All American (2018) s04e14 Episode Script


1 Are you seriously reading plays right now? - What is it, like, 6:30 in the morning? - Why? What you are tryna get into? Well, if you gotta ask, then never mind.
I'm playing, I'm playing, I'm playing, I'm playing.
I just don't want you killing yourself from all this football work.
It's paying off in practice.
- Hmm.
- Kinda.
Since my fumble, I'm back to being invisible to Coach Garrett.
Babe, you're the same guy that got shot and then led your team to the state finals.
You got this.
So, what time are you planning on going to the muscle group fitness' relaunch tonight? I'm not.
I figured they were just inviting me to be nice.
I shouted them out on socials.
Besides, I gotta keep my head in this playbook.
But we were all planning on going to support you.
I mean, aren't you their sponsee or whatever? Y'all ain't gotta do that.
It's not a big deal.
Every accomplishment is worth celebrating.
I got anthropology this morning.
Yo, what kind of person thinks it's a good idea to start a lecture at 8 A.
? The kind that reads plays at 6:30 in the morning? Mwah! - Come on, girl.
- Mm.
Oh, uh, sorry, I was just I thought this was empty.
It's all good.
Ain't like we haven't shared a bathroom before.
Mm, mm, mm.
I'm done.
You can stay.
Am I crazy or has it been days - since we've seen each other? - Oh.
It has been nonstop at the studio.
But we're still in for the gym relaunch, right? Yeah, except it might be without Spencer.
I mean, I figured I'd still go and rep the home team, so, if you're still down.
Yeah, count me in.
I'm actually looking forward to a night out that doesn't involve musicians for once.
Good morning.
Ah, I should head out.
Have you and Patience really not made up since the whole Clay misunderstanding? No, we did.
Sort of.
I'm glad that we're all here at once, because I went to a really cute bakery and I thought that we could have breakfast together.
Uh, I gotta be early for my first day at the nursing home.
Your mom came through with this pre-trial diversion program.
- I ain't tryna mess up.
- Yeah, I've got studio sessions, so.
I'm literally running late to an appointment and there's not enough bathrooms in this house, so.
OK, look, I know a lot has happened recently, OK? Fights, breakups.
But I mean, all the more reason to break bread.
You know? And besides, there is nothing that a blueberry scone can't fix.
A scone? That's the white side of you coming out, OK? Black people ain't eating nothing harder than corn bread.
I promise, Liv, we're all good, OK? See ya.
Figured you might've missed that while dozing off in class.
Finish chapter 13 by next class.
Thank you.
Rough night? Early morning, actually, but thanks.
You're lucky I'm a fan of yours.
I'm Davita.
I'm guessing you didn't watch that last game.
Fumbles are part of the game.
So, you did see.
You also fumbled when you played against my Alma mater North Lynwood High last season.
Then went on to score 4 touchdowns that game.
6, actually.
Two of those got called back.
Y'all was what, 2 and 8 last season? Hey, at least our ball made it across the goal line our last game.
Listen, I know how crippling a setback can be.
And I know how Coach Garrett is especially tough on freshmen.
But my money's on you to win him over.
Well, I don't know about that last part, but I appreciate the vote of confidence.
I'll see you around.
All right To what do I owe the pleasure of Billy Baker's infamous grits? Come on, now.
This is big for you.
First day on a new case with attorney Laura Baker.
Plus, you've been tapping your finger all morning.
You know that, right? You were doing it last night in your sleep, too.
- No, I did not.
- Yes, you did.
This is ridiculous! I don't know why I'm so nervous.
Because this matters.
You said yourself you wanted to use your power to help those in the community who really need it.
This client represents that.
Well, I'm not hired yet.
It's just an introductory meeting that Grace set up with the potential client's mother.
Come on, now.
You're gonna have this in the bag within the first 5 minutes.
My grits will guarantee it.
Also, um, so, this is a meal where you can actually add the raisins.
We are really not gonna let that one go, are we? Grits are a safe space for raisins, right? - Mashed potatoes - Not so much.
- Not so much.
- Thanks.
Here we go.
Ready? Wide! Nice awareness in the pocket, Baker.
Shepard, solid coverage.
