All American (2018) s04e13 Episode Script

Jump on It

1 Yo, man, why you look like you about to pass out? Dawg, have you smelled these bags? Hey, breathe through your mouth.
That's the only way to get through it.
It's not helping.
I don't remember them smelling this bad in high school, man.
Yeah, that's 'cause we didn't have to carry our own bags.
It may be a new season, but the pursuit remains the same, and this year, we'll take what's owed, and we bring home the championship! - Yes, sir.
- I just have one question.
- Y'all ready? - Yes, Coach.
- I said are y'all ready?! - Yes, Coach! Yeah.
Fly high on me, fly high on 3.
- 1, 2, 3! - Fly high! Oh, thanks for grabbing the bags, boys.
- Do we have a choice? - I mean, you always have a choice.
So what's this rumor I've been hearing that you guys live in a epic beach house? - No, no, no.
- It's an accurate one.
See, that's what we wanted to hear.
Look, we're looking for a little pre-game pre-party spot.
- Tonight? - Yeah.
Coach gave us an early curfew the night before a game, so we can't do it.
Well, see, that's why your place is perfect, OK? It's off-campus, under the radar.
Look, it's just it's a little ritual we like to do.
We want to officially welcome you all to the team.
Or is that gonna be a problem? - Definitely not.
- J.
, this is a bad idea.
No, no, we're in.
What what time? We'll see you guys at 8:00.
Oh, and, um, fresh meat supplies the liquor, so Let's go, guys.
I take it we're "fresh meat"? Yeah, they're gonna destroy our beach house, man.
It's Olivia, right? And you are medium Americano with an extra shot.
Or some just call me Noah.
I know your name.
It's on the cup.
So you went from grabbing coffee to a research gig impressively fast.
Uh, well, I was an intern all summer, plus I pitched Christel a few ideas, and she liked my angles, so Here I am.
- Makes sense why she paired us up.
- Yeah.
Although it took me almost a year before my ideas went.
- You used to be me? - Paper cuts and all.
Don't even get me started.
Oh, my gosh.
Hey! G.
really brings college spirit to a whole new level.
- Yeah, if you're an athlete.
- Mmm.
Anyway, I'm gonna go grab some more photos - before we head back to the office.
- Yeah.
Can't wait to see your angle.
No doubt it's a good one.
Baker told me to plead no contest with this obstruction of justice charge in Mo's death.
She says I'll get a better deal.
- And how you feel about it all? - I ain't too worried.
I mean, look at Preach.
He got off, and he's the one that actually killed Mo.
But, to be honest, bro, I'm tired of talking 'bout it.
So tell me something good.
How you feeling about your first college game? I've been doing everything I can to make this depth chart, but, scout team or not, Coach ain't looking for me.
What the hell is a scout team? What, you out there earning badges? No.
We prepping the starters for the upcoming game, kind of like a sparring partner in boxing, you know? - Sound like it need a new name.
- Hmm.
Then maybe you'd get noticed.
- Hey, Spencer.
- Hey, good morning.
- Uh Coop, do you have a second? - Yeah.
Oh, I got to get back to campus for practice anyway, so Man, it's only a minute.
You can stay.
Why you looking like someone died? 'Cause somebody did die, Coop, and the D.
is considering jail time.
For me? But I didn't shoot anybody.
Yeah, but you covered up a homicide, and they are not taking it lightly.
But you told me to plead no contest.
Hold on.
What does that even mean? Coop ain't really got to face jail time, right? Nothing's been decided yet, OK? For now, just know that I'm doing everything I can.
You should keep laying low, and as soon as I have any news, I'll let you know.
What's up, Coach? You wanted to see me? How you feeling out there? - A step behind.
- Have a seat.
Playing on the scout team is tough, and you want to get the head coach to notice you, but ain't no coach looking that way when you got 11 starters - out there on the field to deal with.
- Yeah, so what's my move? What a lot of first-year players fail to realize - is that scout team - Mm-hmm? It's the perfect opportunity to stand out, make your abilities known on the field.
So instead of being Spencer James out there at practice today, be Jay Fontana.
The jumped-up wide receiver? "The jumped-up wide receiver?" Bro, he jumped up for a reason.
