All American (2018) s02e11 Episode Script


Olivia? Olivia? Olivia, I'm gonna have to ask you to wait for your friend in the waiting room.
His name is Spencer, and I can't leave him.
He needs me.
DOCTOR: Olivia, we both want the same thing, but I cannot assess Spencer's wounds until you let us go.
- No! No! Spencer! - Olivia? You need to get your left wrist checked out in triage.
- This way.
- Olivia?! Get my patient an ICU code.
The hospital's officially on lockdown.
What's an ICU code? Why is the hospital on lockdown? The hospital has a lockdown procedure anytime a minor is admitted with a gang-related violent injury.
So I can't see him? Not until the threat has been eliminated.
The lockdown really is for the patient's own safety.
A lot of times, rival gang members will try and finish the job in the hospital.
This way, sweetie.
Oh, no.
You're gonna be OK.
You're gonna be all right.
His lungs are clear.
He's unconscious again.
I need 2 milligrams of Dilaudid to bring down his pain, please.
- Waiting on the tox screen.
- Who ordered that? Everet wants to know what he's on before we give him anything else.
- What he's on? For what? - Where are we? - His lungs are good.
- BP is 56 over palp but steady.
EVERET: Still low.
Give me an EKG.
I want to know the second it dips.
I can't rule out myocardial infarction till we know what path the bullet took.
Can you get me more hands in here? I want this cleaned stat.
I can't see what we're dealing with.
I'm in trauma 2.
Grab me when that shoulder's cleaned up.
But, Everet, I think that he needs All right.
Everet will take good care of you.
MAN: How well do you know the victim? His name is Spencer, Spencer James.
And he's a friend of mine.
Was he involved in a gang dispute? No.
Spencer could never be in a gang.
He could never hurt anyone.
Then how did you hurt your wrist? NURSE: I'm sorry, hon.
I'm sorry.
- God.
- He's lost a lot of blood.
Scary how gang violence is getting closer and closer to our neighborhood.
We can do without the editorial.
I'll push the saline.
And 4 bags O-Neg.
I need that right away, please.
- Hold on that.
- What are we waiting for? His current blood type.
O-Neg doesn't flow from rocks.
EVERET: How's he doing? He needs a transfusion.
We can push O-Neg and do a cross and type after we get the blood test results back.
Why waste it if we don't have to? If it's used to save a patient, it can't be a waste.
He's stable.
We can wait.
Nurse Joy, go see what's taking so long to get him in for an MRI.
I wonder if he were a different patient, would he have to wait? OLIVIA: Spencer didn't shot me.
He pushed me to save my life while he was being shot, and we both fell to the ground.
I broke our fall.
- Did he return fire? - What? No.
Look, you should be out chasing down those guys in that car who shot us.
That's being looked into.
I have a few more questions.
I'd like my phone, please.
You'll get it back soon enough.
- MRI is ready.
We can take him.
- Cancel it.
There's no exit wound.
The bullet's still inside.
I already requested a CT Scan.
- JOY: And the transfusion? - EVERET: No time.
We're wheeling him down to imaging in 5.
And his pain levels? WOMAN: His test got held up at the lab.
That is not OK.
It's not OK, and this is not the best that we can do as healthcare professionals.
And regardless of who this man is, he is a patient in need of our care.
And by God, I have every intention of doing that today.
Now, if he's gonna get that blood transfusion, it needs to happen now.
Order the O-Negative blood for the transfusion.
NURSE: You tore your scapholunate ligament in your wrist.
It shouldn't require surgery, but the doctor will confirm.
In the meantime, I'll get you something for the pain.
Uh, no, thanks.
I'm fine.
Like I was saying, Spencer's a straight-A student at Beverly High.
You can confirm that with his mom.
- Grace James, correct? - Yes.
She's on the way.
She was in Anaheim with her younger son and her boyfriend.
So why were the two of you on that street corner? It's Oxycodone.
I'm I'm a recovering addict.
I can't have narcotics.
So was the shooting a drug deal gone bad? - No.
No! - You're OK.
You're OK.
That girl who was with me earlier.
Could you please page her? No one outside of family can see you.
Now, if she were Please, please.
I got I got to talk to her.
It's a matter of life or death.
You don't understand.
I can't let her in unless she's your sister.