All right, fellas, clear the field.
Kickoff team, you're up! Let's go! How'd you pull this off? - Practices are closed.
- To the public, but not fellow athletes.
Let me guess soccer.
You got marks on your shins from the shin guards.
Tan lines from the knee socks.
But them grass stains are a dead giveaway, though.
Um, note to self.
Find stronger laundry detergent.
Anyway, I better get back.
Don't want to give Coach Garrett any more ammo against me.
Actually, I have a proposition for you.
A way to get you back on the field and on Coach Garrett's radar in a good way.
But it'll be a slight departure from the Spencer James who barely posts on social media.
- What do you mean? - Well, the value from endorsement deals brought by the new N.
rules are very advantageous for us athletes and universities.
And how exactly does that get me back on the field? We start with a social media makeover.
Make you as big as the athlete you are.
I did the whole social media thing with this Angry Hippo drink.
It wasn't me.
I promise my approach is hippo-free.
And you'll have expert help.
I'm a branding and marketing major, and I'm damn good at it.
You really wanna be the only top recruit to go under the radar? Look, the only radar I care about is the depth chart.
So, I'ma stick to figuring it out on the field.
But thanks for trying to help.
- Looking good, dude.
- Right on.
- Coach.
Wanted to see me? - Yeah.
Come in, come in.
I wanted to To get your thoughts on something.
Well, our corner needs to get more depth in his drop - and strong side backer here - Uh, no, wrong wrong page.
Um, there.
We digging the Navy blue suit or the black pinstripe? Uh, the wife's getting honored at a gala in a few weeks and I need to look classy.
- I'd go with the Navy one.
- Excellent.
I do look better in blue.
Hey, Coach, I was wondering if I could maybe help you with more game planning stuff.
No, I got that covered.
But, uh, I do need you to make copies of this and set it on all the coaches' desks for me.
As if I don't already have enough on my plate.
Player eligibility's a pain in my ass.
All right.
What you got? Let me see.
- Money.
- Contain, contain, contain.
As soon as that ball is in the air, you gotta be finding someone to hit! That dude staying wildin', especially on them.
I mean, he started off as a special teams coach right here.
Rose through the ranks.
Makes sense he'd be tougher on them.
It's crazy how Rowe and Carroll was top in their class and now they on special teams.
Last thing I'm trying to do is end up like them.
Hey, getting on the field is crazy hard at this level.
I mean, at least those guys are playing.
All right.
Spence, come on, man.
Stop worrying.
- You're gonna bounce back.
- When? Look, I've spent weeks watching game tape, studying plays, ballin' out at practice.
At this point, what else can I do, man? Maybe it's time to move away from the playbook.
You know, switch things up.
Kind of like how yoga helps you find balance.
What's the harm in keeping that same energy and thinking outside the box? Uhh.
- Yes.
- 3, 2, 1.
Yo, JJ, how are you failing intro to film studies? Oh.
It's a total misunderstanding.
I was gonna email my professor and clear it up.
He thinks I plagiarized a paper.
- Whose paper? - Mine, from high school, which I told him, by the way.
Remember the one I wrote on The Rock? No, no, no, no.
How much of that paper did you use? Chill.
I'd say, like, maybe 70%.
Ooh, tops.
Besides, it's mine.
Dude, it is still plagiarism, though.
And now you're on a list of potentially ineligible players.
- Wait, for real? - Yeah.
Look, I talked to some of your teammates.
There's this guy who helps with essay writing for a small fee and apparently, - he is worth every penny.
- A ghost writer? - Dude, so, now I'm really cheating.
- No, no, no.
A tutor.
JJ, if you don't pass, you're done for the year, which would suck.
You started for the first time last week.
This could be a hell of a season for you, man.
OK, fine.
I'll give it a try.
You got Mrs.
Lee in 106.
She'll try to bribe you into sneaking her candy.
Don't take the bait.
I won't.
And 107 is Ms.
By far our best resident.
All she does is keeps quiet and watch her soaps all day.
OK, and what exactly am I gonna be doing? You take out the trash.
Help tidy as needed.
You can start with Ms.
Past Lenny's old fishing haunt Hey, I'm Coop.
