All American (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

California Love

1 Previously on "All American" What's it gonna take for you to finally let him go? 'Cause whatever's coming for him is coming for you, too, and it's just a matter of time before they show up on my house, putting my family in danger, and that can't happen.
I'll be gone tonight.
You been running things around here since we was kids.
Gotta be something else out here you can do.
Got the big dog's card.
Said he might have a job for you.
I'm Chris, by the way.
When you lie and I know about it, it makes me complicit in the lie and it's embarrassing to watch.
Sorry that my life embarrasses you.
That's not what I said.
You can do what you want.
I slept with Asher.
That piece No, Jordan.
Promise me that you won't say anything.
Leila doesn't know and if she ever found out Please promise me.
Spencer went home already.
OK, so go get him.
Olivia, I see the way you look at him.
Yeah, kind of like the way he looks at you? I'm really happy I have you, Spencer.
I'm happy I have you, too.
Come on.
Morning, Eagles.
This is Leila Keating, your Stu co president.
It's officially homecoming weekend, our favorite time of year, not just because it kicks off with an awesome dance tomorrow.
dubs, buy your tickets now if you haven't already.
And ends with our big football game, where we're happily gonna kick Malibu's butt.
But mostly because it's the time when we come together to celebrate every student's commitment to the Beverly family.
Do you want some? No, I'm good, thank you.
I'm an athlete, you know.
Can't have that stuff in my system.
Oh, jeez.
We gotta go.
Do you know what time it is? Wait.
So what if we're late? So I hope to see you all at the festivities.
And remember, go, Eagles! All right, all right, listen up, listen up.
Now, I know I've been riding y'all hard this past week.
I'm proud of you all stepping up.
Malibu's been talking a lot of smack.
But if you play like this, they ain't gonna know what hit them.
Y'all get out of here.
Have fun at the dance tomorrow night.
Oh, wait, one more thing.
Keep it classy.
No drinking.
No staying up all night.
I need everyone firing on all cylinders.
We got a big game this weekend.
- Y'all heard? - Yes, sir.
All right.
Have fun tomorrow.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, my bad.
I didn't mean to scare you.
No, it's all good.
I was distracted.
So you planning on avoiding me till we graduate? I'm not avoiding you.
I've just been crazy busy with the homecoming dance and school and student council stuff and Fine.
Yes, maybe a little avoiding.
It's OK.
I get it.
Look, I'm just gonna come right out and say it.
I like you.
In case that wasn't obvious.
And based on that kiss, I'm guessing you don't find me completely intolerable.
It's a little more complicated than us just liking each other.
I know.
Asher's my teammate.
Yeah, and my boyfriend.
Right, but, here's the thing.
I don't do the whole sneaking around thing.
So I guess I'm just trying to figure out what happens next, for all of us.
But whatever that is, I know I don't want to lose your friendship, all right? That's important to me.
I can't talk about this right now.
OK, OK, so when? I don't know.
How about tonight? 10 P.
after my shift.
The vista at Hermosa Park.
Just to talk.
I don't think that Look, I'm getting real good at that whole not taking no for an answer thing y'all do here in Beverly Hills.
Where you been? Dude, that ain't for you.
It is now.
Maya's napping.
So? I've been at school, where you should've been.
Graduating school ain't really in my cards right now.
What happened to turning your life around, man, and getting out the game? It ain't gonna be that easy.
Ain't nobody say it'd be easy.
That don't mean we give up, though.
You probably ain't even called J.
's homeboy over at the record label about the possible internship, did you? And you ain't called Spencer since you moved out of his house.
Well, I'll call Spencer when you call the boy from the record label.
Well, you better get to dialing.
I already called.
Got an interview tomorrow.
Why didn't you say nothing? We've been summoned.
Summoned by who? Spencer, dude, take a break, man.
You've been working since we got here.
I can't, man.
We extra busy today.
You got one pepperoni.
"You have a pizza my heart, Gabby.
Be my date to hoco?" Eee! What, too corny for you? No.
no, y'all just take this homecoming thing real seriously, that's all.
It's just a dance.
What, you don't have dances in Crenshaw? No, we do.
It's just not that deep.
So who are you taking to homecoming? Nobody, man.
I'm rolling solo.
Too many, options, huh? Don't want to break any hearts? Yeah, something like that.
I gotta get back.
All right.
You know, I can respect going solo.
Yeah? It's better than rolling with a rival.
Here we go again.
Listen, Ripley's just a girl.
OK? I like her.
Who cares where she goes to school? Hmm.
You going in? I really wish people would stop sneaking up on me today.
That's not really sneaking if I call your name 3 times.
