All American (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

The Choice is Yours

1 Previously on "All American" Man, look who back slumming it in the 'Hood.
SPENCER: Hey, what up, fellas? You all miss me? What's up, boy? JJ: You know a guy who can fix a 1959 Porsche Roadster in one day? JORDAN: I don't see it.
Money talks, boys.
Asher, I wasn't with you because you had money.
I'm not leaving you because it's gone.
When you lie and I know about it, it makes me complicit in the lie.
You are up.
You're not here for a cut.
You're here for a job.
Ha ha.
Thank you.
But I got your back.
You remember that.
So maybe he does got your back, but he ain't me, all right? He always gonna want something.
Hey, what you doing? Collecting my paper.
Alvin know about this? Nah.
And nobody gonna Rob Alvin.
I did something I seriously regret.
I slept with Asher.
That piece No, Jordan! Dad? We just got in early.
Oh, we? I want you to meet China.
MAN: Thunder PLAY BY PLAY ANNOUNCER: Here we are.
The Beverly eagles are seconds away from a devastating loss to Culver City, the last-place team in the division.
An upset today would cripple the chances of Beverly making the playoffs.
[BLOWING WHISTLE] And here's the kick.
MAN: Thunder, thun-thunder MAN 2: The second time Thunder, thun-thunder And we got it like MAN: Thunder Oh, yeah, ah, no, welcome What we got? What we got here? PLAY BY PLAY ANNOUNCER: He cuts left.
DIFFERENT ANNOUNCER: He gets the rock, and he's loose.
That's my man.
PLAY BY PLAY ANNOUNCER: He's at the 50, the 40.
He's got one man to beat.
PLAYER: Giddyap, daddy.
Giddyap! And all the way down to the Culver 20 yard line.
Spencer James with an electrifying return.
My man.
That's how you do it, young man.
BOY: Offensive line, head out there.
Offensive line, head out there.
LEILA: What's that about? His friend Coop was supposed to be here.
Well, too bad she missed it.
He looks good today.
- Don't.
- What? The last time you tried to play matchmaker, I ended up in a hot tub with my almost brother.
He's not your brother.
We both know that you trying to set me up with Spencer is more about you than it is about me.
Hey, Princess.
Hey, dad.
You made it.
Mm! How you feel? Good.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- OK.
- Hi.
How you doing? Hi.
How's it going? This is Olivi Oh! You're gonna sit here.
PLAY BY PLAY ANNOUNCER: That brings up third down.
Adams looked open, but Baker couldn't get him the ball.
What the hell was that, J? Where are you throwing the ball? Right where you're supposed to be.
Run the right routes, and we're fine, Ash.
Hey, hey.
We ain't got time for this, all right? Come on! JORDAN: Down! Set! Down! Set! Wide 41.
Wide 41.
Set! MAN: long time, no see it's been a long time since I broke in these city streets one roll and a kid's killed can't stop, can't fake when I bring, what I come though PLAY BY PLAY ANNOUNCER: Adams and Baker seem to be on opposite sides of the playbook today.
What the hell was that, man? He almost took my head off.
Hey, what's going on with you all? You been off all day.
Get your ass in the game, man.
Hey! Look at the clock.
Hurry up.
Hurry up! [SPECTATORS APPLAUDING] [RINGTONE] It's the publicist.
I got to take this.
I'm gonna heh.
I'm gonna go, too.
How long is he in town? The usual a couple days.
He's in town promoting China's new album.
You don't like her? No.
It's She's she's fine.
You almost choked on that "fine.
" I don't know.
It's weird.
She's not even his type.
She's nothing like Your mom? BILLY: Did y'all want to lose this game today? Do you want to lose this game today? Y'all got two seconds, under two seconds to make this right.
Hey, I can still make that play, coach.
They're gonna be all over you.
Two seconds, y'all.
Stop messing around and make it happen.
Go! [WHISTLE BLOWS] That safety's been head-hunting Asher all game.
If he's covered, I got your back.
Right on.
Thank you.
Two seconds left.
Beverly at Culver's 15 yard line Here we go.
Here we go.