I got to talk to my sister.
- I don't know.
- Protecting your Protecting your friend will only land you in more trouble.
Olivia, sweetie, time to go for some tests.
Excuse me.
We're not done.
Officer, if I'm not mistaken, you're not allowed to question minors without a parent being present.
We're trying to help her friend.
You done helping? That's what I thought.
Let's go.
He has my cell phone.
Give the girl her phone back.
All right.
Let's go.
How How How are you? How do you feel? Do you do you need surgery? I'm fine.
Hey, hey.
But I won't be if you don't find Coop and get her here, all right? You're worrying about the wrong person.
Tyrone did this, Olivia, all right? He set this up.
And I got to make sure that nobody do nothing that's gonna get Coop or anybody else killed, so please.
My mom should be here any minute, and she can help No, no, no, no.
I need Coop.
All right? It won't be long before somebody retaliates in my name and triggers a full-on gang war, you hear me? A gang war.
This is my one chance to stop the bloodshed.
Please find her.
- Find Coop.
- OK.
Spencer Your other sister is here.
This is not your fault.
Coop, you got to be strong.
I need you to do something for me right now.
Find Flip, and deliver a message to him directly from me.
Tell him not to go after Tyrone.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
I'm begging you, please.
I don't want nobody shooting in my name.
Flip done warned Tyrone that me and my family was off-limits, and now he gonna want revenge.
And I can't have the blood of the neighborhood on my hands, you hear me? I can't.
I promise.
Then it's on God.
I I can't feel your hand.
What? I can't feel your hand.
I can't feel your hand.
Hey! Hey! Somebody help! - JOY: What's going on? - COOP: Somebody? OK.
Back up out of the way for me for a second.
My shoulder's on fire.
All right.
You're OK.
I need you to get out of here.
I'm sorry.
You have to go.
JOY: Spencer.
My hand, my hand! I can't feel my hand.
JOY: Take a deep breath, OK? Hey.
Thank God.
Are you are you hurt? No.
It's just a strain.
Oh, thank God.
I thought that - I'm fine.
- OK.
But it was so crazy, and it happened so fast.
And Spencer I mean, you're, like, his legal guardian or something, right? - Yeah, yeah.
- You can verify his identity.
Shh, shh.
It's OK.
It's gonna be OK.
Is he gonna be OK? Mom, mom.
How bad is it? Um, Olivia's OK.
She's with dad.
Spencer We don't know yet, but he's a fighter, so My God.
I can't believe this is really happening.
I need you to stay here, Jordan, OK? I don't want anything happening to you.
I thought dad said no one else should leave the house.
I know, but I need to make sure the cops get the right guy.
- Mom, where are you going? - Just stay here, Jordan.
Uh, now is not a good time, Cliff.
I heard about the shooting.
I just wanted to check in and offer my support and, of course, extend my resources to you and Spencer's family.
We're fine.
Well, I know you'll be there all night, so if you need something, please don't hesitate to call.
I know Spencer will pull through.
- Yeah, we all do.
Where is he? Where's my baby? Gracie, we're waiting on an update.
He's with the doctors now.
He's OK.
- BILLY: Breathe.
He's OK.
- GRACE: Hey, what is this? Where's Dillon? Oh, we, uh, we left him with Micah until we knew, but wait.
How could this happen? I mean, like, who would do something like this? I'll give you the condensed version.
I'm his mother.
Either somebody take me back to see my son right now - Or I'm gonna go there myself.
- Ms.
James? That won't be necessary, OK? Spencer is stable.
I'm gonna take you to him.
- OK.
Thank Thank you.
- Let's go.
Go, go.
I'll be right here.
I'ma be right here, Gracie.
Wait, wait, wait.
You You said his name was Tyrone? Yeah.
Why? What is it? - JOY: Here you go.
- GRACE: Oh, God.
GRACE: You OK? It's OK.
I'm here, baby.
it's gonna be OK.
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK.
It's OK.
I'm glad you're here, Ms.
I was just telling your son that he is famous in our house.
My daughter goes to Beverly, thinks very highly of you, Spencer.
A straight-A student athlete.
You led the Eagles to a Championship.
I'm Dr.
Taylor, your neurosurgeon.
Why do I need a neurosurgeon? This is a cluster of nerves called the brachial plexus, and it's part of the periphery nerves.
