All American (2018) s04e09 Episode Script

Got Your Money

1 Aw, come on.
What? Oh, that's good luck, bro.
I used to run under birds, hoping to get hit.
Never did.
Keep my fingers crossed for you.
What what happened? Man, I can't believe you rented us that dope-ass beach house, - and we keep crashing down here.
- Who cares? JJ's beach house is the place to be this summer.
Look, my Insta's blowing up.
And so is my head, so let's Hey, we gotta stop mixing this stuff with our liquor.
No way.
It's the only energy drink with the charge of an Angry Hippo.
And they follow me, so Ooh, hold on, fellas.
I don't know.
Waking up at the beach does have its perks.
Mmm! Man.
Good mor - Liv? - Ha ha! Ahem.
Not not a word.
Not a word.
- Ha ha ha! - Mor mornin', Liv.
Ho ho ho! Yeah! Pops? Pops! I think there's a fire! - No, he didn't.
- Ha ha ha! - What the hell are y'all doin'? - I'm cleanin' house.
- More like cheating.
- If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'.
Y'all, it is 7 A.
in the morning.
Don't you have homes? Not without nagging wives.
Heh heh! But I guess you have one now.
- I got two.
- OK.
Look, y'all, I don't know if you realize, but Pops just had a major heart attack, so unless you want this to be your last game, he needs rest, and I'mma need them cigars.
- Come on.
All right.
- Well, you got mine.
- Put it in there.
- My heart, - my house, my rules.
- Hey.
I'm trying to save you, Pops.
- I'm trying to help you.
- If you're really trying to help, you'll leave.
You you you're bad luck.
All right, y'all can stay, but look No cigars or anything else he can light up.
If I see smoke, y'all see the door.
When Pop rubs his nose like that, that's when you know he's bluffing.
Ho ho! I gotcha now! Ha ha ha ha! - He folded.
- Ha ha ha! What you got? Oh.
Damn, I missed you, girl.
These last 3 weeks seemed like forever.
Not according to JJ's Instagram.
Looks like you guys are having the time of your lives.
I guess things have been a little out of hand.
Listen, I'm not judging.
I mean, you busted your ass all of high school.
If anyone deserves some fun time before college, it's you.
OK, but how 'bout you? Did you have fun at newspaper camp? OK, stop calling it that, OK? The journalism institute was I mean, it was amazing.
I mean, we learned research skills and interview technique, ethics, you know Mmm.
- Hmm? - You're not funny.
OK? It was inspiring! OK, it was less about how to write and more about what to write.
- You already good at that.
- Who knows, you know? Maybe I'll be as good with the pen as you are with a football.
Probably better.
Wait, don't you have that meeting with that gym sponsor today - Something nil rules? - Heh heh.
L - Name, image, and likeness.
- OK.
Yeah, the NCCA's finally allowing college athletes to get paid for endorsements, so So they want to pay you to use your pretty little face? Liv, I always told you, girl.
- I am special.
- Ha ha! - You're special, all right.
- Mm-hmm.
- Dad.
Hey, what's up? - Hey.
Hey, I got something for you.
- Ooh.
- You can call it a late graduation gift, all right? Don't worry.
It's not a tiara.
Thank you.
You got it.
Now, when, uh, you were a baby, your mother loved testing her songs on you, so when she'd finish one, she'd bring it straight to your crib and you were always the first to hear it.
Well, that's a lot of pressure.
Would I give it, like, a Like, a chubby little thumbs up or down, - maybe a 4-rattle review? - Ha ha, actually, yes.
But, you know, when you'd smile, she'd just know it was perfect because You're perfect, and I'm pretty sure that after you were born, she wrote every song for you, so They should belong to you.
Her masters, Layla every song she ever recorded.
They're yours now.
Um Wow.
Dad, I don't know what to say.
No need.
Smile says it all.
Spencer James.
- Hey.
- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
- Big fan.
- Let me show you around the gym.
- OK.
That's the gym.
Is everything a'ight? I had this pitch about how you exemplify everything I want my clientele to embrace Strength, body, and character, dedication, commitment, overcoming adversity.
- That sounds good to me.
- Really? Not too, uh, - used-car-salesman? - Nah, I never bought a car, - but I like the pitch.
- Well, I'm about to ruin it.
I can't pay you, but I can give you a free membership.
This place may not have a fancy juice bar, but I guarantee you it has everything you need.
