All American (2018) s04e03 Episode Script

All I Need

1 MALE SINGER: Flex with that filly Lift that bag that got me winning Ooh, ooh, ooh, my life no silly Now that I'm here, you know I'mma kill it - SPENCER: Hey.
- WOMAN: Hey.
- MAN: Hey, youngblood.
- SINGER: Living so good It's a level I never had, ooh! - What's up, Spence? - Yo, man.
SINGER: That gonna make you feel OK, yeah Hey! I woke up in stride like hey! I'm feeling real good like eh, OK That's how you really know I feel good today I'm like hey! I just did it again Like hey, hey, you can tell your friend like eh! OK, that's how you really know I feel good today - Something smells good.
- MAN: Told your mom the same thing.
- SPENCER: Coach Hudson? - HUDSON, CHUCKLING: Yes, sir.
- Good to see you again, Spencer.
- I'm sorry I kept you waiting.
- If I'd have known you was flying in from Toledo - HUDSON: Oh, no, no.
Apology's all mine.
I mean, you know, it's not exactly protocol for the head coach to show up unannounced, but you're no ordinary player.
- GRACE: I'll give you two a moment to talk.
- SPENCER: Oh, no, stay, Ma.
Yeah, I'll keep it brief so you can get to what your mama's got cooking.
You sure you don't want a plate? No, ma'am, thank you.
I'm I'm good with coffee.
Spencer, I know you're gonna do great things at Toledo state, - and I have big plans for you.
- SPENCER: Thank you, sir, but since all that could have been said on a call, I'm guessing you got more to say? Coach Dante was right about you.
Quick on your feet.
How would you like to start for me as a true freshman? I know you got what it takes, but you're gonna have to come and play for me this spring to get up to speed.
Uh, well, that's great, sir, but isn't spring now? Oh, our spring semester doesn't start for a couple weeks.
As in two weeks from today? Coach, I ain't even graduated yet.
Well, lucky for both of us, you're just as good in the classroom as you are on the field.
GRACE: You already got all the credits you need.
Principal Carter and Coach Baker already approve early graduation if this is something that you want to do.
HUDSON: Now, I I understand this is a lot to process, so take a beat.
I'm not heading back to campus till tomorrow, so you can give me your answer before I leave in the morning.
Thank you, sir.
- BILLY: Ooh.
Heh heh! - JORDAN: Yeah.
Wow! That was some football right there.
I'm very impressed, son.
- But if you were a D1 recruiter? - But nothing.
It's all there footwork, anticipation, your feel for the pocket.
I mean, you send this out, you're gonna have recruiters - banging down your door.
- Well, Montes and I sent it out to just about every NCAA football program in the state.
OK, that's good.
I like the initiative.
Thank you, but, um I I just haven't gotten a single response, and it's been two two weeks.
BILLY: You know, highlights, they only tell half the story, and recruiters, they want to see you with their own eyes, plus every single one of them are gonna be at the platinum All-American game.
Which would be great, if I was actually gonna play.
- J.
- Dad, come on.
I'm the fifth quarterback on the depth chart, all right? I don't even know if the coach - is gonna let me see the field.
- I'm pretty sure she's gonna play you.
"She"? Wait, wait.
Is Coach Montes Coach Montes just got named coach - for the western conference team.
- JORDAN: What? Are you kidding me? You're kidding me, right? Wait, wait.
So wait.
That means I'm probably actually - gonna play, right? - BILLY: Probably.
I mean, we know Montes doesn't play favorites But's it's worth asking her what her plans are and letting her know that you'll be ready to play the lights out - when she calls your number.
- JORDAN: Hell yes, I'm gonna play the lights out! - Oh, my God! Wow! - [BILLY LAUGHS.]
So how did how did Montes get the job? Well, her team won the state title.
Hey, look, she's a hell of a coach, and she earned it.
No, no, no, Dad.
I mean, Dad, we won on a bad call.
South Crenshaw really won that game.
