All American (2018) s02e14 Episode Script

Who Shot Ya

1 My beloved Crenshaw community, we're in a crisis.
This past week, we lost another black man to the streets.
And now as a community, we have a choice to make.
Is this death going to bring us together or tear us apart? I remember as a young boy in Sunday School, Tyrone and his sister Monique used to talk nonstop about their hopes and dreams More dreams than reality could defy.
He was once a son of this community, y'all.
So it's OK to mourn the loss of this young life, it's OK to mourn the loss of those hopes and dreams Spencer, if you don't turn your head and face the pastor.
Shawn's mom's here.
When she get back from Louisiana? My guess is she's here to make peace with the man who had her son killed.
I know that's what I'd be trying to do.
But we cannot allow this dark moment to define us.
Now is the time to join arms and hold each other down as a community.
Look at your neighbor and tell him, "I got you.
" - I got you.
- I got you I got you.
You been a hard person to reach this past week.
Oh, man.
My parents got me so locked down, they making pelican bay look like a damn day care.
Look, you are a suspect in Tyrone's murder.
- A person of interest.
- What's the difference? I was associated with him.
There ain't no denying that.
And I'm still here dropping the same dates Tyrone got shot.
It definitely had the cops sniffing.
I You know why your song's blowing up, right? "You took a shot at my mans, now I'm waiting on you, gun in my hand"? Everybody thinks you did it.
Man, those is just lyrics, Spence.
And the cops know that now.
That's why they questioning a gang of other people.
Flip, Preach's homeboy Kwon, and whoever else.
But as far as my involvement, it's over with.
All right? So chill.
Tyrone is dead, and this whole damn neighborhood, myself included, is moving on.
You sure about that? Something about this sanctuary always brings me peace.
I've missed it.
It's good to have you back, Ruth.
It felt like it was the right time to come back.
Plus, taste of Crenshaw is this week.
I've been chief organizer every year since Shawn was born.
How'd I look leaving you all hanging? It ain't no taste of Crenshaw without your 7-up cake.
Yeah, Ms.
Ethel offered to make it.
There's a reason we call hers 7-down cake, OK? Oh, my goodness.
Guess it's a good thing I'm here, then.
It's definitely a good thing that you're here.
What's up, Coach? Where's the rest of the squad at? You texted there was a practice.
Have a seat.
Uh, I'm going to give you one chance to come clean.
Olivia told you.
What the hell is wrong with you? Steroids? Why would you risk everything and put that mess in your system? - Why? - Tell me why.
My entire life is There's just so much pressure, Coach.
Football was the one thing that I always good at.
I was the best player on this team.
And then one day, I wasn't.
And I just figured with a big senior season, I could Hmm.
This ain't the way, son.
I know.
And I'm sorry.
You sorry you got caught? No, Sir.
Sorry I let you down.
Sorry I let my team down.
At least it's finally over.
Is it? There's no reason to keep doing steroids if I'm off the team, so All right.
What if I told you that maybe you, um Maybe you didn't have to be off the team? What if I told you that I was willing to make you a deal? Why? 'Cause I know a little something about pressure.
And God knows I've made my mistakes, so You stop taking that crap today, and you report to me daily for urine tests, - do you understand me? - Yes.
Anything, Coach.
Look, before you go, where is it? All right.
Leave it here.
I'll get rid of it.
All right.
You're dismissed.
Hut! Don't get frustrated, bro.
You got this.
It's just rehab.
We're gonna get you on it.
Come on.
Let's run it back.
You know we'd rehab a lot faster if your boy would quit passing to your weak shoulder.
Let me worry about my passes, all right? We're doing concentration drills for focus.
You do realize one bad hit to his shoulder again, and it's lights out.
Well, coach Baker moving him to halfback.
He ain't gonna be extending like a wide receiver anyway.
All right.
Since you want to play a little coach, you do you.
I just came to help out.
I'll stick to my QB spot.
