All American (2018) s02e15 Episode Script

Stakes Is High

1 All right, y'all.
Round up.
Round up right quick.
I'm really proud of y'all.
If y'all play this weekend the way you've been practicing, I have no doubt we're gonna win this jamboree and bring home another championship.
That's right.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
All right.
Unfortunately, you'll have to do that without me.
Uh, yeah, without me, too, dad, but No.
I'm actually serious, son.
I have been suspended.
It's temporary, but until things get resolved, you're gonna be in really good hands here with coach Davis.
What happened? There's been a personal matter between me and the administration, but I need you to stay focused, so get your behinds out there on that field.
It's your last practice.
Make it count.
Come on.
Heads up.
Yo, last time we played without coach Baker, we got our asses handed to us.
Y'all might have to play without me, too.
He still didn't clear me since my arm went out.
You heard the man.
Let's go.
You should be out on the field.
You should.
Coach, Liv told me what you did.
I can't let you take the blame.
I'm gonna tell principal London the steroids were mine.
No, you will not.
I made a decision, and I expect you to respect it.
You don't deserve to have your future ruined by this.
And you do? I'll just get a slap on the wrist.
I'll be back before you know it.
I'm so sorry, Coach.
I never meant for I just wanted to be better.
I know.
I want that for you, too, to be better by getting your mind and your body right again.
I'm trying, Sir.
It took me almost losing Olivia to realize how much pressure y'all put yourselves under, and I know recovery is hard work, so just promise me you'll keep it up.
Make this suspension worth it.
Yes, Sir.
Coach Wilson, hey.
Your mom said you'd be here.
- How's the shoulder? - Good.
Shoulder's good, great, actually.
You excited for the jamboree? Oh, yeah.
What are you doing here Coach? No disrespect, I just thought my scholarship was off the table.
Nothing's set in stone, Spencer.
I'm here off the record because I like you, and I still like you for our program.
But coach Kelly doesn't agree.
I wouldn't say that.
He does have some concerns, so he's eyeing a few other recruits.
I convinced him to hold off for now, but I need to know you're back on track.
And what do I got to do to prove it? Go out there this weekend and show me the old Spencer James is back.
Can you do that for me? No doubt.
After you see me ball, there won't be no question, not from you, coach Kelly, or anybody else.
I promise you that.
It's all I needed to hear.
All right.
If I can't play this weekend, it's not gonna matter if I'm in game shape or not.
All the downward dog's gonna be for nothing.
Oh, not for nothing.
I mean, yoga's good for you, anyway.
It helps with strength, flexibility, balance, even stress.
And the goats? Well, they help your heart by being cute.
The goats weren't my idea.
I thought "goat" stood for "greatest of all time.
" Sometimes it's just goat, man.
I'm sorry, OK? This week sucks.
Goats are peeing everywhere, Coach is suspended, Spence might not play, and the venue for the jamboree party - fell through.
- Wait.
What happened to the venue? Someone forget to send the deposit on time.
It's not important who.
I even had the perfect theme Pajama jammy jamboree.
Well, can't let that go to waste.
Why don't we have the party at my house? Maybe that's not the best idea.
It ain't just for Beverly.
It's for all the teams in the jamboree.
Well, it's a good thing I have a big house, then.
Parties weren't my problem.
It was the party crasher in my head, and she's been quiet lately.
It'll be fine, I promise.
Where is Jordan? Why isn't he suffering through this? He stayed back to talk to his dad.
Probably about the suspension.
You know anything about it? No.
I haven't heard anything.
Yes Uh Two cups, one love Girls dancing with no lights on Draped up, screwed up What? You know I like to save my perfect piece for my last bite.
Hey, look.
I'ma just say it.
I can't do this no more.
It's too hard trying to be your damn friend.
You ditched a gun for me.
We love each other.
I don't understand why we're not together.
I miss you, babe.
I miss you, too, but we already talked about this.
I'm leaving soon for J.
's summer tour, and, you know, things weren't exactly smooth between us last time he was involved.
It ain't going down like that again, all right, no more jealous Coop.