The state title should be yours.
The All-American coaching gig should be yours.
Look, I'm not gonna lie; I would love the opportunity to coach you one more time, but, uh, if it ain't gonna be me, I'm just glad it's somebody that knows what you can do out there.
Go, get out of here.
Go talk to your coach.
MONTES: I am sorry Coastal California officially rescinded your scholarship, but it's good to know that they are still gonna honor acceptance to the university.
You all right? It's not like it's a surprise.
I can't really play with my heart condition.
I know you were looking for a full scholarship, - but there are grants, financial aid - Look, I appreciate it, Coach, but without football, Coastal doesn't really feel like the right fit for me anymore.
- So what's your plan B? - I'm working on it.
Looks like you're already working on next season, so I'll let you get back to it.
MONTES: Uh, actually, it's for the platinum All-American game.
I'm gonna be coaching the western conference team.
That's great, Coach.
You want to help me on the sidelines? Look, I know that Jordan and Spencer James would be happy to have you there, and I would love your insight.
I really appreciate what you're doing, Coach, but being this close to football right now, it just hurts a little bit too much, you know? Good luck, though.
You don't got to keep blowing up my phone after I said I was coming.
You said you'd be here first thing.
I been unloading trucks at Parkside Groceries all night, so how 'bout a "thanks for coming" or at least a cup of coffee? Help yourself.
I'm sorry you had a long night.
I'm only hounding you because we have an album to finish, and every time I book studio time, Coop has an excuse for why she can't make it.
I only need her vocals on a couple more tracks and the album will be done, and as her manager, I need you to help me with that.
- I'll tell her to check in with you.
- Do better.
Need I remind you that 10% of nothing is nothing? You ain't gotta remind me of jack.
A lot's changed since Coop got shot.
Well, not just for her.
I know she's been helping you with Amina while you pick up shifts.
Once the album is done, I reschedule the Vegas dates, you go back to making more money.
You won't have to work nights.
I'm just saying, Coop might need a little time before getting back into it.
As someone who's dealt with trauma in my own life, I think getting Coop back to doing what she loves might be what's best for her, even if it means us pushing her there.
SPENCER: Moving early wasn't something I ever really considered, but it's a pretty big opportunity.
"Big"? Spencer, this is this is huge.
And, I mean, to have the head coach make the invite in person? He's got plans for you.
I forget you're a coach's daughter sometimes.
Heh heh heh! Coach Hudson says I got a chance to start as a true freshman.
Spencer, this is amazing.
What did Coach Dante say? Nothing yet.
I left him a voicemail.
I'm hoping he gets back to me before I got to give Coach Hudson my answer.
- You haven't said yes? - I wanted to talk to you first.
This kind of changes our senior year plans.
That was really sweet, but you would be crazy not to take this opportunity.
I know.
I guess this means you're leaving in two weeks.
You all right? Yeah.
It's just we waited so long to be together, and now We still got the two weeks, and I'm gonna make the most of every minute I got left with you, girl Starting tonight.
What's tonight? - You'll see.
- Heh heh! OK.
- BILLY: Hey there.
- BOY: Coach Baker.
Spencer - Cleaning out already, huh? - SPENCER: Yeah.
I heard you signed off on my early enrollment at Toledo.
- Thanks.
- Well, you, uh, you worked hard for this, so [SIGHS.]
SPENCER: All right, I'll let you get back to it.
Oh, so you ain't feeling the monkey bars today or what? There aren't any monkey bars.
What? When'd that happen? Why did you and my mom get shot? Did y'all do something bad or was it because of my dad? - Why would you think all that? - I know y'all got shot the same night, figured you might know why.
- Hey, Daddy.
- Hey, baby girl.
Mmm! Now, let me talk to Coop alone for a second, all right? OK.
Man, talk about perfect timing.
She be just pressing me about why Mo got shot.
- Let me worry about Amina.
- Man, did you not hear me, bro? We got problems.
This ain't one of them things that's just gonna go away.
