All American (2018) s04e08 Episode Script

Walk This Way

1 - Stop touching my stuff! - I'm just trying to do my job! - Hey, Grandpa - I don't care! Tu abuelo es imposible.
I quit! Don't even think about coming back! Uh, OK, I'm I'm not really sure what just happened there, but didn't the doctor say you shouldn't get worked up? That woman's a menace.
Kept changing the settings on my TV.
I'm trying to watch the news, not a telenovela! And just now, I saw her poking around in my drawers drawer.
What is a "drurs drur"? It's the drawer where I keep Ah, never mind.
Just tell your father I am sick and tired of strangers in and out of my home.
Just 'cause I had a heart attack don't make me a damn invalid.
I I I I'm fine on my own.
I don't I don't need any any help.
I don't need any help.
- What's good, J.
? - What's up, Spence? Hey, you got a minute? Chris said you got a meeting with Carter today.
You think he's circling back about the break-in at Beverly and the trophy? I told you not to worry about what went down prom night, man.
- You good.
- Ain't me I'm worried about; Carter said he'd expel you if you didn't turn anyone in, right? If Carter was gonna expel me, he woulda done it by now, but it's been a month, and he ain't mentioned expulsion since that night, a'ight? Maybe he put the investigation on hold 'cause he doesn't want to go after Coach's team while his old man's in the hospital.
Or maybe he's letting it all blow over because it was just a prank.
No, Carter don't seem like the type of dude who believes in pranks.
- Jabari, let it go.
- I can't, man! You putting yourself out on a limb protecting me.
What happens to Golden Angeles if you get expelled? G.
would revoke my scholarship, but that ain't gonna happen.
I earned that diploma, and in two days, Carter's gonna put it right in my hand.
Is that clear enough for you? Finally.
What took you so long? What happened? Amina, I'm not playing.
Who did that to your eye? For the past few weeks, you've been talking back to your teachers, not turning in your homework, and now you getting into scraps? I want answers, now.
Where are my answers? I asked you why Aunt Coop shot my mom, and all you keep saying is Auntie Coop wasn't involved.
- So why is everybody saying - I warned you.
Quit listening to folks in the street.
They ain't got no clue what they talking about.
But you do.
Daddy, I deserve to know what happened to my mom.
Just tell me.
I told you everything you needed to know.
The rest is grown-folk stuff, but right now, I need to know why the hell you look like you went two rounds in the boxing ring.
If you won't tell me your business, you need to stay out of mine.
Girl, whatever is bothering you, that robe is innocent, OK? My dad is insisting I meet the music chair at Coastal California, even though he swore he was fine with me taking a gap year.
Wants me to discuss my options, but no pressure, so now I'm trying to fit in this meeting - and write my valedictorian speech.
- Let me get this straight.
Before you give your speech on us, like, being grown and, you know, seizing the day or whatever, - you have to first meet with your daddy's friend? - Yeah.
The irony is not lost on me.
At least you know what you're doing next year.
I mean, I got into all of these schools, and I still don't know which one has the best journalism program for me.
I thought the acceptance deadline's passed already.
She got extensions to her top 3 schools.
Well, aren't you special? All right, gun to your head.
What's your gut telling you? I mean, I'm drawn to the one at G.
? Where did that come from? I wonder why.
I don't want to be one of those girls that just, like, follows her boyfriend to college.
I mean, it's so thirsty.
What am I saying? I mean, if Spencer gets expelled, then he might not even get to go to college, so I might not even get a chance to be thirsty.
All right, guys, well, I think that Spencer will be fine, and as for you, my aunt Amara's actually coming in - for graduation this weekend - Oh.
And she has all the tea on journalism programs, so, with her advice You will live to thirst another day, darling.
Well, the grace period's up.
The school board and alumni are livid.
They want the guilty students found now.
Look, I agreed to this meeting as a courtesy, but I expect Spencer to tell you the same thing that he told us at prom nothing.
