All American (2018) s02e12 Episode Script

Only Time Will Tell

1 Help! Somebody, please! No, no! How's it looking, Doc? It's healing nicely.
Lift up your arm.
Can you go higher? - How's that feel? - Fine.
How's it really feel? There's some pain.
Well, there should be.
It's only been a month.
But I am very pleased with your progress so far.
Yeah? So, how long till I can play football again? Football is the last thing you should be thinking about.
I know, but it's actually all I can think about.
I mean, the whole point of the surgery was getting me back on the field, right? You're not ready to play just yet, but you are cleared for physical therapy.
Just keep it low-impact.
Light weights.
Swimming's good.
Don't worry.
You'll play again.
Will I be as good as I was? It was a very serious injury, Spencer.
Your body has to heal.
And right now, your range of motion is probably only about 70%.
So you're saying no.
I'm saying only time will tell.
Hey! Nice grab, Asher.
Whoo! That's what I'm talking about! Yo, relax, bro.
Yo, Ash, you good? Hey, J.
, you need to tighten up your defense, bro.
I'm schooling you every play.
Look, I don't need you coaching me.
Am I the only one putting in work here? Ash, bring it in! Chill out for a few plays.
- No, Coach, I'm good.
- I can appreciate your energy, but you are annoying the crap out of your teammates, so cool out.
All right.
Good to see you.
Back to work! All right.
So how'd it go? Pretty good.
Doc cleared me for physical therapy.
Low-impact stuff, swimming.
So I guess I'll be using your pool a whole lot.
All right.
What else? He don't think I'm ready to play ball yet, though.
But I figured since he cleared me for PT, I can just play through the soreness, right? Mm.
Nah, I don't know about that.
Come on, Coach.
I can just run my routes and stay sharp.
What? What's the rush? What's the rush? You just finish out your physical therapy.
Once they clear you to play again, you got the starting spot waiting here for you.
And what do I tell the college coaches on my recruiting trips? You ain't gotta worry about that.
Let's just get your body right.
I'll reach out.
I'll reach out to the schools.
Why you gotta worry about that? I thought they was calling about me.
They were, they were, but, uh, you know, the shooting happened, so - They backed off? - Look, for now.
Let's just get you healthy, all right? Then we can show them you're the same player you were last season.
What are you still doing here? Um, I've been talking to the counselor a couple days a week since the, you know Yeah.
I love Ms.
She's great.
Yeah, I haven't been sleeping much lately.
She lets me ramble on as long as I want.
It's kind of like a dry run for my podcast material.
Oh, I listened to the latest episode of your podcast.
So good.
Just keeps getting better and better, Liv.
Why are you still here? Uh, extra credit.
I'm still trying to dig myself out of that hole I dug when I skipped all those classes.
Well, at least you seem happy.
I'm just looking forward to what's next for me.
Any ideas? Uh, yeah, actually.
Um, can't deny the fact that music's in my blood, and I always thought it'd be songwriting because of my mom, but I actually have a knack for producing like my dad, so just working on some new stuff.
I mean, that's really great, Layla.
And whenever you're ready to share some of that music, I've got at least 50 people willing to listen to it.
- 50? - 50.
Five-zero or one-five? - Five-zero.
- Wow! Hey, y'all got TVs in here? Yup.
What you watching? - Home makeover shows.
- Why? I don't pick the channels.
It's just on.
Either you watch it or you don't.
Besides, I'm mostly doing what I did the last time I was in here, reading books.
What you reading? Coop, what you doing here? I'm just checking in on you.
You ain't gotta visit me that much.
I'm good.
Look, I do not mind.
I actually like having someone to talk to.
I ain't seen Patience in I don't know how long, and ever since that shooting, I've been dodging Spencer.
Why? 'Cause I'm the reason he got shot.
That was all Tyrone, not you.
Don't put that on yourself.
Oh, ain't nobody seen Tyrone in over a month.
But don't worry.
Whenever he do decide to show up, I'm gonna take care of him.
For you and for Spencer.
I got people to take care of that fool.
You need to take care of yourself.
So what's going on with this music? Man, that is not important right now.
So that's it, huh? You're gonna give away your whole future, waiting around for Tyrone so you can do something stupid that'll put you right here where I am.
I hope you like home makeover shows.
Coach Wilson.
Good to see you.
- How you feeling, son? - Good.
They cleared me for physical therapy, so I can't wait to get back on that field.