And if she don't get answers from us, then she's gonna go looking on her own.
PREACH: Ain't no "us," Coop.
Amina's my responsibility, you hear? And when you gonna come clean to Layla about quitting music? Is that what this is all about? - I will.
- When? 'Cause I don't appreciate being summoned to her damn studio - and lying to her face.
- Look, I'll deal with Layla, all right? It ain't like I haven't been busy, here helping you with Amina, unless you got somebody else who offer a free daycare.
Oh, so you busy? 'Cause I'm a single dad, pulling night shifts providing for my daughter, and somehow I still found the time to talk to Layla about your contract.
How about you take care of your own damn problems and stop making 'em mine, Coop? [SCOFFS.]
I get it.
I get it.
I'm the reason your life's so messed up right now, the reason all of a sudden you a single dad, and the reason you got to go out and find another source of income.
- That's not what I meant.
- Then what did you mean? That's what I thought.
How 'bout I just do us both a favor and stay out of your life? Here.
You out of Amina's snacks for lunch, and she need a new toothbrush.
NURSE JOY: You worried about Spencer leaving? - No.
I'm excited for him.
- Oh, I know you are, but the last time that you felt like everyone was moving on without you, you relapsed.
You can be both excited for him and worried for your sobriety.
I guess this time feels different, you know, maybe I feel different, stronger.
That's good! Heh! Atta girl! OK.
Well, then, what is on your mind? Are you in a relationship? This is about sobriety, I promise.
Ayanna and I have been together for 5 years.
Now you want to tell me why you're all up in my business? OK.
Being in recovery Was waiting to sleep together an issue? Because I thought that I wanted, you know, to wait until I was 90 days sober, - but now that he's leaving before that, I just - NURSE JOY: Hold on.
Are you sure this is about sobriety? You mean the thing about 90 days? OK.
Wise-ass comment redacted.
I'm sorry.
NURSE JOY: Mm-hmm.
People in recovery, they have a way of putting numbers on everything, and it's helpful with a lot of things, but for you, this ain't one of 'em.
I've hooked up with my boyfriends before, you know, but this time, it just feels I don't know, I'm just kinda freaking out.
I don't know.
So if it's not my sobriety, then what is it? You are freaking out because it's special.
Two days, 90 days, whatever, you're still gonna be nervous because what you and Spencer have, it's real.
It's important.
It's love.
And heh heh! Yes, that's the way it felt with Ayanna.
So how do I know when the time is right? You know when you know, and nobody else is gonna know but you.
Now, Spencer, he's not pressuring you, is he? - No.
No, not at all.
- OK.
Actually, wait.
Well why hasn't he? Is that weird? OK, child, you know what? I'mma let you deal with that, and I'm gonna get on out 'cause y'all's drama is gonna give me a migraine.
Come on.
Heh! - GRACE: Are you sure this the right place? - SPENCER: Yes, it's right across from that putt-putt place we used to go to.
Look, the outside's kind of low-profile, but keep scrolling.
- Ah.
- GRACE: Spencer James.
- Heh heh! There you go.
- That is quite the date night.
You are really pulling out all the stops for Miss Olivia Baker.
I want it to be special.
Spencer James, I haven't seen a girl put heat on your cheeks - like that since middle school.
- What can I say, Mom? She's special.
That's why tonight's got to be perfect.
Can't believe you only got a couple weeks left.
Yeah, me, neither.
You think you're ready for this? Yeah, I am.
Question is, are you? Heh! I'll never be ready to hand over my first baby, but you were gonna leave L.
sooner or later.
It's the right step, Mom, and I'm excited, but until I leave, I'm enjoying my people.
Well You and Olivia have a good night.
You know, it's a while before my reservation, so what's it gonna be? Ice cream? Maybe a cheese plate if you're feeling fancy? [CHUCKLES.]
I'm thinking maybe I'm feeling like whupping your tail at putt-putt like I used to.