He was first-team all-conference last year.
He plays big, physical.
He made defenses look silly last year, so you, you make Coach's defense look silly, you will get his attention.
Defense, run it again! Defense! Bring it in! Is there a reason that my freshman scout team is making my starting defense look like a bunch of fools?! Get off of your blocks! Quit playing Coach don't look too happy.
'Cause you just made his defense look silly.
You think he noticed me now? Use your hands and get off You damn right he noticed you.
You understand me?! I don't think I hear you! Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah - Should we go again? - I'm good.
Clay? Yo, that was dope.
- Yeah.
- Wait, wait.
- Does that mean - You've just finished your first full album.
- Congratulations! - Yes! Wait, are you for real? Yeah, I'm serious.
Oh, and we have some big news.
You want to tell her? Yeah, I'll tell her.
- OK.
Come on.
- OK.
Oh Tell me what? So, one of the artists that's supposed to perform at the Palm Springs festival dropped out.
- There's a spot open.
- And you want me to fill it? It's one of the smaller stages, but it could be a really good opportunity to showcase some of your new tracks.
My gosh! Stop! Uh, yes! Yeah, I'm in! Oh, my God! I can't I I can't believe this.
All right, bet.
I'll go confirm your spot.
- OK.
- I'll hit you when it's done.
Thank you, thank YOU.
LAYLA: Aah! What the hey? That's so dope! Oh, OK, I am so proud of you, for, like, how much time you put into this album, especially with, you know, everything going on with Coop.
Thank you.
You know, to be honest, I feel like I am doing all I can to stay busy because if I slow down for one sec, I - I'm just afraid I'm gonna fall apart.
- Mm-hmm.
She's in real trouble this time.
Yeah, I know, but, um, I know sometimes you got to keep busy to get ahead.
Which is why I'm throwing a little get-together for Coop tomorrow.
I figure we could watch Spencer enjoying his first game while cheering her up.
Yeah, that's a great idea.
I'm in.
OK, cool.
Yo, after the way you played today, I better see your name on this depth chart.
Right there.
Third string.
Yo, I made third string.
Congratulations, Spence.
Tomorrow's our first game day.
You are one step closer.
Yeah, but is Coach gonna let me prove myself in a game? That's the real question.
All right.
- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What? I thought being in college meant girls never had to leave.
Oh, you got a lot of girls leaving? I haven't slept in my apartment for a week.
That's, like, 6 years in houseplant life.
But I do have a surprise for you.
Two tickets to G.
's first game.
How? These are hard to get.
I mean, Jordan and Spencer couldn't even score us some.
I have my ways.
You are incredible.
Thank you.
Now who should I go with? Ha ha ha.
Very funny.
Well, surprisingly, I have never been to a college football game, so I figured that we could make the day of it, and then you can be there to support your boys.
I think your plants could survive a little longer without you.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I can't believe Colton the Condor stays in character even for class.
He is as method as they get.
Hey, thanks again for letting me tag along today.
- It was fun.
- Mm-hmm.
You get everything you need for that angle of yours? Oh, my gosh.
I, uh I'm really hoping that Christel will give me a shot to write the article, so I should get these to her.
Uh, she's probably still in a senior staff meeting.
I have to get to class.
Um Leave your notes with me.
I'll get 'em to her.
I'll even lobby for you to write the article.
- Really? You don't mind? - Aw, not at all.
I mean, I still got a full day of editing ahead of me.
God, thank you so much.
I i really owe you one.
Pinnacle, pinnacle, pinnacle Fellas, fellas, we got it.
Hey, yo.
Yo, Jordan, I promise to hit you back with cash for all this.
Ah, don't sweat it.
I know you're good for it.
Do you guys think that the wings and the pizza should go over there by the window or over there by the bar? Well, the lighting by the window is better.
Dawg, who cares, man? I don't know why we had to get all this stuff anyway.
Because it's important that we bond with our teammates.
Especially whenever the starters want to hang with us, right? They don't want to hang with us.
They want to use us.
I could use some of JJ's energy right about now.
Dude had to have an away game the night we decide to throw a party, right? - There they are.
- Yo, yo, what is up, boys? Hey, hey! What? What do we have here? You really want us to wear these? Yeah, man.