I'm gonna be your biggest fan.
You're gonna be calling me your Coopy groupie.
Ha ha! Yeah.
I'm never calling you that.
Listen, baby.
Wouldn't nothing make me happier than seeing you blow up.
Maybe one thing Seeing you blow up with this.
You wrote a song for me? I ain't never letting music come in between us again, OK? It's only gonna make us closer.
God, I don't know what to say.
I do because I wasn't gonna give it to you until you said you'd be my girl again, but you're taking way too long to answer.
Your last perfect piece? My last perfect piece.
Oh, I guess I got my answer, then.
Ha ha! Wow, up Culver stairs again? Don't overdo it, youngblood.
Them steps ain't going nowhere, except up and down, I guess.
Ha ha ha! That's funny.
How you making jokes when your whole career's up in the air, man? Oh, ain't nothing up in the air, and that's all I'm gonna say about the suspension.
All right.
What about my suspension? When you gonna clear me to play? Look.
I rehabbed the way you told me to.
My shoulder feels great.
I'm ready to suit up.
I don't think so.
Besides, it's not my call, anyway.
Maybe technically, but you can talk to coach Davis.
- He'd listen to you.
- It's too risky.
Just heal up.
Come back strong next season.
I ain't got that kind of time, coach.
UCLA's giving me one more shot, all right? I'm gonna lose it if I don't play.
If UCLA really wants you, then they'll wait, but they definitely won't want you if you reinjure yourself trying to come back too soon.
We've had this discussion.
That was before coach Wilson came back around, all right? I told him I'm playing this weekend.
Shouldn't have done that.
Come on, Coach.
My national ranking took a huge hit.
You know that.
If I don't play, ain't nobody checking for me next season.
I'm sorry, Spencer.
I can't do it.
You wanted me to come to Beverly so I could have a shot at somewhere like UCLA, and now I got it, you the only one standing in my way.
- Hey.
- Oh.
Uh, hey.
So listen.
Uh Hey, so I texted you a few times but didn't hear anything back, not even a "new phone.
Who this?" How are you? Everything OK with Dane? How's the baby, kicking a lot? The baby, I mean, Simone, not Dane.
Jordan, everything's fine, OK? Thanks, but I got to go.
Well, that was awkward.
I don't get women.
Well, that's because you only date girls, so Mm.
Ever since she moved out, she I don't know Has gone out of her way to avoid me.
I'd leave it alone if I were you.
Little miss "all up in everyone's business," are you sure about that? Which is why I know it'll backfire.
If she wanted you to know something, - she would tell you.
- OK.
Yeah, but why is everyone keeping things from me? Dad won't tell me anything about his suspension.
Has he said anything to you? Look.
Don't worry about Simone, OK? I'm sure it's nothing personal.
Just give her some space and stop following her.
I mean, you don't want to seem crazy.
Well, I didn't know Dane's parents lived in a hotel.
What, are you stalking me now? I was just worried about you.
Did you actually reach out to Dane, or was that just another lie? Yes, Jordan.
I reached out to him, and nothing's changed.
He said the baby isn't his, and he won't help me.
OK, so why did you move out? Because I didn't want to give you the wrong idea.
Simone, you weren't giving me any ideas.
I was just trying to be your friend.
We were never really friends, Jordan.
I'm not your problem anymore, so just go live your life, please.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Thank you for coming.
I know I've put you through a lot lately.
Yeah? Well, everyone makes mistakes.
It's what we do after that matters.
I really hope that's true because I want to make things right.
I had this made to replace the one that got shattered the night Spencer got shot.
I know how important it was to you.
Thank you.
You didn't have to do that.
I did.
I should've been there.
I'm sorry about your dad, too.
I wanted to come clean.
He wouldn't let me, so I'm not mad at you.
I get why you and my dad did what you did.
I'm more upset with myself because if I hadn't told my dad about the steroids, he wouldn't even be in this situation.
None of this is your fault, Liv.
Then why does it feel that way? Because you're a good person.
I'm lying to Spencer.
I'm lying to Jordan.
Keeping everything inside just makes me feel like I'm gonna explode.