You mean my QB spot.
Yo, y'all chill, man.
I can't concentrate with you all going at each other like this, all right? Look, my bad, Spence.
Look, man, it's squashed.
Let's train.
No, man, it's all good.
We should call it anyway.
My head ain't in it, and I want to check on Coop.
Yo, Spence, focus on your future 'cause that's what's up in the air right now.
Coop can handle herself.
Let's go.
Look, dawg, I don't know how you all do it wherever the hell you from, but here we look out for each other.
Rehab's over.
- Come on, man.
Don't Don't - Spence, hold up.
Your new D.
job got you working round the clock already? Something like that, even though I don't officially take over for a couple more weeks.
Can I ask you something? Yeah, of course.
Tyrone's murder.
Are the cops really done with Coop as a suspect? She and everybody else seem to think so.
I guess I'm the only one who can't let things go.
Spencer, I had to recuse myself from the investigation because of my connection to both Coop and Tyrone.
And even if I hadn't, I I can't discuss active cases.
My bad.
But you're right to worry.
How much trouble is she in? If I were Coop, I would get a really good lawyer and fast.
So we have almond milk, spinach, chia seeds, ginger, garlic, and basically anything healthy I found in the fridge, I just tossed in there.
OK, look, I admit it doesn't taste or smell great, but it's a top-ranked power breakfast for prego women, so And it's very sweet, but you really didn't have to do all this.
I want to.
It's worth it.
OK, Gordon Ramsay, why don't you, uh, get ready for school - so you're not late? - I won't be, mom.
I'm just making sure Simone and the baby are good to go.
Your mom's right.
You should go get ready.
I'll eat.
Make sure she does.
You know you don't have to eat that, right? Um, could I help fix you something? I mean, assuming Jordan left any food in the fridge.
He can, uh, get carried away with people he cares about.
Um, Ms.
Baker, you know Jordan doesn't have feelings for me, right? He's just being really kind.
It's his kindness that worries me.
'Cause kind people get hurt easily.
Well, I wouldn't hurt Jordan.
You mean again? I made a mistake lying to Jordan about the baby.
Look, sweetheart You can stay here as long as you need.
But what is your plan after the baby's born? Honestly, I don't know.
Can I give you some advice? You're about to be a mom.
And you need to start thinking like a mom.
Because not having a plan is only going to hurt you and the baby and Jordan, who is very invested in you both.
Seriously, you need to stop.
You've left Coop, like, 4 messages already.
And she still ain't hit me back.
She not taking this Tyrone stuff serious.
I'm sure she is.
She's probably just overwhelmed.
I hate feeling helpless.
I got to do something, like, call her parents.
Well, maybe I can help.
You know, my dad knows a bunch of great lawyers.
I appreciate that, Layla, but Coop ain't got deep enough pockets for a lawyer on that level.
Me neither.
And, no, you are not paying for it.
I'm the one who gave Coop's track to the radio station the day Tyrone died.
Yeah, but you ain't know that was gonna happen.
It doesn't change the fact that it did, and now the song is evidence against her.
So you can think about it all you want.
I'm not taking no for an answer.
Well, so this is my fault? I didn't say that.
Yeah, but you were thinking it.
I just can't believe you told your dad.
I felt so blindsided.
OK, well, so did I when you lied to me.
You said you stopped using, and then you started again before the scrimmage.
I didn't lie.
OK? I meant it when I said it.
You should've just given me a heads-up you were telling him, Liv.
Why? So you could lie to him, too? You betrayed my trust.
You were relying on a drug as a quick fix.
And in my experience, Asher, that only leads to trouble.
And I can't be in a relationship with someone who's using.
I can't be near that slippery slope.
That's why I told my dad.
I get it, but, babe, he's not just your dad.
He's also my coach.
I could've lost everything.
Look, I got to go.
I've got my check-in with your dad.
Your parents finally let you out the house, huh? They damn near didn't thanks to you.