Isn't this all a bit much for a silly high-school prank? But it stopped being a prank when the sprinklers caused a half a million dollars in damage to the gym.
Someone must be held responsible, - even if it's Spencer James.
- Spencer is my student.
- The Beverly school board doesn't have a say - They went to Superintendent Barry.
She's commissioned a disciplinary committee to decide Spencer's fate tomorrow afternoon.
Spencer is only guilty of returning the trophy.
Look, no one wants Spencer going down for this.
But I will if I don't give 'em anybody else, right? Spencer.
You're early.
I figured I'd get a workout in.
Did I get that right, sir? Spencer You may think it's noble protecting your teammates.
The disciplinary committee will not.
They will expel you, but it doesn't have to come to that.
Give 'em a few names to expel so it won't happen to me, right? Give me one name, and everyone can get back to their lives.
Everybody except the person I name.
They committed a crime.
You didn't.
It was an accident.
You know that.
And they will have the opportunity to give their side of the story.
Look, I just want everyone to face the consequences of their own actions.
You don't deserve any of this.
- I can't.
- Spencer, your future is worth too much.
You know what? You right.
I don't deserve this, but I can't give you a name because their future's got worth, too, even if you don't see it.
Hip and hip All the way down the aisle, ball change I don't care what you did in the stone ages, OK? I'm not two-stepping down the aisle at graduation.
Come on, now.
Two steps puts the pomp - in pomp and circumstance.
- Dad! Why are you letting complete strangers take care of G.
? Oh, is that what he's calling them? 'Cause they're not strangers.
They're qualified medical professionals, and judging by the tone of your voice, I probably need to hire a new one.
No, no, no, don't hire someone else; - Go down there yourself, Dad.
- That's not a good idea.
Well, why not? I mean, aren't you guys finally in a good place? We are, and I'm trying to keep it that way.
He's your dad, right? Why are you looking for excuses not to go see him? You haven't been down there since what, what He he got released from the hospital? - Jordan.
- You're ridiculous.
Jordan! - I'll go talk to him.
- Please.
So when are we gonna go two-step on over there? Aw, boy.
Because I am angry, d'Angelo! After all the things he's done for that damn school? Are you kidding me? It's disgusting! I got to go.
He's home.
Yo, did you really get expelled? No.
Not yet.
"Not yet"? Dawg, I cannot believe this is happening.
- It doesn't have to.
- Ma, listen, I know you angry "Angry" does not even begin to describe it! Spencer, I thought, hoped that Dr.
Spears had finally gotten you - over this need to save everybody! - It's bigger than that, Ma.
It's about fighting a system that's forgotten it's supposed to be protecting students, not feeding them to the wolves over the smallest mistake.
But this is your future! What type of example are you setting for Dillon? Stand up for what you believe in.
I get it, but graduating is important.
It's something that a lot of ignorant folks don't expect from boys who look like y'all.
Listen, I'm trying to make sure that when it's Dillon's time, he don't have to make a choice like this.
Your father graduated in these.
This was before we were married Before you were born.
We were just two kids in love, dreaming of our son and how one day he would wear them.
I know you think what you're doing is right, and one day, maybe I'll understand, but not while I'm still mourning this dream.
If you're considering a future as fancy gym guy, this is an intervention.
No, no, it's Coastal California's athletics orientation package.
JJ let me borrow it.
Look at this.
They've got hydrotherapy pools with underwater treadmills, they've got anti-gravity trainers for injury rehabilitation.
I mean Looks like something they'd use to train astronauts.
I don't know about the moon, but a Bowl game is definitely within reach with this team.
I mean, they're they're young, but slotting JJ into weak-side linebacker would make them one of the best front 7s, honestly, in their conference.
I, uh, I can get carried away.
No, I think it sounds great for JJ and for you.
I'd be risking my life the second I stepped on that field.
I wasn't talking about playing; Your heart condition wouldn't affect coaching.
No but a-as cool as it sounds, it's just not possible, Jaymee.
They don't have student coaching assistants? Occasionally, but they're rare.
