All American (2018) s04e04 Episode Script

Bird in the Hand

KIM NITTY, RAPPING: No questions asked I'm at the top, I just might build me a house on the moon You can tell that I'm great, once I'm done, I'm gettin' to it I'll keep it movin', never no stoppin' me, I'm a blast No questions asked, no questions asked [MUSIC STOPS.]
- LAYLA: That was great, really great.
- KIM: Thank you.
Appreciate it.
I want to try a few things, just add a couple different beats.
Can you stick around for a bit? Yeah, for sure.
So, she my replacement? I'm I'm just trying out a few artists.
I can't believe you're really doing this.
Coop, I told you.
This is my song, Layla.
I wrote it.
It's our song, and we never got a chance to finish it, just like the other ones.
So you just what, give it to someone else? [SCOFFS.]
Like father, like daughter, I see.
- What is that supposed to mean? - Exactly what I said.
Patience wrote a song, and your pops gave it to someone else.
What is the difference? [LAYLA EXHALES SHARPLY.]
I'm not gonna sit here and let you disrespect me in my own studio.
I invested virtually all my time and money into producing these tracks that are still incomplete.
You quit on me, Coop, without even telling me, so what I choose to do with these tracks to make the best out of a difficult situation is my business.
Good luck with your replacement Coop.
OLIVIA: From my podcast, I've tried to at least give a small voice to some injustices that would have otherwise gone completely unnoticed.
- Oh, that's it? - Should I say more? - No, no, that's good.
- OK, ask me the next question.
SPENCER: You really need to be rehearsing your answers? [OLIVIA SIGHS.]
- SPENCER: Just be you.
They're gonna love you.
- I know.
I just I really want this.
- I know.
- GRACE: Want what? - SPENCER: Liv's got a big-time job interview in an hour.
OLIVIA: It's for a summer job at the "L.
Tribune" online.
Heh! Look at you being great.
Thank you.
Well, I should probably get going.
Wish me luck.
- [KISS.]
- SPENCER: Good luck.
- OLIVIA: Thank you.
- Bye, Ms.
- So how you feeling? I still ain't heard anything from Coach Dante - since he resigned from Toledo.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, that man recruited me, convinced me to sign with 'em.
The least he can do is call me back with an explanation.
- What about the head coach? - Coach Hudson? Yeah, he's stopping by the school later today.
He wants to check in and show me how they're building the entire offense around me next year.
- That's exciting.
- Yeah, I guess.
- Spencer.
- Do you think they knew Coach Dante was leaving when I signed with 'em? Actually, never mind.
Never mind.
I'm just in my head.
Just ask Coach Hudson when he come down to the school today.
And remember, you wouldn't be the first player who backed off of a commitment, but don't write them off just yet.
Toledo State is still an incredible opportunity.
JORDAN: I go to junior college, I ball out, and two years from now, I have multiple offers from D1 schools.
Sounds like a good plan.
Well, my dad and Coach Montes think it's the best option for me, so Do you? I know it's the right move, but honestly, Ash, after the season that I had, even with the concussions, it stings to know that not one D1 coach wanted me.
- You know what stings even more than that? - Hmm? Not being able to play football ever again.
- Uh, Ash, I'm I'm sorry.
- No, no, hey, look, I'm not guilt-tripping you.
I get it.
You deserve a D1 offer.
- Thanks.
- Just remember how lucky you are.
You get to keep playing football, so go ball out, starting with that All-American game this week.
Yeah, well, I'm a reserve.
I mean, there's no chance I even see the field.
Hell, I should I should be up in the stands with you, right? Uh, I won't be there.
I'm just not ready to be around football yet.
I'll be rooting for you to get into the game.
- Right, yeah, thanks.
- Yeah.
WOMAN: Are you a reader of our publication? OLIVIA: Yes, for as long as I can remember.
- Um, my parents still get the newspaper edition - WOMAN: Mmm.
And I read the online site, which is, you know, pretty much why I'm here.
So what can we do better? Uh, um nothing, I think it's great.
Good to know.
So why would we need your help, if we're already perfect? Um, well [CHUCKLES.]
- That question stumps everyone.
It's a bit unfair, putting you on the spot like that.
