All American (2018) s04e12 Episode Script

Babies and Fools

1 Yo, man, it's been a few days, and I still ain't heard from the cops.
- OK.
- OK? Man, Ms.
Baker said they found new evidence linked to Mo's murder, evidence that could be traced back to me.
Or you, Preach.
Y'all need to get in front of this.
Ain't nothing to get in front of.
Look, the cops are bluffing.
That's just their way of keeping us shook.
Why would Mrs.
Baker tell Coop to come home if that was true? 'Cause they playin' her.
Laura Baker will always be known as the D.
who had the cops that killed Tamika Pratt indicted.
And now those same cops handing her new information? - Come on, y'all.
- No, you cannot brush this off, man.
There needs to be a plan.
I'm with Spence.
I could be looking at some major time, man.
Yeah, something that could have been avoided had you and Preach just been honest from the jump.
You right, but we past that.
Look, if they had something on Coop, they would have already scooped her up, but they don't 'cause I got rid of all the evidence from that night.
Trust me.
If Coop stays true to her statement, we good.
Morning, beautiful.
Now that I got your attention, the floor is all yours, so get on all fours, hips up, toes down.
Hey, what's up, baby? Why are you talking to yourself? I'm not talking to myself.
I'm listening to JJ's "Nimble as a rubber thimble" podcast.
- Oh.
- Today, I'm learning how to use my outside voice for inner chi.
- By talking to yourself? - By talking to myself, yeah.
Say what you want about JJ.
He is an amazing zentor, and that cat cow pose was on point, especially after these past few days.
You worried about Coop? Not knowing what's next for her is stressful as hell.
I'm sure, but, I mean, we're all worried about her, you know, but until the alleged evidence drops, there's nothing we can do.
- Yeah.
- There is something you and I can do.
- What you thinking? - Why don't we go for a hike, you know, just unplug from our stressful lives - for, like, a couple of hours? - OK, I'm down.
One problem, though.
I ain't got no hiking shoes.
It's a hike.
You can literally wear anything.
Yeah, anything not named Yeezy, - or Air Force One or Cortez.
- OK, fine.
We will stop by your mom's house, and we will get you - an old pair of shoes.
- OK.
But first, this, um Cat cow pose.
Well, what's up? You need a zentor? Depends.
You gonna have me talking to myself? If I do my job right.
- Hi, Ms.
- Hi.
Uh, Preach, Amina, hey.
To what do I owe this early-morning visit? I thought you said she was cool with this.
Um Mr.
Preach had a early-morning meeting, and Amina needed a ride to school, so I, just, um, told her she could ride with us.
My bad.
That's the problem with kids having their own cell phones now.
I'll take her.
Coach Baker won't mind if I'm a little late.
Oh, no.
Don't be silly.
It's fine.
Billy sure love his early staff meetings, huh? Look, I don't mind.
I'm just happy to be working.
This tutoring gig has changed the game for me, which reminds me.
I'm, uh, organizing a art installation to raise money for our tutoring program.
Little function to bring the community together.
Yeah? That sounds fun.
Hey, D.
, uh, Amina was telling me about your comic book, "King Crenshaw.
" Uh, man, I would love to use some poster art for the exhibit, if that's cool.
Yeah, that would be dope! - Mom, can I? - Uh, O-OK, sure, but right now, we need to finish getting ready.
- OK.
- OK.
I got to head out, 'Mina bean.
Daddy, wait.
I made this for you.
Oh, I love it, baby girl.
What's up with the penguins? - I just wrote a report about emperor penguins.
- Oh.
After the mommy penguin lays an egg, she leaves for two months.
While she's gone, the daddy penguin has to protect the egg, keep it warm, and starve himself until the mommy gets back.
Fathers are ride-or-die, always there for his baby.
Yep, just like you.
Have a good day.
I love you.
I love you, too, 'Mina bean.
We are just people that control a purpose We got a saying underneath the surface Important to the - Yeah, he's amazing.
- Right? - What's his name again? - That is, uh, Tony Wilder.
He's, like, next greatest thing coming out of Detroit.
He's been killing it on the indie circuit for a while now.
- Mm-hmm.
- You should definitely meet with him.