Well, rare still leaves room for possibility.
I can't take $200,000 in student loans o-on the chance that I might get a gig like that if I go to Coastal.
Hey, you two, I need your opinion.
Working on a new dish here, and I don't know.
It's it's missing something.
Cinnamon, maybe? - Hmm.
- Uh, honestly, I think it tastes great.
Gonna have to work on your palate, Ash.
It looks like we have similar taste in health clubs, though.
- How much? - About 200,000.
- Jaymee.
- Dollars? Yeah, but it's a 4-year membership.
"4-year membership.
" I see what you did there.
But I thought football was off the table.
- Well - Well, playing is, but Asher was just saying how he'd love to pursue coaching, and Coastal's an amazing program.
- Wait.
I didn't - Hell yeah, it is.
That would be awesome.
Your mom said how much you took to coaching at Beverly.
- It it's more of a pipe dream - It's not a pipe dream.
The only real issue is the membership fee.
You know, I'd be happy to help with that.
In fact, I'll talk with your mom about it this evening when I'm done with my crazy-busy day.
Jacob, really, you don't need to I know I don't need to.
I want to, Asher.
Dreams are worth investing in.
- You OK? - I'm fine.
I just don't know why I'm suddenly required to eat rabbit food.
In my day, a man had a coronary, he just got on with it.
In your day, cats dropped at the age of 40.
OK, it's what the doctor recommended, but maybe next time, we can spice it up a little bit and put, um - Raisins in the mashed potatoes.
- Hey.
- Uh - Raisins.
Oh, I got it.
- I can pour my own damn water! - Dad.
Billy, honey, maybe you should sit down.
I got it, Pops.
Damn it! - Get outta my house! - Hey! Don't you talk to us like that! - Uh - We are here to help you! - OK, calm down.
- I'm not talking to her, I'm talking to you! She can stay, but you gotta go! I'm not dead yet, and I won't have you watching my every move - like I'm about to croak at any second! - Pops, - I'm just trying - Don't! Don't you dare say one more time you're trying to help! You're not here for me! You're here for your guilt! Well, too damn bad, Billy! I refuse to be the good deed you do so you can sleep at night.
All right, all right.
Everybody just calm down and take a beat before you say something you can't take back.
I think it's a little bit late for that.
OK, you want me gone, I'm gone.
Work it Who, me? Look, I'm scared, Coop.
I ain't never seen Amina act like this.
You guys, Amina's nobody's fool, you know, and she's suffering, and maybe y'all should just be straight with her.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
She deserves to know I shot Mo.
Hell no.
I can't even believe you're considering this.
If you tell her you shot her mama, you're gonna have to tell her the truth.
So what? You're gonna look in your daughter eyes and tell her that her mama was such a bad person that you had to put her down so she didn't hurt anyone else? Coop, what's the alternative? Like thanks.
Amina's not gonna let this go.
Look, Preach, let's not forget, OK, you tell her the truth, it's gonna change how Amina feels about you.
And telling her you shot Mo, that's like taking one bullet and killing both of her parents.
Maybe we're underestimating her.
Maybe she'll understand.
Hell, I've been in these streets since I was knee-high to a curb, but I still found a way to push through.
And how long did you spend locked up again? Damn, Coop, ease up.
This isn't easy for anyone, - and, you know, if Amina keeps asking questions - Look, she's a kid, and her curiosity, it's It's like them people setting off fireworks.
It's so loud that you think you ain't gonna never get to sleep.
But then you wake up and it's morning and there's silence again.
Amina's questions will stop.
We just got to wait out the fireworks.
You afraid those are gonna be the last colors you're ever gonna wear? You sure you want to go through with this? I don't want to.
I have to.
The kid that I'm protecting This could put him back behind bars, Coach.
But I can't let that happen.
You're not gonna try to talk me out of it? I have fought too many losing battles already today.
- G.
putting you through it? - Oh Nothing is ever easy with him.
It's impossible for him to show any signs of weakness, especially with me.