We were all freshmen once.
I mean, we wore 'em, now it's your turn, so put 'em on till we tell you otherwise.
OK, uh Why don't I got a drink in my hand right now, huh? Oh, come on, let's go, OK? A dead man's reviver ain't gonna revive itself.
- Dead man's reviver? - Dead man's reviver.
- I'll find the recipe.
- Yeah, yeah.
Man, I'm out.
- You sure about that? - Yeah.
You said there's always a choice, right? Yeah.
Uh, dead man's reviver.
Comin' right up.
Yo, where you been? I texted you.
- You been gone all day.
- My phone was off because I've been in the studio, finishing the album.
I got some amazing news.
OK, well, I have some not-so-amazing news.
They want to throw me in jail for lying about shooting Mo.
- Wait, what? - Yeah.
Wait, I thought Mrs.
Baker said everything was OK.
Yeah, well, clearly she seemed to say a lot that wasn't true.
The D.
hates Laura for what went down this year.
Why would they do her any favors? I knew I should have got a different lawyer this time.
Wait, what? No.
That is not fair.
- What? - That is not fair! No! Mrs.
Baker has done nothing but try to protect you.
- Like, for free! - Whoa.
- No, no, no, for free, I might add! - OK.
But I'm the one looking at jail time, so why are you snapping at me? Coop, nobody is snapping at you.
Look, I am on your side.
We're all on your side, and everybody is just trying to do their best to help you through this.
You're right.
You're right.
I'm trippin'.
Let's just focus on keeping you out of jail, and things will get back to normal, OK? I can't believe she gave the assignment to Noah.
I mean, I don't mind paying my dues, but after working there all summer and writing an article for them, it I mean, it just feels like another huge step backwards.
Yeah, but look, at least you got your foot in the door.
- Yeah.
- They see your potential now, so just keep bringing the magic.
Things are gonna change.
I know, but it's hard to wait when I know that I can do it.
I mean, did you bring your magic? - Is that how you got things to change for you? - Hey, making that depth chart took a lot of blood and sweat, maybe even a few tears.
Well, you know you can smile about it and celebrate a win for once.
Hey, not a win until I prove myself on the field.
I mean, look, first I got to get in, then catch a pass, then beat the defense, and then score.
That's a lotta moves, baby.
Well, like I always say, if anyone can do it, it's you.
Right now, I wouldn't mind seeing, uh, some of those moves.
Yo, I made it all the way through training camp, and my first injury's gonna come from pumping this keg all night.
- I can't feel my arm.
- You want to switch? Nah, that don't look much better.
Look, man, all we got to do is get through tonight, all right? And we're in.
- In what, exactly? - I don't know.
They'll accept us? Yo, at this point, I don't care if they accept me.
They'll probably all be graduated by the time I get on the field anyway.
Oh, by the way, that dude clogged your toilet.
I'm not cleaning that up.
- Hey, boys.
- Hi.
Uh Uh, Wade, not to not to be that guy or anything, but didn't Coach say we couldn't hang out with the cheerleaders? Well, you are being that guy and, um, those aren't real cheerleaders, so be cool.
All right, gentlemen, Nakia and Frenchy here - Hi.
- Have prepared a little pep rally for us.
- Mmm.
- Two bills each.
- $200, each? - Mm-hmm.
Hey, can you cover me on this? Then we'll be even on the alcohol and the food.
Well, I wish I could, but I don't have that kind of money.
Don't sweat it, all right? I got you.
- OK, um, so two bills each? - Yes, sir.
For me, Isaiah, and Spencer.
OK, Jordan Baker.
I see you, man.
Look what we got here, gents, hmm? Yo, man, no, you've earned your spot.
Why don't you lose that shirt? Yeah, man.
Yo, fresh meat, why don't you get this legend here a beer? Hey, what's up, what's up? Nice to see you.
You having fun? All right.
Thanks for coming, guys.
- OK, brace yourself and do not judge me.
- OK.
Ooh, what happened here? Something I am glad I do not have to clean up.
- Yeah.
- Avoid the bathroom.
- Ew.
- Yeah.
Are you ready to rumble? - I think you may have the wrong sport.