Set Hey, hey, hey! Double-a blitz.
Double-a blitz.
Double-a blitz.
Here we go.
Check Eagle.
Check Eagle.
Hey, hey! Check Eagle.
Check Eagle.
Check Eagle.
Check check Eagle.
- Let's go.
Let's go - Right here? Right over here.
Here we go PLAY BY PLAY ANNOUNCER: Baker with it on goal.
Butler coming in motion.
JORDAN: Y! Back, set! PLAY BY PLAY ANNOUNCER: Baker rolling left, scanning.
Scanning, looking to go deep.
He takes off.
James with a monster block.
Baker in for the touchdown.
OFFICIAL: Touchdown! [CHEERING] I'll see you.
Hey, Coach Skolnick.
What are you doing here? Coach Baker.
I thought when Beverly decided to replace me with a former NFL player, they didn't think you'd run my team into the ground.
What's wrong, Coach? They not treating you right out there in Malibu? I thought you'd be happy out there.
I'll be happy next week when my guys end your season.
Yeah, coming back in my old house where I was the winning coach.
I see what you're trying to do.
It's not gonna work.
You're not gonna get inside of my head.
[PLAYERS CHEERING, SPEAKING EXCITEDLY] Hey, you coming out tonight? I'm doing the muy fuego wing challenge 20 blazing hots in 120 seconds.
Hey, that's tough to pass up, but I'm hanging with my homie Coop tonight.
I bet.
Good game.
Yeah, yeah.
What the hell was that game about? You know, Ash, I pass to you, you whine.
I don't pass to you, and you whine.
We won the game, Ash, so shut the hell up and stop whining.
[PLAYERS CHEERING] Hey! PLAYER: Whoo! BILLY: Why are y'all smiling? Culver is in dead last place.
And they almost beat us.
Now, if y'all play like that against Malibu, they're gonna crush us.
Shower up and take your behinds home.
Ain't no reason to celebrate.
[CLEARS THROAT] It's a celebration, bitches! [CHEERING] [JJ LAUGHING] [CELL PHONE CHIMES] MAN: Cut loose with it Cut loose with it Cut loose with it BOYS: Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Yeah ASHER: I'm one of the best receivers in the league.
Coach thinks I'm a lock for All-State.
You couldn't tell by today's game.
It was rough out there.
Thanks to our QB playing blind.
Hey, um, dad and China just got back from the Galapagos.
That's cool.
My dad actually wants to take me snorkeling there this summer, private jet and all.
Excuse me.
MAN: Cut loose, cut loose You had quite the game today, son.
SPENCER: Hey, I appreciate you.
I'm just glad we won.
Hey, Leila tells me that you're from Crenshaw.
Oh, yes, Sir.
So is China.
Oh, for real? Which part? Yeah, it reminds me of where I grew up at, in Harlem, where everyone is straight-up real.
What you see is what you get.
Hey, Spencer, can I get some ketchup? You don't find real people anymore.
[CELL PHONE CHIMES] CHINA: Everything OK? The Venue is a no go.
So what, are you a singer? I'm a rapper.
My first album is about to drop.
Hey, that's dope.
I'll check it out.
Yeah, why don't you come through this weekend once we get the Venue locked up? I guess I'll get my own ketchup.
Hope he ain't a yelp kind of guy.
Hey, but thanks for the invite, but I'm volunteering at Alvin's block party.
It's a big deal in Crenshaw.
Alvin gets the whole hood involved.
People come down, get together, celebrate the community.
You know.
Right on.
Catch y'all later.
My dad certainly likes Spencer.
Your dad doesn't like me.
I'm taking off.
Oh, in your private jet? Hey, you don't have to act that way to impress my dad, OK? Just be yourself.
It's been a long day.
The game sucked.
Talking to your dad sucked.
Your brother sucks.
I'm going home.
Asher, don't Hey, your pops seems cool.
Yeah, he's OK.
You ain't feeling China, huh? You reading me again? Anyone could read that.
Well, it just seems a little convenient.
One minute she's a no-name artist on my dad's label, and the next, she's dating him with an album dropping.
OLIVIA: He's not the type to get played, Leila.
