All American (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Protect Ya Neck

1 I'm still not sure if anyone's actually listening to me.
- Nobody is.
- Shut up, Jordan.
Welcome to "Liv the truth.
" I started this podcast because not enough people know what's happening outside of their own little world.
And until recently, I was one of them.
But that changed after the incident with Crenshaw Cathy, the owner of the now daily picketed Bunch-o Fro-Yo.
That's when I realized I was living in my Beverly Hills bubble.
No matter where I go, day or night, I always feel safe because I'm cut off from the rest of the world, but there's a world out there where people aren't so lucky, a world where you can't barbecue while black, sell cigarettes while black, buy mentos while black, mow your neighbor's lawn while black He was 12, by the way Get on an elevator while black, swim in your pool while black, study in your college dorm while black, or sit on your couch in pajamas eating ice cream in your own damn home while black.
Want me to stop? Well, I want these to stop.
This world is not OK.
And it's a lot closer than you think.
We need to be aware of the world outside of our bubble.
You know, when a ball hits you right in the chest, you can say "nice pass," right? Nice pass.
And you can stop pretending you need help with Crenshaw's playbook.
I know what you trying to do.
I told you, I'm done with football.
Really? 'cause the person I saw out there ain't look like he was done.
Look, now that my pops is gone for good, it just don't feel the same.
My heart ain't in it.
I get it.
I can't play without thinking about him either.
I know he wouldn't want me to quit.
And he wouldn't want you to either.
Not if he knew that everything I loved about the game died with him.
If he knew that every time I stepped on the field, all I could see was him in that chair.
You're too damn good to walk away from this, fam.
There was always gonna be an after football, man.
It just happened a lot sooner than I thought.
Everyone deserves to feel safe Safe from discrimination, safe from police brutality, safe from gang violence, just safe to be.
This is nice.
I haven't been out in public since I left rehab.
I feel cut off from the world.
Like you've been living in a bubble? From the podcast.
I wanted to listen together.
- It's on my list.
- My WiFi is down.
You know what? Whatever.
So let me catch you up on what's happened since you've been gone.
- OK.
- Let's see.
Uh JJ's president.
That's enough.
I don't want to live in this scary new world.
Maybe I should just check myself back in.
Don't you dare.
You're coming to my cotillion.
I cannot believe you're excited for a fancy ball.
Who said I was excited? I mean, if I have to try on one more pair of frilly white gloves, I will cut my hands off in protest.
You would still need gloves for the stumps, though, right? - That's true.
- No? Hey, she's been dreading this thing since she heard about it.
Why? I think it's gonna be fun.
We can, like, all go together.
I wish, but Spencer, Asher, and I have to be there early to line up for the official presentation.
Why do you have to be there? Uh, Kia didn't have an escort, so I told her I'd go.
That'll be fun.
Just wait until you see me and Asher's rendition of "Beauty and the Beast.
" Wait.
Who's who? Uh, you're definitely the Beast, but only because you've been working out so much.
You been hitting it pretty hard? Only if 2 or 3 times a day is pretty hard.
3? Well, you left big cleats to fill, man.
We're not all Spencer James.
I mean, you could've taken a break to make at least one of my dance practices.
I mean, that's exercise, too, you know? You said it was easy to learn, so It is, but there's only one practice left.
And I will be there.
The Beast will be ready, I promise.
Oh, it'll be fun, I promise.
We can get all fancified and chow down on those little hot dogs.
- Fancified? - Yeah, it's a word.
It means get all dressed up and go to Olivia's cotillion with your girl.
That's a very specific definition.
I've been researching.
I even googled "cotillion.
" It's a coming-out party, like a free gay prom.
How perfect is that? I don't think I've ever seen you this excited before.
Look, I just want us to get out and have a good time.
It's been a while, you know? Yeah.
I'm sure it'll be fun.
You don't seem so sure.
I'm good, really.
I will try to get all hotified for you.
Yeah, that's not a word.
It's not? - Ooh.
- Uh-huh.
I'll bet you never get tired of seeing that.
Man, I see it every night when I close my eyes.
I wore my super bowl ring on a chain around my neck for a year before I realized how stupid I looked.
Look, thanks for having me out here this week.
Ah, no problem.
Yeah, man, retirement hasn't been what I thought.
I, uh, started a garden.
I even have a lemon tree.