- Oh.
Well, thankfully, we have an entire day for you to teach me the lingo.
Um, actually, I tried to call you, but it went straight to voicemail.
I I can't make it to the game.
Well, that sucks.
Is everything OK? My friend Coop, she got some really bad news, and I I need to be there for her.
- Yeah, OK.
- Look, I I'm sorry.
Got it.
Um, well, I hope everything's OK with your friend.
No, Jaymee - Spence, good luck out there today, man.
- Thanks, man.
Also, you missed one hell of a night, but I think that we're in.
- You mean you're in.
- What? No, no, no, no.
I covered your part of the strippers.
It's all good.
- It was just two bills.
- Strippers? Bro, I ain't asked you to do that, and I ain't got the money to pay you back.
I just wanted them to know that you cared, - that's all.
- What I care about is making it into this game, J.
That's how I earn my spot on this team, not by playing they wack-ass, frat-boy hazing games or by taking handouts from you.
Spence, what Oh, man, come on.
All right, y'all.
Good to see you.
There he is.
Hey, Coach.
It's good to see you, man.
Spencer James.
- Just the cat I'm looking for.
- Mm-hmm.
All right.
- Big day today, huh? - Yeah, yeah, I'm hoping so.
It's also my first game without you on the sidelines as my coach in a really long time.
I don't know how I feel about that.
You're good, son, you're good.
Plus, whether you play in this game or not, - you made the depth chart.
- Mm-hmm.
Freshman, first game of the season.
- You need to be proud of that.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- Did my mom make it out? - Oh, come on, man.
You know she's pacing a hole in the stands as we speak.
Um, OK.
Hey, man, what's with the scissors? My first playoff game, NFL.
Uh, the right sleeve of my jersey gets caught on a nail as I'm leaving the locker room, it rips.
'Course I think it's a bad omen until I run for 112 yards, pop 2 touchdowns that game.
I, uh, never played again without cutting my jersey, so - I wanted to pass down the tradition - Mm-hmm.
For your first game there you go just like I'm gonna do for Jordan when he gets his shot.
- Thank you.
I appreciate it.
- Yeah, man.
All right.
You just walk with them scissors open in your pocket like that? Yeah, I guess that wasn't such a Good idea.
I'm just gonna hold 'em like this, so - You all right, man? - Yeah, man, I got it.
The best football player, but I'm a phenomenal cornhole player.
OK, are you sure your injury won't OK.
- Mmm.
- Make a different Ooh! That was good, that was good.
Ain't no time to have party week It's the power, though, when you get to the top Hey, I'll let you know This is what we've been working for! Let's go! - Can you believe this is real, Spence? - Nah.
Hey, my bad for the way I came at you earlier, man.
- It's the magnitude of all this.
- I get it.
Oh, look, look.
All right.
- Wow.
Thank you for the V.
hookup, Dad.
- Ah, I remember my first college game.
- Oh, that long ago, huh? - Was it, uh, - 1870 - Come on, now, come on.
I'm not that old.
Besides, a man never forgets his first time, so OK, that's enough of that.
That's enough of that.
Look at this guy.
All right.
We see you.
- You good? - Yeah, it's just this article that I did research on for the "L.
Tribune" online.
That you wrote? No and yes.
- Can I help you? - I'm here to see Layla.
Come in.
I'm Clay.
Uh, what the hell is Clay doing here? I I invited him.
I thought you guys liked each other.
- Not like that.
- Yeah, right.
Y'all need to stop pretending.
I mean, I don't know.
He's pretty cool and he's hot, so I don't understand what the problem is.
The problem is that you need to mind your own business.
Whoa, girl, OK, I'm not trying to upset you, OK? I just i was trying to make you happy.
I am happy.
I don't need a frickin' boyfriend - for you or the rest of the world to see that.
- Layla, - I just thought that - It was a bad idea, OK? Just next time worry about your own relationship.
Here is the kickoff, and the football season is officially underway.
Mark Terrell on the return.
Breaks a tackle.
Full speed ahead.
Still on his feet! - Come on! Come on! - He's going all the way! - Yeah! - There's no stopping him now.
- Come on! - Touchdown! What a start for the Condors! 16! Set, go! Star quarterback Wade Waters showing off his arm.
