All American (2018) s04e10 Episode Script

6 'N the Mornin'

1 Hey! Ah! I can't feel my legs.
Well, don't worry.
They're still there.
Hey, I don't even know what day it is, for real.
Uh, it's Thursday.
Yo, I know it's only been a week of D-1 ball, but this preseason schedule is brutal.
Look at this thing.
Well, I mean, nobody said it was gonna be easy - Whoa! - There you go.
This this is packed! What, all day? 6 A.
to 10:30 P.
, no breaks? We get two snack breaks a day.
- When are those? - I'm on the first one right now.
So I'm a snack? My bad.
- When I hear it out loud, it kinda sounds - No, I'll I'll be your snack twice a day.
I'm guessing you don't have any time to hear any of my ideas.
- For what? - Remember? Today's my first official day at the "L.
Tribune" online.
You've been working for them all summer.
I mean, yeah, as an unpaid summer intern, but now I'm actually on paid staff.
- They giving you an office? - A cubicle.
I'm, like, I don't know, kind of excited about it.
Can I come visit? When? OK, snack break's over.
You have a position meeting in 20 minutes.
I'm on it, and you are gonna be great.
Thank you.
Every player out there on that field wants to clean your clock, and it's not just about making them miss.
It's about ball security And when you're stripped, almost always is it gonna be by an unseen defender.
Awareness is key.
Protect that ball.
Now let's get to work.
- The meeting's over already? - You get caught in traffic? Coach, I'm on time.
My schedule says The meeting starts when I'm here and when the 1s and 2s are here.
Anybody who isn't is late.
This is D-1 ball, Spencer.
To be on time is to be 15 minutes early.
My bad, Coach.
I ain't realize.
All good.
Every guy here has made that same mistake as a freshman.
What you got next? Footwork cones.
You're already late.
- It's too early.
Come back to bed.
- Hmm.
That is a couch, not a bed.
- It still doesn't mean you have to leave.
- No, you have to leave.
I have a session in 25 minutes, so get dressed.
Hey, we didn't Accidentally record ourselves last night, did we? - You wish.
- Maybe next time.
Well, speaking of next time, when do you get back in town? - Actually, I got some good news.
- OK.
I'm back in L.
for a while, which means we'll get to see a lot more of each other, not just hooking up in random cities.
- I'll call you later? - Yeah.
- What's up, Liv? - Hey.
Oh, good timing.
Um, do you mind if I bounce a few story ideas off you two? Uh, it's just me.
- Where's Coop? - She is, uh, sleeping in again.
- Am I sensing frustration? - Yeah, it's not aimed at you.
It's just everybody thinks that me and Coop are attached at the hip, so Well, in everyone's defense, you guys are always together, like, always.
She's driving me crazy, Liv, like I thought it was kinda sweet.
It was sweet, um, like, 3 weeks ago, when we moved in, and now It's like I don't even get the chance to miss her 'cause every time I turn around, she's, like, right there.
Like, there's Coop, all the time.
Well, don't turn around.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
Mornin', Liv.
- Hi, Coop.
- What we doin' today? Hey, shouldn't you be at practice? Uh, I'm supposed to be at the gym.
Then why aren't you? Oh, look at me.
I'm already ripped.
Dude, Spencer and Jordan are busting their asses at G.
, and you're - what are you doing? - This is a home whiskey distiller.
You're making moonshine? You're welcome.
Hey, here's my final rent payment.
Oh, yeah.
- Can't believe this is our last week in the beach house.
- Whew! Yo, that bookie job is delivering some fat stacks.
What happens if someone doesn't pay? I have no idea.
Yeah, come in.
They don't send you out to break their kneecaps? What? No, dude.
I help with the betting lines.
- It's a research job.
- Well, what happens if you mess up the line? They gonna break your kneecaps? - Dude, stop with the kneecaps.
- OK.
- No kneecaps.
- All right.
How are you? I'm actually on my way out.
Oh, fine.
I'll come back later.
- Why? - To talk.
I texted you and called you for, like, two straight months.
Yeah, it it was a crazy summer.
But I'm back at Jacob's now.
They said you quit.
I I found a better job.