All I'd ask from you is to use the gym, give us a few shouts on social media, and maybe wear a shirt every once in a while.
A non-exclusive, uh, sponsorship.
"Don't just show up, show out.
" You should have led with this.
Well, you don't have to decide right now.
Take the night and the shirt.
Thank you.
See you.
Ever since I was an adolescent I was taught to speak my mind and address 'em Use my words to show you positive and change that negative Media be acting like a Hey.
Hey, what's the emergency? Did I say that it was an emergency? "Hiding at Slauson Café so I don't kill my mom" all caps.
That wasn't an emergency.
That's a fact, OK? That woman's been driving me nuts, talking 'bout, "when you comin' home? Any luck with a job?" She don't even know yet; I got a job avoiding her.
Well, well, how's, um, apartment search coming? Two weeks of "no's" and dirty looks, probably 'cause I'm black, probably 'cause I'm gay, but definitely 'cause I'm broke.
Yeah, nothing I can do about the first two, obviously, but I can do something about the broke part.
What, we gonna go "set it off" on a bank? - I ain't driving.
- No.
You need a roommate.
What? Look, no chance, OK? I'd probably have Layla's luck.
I don't need some whack psycho trying to launch me off a cliff.
OK, well, how 'bout a stable woman who loves you, who would jump off of a cliff if it meant saving you? Why wouldn't you just pull us back from the cliff? Oh, my God, Coop! I am trying to ask you to just Listen, I would love to move in with you.
Here's the 2-2 pitch Ooh, nice.
That's definitely a score.
- They got one in.
Yo! - What's up, Spence? - There he is.
- Hey, how'd it go? They, uh offered me a free membership All right.
And this t-shirt.
Solid material, - thin.
- Yeah, comfy, too.
That's it? A free membership? Hey, and that dope t-shirt.
Take it off.
Angry Hippo DM'd me, and they want to sponsor you for the rest of the summer.
OK, so I'll do both.
No, the deal's exclusive, all right? They want to see you have fun, not slummin' in some dinky gym.
Oh, uh, and they want to give you 10 grand to rep their product.
Gettin' paid to party.
That's not a bad deal, man.
Mm-hmm, and to top things off, they want to throw you a yacht party to celebrate.
- What? - Spence, dude, come on.
JJ got us the house.
Bring home the yacht.
- Pass me an Angry Hippo.
- Yeah! - Whoo! Ha ha ha! - OK, now go.
Yo, yo, yo, yo.
Yo, Spencer James is about to get charged! Deals and wheels, baby.
- Deals and wheels.
- Yep.
Yo! Ha ha ha! OK.
Oh, that was great.
Ha ha ha! They're gonna love it! Oh, man.
First official paycheck.
Of my first official paying job.
- Today's a big day for you, then.
- Huge.
Uh, have you heard anything from Jaymee yet? I haven't.
Is it normal for her to just bail on the job? Tell you what, if I hear anything, you'll be the first to know.
OK, I know it's low, but everyone's got to start somewhere.
I remember my first job.
I was washing dishes at 12.
So I have the job of a 12-year-old.
Keep up the good work.
Your cut of the tips.
17 bucks? Yeah, sorry.
Bad day.
I think it's love at first sight It felt like the earth moved In your eyes, I can see the future's you and me This is crazy-good, Layla.
I mean, I remember your mom's voice being really good, but I always just figured it was because my mom's was really bad.
Yeah, it's like she's, um, she's here in the studio with us.
Oh, no, no.
Don't cry.
I'm not made of stone.
Are you gonna do anything with it? Uh, maybe.
I don't I haven't thought about it yet.
- Well, you should.
- She's right.
Your mom's voice needs to be heard, and not just by the teary-eyed trio in here.
Excuse me, ladies.
This is Clay.
No, I'm not crying, man.
What are you talking about? I leave for 3 weeks and the whole world changes.
- Changes how? - Well, Spencer and the boys are throwing a never-ending party at #jj'sbeachhouse, my parents are living in Crenshaw, and, uh, my roomie has a hot new boyfriend.
- What, me and Clay? No, no, no.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's not a thing.
- Looks like a thing to me.
Well, maybe you should get your eyes checked 'cause it's definitely not.
Well, maybe you should get your eyes checked - because it absolutely should be.
- OK.