Ryan Matthews with the catch.
And another huge touchdown for the Condors.
Blue 60! Set, go! And here's Wade Waters, showing off his legs.
To the 10, the 5.
Touchdown! And the Condors are rolling in the season opener.
They're really clicking on all cylinders here.
Coop, look, I I need you out there.
No shade to Patience or Layla, but they do not play cornhole the way we do.
That's why you should have brought your girlfriend, instead of hiding her from us.
It didn't quite feel like this was the right thing to bring her to.
If she makes you happy, why are you making this unnecessarily complicated? Tomorrow is not promised, bro.
Look at me.
Everything's gonna be OK.
You're not gonna go to jail, but Just in case, maybe we should have your prison name picked out? That's the whitest thing you've ever said.
Oh, you did not know me in junior high, then.
Look, I I'm serious.
Hear me out, OK? Um What about Li'l Dipper? - OK, all right.
C-storm? - What? You know, you really want me to get shanked.
All right, all right.
This is my personal favorite - Kookoo.
- You want me to call myself Kookoo? Yes.
They'll think you're crazy.
Aah! They'll leave you alone.
OK, or some dumb bird who doesn't know how to shut the hell up.
It's good to see you laugh again.
Mission accomplished, huh? I just I can't believe how fast my life has fallen apart.
I mean, in a matter of months, I've literally lost everything.
Not everything.
Hey, Patience, she put an effort in to make this special.
At the end of the day, we're all here, no matter what happens to you, Kookoo.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You're here.
- Yeah.
I thought it would be good to do something other than work together.
And I've been thinking, maybe we should stop pretending.
Pretending what? That what's going on between us isn't real.
I thought you understood our arrangement.
Look, I'm just gonna say it.
I want more with you than just travel hookups and awkward studio sessions.
I can't give you more.
Look, you don't have to have these walls up with me, Layla.
- I don't have walls.
- Yes, you do, huge ones, and I get it, after everything you've been through.
You don't know anything about what I've been through, and honestly, you have no right showing up to my house and making things weird.
Look, Clay, you're cool, OK, and summer was fun, but that's over, and so are we.
I guess it's a good thing I finished my track on Patience's album.
This way, we're done professionally and I would say personally, but for you, it wasn't ever personal, right? If you think, because this is a 3-score game, you can go back out there and keep playing the way you've been playing, then you don't belong on my field.
I don't want it to be 28-7.
I want it to be 35-nothing.
You hear me?! - Yes, sir.
- Up on me! Let's go.
Fly high on 3! - 1, 2, 3! - Fly high! Let's go, let's go, let's go! Come on! Yo be ready.
That number of yours about to be called.
Time to eat.
Hey, by the way, your spot's been confirmed.
- You're in next week at the Palm Springs fest.
- Dope.
- That's amazing.
Thank you, Clay.
- You earned it.
- I'll see you.
- All right.
What he talking 'bout? Well, I tried to tell you yesterday, at home, but you were too busy spiraling about your case.
So, while my life is pretty much over, you out here living your best life, already planning a future you're excluding me from.
- Oh - Hey, hey, Coop, Coop.
Uh, OK, so we're doing this right now, in front of everybody? OK, bet.
Let's do this.
Get in there.
Let's go, Spence! Whoo! And entering the game is a 4-star freshman out of South Crenshaw, Spencer James.
Ready, ready.
Set, go.
James on the quick route, and he stretches out to pick up the first down.
Great heads-up play.
My man.
Yes, getting snipped works every time.
I don't even want to know what that means, Dad.
Spencer James with another catch, and he's hit hard by the defense.
Welcome to college football.
Works every time, huh? Maybe I cut a little too deep.
How dare you question any decision about my future when all I've done for the past two years is worry about yours? - OK! Nobody asked you to do that! - Really? I mean, didn't you, with all the drama that you dragged me into? Hey, should we leave them alone? I am just staying completely still.
Look, I am so sorry that I've been fighting for my life, literally, these past couple years! I'm sorry that's caused so much drama for you! No, stop, I stuck by you because I love you, but every turn and every decision, you just you just go about doing whatever you want! And God forbid no, no, God forbid I get one good piece of news, you just you have the audacity to just try to take that from me! Well, it sounds like you're pretty unhappy with me.