I'm here to just clean up a bit and be out your way.
You returned home on Jason and Carly's wedding night just in time to Carly.
My aunt is obsessed with this show.
It's so bad.
She'll go weeks without watching and then catch up in one sitting.
She's as bad as I am with "Love and Hip Hop.
" Timing's everything.
Pray that we make to Sunday ♪ Promise land visions, could ♪ Lose it all from one decision ♪ The goal is to make it there someday ♪ Hey.
Thanks for coming.
I tried to catch you after soccer practice but your coach is hard core.
How much did it hurt for you to have to actually use social media to hit me in my DMs? I feel gross.
So, how's that hard work on the field going? Paying off yet? I'm thinking outside the box just it case it doesn't.
I'm willing to listen to your branding idea.
Don't do me any favors.
Wait, no, no, wait, wait, wait, my bad.
I Spencer, I'm kidding.
So, there was this athlete who was struggling with some family issues.
She ended up having a bad exhibition game and was benched indefinitely.
A few games later, a senior encouraged her to take control of her narrative and return to the reason why she started playing in the first place.
She ended up posting a video, speaking openly about how hard life had been since her mom got sick.
That video blew up, sponsors poured in, and eventually, she got back to kicking ass on the field while making 6 figures in endorsement deals.
That's a dope turn.
That athlete was me.
I'm sorry about your mom.
Listen, I can see how that worked for you.
But our situations aren't the same.
And me going online and admitting I had a bad game is just hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Where you going? So much for being willing to listen.
Look, if you're not gonna keep a open mind and do the work to dig deep, - I'm not gonna waste either of our time.
- OK.
Let's give it a shot.
Straight out the ♪ Get into the drop, I came from ♪ Safron.
Hey, how you doing? Meet my friend and gifted attorney Laura Baker.
Laura, this is Mrs.
Safron Hosea.
Her son Jameal is serving time for grand larceny.
Hosea, thank you so much for the opportunity.
I've just been talking to Grace about how there's such a lack of affordable legal counsel within this community.
And I really think that I can help fill that void.
That sounds nice.
I wish you decided to play white savior back when you actually had influence.
I only took this meeting because I wanted to look the former D.
in the eye and tell you how you ruined my Jameal's life.
I'm sorry.
I'm not following.
It was one of your former A.
s, specifically, who pushed to have him sentenced, a first-time offender, to a decade in prison.
I understand your pain.
The truth is there were a plethora of cases during my time and I couldn't oversee - every single one of them.
- Jameal's case might've been just another file on your desk, but he is my son.
So, I would never hire you.
And good luck finding anyone in this community that would dare trust you with a 10-foot pole.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
Yo, please tell me we didn't get called to some emergency roommate meeting for some cult ceremony.
This is my attempt to strip the negative energy - that's been festering, and fix us.
- Liv, - we said everything is fine.
- Yeah? So, then why did you respond separately to my "let's hang" group text? Mm? - Exactly.
- I mean, I can't speak for everyone, - but I personally hate group texts.
- It doesn't matter, OK? We're hosting a game night tomorrow, I already invited the guys, - and your attendance is mandatory.
- Wait.
Tomorrow? I've got back-to-back meetings, so.
I'm getting my hair braided.
You know, maybe I should start charging rent.
Market value.
And it isn't cheap.
OK, uh Yep.
I guess I can change my appointment to Sunday.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yup.
Message sent.
I'll be there.
- Great.
- All right.
Love that.
Love you guys.
Thanks again for helping out, J.
You're kidding, right? I mean, I wasn't gonna miss a front-row seat of you making - a complete fool of yourself.
- So not helpful.
And don't worry, Spencer.
I'll have you out in time for that gym relaunch your posted about.
- Oh, I'm not going to that.
- Yes, you are.
Publicity is a good thing.
Some event photos will be a solid complement - to the video we're about to shoot.
- OK.
Now, try and look less - uncomfortable.
- That's impossible.
Shut up.
So, who is Spencer James - and why do you love football? - OK.
Um I'm originally from South L.
Born and raised.
Born and raised in South L.
Was it on the playground where you spent most of your days? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's been a long day.
Don't overthink it.
This is just a casual conversation.