You ever consider it might also be hard for you to see him weak and vulnerable? You know, when I found my pop's body in that chair, it's the scariest thing I ever saw.
It didn't make any sense.
I mean, there was this man, right? This giant Who always seemed larger than life to me And there he was Human Slumped over Gone.
I mean, I have to admit, walking in here and seeing Pops just Yeah, it was, uh it was not easy.
You know, Dr.
Spears would say the word you're looking for is "traumatizing.
" Talk to G.
, man.
Lashing out and walking away is a pattern for y'all.
Only way to break it is to talk.
I really appreciate you taking the time to sit with me.
I mean, getting to see you in class at Bringston last homecoming weekend was really inspiring.
Sweetie, it's my pleasure.
So you have a little option paralysis.
What's that? You're totally overwhelmed by your choices.
Well, all these universities dig into the fundamentals.
Georgetown has a great course on journalistic objectivity, and both NYU and Golden Angeles spend a whole year on fact-checking alone.
Those programs will really prepare you for a career as a journalist.
But none of that matters.
I'm sor I'm sorry.
What? Why do you want to be a journalist, Liv? Because I I want to use my voice to get the truth out there.
Truth? That's commendable, but not the world we're living in anymore.
Today, journalists would rather break an untrue story and release an apology for it later.
Um, I've noticed that lately.
Now, all that seems to matter is being first.
You can spend years putting together a story, only for some toddler with a social media account to just tweet it out.
As for professional objectivity, try maintaining that while competing against teens dancing out the news on TikTok, and in the rare case you do manage to break a real story, you will be deluged with backlash all because you dared to do your job.
Honey, if you want my advice, if there is anything, anything else you can see yourself doing, do that instead.
Hey Where's the fire? And hi to you, too.
I'm here to see Jacob.
Feel free to thank me on your way out.
Thank you? Or you can apologize for being a jerk for no reason.
Up to you.
Jaymee, you completely humiliated me earlier today.
- What are you talking about? - You basically guilted Jacob into offering to pay for my tuition.
I am so sorry that you get to go to the college of your dreams now, and I didn't guilt Jacob into anything.
Look, I am not a charity case, but you successfully made it seem that way to my mom's rich fiancé, so now I got to go tell Jacob, "thanks, but no, thank you," which is also very humiliating.
You're giving up the tuition money? - Why? - Didn't ask for it to begin with, just like I didn't ask you to solve all my problems.
I've already dated that girl.
Guess we both dodged a bullet.
What? All right, I got a new version on the track - that I want you to hear - OK, do you know what the "analysis of post-tonal music" is? No? OK, um, what about the "music of the great liturgies"? What's going on with your eyes right now? Are you good? No.
Um, that meeting I had - with Coastal California's music chair? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, he felt the need to point out my lack of education in music theory.
OK, so whatever.
None of these gonna make you a better producer.
How do you know that? You know, the chair's not wrong about my lack of technical knowledge.
But he is wrong to imply you stop learning just because you're not doing it at college.
Look at all the stuff you taught yourself already.
You got major artists dying to work with you.
Why? Because you're damn great at what you do, that's why.
Heh! Let's not, um, let's not take it that far.
You don't believe me, do you? It it's fine.
Hey, meet me at Slauson Café tomorrow morning.
Uh, no, no, I can't.
I got to finish my valedictorian speech, - it's graduation tomorrow - Mm-hmm, yeah, yeah, I promise you, it will not take long.
- Tomorrow.
- Sure.
We're playin' hopscotch Look, whatever we do, it needs to be OK, yo, yo, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, we're all here for Spence, OK, but we're not gonna be any help if we can't hear each other talk, all right? I bet we could change London's mind with a little Talk.
JJ, we're not beating up Principal London.
Yo, is he good? - Is he serious? - Wait a minute.
Hold on, JJ's right - Thank you.
- About one thing, OK? I mean, we need to put pressure on the administrators.
They're the ones pushing Spencer's expulsion, right? - It's more than just London.
- Yeah, it's the alumni and the school board.