Oh, that's some big talk, considering you ain't played me - since I was Dillon's age.
- You want a shot at the title? - You you for real? - Oh, you yeah you.
- Let's do it, let's do it.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- That's the same old mom.
- What you waiting on? SPENCER: Ha ha ha! MONTES: I can't make any promises, Baker.
Look, Coach, Coach, even just a series.
I know that you got to work the depth chart and everything, but But just a series would be great.
I will do my best to put you on the field in the second half.
Really? Um, look, I'm I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Look, I don't mean to be pressuring you into giving me more playing time or anything like that.
That's not it, Baker.
I'm just not sure there's anything you can do on the field to bring in the offers you want.
Coach, what what more could recruiters want than to watch me carve up some of the best high school players in the country? Sit down, Baker.
Jordan, it's not your talent keeping the offers away.
It's your medicals.
No, um, concussions aren't uncommon, Coach.
Well, you've had two concussions in the same season, and the second one landed you in the hospital.
The D1 coaches that I've talked to said they can't risk a roster spot on a player they feel won't last a full year.
I'm sorry, Jordan.
SPENCER: Just a ball in the hole, Spence.
- Just a ball in the hole.
- GRACE: Ahem.
GRACE: Ah! Queen stays clean Ah ah ah ah ah - Heh heh! Yeah, OK, OK.
- Ha ha ha! Good game, good game.
Get all your gloating out now 'cause you only got a couple weeks to do it.
Oh, I can absolutely gloat in texts.
Heh! So, what did Billy have to say about your big news? Not much.
"Congrats," you know? What is going on with you two? Nothing.
It's fine.
- Spencer Alonzo James.
- Damn.
- Not my whole government name.
- Mm-hmm.
Stuff ain't the same with Coach since he found out I was training Jordan before he was cleared.
- You apologized for that already.
- I did, more than once.
I don't know.
It's like you always say Sometimes people are just meant to be in your life for a season.
I told you that so you could get over that little fast ass Chanel - in eighth grade.
- Heh! Well, regardless, Coach Baker and I were just a player and a coach.
Just player and coach? - Since when? - It was his words, Ma, not mine.
Now, I just want to spend the rest of my time with the people that want to be with me.
I can't help if Coach Baker ain't one of them no more.
- Thanks.
LAYLA: You stare at that screen hard enough, that paper might just write itself.
It's a college essay, actually.
- I thought you were done with those.
- I was, but now I'm not.
I have to write about a passion so meaningful that I wouldn't be the same without it, and I'm just blank.
I'm guessing you don't want to write about football.
No, football's done for me.
I got to figure out what's next.
OK, full disclosure, I am so impressed with how you've been handling this, like, the old Asher would have been in total self-destruct mode.
Trust me, I had my moments, but then I remember that self-destructive crap is what got me here.
If I hadn't taken steroids, my heart would be fine, and It's a tough lesson to learn.
Yeah, but you learned it.
That's what matters.
Layla, in the last 18 months, I lost my first love, my dream of playing at Coastal, football forever.
I think I'm good on lessons learned.
That's it.
We need a break.
- Layla, I got to finish.
- No, not up for discussion.
You're not gonna figure out your future or that paper right this minute, so you're coming with me.
- OK, bossy much? - OK, stand up, let's go.
- All right.
- You can watch me try to sign an artist that's already rejected me twice, so it's gonna be great.
All right.
JORDAN: I knew that my concussions would be red flags, OK, but, like, seriously? The entire NCAA is writing me off? - Yeah.
- Come on! Protocols are getting more and more strict and, um, technically it's a good thing.
Not for you.
I'm sorry, son.
But, you know, there are other options.
Dad, Montes basically said that every single school I submitted to wasn't interested.
Would you ever consider playing for a junior college? Dad, my dream is to play underneath the bright lights, right? A bowl game.
I'm not suggesting you give up on that dream.
I'm just saying this could be another way to get you there.
- Right.
- Look, with a JuCo program, you'd probably start right away.