I was just leaving.
Uh, Leila I swung by here after China's concert.
I saw you and Spencer.
Olivia, I'm I'm so, so sorry.
It's fine.
Look, I I liked him But he likes you.
I'd say one of us deserves to get the happy ending except you don't look so happy.
I feel like I should tell Asher the truth.
But I also know when that happens, everything goes to hell.
What should I do? I'm I'm not really the right person to give anyone advice on anything, especially this.
Olivia, please.
Um People keep a secret like that for one of two reasons.
Either because the cheating was a big mistake and they just want to protect the person they love from being hurt Or? Or they're just trying to protect themselves.
You have to decide which one's true for you and what you plan to do about it.
Can we talk? Yeah.
- That didn't look good.
- No, it did not.
I forgive you.
Wait, what? Like you said, you know? You were upset over your dad a-and you got caught up.
I-i get it.
Things have been a little rough for me lately, with with my dad a-and football.
I haven't been paying enough attention to you.
Yeah, Asher, I just Hey.
I love you.
Hey, Leila.
Look, I understand why you didn't come, but I need you to know something.
You're the one person that makes Beverly feel like home.
I can't explain it.
It just is.
Look, you don't need to call me back.
I just had to let you know.
The whole neighborhood coming to breakfast? It's homecoming weekend Man, you crazy.
They say you should load up for Energy or whatever.
Plus, I figure all this will keep you put long enough to tell me everything.
Like what? Like maybe who you're taking to the dance? It's complicated.
Baby if high school isn't complicated, you ain't doing it right.
Look, it doesn't matter.
And I ain't going to that dance tonight.
Since when? Look, I came to Beverly to play football.
All right? I should be focused on tomorrow's game, not not some stupid dance.
Life is not just about football, Spencer.
What's really going on? You talked to Coop? No.
Call her.
She's always been your go-to.
Just because Coop doesn't live here anymore doesn't mean she's not still family.
What's up, Shawn? Nothin'.
Nice to know you chillin' while we out here cleaning up your mess.
Ty, that's you, not Alvin.
Ain't nobody ask you to speak.
There's a lot of heat on us right now 'cause that mess you made at Alvin's.
My show's gotta lay low.
So now you gonna take over and sell our dope on his block.
No problem.
Swizz is bringing in more product.
You pick it up tonight.
- Tonight? - You hard of hearing or something? Hey, I could go meet Swizz if you want.
Ain't nobody ask you nothing, sis.
It is sis, right? Or is it brother? Which one is it? Supposed to be getting out, not deeper in.
If Tyrone tells you to do something, you do it, period.
I can make the interview downtown and get back in time to meet Swizz.
Just answer the fool.
You know you want to.
Got this handled.
I'm glad you called.
You good? Me? I'm OK, I guess.
Where you been staying? He who shall not be named is letting me crash at his crib.
I mean, I figured if I said the name "Shawn," your head would explode.
Come on, man.
This is stupid.
I'm not mad at you for wanting to keep your family safe.
Come on, Coop.
You family.
All right? Don't ever think you not.
I know.
So can we park all that over there somewhere and talk about what's got this vein on the side of your big-ass head about to pop out? Leila? Ain't that the girl that date the dude Asher on your team? Yeah, I know.
Hey, look, I know it ain't got nothing to do with me, but don't teammates got, like, a bro code or something? Look, I wasn't thinking about all that when it happened, all right? Oh, I know what you was thinking.
Man, shut up.
I don't know, Coop.
I mean, maybe it's a good thing she stood me up.
Why rock the boat with the rest of the team, right? I mean, 'cause some girls is just worth rocking the boat for.
How much do you really like this girl? A lot, man.
She's special.
Then there's probably a million reasons why she didn't show up.
But the Spencer James I know don't give up, so it sound to me like you need to go and get your girl.
I bet.
I'MMA gonna go to the dance.
But I'MMA need a date.
Mama, please.
Come on.
Would you just relax and let me have my moment? Ha! Hello.
I know you see me.
Yeah, I do see you.
Where's Coop? I'm right here, baby.
Coop, you guys ready? The limos are waiting.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll see you later.
Come on.
Let's go.
You OK? Yeah.
I'm fine.
It just all goes by so fast.
- It really does.
- Ha! I know you're gonna have your hands full chaperoning tonight, but can you please take a couple pictures of Spencer? Of course.
The more embarrassing, the better.
Ha! You know what? You should go instead of me.
Chaperone with Billy.
No, ah Thank you.
it's it's the weekend.
It's really your time with Spencer anyway.
Besides, you'd be doing me a big favor.
I can finally have a night to myself.
OK? Yes.