Yeah, uh, recently I have been.
Oh, why would you stay in a relationship with someone that makes you so damn miserable, - all right? It sounds like we don't need to be together! - Sounds like we don't.
Guys, guys, you're just mad - let's just take a - Man, no, no! It's done! - Cool.
- Now you got more time in your future - to only think about yourself.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, there.
I worried about my own relationship.
You happy? All right, boys, left 3 20 cardinal, left 3 20 cardinal.
And, James, he comes off the edge, you're hot.
- Got you.
- All right.
On 1, on 1.
Ready? Break! Hey, lock him up! It's me, it's me! Spencer James with the catch.
He has an opening.
Oh, no! He fumbled, and Lions recover! Good thing the Condors have a big lead.
I only ever stayed back after the tough games, too.
Tough game? Man, that was straight-up ugly.
Well, not all of it.
All the parts I was in.
Ain't no way Coach is letting me back on the depth chart after that fumble.
That was just one game, Spencer.
Shake it off, wake up tomorrow, and be better.
Mistakes are the reason we learn, not the reasons we let go, understand? - Yes, sir.
- All right.
Jordan and I were gonna go grab a bite to eat right quick.
You want to join? Thanks but maybe some other time.
Hey, remember, short memory.
Tomorrow's a new day.
Thank you for finally answering.
How did your friend emergency go? Not quite as planned.
That does not sound good.
Yeah, things got Messy, but that is not why I asked you here.
I shouldn't have bailed on you today, and I'm really sorry.
Next time, you can just invite me to come along.
You know, today reminded me just how complicated relationships can be And, listen, I I know that I do not deserve this after today, but you are the only person that I want to be complicated with - A and what I mean by that - Ash, if you're asking me to be your girlfriend, just say it.
Can we make this official Please? Boyfriend, girlfriend, I You have seen the good sides of me, but my health gives a lot of bad, too, often unexpectedly.
So, if we're gonna be together, you have to be all-in on all of me Not just the good days.
I'm not going anywhere, - OK? - OK.
Is this the part of the day where you stare at how hot you are? You know, just because you didn't get the results you wanted doesn't mean the work wasn't worth it.
How long did it take you to find that quote after reading your boy Noah's semi-plagiarized G.
article? - Most of the fourth quarter.
- Mm-hmm.
Until you got in, of course, and then I had to deal with my dad thinking that he jinxed you.
Nah, that fumble was all on me.
I guess neither of us got the outcome we expected - from our big shots.
- Yeah.
Definitely didn't think that Noah would use my research word-for-word and then take all the credit for it.
- God, adulting is hard.
- Mm-hmm.
And we barely even started.
But we know where we're going, so we ain't gonna let any hurdles stop us from getting there.
Deal? I'm sorry.
Is the Spencer James learning how to shake it off? Something like that.
You coming to bed? In a minute.
This is the part of the day where I stare at how hot you are.
Hey, how you holding up? You ever wonder why we don't swim in that pool? - No.
- I think it's fake.
I've swam in it before.
It's not fake.
I'm just saying.
OK, so we can talk about you, or if you don't want to do that, we can talk about how bad I must have looked on TV today.
We recorded it, if you want to watch it.
On 65 inches? No, I'm good.
Well, if it's any consolation, what happened here today had way more action than your game.
- I heard.
- Well, damn.
- News travel fast.
- You know our friends don't stay quiet.
You and Patience had a lot of stuff bottled up, but you always been ride-or-die for each other.
I ain't been too ride-or-die for Patience lately.
- So what you gonna do about it? - I don't know.
She left with a bag, so I'm guessing she ain't coming back tonight.
Sorry for coming so late.
Is it weird I just let myself in? Should I be ringing the doorbell? It's always gonna be your house, Mrs.
Baker, - no matter who live here.
- Thanks, Spencer, and I'm sorry that I missed your first game.
I've been in meetings with the A.
all afternoon, which is why I'm here.
So, they're willing to consider your prior history, since you have no previous arrests, and you've done so much for the community, so no jail time for now.