We ask it to challenge each applicant to speak up, but that's a rare quality we already know you possess.
- Really? - I was impressed with your podcast.
- Oh, you listened to it? - Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Yeah, I was just trying to give a small voice to those affected by injustices.
Well, I'd say you gave them a big voice.
Anyway, while I am thrilled to know you think the "L.
Tribune" is perfect the way it is, I am always looking for ways to improve, new voices, like yours.
And it's been a heavy couple years.
People are exhausted, so I'd like to start balancing our stories with some - Lighter topics.
- That's a great idea.
Um, I'm personally trying to embrace more light this year, you know, lean into the joy.
Then that's perfect.
See, we already know that you are more than capable of harder-hitting pieces.
Now we'd like to see if you can deliver something a bit more fun and poppy, an inspiring story.
- Are you giving me an assignment? - Consider it a tryout.
You think you can deliver something in two days? Yes, of course.
What's the topic? I will leave that up to you.
Just Make us smile.
MALE SINGER: What a time to be alive, yeah Yeah, I guess I didn't realize she was so ice-cold.
- Oh, OK, you're overreacting.
- [SIGHS.]
Well, you should have seen her, like, just back in the studio, business as usual.
Well, what did you expect her to do? - Why are you defending Layla? - I'm not, but, you know, she's under a lot of pressure to finish these tracks, and you just told her that you couldn't do it.
You know, I honestly thought you'd be on my side - after what J.
did to you.
- No, this ain't nothing like that.
cut me out of the process.
Now, Layla would welcome your input, but you just told her that you don't want to be around music anymore.
Or maybe I just don't want to hear another artist butcher my lyrics.
Look, her career is on the line, and you can't just expect Layla to give up.
They say champions are made in the off-season.
Keep on grindin'.
- Heh! - What's up, Coach? - Heh heh heh! Wait till you see our weight room, man.
It's state-of-the-art.
Coach Baker said it don't matter where you sweat, - just as long as you give 100.
- Coach Billy's a good coach.
Thank you.
Yeah, so was Coach Dante.
Yep, and we were sorry to see him go.
But don't you worry.
We're gonna fill his spot with somebody who's top-notch with NFL experience.
Heh! You're you're gonna be in good hands.
- Can I ask you a question? - Always.
Did you know Coach Dante was leaving - when I signed my letter of intent? - Yes.
And how come nobody told me? I was under the impression that you were Committed to the school, the tradition, the top-25 program, or was I mistaken? Were you - committing to an assistant coach? - No.
I mean Maybe all of it.
Spencer, I assure you you are the jewel in our recruitment class.
You are the number-one priority.
I came out here to see you play in the platinum All-American game.
I thought you'd be grateful.
- Grateful? - That a power-5 team is willing to build its entire offense around a freshman named Spencer James.
- I am.
- Good! - Yes, sir.
- Because, you know, not everybody gets the golden opportunity we're giving you at Toledo State.
Remember that.
Already working on your playbook for next season? Ha ha ha! Coach.
You're a long way from Ohio.
Had to come out and see my star recruit - play in the platinum All-American game.
- BILLY: Ha ha! Drawing up plays for that very game.
Trying to keep it simple, involve everybody.
Gonna be a lot of egos out there on that field.
- Well, I'm glad I signed one of 'em.
- No, no, not Spencer.
He is a team player all the way.
You got a great young man on your hands.
I've been lucky, lucky to, uh, coach him for the past two years.
You want to keep that relationship going? Are you offering me a job? Wide receiver coach.
Position just opened up.
Yeah, I had heard.
Coach Dante did a really good job at recruiting Spencer.
Are you offering me this job to make sure Spencer stays committed? Spencer's signed, he's not committed.
I'm offering you the job because you're one of the best high school coaches in America, and I think you're ready to take the next step.
Do you think you are? Ah, power-5.
Honestly, I haven't I haven't even considered Sure, you have.
I've followed your career since you left the NFL.
Seamlessly transitioned into coaching, now two back-to-back state championship games.
- It's clear you're a winner.
- Well, thanks, Coach, and I appreciate that.
Uh wow.
Can I think about it, talk to the wife? - Sure.
Just let me know at the game.
- All right.
Uh, while I consider, let's not tell Spencer.
- Good luck on those plays.