You know that.
I just hope you're right.
MAN: Skr, skr MAN: Yeah.
Oh, Lord.
Yeah, he don't ever fall out over money DIFFERENT MAN: That's loyalty That product moving fast, just keep it coming That's loyalty Saw one got left behind, I brought him with me That's loyalty And if there's ever a problem, I can That's loyalty, that's loyalty I'm talking loyalty That's loyalty, loyalty I'm talking loyalty, that's loyalty Loyalty, I'm talking Coop.
- Baby? - Hey, what you doing here? I was worried about you, all right? Look, I'm sorry, man.
Me and Patience just needed some hang time.
But, yo, I heard you almost took one back.
You should've seen that.
Your boy broke, like, 8 tackles.
I'm glad you all getting your time in.
Yeah, not nearly enough, so Yo, Coop, we got to roll.
What's up, 90210? Back slumming it with us again? Must be the weekend.
What you want, Shawn? Me and Coop got business.
Handle your own business.
Ain't the way that works no more.
Spence, it'll be real quick.
- You serious right now? - Yeah.
We'll see you all back at the crib.
SPENCER: So that's how it is.
Shawn snaps his fingers, and Coop goes rolling? Pretty much.
What they been doing? I don't know.
She don't say.
But Coop's too smart to be wasting her time with Shawn.
Got to find a way to get her out from under him.
Come on.
Let me walk you home.
You looking like Denzel, boy.
And Kanye got nothing on you.
Ha ha.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- All right.
I appreciate it.
PATIENCE: Where you going, Alvin? You got a hot date? Hmm, ain't nobody teach you to stay out of grown folks' business.
- OK.
- Huh? All right.
I got a block party to get ready for.
Hold down the shop while I'm out.
- You got it.
- Well, you look good.
COOP: He told you to stay out of grown folks' business.
All right.
Ha ha! [CHUCKLES] I can help you all with something? Yes.
This a barber shop, ain't it? You know, I heard about a new girl who's curry with the clippers.
You're in the right spot.
Now, I just need my line tightened up real quick.
Hey, yo, my girl ain't got nothing to do with nobody.
Yeah, but you do, don't you? What you doing here? This a barber shop, ain't it? [RAPID DRUM BEAT] Coming straight out of Crenshaw Crazy little chick named China I'm not the type that'll cross or a liar But cross me, and my hitters come and find you No practice, we get access Getting to the bag, then we makin' backflips Whoo! Ha ha! Perfect, baby.
- You liked that? - Lightning in a bottle.
- Hey, dad.
- Hey.
- Ha ha! - Hey.
Mm! I was thinking we could grab some lunch.
That's great, that's great.
Listen, China and I will be done in a few.
[SOFTLY] China.
Oh, you should invite your friend Spencer, too.
I want to run something by him.
- OK, cool.
- Cool.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATING] Oh, dad, your phone.
LEILA'S DAD: You want to grab something at the place where we went the other night? CHINA: OK.
Uh, your phone's ringing.
Hey, girl.
"Beverly bests Culver.
" So you guys gonna make this easy on me, tell me what's going on? OK, he needs to learn how to read a defense, coach.
He won't stop bitching.
"Pass to me.
" "Don't pass to me.
" ASHER: I should've broken a receiving record last year.
What's it gonna be, Ash, huh? Huh? BILLY: OK, OK, OK.
See, back in my day, coach would make us walk all the way home from practice together till we could work it out.
But times have changed.
So I'm gonna take you boys on a little field trip instead.
Come on.
Spencer, hey, thanks for coming.
For sure.
Nothing I like more than coming into work on my day off.
my dad needs to talk to you about something, but I need to talk to you before he gets here.
That's kind of fast, Leila.
We not even holding hands yet.
Shut up.
This is serious.
I think my dad wants to propose to China.
And you're not happy about that.
Dating is one thing, but marriage? Come on.
She's barely older than me.
I just don't want anyone taking advantage of my dad.
So I was thinking maybe you could do that thing and find out.
What thing? Read her.
That's not a superpower, Leila.
Look, please.
I need your help.