Let's get you dressed.
Thank you.
- Billy? - Yes.
Grace is gonna go with you instead.
- Oh.
- Just give us 5 minutes.
Oh, OK.
All right, smile, y'all.
- Somebody get that.
- Yeah.
What's up, Spence? Olivia, are you serious? Last time I checked, I don't need to run my dates by you.
OK, everybody, let's get together.
Let's take this photo.
Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick.
Wait, where's Asher? Yo, who's ready to turn up? There he is.
Perfect timing.
Get her in here.
Oh, and you look wonderful.
Let me get Uh-oh.
It's all good.
Oh, you all look amazing.
Get in there, Spencer, everybody.
All right.
Get tight, get tight.
Humor me.
1, 2 Don't do that with your face, J.
and Boom.
One more for safety.
Whoa-oh, mm You've been runnin' round, runnin' round, runnin' round Throwin' that dirt all on my name 'Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I'd Call you up I know that dress is Karma, perfume regret You got me thinking 'bout when you were mine Thinking 'bout when you were mine And now I'm all up on ya, what you expect? But you're not coming home with me tonight You just want attention What are you doing? What are you doing? Hey, listen, if a white girl end up onstage getting doused in pig blood, I'm out.
Man, you're crazy.
Dead serious.
Oh, hell, no, bro.
- What? - I ain't get all dressed up and drag my ass to Beverly Hills to sit here and watch you sulk.
Hey, easy.
I-i don't sulk.
Tell that to your face.
Shut up, man.
Budget for these dances have definitely gone up since we were in school.
That was such a long time ago.
Uh, speak for yourself.
Don't age me.
You look amazing.
Yeah, well, your wife is a miracle worker with some eye shadow and a closet full of designer dresses.
There's no football banner.
It's supposed to be above the stage and that one's supposed to be on the side.
OK, so? Babe, it's just a stupid banner.
This one's fine.
No, Asher, I worked really hard on this dance and that stupid banner is how we're acknowledging your team.
I'm sorry.
Hey, you haven't had a chance to enjoy your own homecoming.
Let's just dance.
Come on.
no, I can't.
I have to fix this.
I'll be right back.
You sure this is really just about the banner? - Are you OK? - Seriously, dude? You have a lot of nerve stepping to my girl right now.
Look, I ain't trying to fight with you, boy.
Well, maybe you should've thought about that before you made a pass at Leila.
I didn't mean for it all to go down like that.
Well, it did.
But that kiss didn't mean anything to Leila, so how about you stop stalking her, because you were just a mistake.
- You really want to - Listen, listen, I'm thirstier than a mug, man.
I need a drink, like, now.
Do you have to be such an ass? I'm here with you, aren't I? Isn't that enough? I'm sorry about what Asher said.
Kissing you wasn't a mistake.
You're still with Asher, though.
He's going through a lot right now and I didn't want it to feel like I'm kicking him when he's already down, and Change is scary.
I get it.
You know what I admire about you? You're a giver.
You're always putting everybody else's feelings before your own.
My moms is like that.
When is it gonna be your turn? You deserve to have people in your life that's gonna take care of you for a change.
You deserve to be happy.
Where is this banner? Thanks.
I wouldn't have had any idea where to look.
Oh, happy to help.
Happy to help.
- So - hmm.
Spencer, Asher, and Leila.
There's something there, right? Ha ha! I mean, I don't know the specifics, but Pretty girl in the middle of the two arguing boys.
Sounds familiar, don't it? I guess so.
- Billy.
- Hmm.
I think this is locked.
I got my keys here.
You mean those keys? Huh.
You know, I'm gonna start taking that look personally.
- What look? - That "I'd rather be anywhere else but here" look.
I'm just keeping you humble.
Proposition time.
We can stay here and hang out with your bros and become a total high school cliché or you can take my hand, leave with me now, and experience a night full of surprises.
I love surprises.
You would.
Excuse me.
All right.
This is stupid.
OK? We 3 kids from Crenshaw.
We in this crazy-ass room with these crazy-ass rich people dancing to some damn diplo or whatever.
I don't know.
I can't enjoy myself because y'all fools keep shooting them Kobe and Shaq death stares instead of talking.
Y'all gotta get it together.
Stop looking at me like I'm stupid.
Figure it out.
Oy, she been bossing us around like that since the fourth grade.
That ain't never gonna change.
I know, but So how does it feel to be a part of all this? I don't know if I ever really feel part of Beverly Hills, man.
I don't know, dawg.
From where I'm standing, - it feel like - What? I'm just saying it feel like this life fits you like a glove.
Come on, man.