- All right.
Thanks, Coach.
SIMONE: Look at your little recorder [CHUCKLING.]
and cute little notepad.
- This is cute.
- You know, I'm trying to be professional.
Well, then, well, then, what is this assignment? It's basically a tryout for a summer job at the "L.
Tribune" online.
You know, they like me.
They just want to see if I can deliver - a fun, poppy, uplifting story.
- Poppy? - You? - I can be poppy.
Girl, you are the poster child for black emo chick, but you know what? Let's just give it a shot anyway, hmm? - So, what's the topic? - Well, they let me pick that myself, and I decided on black excellence.
So you're interviewing me? Of course I am.
Tell me about your decision to attend Bringston University.
Well, my whole life, I wanted to go to Princeton because I thought attending an Ivy was the epitome of black excellence, you know, like a badge of honor, but then I realized Bringston was a very different version of black excellence, one that didn't come with that burden.
- What burden? - Well, black athletes have unrealistic expectations put on them.
There's always this pressure to be perfect.
Can you give me an example? Girl, did you watch the Olympics? Take Simone Biles or even Tiger Woods.
People are just waiting to tear you down.
When I started playing tennis again, I I didn't tell my coach that in my year off, I had gotten pregnant.
I hid it from my junior tennis league Because I didn't want them to see me as less than perfect.
And at Bringston, being great is Is a journey.
You get to do you, so I can make mistakes and still be great.
You headed out? Yeah.
I'm on my way to meet Liv.
She want to interview me for this assignment she doing.
OK, cool.
Well, see you at practice tomorrow.
- Hey, can I ask you something? - Yeah.
When you were picking your college, did you choose the coach or the school? I chose the school.
Yeah, I think the coach that recruited me was gone by my sophomore year or something.
- Hmm.
- Is this about Coach Dante leaving Toledo? Kinda.
I'm trying to figure out why I chose Toledo State.
Well, what's your answer? Both, I think.
- I mean, I I definitely wanted to play for him.
- BILLY: Right.
I like having a connection to my coach, just like how I followed you to Beverly, and then we came back here together, - but that school, man, that is everything I want.
- Yeah.
That stadium, the fans, I'd be on national TV every week.
Plus, Coach Hudson, you know, he sends a lot of players to the NFL.
I mean, I know it's a great opportunity for me, so why am I doubting it all of a sudden? Look, man, this is the single biggest decision you've ever made.
I'd just say follow your instincts, follow your gut.
- You'll figure it out.
- SPENCER: Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
SPENCER: Sorry I'm late.
- Ah, I just finished up with Simone.
- How'd that go? Simone was great.
Um, you know, she has such a strong point of view.
It just - It just wasn't the assignment that I was given.
- Which is? - Poppy.
- Poppy? Poppy and fun, which, Simone's interview got pretty serious - Hmm.
- And, you know, they've already seen that side of me from my podcast.
You know, I want to prove to them that I have some range.
- So the pressure's on me? - Big time.
- I got to bring the fun? - Yeah, just be uplifting and inspiring.
And poppy.
Got it.
Tell me what it's like to get a full scholarship to play football at a major division-1 school.
It is a dream come true.
Can't believe I'm gonna be scoring touchdowns on national TV next year.
SPENCER: And considering where I came from, I'm just grateful for the opportunity.
Ooh, this is good stuff.
Keep it going.
OK, uh I think the head coach at Toledo State - wishes I was more grateful, but, um - OLIVIA: What makes you say that? Well, when I questioned him about Coach Dante leaving, he said he thought I'd be more grateful.
But he's right, you know, with the opportunity they've given me I guess I don't know.
OLIVIA: Um, pause.
Hell no.
He's gaslighting you.
He's making you feel bad for asking a simple question, all because the answer might make him look bad.
But I am grateful.
I ain't had that many offers from any of the other big-time schools, and after I got shot, a lot of those schools backed off.
Once I was healed, it ain't like they came pouring back in.
Because you weren't perfect.
- What? - I think you're perfect, but I mean, Simone was just talking about this burden that black athletes face and how they're held to this higher standard, and it sounds like you need to be perfect Or I ain't worth the trouble.
My bad.
I'm not bringing the fun.
Um come on.