The bullet went through the cluster.
Lucky for you, it didn't transect them, but the bullet didn't exit.
It's here, which is why I was tagged in.
How bad is it? You're not in any mortal danger, Spencer.
GRACE: Thank God.
Unfortunately, it's not all good news.
You have a decision to make about that bullet.
We could leave it in, and you'll be fine, but with limited range of motion and a bullet drifting in your body, it would effectively end your football career forever.
Or? We can attempt to remove the bullet, along with the larger shrapnel in a complicated surgery, but there are major risks.
If it's not successful, the surgery could leave your arm paralyzed.
Paralyzed? TAYLOR: I can only offer my opinion, but at the end of the day, the choice is yours.
Layla? Spencer, hey.
Um, sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Nah, you're good.
I was just cleaning up while your mom rests, but, you know, now that you're up, I'll go grab her.
Layla, hold up.
My mom probably needs some rest.
And, honestly, I could use a minute.
I heard the bullet's still in there.
I got to let the doctors know in the next couple hours whether we leaving it in or not.
Is the surgery as risky as everyone's saying? It could leave my whole right side paralyzed if something goes wrong.
And if you leave the bullet in? I'd set off every metal detector I walk through.
What about football? Never.
It'd be a wrap.
I know I quit.
Playing was just too painful after my pops died, but Forever is a long time.
And even though playing hurts now, maybe it won't hurt forever.
Is maybe worth the risk, though? I can't answer that for you.
But to tell you the truth, I always thought you'd come back to the game eventually.
Be honest with yourself.
Didn't you? FLIP: Hey, man, listen, I'm telling you right now, this fool, he lost his mind.
Ain't none of this going down like that.
FLIP: I ain't got time for you, Coop.
Look, man, Spencer sent me.
Spencer got a lot of love for you.
Spencer's family.
I know, but he don't want to be the spark that causes no war.
And that's exactly what's gonna happen if you and your boys do what you talking about doing.
This ain't no negotiation, little homie.
Tyrone and everybody in this hood know that the James family are my people.
And last night, Ty was making a statement, a statement that's one that I can't let go unanswered.
But if you and the O.
S pop Ty over some kid who ain't even in a gang? You don't get it! I see a mad dog, and that damn mad dog got to be put down even if he wears my colors.
Then you and I both know Tyrone got to die.
What I'm saying is you ain't got to do it.
I do.
You do it, you starting a whole civil war Bloods killing bloods on every block.
So it won't just be Spencer in a hospital or in the ground.
But if I do it, it's personal.
OK? That beef between a snitch and the banger she snitched on.
I started it, so I'll end it.
OK, Coop, I'ma give you 24 hours to take your best shot.
But if Tyrone is breathing tomorrow morning, I handle business.
And if it starts a war, so be it, blood.
You understand me? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Sorry to just show up like this, but you weren't responding to my texts.
Look, Simone, I'm not avoiding you, OK? I just can't deal with whatever this is right now.
- I really need to get to - The hospital.
I know.
About the drive-by, Olivia and Spencer.
I heard my mom talking about it last night.
- Wait, wait.
Your mom? - Yeah.
She's on the school board.
Look, last night, principal London and Cliff Mosely called for an emergency meeting with the school board and the boosters.
To discuss what? We both know that Cliff has it out for your dad.
And he was really adamant that the meeting happen today.
When my dad's preoccupied at the hospital.
Jordan, whatever it is that Cliff is planning, I mean, it can't be good for your dad.
Um, well, I need to get a hold of Rochelle, 'cause she's the only one who can control Cliff.
Yeah, well, Rochelle's gone.
She went back to college after the fallout that she had with her dad over the Crenshaw rematch.
Look, just tell your dad the meeting's at 5 P.
in the conference hall.
OK? Yeah.
Simone, wait.
Thank you for looking out.
I mean, your family, they were really good to me.
And I owed you this at least.
What up, D.
? I know what you did to my boy last night.
What are you talking about? I was here with you.
DARNELL: Nah, nah.
I know exactly who you are, Tyrone.
You really think I'm gonna let your punk ass sit here and get away with trying to kill Spencer? Hey, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.
Bro, bro, let's just chill, OK? Let's just go home.
All right.
Let's just go.
If you really knew who I was, you'd be running right now.