- Uh, you sure? - Yeah, and listen, Tony's not the only one.
Here is a list of, um, at least 5 others that would be perfect for your label, too.
All right, what what's, uh, what's up? Nothing.
Why? Exactly how many times did you let me win - at Monopoly when I was a kid? - Oh, a bunch of times.
- All right, twice, OK? - Mm-hmm.
You're the most competitive person I know, Dad.
- Yeah.
- You don't just hand things over, definitely not a list of musicians.
What's going on? Listen, I am, uh, I'm gonna be stepping away from some of my duties at the label.
- But you're retiring? - Not retiring, just, uh, reducing my role.
Look, I have been doing this for 30 years, Layla.
Between the tours, the countless hours in the studios, it's a lot.
It's a lotta tread on my tires, so it's time for me to take a beat from the grind and, um, pour into myself, like you've been telling me to do for years now.
There's no other reason for this sudden change of heart? Well Oh, shoot.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
I'm gonna have to take this.
Um, look over that list.
Let me know what you think.
No rush, all right? Love you.
Hey, this is JP.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Grace and Mrs.
Just the person I was looking for.
After all, a principal is only as good as their lead counselor.
Am I right? - Actually, Billy - One second.
Um, Ms.
Lawson, I forgot to mention this at the staff meeting.
Do you know of any students that may have some art work that they can submit for Preach's fundraiser? - I might know a few.
- Obviously, we need for the students to be talented.
Nobody from Mrs.
Woods' class because have you seen the pictures that she's got on her door? We don't need stick figures and rainbow So Regina is the search committee's choice as your permanent replacement as principal.
Oh Well, you coulda led with that.
- I tried.
- OK.
I've been working with these kids for over two decades, Mr.
I have experience as a counselor and assistant principal, plus I grew up a few blocks from here.
Me, too.
Funny story, actually.
Me and the wife, we just moved into the house that I grew up in, so - Seriously? - Yeah, seriously.
I said I'm here for the long haul.
By long haul, you mean one, maybe two weeks? Because we both know I'm coming for those principal keys.
Ha ha ha ha! I like her.
I like you.
I like you.
You are gonna make a great assistant principal, so let me know if you're interested.
OK, shut the door when you leave.
- Hey, yo, Coach.
Hold up.
- Hey, there they go.
- What's happening? - Hey, Coach - Yeah.
- Before we forget, we had a few ideas about the art installation.
- Yeah.
- OK, walk with me.
What's going on here? - Can we help you, Detective? - I'll make this quick.
Cardell Simms, you're under arrest for the murder of Monique Moore.
- What? - No, no, there must be there must be some misunderstanding here.
Hold up.
I'm sorry, Coach Baker.
- Amina.
- I'll pick her up from school.
Hey, what about these? Oh, that is perfect, and I am almost done.
Hey, Liv is my witness, Ma.
- I brought my own detergent this time.
- Did you get my voicemail? No, my phone's charging.
What's up? Preach got arrested at school today for murdering Mo.
- Oh, my God! - Wait, hold up.
Preach was arrested? This is exactly why I warned Billy not to bring Preach into the school.
Look, it was still self-defense, Ma.
Preach was trying to save Coop's life.
I am not judging him for his past, or for even trying to protect Coop, but Billy's actions meant that Preach was on school property when he got arrested! Jabari was traumatized, God knows who else! No disrespect, Ms.
Grace, but I I mean, there's no way that my dad could have known that this was gonna happen.
This is just Preach's past catching up with him.
This is the last thing these kids needed to see, was another Black man being dragged off to jail by the cops.
Excuse me, while I go tell Amina why her father isn't coming home tonight.
Yo, what happened? Did a witness come forward? After all these months? I mean, that's how it works sometimes in cases like this.
Man, witness or no witness, it was self-defense.
Unless the witness saw it different.
Yo, whose side are you on? Seriously? Are you are you really asking me that right now? I am on your side, Coop.
I have always been here, and the facts are your lie has been exposed, so we just have to figure out what's next.
Look, I just want to make sure Amina's straight, all right? She didn't ask for any of this.
She's with my mom right now.
Does Preach have any family? - I am Preach's family.
- Mmm.