I could call them out in my valedictorian speech.
Or we could just ditch the graduation altogether.
- That's not a bad idea.
- Yeah.
That's not a bad idea at all; I mean, think about it A walkout between Beverly and South Crenshaw.
There's no way that they can ignore that.
What do you guys think? Screw it.
Uh, I don't have time for half-measures.
I'm in.
- She's in.
- Yep, - I think that's a good idea.
- Patience is in.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- What is all this? Just a few of your friends strategizing how to stand up for you.
So it's a big move, but it's gonna leave a serious impression.
About as serious as the impression that your mom's switch is gonna leave on your behind.
- Heh! - Look, we gotta act fast and we gotta act now.
If not a walkout, then what? Then nothin'.
Not a walkout, not anything.
Look, graduation is too special for y'all to give up, for real.
- What, so we do nothing? - No, you celebrate.
That's what graduation's supposed to be A celebration.
I appreciate y'all coming together for me, but there is no way we can stop this.
Just how it is.
That's it? We go all-out to have his back, he just says no? Says the guy that won't accept Jacob's help for his college tuition? Yo, I need to holla at you.
Look, I appreciate what you doin', but it ain't true that none of us can stop you from getting expelled.
I can.
Yo, I'mma turn myself in.
$500,000 in damage is felony vandalism, and with your record, homie, I ain't letting you get locked up again - just so I can walk a stage.
- We both know you walkin' off that stage into great things, man, and as for me, even in my brightest future, - I ain't throwin' away all that much.
- Stop it.
That ain't true.
Look, these fools at the school board The administrators, the Beverly alumni They all think that my future's valuable and yours is expendable, but that is crap.
Listen to me.
You cannot believe that nonsense.
Both our futures matter, and I'mma be damned if I let you sacrifice your life at the value they chose for it! We all got worth! Anything interesting? Sure.
The sun went down, and then this morning, it came up again.
Can't wait to get tomorrow's paper to see what happens next.
OK, well, we'll just skip the small talk and get straight to the big stuff, then.
Aw, hell.
Can't a man get any peace and quiet in his own house? Uh, Willie, I think, if that's what you wanted, you would not have asked me to stay.
I love you.
I know shocking, considering everything that we've been through.
I don't know if you said I could stay because you just wanted to poke at Billy, or you genuinely don't mind my company anymore, but whatever the reason, I wanted you to know that I am here because I love you, and nothing you do or say or throw is gonna change that.
And I know he has a hard time of showing it, but the same is true for Billy.
I told Preach that Amina would get over it, but, honestly, I don't know.
I mean, her mom was murdered, and she thinks I did it.
How do you get over a thing like that? I don't know, but it sounds like you're doing your best by her, giving her a shot at a bright future.
We all deserve that, you know? All of us.
You ready for your disciplinary committee meeting today? Yes and no.
It's killing my mom that I might not graduate.
It's not just your mom.
You know that corny poster about footprints in the sand, and the single footprints are the times when God was carrying you 'cause you was too weak to walk alone? You walking across that stage at graduation, that was for you, yeah, but it was also for me and for Shawn.
I always saw it as you carrying us across that stage 'cause obviously, we can't walk it alone.
- I wanted that, too.
- I know.
Hey, you're doing the right thing, but what about you? - What about me? - I mean, you've spent most of your life carrying everyone.
If the tables was turned, would you let us carry you? Hey, Ma.
D'Angelo said I'm not allowed in, - but I can wait out here for you.
- Oh.
I didn't want you to be alone.
That means a lot.
I'm sorry I put you through this, Ma.
You don't need to be.
This is just who you are, isn't it Everyone's champion? - Marrow-deep.
- Heh! Yeah, I don't know about that.
It's just I, uh I don't know how else to be.
I just, um, wish it wasn't so hard on you, though.
Look at me, Spencer.
Sometimes it scares me Purpose God has put over your life, but the way you stand in it, I will forever be proud to be your mother.
Know that and stand tall, OK? Yes, ma'am.