Listen to your homie.
Take your little bitch ass home.
Detective Poworski, Beverly Hills police department.
Looking for a Tyrone Moore.
Never mind.
Got some questions for you, Mr.
What kind of questions? Like, where were you last night between 11:00 and 1 A.
? TYRONE: Last night, I was, uh, actually here.
Right? With my boy Darnell.
Ain't that right, D.
? TAYLOR: I'll give you two a minute to talk.
Thank you.
What was that about? Surgery.
The one that risks leaving half your body paralyzed? Mom, I need you to listen.
No, Spencer, you listen.
You can still have a normal life.
Do you know what a blessing that is? - Of course I do.
- Then why risk it? Because I'm not ready for a life where I don't get back on that field.
You quit football.
Because it was too painful to play after dad died.
But I realize now that the reason it hurt so much is the exact reason I can't let it go yet.
I can't.
It's just a game, son.
That's where I feel closest to him.
And deep down, I think I always knew I'd come back to the game when I was ready.
Spencer, you and your father shared a connection the moment he handed you a ball.
And I know that he'd believe in the man that you are off the field just as much as the man on the field.
Block out your fears.
Tackle your problems head-on, and always finish strong.
He used to tell me those were the keys to success in life and on the field.
He said God made 'em the same so we wouldn't forget.
I don't think it's gospel, but I remember.
That's his legacy.
That's the man I want to be.
And even though I'm afraid, I won't make this decision out of fear.
I promise you, mom, I promise with everything I've got, I will finish strong.
I promise.
Yo, Preach, what the hell you doing? Stopping you from doing something stupid.
I heard what Tyrone did to your boy.
So? So I know what you about to do.
Man, ain't none of your business.
And you don't know what I'ma do anyway.
Knew you'd be here, didn't I? Where's your "Coop" necklace? Man, you ain't got to throw away your life.
You ain't gonna change my mind on this, Preach.
Tyrone got to die.
Think you the first to try, hmm? Killing a cat like Tyrone ain't easy.
Well, unless you came here to give me some tips, you can go.
'Cause if I don't take care of Ty today, Flip gonna do it tomorrow.
And we'll have bloods shooting bloods in the middle of Crenshaw by next week.
It got to be me.
I can do it.
Man, this ain't like when you beat Buggs' ass.
You a blood, same as Flip.
Tyrone already put 4 bullets in me.
If I take him out, it's revenge, personal, long overdue.
This ain't on you, Preach.
He came after Spencer, my family! I started this, so I'ma end it.
Not everybody can pull the trigger, Coop.
It don't matter how determined you are right now.
You won't know until you standing in front of him.
So So you don't think I can do it? I hope you can't.
But even if I'm wrong, knowing the answer to that question If you can kill a man It changes a person.
It changed me.
I don't want it to change you.
- What's up, bro? - Hey.
Hey, man.
Hey, listen, I appreciate you coming with me, man.
Bet, man.
A little schoolyard beef don't mean Spencer ain't family.
I appreciate that, bro.
What's up? [EXHALES.]
Dad, look, I know this isn't a good time, but I need to tell you something.
Cliff called an emergency meeting with the school board and the boosters.
I think he's planning to take your Wow.
He's coming for my job.
I knew he was up to something.
Damn it.
You can still stop this, OK? The meeting is not for a few more hours.
And Cliff is fully expecting you not to be there to defend yourself.
He's right.
I'm not going anywhere.
Dad, look, I get it.
I don't want you to leave Spencer either, OK? But if you still want to be the coach of the Beverly Eagles, you don't have a choice.
I made my choice.
I'm not gonna put this job before my family.
And I'm not gonna change who I am just so I can beat Cliff.
If this is how he wants to play, then he wins.
It's OK.
Soon as Spencer goes into surgery, we'll take you home and get you cleaned up, OK? No, mom.
I can't leave him.
We'll be back before he's awake.
Honey, are you listening to me? Liv, I am so sorry about last night.
I didn't mean any of those things that I said, and I should've been there.
Just shut up.
OK, you're here.
Everything else can wait, OK? OK.
Everyone, listen to me.
This is not a funeral.
Do you understand? My son promised me he will come through this surgery whole.
I believe him.
And Spencer needs his family All of his family To believe in him right now.