Look, I I got to go, and kinda busy later, but it's good to see you.
OK, so here we are.
This is you.
Oh, this is so exciting.
Is it? I mean, I've I've never had my own cubicle before.
You know, it just feels very adult.
This is just, like, such a big moment for me.
I I'm just taking it all in, you know.
Do you want to take a picture or something? Oh, no, no.
I mean, if you - if you want to, I - How 'bout after the staff meeting? Yeah, yeah, sure.
When's that? - Uh, right now.
Let's go.
- Oh.
Set, go! - Whoo! - OK, Winfield with the nice moves.
- I see you.
- There you go.
Nice catch, Isaiah, just like the platinum - All-American game.
- Thanks, J.
Spence, let's get it.
Ready, go? Set, go! Boom! Nice grab, Spence! 11! There something wrong with your other hand? Just trying to show everybody what I can do, sir.
That's not what we do here! Bring it in! Everybody! Let's go! On this team, we don't showboat! We practice fundamentals during the week, and that is why we win on Saturdays! None of this highlight-reel crap! Everybody understand? Yes, sir.
- I didn't hear you.
- Yes, sir.
You got two hands.
Use 'em! Let's go! Get back to work! Denise.
What you doing here? We got an emergency meeting of the search committee in 15 minutes.
What are y'all searching for? School starts in a week and we still ain't got a principal.
I thought we got Tanner from Inglewood to come over here.
Ah, well, it turns out Tanner was using us as leverage to get his own golf cart.
They bought him a golf cart? Or maybe it was a scooter.
I don't know.
Either way, that fool's probably riding that thing up and down the hallways right about now.
So who are you going after next? We just need an interim principal to get us through the first few weeks.
Well, uh, if there's anything I can do.
Great! I'll see you in the meeting! Oh! - Um, well, no, I was - Ten minutes.
Don't be late.
Hmm! Hey.
Where's Coop? We are not attached at the hip.
Ah, coulda fooled me.
OK, you know what? That's it.
I we we have to find something for her, really.
What do you mean? She just needs to find something to do, anything.
She's not even on the label anymore, and honestly, I am swamped organizing tomorrow's showcase at Slauson Café.
- She can help with that if you want - No, no, no, no.
I am performing at the showcase, OK? Maybe give her something to just do on her own, separate from my thing.
I will, uh, get her to mentor some of the newer artists.
She's gonna be really good at it, and you're not even gonna notice she's there, I promise.
- Don't play with me.
- Sorry to interrupt.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Uh, you remember Clay.
New Orleans, right? - What's up? - I'm good.
Just wanted to stop by and give Layla her coffee.
Ice, two sugars, a dab of whip mixed in, - just the way you like it, right? - Uh, yes.
Thank you.
- I'll see you tonight, love.
- Oh.
Hey, good seeing you again.
- Yeah, you, too, yeah, you, too.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Girl, you got a boyfriend! No, no, no, no.
No, he's not my boyfriend, he's just, like, a like, a summer thing.
Summer's over, and I saw what I saw.
- OK.
- OK, right.
Search committee is worthless.
They recommended Hayden from Venice? What's wrong with Hayden? Have you seen him since he shaved his mustache off? Huh! Something ain't right with that upper lip.
Hey, girl, hey.
Can't you just ask him to grow it back? Oh, there's not enough time.
Class starts in a week.
Besides, that probably violates some rule or something.
OK, look, since we're just looking for an interim principal, how 'bout we look for someone right here? - How 'bout Billy Baker? - You think he'd say yes? I can ask him.
Should we offer him a scooter? Or no.
Maybe we can just put that in our back pocket for now.
Let's put that in our back pocket, yep.
- All right, come on, let's go.
- All right.
Well, you're early.
Turns out being on time around here is actually late.
What, even for a snack break? I don't know.
Maybe, maybe not.
I'm still trying to figure out all the rules here.
I'm probably supposed to be somewhere else right now.
You said you were too tired to talk last night.
You want to talk to me now? - You go first.
- Oh Come on, come on.
I need some good news.
Uh, um I'm sorry.
I, uh, don't have any good news.
Um, day one at the "Tribune" Wasn't exactly what I envisioned.