Two athletes talking shop.
Like, tell me why you started playing football.
I started playing because it was the first place that I really felt alive.
Whenever my feet touched the grass, it just felt right.
I don't know how best to describe it.
I just know that nothing had ever made me feel like that before.
There was this one time when I was 8.
The essay prompt seems pretty straightforward.
What's a story of adversity you faced as it relates to one of your favorite films? I actually think I might have a new spin.
- Can I run it by you? - That's what you're paying me for.
- Shoot.
- OK.
So, I was thinking I could write about this rift my best friend Jordan and I had in high school when we were competing for the QB1 spot.
The title could be something like "Are we bros, no mo'? A tale of bros and Fast Five.
" - Vin Diesel's Fast Five? - Yes, when Hobbs was introduced.
my boy The Rock.
Man, I don't know I didn't put this together before, but Dom and Hobbs started off as enemies, only to realize they were more powerful as allies.
Bro, that was literally me and Jordan.
I mean, in our case, it was kind of friends to frenemies to friends again, but the metaphor paints itself.
Why don't I take this all in, take a crack at the outline, and I'll get back to you? Sounds solid, bro.
I feel bad about setting up that meeting.
I had no idea she was gonna ambush you like that.
I mean, I get that she's upset because it's her son, but she does understand that I'm here trying to help, right? OK.
There's a very fine line between "ally" kind of help and "savior" kind of help.
You agree with her? I'm the poster child for white savior syndrome? That's not what I said, Laura.
My point is, it is a fine line and because Safron doesn't really know you personally, it's easy to see how from her perspective you just coming in trying to save a community that doesn't need to be saved.
- It needs resources.
- Maybe she's right.
Maybe I shouldn't be trying to help.
- Not like this.
- OK, easy.
Nobody said that, either.
You are a part of this community now, Laura.
You and Billy live here.
It's a part of who your kids are.
Just give everybody a little more time to get to know the real you.
Not the D.
they see on their TV screens.
Then we can all come together as a community, then listen to what we all really need and see how we can become that resource.
I opened this gym almost 5 years ago with some small savings and a dream.
The first few years, we couldn't get over 100 clients and I was on the verge of shutting down.
Materializing our dream So glad you changed your mind and decided to show.
- Yeah.
Hope I don't regret it.
- Very different approach.
Thanks to Golden Angeles wide receiver Spencer James, grew to a couple hundred clients in just a few months.
Spencer, would you care to share a few words? You're gonna be great.
Hey, what changed Spencer's mind, anyway? Uh Less of a what, more of a who.
- Who is that? - That's Davita.
Thank you.
Uh This gym, and Mickey, are a beautiful reminder to all of us to never stop dreaming.
There's always a path to that dream.
It just might look a little different than you once thought.
My dream is to make it to the NFL one day, and today, a new friend helped me remember when I first started dreaming that dream back in pee wee ball.
I remember what it felt like.
So, I have an idea of what all this means to you, Mickey, and I am honored to play even a small part in helping you get this dream.
Thank you, man.
Olivia, right? Hi.
Um, have we met? No, but Spencer mentioned you and I've seen you guys around campus.
- Hi.
I'm Davita.
- Layla.
Nice to meet you.
You must be the new friend that Spencer mentioned.
We were recording his Instagram video - and he talked about how - Sorry, there's an IG video? Yep.
It's droppin' tonight.
Part of Spencer's whole rebranding thing.
Rebranding? Are we talking about the same Spencer? It's a whole new world.
Branding, marketing.
It all helps athletes reel in N.
endorsement deals and, in Spencer's case, will help have him back - on the field in no time.
- Mm.
It's funny.
As a coach's daughter, I was taught that hard work on the field is what gets players playing time, not posting thirst traps for likes.
Um, have you guys - tried the hors d'oeuvres? - Speaking from experience, fan demand can influence the depth chart.
Like I said, with N.
, it's a whole new world.
I see you guys have met.
It's been, um, a real pleasure.
Whenever my feet touched the grass, it just felt right.
I don't know how best to describe it.
I just know that nothing had ever made me feel like that before.
Uh, I thought you were crashing at the beach house last night.
Uh, change of plans.
I, um I was just tired.