James, if you continue to protect the guilty parties, this committee will have no choice but to expel you.
Well, this is a shame, Mr.
By all accounts, you were one of the good ones.
"One of the good ones.
" That's what's wrong with this entire system, man.
Mere turn of phrase, sir.
- Now, if you'll please - You know, that's funny.
You turn a phrase, and some kid turns into a criminal.
- Watch yourself, sir.
- That's how you all see us at South Crenshaw High.
On one side, it's the good ones, and on the other side are the kids who only need to make one mistake before you write their whole lives off as collateral damage.
Y'all are supposed to be our champions Our educators, our defenders.
This is a closed session.
- Jabari, what are you doin'? - It was me.
I did it.
I stole the trophy, and I set off the sprinkler.
Mmm, actually, I did it.
I did it, too.
I did it.
I stole the trophy.
I set off the sprinklers.
I stole the trophy.
From your own school? You don't know me, sir.
I stole the trophy.
I did it.
What is this? "Flashmob Spartacus.
" According to JJ, they can't expel you without expelling all of us.
What do you think? I think it feels good to let somebody else be the hero.
Just rip the band-aid off.
Uh, is Spencer gonna be expelled? No one's gonna be expelled.
You telling me Flashmob Spartacus worked? No.
Actually, the committee was furious about that.
Spencer, I'm sorry, but you won't be able to walk at graduation.
It's OK.
Well, a diploma is More than I could have asked for, so Uh, if they were so angry, why not expel me? Because, while Flashmob Spartacus didn't work on the committee, it did work on me.
You offered yourself.
Made an argument that as y'all's principal, I encouraged the senior-prank behavior, so the buck should stop with me, and they accepted.
You're all looking at the former principal of South Crenshaw High.
- D'Angelo.
- Oh, babe, it's it's fine.
Just getting a head-start on those plans to get back into politics.
Maybe next time the school wants to expel someone like Spencer, I'll have the power to stop it.
- Listen - Now, Spence, don't try to change my mind.
It's done.
I'm not.
I'm getting used to this whole "being saved" thing.
Thank you.
I got you.
Watching my friend struggle to accept help It made me realize that life is is hard enough already, - so if the offer stands, then - Of course it stands.
Thank you.
But but I won't let you cover 4 years' tuition.
Just a loan for the first year, and if you'd be willing A job at your restaurant so I could pay it back.
I respect that.
You got yourself a deal.
I'm kind of surprised you have any money left, what with Jaymee offering stacks of it away and all.
Look, Asher, Jaymee's worked here, I don't know, a little over two years now, but she's never asked for anything close to $200,000, not for anyone.
That girl really likes you.
Oh OK, my valedictorian speech is currently just the "We're All In This Together" song from "High School Musical", - so I've got, like, two minutes.
- This will be worth it, I swear.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
- You're Sabine.
- Layla Keating A woman I've been dying to meet.
- Heh! You're kidding.
- Dead serious.
I I love everything you're doing in the game, as a woman, a producer, business owner.
I want to collaborate on something together.
- Uh - I told you not to take my word for it.
- Heh heh! I'll give you two a minute.
- Perfect.
Oh, uh, gee, OK.
So I hear some dude's got you questioning your natural-born talent.
Something like that, yeah.
Um Look, I'm good at what I do.
- I know that.
I just want to - Mm-hmm.
make sure I'm not missing an opportunity to be great.
Dude really shook your confidence, didn't he? Listen, I've been making music since I was 10 years old, so I have more than a decade's experience of people telling me I couldn't do what I was literally already doing.
And most of the time, they're talking about their limitations, their constraints, not mine.
You just gotta let 'em talk, Layla, and keep doing you 'cause life, it's like music, you know? There's more than one way to lay down a track.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but I've gotta run.
I think you just, um, gave me my valedictorian speech.
All good.
I'll get with Clay, and in the next couple weeks, - we can set up a time and talk work.
- Great, yeah.
- Valedictorian, huh? - Yeah, I heh! I'm not surprised.