We're looking forward to watching you play again this fall.
I'm glad to hear that, Coach.
I didn't know you were stopping by.
Let me know if you need more ice.
- Oh.
What's up, Spence? - What's up, man? I'm here for a home visit with Darnell.
UCLA just offered me a scholarship, bro.
That's great, man.
Appreciate that.
I'm gonna take an unofficial visit to campus tomorrow.
Yo, we both got offers now.
You should come, too.
You should, Spencer.
All right.
I'm in.
Let's do it.
Hey, don't drink all the O.
Save some for me in the morning.
What you doing up so late? I haven't been able to sleep much since the shooting, so I usually just sit here most of the night.
Does it help? Strangely, yes.
It's quiet.
And no Jordan.
Best time to think.
What are you thinking about? Everything.
I mean, when something like that happens, it makes you reevaluate your entire future.
Tell me about it.
I'm, uh, I'm visiting UCLA tomorrow.
That's great.
Or is that the reason you're up? I don't know.
I just What if they change their minds? When they offered me a scholarship, I was the 57th-ranked player in the country.
I'm not that player no more.
Yeah, but you will be once you heal.
The doctor doesn't know if I'll ever get to that level again.
Says only time will tell.
So let time do its thing.
And while you're waiting, just know there's always a spot next to me on this couch.
Same time every night.
All right.
I'll be here.
Good night, Liv.
Good night.
Go! All right.
You sure we should be doing this? I just want to run a few routes, see where I'm at before my UCLA visit, all right? Come on.
Aah! No, no, Spence.
Look, we're done, all right? I'm good.
I'm good.
My dad said you weren't cleared for practice, all right? I should've listened.
The pain is not the problem, all right? Aah.
My reach is gone.
What am I supposed to tell the coaches at this visit? Nothing.
I'd let your body fully heal before you tell them anything.
Just go and enjoy the visit.
You've earned it, Spence.
I wouldn't have no idea what to do if a school like that offered me a full ride.
- Your time will come, man.
- Maybe.
I've just been so consumed with family drama and Simone that Maybe with a big senior season.
You should come with me today.
I'm allowed to bring a teammate.
I want you there.
And who knows? Maybe that will remind you what to strive for.
If you're worried about my parents walking in on us, they're both gonna be gone all morning.
I've got my weekly breakfast with my mom.
Do you not want to go? She's making an effort, so I might as well give her a chance.
So if it's not that, then what is it? It's just something that your dad said at practice.
He told Spencer as soon as he's healed up, his starting spot's waiting for him.
But that's my spot.
I've been playing the best football of my life.
What more do I have to do to prove myself? You can still be a star with Spencer on the field.
I mean, as long as you're playing well, scouts will notice.
Just keep working hard.
I don't know how much harder I can push myself, Liv.
Yeah, probably one of these days.
Y'all just gonna leave? Peace.
All right.
Well, hit me later.
Ha ha! Oh, Layla.
Looks your friends don't like me very much.
Oh, you forgot you the girl that almost took big homey deuce's head off.
Oh, I did forget about that.
They didn't.
So what's up? Well, I just wanted to talk.
Spencer says he hasn't seen you in a while.
Yeah, man.
I've been super busy.
Busy like working on new lyrics? No.
I ain't really been messing with the music thing no more.
Been dealing with some more important stuff.
OK, well, I actually thought we could collaborate on something.
I recorded a new beat I think you'd like.
Can I play it for you? And if I say no, you gonna play it anyway? Yup.
Oh, that's dope.
Thought your dad didn't want to work with me.
Well, this has nothing to do with him.
Look, I've always thought you were special, Coop, and I stand by that.
Plus, I've been thinking a lot more about my future, and I think I'd be really good at producing music.
And you can help me prove it, so what do you say? - Layla, I don't - Look, Coop, you'd really be helping me out.
And all that more important stuff, can it wait? I basically have to live in the gym this year.
Well, that sounds a little excessive.
If I want college coaches to notice me, I gotta pass the eye test.
But you have perfect eyesight.
The "eye test" is when they look at you and they see a D-I player.
I also have to hit my target stats.
- Which are? - 70, minimum.
70 what? Catches next season.
That's a lofty goal.
It's not a goal.
It's a guarantee.
What, you don't think I can do it? No, I just think that maybe you're putting a little too much pressure on yourself, that's all.
Maybe you should give your body a rest.
Have you not been listening? I have, and you're saying a lot of words really fast.