I don't want you to lie for me.
Liv, I will tell them.
I'll tell them Why does this keep happening to us? We've only been dating a few months.
This is supposed to be our honeymoon phase.
I think we need a break.
I need to be with my family, and you should focus on you and your future, get back to the guy you were before steroids.
Hey, those go out by the stage.
You got it.
- Hey, dad.
- "Hey, dad"? You want to tell me why there are so many trucks in my driveway and so many people in my house? Well, it's for the party tonight.
Um, sorry.
I forgot to tell you.
You mean, you forgot to ask me.
I'm not used to having to ask for permission.
You having parties every time I left town? - Well, not every time.
- OK.
This father-daughter dynamic, it's new.
We obviously need to work on it, - set some boundaries.
- Wait.
Does this mean I can't have the party? Oh, God OK.
You can have the party, but I'm gonna stick around to supervise.
That'll be fun.
I'm not gonna have no fun at this party, man.
I'm not even playing in the jamboree.
I'm not, either, but I ain't missing pretty chicks in PJs.
What are you talking about? Oh, the news hasn't made it to Beverly yet.
South Crenshaw dropped out.
Of the jamboree? That don't make no sense.
Why would y'all do that? Team's been falling apart for a while now, Spence.
We've lost two head coaches in less than 6 months.
Almost everybody's quit to play other sports.
Cam's even looking to transfer to play for Westlake.
I mean, look.
It's only the jamboree.
Y'all'll be good by next season.
I mean, they better.
I came here to play ball.
If they don't pull it together, yeah, our program goes to hell, taking my UCLA commitment with it.
Man, I hope not.
Be nice if at least one of us was a bruin.
Man, why you giving up so easy? Just go to the top and get the athletic director to clear you.
It wouldn't feel right going over coach Baker's head like that, man.
Oh, if it was me, nothing would stand in my way.
Besides, he ain't even your coach no more.
Drop it Hop in, walk out Pipe up, clock out New wrist, watch out You ain't lost your touch.
I'm glad your pops didn't shut it down.
Yeah? Well, we Keatings love a good party.
Hey, thanks for coming.
I know it can't be easy to come to the jammy jamboree when you can't play in the actual jamboree.
Well, I seen the bat signal above your house.
Does that mean you're here for me? I'm always here for you.
You good? Yeah.
I'm good.
Ha! It's not a cry for help.
- It's just a party.
- Ah.
No bat signal necessary.
State champs! State champs! State champs! State champs! State champs! The Westlake Wildcats, how annoying are they? Oh, yeah.
Well, they might be annoying, but they have something we don't.
Cool smoking jackets? What? No.
Unity, all right? They even came as a team.
They're all dressed the same.
Now look at us No Coach, no Spencer.
Ash doesn't even bother showing up.
We need to get it together, or there's no way we're in the jamboree.
It's gonna be tough without your dad.
Did he tell you why he was suspended? No.
You hear anything? What, J.
? I heard it had something to do with drugs.
Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane! Uh! Hey, you Dane Kohler? I guess my reputation precedes me.
Still, no autographs till after jamboree, OK, buddy? So you know Simone Hicks, then.
Why you asking? You want a yelp review or something? 3 stars during, one after.
Dude, she's pregnant with your kid.
You gonna man up and do something about it? I'll tell you what I told her Kid's not mine.
Don't worry.
I'm sure she'll find another guy to pin it on.
Looks like Beverly's full of rich idiots.
You need to handle your business.
And you need to mind yours.
Hey, do you guys think you look tough? You're in pajamas.
Ha ha ha! Come on, and the last thing dad needs right now is you getting suspended, too.
I wouldn't know, OK? He won't tell me what he needs.
I just bought a new grill Shining like a new whip Adam got a new drip Ah, that's nice.
Hey, it's kid 'n play in the house.
- Ooh.
- Hoo hoo! I don't even know which one I am.
Well, kid's known for the high-top fade.
Well, what's play known for? Standing next to kid.
Aw, yeah.
My gosh.
All right, kid 'n play.