Well, what happened? Well, this band-aid was from a paper jam in the shredder.
That was actually easier than the paper jam in the copier.
They don't got nobody to do all that? They do now.
OK, so they not letting you write for 'em.
But you was writing for 'em all summer.
I mean, one article, you know, and that was just part of the summer internship.
Just it's like I'm starting from scratch.
I know how that feels.
Obviously, the head coach doesn't care how good I was in high school, so I got to prove myself all over again.
Oh, which you will, and just be lucky that you're not covered in band-aids.
Ouch! - Yeah.
- Yeah.
I gotta get to my positions meeting, but don't worry.
They gonna see how valuable you are.
- Thanks.
- All right.
What you watching? - Baking competition.
- Ooh, which one? They're all the same, but this is the best part.
He's about to put the finishing touches on his dessert.
This is art.
OK, um, I have an idea.
- You want to bake something? - No.
Well, I mean, now, kind of, but no.
Um, look, I was wondering if you would help me produce the showcase concert at Slauson Café tomorrow.
I'm good.
I could really use your help mentoring these newer artists.
It's a really great opportunity for them and Kim Nitty to get some great exposure.
Well, wait.
Ain't ain't Patience supposed to perform, too? - 'Cause you didn't mention her.
- Yes, but I want you to focus on the newer acts.
OK, um, think of yourself as a key ingredient in one of these baking shows, OK? Final product's gonna be better if you're involved.
I said on time is 15 minutes early, not 30 minutes early.
Yeah, man, I'm just trying to do it right.
I mean, this first year, especially these first few weeks, it's gonna be a big adjustment for you.
Coach, I got to admit, man, this schedule? I can barely keep my eyes open.
I mean, I'm doing everything I can to make a good impression, but instead, I got Coach thinking I'm a show-boater.
I mean, you did hit us - with your highlight reel, man.
- Stop.
Stop, man.
Seriously, man, I doubt he even remembers.
Coach, he singled me out in front of the whole team.
Look, I am team first.
Always have been.
And now everybody else is gonna think that I'm, like Stop.
Look, it doesn't even matter because tomorrow night, you will get the chance to show everybody who you really are.
- What's tomorrow? - Coach is gonna announce it at practice, but we get to play a live scrimmage, under the lights.
This is your chance to climb that depth chart, and you gotta take full advantage of these opportunities, Spence, so bring it because everybody else will.
Yes, sir.
You're probably all wondering why I called a house meeting this morning.
Since our lease is up in a few days, I thought we should have a toast to the best summer ever.
With this stuff? - Is it safe? - Well, the fermentation process is complete According to the instructions.
- Mmm.
- Nope, nope, not drinking that.
Besides, me and J.
got a scrimmage tonight, so Well, hold on.
I mean, it is only one sip, Spence.
That's easy for you to say.
Coach Garrett didn't single you out during practice.
No, I mean, he's just not playing favorites in handing players their spots, which I think that's a good thing.
Means that even though I'm just a walk-on, I can still earn a spot on the depth chart.
Guys Uh, you're kinda ruining my big toast.
Hold up.
, I'm not saying my spot should be handed to me.
No, you're just surprised that it wasn't.
- Bro, I've been working my ass off.
- Everyone has.
I mean, we all got the same training schedule, Spence 6 A.
to 10:30 P.
What, you guys are actually following your schedules? - JJ, don't even get me started, dude.
- But what? These guys are trying to make it to the NFL, all right? That's not my dream.
I wanted a full ride to Coastal, and I got it.
OK, look, all I'm saying is you got my scholarship, all right? So just earn it.
And that's all I'm saying, Spence, is that nothing we did in high school matters anymore.
Now we all gotta earn it, the way it should be.
Hey, to the beach house.
To the beach house.
God! - Dude, wow.
That's - Mmm, no.
What is wrong with you? I'm getting subtle hints of oak.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- This a bad time? - Uh, not if you have an idea on replacing 14 players from a team that was one bad call away from a state title.
Can't help you with the lineup, but you could really help the school out.
We're looking for an interim principal.
OK, and you came to me for suggestions? No, Billy, I want you to do it.
It's only for a few weeks.
All you have to do is attend a few meetings and a couple assemblies.