What, not even one late-night "hit it and quit it"? No prolonged eye contact or accidental brushing of hands - or intentional brushing of hands? - Liv, no.
We work together, and even if I did feel some sort of thing towards him, it's just a line I would never cross.
Why not? Men have literally been doing it for decades.
That's why not.
'Cause I'm not my father.
OK, well, Clay works with you, not for you.
There's a big difference, so live your life.
Do your thing.
He's hot, you know? How'd it go at the gym? That bad, huh? He get pissed when you turned him down? Nah, just disappointed.
Always so much worse.
Yeah, he understood, though.
Even told me I can keep the shirt.
It just didn't feel right, man.
I liked him, - and his gym.
- And the shirt.
Yeah, but I could really use the money, so Look, I think you did the right thing.
The rate I'm going, I'm gonna be bussing tables till I'm 60.
I just don't want to be one of those guys - that peaked in high school, you know? - Nah, man, that ain't you.
We all know what you can do when you set your mind to something.
You just gotta find it again.
It'll happen.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah.
Hey, you guys gotta see this.
Honestly not in the mood, JJ.
- Me, neither, man.
Just flush it.
- Trust me.
This is way better.
OK, I'm on the bed.
Now what do you want me to do? - Take off your shirt.
- Mm-mmm.
You first.
Come on.
Come on, Boom-Boom.
Take it off.
Oh, yeah, Boom-Boom! - Take it off! - Get outta here! I don't know.
I just think I'm cursed to live at home forever.
Girl, you've only been looking for a day.
No, we've only been looking for a day.
I've been looking for, like, two weeks now and it's like, when they see me coming, they think, "well, - there goes the neighborhood.
" - Oh.
OK, see, this place just opened up.
It's a shared apartment, but the pictures look great and the price is right.
- What's the catch? - Well, we just have to put down the deposit and sign a year lease, like, right now.
Without even seeing it in person? I mean, it's first come, first served, and it could go any minute.
The good news is that they can't see us, either, right? And so there's no "there goes the neighborhood," right? So curse reversed.
All right, sure.
Let's do it.
Oh, it's gonna be so cute! Ah! Take it.
- Aah! Whoo! - Whoo! Right? Oh, you pounded that in hard, Boom-Boom.
Look, I'm not gonna apologize for having a hot girl - find me sexy.
- Just happy you ain't focused on my girl anymore.
And our old-ass neighbors are coming, and I hate those guys.
But we don't even know them.
Up for a little challenge, Boom-Boom? OK, now I hate 'em.
Only we can call him Boom-Boom.
No, no, please don't.
What do you think, huh? You ladies want to play for real? Put it up.
Look, guys, we can beat these fossils.
- I could use the win.
- Yeah? What about your heart? It's just one game.
Honestly, I'm more worried about theirs.
Blue shorts over there looks like my grandpa.
All right, Spence, what do you say team Beverly one final time? Might be the last time the 4 of us get to play on the same team.
As of next month, with training camp starting at A.
and Coastal, we officially gonna be rivals again So let's get it.
Oh, get ready, grandpas.
You're about to be schooled.
All right, let's go.
Let's do it.
Up and yeah! Whoo! Class dismissed, kids! All right.
What the hell just happened? Ain't no way we should have lost that game.
Uh, heh! I'm sorry, what? - That was that was beach volleyball.
Who cares? - I do, and you should, too.
OK, look, I know that you don't like to lose and all, but - volleyball's not even our sport.
- Ain't just 'cause we lost, man.
We're at least 15 years younger than those guys, - and we couldn't keep up.
- OK, and you think they could keep up with us - on the football field? - At this rate, yeah.
Look, we losin' our edge, bro.
Can you imagine if we showed up to practice looking like that? We won't, we won't.
I promise you that, all right? We have another month before we need to get in shape, all right? Can you just relax, try and have some fun? I know that you don't like to do either of those things, but Shut up.
Fleming, we we thought these would be pictures of the actual apartment.
- Well, I'm not a mind reader.
- Yeah, well, that's the reason why we signed the lease.
And now you can enjoy them whenever you want.
Or we could just leave right now.
You signed a one-year lease and the deposit's nonrefundable.
OK, so we're stuck here with an alley view and stains on the walls and the floors and everywhere else? And who the hell are they? The ad said "shared space.
" OK, we didn't think you meant "shared bedroom.
" Again, not a mind reader.
I'll let you settle in.
Uh how's it goin'? Good.