Yeah, well, there's no way that you'll be able to raise Amina - if Preach goes down for this.
- All right, look, he needs a damn good lawyer.
The sooner Preach gets out, the sooner Amina's gonna be OK.
Do you do you think your your mom would defend him? I I don't know, but, I mean, she's familiar with the case, so It can't hurt to try.
Let me guess.
Coop hit you with the sad-ass puppy-dog eyes, and here you are the mouthpiece that's gonna get these shackles off me.
"Thank you" would be a good place to start.
Come on, man.
You know that shooting was self-defense.
- I should be outta here by dinner.
- Not so fast.
At best, it was justifiable homicide.
At worst, you're looking at 25 to life.
- How? - Because a witness came forward, recorded you shooting Mo.
He's just now saying something? He just got arrested for possession of narcotics.
So he makes a deal, snitches on me in exchange for his freedom? I'm still waiting for the evidence to be released to me, but based on what I'm hearing, the photo is just of you pointing the gun at Mo, and the video only picked up one gunshot.
- You mean gunshots.
- One.
The video only shows you shooting Mo from the alley.
There's no evidence she shot Coop first.
Exactly, and that is enough for the prosecution to push for murder.
Of course it is.
I'm the wrong complexion for the right protection, plus I got two strikes.
Well, that's where I come in.
I'm gonna do my best to get you cleared.
This is on me.
My whole life, I prided myself on protecting Black women.
And what'd I do? Hell, a man is only as good as his code.
Where I'm from, you're either a asset or a liability.
I been a liability way too long.
I mean, if it's my time to do all them years, then I guess it's My time.
But I need a favor.
I need to finally tell her the truth, no matter the cost.
Can you bring her here? Crap.
Uh, you caught me.
You do your laundry here? Yeah.
Your dryer sheets are awesome.
They make my shirts feel so soft, they're like - they're like pillows for my pecs.
- Ooh, - please tell me you didn't just say that.
- Oh, I did, and I own it.
So, um, what's up with you? New musician? Uh, more like retired producer.
My dad is taking a step back from his daily duties at the label.
Good for Mr.
- I I mean, bad for Mr.
Keating? - Something's up, OK? First first he hands me all the masters to my mom's songs, which was awesome, OK, but then he hands me this list of new artists that he thinks I should sign to my label.
And you should hear some of these artists, Jordan.
They're amazing.
That that's incredible, Layla.
What - I mean, that's not incredible? - JP Keating has never been one to just hand over an artist - So he's clearly dying.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on a second.
Let's rewind, OK, because that just took a turn.
Did he tell you that he's dying? No, you know, not yet, OK? It could be his heart or, like, a a rare blood condition or worse, hypertension, which they call the silent killer OK, yeah, or or or Or maybe he's perfectly healthy, right? Your dad is older, Layla.
He's making life changes.
People do that, you know.
It doesn't mean that he's dying.
- You're right.
- Right.
It's just he loves being a producer, and you don't give up something you love that much without - something major going on.
- So talk to your dad.
Ask him for the truth.
I mean, it could it could be anything.
Yeah - Like dying? - OK, you know what? I don't know about you, but I could really use a meal not cooked by a microwave, so, what do you say me, you, and your dad go to dinner tonight? Look, I'll just be there for moral support, all right? You can ask him the questions that you're scared to ask, and whatever the answer is, we'll deal with it together, OK? OK.
- Keep that closed.
- Just - let me just - No, no, we're good.
Some day.
Who you telling? Been trying to get up out of here for the past hour.
I just dropped Amina off with Laura.
How's, uh, how's she holding up? A lot better than I expected.
No tears No outburst Just silent.
There's a chance she might lose both of her parents in less than a year.
There's nothing good about that.
I gotta go.
Uh I'm actually here for emergency meeting with the search committee.
I had, uh, I had heard that through the grapevine.
We're making our final vote for principal in a few weeks, then we're turning everything over to the school board for their approval.
I heard that, too.
From one friend to another, it's not looking good for you, Billy.
I mean, from your lack of experience, - from Preach's arrest - Which I had nothing to do with, and whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? - It's all about the optics.
- Oh.
I feel you.