- Well, I hate assemblies.
- Everybody does.
So what do you think? Um - thank you for the consideration - Mm-hmm.
But right now, all my free time is going to putting together a winning formula for this team.
You know, unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of handing off the ball to your son anymore, so Wait.
How old is how old is Dillon? - Not even close.
- 'Cause we could fake his birth certificate.
Billy, th this is serious.
I'm just kidding, kind of.
Um, I can't.
I'm sorry.
- Can I help you? - Yes, actually.
Could you, uh, put this in the bag for me? - Thank you.
- Uh, no.
OK, well, then why did you ask to help? OK, this is our food, OK? You don't live here anymore, and you don't even eat celery.
OK, well, JJ eats everything, all right? And we're having a little "farewell to the beach house" thing after tonight's scrimmage, so I need appetizers.
Did you want to come? - Spencer already invited me.
- Cool.
He seems to be struggling with his schedule.
- It's brutal.
- I mean, also, I think the expectations he put on himself are also weighing him down, too, but, I only get to see him, like, twice a day for snack breaks.
Mmm, yeah, those are my favorite.
Snack breaks.
Well, you seem to be handling this brutal schedule pretty well.
Yeah, that's because maybe when I'm actually on my snack break, I'm having snacks.
Look, Liv, I I love Simone, OK? I do, but I cannot imagine pulling off this schedule if she was still in town.
I mean, trying to squeeze her into two measly snack breaks? Hmm, no, thank you.
Whoo! Aha! Sliced cheese.
This'll do, right? Yeah.
Right on.
I'll see you tonight.
So I just want it, like, a little bit louder, um, - but not too - Hey.
Hello? What is this? I don't know.
What is it? Uh, Coop submitted a rider for you, a ridiculous list of demands.
- No, she didn't.
- Yeah, she did.
Um, "scented candle, nothing too woodsy.
" - I did not ask for this.
- Mm-hmm.
"Hot tea with unwaxed lemons.
Big slices so they're easier to squeeze, - sour gummi worms"? Patience - Oh, my God.
Lis honestly, just go ahead and shut that 'cause I'm about to strike Coop right now, - like, I honestly - What? No.
No, no, no, no.
The whole point of this was so you get a break from her, so, like, let's just ignore this.
I mean, hot tea with lemon does sound Pretty dope, though.
- Hey.
There he is.
- Hey.
You know, we miss you around here.
Thanks, but I'm doing pretty well.
- Good.
- In fact, uh, here is my tuition payment for the next two months.
Look at you, big man.
So, uh, what's going on here? You guys setting up for a party or something? Oh, we're having a charity event.
We try to hold a few every year, but this one's for lupus research, which is actually Jaymee's idea, you know, with everything she went through this past summer.
This is very important to her; You know she started working here again, right? Yeah, she told me.
What do you mean when you said, "everything she went through this past summer"? Look, I I shouldn't have said anything.
It's not my place.
Does Jaymee have lupus? Look, Asher, she doesn't really hide it, but she also doesn't go out of her way to tell everyone because she doesn't want to be treated differently.
I suck, man.
Jacob, thanks, and good luck with the event, OK? Yeah.
Right, 59! Set, go! Whew! Spence, you ready for this? Man, I been ready.
Just gotta take advantage of these opportunities, you know? Man, I'm sure you'll get a chance.
- Not sure us walk-ons will play.
- Ah, come on.
We'll get in there.
Just gotta believe, right? First team, switch out.
Coach, you know when I'm gonna play? You'll get your shot.
Sit tight.
Yes, sir.
OK, that was Cora Paige.
Wasn't she incredible? Let's give her another round of applause.
OK, our next act needs no introduction.
In fact, she just got off of headlining her own tour, so I'm just gonna bring her up onstage.
Patience, you're up.
Whoo! Wait, wait.
Hold on, hold on.
- Kim Nitty hasn't gone yet.
- Coop, it's not a big deal.
Stop, all right? - No way.
- What are you doing? - Patience, you coming? - Stop.
What are you doing? Stop.
Man, hell no.
You just headlined your own tour, all right? Only way you opening up for somebody - is if they named Beyoncé.