Am I clear? I just want to say thank you.
I know I was in and out, but I heard you fighting for my life out there.
If we don't fight for each other, who's going to? The signs say the surgical ward is that way.
Yeah, there's another stop that we're gonna make first.
- BILLY: There he is.
- Spence.
- Ha ha.
- Yeah.
- Hey, man.
Let's hope he feels better than he looks.
Good luck, Spence.
Hey, man, don't listen to him.
Don't listen to him.
You look great.
Everything good? Yeah, man.
I got everything handled down in Crenshaw.
You worry about you, all right? All right.
- All right, baby.
- I'll see you soon, mom.
I've never had clouds Follow me each day Years of sun that never went away I lie here awake, but I'm not one to pray Everything's changed, and now I'm not OK Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh I am falling apart Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh Now I'm scared of the dark Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh All I can hear is my heart Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh Ooh, ooh I need you to bring me home I need you To bring me home Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, we got you, baby.
I'm OK.
I'm OK.
I need you to bring me home Yeah, I know, yeah, I know This ain't forever Yeah, I know, yeah, I know I will get better If I go, if I go And lose it ever I'll need you to bring me home I'm rattled this time Can someone lift my chin? Keep my head above water Before I'm too deep in I've never had problems Where do I begin? But it's not a problem I'm just being human Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh I ain't fallin' apart TAYLOR: O2 stat dropping fast.
Let's open it wide.
His lung's collapsing.
Damn it.
Suction now.
Crash cart on standby.
I need you to bring me home I love you, son.
Time to take that walk, Ty.
The game's not over just yet.
But it's over for you.
You ever play some pickup ball in prison? San Quentin? Two strikes.
That's at least 10 years.
Got to pass the time, right? You ain't talking your ass out of this one.
Let's go.
We both know you ain't gonna pop me in the middle of this park.
The same as I knew you'd step up and do Coop's dirty work.
See, that's the thing about living by the code, Preach.
It makes you predictable.
See, that's how I spent my time in jail.
I figured out what I was gonna do to you all when I got out.
Oh, so now you snitching to the police? Nah, not me, but I might've encouraged somebody to.
OFFICER: On your knees.
Hands where I can see 'em! Now! This ain't over.
This possession charge ain't gonna hold me long.
But the third strike will.
OFFICER: Cordell Simms, you're under arrest for the assault of Robert "Buggs" Moody.
When was the last time you ate? I'm not hungry.
You should eat something, Grace.
All I want is my son out of surgery.
That will make me feel better.
- I'm sorry.
- That's OK.
It's just The operation was supposed to be over hours ago.
Yeah, I know.
Spencer's in good hands, though.
I can't stop thinking about, someone tried to kill my son, Billy, after all I've done to protect him, everything I've sacrificed.
My baby got shot! What am I supposed to do with that? Hey, you have done everything right by this boy.
It wasn't enough.
Is that just our curse as a people, if you look how we look, if you live where we live? Or where I live.
It doesn't matter what you do, what you give up.
All it takes is one thug, one gun, and a grudge [SNIFFLES.]
To take it all away.
Spencer's out of surgery.
DILLON: Yes! Yeah.
- Mm! - Mm! Ha ha.
Sleeping now, but all the early indications are positive.
LAYLA: So the surgery was a success? -DARNELL: See? I knew he was gonna be -back balling in no time, little man.
Well, that's not All the fragments of the bullet were removed, so it was a success in that sense, but Dr.
Taylor said assessing damage to the nervous system is, uh, difficult.
DILLON: So when can we see him? Well, we can see how he's feeling when he wakes up.
Come on.
Let's go.
JORDAN: Principal London, come on.
LONDON: I know you're upset, but there's nothing to be done.
Cancel the meeting, or at least reschedule until my dad can come.
Jordan, Cliff Mosely is an important member of the Beverly High community.
The board wants to hear him out.
It doesn't take a genius to know what Mr.
Mosely's gonna say in there.
I I thought you were on our side.
Look, look, principal London, don't let this happen, OK, not when my dad hasn't left the hospital since last night.
You can't expect him to be here with everything going on.
That's exactly the point, Jordan.
Your father's right.
With all that your family's going through, it's best that he and you, for that matter, put your energy where it's most needed.
That's at the hospital and at home.
It's best for the team, and it's best for your family.