Ask me a poppy question, and I will give you a poppy answer.
It's OK.
The truth is more important than the fun.
When was the last time You were in Ohio? I think when you played Cleveland, - or was it Cincinnati? - BILLY: Yeah, that was Cleveland.
Yeah, don't remind me.
And you fumbled in the fourth quarter and lost the game.
- Didn't I tell you not to - OK, sorry.
You brought it up.
- You ever been in Toledo? - No, but, uh, I promised that we'd go for Spencer's first game.
OK, well, what if we went for Spencer's first game and then stayed? - Um - The, uh, the head coach from Toledo State offered me a job Wide receivers coach.
And we'd live in Ohio? Yeah.
Is that a deal-breaker? - I'm just processing this new information.
- Yeah.
But For the first time in my career, free to move anywhere, so I guess The question is, and be honest, I'm do you want this job? Yeah I think I do.
SIMONE ON RECORDING: Well, my whole life, I wanted to go to Princeton - [SIGHS.]
- because I thought attending an Ivy - Is that Simone? - Yup.
Well, you know you could have asked me, right? I don't need your permission to talk to Simone.
No, I meant you could have asked to interview me for your project, or am I not an example of black excellence? Don't take it personally, Jordan, OK? I just thought that Simone and Spencer would have interesting point of views.
OK, so you asked Spencer as well.
If it makes you feel any better, the project isn't going very well.
Why does nobody see me as great? - Jordan.
- No, no, I'm serious, Liv.
Look, college coaches obviously don't see me as great.
My own sister doesn't even see me as great.
Yes, I do.
It's just that sometimes you don't see yourself that way, and that affects how other people see you.
No, maybe I used to doubt myself, all right, but not anymore.
Look, I know that I can be great, Olivia.
It's just that nobody else wants to see it.
Well, then change the way that people see you.
- How? - By being great.
Spencer James, All-American.
- Cam.
I heard you got the invite.
- Yeah, man.
- Back on the same team again.
- Yep.
Hey, yo, we'd better smoke these fools tomorrow.
It's just an exhibition game, man.
I don't think the score really matters.
We're just here to showcase our talents, you know? Only thing that dude's showcasing is that big-ass head.
What did you just say? Yo, hey, hey, chill, chill.
He ain't say nothin'.
Why you gotta run your mouth to everybody, man? I get that's your thing, but that is a 5-star linebacker outta Texas.
He will break you in half.
- He did have a big-ass head, though, right? - Huge.
- That's all I'm sayin'.
Go, man.
KENT: Yo, we need another ball out here! - Boom.
Whoo! - Nice toss.
- Thanks.
- Probably the only one I'll throw today.
- Reserve? - Yeah.
- Hey, me, too.
Isaiah Winfield, Arizona.
Jordan Baker from right here.
- Oh, OK.
Cali boy.
- Yeah.
Yo, there's some serious talent on this field, huh? - Man, best in the country.
- Yeah.
And that includes us.
Hey, whether we get into that game or not, we still get to put on the same uniforms as them, says "All-American" across the front.
It sure would be nice to compete against them, though, right? Yeah.
Hey, that dude right there is going to 'Bama, that dude's Florida.
He's Oregon.
Where are you going? Undecided.
Still trying to find the right fit for me, you know? - Right.
- How 'bout you? JuCo for a couple years and then transfer into D1.
- Hey, JuCo route's still legit.
- Mm-hmm.
- Grades? - Two concussions.
KIM NITTY, VOICE-OVER: No questions asked I'm at the top, I just might build me a house on the moon You can tell that I'm great, once I'm done, I'm gettin' to it I'll keep on movin', never no stoppin' me, I'm a blast No questions asked, no questions asked ASHER: Layla.
- Asher.
What up, bro? - Hey, Coop.
Hey, you, uh, you seen Layla around? Actually, nah, man.
She's gone for the day.
- Only reason I'm here.
- Hard to stay away, isn't it? I know exactly how it feels.
We got a lot more in common all of a sudden.
We were both living our dreams, and in a blink It was gone.
What's next for us, Coop? I don't know, man.
I am, uh, obviously sitting in an empty studio after hours because I miss it.
So, uh There's step one.
Does that mean I'll be sitting on an empty football field soon? - It's a start.