- OK, honestly Hey, hey, is there a problem? - Yes, Coop is the problem! - How am I the problem? - Stop.
- No, listen.
Patience is not opening up for Kim Nitty.
- It's just a showcase, Coop.
- OK, and you're showcasing everyone else except for Patience.
This ain't happening.
I'm pulling her from the show.
- What?! - You are too good for this.
What's goin' on, Slauson? Yeah, yeah, y'all having some fun tonight? Uh, so we had a little, uh, misunderstanding, but it's OK.
We gettin' past that now, so I am Kim Nitty.
Yeah! Oh, yeah! Gimme, gimme, gimme all of that Gimme all of that, gimme that Gimme that, no questions asked - I'm at the top, I can sing - You're welcome.
Makin' my moves, doin' my thing Hear my dance, big boss vibes Clearly what's mine, it's time to expand No questions asked, no questions asked Let's go! Hut, hut! All right, let's go.
Second team, hustle up! Hey, uh, relax.
- Hey, how's the, uh, how's the search coming along? - Hey.
Oh, it's going great.
We found an interim principal, someone who's a true leader, who the students really respect.
- Glad it worked out.
- Mm-hmm.
- Who'd you get? - Uh, Mr.
Thompson, - the shop teacher.
- Stubbs? Come on.
You know you can't call him that, Billy.
It was an accident.
He's sensitive about his fingers.
Hold up.
You are telling me right now that Stubbs is about to be my new boss? - Temporarily.
- This can't be happening.
- You couldn't find nobody else? - We did.
You said no.
Good job.
There we go.
Good ball.
Good catch, good catch.
- Good job.
- Hey, Coach, let's get Spencer James in there, - see what he can do out there.
- Which one is he? Number 11.
Not yet.
- Nice, nice.
Good hustle.
- Get up there.
Coach Garrett ain't want me here, did he? - It's not the time, Spencer.
- What, he already got his favorites? It doesn't matter.
That doesn't mean you're not gonna get the opportunity to showcase how electric you are out there on that field.
- When? - Next series.
Be ready.
Yes, sir.
All right, let's go! - Hey.
- What was all that drama? Oh, that was Coop losing her mind.
- Uh-oh.
- No, it all worked itself out, but only because Kim Nitty is a pro.
No, I meant, "uh-oh, isn't that your boyfriend walking in with some date?" Uh, he's, um, he's not my boyfriend.
- No.
- You've been sleeping with him all summer.
- Uh, not all summer.
- OK, sorry.
Most of the summer.
So, then, what what is he? He's, um I don't know, but whatever he is, it works better when he's away.
That is so weird.
You are the second person to say that to me today.
Jordan said that, you know, since he has his brutal schedule, you know, his relationship with Simone has been easier, you know, with her away in Atlanta.
I mean, that makes sense.
Jordan's focused on football, I am focused on my label.
You know, right now, a serious relationship can only get in the way of what's most important to me.
All right.
Spencer, it's your time.
Let's get it.
All right.
Ah! Get 11 outta there! Spencer James! Out! Baker, Winfield, go get it.
Sir, yes, sir.
All right, y'all.
First round.
What do you say? - River runs red on one.
Ready? - Break! Here we go.
155, 155.
Here we go.
Down, set! Right, 60.
Set! That's how you get off the line.
Trust in the moment Trust in the future Trust in my people But I trust in me first Trust goes a long way - She's great, isn't she? - What the hell was that? - Layla - No, this is my show, Coop.
- I know - No, I pick the order.
- OK, but I thought - Stop.
I don't care.
I asked you to help because I felt bad that you had nothing to do - Wait.
So you helped me out of pity? - No, I I really thought you could make the showcase better.
I was wrong.
To see everything I could be Hey, yo, are you off to the, uh, search committee meeting? Yep.
Gotta finalize some things.
OK, well, before you go, um, I think that you should know that I have, uh, I've had a change of heart.
Yeah, and if you two would kindly reconsider, if the offer still stands, I'd like to to accept the position of interim principal.
Oh, Billy B.
, saving the damn day! Ha! You know, you're like a 3-pointer at the buzzer.
- Swish.
- I'm just happy to help.
I'm sure Mr.