Know the optics don't look that good, but ahem if there ever were a time when the kids needed me, that time would be now.
And I'm the best person for the job, so I'm just letting you know I'mma do whatever I need to do to remain principal, so Hey, I got dinner.
Uh, thank you, baby.
How'd the meeting with the search committee go? Tough, but necessary.
So it's a done deal? We'll know in a few weeks.
My two cents, Mom you're making a mistake.
Coach Baker's the best thing for South Crenshaw right now.
You do know I had to trick him into taking this job, right? Wrong, wrong.
I mean, yeah, I had my doubts at first, and maybe she had to twist my arm a little, but once I landed in that hallway, it was like something clicked.
So what what what clicked? - I don't know.
It don't matter.
- What? Of course it matters.
No, not really.
The school board's gonna want somebody like Regina Lawson.
They're gonna want one of their own, somebody with more experience, somebody - Who is not him.
- Why? - Why ain't Coach right for the job? - Dependability.
Do you think being a principal means more to him than coaching college football? - Or even the NFL? - I think that it is.
- Really? - Yeah.
So being principal is is endgame for you? I finally feel heard, Liv.
Like, all my life, I've been an athlete and a coach, but now I get to be an educator, too, and It's like a different muscle to flex.
It's it's a muscle I never even knew I had.
To be honest, a part of me kind of feels like like my mom's had something to do with this.
His mother was an educator.
- Coach might surprise you.
- We can't risk a surprise! These kids need someone that's committed to them! Which he is.
If he wasn't, he wouldn't have started a financial literacy course, or be thinking outside the box and finding a tutor to connect with these kids! You know this.
What's the real issue here, Ma? I need to eat my food.
Maybe it's not supposed to happen at South Crenshaw.
There's just so much stacked up against me.
I should probably step away.
I'll finish Preach's art show, and then I will step down as interim principal.
Now is not the time for self-sabotage, OK? Me and Spencer, we will handle the art show with Jabari, and you need to focus on keeping your job.
I mean, that's the whole reason why you and Mom moved back here in the first place.
Please don't lose faith, Dad.
And you and I both know that Grandma Mary would not go for that.
Um Listen, 'Mina bean, can you give us, uh, some privacy? No, please stay.
I don't want to be alone with him.
Um Uh Look, I was I was, um, I was wrong.
I should have told you the truth about what happened to your, uh Your mom did a bad thing And I had to do a bad thing to save your aunt Coop's life.
I'm sorry, Amina.
I know that I can never make this up to you, - but I promise - Can we go now? Um Of course, yeah.
Look, Ms.
Baker, I appreciate you calling, but last time I seen Amina, she made it very clear she never wanted to see me again.
Her whole world is falling apart, Coop.
She just needs someone that isn't a stranger, even if that's somebody that she's mad at.
This is all on me.
I'm the one that convinced Preach to keep the lie going.
- And how is the case looking? - Not great.
The video clearly shows Preach shooting Mo.
Wait, no.
That that's not all that happened.
Yes, I know, but that's the footage that we have.
Mo literally shot me two seconds before Preach let off his shot.
Well are you sure that the gunshots occurred that close together? 1,000%.
OK, can you watch Amina for a bit? - I need to go handle something.
- Hey, trust, she's not gonna want to stay with me.
Amina? Sweetie, can can you come here for a second? I'm sorry.
I have to step out really quick for a bit.
Um, I can drop you off at Ms.
Grace's or - I'll stay with Coop.
- Yeah? OK.
You lied to me about the shooting.
Look, can we go somewhere a little more private and talk about this? Either you tell me right now or I'm gonna scream.
Yummy sprouts.
Wow, um, that's good, that's good.
Yeah? Oh.
This is quite the spread.
Yeah, you know, um, I've just been on a health kick since I got back from the Vegas tour with Patience, so Oh, OK, or you think I'm dying.
- Did you tell him? - No, - but the food might have ahem.
- I mean, the food, the questions from today, all the checking-in texts.
I had a feeling that mind of yours was gonna go there.
Can you blame me, Dad? You put so much into the label.
This isn't some knee-jerk decision, sweetie.
It's, um - I met someone.
- And you're always meeting someone.
Well, this one is different, and she's kinda special.