Show us what you got.
You ready, kid? I got you, play.
All right.
Let's get it.
Let's go.
Ha ha ha! Aw, man.
Ooh, ooh, oh, oh The time has come to enjoy myself I've left my problems up on the shelf The work day's over, and I got it made Like Johnny Kemp said, I just got paid And I'm ready to mingle, young man single and free Ready to get busy Down to party Hardy and have a good time All I need is A partner in crime Call up the homies and hope they might Say they down to paint the town red tonight Look in the closet and pull out the hype gear Pull up the high-top fade And I'm outta here Good to see you got something from the old man.
You really know how to produce a show.
You mean throw a party? Hey, call it what you want.
You may have a future in it.
Ain't gonna hurt nobody They act like she's a celebrity.
She is.
Hands up, hands up, hands up Up right to your top Somewhere the current is extra hot Coop, you put on quite a show.
I wouldn't be the producer that I am today if a couldn't admit when I was wrong, and I was clearly wrong about you.
You're a star.
Ha! Why do you say that? It took me until now to see it.
I've always seen it in you.
And I'm glad you did.
I want to sign you, Coop.
It's not too late to add you to my tour this summer.
You know that was a kid 'n play song back there, right? It wasn't the song that convinced me.
It was you, so We doing this? Can I think about it? I don't remember the last time someone had to think about signing with me.
It's kind of a lot to take in, dad.
It's fine.
It's fine, but don't take too long.
You'll hurt my feelings.
You girls should be proud.
Whoo! Slip, slide, low glide Don't know the words? Just Isn't Coop signing with your dad a good thing? Yeah.
It is, definitely.
3 yeses means no.
It is.
I'm just nervous.
I went from all alone with nothing to do to my dad coming back and working on music with Coop.
What happens when both of those things are gone? I mean, have you talked to them about it? No.
I would never get in the way of Coop's success.
Besides, I feel guilty that it even bothers me.
I don't know.
Maybe it's better for everyone if I just go back to pretending like everything's fine.
What? No.
No way.
I won't let you after you've come this far.
Besides, there's enough people lying already.
What happened? Is that why Asher isn't here? We're taking a break.
Don't worry.
I'm fine.
Liv, I am the queen of the fake "I'm fines.
" Do you want me to kick his ass? It's not just Asher.
You know, with the shooting, my dad losing his job, I mean, it's one bad thing after another.
I don't know.
I just I need a break from all of it.
I heard they suspended him because he was caught with London's wife.
Wouldn't surprise me.
Enough, Dad.
I'm sorry you got in a fight with Olivia.
You know I like her, but We didn't get into a fight.
She broke up with me.
You focused on the wrong Baker, son.
Her dad's finally gone.
Maybe now Beverly can bring in a coach who really appreciates you.
Coach Baker does appreciate me, dad.
I think you mean Mr.
At best, he saw you as a backup to his golden boy Spencer.
I told you it was only a matter of time before he screwed up.
You know, he didn't screw up.
I did.
Well, if it ain't the quarterback without a team.
Yo, what did you say to me? And stop trying to steal our players, dawg.
Hey, hey, easy, D.
, all right? Easy.
Yeah, D.
Yo, we didn't steal anything.
Your boy cam came begging us to get him out of Crenshaw.
He calls it pulling a Spencer.
Are you gonna take that? I guess you don't stand up to nobody no more.
Oh, you got to chill, man.
I as.
I was chilling in Nevada till Corey made me leave.
Then he died and left me.
Should've gone with my mom.
My ass could've been in Germany right now mowing down bratwurst.
It's not like I got a team to play for, eh? You do got a team, all right? I know those guys.
They're just frustrated.
- Talk to them.
- "Talk to them"? And say what, "hey, I know I'm the new kid in town, but you should listen to me, anyway"? I couldn't even get them to come to this party.
I never said this was gonna be easy, all right, but we're gonna figure it out.
- Right.
- We.
Yo, you can't even fix your own problem.
You can take another bullet and still be the best player on the field, but you won't do whatever it takes to get back out there.
You need to stop worrying about your coach's feelings and start worrying about yours.