Couple of years, put up some good numbers, clean bill of health, every D1 school in the nation will probably give you a second look, you transfer, boom, then you got your dream.
And you think this is my best chance? I do, yeah.
Look, just sleep on it, at least.
I don't need to.
- I'm in.
- BILLY: That fast? Look, Dad, I came to you because I wanted your advice, and if you think JuCo will get me to where I want to be, I trust you.
- All right.
My man.
- Great.
GRACE: Billy Baker! You and I need to talk.
Yo, man, you have got to send me all the Toledo swag that ain't tied down.
- Heh heh! - I'm talking hoodies, hats.
What else they got? Uh, how 'bout a scarf? Man, what I'mma do with a scarf in L.
? - And what if you came with me? - What you mean, like, to visit? Nah, I mean more like to stay.
- Me, move to Kansas? - OK, it's Ohio.
Yeah, whatever it is, man, ain't nothing for me there.
- My life is here.
- SPENCER: OK, good 'cause for a second, I thought you forgot that.
You been real busy pushing away your producer, your manager, your girlfriend.
Yo, how we get on worrying about me and my girl? What you need to be worried about is your big date tonight with your girl.
I told you I booked a reservation.
No, fancy dinners is the bare minimum.
You want it to be special, right? You got to think about what's gonna happen after that, or during, if the bathroom's got locks.
- I'm just saying - All right, chill, Coop.
- Damn.
- What? You and Liv ain't into the whole public thing? Hey, I'm not talking about this.
- COOP: Wait [SIGHS.]
Y'all ain't did the nasty, huh? [CHUCKLING.]
Why you looking at me like that? Because, bro, you look more nervous than a virgin on prom night all of a sudden.
What y'all waiting for? Oh, what, you can be in my business and I can't be in yours? [CHUCKLING.]
That ain't the same and you know it.
You've been through a lot recently, Coop.
Don't let me leave without knowing you got the people you need to see you through.
You know, it hurts to see what my decisions are doing to Preach's life.
- Coop.
- No, I'm not trying to blame myself and all that, just cause and effect.
Once I tell Layla I quit music, things gonna change for her, too.
It's already changed for Layla.
She just don't know it yet.
And you're pushing away a real friend just to hold on to something that's already gone.
This is so hard, to say the words "I quit," Spence.
But you're right.
I'll work it out with Preach and Layla.
And you don't have to worry about me calling your "come to Toledo" bluff.
- SPENCER: Good, 'cause you wasn't gonna like sleeping on my dorm floor.
- Man, whatever.
- Heh heh heh! BILLY: All I'm saying is you didn't have to run Jordan off.
GRACE: I didn't run him off.
My guess is he didn't want to see his father get his ass handed to him.
Oh, ho! Is that what this is? You have always been more than a coach to Spencer, and you know that.
So he told you.
- Look, I was angry.
- It seems like you still are.
- He made a mistake, Billy.
- [SIGHS.]
Do I need to run down the list of all the dumb mistakes you made? - OK.
- That we both made? Starting with having an affair that almost destroyed two families! And he forgave us for that.
You're a better man than this, Billy, so please tell me - something that makes some damn sense! - OK.
This is not about Spencer training Jordan, not anymore.
I don't know if it ever was.
Well, what is it? [SIGHS.]
It's about me Grace.
I think it was easier being angry at Spencer than it was to admit That I failed my son.
Spencer's training changed Jordan.
He's playing the best ball of his life.
He's in therapy.
We're good.
He Right before you barged in, he actually said that he trusted me.
- Those sound like good things.
- Yeah, but none of it would have happened without Spencer.
Jordan was spiraling, and I don't know.
I was too busy to even notice.
And you're making things right with Jordan now, and that's good.
- Now make 'em right with Spencer, too.
- How? When I I broke what Spencer and I had, and How do I even begin to build it back? By remembering that shame ain't nearly as strong as family.
Don't let it rob what you and Spencer mean to each other.
Fix it.