I hate lemons.
Ha ha! Well, my boys are gonna go nuts once they see you.
What made, uh What made you reach out? I wanted to check out your program.
If it's as good as I hear, maybe I'll send my kids here someday.
- There we go.
- OK.
All right, fellas, gather round.
Get the lead out.
Come on.
You, too, butter fingers.
Come on.
Ha ha.
Look at y'all.
You know former super bowl MVP Matt Springer? Hey, guys.
He's gonna be here for a couple of days, so let's show him what we got.
Hey, uh, people always say we look alike Well, that's a compliment.
Nice necklace, man.
- Right? - All right.
Get in there.
Ask him some questions.
Don't embarrass me.
- Coach? - Yeah.
I can't believe Matt Springer's here.
Yeah, I mean, how did you How did you get him? He came to us.
What the hell are you doing here? Why wouldn't I be here? The food bad or something? Never had truffle fries.
Got to be better than the crap they serve in jail.
I'll get you something to go.
You ever been to jail? Nah, I didn't think so.
Anybody try to take your future away? You did that to yourself, Ty.
Actually, I had a little help, but it don't matter much seeing that I'm a free man now.
My future's looking good these days.
Can't say the same for that wannabe D.
Bitch or your little boyfriend Coop.
Heard she on the outs with Preach.
It's a damn shame.
She got other friends.
You know what? I don't want to eat here no more.
The place seems a little sketchy.
Life's too short.
Can I open my eyes now? I never told you to close them.
I just said I had a gift for you.
Yes, you can open them.
I got you something special to wear for your friend's cotillion.
Please don't let it be some pink, frilly Princess thing.
Open it.
I I I don't know what to say.
You can start by apologizing for insulting my taste and then end with "thank you.
" I'm so, so sorry, Ma.
But thank you, thank you, thank you.
I love it.
This is so dope.
What! I'll be right back, Ma.
- Ha ha! - Patience.
Oh, hey.
You didn't get my text earlier? Uh, yeah, sorry.
Uh, Luna, this is my girl Coop.
And, Coop, this is my friend Luna.
You didn't tell me you were dating someone and that she's stunning.
Well, you didn't tell me you were coming to town.
I know how you like surprises.
OK, so Luna just came back from college for the cotillion.
So Oh, OK.
You part of the Sola Muse? Mm-hmm.
Cotillionaire for life.
You? Nah.
My homegirl Olivia invited us, so We can't pass up on those little hot dogs.
Ha ha.
But, anyway, I'll let you all finish catching up.
Uh, I'll call you later, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
- Bye.
She's so pretty.
Whoo! Yo, Spencer is gonna freak out when he hears about this.
Well, hopefully, not as much as you.
Maybe take it down a notch.
Whatever, man.
Hey, you used to pretend to be him when we were kids.
I still do.
Maybe don't say that to him.
Hey, hold up, boys.
You know what I see when I look at you two? The heart and soul of this team.
When the Eagles win state again, it'll be because of you two.
You have this great rhythm out here.
But I think with a little help from me, you can both go D-I.
I would do anything to make that happen.
You think you can work that kind of magic in just a few days? That might be pushing it, but definitely by next season.
We can start today if you boys want to stick around.
Nah, I'm supposed to be at a dance practice.
My bad, Billy Elliot.
Thought you wanted to be a football player.
It's fine.
I can I can miss it.
Wide 60 Hut.
Team's looking good, but Matt Springer isn't Spencer James.
You may have to give up your bedroom if you want him to play for you.
You're funny.
You're also on my field.
You can get an autograph in the parking lot 'cause, uh, practices are off-limits.
Even to the man who got a NFL star to come on out to Beverly? Wait.
You You didn't think he was here because of you, did you? Ha ha! Oh, no.
When are you gonna accept the fact that I'm gonna run my team my way? You can go ahead and bring on the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders for all I care.
It ain't gonna make no difference.
My boys can't be bought.
- Hey, Dad.
- Yeah? Um, is it cool if I skip the movie tonight? Springer wants to run routes with me and Ash.
- Yeah.
- Cool? - Yup.
- Thank you.
Heh! Ah, you sure about that, Coach? All right, boys.
One more time.
One more time.
One more time, guys.
Patience was just standing there while this hippie moon goddess was crawling all over her.
Look, Patience wouldn't do you dirty, all right? You should talk to her.