Thompson won't mind.
Stubbs? Ain't nobody thinking about Stubbs.
What made you think that? Oh.
I, uh I guess I got some, uh, some bad information.
I thought we were gonna be here all night, but now, I am going out.
Who's coming? No? OK.
That's fine.
Um, listen, Billy B.
, we will have someone - send over your new schedule.
- OK.
That's great.
How'd it go? Jacob already left, so Actually, I I came to see you.
Why didn't you tell me that you had lupus? I I thought that you were just ghosting me all summer.
I wasn't ghosting you.
I didn't tell you because, well, you were only supposed to be the one date, and then we had that stupid fight.
Which I I left, like a hundred voicemails apologizing for.
I really liked you, and how do you tell the guy that you like that he'll probably have to deal with a debilitating illness - every few months? - Hey It wouldn't have scared me away, OK? I wanted to drop this off.
It's for you.
The charity, I mean.
You can add it to the rest of the donations you got tonight.
What's this new job you've got? Been working for a sports bookie.
Oh, so you, like, break people's kneecaps if they don't pay.
No, I don't What is with the kneecap assumptions? I I just help with the odds, which always favor the house.
It's easy money.
There's no such thing as easy money.
Oh, and you know you can't work for a sports bookie and live with college athletes.
- Well, our lease is up this week, so I'm I'm good.
- OK.
In fact, we're having a "good-bye, beach house" thing tonight.
You should come.
- You're here kinda late.
- Sorry.
I live in a full house, and so I just thought that I'd come here to find a nice, quiet place to work.
- I hope I hope that's OK.
- Of course.
I mean, look at me.
I practically live here.
I mean, you're the boss.
I just hope I can get to that level eventually.
Are you kiddin'? We're all gonna be working for you someday.
Uh, if you feel that way, then why wasn't I put on staff to actually write? I am so grateful for the opportunity to just be here, but I guess I'm a little Confused, that's all.
Everyone here starts at the same place and works their way up.
In fact, I started at your cubicle.
- You did? - Everybody did, but not everyone stuck it out.
Those who did, they earned their spot.
You can, too.
Just curious.
Um, how many band-aids did you go through? Let me tell ya, the old copy machine nearly took my entire hand off.
Ooh! Mm-mmm.
- Understood.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, actually Can I still submit some of my ideas, even if somebody else writes 'em? - What you got? - I'm very glad that you asked.
Yo, how long I gotta wait for you to say something? Mmm.
How long am I supposed to wait for an apology? Baby, I was just looking out for you when no one else was.
Layla seemed more concerned with making Kim Nitty a star.
- You're the star.
- This has nothing to do with me or Layla or Kim Nitty.
This is about you having nothing going on right now.
I got stuff going on.
Like what? Like what? Like, uh, micromanaging a showcase that was just supposed to get a few artists some exposure? By the way, um, that's why I wasn't headlining.
Yeah, I was doing Layla a favor.
That tour was my opportunity to shine, and I did.
Why you ain't just tell me that? Well, because you were supposed to be mentoring those new artists, not micromanaging my career.
Like, come on.
What was with that rider? All top talent have riders, - plus I know how much you like gummi worms.
- OK, I I need you to stay out of my business and just go find your own.
Like you are not my manager, Coop.
You are my girlfriend, and I I need a break.
- From me? - Just from us.
- You breaking up with me? - No.
I just Maybe a suspension, like, just one night.
Good show.
You definitely know how to find talent.
Well, so do you.
I saw your date.
- Nice work.
- She was not a date.
- Right.
- She's just a colleague.
- So am I.
- We're more than that, aren't we? Um We're we're just friends, Clay, you know, who who have fun together on the road.
I have fun with you in New Orleans, I have fun in Austin, I am looking forward to having fun with you at the Palm Springs music fest.
What if we don't wait until Palm Springs? I'm here now, Layla.
We could I want to be with you.
I will see you in Palm Springs.
- Hey.
What's up, Coach? - Hey.
What's happening, Captain? I was, uh Dropping by to see your moms, but why you home? Had a bad day.
Figured I'd come home for a while, you know.
- Yeah.