Look, man, Olivia's like a sister to me, all right? If you're just messing with her head to mess with mine, I ain't gonna let that happen.
Oh, no, I deal with you.
Problem is, her not-so-sisterly feelings for you.
Man, whatever.
- All right.
- All right, look, maybe for like a second when I first moved here, I thought she might've been feeling me, but turns out it was nothing.
Oh, it was something.
It still is.
What do you want to talk about? Look, I'm so sorry.
You and me, it's It's not gonna work anymore.
You're choosing my teammate over me? I'm not choosing Spencer.
I'm choosing myself.
That's the point.
Look, ash, if we're being honest, we probably should have done this a while ago.
We've both been through so much with my mom passing and your mom leaving and the whole money thing.
Maybe we've just been holding onto each other for the wrong reasons.
So you're just gonna do whatever you please, huh? Everyone else's feelings be damned? There's more of your father in you than I thought.
Hey, um, you've been drinking and you're hurt.
Maybe you should just go home.
Why would I leave, Leila? The party's just getting started.
Where's that flask, baby? Oh.
Keep your voice down, bro.
Now we're talking.
It's party time.
Drink up.
I think I like her, I think I like her Maybe you should chill on the drinking.
I'm just getting started.
What are you talking about? Look, I recognize a downward spiral when I see one.
No, no, no.
See, you don't understand.
I'm celebrating.
Turns out Leila cheated with Spencer.
We don't have anything to feel guilty about anymore, so cheers.
You already knew, didn't you? Olivia.
I thought that you were different.
I thought you and I had each other's back.
But you're just like everyone else.
Man, it's like "dynasty" here.
Right? Yeah.
Bro, what's good? How was the interview? They loved the kid so much, they put me right to work.
See, I told you.
What they got you doing? You know, assisting or whatever.
Now that it's my first day, I can't really leave.
That mean you can't meet Swizz.
All right, look, don't worry.
I got you, all right? Tyrone, he'll never know.
I won't forget this.
I got you, man.
Say no more.
All right.
So what's up? I gotta go take care of something.
It's gonna help Shawn get out and me, too.
I better come with you.
You can't.
All right? I just need you to trust me.
Be careful.
All right.
Besides, man, you got your own problems to worry about.
Don't wait.
- Shut up.
- Ha ha ha! Hey.
I am tired of doing the right things.
So what you saying? I'm saying I think I want to dance.
I'm so sorry, but, Leila, we have a minor drink emergency.
As in, we've run out.
I'm so sorry.
I'll be right back.
Spend another perfect day with ya Wanna lay with ya, spend the night with ya I'm serious.
Ha ha! If you want to lose weight, do jury service at our courthouse.
The cafe is so bad.
Um all right.
Your turn.
Your turn.
Ask me a question.
Why Laura? Ooh.
You went in.
Was leaving Crenshaw and marrying outside the culture a rebound thing after we broke up? How did this not make the "do not discuss" list? I guess I always wondered.
I just Promised myself never to ask.
- You know what? - Huh? - Forget I asked.
- No, no, no.
It's a fair question.
Uh, well, well, I married Laura because I love her, so But if I'm being honest, when you chose Corey over me back in the day, that broke the last tether that was was holding me to Crenshaw.
You always had a love-hate relationship with Crenshaw.
Not the place.
Not the place.
I was just tired of the responsibility that came with being a black man from the 'Hood.
You know, I always had to be better than great, and it felt like if I messed up, then the whole 'Hood messed up, and that That was a lot to carry.
You guys, I'm so sorry.
Oh, no, thank you.
I came as soon as I got your messages.
I have to get this banner to the gym.
Hopefully, it's not too late.
All right.
Can I get that mic real quick? Yeah.
What's up, Beverly? Allow me to introduce you all to the best damn football team in Southern California.
Aaron Miller, Mr.
Strong safety himself, get up here.
Make some noise, everybody.
And that beast? That beast, J.
, my boy.
Best damn linebacker I've ever played with.
Crisis averted.
And of course The real MVP.
Beverly's latest transfer Spencer James.
Heh heh.
He's the best there is.
Isn't that right, Leila? I mean, you did cheat on me with him, so you would know.
No, no, it-it's OK, really, it's OK.
Because technically, I cheated first.
Tell her, Olivia.
Tell her.
Go on.
Tell your best friend how we had sex way before Spencer showed up on the scene.
Tell her.
Go ahead.
Come with me.
Leila, wait.
Please, I I don't want to hear it.
How could you do this to me? It didn't mean anything.
I swear, OK? That's why I didn't want to tell you.
I didn't want to hurt you over a mistake.
You let me pour my heart out to you.
You gave me advice knowing you'd betrayed me.