Yeah, I'm focused.
Is that all it is? Because I noticed in practice, you were struggling to breathe a couple of times.
What was that? I was catching my breath.
It's just I have attended quite a few practices lately, and your progress has been dramatic.
Some might even call it suspicious.
- What are you saying? - I'm just saying that you haven't been acting like yourself lately.
Yeah, and how would you know, mom? Look, you abandoned me for a year because you didn't want your friends to find out that you were an escort.
Maybe you just don't know me anymore, mom.
- Look, I gotta go.
- No, Asher.
Please stay.
Come on.
Sit down.
OK, so maybe I don't know you the way I used to.
But that's why we're here.
Look, I'm sorry I said anything.
Let's just finish our breakfast, OK? Is it my turn to talk now? You don't get a vote.
OK, so I have no say in my future? Excuse me? Since when do you raise your voice at me? What's going on? Spencer, this is Renee Darnell's mom.
Renee, that's my boy and his friend Jordan.
She's here to take me back to Germany with her.
It's time for you to come home.
That's not my home, Ma.
I ain't going.
I'm just gonna wait in the car.
- No.
We're all leaving.
- Sit down.
We are not finished here.
Yeah, we are.
- Huh? - Uh, let's go, bro.
Darnell, you better turn around.
Darnell? Your boy's got a big UCLA visit to get to.
I'll take care of this.
Excuse me? - GRACE, SOFTLY: Go.
- Yes, ma'am.
You had no right to get involved.
I had every right.
This is my house.
Did you hear the bass in his voice? He sounded upset.
He was downright disrespectful.
Darnell has never talked back to me like that.
He must've picked up this new attitude recently.
Look, Renee, I am not gonna justify his behavior.
Then don't.
I'm just saying Darnell has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play football at a major college.
Moving overseas might affect that.
He's my son.
I know what's best for him.
I've been exactly where you are.
Last year, I agreed to let Spencer move to Beverly Hills to play football.
It was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make, but I did it for his future.
And he still ended up getting hurt.
Listen, I've been giving you a pass, but that ain't gonna last much longer.
My point is you can't protect your children when they're not with you.
I'm just trying to protect my boy.
I know.
Darnell is one of the best young men I have ever met, and that's because of you.
But maybe you should give him a vote in his own future.
Man, she had her mind made before she got here, bro.
She won't even hear my side.
Can't be easy for her, man.
For her? Having a kid across the ocean.
Yo, I thought you had my back on this.
I do, man.
I want you to stay.
I'm just saying I see her side.
Look, she left you with Corey.
That's somebody she knew and trusted.
She don't know my moms.
We're all just strangers to her.
- Yeah, but that doesn't mean - You're not listen Hey, guys, how's the tour going? - Good.
- Yeah.
'Cause it seems like you're missing most of it.
We can do it another day if you guys - No, no, Sir.
- No, Sir.
Yo, did you guys know they used to have a live bear mascot at home games? That was a long time ago.
Yeah, but you guys might bring it back, though, right? No.
Shall we continue? Yeah.
I can't believe my mom wants to take me away from all this.
My body wants to take me away from all this.
We can't let either of those things happen, man.
This place is sick.
This is pretty much where I live.
So how'd you find your freshman year? Wasn't easy.
A lot of hard work, grinding every day, climbing the depth chart.
Yeah, I was behind two great running backs, but now I got some reps.
I saw your touchdown against USC, though.
That was my first TD! Felt good.
- First of many.
- Bet.
Coach Kelly always talks about trusting and enjoying the process, so, that's what I'm trying to do.
OK, so, what's the girl situation like here? - Come on.
- Come on, man.
What? I'm just curious.
Hey, I mean, it's college in L.
It don't get any better.
You feel me? Respect.
I gotta roll, but hey, you got my number.
Hit me up, you all got any questions.
- See you.
- Love.
This place is just I know.
I know.
Yo, we should commit.
What's the rush? I've seen everything I need to see.
Yo, you sure this isn't because the other schools backed off? Yo, this is my dream school, man.
Why wait? I mean, it would make it harder for my mom to take me away if I committed.
Right? I want to introduce you guys to our head football coach.
Chip Kelly.
- You guys enjoying your visit? - Yes, Sir.
Thanks for having us, Coach.
Coach, do you guys think you'll ever bring back your live bear mascot for home games? Only if it can block for Darnell.
Oh, OK! Thanks for the time, guys.