Why did I come home to a lawyer in my living room? It's J.
's attorney.
Layla called in a favor.
Man, my parents are freaking the hell out.
They thought this whole situation was dead, but now, no.
Thanks to you and this fancy lawyer It ain't dead.
That's the whole point.
According to Mrs.
Baker, the police just getting started.
Bro, ain't nobody knocking down my door.
And me getting a lawyer only makes me look guilty.
Look, it sounds like they got some serious evidence against you, all right? How? But I didn't kill him.
Look, I get Ms.
Baker's trying to be extra cautious 'cause she cares about me, but whatever evidence they claiming to have, it don't exist.
So stop freaking out my parents.
I'm just trying to look out for you.
Is that what you call it? Am I seriously getting in trouble for trying to help out my best friend? No, you're getting in trouble for creating more problems in my life, trying to hide from your own.
Look, you think I don't know that you wake up every morning questioning if you gonna be that same baller again? We ain't talking about me right now.
Listen, I'ma say this one last time.
You do not have to save me, and leave this whole Tyrone thing alone.
You got grit, I can tell you never gonna quit No, not even for a split second Counting all your blessings, you got personality Like Christmas got its presents, and I like it, yeah You got style, kind that nobody can take away Of the beauty and the brains classic Stoppin' of the traffic Spending every time like it was just another habit And I like it, yeah You're the best that I've ever seen Don't stop, don't stop, honey, got to do your thing That's my dawg! I la la la la like it Yo.
Check, check.
Check, check.
Hold up.
Hold up, taste of Crenshaw.
We got my girl Coop in the building.
So it's only right that we get down like this one time.
Let's go! you took a shot at my man Now I'm waiting on you, gun in my hand I won't testify, ain't takin' no stand All I see is me, me, me, me killin' a man And you can't run from it - Hey.
- Hey! There she is.
The queen herself has arrived.
Oh, stop it.
Just doing what I can.
And it's beyond appreciated.
It felt good to pour my energy into something positive, especially for South Crenshaw high.
- And our stomachs thank you.
- Ha ha! In fact, I think it only right that I taste test this cake just to make sure you haven't lost your touch.
Uh, Pastor, if you don't put that fork down and back away from the cake.
Ha ha! Shawn loved this event.
It's OK, Ruth.
There's no time clock on healing.
You know, I left here thinking that Tyrone was Shawn's friend.
He was such a comfort to me at Shawn's funeral, only to find out he had him killed.
That's a tough pill to swallow.
For you to come back and face everything that happened, that shows remarkable strength, Ruth.
I owed it to both my boys.
I was gonna go to the police and talk to them about not letting my son's killer walk free, but But the universe gave you a different type of justice.
And yet it doesn't make me feel any better knowing that he's dead.
It doesn't bring my boys back.
We have a problem, Coach.
I know.
If you're talking about the timing routes for our receivers, I'm all ove A custodian found it rolled underneath one of the trash cans in the locker room earlier this week.
It means you have a player using performance-enhancing drugs.
- Yeah.
- Any idea who that would be? - No.
- No guesses? Well, it wouldn't be fair of me to guess about something like that, now, would it? No.
You're right.
I mean, I don't tolerate steroids on this team, London.
You say you don't know who it is, I have no reason to doubt you.
But I'm gonna need you to help me find out who this belongs to.
I need to know by tomorrow.
And if I can't? Then I'll be forced to suspend the entire football team.
Whoa, whoa.
Should you, uh, should you be carrying those? I am pregnant, not incapable, OK? - Right.
- It's fine.
Uh, you know you didn't have to do all this.
We have plenty of groceries.
Besides, it was the least I could do.
Simone, is everything OK? Is the baby OK? The baby's fine.
Could we please talk about something other than the baby? I mean, we're always so focused on me.
What about you? - What about me? - I don't know.
How's football? Is visual arts class still kicking your ass? Are you dating? I think you would know if I was dating somebody, Simone.