Moms are good for them bad days.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, Jordan told me you had a scrimmage tonight, so I'm guessing - They gave me an opportunity and I blew it.
- Ooh.
It was crazy, man.
I was breaking down my defender like I've done a million times.
- Right.
- Turns out he was doing the same thing to me.
Who won the battle? He blew up my route, - forced the pick.
- Yeah.
All right.
Well, you'll win the next one.
I'm running out of chances with this head coach, man.
Turns out he didn't even want me here.
What are you gonna do about it? - I'm already doing everything I can, Coach.
- Are you? One of the biggest lessons I ever learned when I was in college was that I was no longer the best player on the field.
I just wasn't, and, uh, that hurt my ego, but it was true.
So you're saying all these dudes is better than me? Absolutely.
I'm playing.
No, what I'm saying is now you're on a team full of Spencer James, so the only way you can stand out is to outwork all of 'em.
- I'm already working so hard, man.
- Not enough.
- Then what's enough? - It's never enough.
Look, you got to get to the point where nothing is ever good enough And when that happens, when you embrace that grind, sky's the limit.
- Billy.
- Hey.
You want me to get another hot chocolate for you? No, he can have mine.
- Got to get back to the beach house.
- Stay up.
I appreciate you.
Ma, - I love you.
- Love you, too.
- Thanks, Coach.
- Yes, sir.
He'll be all right.
You tricked me.
- Uh - Yes, um, but I only did it because I knew you were the right person for the job.
You're a leader, Billy.
The students respect you, and like I said, it'll only last a few weeks.
- OK, then I get Dillon on the team.
- No.
All right.
Well, I guess I can do a couple weeks.
Hey, well, look, before you go - They gave me your schedule.
- Oh.
- This is for the week? - Oh, no.
That's for tomorrow, Principal Baker.
Should I start without Spencer? - Start what? - I have a toast to the beach house.
- JJ, you already did that.
- This one's different.
Ah! There he is, - just in time.
- In time for what? JJ's making a final toast to the beach house.
- We did this already.
- Well, this is new information.
Since our lease is up in a few days, I thought we should have a toast to the best summer ever.
- Sounds very familiar.
- It's the exact, same speech.
And let me finish I think we should keep it going.
All right? I say we extend our lease for a year.
Huh? Like, keep the brotherhood together? - Actually, I'll drink to that.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
I'm in.
Spence? Let's do it.
Yo, to never leaving the beach house.
- No, no.
- JJ, too far.
OK, OK, then, uh To us.
- To us.
- Yes.
Ah! Whoo! - Good, champ? - Mmm.
So, I guess I need a new job, right? Like you said, I can't live here with college athletes and work for a sports bookie.
- So you just made that decision now? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah, that's what I'm going with.
Between us, I was terrified every single day that they would break my kneecaps if I messed up.
I knew it.
I knew it.
Well, we have an opening at the restaurant.
I am sure that Jacob would take you back.
You just want an excuse to see me every day.
Get over yourself.
Sorry I'm late.
Heard about the scrimmage.
Nothing's going according to plan, Liv.
I know.
Maybe I'm adding - to your crazy schedule? - No, no, come on.
OK So I was thinking, you know, maybe, on your snack breaks, you know, instead of meeting me, maybe you just Eat some snacks, you know, maybe hang out with your teammates? - I don't know.
I just I don't want to - Stop.
First, snack breaks are the only thing I look forward to.
This ain't about my schedule.
Everybody's got the same schedule.
This is about me And the fact that for the first time in my life, I am not the best player on the team.
- That is not true.
- It's not a bad thing.
It's motivation.
I was looking at this schedule as something I needed to get through, but it's only there to make me better, so I got to embrace it Mm-hmm.
Just like I look forward to our snack breaks, I got to look forward to whatever these people throw at me.
If the original plan ain't working, that means it's time for a new plan, right? - OK.
- OK.
So What's the new plan? Hey, Coach.
Listen, man, I I just want to say I'm sorry about practice, catching the ball with one hand.
That's not who I am, and it won't happen again.
And I'm sorry I lost my battle at the scrimmage, but I'mma win the next one.
I promise you that.
- You're number 11, right? - Yes, sir.
Better get back to work.
Greg, move your head!
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