Appreciate it.
We'll catch up soon.
- Absolutely.
Appreciate you.
- Yes, Sir.
- Nice to meet you.
- Great meeting you.
Come on.
A live bear? What? He's gonna remember me now, won't he? I'm sure.
I'm sure.
Whoa! Yo.
Can you imagine us in his offense for 4 years? Man.
So, today, you'll just be meeting some of the team we'll be working with.
We got a team? Well, they just know how to use all the confusing equipment, but we produce the music.
Um, Pete is our sound engineer, so he knows what all the buttons and knobs do.
I gotta admit, this is way more than what I expected.
And it's the limited package.
Is that? Yeah, I'm lookin' fancy I didn't know she was recording today.
I'm lookin' good, I'm so expensive Yeah, I'm lookin' fancy, the boys all wanna have me Yeah, yeah, I'm lookin' good, I'm so expensive You OK? I can't do this.
Sorry, Layla.
We can't wait to bring you back for your official visit this fall.
You'll stay overnight.
Get to experience game day.
And, look, we know a lot of other schools are gonna want you to play for them, and you earned that.
Enjoy it.
But in the end, go with what feels right.
We think you'd be a perfect fit for UCLA.
Um, thank you, Coach, and I agree.
Um So what if I wanted to commit right now? I did it, bro.
It's your turn.
You got it.
- Coach.
- Spencer.
So how'd your visit go today? Better than I imagined.
And I don't just mean the facilities.
I mean, it's a real family here.
And I'd like to join that family.
Large fries.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Let me get a double caf mocha frap latte with green tea and almond milk.
I'm not sure that's a real drink.
Come on, man.
Ain't that what Beverly Hills people order? It's been a long time, Coop.
I know.
That's why I'm here.
But I can come back if you're busy.
It's all good.
My shift's almost over.
I was gonna hit the gym.
Where you been? You not been answering my calls, and every time I stop by your spot, ain't nobody in.
I do something wrong? No.
I did.
What did you do? I got you shot, man.
Come on, man.
That's not how I remember it.
Spencer, it was my fault.
Cut the crap, Coop.
This ain't on you.
You hear me? It's not on you.
I just want my best friend back.
Me, too.
I heard about the studio.
I know.
I'm sorry for bailing on her, but I just think it's best if I take some time away from the music.
- Why? - Because, man, there's so much going on.
With Preach being in jail, Tyrone out here running around somewhere, and when I see Patience Look, can I give you some advice? When I quit playing football, I was one of the best players in the country.
I mean, I was great.
And now I don't know if I'll ever be that way again.
Now you great at something, Coop.
Do not take that for granted.
You don't know how long you get to be great.
Hey, man.
Gimme a spot? Yeah.
For sure.
How was your trip to UCLA? It's a special place, man.
That's a lot of weight.
Maybe take it easy till you heal up, huh? Look, can you please be the one person who doesn't keep warning me about my injury? I know my body, all right? All right, cool.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Let's get it.
3, 2, 1.
You know, a lot of people say there are ways to accelerate the recovery process.
I know if I were injured, man, I What are you talking about, man? Oh, there he is.
The man, the myth, future UCLA bruin in the house.
What? You committed? Hey, it's time to celebrate.
Man, put them weights away.
We're going out tonight.
Nah, man, I gotta do my physical therapy, bro.
Come on.
You're gonna be doing pt for weeks.
Take a night out with us.
Yeah, man.
You deserve it.
Look, look, there's this big fraternity party at coastal California tonight.
Darnell's coming.
We're picking him up.
You guys ready to roll? How are we supposed to get into a frat party? Secret handshake, yo.
I'm a legacy.
Welcome to PSI BETA TAU! Drinks are everywhere.
How ugly is that dude's shirt? Ah, it's not that bad.
It almost gave me a seizure.
Are you Darnell Hayes? Uh, yeah, and Hey, yo, everyone listen up! One of the nation's best QBs is in the house! Darnell Hayes.
Let's get him to commit to Coastal California! - Actually, I already - Make it happen.
Show him some love.
Yo, um, you should get in on that love.
This is Darnell's moment.
He's had a rough time.
He deserves this.
I just hope you know how lucky you are.
I mean, that UCLA campus was insane.
Come on, man.
You could still get a offer there.
Maybe with a big senior season.
I mean, I am the live bear guy.
Oh, my God.
But, I mean, they've already got their QB, so Yeah.