Her name is Erin, and, uh, we've been together for about a month now.
And she is smart, she is funny, and, uh, check it out we're the same age.
Well, she's 5 years younger, but at least the same decade, right? I mean, it's an improvement.
Well, that that's awesome, Mr.
- Oh, thanks.
Thanks a lot, Jordan.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, I agree.
You, uh, - you seem happy.
- I am.
- Good for you, Dad.
- Ahem.
Um, do you have any any pics of of Erin? - Yeah, yeah.
- OK.
- Check.
- OK.
She's pretty.
Me and your dad were just trying to protect you, and instead, we hurt you, and I'm sorry.
Was my mom that bad? Your mom was - She was complicated.
- What does that mean? Well, she had different sides to her.
But she was a great mother to you, right? The best.
But she was also a grieving sister, who could not deal with the pain that she felt from losing your uncle Tyrone.
She said they were best friends.
Yeah, and she felt bad leaving him behind when she went to Philly.
She thought that if she would have stayed, his life would be different.
He'd be alive.
And then who did she blame for his death? Me.
But you didn't shoot him.
That old woman did.
It didn't matter.
She blamed me, and That's honestly why she shot me.
Which is why my dad shot her, to save you.
A decision that That has changed his life forever, a a decision I know Preach ain't proud of, but he did that out of love for me.
And truthfully speaking, it could have been anyone standing there, and he would have saved their life.
That's the difference between your pop and most people.
I was so mean to him today.
What if he never comes back? We got to find a way to be strong for him and keep the faith.
You know my pop used to always say, "keep your chin up so your crown don't fall.
" You think you could do that for me? Man, hands down, Mr.
Preach was the dopest tutor I ever had.
Hey, the fight isn't over.
Think that's all of 'em.
Hey, me personally, I think we should postpone the art installation.
It just doesn't feel right doing it without Mr.
Yeah, you could, or, in honor of Preach, we can make it about him.
I don't know if he would go for that.
The fundraiser is about the school and the community, - the folk who make it go.
- Exactly, - and folks like Preach.
- Look, man, it don't matter if he's in jail or not.
You said it yourself.
Preach is the dopest tutor you ever had, so give that man his flowers.
- Yeah, you're right.
- Right? Can y'all help me make some calls? Walk away, Mrs.
We both know I'm not beating these charges.
- What's that? - These are photos from the witness' phone.
Talking to Coop sparked something.
Poworski only heard one gunshot in the video, but the witness took a photo right before you shot Mo.
So I hit the live button on the photo, which, as you know Turns it into 3-second videos.
I had the forensics analysts confirm that the first gunshot was not from you, it was from Mo, which proves, once and for all, that this was a justifiable homicide.
Now, possession of a firearm is a violation of your parole, so I have to make a deal and have one more year added onto your probation, but other than that, you're good.
What you mean, I'm good? Cardell Simms, you are officially a free man.
There he is.
How you holding up? Good.
Thank you for everything, Coach.
And a special shout-out to Mrs.
I'm not here without her.
I just stopped by to get my stuff.
You, uh, got a good group of kids here, man.
They'd be a whole lot better with somebody like you.
I'm I'm trying to say, uh, this doesn't have to end now.
Job is still yours if you want it.
I can't.
It's bad enough I got arrested in front of my students, and last thing I want to do is be a distraction.
You're not a distraction.
The kids love you.
I appreciate you, Coach.
Look, you been solid from the rip, but I can't come back, not right now.
How's Amina? Uh, OK.
Apparently, she, uh, stayed with Coop last night.
- I'd love to see her - Mm-hmm.
But I know she's gonna need a few more days.
- I'mma be patient.
- Yeah.
- I'm sure things will work out.
- Yeah.
Uh, one last thing.
Your art installation is still going on today, so I know a lot of students are gonna come, so you might want to consider coming through, you know, just to say your last good-byes.
There he is.
Good to see you, man.
Thanks for coming.
You, this is so good, young man.
I'm very proud of you.
Keep up the good work.
You hear me, right? - Wait.
What? - Yo, I found this dope local artist, man, who used one of our old pics to paint this.
Oh, my God, yeah.
I remember this pic.