Wanted to be home.
So she could watch Spencer's video a billion times and drive us all crazy.
I forgot you were asleep down here.
- Not anymore.
- Wait, is this about Davita? Who's Davita? Uh Spencer's new friend.
Um, ahem.
One day it won't be awkward for us to talk about this, and today is definitely not that day, but Spencer cares about you.
So he met a new friend in college.
What's the big deal? Ain't that what you supposed to do, when you go to college? It's true.
We're not, like, in high school anymore and our world is expanding.
- I think it's healthy.
- So, it's healthy for my boyfriend to be taking major career advice from some person he barely knows? Is it healthy for my best friends to not be able to coexist in the same room? We're coexisting now.
OK, you know what? Honestly, if you guys are just gonna treat this as a joke, then let's just forget the game night.
- Liv - No, seriously.
I mean, clearly, I'm the only one who cares about everything changing and not for the better, so, you guys do you and I'll worry about myself.
You know, we don't have to keep up this monthly mother and son brunch.
- You're a busy man, Spencer James.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm always gonna make time for my moms, OK? What's all that? Your friend Davita reached out to me for some early football memories.
She said she's helping you with your social media.
- Wait.
How'd she find you? - Twitter.
Man, that's girl's resourceful.
But looking through these photos has taken me on a journey of my baby's early days.
I was impressed with your video you posted, by the way.
Not everybody's a fan.
Liv? Yeah.
Let's just say Liv and Davita didn't exactly click.
Davita thinks that boosting my social media is a good way to get me back on the field.
Liv disagrees and thinks it steals focus from the real work.
And what do you think? I think that college ball is a whole new world and I'm still trying to figure it out.
You know I remember when you were in Pop Warner and you hurt your shoulder.
And you wanted to be on that field so bad you asked to be a kicker because you said Playing was all that mattered.
I don't know how that translate to college football, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Oh, dude.
I thought we were meeting on campus.
I got practice.
My bad.
I just figured I needed to do this now.
Uh, what-what's this? - Where's my outline? - I'm reimbursing my fee.
Look, I couldn't pull it together, and trust me, that is the first time I've said those words.
JJ, I don't know anything about you, other than you play football, you like to work out, and you love The Rock.
Bro, there's no way my social media's gonna show you the real me.
For some reason, I don't think social media is to blame.
What do you mean by that? I mean, when was the last time you faced an adversity? I've been through the wringer from time to time.
Specifically when and how? See, it's like you haven't been through anything real.
Well, thanks for the refund.
I can take my essay from here.
I was thinking of using a lesser-known Rock movie like "Be Cool" anyway.
I haven't seen it.
But Good luck with that.
I don't need luck.
I got The Rock.
I mean, it was the only decision.
You know? Carly and I had to show a united front for the families and a big public wedding seemed like the right message.
- I - don't disagree with that.
But one thing I want to know, uh Hey, look, Liv, I know things are weird between Patience and I and everything with us this morning, you know, that's what got you upset, but a forced game night wasn't gonna fix anything anyway, so, how about you and I just grab dinner instead and talk for real.
You know, everyone thought Sonny was dead when he went away for 9 months and missed out on his wife falling in love with his best friend and marrying him.
There's some good life advice here.
I, uh, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Soaps, they ain't really my thing, to be honest.
Um, they be doing the most.
No offense.
Sounds like you do, too.
- Excuse me? - Shh.
It's about to get good.
Why am I here again? Because I don't think that Safron would've agreed to meet with me if I'd asked her myself.
I just want to be clear.
I only took this meeting again because I love Grace James like a sister.
Well, I appreciate that.
Look, your son's original case deserved a more thorough review and a fairer judgment, and for that I am truly sorry.
The bias in the system is one of the main reasons that I stepped down as D.
I reviewed Jameal's original case as well as his current situation and he's got a really good chance at getting an early release based on a history of good behavior.
In fact, there's no doubt in my mind that he can get it.
So, I've put together a list of good criminal defense attorneys that can make that happen.
I don't want them.
I want you.
I'm confused, because the last time we spoke, you made it very clear that neither you or anyone in the community would hire me.
You're different than I expected, and you owned your mistake, and you believe in my son.