That went good.
What are we gonna do? I don't know.
Maybe maybe this spot isn't so bad? I mean, I say we give it a chance.
How does one man make such a mess? Um, you know what? Let's not worry about that right now.
My pops went on a walk, so we have at least 30 minutes.
- For what? - "For what?" You know for what.
- Oh.
- We got the whole house to ourselves, I got a fine girl over.
Well, but what if he comes home? We're supposed to be studying.
- Well, we are studying.
- Oh.
- Yes, um, sex ed.
- Oh.
And then, I need, um, some private tutoring, please.
Come on.
Does that did that line actually work for you - back in the day? - You know it did.
- Mmm.
- Mmm Ooh.
- What the hell is this? - Ooh! Mmm.
- Um, Willie, we were just, uh - Just what, wiping down my table with your behind? We thought you were on a walk.
So, that gives you the green light to play your little sex games all over my house? Why is that OK, but I can't play cards with my buddies? Pops, that's different, OK? You had a heart attack, and And you were smoking cigars all night.
But you can disrespect your mother's dining room with a little afternoon delight.
Oh, are you serious? Man.
Hey, party people.
This is Spencer James, and I love partying with With Angry Hippo energy drink.
That's the worst thing I've ever heard.
Oh, come on, man.
How many of these I gotta do? Till it doesn't seem like terrorists are holding you at gunpoint.
Just loosen up a little, all right? Have some fun with it.
I know it's hard for you.
Why does everybody keep saying that? - I know how to have fun.
- Then prove it, all right? Say something like, uh, "Hey, nothing charges me up like an Angry Hippo.
It makes me want to "Roar!" Bomb.
- I'm not saying that.
- Well, you gotta say somethin'.
All right.
What up? This is Spencer James Cut.
When you asked me to move in with you, I never imagined it would be like this.
So move back in with your parents.
You're the one who told me to follow my dreams.
Well, I never would have said that if I knew how fast you'd give up on them.
Oh, at least I had dreams.
You just latched onto mine.
Yeah, now we're living in a dump with two strangers - who may be serial killers for all we know! - You're such a manic! - Oh, my God.
- Mm-mmm.
Oh, my God.
Wait, are we the bad roommates in this situation? Like I don't know, but I liked them better when they were not talking.
No, no, we gotta get outta here.
That is the first shower that's ever made me feel dirty.
They stopped.
Now we can finally get some sleep.
Love you.
Oh, my God.
OK, yeah.
We gotta get outta here.
What are you still doing here? I am working on the next big hit.
Oh, exciting.
I took a shot at remixing one of your mom's songs Uh, out of some music that really brings out her voice.
It's got a cool trip-hop vibe.
You're gonna love it.
You remixed my mom's music? Who said you could do that? I just wanted to try something.
Uh, it isn't yours to try something with, and neither am I, for that matter.
What are you talking about? Uh, I don't appreciate you using my mom's music in some warped attempt to hit on me.
- Chill.
That's not what this is.
- OK, then you took something that belonged to me, and you changed it without my permission.
You don't have to use it.
It's not a big deal.
You crossed the line, Clay.
It is a very big deal.
It's getting late.
I'mma I'mma head out.
Forever I choose you To the moon and back This is amazing.
Well, tell that to Clay.
- He's the one that did it, without asking me.
- Uh-oh.
- Do you like it? - Uh, it doesn't matter.
and, more importantly, it was Mom's.
He had no right to take it.
Obviously, he doesn't respect my boundaries.
Professionally or personally? We work together.
There is no personal.
OK, I, uh I know that, given my history, you wouldn't expect me to disagree with you, but, um, it's your life, Layla.
It's your call, and I understand that this is a trigger for you, and you want to protect your mom, but she would have really loved this.
- Yeah, I know she would have.
- Yeah.
You know, what Clay did was wrong, and he should have asked you first, but is that really why you're this upset? Hmm.
My God.
Oh! Ooh, yes, it feels so good in here.
It does.
I can marry the man who invented the A/C.
- I said what I said.
- What's going on? - Is your mom here? - No.
Why? - We need a lawyer.
- What happened now? Why you lookin' at me? Whatever.
OK, my mom is staying with my grandpa right now, and trust me, you do not want to go over there, so is there anything I can do? I appreciate it, but I don't think you're the right Baker woman for the job.
Unless you know how to deal with scam-artist slumlords.