Oh, look who's getting started without us.
Yo, hook us up, Troy.
Nice shirt, by the way.
Thanks, bro.
Hey, Spence, this is your night, too.
We're all really proud of you.
To a full ride.
Full ride.
- Ahh.
- Huh! Whoo! Dude, I can stay here all day.
You might as well get comfortable.
I can take most of these guys, right? What, like, in a fight? No, no, like Like arm wrestling or something.
Please don't arm-wrestle nobody.
I'm just pointing out I'm big enough to compete with the college guys.
You know, the eye test.
How many of those have you had? I'm fine, man.
What were you saying before? You know, about if you were injured, the stuff you could take to accelerate the healing process? Nothing.
Forget I said it.
Were you talking about steroids? Is that why you've been so good on the field lately? Right, 'cause it would take steroids for someone else to be as good as Spencer James? I didn't say all that.
I just know how dangerous that stuff can be, all right? Whatever, man.
Look, I'm not using anything, so worry about yourself.
Is that a new song? Nah, I'm just writing down some thoughts.
What are you thinking about? Sorry.
It's none of my business.
Um, I was surprised to see you at the studio.
Sounded real good.
Thank you.
Um Are you working with Layla? Mm.
We was gonna do a song together, but it just didn't Something didn't feel right.
I want us to be friends, Coop.
Maybe we'll get there someday.
And what is it like? Working with J.
? I don't know.
I'm still getting used to it.
I mean, it's not as fun as when we worked together.
You know, it just feels so businesslike.
Well, it is a big business.
I don't know.
I just keep thinking that I'm gonna mess up and they're gonna realize I'm not as good as they thought I was and I don't know.
Don't worry about that.
You're even better than whatever they think you are.
Just gotta do you, Patience, and go get it.
I'll, um, I'll see you around, Coop.
Uhh! Yes! Too easy! Who's next? Dude, you need to chill.
Chill? I'll take on this whole party, including you and your ugly shirt.
OK, that's it.
Somebody needs to come escort this punk out of here.
Hey, this punk is about to lay you out, man.
Come on.
Asher, what's wrong with you? It's time for all you kids to go to bed.
What the hell did you just say? Sounded disrespectful to me.
It was meant to be disrespectful.
Oh, look, these guys got ugly shirts, too.
Oh, this is an ugly shirt party.
I think it's just ugly shirts.
What's it gonna be, legacy? Ah I didn't want to weigh in on this, but I will.
I wouldn't wear any of those shirts, either.
I'm not talking about the shirts.
I mean, whose side are you on? Oh.
Excuse me.
- With my boys, obviously.
- OK.
Then you need to take your boys out of here, and don't ever come back.
Fine by me.
I'm a legacy at, like, 4 fraternities.
Let's roll.
Ugly shirts.
Renee, if you want, I can just call you when they get home.
I ain't going nowhere.
Do you realize what time it is? It's late.
It is later than Darnell has ever stayed out when he was living with me.
Is this what he does here? You almost had me, Grace.
Mm-hmm, with that whole "Darnell deserves a vote in his future" thing.
But how am I supposed to leave my son in this house after tonight? Renee, this has never happened before.
I don't know you, and I'm not seeing anything that shows me Darnell living here is what's best for him.
He's coming home to Germany.
Jordan and J.
went to another frat party and ordered me a ride home, but for some reason, I ended up here.
Yeah, that was my idea.
I was hoping to challenge the arm wrestling champ.
He told you about that? I must've looked like a total idiot tonight.
Didn't sound great.
We're always honest with each other, right? Right.
So what's going on with you? I've just been feeling a lot of pressure lately, and I haven't been handling it well.
It's made me do some things that I shouldn't be doing, like Like getting drunk and arm-wrestling frat guys? Yeah.
And, you know, with you in recovery, I shouldn't You're allowed to be stupid once in a while.
Hey, just be careful.
I don't want anything to happen to you.
So this is where it all happened? Yeah.
I was walking right there with Liv.
Two bullets.
One missed.
If I was standing right there, I'd have no future.
That bullet missed for a reason, man.
Your future's just too bright.
Yeah, I don't know what it's gonna be, though.
I do.
You're gonna be catching passes from me at UCLA, boy.
Coach didn't accept my commitment, man.
What are you talking about? I tried to commit.
He said my offer's on hold right now just like all the other colleges.
They're gonna wait and see how my injury heals up.
Damaged goods.