Besides, a judge is more likely to trust a woman that looks like you above anyone else.
Ah! Can you guys believe the audacity of that dude Raj? Not helping me with my outline, saying I'm lacking adversity.
Of all things.
Overcoming privilege is so hard these days, right? Look, the only adversity I've seen you go through is crushing on Vanessa when she didn't like you back and having to share the QB spot with Jordan last year.
And neither of those are gonna cut it for a college paper.
- Nope.
- You guys for real? After everything we've been through together? JJ, I mean, you've been there for us, which is what makes you a great friend, but how many times have you come to us with your own drama? Yeah, and real talk, man, I don't believe you ain't been through nothing.
I think you're worried that if people know, they ain't gonna see you as the cool, fun, spread the love JJ, which couldn't be further from the truth.
Um can we talk? Yeah.
I've been calling you all afternoon.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I got called into the paper.
Um plus I figured it'd be better if we talked face-to-face.
And I wanna clear the air about Davita last night.
Look, I was gonna introduce the two of y'all.
Everything happened so fast.
I didn't even know she was coming.
Why'd you change your mind about coming? Because Davita reminded me that any publicity is good publicity.
Well, she must be quite the saleswoman then.
Because you hate publicity, Spencer.
And social media.
And anything else that distracts you from the game.
I hate the idea of not playing in the game even more.
Liv, I know this is different, but it's time I started thinking outside the box since nothing else is working with Coach Garrett.
- Yeah, but does he even care about social media? - I don't know.
I'm just trying to follow Davita's lead in all this.
She's an elite athlete who's been where I am.
She might have been where you are, but she doesn't really know who you are, Spencer.
And you're so consumed with trying to impress Coach Garrett by any means that I think that you're starting to forget who you are, too.
Phyllis walked past Lenny's old fishing haunt to rescue your watch and you returned home on Jason and Carly's Hold up.
You been watching "General Hospital" all night? - You know this show? - Yeah.
- It's my grandma's favorite.
- Yo, this stuff? This stuff is addictive, OK? Can you believe this chick Nina straight hijacked 9 months of Sonny's life by making people think he was dead? I'm surprised Carly ain't kill her yet.
See, Carly is known to slap a bitch - so, it'll be it'll be coming soon.
- Wow.
Yo It's a shame Liv isn't here to see us getting along.
I mean, yeah, sharing space with exes, - it ain't easy - Nope.
But I kinda knew we'd find our way back to being friends again.
- Right? - Right.
After the ceremony was over and me and Carly went alone Ahem.
My love for The Rock began Man, what is your obsession with this guy? OK, he's the GOAT.
But just let me finish.
My love began when he opened up about his mother's suicide attempt.
It's the reason he lives every single day with such purpose.
Summer before my freshman year, my uncle and I almost died in a car crash in Hawaii.
He'd been drinking.
Everyone thought I spent the summer living it up on a beach, but truth is, I was recovering, and it was The Rock's testimony about his mom that stuck with me and got me through.
It's why I live each day to the fullest and focus on the joy and the positive.
But I guess I missed part of his lesson.
He was brave enough to share his truth with the world and I wasn't capable of doing that.
Even with my closest friends.
Like them knowing my life wasn't perfect fun all the time would change something, you know.
- It's stupid, but - No, I get it.
I'm a queer man from a traditional Indian family.
Sometimes, sharing our truth, whatever it is, it's one of the hardest eggs to crack.
Well, I-I took another stab at the paper.
C-can you give it a read? I'd be happy to.
Good morning.
You look mighty chipper.
I guess you and your friends worked things out.
Wait, so, you been eavesdropping on me instead of watching your soaps? Last I checked, it's my room, and I can listen to whatever I want.
Uh, but, yes, me and my ex are working things out.
I mean, things were actually pretty good between us this morning.
Word of advice from a woman who's been through life? Please.
Sit with the uncomfortable and don't be in a rush to try to fix things.
That's something my girl Carly Corinthos could never do.
Wait, so, you saying that if Carly wasn't in such a rush to try to fix things, thinking her mob boss husband was dead, that she wouldn't have ended up with two husbands? Somebody's been watching "General Hospital.