It's not like anybody else is looking out for us.
Hey, Athletic Director Hart, it's Spencer James.
See you at the game, Spence.
Actually, you're gonna see me in the game, Coach.
Say what? A.
Hart cleared me to play, thought you should hear it from me first.
For real? When did he clear you? I talked to him last night.
I didn't mean to go over your head, but you didn't give me much choice.
I think you're making a mistake here, son.
He ain't thinking about your future.
Maybe not, but that's all I'm thinking about.
Last time you played, your arm went numb.
What if something worse happens? I need you to trust me on this.
Why were you suspended? We ain't talking about that right now.
I'm sorry, Coach, but trust's supposed to work both ways, right? Wish me luck.
Welcome to the diamond 7-on-7 football league jamboree.
This is a double-elimination tournament with the best teams from Southern California.
Have you thought any more about my dad's offer? Well, what's up, Layla? Good to see you, too.
I just I know you hate small talk.
Very true.
It's crazy that I'm even considering saying no, right? Not necessarily.
Why are you? Lot of reasons Patience, for one And what if me and your dad just don't mix? Like, he came around eventually, but he was not exactly feeling me at first.
Yeah, and then you sold him because you'd sell anyone.
You're the real deal, Coop.
What do I know about signing a big contract? I mess around, check the wrong box, I have to rap naked or something.
I will look at the contract for you and make sure you get the best fully clothed deal possible.
So you think I should take the deal.
I want what's best for you, and, even though I would really miss working with you, I think you should take the deal.
You're too good not to.
It would be like Spencer not playing football.
Billy, hold up a second.
I wanted to thank you for helping Asher with his Little problem.
Well, he's a good kid.
I I just wish I could help him out with his big problem.
Don't judge me, Baker.
Maybe I should ask your wife how perfect you are.
Do you know why Asher pushes himself so hard? Because he loves football, when you let him play, anyway.
He plays because he loves it.
He almost kills himself because you love it.
Why do you think his little problem even started? So it's my fault now? All he wants to do is make you proud, but nothing he does is good enough.
Asher is a great player on the field.
He's an even better man off of it.
Start paying attention.
All right.
Let's get it, fellas.
They ain't got nothing on us, all right? And don't think about how cool they looked in their smoking jackets or how that hot girl you talked to all night went home with number 8.
Worst pep talk ever, man.
- Oh, yeah? What if I said - Don't try to top it.
Just because we got killed last time coach Baker wasn't here, doesn't mean it has to happen again.
He topped it.
Let's go.
Hey, saw Simone in the stands.
She here for me or you? Ha! Let's go.
59 Z Mite.
Argh Hey.
She only likes guys who score so - Hey, man, what did you say? - Hey, hey, hey, hey, he's just trying to get under your skin, all right? Don't let him.
Come on.
Hike, hike.
Agh Hey, you want to make this interesting? Loser drives winner to Simone's hotel.
All right.
Let's wipe the smile off this guy's face.
Ash, how's your arm? Set.
That's for Simone.
Agh! Waah ha ha ha! I got it.
I got it.
Personal foul.
Unsportsmanlike conduct on number one.
The touchdown is no good.
Wildcats win.
Game over.
Hey Oof! Thank you, Jordan.
After your fight with Dane, he's admitted to being the father and promised to take care of us forever.
Well, I'm glad I could help, Simone.
- What were you thinking? - I don't know, OK? I guess I just wanted him to feel some of the pain he was putting you through.
Oh, and I'm supposed to believe you did that as a friend? I like you.
Is that really such a bad thing? Yes.
Jordan, my life is a mess as it is, and I don't need you coming to my rescue, so just go live your life and stay out of mine.
Wha Yeah.
Well, you were right, Liv.
I should've just stayed out of it.
Simone doesn't care about me.
She doesn't even like me.
Go ahead and call me stupid.
Well, I can never pass that chance up.
She obviously likes you.
If she didn't, she would've kept using you, but instead, she's trying to handle it all alone so that you don't get hurt, stupid.
And there it is.