- Wow! - Yeah, it's one of my favorites I mean, just two girls at choir rehearsal, clowning, - Mm-hmm.
- making our own ratchet gospel trap music.
- Ha ha ha ha! - Oh, my God, yes! - Ha ha! Yeah, we were a mess.
- Yeah.
- Ha ha! - Hey, look, I know things have been crazy between us since the shooting, all right? But now that Preach is out and all that is behind us, I'mma make it up to you.
- No, no, Coop, it's - No, no, I'm serious, OK? - Mm-hmm.
- Talking fresh start, clean slate, me and you.
The world is ours.
Wow! I mean, this exhibit is awesome.
You know, just when I thought I had Preach all figured out, - he surprises me.
- Kinda like your dad did last night? Was it that obvious? Well, I mean, maybe not to most, but my lay-dar is pretty accurate.
- Your laydar? - Just just roll with it.
Um, no, I'm I'm genuinely happy for my dad.
I'm just a little surprised he hasn't introduced me to Erin.
They've been dating for over a month, and he's had no trouble introducing me to girlfriends before, so Yeah, well, those girlfriends were seasonal.
By seasonal, you mean OK.
Um, Layla, when it comes to dating, - there are 4 seasons.
- Oh.
OK, there is there's teasing season, OK, there's pleasing season, and then there's cheesin' season, and last but not least, we have squeezing season.
OK, remind me to unpack those later, but I see where you're going with this.
You think it's serious.
- I do, yeah.
- I mean, it must be.
He's prioritizing her over the label, and, um He hasn't he hasn't been serious with anyone since my mom.
Which is why you haven't met her.
He's waiting for your permission.
To date her? - It's a little late for that.
- No, no, no, your permission to meet her.
Look, no matter how much your dad might be into Erin, you're still the most important woman in his life, Layla.
He's not gonna introduce the two of you until he knows you're OK with this.
- Right.
- Right.
OK, OK, can I get everybody's attention, please? I got, uh, I got some good news.
Thanks to y'all, the beautiful people of the Crenshaw district, we have raised over $8,000 in donations and sales.
All right, yes, yes.
Look, I'm just the messenger.
Just let me say right quick this beautiful fundraiser could not have happened were it not for our amazing new tutor, Mr.
Preach and I, we haven't worked together that long, but I can say that he has made just as much of an impact on my life personally as he has his students'.
Oh, there you go, right there.
My mother was a teacher, so I can appreciate the importance, and I can tell you firsthand that Preach shares her heart, her patience, and her ability to connect with students in a way that not many people can, - so so thank you, Preach.
- Yeah! Mr.
Preach is the man.
He stayed pushing me, but I love it.
You see, we cut from the same cloth.
He showed me that I don't have to be defined by my mistakes.
Just 'cause I spent time in the system doesn't mean that the system is my future.
He also showed me the possibility of what my future could look like, despite my past, and I'mma carry that forever, thanks to him.
All right.
- Come on.
- Whenever you're ready, sweetie.
My name is Amina, and Mr.
Preach is my daddy.
My dad is a lot like an emperor penguin.
He's smart, he's protective, and he's loyal.
He'll always put those he loves before him, no matter how crazy it gets.
That's what makes him the king of all daddies, and I'm so proud to be his daughter.
So to my dad, I say stand strong and keep your chin up.
That way, your crown doesn't fall.
This came together.
- It did.
- Yeah.
Sucks that we didn't get to go on our hike.
I know, but it was good to be home for a few days.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey.
- Where's Dillon? - He's with Coop and Patience.
- He said he was gonna text you.
- Oh.
- What's up? - So I was thinking Yes, you can have your job back.
- Ha ha ha! My guy.
- Aw.
Man, I appreciate you, Principal Baker.
- Oh, well, I appreciate you.
- Yes, sir.
- Ready to go home, 'Mina bean? - Yep.
- Let's go.
- Up.
- There we go.
- Heh heh heh! - Great night tonight.
- Yeah.
Far exceeded my expectations.
Mine's, too.
Listen, I was wrong; you've clearly done a great job.
These kids have really responded to you and everything you stand for.
- Thank you, Gracie.
- Mm-hmm.