- Wait.
Are you serious? - SPENCER: You like it? Like it? No! I I love Castle Park.
No, no.
I made us reservations at Black Fleur.
- I can cancel.
I'll cancel.
- Oh.
No, no, you don't have to do that.
Yeah, OK.
- I am canceling right now, but, just to let you know, I already warmed up my mini-golf skills with my mom, so Um, that's funny because, that's what Jordan and his little football friends went to play when they got tired of me crushing them at pop-a-shot.
- You sure you mean pop-a-shot? - Yeah.
Why? 'Cause I've seen you play basketball before.
If you think pop-a-shot and basketball are the same game, you're gonna have a tough night.
- OK.
How you feelin'? I'll walk around With my confidence on a million - Don't let it bother me when - [OLIVIA LAUGHS.]
The people be trippin', I'mma have a good day You need somebody that truly understand you I'm on your side, we together, I'll never play you It be the ones tryna help that can't stand you But have a good day We gonna have a good day in a good way - Break up and get a good bae - SPENCER: Oh.
Just did a show with Lupe If you want me, you got to pay Take a walk with Chanel on my feet Hit up birds when they fly till we flee I don't kick it with them, they cheat I always leave it out on fleek and I'll never hate - OLIVIA: Oh, my God! - [BELL DINGS.]
- Oh, my God! Ha ha! - You seeing who got the farthest Out in L.
on the hills This crib the largest Had a good day I don't know what my favorite part is You need somebody to ask you Yo, how you feelin'? I walk around with my confidence On a million Don't let it bother me When the people be trippin' I'mma have a good day What are you, a robot? Hey.
- OK, OK, we're done.
- OLIVIA: Ha ha! - No, we're good, we're good.
- I'm not done! - What are you doing? You crazy? - OLIVIA: Ha! [R&B MUSIC PLAYING WITHIN.]
- Hey, what up, y'all? - Girl.
PREACH: I wish I can give you all the answers about your mother's death, but most important right now is Mo would want you to focus on you.
- How do you know that? - 'Cause I know what kind of childhood she wanted you to have.
And right now, my number-one priority is giving that to you as best I can.
Amina, I need for you to trust that I'll take care of things.
COOP: Oh, no, um, didn't mean to interrupt.
Just whenever you get a minute, Preach.
He's got a minute now.
- Baby girl, we good? - If Uncle Tyrone was alive, he wouldn't wait to find answers about who shot Mom.
He would have handled it by now.
Yo, bro, you need to go talk to her.
And say what? She ain't wrong.
Look, I know, Amina is not my business, which is actually why I came by, to apologize.
I'm the one that needs to apologize about this morning.
I pride myself on keeping it 100.
Just wasn't ready for how hard it is to speak the truth, knowing you're gonna hurt someone you love.
- I appreciate you saying that.
- Well Truth is, this ain't the same at all.
You're trying to protect Amina, protect her innocence.
Hell, that's your job, being her pop.
I was silent to protect myself, and now it's hurting Layla.
I'll handle that.
Heh! Oh, man.
Amina ain't no regular kid.
She got a lion in her.
Reminds me of you.
And that's what worries me.
LAYLA, LAUGHING: Holy crap! I can't believe I did that.
That was crazy.
A toast to Kim Nitty, my new badass artist.
OK, and a toast to being the baddest chick in the room.
- Oh, I told you she was great.
- No, I'm talking about you.
Layla, no one in that room wanted you to sign Kim, including Kim, but you slayed it and got her to sign anyway.
It was insane.
Well, I'm not gonna lie.
It felt pretty good.
"Pretty good"? I felt like a badass.
I was just standing next to you.
Do you think we have to go? Heh! Oh, I think we pretty much shut the place down.
You'll come back to my place? My mom's out and Is everything OK? [SIGHS.]
Can we talk? Yeah.
Um I know you've probably been wondering why we haven't made love yet.
- Oh, Liv, my bad.
I wasn't trying to - No, no, no.