I didn't want to give you advice.
You begged me.
Because I thought I was talking to my best friend, not a treacherous bitch.
You are such a hypocrite.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you messed around with Spencer knowing how I felt about him, knowing that you had a boyfriend.
It's not the same.
No, you're right.
It's not.
I was messed up on drugs when I slept with Asher.
What's your excuse? Maybe now you can finally admit that you're not miss perfect after all but you're a messy human who screws up like the rest of us.
Thank you for enlightening me.
Wait! Please! Of course.
- Look, Olivia.
- I know.
I'm a horrible person.
I can't hear that from you right now.
Leila! Damn.
- Coach, I'm sorry.
- I don't want to hear it.
You drank alcohol on school property.
- Yeah, but - Quiet! Was anybody else from the team drinking with you? No.
it it was just me.
You leave me no choice.
I'm suspending you for the next two games.
Coach, please.
T-tomorrow's homecoming.
Scouts are gonna be at that game.
I have to play.
Please do not do this to me.
Unfortunately, son, you did this to yourself.
You late.
Already took care of it.
Swizz called me when Shawn didn't show.
I told him I wanted him here.
I told Shawn that I would handle this, so this is on me.
There's been a lot on you lately.
Having a gay chick roll with us is making us look soft.
I could be a asset.
Trust me.
How? because at this point, you just a liability.
Unless you ready to prove otherwise.
Prove how? Take a walk with me.
The hell I'm supposed to do with this? Some crips hang out on the corner on that house.
Take your pick.
Ty, I can't do this.
That's that's not me.
Chicks survive in this gang by being the baddest bitches in the streets, and you think I'm just gonna carry your ass and you ain't willing to ride for me? I don't carry nobody.
So you and your boy Shawn, watch your back.
I swear I'm not normally this big a mess.
That's OK, though.
When you gonna stop apologizing? Probably sometime in 2020.
This is so not how I saw this night going.
I don't know.
I mean, excitement seem to be our thing.
First it was bullets flying, now this.
Who knows what happens on our third date? Why are you so nice? I'm not usually.
I guess I'm just motivated.
I can't leave him there alone.
Even after everything? I know what it's like to hit rock bottom.
He needs a friend.
I'm sorry to do this.
It's all good.
So when the dust settles, holla at me.
Doesn't matter how long.
You're kind of worth waiting for.
What's up with you? I thought you'd be flying high from your new gig.
How I go from running my own block, making mad paper, to a minimum-wage job, cleaning up after boozy-ass failed musicians turned producers.
But you stayed.
Yeah, I did.
It's a legit job, right? J.
's boy even showed up.
Said he respected my hustle.
So I'MMA try to stick it out.
So everything's cool with Swizz? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Tyrone was there, too.
I mean, he was cool with everything.
All right, then, let's celebrate.
I'm gonna go get some po'boys.
Ty never picks up his own product unless There was a problem, wasn't there, Coop? Tyrone, man, he he not feeling me or you right now.
And to be honest, I'm a little scared, Shawn.
Shawn! It's all good.
Don't even sweat Tyrone.
I'm I'm gonna back him off of you.
Who am I kidding, Coop? Legit job ain't my life.
Are you serious right now? That's how you became a cheerleader? Hey, a bet's a bet.
My meathead jock of a brother didn't think I could do it, so I showed him.
And I got his allowance for 6 months and his surfboard.
Oh, my god.
You're amazing.
You know that? Why, thank you, Mr.
Listen, I I'd like to keep doing this.
Going out, I mean, together.
Yeah, I'd like that, too.
Oh, damn.
Do you realize what time it is right now? Yeah, I sure do.
It's time for a swim.
Are you serious right now? It's almost midnight.
Do you not realize we have homecoming tomorrow? I didn't forget.
I just don't care.
Not tonight, not when I'm here with you.
What do you say? I say I need to book it home or my dad's gonna kill me.
Yeah, and I say that you just need to loosen up.
Aren't you always tired of doing what's right? What is it that you want right now? What is it that you want? It's a hell of a view, right? I was kind of hoping you'd be here.
I was kind of hoping you'd come.
I'm sorry.
I No.
Hear me out.
You've been through a lot tonight.
That's an understatement.
And you're still hurting.
Listen, I know your feelings for Asher won't just go away because you got feelings for me.
So as much I want to be with you right now And believe me, I do Last thing you need is anything complicated.
I hate it when you're right.
Yeah, me, too.
I made fun of y'all for taking all this homecoming stuff so serious.
Turns out just because it ain't life or death out here don't mean the pain ain't real.
Can I ask you a favor? Anything.
Can we finish our dance?