Thank you.
- You got this.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Uh Just let him speak, Willie.
OK, so, um I'm not gonna say I'm only here To help you.
You were right, Pops.
I'm here for me, too, but I'm also here for Laura and the twins.
I'm I'm here for the family.
It's really hard seeing you in pain, but I'm sure it's not as hard as actually being in pain, and I shouldn't have had to be reminded of that, so I'm sorry.
I won't have you coming in here trying to cut up my food, Billy.
I know.
Laura can do that.
All right.
Heh! Hmm.
You are the only parent I have left So no more pushing each other away.
So you can bark all you want, but Laura and I are not going anywhere.
Look, I know you're mad at your pop 'cause he ain't been straight with you.
I get it.
I'd be pissed, too.
If this is the part where you tell me you're on my side and you understand my feelings, save it.
Actually This is the part where I tell you the truth because the moment your mama died, you stopped being a little girl, and it's not fair that we keep treating you like one.
So tell me.
Who shot my mom? I did.
I killed Mo.
- But my dad said - Look, he lied, all right? He knows how important our relationship is to me, so he was trying to protect it.
He was trying to protect me, so if you're gonna blame someone, if you're gonna be mad at anyone, be mad at me, not your dad.
I shot your mama.
I never want to see you again.
- OK, bye.
- Hey, Liv.
Um, you know, I I took in what you said, about the journalism industry just being like a giant dumpster fire of tweeting toddlers, and I don't I don't care, 'cause I still believe that good journalism breaks through the noise.
- Olivia - I'm not gonna allow you or anyone else to scare me away from making a difference in my community.
Well, if you can't be dissuaded from pursuing the truth, then it sounds like you would make a fantastic journalist.
- You were testing me.
- And you passed, Liv.
- Flying colors.
Heh heh! - Wow.
I also have a couple thoughts about j-schools that'll be a little more helpful than our last chat.
I would love that.
- Yeah? Ha ha! - Yeah.
This is Jaymee.
Please don't.
Hey, um, look, I I know that you were just trying to help, and I was being a total ass, and, um Look, I'm really sorry, Jaymee.
If you feel like forgiving me or giving me a second chance, I I'll be at this thing later and, um, I'll text you the address.
All right, um, I hope to see you.
- Come on.
Come on.
- I know, I know, I know.
We're gonna be late.
- OK, let me see.
- Ahem.
You're gonna do great.
As we move on to this next phase in our lives, we're gonna encounter a lot of people who tell us there is only one way to meet the future.
They'll say that we must choose from the well-trodden paths But it's up to us to go out and carve our own paths, to make our own decisions, our own mistakes.
It's up to us to build the way forward as we walk it.
Ma, your graduation surprise was the beach? You know, the waves kinda gave you away.
Well See for yourself.
Con-graduation! What is this? Well, that was a really bad pun.
Um, we're sorry, but, uh, this is your graduation, our alternative graduation.
We got to thinking how graduation just wouldn't be complete without you, so we teamed up with your mom and ta-da! I don't know what to say.
Don't say anything.
Just walk.
I mean, I appreciate it.
- You are pretty good, JJ.
- JJ, we got to go on tour sometime.
I didn't know you could play the guitar like that.
- It's really nice.
- Almost makes up for the cheating It's crazy, right? Everybody's about to scatter in different directions.
Uh, not all of us.
I decided to go to G.
's journalism program.
For real? That's amazing! OK, calm down.
I didn't do it for you.
Yeah, OK.
Proud of you.
Yo, guys, we really did that.
We survived high school.
Yeah, we did.
That is a hell of a lot of memories.
I wouldn't have made it through without you guys.
Hmm You all think we gonna stay this close? Man, I wish they would try to separate us.
No, no, no.
- OK, we're linkin' up.
- Ha ha ha! - Yeah.
- OK.
- Yeah, we got you.
- I guess you got it.
Come here.
- OK.
- Come on, Simone.
It's cute.
To new beginnings.
Greg, move your head!
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