I I know, and I appreciate you not rushing things.
I meant it's gonna sound stupid because it's It's not the first time for either of us.
But it is.
Liv, I haven't been rushing things 'cause Being with you is a big deal to me.
I mean, yeah, I slept with chicks before, but - You were doing so well.
- What? - Stop playing.
- You know what I mean.
You, me It'll be the first time for us Together.
And being with you, it's You're different for me, too.
So when we're ready Then we'll be ready.
And taking it slow means getting to make out with you - up against this car all night - [OLIVIA LAUGHS.]
Ha ha! And why rush perfect? Wait.
So then what was all that about going to your place? Oh, I made dessert.
For real.
Ha ha ha ha! [SNICKERING.]
Ha ha! [SNICKERS.]
I am so in love with you.
Heh! You want that dessert, don't you? I mean, assuming that there is dessert.
Oh, everything about my bundt cakes is real.
- Oh.
- Real sugar - Oh.
- Real butter.
- Mmm.
- Ha ha! I guess.
Ha ha ha! Give me the keys.
I'm driving.
Your pops.
- LAYLA: We should have gotten more fries.
- ASHER: Told you.
- Mmm.
Top me off? - Sure.
So, uh are we gonna talk about what just happened? Um, let's call it a little celebratory sex between friends.
I'm pretty sure that isn't a thing.
Well, I like that I just made it a thing.
You can chalk that up to more of my badassness.
- Hmm.
- I don't need to make it - any more than what it was.
- Works for me.
Figured, since you called Olivia your first love about two hours ago.
I didn't mean to bring her up.
No, it's it's not that, actually.
- I wasn't talking about Olivia.
- Then who? - Wait, no.
Vanessa? - No.
Heh! I was talking about you, Layla.
- Oh.
- OK, hey, easy.
I'm not making it a thing.
It's just a fact.
We're not those people anymore, like, at all.
I mean, you're definitely not.
You're better.
I mean, look at what you accomplished tonight with that new artist.
Layla 2.
0 is Incredible.
She made me realize maybe Asher 2.
0 can be, too.
Asher 1.
5 isn't so bad.
No, but, like, for real, losing football has given me a second chance.
- OK.
- Well, if I hadn't learned about my heart condition, I could have died out there.
OK, um, so you're getting a second chance.
What are you gonna do with it? That's what I got to figure out, kind of like you did.
LAYLA: Well, the whole producing thing didn't exactly happen in one afternoon.
ASHER: Yeah, but it didn't take you long to replace Coop, though.
I I mean, your label just lost its biggest artist, - and you went out and you signed another - Wait.
What do you what do you mean, I "lost Coop"? What's up? What's up? What's up? - FRAUSTO: Hey, you know what this about? - SPENCER: No.
BILLY: Hey, 'scuse me.
Hey, y'all.
All right, real quick [SETS DOWN BAG.]
I know it's end of the season, but, uh [CHUCKLES.]
I just wanted to talk to you all, our graduating seniors, as, uh, as your coach one last time.
Look Y'all proved y'all selves to be champions on that field.
FRAUSTO: Yeah, to you and everybody else that got eyes.
- BILLY: Yeah, well, true, true - [PLAYERS CHUCKLE.]
But I promise you, when you look back, it ain't gonna be about what happened on that field that y'all remember most.
It's gonna be the people, each other because football is about more than a game, and sometimes even I forget that, which is why I got you these, so y'all wouldn't.
Here you go.
Charger family, because before this team became champions, we became family, and, uh, good or bad, family don't end when the whistle blows.
BILLY: You will always be more than players to me, and I will always be more than your coach.
FRAUSTO: Yo, this is cool, Coach, but I got to admit, I'd still rather have a state ring.
BILLY: Ha ha! Check out the inside.
"We won.
" - BILLY: Hell yeah, we did.
- PLAYER: Yeah.
BILLY: Ha ha ha ha! All right, so, all right, now.
- All right.