This is ridiculous.
Don't tell me you're buying this bull crap.
The Beverly Eagles need a coach able to focus on the field.
Right now your father just isn't that man.
Principal London.
CLIFF: Now, I got some ideas that I think might boost things up a little bit.
JJ: All right, guys.
What is all this? JORDAN: Asher, what What are you all doing here? ASHER: Simone said coach needed us.
Strength in numbers.
LONDON: Everybody, you made your point, but this is a matter for the board now.
No, no.
Because what Cliff doesn't get is being an Eagle doesn't stop when the whistle blows, all right? We show up for each other on the field and off.
That's what makes us strong, and it's exactly what my dad is doing right now, putting the team first.
CLIFF: Spencer James isn't even on the team anymore.
He quit.
ASHER: Spencer James is an Eagle, Sir.
Doesn't matter if he ever picks up a football again.
JORDAN: You see, that's the difference between my dad and you, Cliff.
He stands up for his players, especially when they can't stand up for themselves.
So we're here to stand up for him, right? JJ: Can I get a "hell, yeah"? EAGLES: Hell, yeah! Man, Preach, come on.
This is not the time to be ghosting me.
Hit me back, man.
You next.
Spencer's awake! Great.
And there's no tingling, even in the extremities? SPENCER: Nah, it feels good.
Does that mean it worked? Full sensation is a great sign.
Try to squeeze my hand if you can.
- It's not working.
- Take a breath.
Try again.
- I'm trying.
- It's OK.
OK, this isn't unexpected.
It's still very possible you'll regain muscle control in time.
No, I can't.
I need my hands.
You need some rest.
Come on.
I want to try again.
Come on! Spencer? Spencer, look at me.
Look at me.
Breathe, baby.
- I promised you.
- No, I know.
And I know you'll make good on that promise, because I've watched you overcome impossible odds your whole life.
And because you have me and you have Dillon and you have the Bakers and you have a whole mess of people by your side, we'll get through this together.
I'd still like to try one more time.
One more time.
Don't try to push yourself.
Just take a deep breath, and TAYLOR: There it is.
That-A boy.
Thank you for coming.
There's no easy way to say this, so I'll be brief.
Your utter disregard for one of our own is not representative of the Beverly High community.
And in a unanimous vote, it was decided you would step down from your position as lead booster.
And in case this wasn't clear, this is not optional.
I am man enough to admit when I've been bested.
You won.
There are no winners or losers in In this scenario, Cliff.
There always are.
Always, which is why I'm gonna offer you this little piece of advice.
You will never be one of them The boosters, the Beverly elite.
You're just a boy from the hood playing dress up, and they will never accept you the way that you really want.
Well, that's where you're wrong, Cliff.
I was never confused about the people who matter most.
The only "them" I want to be a part of is the them who showed up for me today, my team.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I, uh, I want to show you something.
Come on.
I can't speak to our curse as a people, but I can speak to our blessing.
We rally.
We been through a war There is a lot of love in Crenshaw.
The community may have its problems, but at the end of the day, what unites us, what sees us through But I know we can walk this road Love.
SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: It's love that lifts us out of the dark.
No matter how far, no matter how wide SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: So when people put their lies on you, attack you, try to take you out Remember to let the love from those around you carry you through.
no matter how tired And together we'll weather the storm It'll be all right SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: Because the truth is, ignorance and hate hold hands.
You know word on the street is Tyrone left town.
Well, wherever he at, he ain't gonna be there for long.
And as soon as he show his face, I'm lighting his ass up.
Get in line.
SPENCER, VOICE-OVER: They try to blind you, smother us.
They try to destroy the light of hope.
But our love can consume the darkness and drive out the hate.
And, yeah, that love might not change everyone.
You might still run into conscious and unconscious bias, microaggressions, outright racism, hate, but it's in those moments we got to hold on to those that shine their light on us.
We got to hold on to those that give us life and love to the fullest.
Because it's that love that binds us as a people, as a community.
It's what helps us come back stronger and better than ever.
This is Spencer James for Olivia Baker's "Liv the truth.
" Peace.
even if I'm falling Saving you is gonna save my life And if you're ready I'll hold you steady Where the love is heavy And we can make it to the other side And we can make it Thanks for saving my life.
And we can make it to the other side
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