So no crushes? What? Nah.
Of course not.
Jordan, you do know our relationship is platonic, right? Platonic.
Uh, so you mean, like, our signs are compatible.
Jordan, I mean, like, you and I are I'm kidding, OK? Of course I do.
I just I care about you and the baby.
And our friendship is important to me.
Why are you bringing this up now? No reason.
Just ignore me and my pregnancy brain.
Um, forget I even mentioned it.
Um, hey, Kia, I thought we were meeting at the cafe.
I'm not that late.
Um, yeah, hit me Hit me up.
Hey, you OK? Hi.
Yeah, uh, I'm fine.
That was just a chair falling over.
I just I thought it was something Something else.
Yeah, I heard about the shooting.
Yeah, I guess it's still fresh.
Now, the first time I seen somebody get shot Chris, I'm fine.
Can we not talk about people getting shot? Yeah.
It's really nice to see you walking again.
Yeah, it is, um, kind of nice.
Look, I think I should just, um, rip the band-aid off.
I think I owe you an apology.
Breaking up with you over text was a little Shady? We're past it.
We're friends.
And you're with Asher.
Ha ha! No, Spencer told me.
I mean, I can't say I'm surprised since you was damn near with Asher when we were together, so That's not true.
Liv, it's a little true.
All the damage control you used to do in his life.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Apparently, that's a habit.
So now what, trouble in paradise already? I don't know.
He's battling with some stuff that I can't really talk about.
And I just I just hope I did the right thing by trying to help him.
Well, you know, helping somebody you really care about is never a bad call.
Just make sure it's not at the expense of you taking care of yourself.
Well, I should go find Kia, but, um I'll see you around? Yeah.
OK, you have got to try this.
This might be the best peach cobbler I've ever had.
Apparently, since it's all gone.
Is Coop still not talking to you? I don't know.
Maybe she's right.
Maybe this is more about me needing her to have a problem so I can keep hiding from mine.
Spencer, you're going to make it back onto the field.
You fought too hard not to.
And as for Coop, my dad said she didn't fire the lawyer, so that's something.
Hey, y'all.
You seen Olivia? Um, weren't you supposed to meet her at Slauson Cafe? Damn.
I must've missed her.
How's your shoulder holding up? It's getting there.
All right.
Uh, I'll see you guys later.
Hey, wait.
Can I ask you something? What's up? The cops questioned flip about Tyrone's murder, right? Think he did it? I learned a long time ago to stay out of my uncle's business.
I just don't want Coop going down for something she ain't do.
All I know is when Tyrone came back My uncle made me and my fam leave town for a few days.
I mean, he only does that when stuff's about to pop off.
What? What's wrong? We need to find Coop now.
- Hey, man, those is 4.
- 4.
50?! - Yeah.
- The sign says a slice is $3.
I don't care what that sign say.
It's called supply and demand, bro.
You see that long line you got behind you? And I only got a few pieces left.
So either you want it or you don't? All right.
There you go.
Yo Hey, Spence, everything good? Nothing to worry about, huh? A confidential source at the LAPD has confirmed this leaked video is connected to the Tyrone Moore murder investigation.
Coop, that's you with a gun.
No, Tamia, I'm talking to you.
Look, I know what it looks like, but I swear I was just going to talk to Tyrone, but before I could, shots rang out, so I ran.
But why didn't you tell us you were anywhere near this place? We could've got ahead of this thing.
How long have you had a gun? I don't have time to explain that right now.
- Make time.
- All right.
Look, let's just take a second and calm down, all right? Spencer, you need to stay out of this.
Look, ma, I need to go get that gun, OK? It wasn't used to kill Tyrone.
They can test it.
They can do whatever.
Well, you are not going anywhere, and not by yourself.
Reggie, call the attorney back.
She'll know what to do.
And where are you going? I can't use the bathroom now? Janelle, it's gonna be OK.
You don't know that.
I do 'cause I know your daughter.