- You know, half of me wants to go to that game because Jordan and Spencer are both in it, but the other half of me It's too hard.
You want to be the tie-breaker for me? I'd say come to the game, bro.
Support your boys.
Ain't like you got to sit and listen to someone else sing your song.
You know, for what it's worth, Coop, um, if someone was singing a song that I wrote, it probably means I wrote a damn good song, so I'd be proud to listen to that.
KENT: That's me, that's me.
Come on.
You remember me, right? I remember that big-ass head.
That helmet custom-made for it? Remember you said that.
TYRONE BRIGGS: Takin' over the game Like I'm supposed to do Feel that crowd energy You can go assume this game over Go blow the tune, do it for the whole town - They gotta love it - SINGER: Hey! BRIGGS: Go ahead, blow the trumpet Label me the goat, y'all can't tell me nothing - Hey! - Go ahead, blow the trumpet - Hey, hey, hey - Blow the trumpet Yo, what's your problem, bro? This is practice for an All-Star game.
CAM: Bro, I practice the way I play.
- What is going on out there? - Oh, it's just Cam being Cam.
CAM: This supposed to be the big leagues, dawg.
Then why are you here? I just showed you why I'm here.
What school you going to? You'll find out tomorrow at halftime.
Wherever you end up, them skinny legs ain't gonna last one season.
- PLAYER: Hey, hey, hey! - KENT: What's up? Want to do this? You want to do this? We'll do this all day, bro! PLAYER: Hey, calm down! Yo! JORDAN: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, come on! What is wrong with you? Guys, stop! What are you doing, fighting 20 minutes into our only practice, over what? Who's going to the best college? How many stars you have next to your name? You're supposed to be the best players in the country.
Act like it! You're about to play in a game celebrating how talented you all are, how great you are! It's supposed to be fun! Drop your egos for one game and shake hands and knock it off! I said shake hands, now! Play football.
He got that from me.
Pretty sure he got that from me.
You should have seen him, baby.
Jordan was in complete control.
He was a leader.
I hadn't seen that side of him.
I've seen glimpses of it this year.
I guess Montes has been a really good influence on him.
Well, she's definitely challenged him to step up.
Maybe Spencer needs that.
I'd hate to rob him of a of a mentor, you know, someone who could build on what we've worked on together.
Wait, are you Are you backing out of the Toledo State gig? I mean, maybe it's time for Spencer to spread his wings, you know, and let's be honest.
Me taking that job, you know, would completely uproot you - Do not do that.
- Do what? Don't make this decision about me, OK? I am supporting you.
For the first half of our lives, you You spent living in my world, and you did that for me, for my career.
I will follow you wherever you want to go.
ANNOUNCER: Welcome to Los Angeles, California, where the best high school football players in the country have gathered to show off their skills in the platinum All-American game.
A number of undecided prospects will announce their college decisions at halftime.
37 former platinum all-Americans were selected in the first round of the NFL draft, so this is the cream of the crop, the future of the NFL.
MALE SINGER: We ain't the same - Not only deal, not only name - BILLY: Heh heh! What you think about this guy right here? - JORDAN: He's from Arkan - ISAIAH: Yo, Jordan.
Hey, Isaiah.
Uh, want you to meet my dad.
- Billy Baker.
It's an honor.
- OK.
Good to meet you, young man.
- Thank you.
My older brother had your jersey.
- Oh, for real? - Well, tell him I said hi.
- ISAIAH: Hey, I will.
If he needs me to sign it or anything, I can do that, too.
Oh, I don't think he has it no more.
That was a long time ago.
Ahem! - The hell you laughin' at? - JORDAN: I'm not.
I'm I'm sorry.
- BILLY: It was good to meet you, Isaiah.
- ISAIAH: Likewise.
JORDAN: See you out there.
Yo, man, that was classic.
Oh, yo, I can't believe your pops was in the NFL.
That's the dream, right? JORDAN: It's cool.
I'm not gonna lie to you, though.
It honestly was tough growing up in his shadow.
I mean everything I did on the field was always compared to him, you know? I mean, I almost quit football a few times.
Yeah, but you didn't, and now look where you're at, and because you took that pressure and you turned it into fuel, man.
I did.
I turned it into fuel.