I just I don't want my dad to make a huge mistake.
So how long you been cutting hair? Long enough, man.
Everybody got a side hustle in the Hood.
MAN: You know, that's a hard spot to cop.
Where'd you get the hook up? Where you think? [MAN IN CHAIR CHUCKLES] You know, I heard you and your boys was hanging around the shop again.
You must've forgot that, uh, this spot's neutral.
Next time you got to get them naps trimmed, you do it somewhere else.
The next time I roll through here, you, her, and whatever business you got up in here best be gone.
Try me and see.
Let's roll, juice.
M-maybe you need to move that drop.
Bonez don't know nothing.
And even if he did, ain't nobody tell me how to handle my business.
I swear, Kendrick walked out the studio and tells J.
"I'm the real deal.
Bet day of my life.
Well, second best day after meeting my baby.
[CHUCKLING] So that must've been some track Kendrick heard.
What was it called again? "Shoe game.
" You should hear it soon, hopefully.
Why "hopefully"? Well, technically we don't have a venue for her release party just yet.
That's where you come in, Spence.
Me? Alvin's block party.
See, China, she could perform live for her home crowd, and we can provide extra food, activities for the kids, t-shirts.
So you want to turn a kids' block party into China's release party.
CHINA: More like combine the two events.
Benefit the kids.
it's a win-win for everyone, baby.
So you think you could put in a good word with Alvin for us? Yeah.
Yeah, for sure.
I'm gonna need something in return, though.
You want me to emcee.
Come on, Coop.
I've heard you on the Mike.
Who better to get the hood rocking than you? Plus, we get you in good with J.
And maybe we could slide him some of your tracks.
I mean, he's not wrong.
You got a gift, a gift that needs to be shared with everyone, not just me.
SPENCER: Right? COOP: Uh, look, you two ain't got to smooth talk me, all right? I'm in.
Hey, what you think, Alvin? I think the kids are gonna love it.
Boom! Ha ha! KID: You got to come see this! I don't understand.
Everybody knows this is a safe space.
We ain't got nothing to do with gangs.
Now, why would they want to hit up my shop? Yo, man, you heard about Alvin's? Lower your voice.
Yo, you need to move that money.
The money stays where it is.
the hell it does, man.
I said, lower your damn voice.
This is your auntie Coop.
This is my daughter Maya.
How you doing, baby girl? MAYA: Good.
Hey, man, I ain't know you had a daughter.
Why would you? She ain't yours.
Her mama left a while back.
Have you ever thought about getting her out of this life? What do you think I'm trying to do? That money's for her.
She's the reason I got to keep it at Alvin's.
It's neutral, Coop.
Anywhere else, and my hustle becomes everybody's hustle.
I think it's time you find a new hustle.
Like what, man? I ain't got no silver spoon.
Ain't nobody gonna come swoop me out the hood like your boy Spencer.
Come on, Shawn.
You're a smart dude, man.
You've been running things around here since we was kids.
You just been working with the wrong people.
There got to be something else out here you could do.
You playing yourself if you think people like us get the same shots other people do because if we did, I'd be out.
MAYA: She wonders why all this is gone.
Hey, leave that alone, little mama.
Hey, come here.
MAN: Come at me Look, you don't want to see a boy like this I was ready for whatever, I was born like this I was born like this Kind of funny how you run that fence No walk, god's talkin', and it don't make sense You get so angry Why? Why you always so mad? Look so mad What you want to do? How's it gonna be? Well, then come at me SKOLNICK: Pop up quick, like your life depended on it.
Let's go.
That's looking good.
Double time, double time.
Why aren't you out there practicing with the rest of your squad? It's the same 5 routines every game.
I can do this in my sleep.
Now, that I'd like to see.
You want to watch me sleep? Can that be arranged? That depends.
Depends on what? You asking me on a date? SKOLNICK: Knees up.
[WHISTLE BLOWS] Let's go, pro team.
BILLY: What'd you get, anything? Strong side linebacker's got bruised ribs.
SKOLNICK: Two more nights, two nights till the game.
ASHER: That's Jake Delgado, their best defensive end.