I'll come with you if you want.
Bro, you been following me around like a lost-ass puppy lately.
I can talk to my girlfriend by myself.
Well, excuse me for wanting some Coop time.
We never hang no more.
We just hung yesterday and the day before that.
Look, Spence.
Look, I can take you without a girlfriend or without football.
But without either, bro, you too damn much.
Why you been acting so weird lately? You seen Tyrone? No.
And I ain't been looking for him neither.
Ain't you the one that told me, forget about him? Yeah.
Maybe I was wrong.
He rolled through my work, making cryptic threats.
If Tyrone gonna do something to me, he gonna do it.
Ain't no sense in worrying about it.
I mean, like everybody said, I got to live my life by myself.
You stay.
It's like that? Thanks for meeting me.
All good, loved one.
Think I know what this is about.
Tyrone been popping up all over the Hood, bragging about beating those charges.
He popped up in Beverly Hills, too, talking some nonsense about the future and the folks who set him up.
So speak on it.
What you need from me? My moms and Dillon is out of town.
And I think Mrs.
Baker is safe in Beverly Hills, but I'm worried about Coop.
I got eyes all over the Hood.
Look, I appreciate you, but you and your boys can't be everywhere, man.
True that.
We can't.
That's what this is for.
Stay up, man.
I ain't touched a gun my whole life, and I ain't about to start now.
I don't know what flip was thinking.
You know who he is.
He's been living that life since he was our age.
What were you expecting? I don't know, but I'm tired of feeling helpless.
Well, that's what my uncle was trying to do Help.
He knows guys like Tyrone only respond to intimidation.
Breathe, everyone.
Relax into the dance.
It's fine.
Just pretend I'm not here just like my boyfriend.
- You OK? - Mm-hmm.
Look, I can dance with you again.
Or there's always Mrs.
Head up.
- Yeah.
She's too handsy.
- Ha ha.
At this point, I've practiced enough that I can do Asher's part, too.
And looks like I'm gonna have to.
I'm sure he has a good reason for bailing.
He said he had to stay after practice to work with some guy named Matt Springer.
Matt Springer's at their practice? I mean, yeah.
He should be here.
I'm gonna need to find another escort if it isn't too late.
What's Jordan doing? Ew.
No, I am not going with my brother.
I meant maybe I could go with him and Spencer could take you.
You'd be all right with that? If Jordan is.
He's cute.
Spencer, what you think? I mean, he's all right.
You don't think Asher still has time to learn the dance? No.
He has had plenty of time.
I need someone I can count on.
Where's Asher? Whoa! Boundaries, Liv.
Liv, what the hell? You're off the hook for cotillion.
I found another escort.
W Wait.
What are you talking about? I asked if it was OK that I skipped the practice.
You said it was fine.
What was I supposed to say? "Please don't break your promise to me again"? Uh, yes.
Or even, "no, it's not fine.
" At least I would've known.
What guy doesn't know what "fine" means? You really wanted me to pass up the chance to work with a Super Bowl MVP? No.
I wanted you to care about what's important to me, too.
I do, but this is my future that we're talking about, Liv, OK? Not some dance for some stupid club you didn't even want to join in the first place.
Well, if that's really how you feel, then it's a good thing you're not going.
Liv, wait.
I'm Your friend Luna seems cool.
You could've joined us, you know? You didn't exactly invite me.
So how do you know her? I worked with her a few years ago.
And we kind of like Kind of dated for a while.
Well, why you ain't just tell me that? Was I supposed to introduce her as my ex-girlfriend? I don't know.
I figured I'd tell you later, which is what I'm doing right now.
Well, you definitely could've told me you was going to meet up with her.
I didn't know she was in town.
Come on.
You knew she'd be back for that cotillion, right? Why would I put that together? I'm not Nancy Drew, like.
I don't know.
You're making, like, way too much of a deal of this.
If it wasn't a big deal, you'd have told me about her or told her about me.
OK, Coop, fine.
My ex, Luna, is in town, and she'll be at the cotillion.
Happy? I'm checkin' my feet, I'm speaking the truth You work here, too? Whew.
Hey, times must be rough.
I've been thinking 'bout what you said, 'bout your future.
This should be interesting.
It can go one of two ways, Ty.
You can forget about Coop and Mrs.
You take the win and you live your life.
What's the second, Little G? Keep pushing.