I mean, I need to get to the boys' yacht party, so talk fast.
Ha ha ha! Hey.
Phone ringing Uh, I forget.
Who's sponsoring this party again? Oh, uh, Angry Hippo.
Well, it's cool that they're throwing this party just for you.
You really are special.
You gonna want that poster for your room? Then why would I need you? That's cold.
That is cold.
Hey, um, has anyone heard from Asher? - My texts aren't going through.
- Uh, yeah.
He had work this morning, but I think he should be here.
- OK.
- Uh, we might get better reception - on the upper deck.
- Oh.
Oh, we should get a chocolate strawberry.
Still feeling bad about turning down that crappy gym? What gym? Yo.
I don't think we're the only All-Americans here.
- Isn't that that Connor Murphy? - Yo.
That dude was a shoo-in for the Heisman trophy, - then he just disappeared.
- Yeah, well, I wonder what happened to him.
Ah, he looks like he's doing just fine.
Well, well, well.
Uh, garçon, think you could get us a few drinks? - Yeah, sure, Boom-Boom.
- Uh-oh.
- What do you want? - All right, here, look.
Let's be clear for a second.
When Simone says it, it's sexy.
When you guys say it, it's just plain creepy.
OK, look, I couldn't get out early, so it was either go home, change, and possibly miss the party or just come straight from work.
You feel like you made the right decision? Man, at least I had a pin-striped shirt.
- The hangout had style.
- Look, I only took the stupid job to pay Jacob back for the college money, all right? And to sniff around that Jaymee girl.
Come on, Ash.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, look, she disappeared, I'm stuck cleaning up garbage.
Hey, well, look, man, you're also on a yacht, surrounded by beautiful women, so let's just focus on that instead of some girl that you barely even know.
Look, we're here to try to have some fun.
Let's go, boys.
Chocolate strawberries.
Uh I know you didn't just slap my hand.
Touch my thermostat again and I'll slap somethin' else.
- Laura's cold.
- You're tellin' me.
Uh, what was that? Look, instead of insulting my wife and hitting me, I think you should be thanking us.
For what taking away my cigars, not letting me drink, telling me what to eat? Pops, we have to do this every damn week? We are trying to save your life.
Only so you can annoy me to death.
- You're crampin' my style, Billy! - Cramping your style? - Listen here, old man - Yes, and I am getting tired Hey, hey, all right! That's enough! Honestly! Zip it! Go to your room! Are you putting me in a timeout? No, I'm putting both of you in a timeout.
Go to your rooms! Now! You know I got that flava, now get some You know I got that flava, now get some You know I got that flava, now get some - Spencer James.
- Hey.
- Been wanting to talk to you.
- Same.
It's kinda busy in there, right? - Oh, all part of the job.
- Yep.
See, companies like Angry Hippo, they pay me to make sure that parties go off, and I never disappoint.
- Sounds like a good gig.
- It doesn't suck, but if I had N.
rules in college, whew! Things would have been different.
See, when I played, there were no endorsements, no money; Most we could hope for was a pat on the back, and that's only when we won.
- Is that why you quit playing? - What did you hear? I heard different things: I heard you got injured, I heard you didn't get along with your coach, I heard you Blew off practices because I was partying? - I heard that, too.
- See? None of the money and all of the blame.
And who cares if I was partying? Why should guys like us have to, uh, put in more work than everyone else when we're better than them? - I always try to.
- Exactly, but joke's on them because now, my life's one big party.
Selfie? - Yeah.
- All right.
Angry Hippo.
- I'll tag you, bro.
- Yes, sir.
Well Hugo the Angry Hippo wouldn't take a picture with me.
Never meet your heroes, right? Now I don't know a thing Hey.
Uh, oh, I'm good.
Thank you.
Uh, I'm I'm not a waiter.
Ha! That's embarrassing.
Look, uh, - let's start over.
I'm - Spencer James.
No, but I get that a lot.
But that is him, right? I heard he's gonna be the next Desean Jackson.
I have to meet him.
- Lights out! - Whoo! J.
Dash! - Yeah, that happened.
- Wow.
Do you want me to kick her ass? - I'll do it.
- Um, I'm pretty sure Olivia can take care of that.
- Yeah, well, trust me.
You dodged a bullet.
- It doesn't matter.
Anyways, like I have money to take her out.