Do I got your vote now, finally? I'm sorry.
I I still don't think you're the right person to be principal.
And you're totally cool with me - pursuing these artists? - Yeah, of course.
OK, great, 'cause I'm a little obsessed - with Tony Wilder's album.
- Yeah.
Look, um It's it's clear that Erin brings out the best in you, so whenever you're ready, I would, uh, I would love to meet her.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
I mean, that would be amazing.
You know, I'm pretty sure that you two are gonna vibe anyways, you know? OK, wow.
This is happenin'.
It's just been a long time since I felt like this.
- I can tell.
- I've been blessed to feel this way twice in my life, and I almost didn't get this second chance because, um, I closed my heart off for so long after your mom passed.
- I want better for you, Layla.
- Me? How'd we get on me? We Keatings have a way of protecting our hearts by hiding in our work, so just saying don't be like me, you know, so caught up in being a mogul that you put your life on hold.
It's OK to put yourself out there again, take a chance.
- Look, Ma - Spencer, please.
- If this is about Billy, I - You know it is.
Something else is going on with you, and honestly, I'm a little concerned.
Spencer, it's simple.
I'm thinking like a parent.
Yes, you no longer go to South Crenshaw, but Dillon will be starting there soon.
Let's say Billy is the principal and the school is doing well and Dillon is prospering, and then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, some college or pro team makes an offer to Billy that he can't refuse, and then poof! He's gone, and then the school's back in shambles again.
You expect me to believe you fighting this hard over something that ain't even happened yet, at a school that Dillon don't even go to yet? Ma, I don't think this has anything to do with Coach.
This is about all the changes happening in your life.
- Wait a minute - Just hear me out.
Hear me out.
I finally left home for college.
Dillon is older now, and he's doing his own thing with his friends more.
Principal Carter is pursuing his political dreams, which is cutting into y'all's time together, right? Life's changing faster than maybe you ready for, so you trying to control any little thing, and unfortunately for Coach, it happens to be this, and I'm sure the fact that he's another man who is important in your life complicates it a little more.
I hear you, baby, but Uh, I think I would know if I'm having some crazy reaction because I'm becoming a - Empty-nester.
- Would you? Sometimes we don't know what's going on until we talk to somebody.
So what you saying, I need to talk to Dr.
Spears? If he's the one that can help you process all this, then why not? - Uh, Layla? - Hi.
Uh, I just wanted to to call to say thank you for, um, for everything.
You know, your time, your friendship, um, the advice, no matter how unique and off-base it sounded.
Um, thanks, I I think.
And the other reason I'm calling Ooh, the 4 seasons of dating, right? OK.
OK, listen.
There's teasing season, right? Now, teasing season is whenever you meet someone and you vibe with 'em, but it's almost summertime and, you know, you want to stay single.
So, you tease each other and you keep it casual up until Pleasing season, when, you, um, you realize what you had was just a fun hookup, no strings attached.
Wow, you're good.
Next, we have cheesing season, right? Now, cheesing season's whenever you're so in love that you just can't stop smiling.
Uh, kinda like, uh, you and Simone.
Facts, yeah.
That's that's us to a tee.
Now, squeezing season.
Squeezing season is simply the best one because, I mean, you're past all the seasons now.
Yo, you really did not save me a "King Crenshaw" poster? Hey, thanks to the post on the 'Gram, we sold out within an hour.
But I'll see what I can do.
Maybe my people can get you one.
Yo, did this dude really just "people" us? Yup, he definitely just "peopled" us.
- I hate to interrupt.
- Then don't.
I mean, haven't you tried to do enough damage for the year? Yo, let's get up outta here, yo.
Yeah, not so fast, Tamia.
I'm actually here for you.
The case is closed, Detective.
Like For the murder of Monique Moore, yes.
Remember our conversation at the hospital? You confessed to a crime you didn't commit.
That's a whole other case, so, Tamia Cooper, you're under arrest for obstruction of justice.
- Wait.
What? No, no, no.
- They can do that? - Hey, no.
What are you doing? - Patience, chill.
Patience No, that's not fair.
I'm good.
I'm fine.
No! Call Ms.
Baker, OK? I'm I'm sorry, babe.
Greg, move your head!
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