You're right.
Come on.
Let's warm up.
OLIVIA, VOICE-OVER: What is black excellence? The easy definition is it's celebrating the achievements of black people, but is it attainable? Sometimes black excellence comes with an unrealistic burden attached to it.
Just look at black athletes.
They're celebrated when they achieve greatness, but just as quickly torn down at the slightest glimpse of imperfection because they're often seen as commodities.
A black football player is praised as long as he's scoring touchdowns, but any off-the-field mistake, and the narrative quickly changes to "he doesn't really deserve this opportunity.
Doesn't he know how lucky he is to have this opportunity?" This burden is unfair, and it's impossible to sustain, but it's become ingrained in the world that we live in.
SPENCER: That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Just like home, baby.
- CAM: Just like home, baby.
- MALE SINGER: Like a train comin', no brakes on Can't stop me, you better move Feel the ground rumble like a stampede When I take off, I can't lose I'm like an earthquake with my heart pumpin' I'm dialed in, we gonna start something We gonna light it up, can't shut us down You hear the thunder roar, you know the storm comin' - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
- Yeah, I zero in like a predator And you lookin' like prey - Get ready for the war zone - CAM: Whoo! OLIVIA, VOICE-OVER: Let us make mistakes without immediately declaring, "they don't deserve to be here," and let us strive for greatness - [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
- without that impossible burden of perfection.
Damn, I almost caught that, bruh.
Yeah, I know, man.
Heh! Hey, yo, you see me blow past that big-headed 5-star from Texas? Hey, I'm not gonna lie to you.
I wouldn't mind - having that dude on my team.
- For real.
Dude's a beast.
When he tackled me on that screen pass, I thought I'd died for a minute.
- Don't tell him I said that.
- SPENCER: Heh heh! I won't.
Yo, it's been dope having you on the same team again, man.
CAM: Oh, yeah.
I feel bad for the defense, though.
You were unstoppable out there, bro.
Thanks, and imagine if you never left Crenshaw.
- Man, you left first.
- But I came back.
- You right.
- Heh heh! You know, Ohio's gonna feel a lot different than Crenshaw, bro.
Yeah, I know.
- So where you going? - I'm announcing my decision at halftime.
You want to go check it out? - Maybe.
- All right, whatever.
- Hey, yo, Spence? - Yo? Toledo State's got them some greatness.
They don't even know what's coming.
You gonna light Ohio up, bro.
They're lucky to have you.
You know what, Cam? You're damn right.
We'll see you out there.
- BILLY: Hey.
- HUDSON: Great first half.
Those your players carving up that 5-star defense out there? Ha ha! Some of them were, but, uh, Coach Montes had some gems in there, too.
Well, maybe I should offer her the job.
- BILLY: Actually, um, maybe you should.
Is this where you turn me down? Oh, Coach, I went back and forth, like, 20 times, but, uh, but, yeah.
I, uh, I'm gonna have to respectfully decline.
I, uh, I appreciate you considering me, though.
I do.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Can I ask why? This is a pretty big opportunity.
It is a big opportunity, but I just feel like Spencer needs to spread his wings without me by his side, you know? And to be honest, uh, I haven't figured out what this next chapter is for me.
- Maybe I haven't finished everything I was supposed to do here, but again, I appreciate the consideration.
- Good luck.
- Thanks, Coach.
REPORTER: In today's game, we have 12 elite prospects who are currently undecided.
Eight of them will be choosing their college destination live, right now.
First up is 4-star wide receiver out of Westlake, California, Cam Watkins.
Cam, I see you've narrowed it down to 4 lucky schools.
The moment is now yours.
Where will you be spending the next 4 years? Well, first I'd like to thank God, um, my family, my coaches, and teammates.
Without any of them, none of this would be possible, so thank you.
And, with that being said, I will be taking my talents to And the lucky school is? [CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING.]
- CAM: Stay tuned.
REPORTER: OK, so it appears Cam Watkins is going to remain undecided for a little while longer.
Stay tuned.
- You're in.
- JORDAN: What? - BILLY: Go get 'em.
- Yo! Get your helmet, boy.
- Helmet.
- Relax, relax, relax.
- ISAIAH: Atta boy, J! - JORDAN: My man.