How do you know? Because when my mom moved to Malibu, I came and looked at a few schools here.
I decided to stay in Beverly.
Hmm, lucky us.
Dude, what's your problem? My problem? Really? Hey, hey, y'all, easy.
You all are flying with shots in the wrong direction.
BOY: Hike! That's the enemy Right there.
WOMAN: Ah, here it goes Whoo! Ah Whoo! I feel good Whoo, I feel I'm back.
Would you like a water? I'm actually here to volunteer.
You need any help? Honestly, I'm I'm only doing this 'cause it keeps me in the shade.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I didn't mean to blow your cover.
Let me give you a hand.
How you all doing? - Hey.
- Hi.
You all stay hydrated, OK? Thank you.
Bye! Ha ha! Are you sure you're not getting any bad vibes from China? Look, I know you're trying real hard to find something wrong with her, but I'd give her a chance.
I mean, your dad seems to like her.
Well, people have a hard time thinking straight when they're grieving.
Aren't you still grieving? Your friend Coop still isn't here.
She'll be here.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
for sure.
You know each other? We used to play ball together.
I'm the QB at South Crenshaw.
So you really know Spencer.
But I didn't walk all the way across this hot-ass park to talk about Spencer.
I came here to talk to the beautiful girl standing here in the shade.
I thought you came to volunteer.
Ha ha! See, see, now you blowing my cover.
I'm Chris, by the way.
- Nice to meet you - Nice to meet you, too.
You seen Coop? She not answering her phone.
I'll give you 3 guesses who she's with.
Yo, you lost? SHAWN: Man, I ain't here to start nothing.
It's Coop's big day.
She wanted her boy by her side, that's all.
Why is that? The same reason you wanted me here To meet the record dude, right? You say he's crazy connected.
Maybe he could help the both of us.
no way.
This ain't for him.
Look, you got to go, bro.
COOP: Oh, what's up with you, Spencer? What? You know exactly what it's like to grow up here.
And you said it yourself Chances like this don't ever come around.
You really gonna stand in his way? Yo, the only person standing in Shawn's way is Shawn, all right? Always has been.
Oh, that's how it is? Cool.
If he go, then I go.
COOP: Crenshaw, Crenshaw, what's up? Hey, I want to thank you all for coming out and supporting us.
We all family.
But how many of you all one of Al's kids? [CHEERING] Whoo! So me, too, only I was his favorite.
Ain't that right, Alvin? That's not right.
[LAUGHTER] COOP: Hey, listen, China Q will be out here real soon.
In the meantime, you all can enjoy this free food, these free drinks courtesy of my man, super duper producer Mr.
- Yo.
Shawn Scott.
An honor.
All right.
All right.
You mind if I get a photo with you? No doubt.
No doubt.
No doubt.
So I already got it out.
Ha ha ha! That was dope.
I told you you was fly on that Mike.
What's up? He's getting real close to J.
He's just doing his thing, man.
It was supposed to be your thing.
I thought this was supposed to be a community thing.
You know, the same community Shawn's from.
Come on, man.
Forget all that.
We get to have a party mm mm mm mm You're stupid.
Oh, hey.
Um, you should open with "Cloud Dreams.
" It's my favorite.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I like that one, too.
Oh, Coop, you were incredible today.
SPENCER: See? Yeah.
You really know how to rock a house.
I mean, I should take you on tour with me.
COOP: Hey, listen, all you go to do is say the word.
Alvin gonna have a Coop-shaped hole in his barber shop, I'm telling you.
So Alvin from Alvin's kids has a barber shop.
But wait.
Ain't you from here? Come on.
You know I'm just playing with you.
Heh! I'm gonna go get dressed.
What? How are you from Crenshaw but you don't know Alvin? Yeah, for real.
COOP: You fake, I got you.
Yeah, OK.
SKOLNICK: Come to see how a real coach runs a practice? Ha ha.
I just want to pass off this game tape, man.
Ah, keep it.
We only need to focus on Spencer James, though when I was coaching Beverly, I never felt the need to adopt a kid just to make my team better.
But, like you said, a win's a win.
ASHER: They're good, J.