You made it.
Hey, I'm sorry it took so long, but listen, I need to tell you something.
- No need.
Heard you might be quitting.
- Wait.
From who? Does it matter? I guess not.
Look, it's it's my lungs, from the shooting, and sincerely, my bad for not letting you know this sooner.
I know you put so much into this album and Don't worry.
I'll recoup on my investment.
- What's this? - This is me recouping on my investment.
- I'm gonna finish your album.
- You? Well, my new talent.
Turns out the artist I signed last night pairs really well with your sound.
You can't do that.
That's my music.
- Can't just put somebody else's rhymes o - LAYLA: I can, actually, because it's not your music.
It belongs to my label, making it my music.
You You really doing me dirty like this? I thought we was family.
So did I, but now I know better.
Look, come Layla, no, I I made a mistake.
Do you have any idea how much time and energy and money I wasted in the last 3 weeks, prepping an album release that was already dead in the water, stalling the Vegas venues with promises that the new LP would be worth the wait? I staked my label on you when I should have been out there trying to save it.
So, from now, I'm gonna do what's right for my business, and that starts with your signature right here.
You already quit music, right? This is just making it official.
Sometimes your life feels like A broken roller coaster A thousand useless moving parts ASHER, VOICE-OVER: "I've lost more in the last couple years than I like to think about, but losing football felt different.
I lost more than a game.
I lost the thing that gave my life meaning, or that's what I thought.
Our life's meaning is a fundamental part of who we are.
With it, we feel alive, like we're right where we're meant to be, finally home.
" SPENCER: It's good, right? BILLY: Hey, why did Jordan text me to come downstairs? ASHER, VOICE-OVER: "We often don't realize how important it is until it's gone.
Our life's meaning isn't just magically planted inside us.
It's something you find.
I found it once, so I can find it again.
No doubt it's waiting on a path I haven't considered yet.
" - BILLY: Coach Montes.
- MONTES: Morning, Coach.
- What's happening? - I was just, uh, stopping by to drop off playbooks for the platinum All-American game.
- BILLY: Cool.
- MONTES: Jordan was telling me about your, uh, JuCo idea.
Yeah, and, uh, she's got some programs that she wants us to look into.
Oh, for real? All right.
- Teamwork makes the dream work.
- Yes, it does.
That's actually why I really stopped by.
I wanted to see if you would join my team as an assistant coach.
Can't think of a better coach to share the sidelines with, and, uh, well, let's be honest.
That title was very close to going a different way.
Um I mean, I can't say no to, uh To coaching my boys one last time.
- Thank you.
Look at this.
- JORDAN: Look at that.
- BILLY: Yes! - SPENCER: One last time? - BILLY: Yes, sir.
- OLADOKUN: The sunlight? COOP: All right, I got some grub coming in hot.
OLADOKUN: There's flowers in your hair - Hold on 'cause - AMINA: What? You know what.
Go wash them dirty hands.
You know trouble's always gonna be there Don't let it bring you to your knees, yeah, look up ASHER, VOICE-OVER: "I'm not gonna find it again if I keep holding on to what I lost.
Holding on leaves you so broken, - you don't care what else you break.
" - "I won't do that agai because now I see loss isn't the end of our life's meaning, it's just change.
When you change, our life's meaning must change with us.
Isn't that what college is for rebirth? In this next chapter in my life, I'll find something new that makes me feel alive, whole, a new meaning, and I won't take it for granted because " HUDSON: Coaches gonna be happier than hogs in hot mud.
They've been chomping at the bit to get you on the field.
I've been looking forward to working with Coach Dante smart ever since he recruited me.
Actually, Dante's not coaching with us anymore.
- Coach Dante left? - Few weeks back.
I'll have your new wideout coach reach out.
That gonna be a problem, Dante leaving? - No.
No, not at all.
- All right.
ASHER, VOICE-OVER: "Just when you got it figured out - [STORM DOOR CLOSES.]
- You can lose it in an instant.
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