Um Coach can you put Isaiah in? Winfield, grab a helmet.
- Uh-oh.
- Hey.
- PLAYER: Uh-oh! - PLAYER 2: Let's do this.
- Yo, you did that for me? - You earned this, all right? It's our time now.
We both turned it into fuel.
Let's play some football.
STADIUM ANNOUNCER: Western reserve Jordan Baker out of California checks in to quarterback.
ANNOUNCER: Takes the snap, third and long.
Quick pass to Isaiah Winfield, - and he gets the first down! - [CROWD CHEERS.]
MALE SINGER: I know what JORDAN: Here you go.
Gun right chair on 1.
Ready? Hey, hey, don't let me overthrow you.
- ISAIAH: Not possible.
- JORDAN: All right.
- Let's make a toast to the rebels - Here we go.
Down, set.
Wide 60.
Wide, set, hut! ANNOUNCER: Baker rolls out, throws a deep ball to Winfield.
- Can't worry 'bout yesterday - Touchdown! - Whoo! - Nice pass, bro.
If you think you'll finish writing by summer, I'll just go ahead and book the musicians now so they'll be available to record.
- OK, I'm good with that.
- OK, so I'll do it in - COOP: What's up, Layla? - LAYLA: Hey.
- I thought you were at Spencer's game.
I was, and actually, I can't stay.
I just I wanted to apologize for the past couple days.
I mean, one minute, I'm accusing you of being your pops, which you're not, and the next, I'm walking out of the studio without explaining myself.
It's too hard to actually be involved in the mix, knowing my dream is gone, even though I miss it.
And hopefully, I'll get there.
I don't know, but I do know that you have to find a way to finish these tracks, and I get it.
Well, like I told you, I wish it was you in that booth.
Me, too, but that new artist, uh - Kim Nitty.
- Yeah.
She's dope.
I knew it the first time I seen her last year, when I battled her.
She can get it done, but if I'm being honest, um, she doesn't really sound right singing my lyrics because it's my experiences.
It's not her fault, but I've seen her do her thing, so let her freestyle.
Same sound, her experiences.
I think it could add something magical to the track.
You might be right.
- COOP: I know I'm right.
- COOP: Whatever.
I'll see y'all around, though.
- PATIENCE: I love you.
- COOP: Love you.
Well, that went well.
- That's a start.
Right? - Ha! OK.
WOMAN: Oh, my gosh.
Did you see that touchdown? - ASHER: Nice pass.
- JORDAN: I thought that you weren't coming.
If I would have missed that touchdown, - I never would have heard the end of it.
- JORDAN: Mmm, you think you're gonna hear the end of it anyway? - [ASHER CHUCKLES.]
- I'mma holler at y'all.
- Yeah.
- You hungry? - I could eat.
- I could eat.
HUDSON: After watching this game, I think it's safe to say Toledo State got the best player in the country.
- SPENCER: Thank you, Coach.
Listen, I appreciate you, everything you've done, going out of your way to be here for me today But I don't think Toledo State's the right fit for me, so I've decided to reopen my recruitment.
Who who paid you? - Who paid me? - I'm not stupid.
I know some of these schools got deep pockets.
- That ain't what this is about.
- Right.
Should have known something was up when Billy turned me down.
- What are you talking about? - HUDSON: I offered Billy Coach Dante's old job.
Best coaching opportunity of his career, and he just turned me down at halftime, and now this.
Yeah, I guess you two got offered a better package deal.
SPENCER: Why didn't you tell me Toledo State offered you Coach Dante's job? Because I didn't want to influence your decision.
And it would have.
Coach, we could have run it back for four more years.
BILLY: Heh heh heh! Believe me, I thought about it, but it's, uh, time for Spencer James to find a new mentor.
Man, I learned so much from you, man.
And you'll continue to learn, from other coaches.
Your career is just beginning.
- It just hit me.
- What? That's really it.
- We had a good run, didn't we? - Yeah.
Thank you for coming into my life For everything you did for me.
I'll never forget these last two years together.
Neither will I.
KIM: Yo, same thing from the top? Actually, we're gonna try something different.
So same arrangement, but I want you to freestyle your own lyrics.
Can you do that? OK, look, I'm all about that.
Let's get it.