Look, quality women don't care about that stuff, which is why you're not gonna find any at this party.
- You're here.
- Touché.
So, as one of the only quality women on this boat, what do you care about? Lately, I'm happiest being the boss, doing things on my terms and my terms only - Hmm.
- You know, too much of my life has been out of my hands for too long.
- That's intense.
- I don't know.
What makes you happy? And don't say money because, you know, you weren't always happy when you had that, either.
Really don't know anymore.
Seems like everything I like just goes away, you know? Kinda wish I was more like JJ.
- An angry hippo! - Wow.
Um, I don't think anyone's ever said those words before, but yeah, maybe we should all be more like JJ.
He, uh, takes things at face value, lives in the moment, goes after what he wants.
So we should always ask ourselves, "what would JJ do?" WWJJD.
Let's drink to it.
- Hey.
- Cheers to that.
- You want me to get you an autograph? - No, thanks.
You know, I was in middle school when he was a freshman in college.
Everybody thought he was going to the NFL.
- Why didn't he? - He got a lotta excuses.
- Mmm.
- I just think he didn't have a great work ethic, not like my girl, who just spent the summer in newspaper camp.
Seriously? If you call it that one more time, - I'm gonna throw you overboard.
- Sorry.
No, but it did get me thinking about Coop and Patience.
That whole landlord thing was, like, really screwed up.
My mom said there's nothing she can do legally, but it would make a really good story.
I mean, they're not the only two to fall for that scam.
Journalism institute to the rescue.
How hard was it for you to not call it newspaper camp? Hardest thing I've ever done in my life.
Ha ha ha! Yo, yo! Party back at our place! Ha ha ha! Here, the 3-2 pitch down the middle, - and that's a strikeout! - Oh Oh, I just took a beating.
Gonna make it up on the next game.
Uh, I'd go home team.
The other team's a mess, and the shortstop missed batting practice all week.
I'm pretty sure his injury's worse than they're letting on.
And their catcher was in a Twitter fight with his girlfriend all night, so his head's not in the game.
You really think so? Yeah.
I mean, what players do outside the game matters almost as much as what they do in it.
I learned that from experience.
All right, you convinced me, but if they lose, you owe me.
- Hey! - Add it to my tab.
Hey! Who with us? I and the band tonight Who with us? I got that bank and I blew it up I brought the band and I do it up Ooh-hoo-hoo! Ho ho ho! That is good! What's up? What's up? Look.
Do this real quick.
Hey, what's up, y'all? This is Spencer James, and there is nothin' me and my friends love more than gettin' charged by Angry Hippos.
- What? - Wait.
What the hell was that? It's just something I gotta do for my new sponsor.
What's up? - Hey.
- Heh heh! Glad y'all could make it.
Yeah, yeah, don't feel too special because we'd rather be anywhere else but our place.
Yo, ain't that the guy that showed up drunk to playoffs a few years ago? Yeah, he comes with the drink.
Never imagined you'd be living like this.
What, a million-dollar beach house? No, I meant, "what up, what up? This Spencer James, - live with my stank drank and some groupies.
" - Ha ha! - Like, what? - Ha ha! Yeah, I know it's summer and everybody's supposed to be having fun, but I'm starting to feel surrounded by people who I don't want to end up like.
Sounds like our new apartment, which is why we're hanging out at your frat house tonight.
I mean, it is a kind of a new look for you.
I just don't know if it's a look I like.
Come on.
I got that bank and I blew it up I brought the band and I do it up, ooh Am I allowed out of my room yet? You keep this up and I'm gonna send you to bed with no dinner.
Be doing me a favor heh! With the way you cook.
All right.
You know what? I know it's not easy having us here.
That's the understatement of the year.
You have no idea how aggravating that boy is.
Oh, really? 'Cause the only person that's lived with him longer than you is me.
Talk to him.
- Tell him he's he's - What? Pushy, inconsiderate, hard-headed, impatient just like his old man? Already done.
Look, he's your son, Willie, and I know how important he is to you, and you and Billy have made so much progress.
Don't throw it away.
I'd hate to think that the only way for you two to be close is from a distance.
Well, thanks for meeting me.
I know you're a busy man.
When you said on the phone you were doing a piece on local entrepreneurs for the "L.
Tribune," I couldn't resist.
So how did I land on your radar? Well, a journalist isn't supposed to reveal her sources, but, um, I think it's important that we be up-front with each other.