I know you want to help her, but there's really nothing that you can do.
You're not her family, and right now, that's who she needs the most Just like you need me.
What are you doing? - Give me a hug.
- No.
- Give me a hug.
- No.
Come on.
Give me a hug.
- Ha ha ha! - Come on.
Just let it happen.
- Get off of me.
- Stop it.
Dad, what are you doing here? I'm here because of Asher.
Actually, he was suspended because of me.
Coach caught me using steroids, and he could've turned me in, but he helped me get clean, and he took the blame instead.
Steroids, Ash? Really? Wish I could say I was doing it for the team, man.
I wanted us to win, no matter the cost, but the truth is, I was only looking out for myself.
I wanted to be better than everyone, no matter what the cost.
Yo, shut up, guys, all right? Look.
We all make mistakes.
Since when don't we have each other's backs? No.
It's cool, man.
They should be angry.
I would be.
I'm team captain.
I'm supposed to lead by example.
I let you all down, and I'm sorry.
I confessed to Principal London.
So you off the team? Suspended indefinitely.
All that matters is, Coach is back.
You guys need someone who cares more about you than himself, so Thanks, Coach.
Give them hell, boys.
Back to business, we are going to forget that totally avoidable loss.
Want y'all to finish suiting up.
I will be back with a new game plan.
Spoiler alert It involves winning.
Spence, can I get a word? Have a seat.
So I'm guessing I'm benched.
Now, why would you think that, because you refused to listen to me and then went behind my back to get your own way? - Yeah, pretty much.
- Look.
I really don't want to lose my two best receivers in the same day, but I can't have you playing this way, so I'm gonna have you put this on to protect your shoulder.
Won't this limit my reach? Not as much as sitting on the bench will.
I think the brace is great.
We'll design plays around it, and, well, you're just gonna have to trust me.
Yes, sir.
Welcome back, Coach.
- Hey.
- What's up? Sorry I'm late.
This place is like a maze.
What'd I miss? Man, nothing much.
Beverly lost their first game, and J.
wants to sign me.
For real? Oh, they looked bad.
Like, I'm hoping they can turn it around.
He told me last night at the party.
What? That's huge.
Oh, my God, congratulations.
Like, why are you just telling me right now? Look.
I promised I wouldn't let music come between us again, all right, and if I say yes, that means we go on tour together, which also means we'll be competing for J.
's attention every night.
Why? You said nothing would make you happier - than seeing me blow up, right? - Yeah.
And I feel the same way about you, and I'm sure J.
feels that way about every artist on his label.
And that's another thing.
Last time Layla brought me into the studio, it didn't exactly work out, all right, and you know me.
I'm my best when I can be myself, and what if J.
tries to change me? You know, you just got to be up front with him, and, as much as I would love to travel the country with you, I wouldn't want you to sign with anybody who doesn't love you for you.
It would be cool to go on tour together.
It would, but you are still not taking your song back.
Good stuff.
I never got along with my father.
He was too demanding, didn't listen.
Promised myself I'd never be like that.
I guess I broke that promise, huh? I've broken a few myself lately.
I never want you feeling like you're not good enough.
You are.
- I know I let you down.
- No.
What you did today took guts, more than I ever had.
I'm proud of you.
All right, gentlemen.
Here we go.
All we got to do is follow this game plan, we'll be celebrating tonight.
We'll use motions and shifts to keep the defense off balance.
Wide 35.
We'll slide Spencer off the slot, hit quick screens.
Y'all know the deal Quick stops at the sticks.
Bend them till they break.
Y'all got something right here not a lot of teams ever get.
It's called a second chance.
Westlake didn't beat us.
We beat ourselves, but y'all know that.
The question is, are we gonna let that happen again? N'uh-uh.
I can hear you.
The question is, - are we gonna let that happen again? - No, Sir.
- Are we? - No, Sir.
- Are we? - No, Sir.
Get it done.
You know, "Beverly" on 3.
"Beverly" on me.
1, 2, 3.
Beverly! Beverly! Whoo! Come on, Beverly! Oh, you got this! Hey, let's see that trick crap again, huh? Nah.