" It's been on in the background.
I I'm gonna make a phone call, so, excuse me.
I'll be right back.
Yeah, the problem is she wants me because I'm white, not because I'm the best attorney for the job.
I mean, as a mother of two black teens, I get it, but Uhh.
Baby, no buts.
You said that you wanted to be an ally.
Safron told you exactly how to step up.
Sure, she was a bit pointed, but at the end of the day, do you think you can get her son out? I know I can.
Then you gotta be the ally she's telling you she needs and bring that boy home.
You're right.
You're absolutely right.
All right, what's up with the mass summons? Look, we've all been going through a lot lately.
A lot is changing and that ain't easy.
Relationships are changing.
Folks are trying to find boundaries with their colleague, who's also their roommate, who's also their best friend.
We got people trying to figure out how to handle their bubbles expanding to include others.
Look, change is uncomfortable.
Growth is uncomfortable.
Hell, adulting is uncomfortable.
So, our instinct is to rush it and try to fix it, but it's part of our journey.
For all of us.
So, we have to learn to sit in the uncomfortable, me included, and trust that our family is strong enough to weather it.
- Coop's right.
- I know I am.
We do not want to end up with two husbands.
- Wait, what? - Oh my God.
Watching too much "General Hospital.
" Did you say two husbands? Thanks for coming.
Listen, don't take this the wrong way, but that video, the social media stuff, it's not gonna get me back on the field.
I mean, I get it from an influencer's perspective, but a wideout is only as good as they last game.
Not the sneaker deal they hope to secure.
I gotta stay true to who I am.
Gotta do this my way.
You said your issue was you were invisible to Coach Garrett, but the truth is you stopped seeing yourself.
The real point of this video was to change your opinion of what you're capable of, not landing some partnership.
Hold up.
You knew what you been doing all along? Have you checked your video posts recently? You've got hundreds of likes and comments pouring in from people all over the world.
When we met 3 days ago, all you did was doubt you could get back on the field.
All these people think you can.
Finally, you know you can, too.
Now all you have to do is convince one more person.
Come in.
- Need more suit approvals? - Not today.
I got word from JJ's professor.
He resubmitted a paper that brought his grade up.
According to JJ, that wouldn't have been possible without you.
Initiative goes a long way with me, Adams.
- Thank you.
- Hmm.
One more thing.
You won't be free for Jersey pickup on Saturday.
You'll be shadowing me on the sidelines.
- Wait, seriously? - Yes.
But I don't want to hear a word out of you.
You stand there.
You learn.
Quiet as my shadow on the ground.
You got some laundry to do or something? Yup.
Hard at work? I figured out a pitch for my next story at the "L.
Tribune Online.
" Oh.
What are you thinking? Uh I want to examine the potential detriments of N.
And the burden that it brings to college athletes.
That's a change of pace for you.
I mean, N.
's a whole new world and not all good, contrary to what some people may think.
So, this is about Davita.
- I thought you and Spencer were good.
- We are, and this has nothing to do with her.
is a hot topic and uncharted territory.
I mean, as a journalist, this is exactly the type of story that I should be going after.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I missed a text from you? No.
I was just at the beach and I figured I'd stop by.
I read your paper and was blown away.
For real.
So much depth and humility.
That means a lot.
Thanks, man.
And as much as I hate to admit it, I might have to check out "Be Cool.
" Well, then you're just in time, brother.
- I don't understand.
- JJ, are you ready? The movie's cued up.
Hey, there's room for one more if you wanna join me and the boys.
Yeah! Fellas, meet my man Raj.
Nice to meet you.
Have a seat, man.
Grab a drink.
JJ, how many times have you seen this movie? - Spencer, what do you want? - I'ma make this quick, sir.
I want to switch to special teams.
- Why? - Because I was reminded that change ain't bad and that there's nothing more important to me than getting a chance to play, even if that means playing for a few seconds at a time.
Plus, from what I can see, we could use the help.
Look, at the end of the day, I just want to be an asset to you in any way you see fit.
Besides it wouldn't be my first time.
I used to kick ass on special teams back in the day.
I need you in the special teams meeting room.
45 minutes.
Don't be late.
Yes, sir.

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