Maybe you hurt somebody, and then the whole Hood turns on you.
I got 'em to do it once.
I can do it again, only maybe it don't work out so good for you this time.
Spencer James coming in strong.
The days of you running around like some little superhero calling the shots is gone.
You know what I think? I think you jealous.
You jealous that a 17 year old gets more respect than you'll ever have and I ain't had to hurt nobody to get it.
Look up, Little Homie.
You ain't got your little football hat on no more.
Don't nobody give a damn about you.
You just some negro out here on the streets with nothing to offer.
If I ain't got nothing to offer, then I ain't got nothing to lose.
So if you do come back to Coop or Mrs.
Baker, ain't nothing gonna stop me from coming for your ass, you hear me? Nothing.
Everyone's looking so good.
But not as good as you, though.
You took the words right out of my mouth.
If my mom wasn't here, I'd make a move on you.
Stand over there.
I want to get a picture.
- OK.
- Whoa, Mom.
You took, like, 100 pictures since we left the house.
I spent good money to be here this evening.
And you best believe I'm gonna get everything I can out of it.
Picture, please.
You do appreciate what's going on here, don't you? Your mom, the woman who threw you out of her house, is now playing paparazzi with her gay daughter and her gay daughter's girlfriend.
OK? Well, since you put it like that.
Well, look at you two.
- Hey.
- How are you? - I'm good.
How are you? - I'm good.
You both look beautiful.
- Don't they, though? - Thank you.
Uh, you don't look too bad yourself.
Thanks, Pay.
Well, I'll see you inside? Yeah.
I'ma see you inside.
All right.
Pay, that's just lazy.
Let it go.
"You don't look so bad yourself.
" Maybe you two should take a picture together.
I was being polite.
What am I supposed to say? Uh, nothing.
That's what I said in case you didn't notice.
Yeah, I noticed.
When I give my captains the key to the gym, it's not so that they can live here.
- Hey, Coach.
- What's happening? Shouldn't you be at the cotillion? Yeah.
I was on my way, but then I saw your car.
I thought I'd get another workout in.
You've been hitting it pretty hard lately, huh? Whatever it takes, right? You know what? I used to think so.
Uh, when I played, football was what always came first.
Everything else was a distant second, including my family.
And that was a big mistake.
Well, I don't have much family these days, so I doubt they'll notice.
Well, I'm not talking about your family, Ash.
Olivia is my daughter.
That's my baby girl, and tonight's very important to her.
She told me not to come, Coach.
Look, you're your own man.
You can make your own choices, but I would think long and hard before you do.
Yes, Sir.
Lock up before you leave.
I'm pretty sure the cotillion isn't gonna come to you.
Well, having a little bit of trouble going in there.
Well, maybe I can help.
Aren't you supposed to be escorting someone tonight? Yeah.
You To your table.
Come on.
We got to hurry, though.
We're gonna be late.
Ha ha.
Thanks for being my escort.
I don't know what's going on with Asher.
He's under a lot of pressure.
Yeah, pressure he puts on himself.
Hey, that's the worst kind.
You should go easy on him.
I always do.
But tonight's a really big deal for me, and I just feel like he doesn't even care.
Did you tell him that? 'Cause all I've heard out your mouth is how it ain't a big deal.
He should know better.
Not all guys can read minds, Liv.
- You can.
- Yeah, but I'm special.
Did I really give up my date for your brother? If he doesn't show, I'm taking Spencer back.
He was in his room all night trying to learn the dance.
He wouldn't do that for nothing.
He'll be here.
I promise.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
And welcome to the 44th anniversary of Sola Muse.
Please welcome Jamie Akers and her escort Greg Meyers Ashley Andrews and her escort Dave Scott.
Game time.
Olivia Baker and her escort Spencer James Emily Jones and her escort Mike Wilson.
You're doing great.
Just smile and breathe.
I can either smile or I can breathe, not both.
You can either live looking miserable or die smiling.
Your call.
Kia Williams and her escort Jordan Baker.
Thanks for showing up.
Was there any doubt? Honestly, yeah, but I know how much your sister appreciates it.
And you? I appreciate you practicing in your room all night.
Olivia told you about that.
Ha ha! Hey, hey Now, what type of cotillion doesn't have little hot dogs? A disappointing one.
You look great.