Look, yo, if you're not gonna commit, then I'm not No.
Look, the coach is He was cool about it, man.
He's a real stand-up guy.
And I get it.
They only got 25 spots each year.
They can't waste one on me if I can't play.
Yo, it's gonna work out, 'cause it's all about heart, and a bullet ain't take that from you.
It is about damn time.
So who's gonna go first? I know that look.
This ain't gonna be good.
Oh, nobody's talking, huh? OK, I guess I'll go first.
- No, I'll go first.
- I got this.
No, I got this.
This is my house.
Both of you sit.
Come on.
Let's go.
Why you ain't moving? Come on.
Move it.
Sit down! Now, what in the hell makes you think you can walk into my house at this hour? - Mom - Don't you even think about opening your mouth.
Just because I ask you a question doesn't mean I want to hear your voice.
- Yo - Nope.
There is nothing that either of you could say that would justify the disrespect you've shown me, Renee, or my house.
You have anything you want to add? No.
It looks like you got this.
But you know what? I want to hear the excuse anyway.
Don't you want to know, Renee? Oh, I want to hear it.
So, tell us.
Look at me.
Why would you walk in here way past your curfew without so much as a phone call or a text? Speak.
Oh, I I didn't know if I was allowed to speak.
Boy Mm-mm.
Uh, we were celebrating.
I committed to UCLA today.
It was one of the biggest moments of my life, Mom.
Did you commit, too? I tried.
They ain't got a spot for me right now.
Oh, baby.
It's OK.
Spencer, you are going to get through this injury, and we're gonna be there for you every step of the way.
Me, too.
It won't feel the same without my brother there.
Come on, man.
You ain't gotta worry about me.
Ain't nothing gonna stop me getting back to the player I was, all right? Nothing.
It's my future.
Why don't we talk about this tomorrow? Thank you, Grace.
- You been drinking? - Mm-mm.
Slap down here a little more bass.
Here and, um Coop.
I'm sorry for bailing on you yesterday.
Does this mean you changed your mind? This just ain't who I am.
I don't need all this fancy stuff, all this expensive equipment.
Is that Pete? - Yeah.
- No offense, but I don't need Pete.
Sorry, Pete.
This is who I am.
This is all I need, all we need.
I wanna work with you, and I think we can make great stuff together.
Check this out.
Sometimes I think to myself I thank god for saving myself I could be the one in a casket Now I look back, I'm like, what if it had been? What you think? I think we should get to work.
Let's get it, then.
Hey, baby.
Sorry again about last night.
And don't blame Grace.
She don't need you defending her.
She's tough.
I like her.
Me, too.
When you were growing up, I wasn't always the best mom.
I was gone a lot.
Now I want a do-over with you, but not at the expense of your future and your happiness.
So does that mean that I You can stay in Crenshaw.
I am proud of you.
You earned this with your hard work and your talent.
Just don't break curfew again.
Grace James will light your ass up and I won't be here to protect you.
Thanks, Mom.
I love you.
I love you, too, Mom.
- Gwen.
- Hi.
Uh, is everything OK? I need to talk to you about Asher.
Look, every time we talk privately, it just It feels like I'm betraying him.
I think he's in trouble.
Why? What's going on? I'm telling you this because Asher loves you, he trusts you, and if anyone can get through to him, it's you.
I think he's using steroids.
I wanted to say good-bye before leaving.
I gave Darnell my blessing to stay in Crenshaw with you.
I misjudged you, Grace.
My son is clearly in wonderful hands living under this roof.
Thank you.
We love Darnell.
I can tell.
- Do you want to come in? - No, no.
Before I go, a few years ago, there was a serviceman in the army, friend of mine.
He was wounded during combat.
Spinal injury.
They told him to take his time before coming back, but he rushed back way too soon and reinjured himself.
I remember he had this look in his eyes, like he wouldn't take no for an answer.
Why are you telling me this? Because last night, I saw that same look in Spencer's eyes.
Hey, Spencer.
Hey! Come on, man.
The doctor said low-impact workouts.
I don't care what the doctor said, all right? Well, I do.
I'ma prove them all wrong, Coach.
I'ma be better than I ever was.
Believe that.
In fact, you can pencil me in the starting lineup for that jamboree game we got coming up, all right? Look, Spencer, you know I can't just Look.
No disrespect, but this ain't up for discussion.
My body, my choice.
I just wanted to let you know I'll be back real soon.
Greg, move your head.

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