But we got to be on the same page if we're gonna beat them.
Seriously? Dude, this passive-aggressive crap is getting old.
It's better than the alternative, OK, trust me? Well, what the hell is going on? I haven't done anything to you.
Oh, fine.
I'm done trying.
Hey, don't pass to me, don't talk to me.
I don't care, all right? It's on you now.
Maybe I'll talk to Leila.
And say what? That you slept with Olivia.
She's my sister.
How could you take advantage of her? - Look, it wasn't like that.
- Really? What was it like? It wasn't like that.
Uh! Uh! Are you kidding me, dude? How do you think you're gonna win when you can't even control your players? Hey.
Hey! Get up off the ground.
MAN: Beep-beep, back it up Lay it down like a cement truck Shut up.
You did good.
- Thank you.
- Ha ha! Hey, you got the whole place rocking.
I ain't do nothing but stand up and yell.
You're pretty good at that.
Check it.
I got the big dog's card.
He said he might have a job for me.
Boom! That's sick.
Oh, man.
Maybe you right, Coop.
About what? Getting the money out of Alvin's.
It never should've been there anyway.
Yeah, you know I'll go with you.
It's just around the block.
You stay here, keep this party alive, huh? Huh? [CHUCKLING] [PATIENCE CHUCKLING] LEILA: Must be fun coming back to your old neighborhood like this.
It's special.
Where are you from, really? Crenshaw.
I moved when I was little.
So what? So you're using your community to sell records and you're using my dad.
Nobody's using anybody.
I don't need anybody's help, sis.
And the whole Crenshaw angle, that's your dad's idea.
I don't believe you.
Well, why don't you ask him yourself? [RECORDED DRUM BEAT PLAYING] COOP: Oh! Go put your hands up, up in the sky Put your hands up, up in the sky Say, "Go, China! Go, China! Go!" AUDIENCE: Go, China! Go, China! Go! COOP: Say, "Go, China! Go, China! Go!" CHINA: Coming straight out of Crenshaw Crazy little chick named China [SONG CONTINUES, INDISTINCT] But cross me, and my haters come and find you No practice, we get access No respite, deal with it Sorry, fellas.
The shop's closed.
We ain't here for no haircut, but we definitely gonna take a cut.
When I was coming up, I ain't have much So I like to live it up, not average I like trips to Spain, Dubai, Paris SHAWN: Just walk away and let me take what's mine.
The problem is, what's yours is ours now.
[CHEERING] [GUNSHOTS] MAN: Coming straight out of Crenshaw.
[CROWD SCREAMING] Coop! [SIREN PULSING] [POLICE RADIO TRANSMISSIONS] [HELICOPTER] Hey, Coop, Coop! Where you going? I'm going to look for Shawn, man.
He could be hurt, anything.
I got to know he cool.
He ain't cool.
That's a dead body over there at Alvin's shop.
Look, Shawn was trying to do the right thing.
Both of his boys is responsible for this.
Look, Shawn shouldn't have been messing with Alvin's in the first place.
Why are you doing this? What am I gonna do, Spencer? You don't have no idea what's going down in the hood right now.
You told me to go to Beverly, all right? That's what I do.
I look out for my people.
And despite what you think of Shawn - Coop.
- Believe in him The same way I believe in you.
He's a thug, all right? He's a thug.
What's it gonna take for you to finally let him go? What? you want to be under one of those sheets? 'Cause whatever's coming for him is coming for you, too, all right? And it's just a matter of time before they show up at my house, putting my family in danger, and that can't happen.
I know.
I'll be gone tonight.
So what, so that's it? You're gonna choose him over me? Over my moms? Over Dylan? Spencer, you good now.
You don't need me anymore.
But Shawn does, and I'm not gonna turn my back on him.
I never did on you.
[SEA GULLS CALLING] You really think he's gonna make us walk all the way back? It's like 10 miles, dude.
Will you let me explain? Was she sober? [SCOFFS] Exactly.
And you knew she was going through a hard time.
We both were.
Star wide receiver, living in a mansion, dating the most popular girl in school.
Sounds rough.
I'm not living in a mansion.