Instead, you'll be assigned - to a pretrial diversion program for a year.
- Wait.
Diversion program? That's good news, right? It's great news.
You'll do your community service, and once the hours are complete, they'll re-evaluate the case.
So we have to make it official-official tomorrow when we go in, but everything's gonna be OK, Coop.
- Thank God.
- Yes.
Thank you, God, and thank you, Ms.
Baker, so much for helping me.
My life ain't over.
Never was, honey.
Your life is just beginning, Coop.
Hey, Olivia.
Medium Americano, extra shot? One day, you'll know me as more than just a coffee.
Until then, I just wanted to say thank you for your notes.
Your finger's really on the pulse.
You'll be writing here in no time.
Well, I'm glad my notes helped.
I got to get to the morning meeting, but keep doing your thing.
Right now, coffee orders are my thing.
"Liv, great job on your notes.
Join us for the morning meeting.
Eddie's gonna get the coffees today.
" Bing-bong.
You are the fastest delivery driver ever.
5 stars, for sure.
Yeah, well, your hangry comes in through text.
Yeah, well, I've been here all night and Also needed someone to talk to? Well, that and waffles.
So I, um, I take it you heard what went down yesterday? Yeah.
Our friends don't stay quiet.
- No.
- You know, my favorite part, though, was when you went all queen bee on Clay.
Yeah, having him there was just a little too close to home.
Well, he was literally in your home.
I got to ask you, though, Layla, you sleeping with the guy is fine, but having him chill with your friends isn't? Chilling with my friends in my house just a level of intimacy I'm not looking for.
I don't know.
Being with Clay over the summer was easy, and it's all I want right now.
I respect that.
I really do.
Um And not to sound like a broken record, but, um, you're still keeping everyone at some sort of a distance, not just Clay.
- Well, clearly not you.
- Well, yeah, that's because I don't let you.
I'm pushy like that.
So you think I have walls, too.
We have walls, Layla.
Yours are just a little higher, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, OK, as long as you can promise me that you're not hiding behind them.
Um you're a really good friend, Jordan.
Yeah, well, I know a couple guys who may not think so.
Oh, Spencer and Isaiah and the whole team thing? - Wh - Our friends don't stay quiet.
Yeah, I guess I just, uh, I just thought that what I wanted, we all wanted.
You meant well, but Only person you can really have expectations for is yourself, and they're gonna find their place on the team in their own ways.
They hit harder in college, huh? They do everything harder in college, man.
Look, I know I only got myself to blame for blowing my shot.
Well, the good news is this won't be your last shot or fumble.
That's kinda what Coach Baker said.
You ever hear about your dad's first college game? No.
Well, let's just say he'd take this version any day.
- That bad? - This dude tried to run a play - the coach didn't even call.
- Damn.
Cost 'em the game.
Got benched the next 3.
Bad, bro.
You think I'll make it back on the depth chart this season? Oh, easy, man.
Right now, you just need to worry about recovering from this game.
Keep doing your thing out there on the field.
The depth chart it'll work itself out.
Doing what I been doing ain't been working for me.
You been watching a lot of game tape, you know, studying your teammates.
You ever watch yourself on film? In high school, game film never really focused on me.
That's what I thought.
Now it's time to focus on your weaknesses, you know, see why you really got stripped out there.
- OK.
When? - Now.
Plus, just got this brand-new, 65-inch TV.
- Whoo, get to see it all up close.
- Chill, man.
What's wrong with you? Come on.
We should talk.
Yeah, I was actually just gonna say the same thing.
Uh Look I know we both said some things - yesterday, and - Look if it's cool with you, I'd like to go first.
As crazy as that fight was yesterday I think we had to have it out.
And maybe not the way it went down, but it was time.
Things been messed up between us for a while now.
And I'm sorry for it all, for everything.
Yeah, me, too.
Um I'm really sorry.
But I'm not sorry we broke up.
We used to live our best lives together, then, somewhere along the way, that changed.
You began to live your life for me, and I I can't let you do that no more.
If you don't start doing your thing now, you're gonna hate me forever.
Like, after All that we've been through Like, we really breaking up? I hate this.
Like For the first time In a long time Like, I think That we can finally agree on something.
Greg, move your head!
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