These two just signed a lease with you, based off of some beautiful photos that they saw online, but the place wasn't quite as advertised, was it? I thought this was a human-interest story.
I'm not a mind reader, but I'm sure some humans would be very interested to learn how you catfish people with apartments.
They signed a legally binding contract.
If they have a problem, I'll see them in court.
Well, I'll let you know when the story drops.
Am I supposed to be scared? You should be.
Look up Crenshaw Cathy or what happened to the police who killed Tamika Pratt.
You know what? And while you're at it, why don't you give my podcast a listen? You might actually learn something.
You wanted to see me? Um your, uh, your remix is really good.
I shouldn't have done it without asking, but I'm not about to take another lashing from you for trying to do something nice.
Why did you do it? You're not used to people thinking of you first, are you? I guess I wanted to surprise you.
Um, because you like my mom's music that much or because you like me? Yes to both, - but it won't happen again.
- Yeah, I know it won't.
Now, look, you've made it mad clear you're not interested in me personally, and I'm trying to respect that.
But you keep looking at me like that, um, - I'm gonna have to do something.
- So then do something.
Did that happen because you like the remix that much or because you like me? It happened 'cause I wanted it to.
Now shut up.
Yes, ma'am.
Great call, my man.
You were right about that shortstop.
Kid looked like a wounded gazelle.
I'm glad everything worked out for you.
That's your cut for helping me out.
- What? - Whoa.
What is that, like, $500? Well, you got to bet big to win big, right? Hey, who do you like for tomorrow's games? Um, I honestly haven't thought about it.
Oh, well, you should.
You got a real talent for this.
Shall we find a room to celebrate? Yo, I told you, bro.
That bird crap hooked you up.
It's all done.
You guys are free and clear.
I guess you were the right Baker woman for the job.
Like, I can't believe he fell for your bluff.
It wasn't a bluff.
I'm doing the story.
I mean, if I don't, he's just gonna keep scamming people.
- He's going down.
- Remind me to never get - on your bad side.
- Right.
I never thought I'd be so happy to go back home.
You don't have to.
I found you a place.
Bad news is it's another shared space, but, um, it actually has a really nice view and a pool.
Is this for real? What, we got to be your maids or something? No, but, I mean, with, you know, my parents in Crenshaw and, I mean, Layla's always at work and the boys are at the beach house, it's lonely here.
This is too much, Liv.
Like, we can't let you do this.
No, I can, OK, 'cause my pops told me - don't ever turn down a mansion.
- Oh.
And at least, here, we ain't got to hear those loud sex noises all night.
Well, I never promised that, so OK.
Oh, oh, oh.
- Uh, you going somewhere? - Florida.
Come on, man.
How old are you? We get in a few fights and you're running away? I ain't running nowhere.
Bum ticker, remember? I'm flyin'.
Uh, no, Dad, you're not.
Yes, son, I am, but I ain't doing it 'cause I'm mad.
I'm doing it because I love you.
All right, what's what are you talking about? If we keep living together, we're gonna start hating each other again.
Neither of us want that.
All right.
Well, then, me and Laura, we'll - we'll move out.
We'll hire somebody.
- Florida is good for me.
My friend Jerome said I could stay with him.
He's got a sweet setup: Ocean view, live-in nurse, and walking distance from the track.
Could you please Maybe it's not the worst idea.
He gets to have his independence, and we know that he's taken care of.
Listen to your wife.
She's a smart woman.
She made me realize you and I are best from a distance.
But that's not exactly what I meant.
Um, so how long are you gonna be away? Maybe a month, maybe forever, but I'll visit.
All right, well, I don't want to argue more, so, uh, I guess the only thing that's left to say is that I love you, too.
I ain't gonna argue with that.
The house is yours now, son.
Do whatever you want.
Just don't sell it.
Too many good memories.
No, no, it's always gonna be yours.
Laura and I, we'll take good care of the place.
Rise and shine, Boom-Boom.
Uh, nice shirt.
- Comfy, too.
- Mmm.
So, uh, - no more Angry Hippo? - Nah.
Wasn't for me.
- Not my style.
- Yeah? So what are you gonna do about the money? I'll work for it, like I always do.
Oh, by the way, we're not waiting a month to get in shape.
Training starts now.
Come on.
- Let's get it.
- Oh.
- Come on.
- Whoa! Come on! Oh! Greg, move your head!
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