All I was saying is, if you had been straight with me from the jump, all of this would've been squashed.
Mind if I join you? Damn, girl.
You got bad timing.
Read the table.
Oh, I'm I'm sorry.
I didn't realize I was interrupting anything.
No, no, no.
You aren't.
Are you sure 'cause I was just Yeah, she's sure.
Do whatever 'cause I was just Too.
Looks like Spencer stole your date.
All that dancing alone in your room for nothing.
Oh, I'm gonna kill Olivia.
It's nothing to worry about.
You know, they're just friends.
Well, there's definitely an energy between them.
And it's not like I didn't royally screw it up by breaking up with him.
Layla, you're talking to the king of screw-ups.
All we can do now is try to be better moving forward.
And you know what? Why don't we start right now? Come on.
Hey, Spence, you mind if I get my date back? Ohh.
I was hoping you'd save me.
Ice cold.
What's up? All the days and nights I've searched for you Having fun? Nope.
You? Trying.
Why you got to try? This whole damn party is about you.
Asher isn't here.
What's your excuse? - Luna is here.
- What's a Luna? Patience's ex-girlfriend, who is completely ruining our date night.
I'm sorry.
That sucks.
Have you stalked her Insta yet? That's what I'd do.
Don't mind me.
Just getting the drinks.
Oh, no.
I just found out she existed a few days ago.
- A few days ago? - Yeah.
Oh, I would've had a whole FBI profile on her by now.
Ah, found her.
Man, I love Instagram.
I mean, everyone posts every little detail of their lives like it's breaking news.
Actually, Liv, it's cool.
I've seen enough of Luna to last a lifetime.
Trust me, we just need to find her doing something stupid to make you feel better, OK? Come on.
Show me goat yoga.
What? Thank you for the dance.
You looked good out there.
Only 'cause the prettiest girl in the room was dancing with me.
I haven't had the chance to thank you.
Couldn't have been easy telling your girlfriend she's a cray-cray.
Nah, you was just in pain.
When somebody you love is hurting, you do whatever it takes to help, right? Well, you were right to do it.
And, you know, I'm sorry for how I reacted.
Couldn't have been easy being told you were cray-cray.
Your words, not mine.
I missed that laugh.
I missed you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I Oh, my God.
Um Sorry.
I must've misread the situation if You didn't misread nothing, all right? I want to kiss you.
I want to be with you.
I do.
So what am I missing? I read that you shouldn't jump back into relationships during early stages of recovery, so You read about it? I mean, it's like I said.
When somebody you love is hurting, you do whatever it takes.
Hey, look, if you can honestly say that you in the right head space to make this work, then I'm all in.
I just don't want to mess things up by rushing it.
They did say I should focus on myself during recovery.
I just don't know how long that's gonna be.
How ever long it is, I'll wait.
Spencer, you don't know that.
You know, what if our timing never syncs up again? Hey, Layla, I'm not going nowhere.
I'll wait.
No wonder you didn't want to take a picture with Luna.
You got a thousand.
So now you're stalking her? I don't have control over Luna's Instagram.
Maybe not, but you sure as hell have control over your own lies.
What did I lie about? Well, first you said she was just an old friend.
Then you said she was just some ex, but she's not just some ex.
She's the ex, your first, the one who used to paint you.
"I call this one 'Pay in a towel.
'" "I call this one 'Pay without a towel.
'" Maybe Luna just don't know how to draw clothes.
You know what I call this right now? A girl who's losing her damn mind for no reason.
For no reason? She's the girl who helped you come out just like you did me.
How could you not tell me that was Luna? 'Cause I didn't want you acting crazy, like you are right now, by the way.
When did you stop trusting me? Right after you started lying to me.
And who started lying first? So you punishing me for the J.
mistake? I knew you were still mad.
I can't do this.
Like, you freaked out because J.
was more interested in me as an artist than he was in you.
And now you're freaking out because I'm still friends with my ex-girlfriend? I'm freaking out because I love you.
I know.
But I don't want to be loved like this.
Like, I feel like you're suffocating me.
I think that we should just take some time apart.
I think we can use a break.
Pretty convenient time to take a break with Luna in town.
Good-bye, Tamia.
OK, maybe we should stop the creeping.
You saw how that worked out for Coop.
Yeah, well.
It's It's Matt Springer.
I'm really starting to hate this guy.
Me, too.