We're just gonna beat you head on this time.
Hey, wide 8.
Wide 8.
Uhh! Wide 9.
Uh! OK.
One touchdown, the game is ours, boys.
- Aw, State Champs.
- Yeah.
Not now, J.
Yo, we got to switch things up.
I've been catching short passes all day.
They already know what's coming.
Let me go deep.
I can burn them.
I just got to loosen my brace.
Come on.
Stick to the plan, all right? If you get hurt, I'll never live it down.
I got a UCLA recruiter in the stands, man.
You want to win, right? Let me loosen my brace.
I'll give you one, but I'm not gonna risk it again.
One's all I need.
All right.
Z spot 725.
Stop and go on one on one.
Ready? Break.
Here we go.
Shifty shifty.
Wide 8.
Wide 33.
Wide 30.
Uh! Ah! Huh Yeah! Yes! Now you can say it.
Yo, State Champs, baby! Whoo hoo hoo! Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! What a game.
I'll let coach Kelly know that Spencer James is back.
Does that mean my scholarship's back, too? If I have anything to say about it.
You're definitely bruin material.
We'll be in touch.
I appreciate you, Coach.
Thank you.
Yo, I haven't seen you ball like that since I moved here.
UCLA's got to be a done deal now.
Man, I hope so.
Man, I'm sorry about last night.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I don't even like bratwurst.
You got every right to be mad, man.
Besides, you the one that helped me find my way back on that field.
Yo, watching you grind it out made me realize I can't give up on South Crenshaw.
That was Corey's home.
He wouldn't want it going down without a fight.
My father's a businessman, so don't take his first offer, and he's tough, but don't be intimidated and compliment his tie unless he isn't wearing one but don't compliment his shirt.
He hates that for some reason.
Layla, we are cool, OK? How many more times we got to go over this? I told you, I got you.
Hey, Princess.
What's up, Coop? - What's up? - All right.
Here we go.
It's pretty standard.
If you have any questions, just ask.
That's a nice pen.
It's yours once you sign.
I'm gonna have to pass.
On the pen or the deal? Uh, you need to let him make the offer first - before you reject it.
- Look.
I'm sorry, Mr.
I can't sign with you.
I got somebody else in mind.
Do you really think they'll do more for you than I will? I don't know, but what I do know is that she'll let me do me.
I know that she's been there since day one and has my back, and I know you like her because her last name's Keating.
So what you think? Will you sign me? - Heh.
Me? - Yeah.
Coop, I'm in high school.
Layla, I'm in high school, too.
Well, I don't even have a label.
OK, so start one, and I suggest you hurry up because your new client's kind of a diva.
Hey, I did say you had a future in producing.
I guess that future starts today.
See? Just don't steal all my clients.
Trust me, she ain't gonna have no time for that.
She gonna be way too busy with me.
I warned you.
Um Ha ha! I don't appreciate being summoned.
Aren't you even gonna ask how Simone is? How's Simone? She's not great, and she's gonna be pretty upset with me when she finds out I'm here.
She told me to stay out of it.
She's always been independent, so Mrs.
Hicks, the last time we were here, you did all the talking.
Now I need you to be quiet and listen, please.
Your daughter Heh.
Your daughter is a smart, kind, amazing woman, OK, and right now, she needs her family more than anything else in the world.
I understand Sorry to interrupt.
Congratulations on the big win.
I'm glad to see you're back to form.
- MVP.
- Thanks.
I just wanted to thank coach Baker.
We wouldn't have won that jamboree without you, Sir.
We're not even the same team without you.
Thanks for always having our backs.
Well, you ain't so bad yourself.
Now go on.
Get out of here.
You deserve it.
Oh, and you might want to check your brace.
It looked a little loose during that last play.
Does he know your reinstatement is only temporary? Aw, there's not point in getting the team worried for nothing, or should I be worried? You lied about a player's steroid use, Billy.
It opened up a whole can of worms.
Now the pressure's on me and A.
Hart to investigate you and your whole program.
This could get a lot worse before it gets better.
Greg, move your head.

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