And, look, I know how that video looks, but we all know Coop.
She not capable of taking a life.
Thank you, Spencer.
Where the hell is Coop? In the bathroom.
I just went by the bathroom, and she ain't in there.
What? Need a spot? No, the steroids gave me super strength, so I'm good.
That was a joke.
- Bad joke.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
You've told worse.
I'm not talking about the joke.
I'm done using that stuff, Liv.
I promise.
It wasn't fair for me to put you in that position.
Well, I'm not gonna lie.
It wasn't fun.
But I'm sorry, too.
I should've given you a heads-up before telling my dad.
Nah, I would've just talked you out of it.
You did the right thing.
I just don't want you to think that you can't trust me.
I love you, and I trust you.
You never have to apologize for trying to help me.
Thank you.
- Is that 4 olives? - Uh-huh.
Bad day.
I almost used 5.
Want to talk about it? Look, Laura, you don't need to Billy.
Just 'cause we're separated doesn't mean we can't be there for each other.
Principal London found a vial of steroids in the locker room.
- What? - Yeah.
Do you know who they belong to? Asher.
If I don't tell him whose it is, he said he would suspend the entire football team.
And Asher's clean now.
He's not using.
But how am I supposed to turn him in when I helped Jordan cheat on his drug test in the playoffs just months ago? Yeah, but those are two entirely different situations.
Not from where I'm standing.
I know Ash made a mistake, and he's trying really hard to make up for it.
If I turn him in, then he'll lose everything.
Dad, thanks for helping Asher.
Yes, yes, baby girl.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How was the taste of Crenshaw? Oh, I never quite made it.
But, um, no.
What's all this I'm hearing about surveillance footage of Coop? Yeah.
I've been checking in on the case.
Doesn't look good.
This is gonna rip Spencer apart.
I mean, Coop means everything to him.
You know, I bet if he could, he would trade places with her right now and give up his future for hers.
Look, I checked the restroom.
Coop's not there.
My moms and pastor weeks is still searching the taste of Crenshaw.
But ain't no sign of her.
And her phone just keeps going straight to voicemail.
Look, I'm worried, Layla.
Has anyone tried calling Patience again? Yeah, she's on her way back from the recording studio, but she ain't heard from her neither.
- That's my dad.
I'll be back.
- All right.
Hey, Ms.
Ruth, everything all right? I'm looking for Coop.
- Yeah, we all are.
- So she's not here? Spencer, that video.
I know.
It's bad, but, look, as soon as we find her, we gonna figure this out.
Coop was like family to my boy.
I hate that she's caught up in all this.
Why couldn't Tyrone just leave everyone be? OK, look, maybe you got to sit down, all right? Let me get you some water.
No, no, no.
I'm fine.
I should go.
It's all over the news.
Police issued a warrant for Coop's arrest.
I just don't get it.
How does somebody so sweet, so innocent How does somebody like that take somebody's else's life? You mean Coop? I just got to get my head around it.
The mind is a fragile thing, Spencer, especially a grieving one.
You know, Tyrone took Shawn from her.
He took Preach.
He tried to have you killed.
That much pain and grief can make anyone snap.
It happened to me just in a different way.
OK, look, I don't understand.
What do you mean, you worked things out with your ex? I mean Dane and I talked.
We still have stuff to work out, but his parents said I could stay over there while we do.
Simone, he left you pregnant and alone and didn't give a damn.
- And he's sorry.
- Whoa.
Just like that? What's really going on? Nothing.
I'm just getting my life together.
And I don't want to impose on you and your family.
You're not imposing.
Jordan, I don't want to be here with you, OK? That's it.
That's the truth.
Got it.
I'll stay out of your way, then.
What the hell, Coop? What are you doing? Yo, I'm sorry about your back window, but I swear I'll get it fixed.
Are you crazy? There's a warrant out for your arrest.
I know.
That's why I need the gun that I left with you in this bag at the Slauson Cafe.