BACKGROUND VOCAL: No questions asked KIM: Look, feel bad for my competition Y'all shoulda never let me in this Been havin' my ducks lined up in a row When you even knew how to go fishin' Yeah, I got that heat like friction And respect like Hillary Clinton As far as gs go, yeah, I know who fake You don't be pretendin' I'm eatin' cheese Sippin' vino Bougie with a ego Might have to change my name To Kim Nitty Bambino I ain't never hidin', y'all know where to find me This goes out to everybody try their luck, don't try me - Hey, congratulations.
- BILLY: Yes.
- OLIVIA: Heh heh! - Your boy balled out today, and against some of the best athletes in the country.
I know.
I caught the second half on TV, and I saw Jordan - got into the game, too.
- SPENCER: Hey, that boy threw a dime for 50 yards.
- BILLY: I think he opened up some eyes today.
- SPENCER: Right.
- BILLY: He opened up some eyes.
- OLIVIA: Yeah.
You hand in your assignment? Yeah.
And I'm guessing you ain't heard nothing back? [PATS LEG.]
I mean, I don't expect to.
I mean, they gave me a very clear and specific assignment.
And Simone and I ruined it.
I'm kidding.
I gave them a great story, but I don't know.
Maybe fun and poppy just isn't my thing, and I'm OK with that.
- You still want to watch a movie? - Sure.
Let's make some popcorn.
Can the movie be fun and poppy? - Too soon.
- Sorry.
MALE SINGER: Can you give it one day? - JORDAN: Did you see me out there today? - ASHER: I saw.
- When I ducked out that defensive end? - I was there, Jordan.
You know that guy's going to Florida State, right? Good school.
I mean, I was just as good as everyone else on that field today.
Dude, it's obvious that you're just as good as any player out there on the field.
Thank you, but, I mean, they're all going power-5 D1, and I'm going JuCo.
OK And so did Aaron Rodgers.
He turned out all right.
- Really? - Yeah.
You know, he played JuCo for one year, and he showed everybody how unstoppable he was.
After that, he pretty much got to pick whatever school he wanted.
I can do that.
One year, ball out, show everyone what I'm capable of.
I mean Heh! Today, I changed the way I view myself.
Next year, I'm gonna change the way everyone else sees me.
I guarantee you.
OLIVIA: I thought this was supposed to be funny.
It was in the comedy section, but, uh, it definitely took a turn, kind of like your assignment.
- Really? - Oh, I thought we were still doing the back-and-forth joke thing.
Oh, no, no, no, that That time has passed.
- SPENCER: Oh, phone.
Oh, my God.
It's the editor.
- Hey.
Hello? Hi.
Yeah no, no, it's not too late.
Wasn't what you asked for.
Um, it just Kinda took on a life of its own.
Yeah, I understand.
You found someone? That's great.
Um listen, um, I'm I'm sorry that I couldn't deliver what What you wanted.
I just Oh.
Uh, OK.
Thank you.
OK, bye.
I know you're not about to leave me hanging right now.
- I got it.
Ha ha! - You got it? [LAUGHING.]
She said that they found a fun and poppy writer, but they loved what I sent them, and there's always a place for great stories like that in their publication.
SPENCER: Yeah, there is.
- MALE SINGER: Doing my best - [GIGGLES.]
Now I'm holding on, I'm up in the air - Nobody cares, all of these changes - [CELL PHONE VIBRATING.]
- This is Billy Baker.
- HUDSON: Billy, Larry Hudson.
Uh, Coach Hudson, um, hey, so I heard about, uh, Spencer decommitting, and, um Actually, that's why I'm calling you.
Spencer can either hear this from me - or from you.
You decide.
- Hear what? We passed on a lot of top players at Spencer's position when he signed with us.
They are obviously not available anymore.
This leaves us in a very difficult situation.
OK, what are What are you saying? We're not gonna let Spencer out of his binding letter of intent.
- Well, you can't do that.
- It's done.
We expect Spencer to honor the commitment to us, which means he can come to Toledo State, have a great career, or he goes somewhere else, he'll be ineligible to play football his entire freshman year.
SINGER: Got to wash it all away now and let it go [VOCALIZING.]
SINGER: I can't live like this no more MAN: Greg, move your head!
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