We lost the house.
And we're broke.
My dad got laid off last year, and we lost everything.
That's why my mom left him.
That's why she left us.
Why didn't you just tell me? It's embarrassing, man.
I I didn't take advantage of your sister.
I was depressed, and she was, too, and it just happened.
It was a mistake.
And I-I'm sorry.
So you just threw that huge party at someone else's home? Two DJs.
[CHUCKLING] Destroyed their car, too.
Oh, my god.
Ha ha! You boys good now? [SLURPING] Yeah.
We're good.
All right.
The long walk home works every time.
Hop in.
We got a game to get ready for.
: Great.
That's good news.
Let's put it on the schedule.
Babe? That was a reporter from the "Times.
" They want to do a piece about your ties to Crenshaw.
What'd I tell you, huh? You can't buy publicity like that.
[CHUCKLING] Dad? Hey, baby.
Why are you happy? Somebody could be hurt, and you're celebrating? It's not like that, Princess.
No, you wanted an authentic Crenshaw experience.
I guess you got it, huh? You two deserve each other.
Have a nice life.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Man, I ain't got time to deal with you tonight.
I ain't come to fight, Shawn.
I came to talk.
So talk.
Look, I don't know what you got going on, but now you got Coop wrapped up in it.
So it's on you to look out for her now.
And if you drag her down with you You and me, we're gonna be having a very different conversation, all right? Believe that.
Oh, God, I hope she right about you.
I'm sorry you had to deal with that today.
It's OK.
I just Yeah.
I've I've never been that close to gunfire.
Like, ever.
It wasn't that close.
Oh, yeah? Then why did you put your arms around me? See? You are blowing my cover again.
I actually had a good time with you today.
Me, too.
So you gonna give me them digits or what? [CHUCKLES] Um I kind of swore off men for a while.
I'm trying to focus on myself, you know? OK.
Well, I'll tell you what, take my number down.
And once you figure it out, you let me know.
Good night.
Good night.
Drive safe.
[CHUCKLES] I will.
I'm sorry about today.
Why? China got the street cred my dad was looking for.
He couldn't have planned it better himself.
You don't think you're being a little hard on him? He used those kids today, Spencer.
He used you.
He used me to get to you.
Is that really what you're angry about? Because if you ask me, it seems like there's a lot more going on here.
You should talk to him.
He's probably halfway to the airport now anyway.
Look, I ain't get a chance to know my pops, all right? And you ain't get it with your moms.
But you owe it to yourself to be honest.
The truth is all we got Even when it hurts.
He's just all I have left, and I don't want to lose him, if I haven't already.
You haven't.
I'm glad I found you here.
I didn't want to leave things like that.
I wanted to say good-bye.
Well, the thing is you said good-bye when mom died.
I just didn't know it yet.
Leila, honey, I She was taken, but You chose to go.
I loved your mom, but I was I was never good enough for her Or you.
Always all about me.
Your mom [CHUCKLES] She filled every dark spot with light.
And now that she's gone, you're finally seeing me for what I am.
You saw that today.
And I'm sorry for that.
You and I both.
[SNIFFLES] This wasn't for China.
This was for you.
I bought it for your mother.
[CHUCKLES] It was an anniversary upgrade.
I never had the chance to give it to her.
I thought you might want to have it.
Listen, I, um I I know I'm not the person that you thought I was.
I'm not the father you deserve to have, but I love you.
I love you, Princess.
I love you, too, dad.
MAN: Oh, I don't know Why you're not there I give you my love But you don't care So what is right And what is wrong? Give me a sign What is love Hey.
So how'd it go? Well, it was probably the first honest conversation we've ever had.
Y'all two worked it out? I'm not sure, but at least now I know the truth, thanks to you.
[SNIFFLES] You're the only guy in my life who's been real with me.
I don't know about all that.
Well, I do.
I'm really happy I have you, Spencer.
I'm happy I have you, too.
Come on.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] MAN: What is love? Baby, don't hurt me Baby, don't hurt me Sorry.
I'm not.
What is love? Oh oh Oh oh oh What is love? Oh oh oh What is love?