Jin Gyeom? You arrested a teenager 10 years ago.
You remember him, don't you? I did? I never arrested a teenager.
Why can't you remember? You arrested Detective Park! Gosh.
I apologize.
What's wrong with you? Even if no one else remembers, you have to remember Detective Park.
It's Park Jin Gyeom of all people.
Seo Jin.
You should've called me first as soon as you came back to Korea.
What did you bring me? Everyone's back.
Once time travel is stopped, everything is reset.
Reset? All time travelers disappear from the world.
Everything's back.
Everything except for him.
(Thank you.
) I'll be with you.
Is everything all right? You feel like a different person since coming back from your trip.
I feel like I just came back home from a very long trip.
On that trip, I was someone else and lived a different life.
But I'm finally myself again.
But somehow, it doesn't feel good.
Why not? It's probably because of the guy I met on the trip.
A guy? What guy? There's this guy I can never meet again.
Thanks to you, Detective Park, everyone is doing well.
But no one remembers you.
One day, I might become like everyone else.
But I can promise you one thing.
A wave function, in quantum physics, is a description of the quantum state of particles and provides all the information about the particles.
The Schrodinger equation, which you may be familiar with Excuse me for a second.
I will do my best to be happy.
You sacrificed your life to give me this day.
Someone is requesting a consultation.
About what? About how plausible some science fiction movies are.
Here's the reporter's business card.
(Kim Do Yeon, Segyeong Daily) Where is she now? Ms.
Kim Do Yeon? Yes? Are you Professor Yoon Tae Yi, by any chance? Yes.
Is time travel really possible? Many movies and TV shows say it's going to be possible in the future.
But I think it's unrealistic.
I believe it is possible.
But at the same time, I believe it should never become possible.
The person who first told me about you said that you were very interested in time travel.
So I'm surprised.
I used to be.
But not anymore.
A precious past is best kept in your memory.
Wanting to turn back time is human greed.
Listening to you reminds me of an architect I interviewed a few days ago.
He said he became an architect to preserve the past.
While memories and feelings fade through time, space saves time, according to him.
Space saves time.
Space saves all the sad, happy, and painful memories.
As I said earlier, the existing beams, columns, and rafters were preserved.
Even though it took twice the time, I believe the memories in this house are totally worth it.
My husband will be so happy.
We were forced to rebuild the house for safety reasons, but he was sad about tearing down the house he grew up in.
I understand.
For someone, space can be their life itself.
"Space can be your life itself.
" That's admiring.
What are these drawings? Those are Before I started working on this project, I just tried drawing what came to my mind.
Where does your inspiration come from? It changes all the time.
Images that come to my mind or moments of deja vu.
Was this one of them? Yes.
Excuse me.
Do you know Mr.
Park Jin Gyeom? I heard that he works here.
Oh, you mean Mr.
Park? Just a second, please.
- Is Mr.
Park away from his desk? - I'm not sure.
He must be at the construction site.
The construction site? The railing here will be preserved too.
The wood is still strong, so it'll be fine.
It looks amazing.
It's me.
Yoon Tae Yi.
Do I know you? I'm sorry.
I must be mistaken.
That's all right.
I won't be disappointed.
If you don't recognize me, it means that you've forgotten everything.
That you're living an ordinary life.
Please stay this way and live a happy life.
You never know, so don't sell the house.
Keep it.
I'll come back to see you in the future.
I'll wait until you come back.
Detective! I'm sorry I made you wait for so long.

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