Hey, Dad.
Ladies and gentlemen, every year we present an award for our most promising cotillionaire.
Not only has this young lady volunteered over 100 hours, she also started a podcast to bring attention to social justice issues, and doing this while attending high school.
Olivia Baker, would you come up here, please? At least we did something right.
Well, she takes after her mother.
Thank you.
It'll be nice to have an award in our house that isn't a football trophy or a sobriety chip.
When I first joined Sola Muse, I was lost.
I thought it was a club for women who liked to wear white and do brunch.
But my brilliant mother told me to give them a chance.
And I'm so happy that she did because I soon realized that these were women of substance, women of action.
They inspired me and helped me find my purpose.
And I couldn't be prouder to be one of them.
And, luckily, I also like wearing white and doing brunch.
Thank you.
So good.
So good.
I'm so proud of you.
Beautiful, Honey.
Thanks, Mom.
So proud.
- Thanks, Dad.
- So proud.
All right.
Ha ha! Not bad, Kid.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Congratulations, I guess.
You didn't tell me you were getting an award.
I didn't know.
Well, I came to apologize to my girlfriend, but it looks like, uh, you're doing just fine without me.
I wanted you here, but you made your priorities crystal clear.
Football is all that I have, Liv.
I don't get to pick and choose and get an award for whatever I want, all right? What the hell's wrong with you? Easy.
I think you should You should leave, Ash.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Dad, hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let him Let him cool off, OK? Asher's the least of your problems.
I think Matt springer's trying to take your job.
Say what? Read the comments.
"Lemon tree looks great.
" No.
Below that.
"Good luck, Coach.
They'd be lucky to have you" "At Beverly.
" This is just fans guessing, right? Maybe, but he said some stuff at practice that made it seem like he was sticking around next season.
Well, thanks for telling me, Son.
A few weeks ago, you would've looked forward to me being replaced by your favorite Heisman Trophy-winning QB.
I'm team Baker all the way.
I even got the name on the back of my Jersey.
- My man.
- All right.
You didn't have to walk me out.
It should've been that Jordan kid.
Ha ha.
He just had a bit of a family emergency.
Hey, uh, my bad about our little misunderstanding.
No, man.
I get you was just trying to help.
And I made it clear to Tyrone what will happen if he touch Coop, so, hopefully, he'll just move on.
Dudes like Tyrone, they just don't move on.
They feel by hate.
All they want to do is hurt somebody.
If it's not Coop, trust me, it's gonna be someone else.
Anybody sitting here? Nah, you good.
You Darnell Hayes, right? Crenshaw new star quarterback.
You gonna bring us a state championship or what? That's the plan.
From what I heard, you just the man to do it.
Just make sure you don't get hurt.
Hey, where you been, baby? Just took a walk.
You seen Spencer? No, I have not.
Did something happen with you and Patience? I can tell when my daughter's unhappy.
I messed up.
It's like I haven't been acting like myself lately.
I was insecure, paranoid, and jealous.
Like, I don't blame Patience for not wanting to be with me.
I would not want to be with me either.
That's my daughter you're talking about.
And Tamia is kind, thoughtful, smart, and beautiful.
And I'm not gonna let anybody talk about her like that, not even you.
Everybody makes mistakes, baby.
You're gonna work it out with Patience.
God knows she loves you.
And I do, too.
You good, Coop? Where's Patience? I got it handled, Spencer.
You know, whatever it is, y'all two gonna work it out.
That's exactly what I said to her.
I guess you do have it covered.
All right.
I'ma talk to you tomorrow.
Text me when you home, all right? All right.
Good to see you, Ms.
I get why people want to stay inside their own bubble.
It's where we feel loved.
Inside our bubble, we feel like we're in control.
But it's only an illusion because things are happening outside our bubble, things we can't control.
And we shouldn't ignore them or pretend they don't exist.
You can forget all that stuff I said about going easy on Asher.
I was planning on it.
Hey, I'm proud of you.
You come a long way since we first met, and you don't need no award to tell you that.
But I guess it couldn't hurt to have one.
Oh, and your podcast is fire, too, and not just because you mentioned my name.
We can't just sit in the comfort of our bubble, thinking we're safe because one day, it's gonna pop.
Spencer? Spencer? Help! Somebody, please! Help! Spencer! No, no! Anyone, help! And by then, it'll be too late.

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