Why do you need the gun? So you can shoot someone else? What? N Patience, no.
I didn't do this.
And that gun is my proof.
Ohh, God.
- Oh, God.
- What? What? I I dumped the gun in the river.
You did what? No, I was scared that the cops would come back for it that night.
And I don't know.
I just I got rid of it.
I'm sorry, Coop.
I'm I'm really sorry.
Why did you dump the gun? 'Cause I just told you.
I don't know.
I was I was scared of the cops.
I don't I don't know.
Why did you dump the gun, Patience? Because I love you, and I I don't want you to go to prison.
I'm sorry.
Look, if that ain't some queen and slim ride or die type of love, then I don't know what is.
I'll always love you.
No, no, no.
Where are you going? Why did Why did you say it like that? I got to go.
It's a good thing you called.
Otherwise I'd still be searching all L.
Come on.
Let's bounce.
The cops could pull up any second.
I need to sit down here for a minute.
The gun that could've cleared me is gone.
So I'm gonna have to turn myself in.
You didn't kill Tyrone.
Come on, man.
The shots rang out on that surveillance video moments after you walked away.
You saw the shooter, didn't you? Yeah.
Please don't ask me who.
I already know.
There's only a handful of people you'd be willing to take the rap for.
Shawn's mom killed Tyrone.
What, are you psychic? The mind is a fragile thing, especially a grieving one.
It took me a second to connect the dots, but after I ran into her at the cafe earlier Panicked, looking for you It all clicked.
Man, Tyrone took everything from her.
I guess something in her just broke.
You can't turn yourself in for something you didn't do.
I'm not gonna turn her in.
So what other choice do I have? Hey, hold up.
This is your life we talking about.
Man, I set this thing in motion.
I decided to join a gang, and I got Shawn killed when I tried to get him out.
Ruth's pain, that's on me.
I can't make her pay for my bad choices.
There's got to be another way.
There's not.
I tried to find it.
This is the way it's got to be.
Maybe that kick-ass attorney Layla got me can figure out a miracle.
I'm never gonna stop fighting for you, Coop.
I know.
One more favor before we bounce.
Let me kick your ass on these swings one last time.
All right.
You ready? As ready as I'm going to be.
Did you, uh, talk to Principal London? Yeah.
Dad's been suspended as Head Coach of Beverly.
What? I told him the steroids were mine for the rehab of my injured knee.
He knew I was lying, so he asked me for a prescription.
And steroids without a prescription are illegal.
They were on school property, so he had no choice but to suspend me.
I wasn't about to throw Asher under the bus.
He crawled under that bus himself.
Look, the kid needed another chance.
If sacrificing my place on the team means he gets to keep his, well, I'm OK with that.
Well, I'm not OK with it.
Uh, I'll be right back.
I got to say, I kind of miss you getting all defensive over me.
Well, that was censored for Olivia's ears.
I just hope Asher appreciates the magnitude of what you're doing for him.
Hey, y'all came to break me out already? Don't play.
I can make some calls.
Spencer hit us up.
We ain't gonna let you do this alone.
Come on.
Yo, will you call my parents? Please tell them I'm sorry.
Can I help you? I'm here to turn myself in.
Tamia Cooper.
There's a warrant.
Just a second.
Tamia Cooper.
Warrant's been canceled.
The person who shot Tyrone Moore is in custody.
Are you sure? What happened, Ms.
Ruth? I didn't want you to throw away your life for something I did.
I really don't remember what happened that day.
I just remember wanting the pain to stop, knowing it wouldn't as long as Tyrone was walking around free.
I had no idea you were even there until that video surfaced.
I never thought it would blow back on you.
I'm sorry for everything, Ms.
You don't deserve none of this.
And neither do you.
You deserve to be a kid.
You deserve to grow up without the fear of violence, to live out your wildest dreams.
Don't you two worry about me anymore.
Be free.
Live for my Shawn.

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