All American (2018) s04e15 Episode Script


1 Hey! You are draggin' ass, 8.
Come on, now! Let's go, 27.
Let's go.
Hustle up.
Contain, 44! Contain, OK? You can't lose him! Do your damn job! Nice save, 11.
- See me after practice.
- Yes, sir.
Listen, we're gonna do this all day until we get it right! Again! - Yo.
- You wanted to see me, Coach? Gonna start you at gunner this Saturday.
Thank you.
I appreciate the opportunity.
That's all.
- Hey.
- Um, any thoughts on your album title? Uh, I am working on it.
Um, did you look at the ideas I sent you? Yeah, um, wasn't really feeling any of them.
Um, but it'll come to me.
It's just, um, you know, we're releasing - the album in a few weeks, and - Mm-hmm.
It's the last thing I need from you, so you think it'll - come to you soon or - Yeah.
- Mm-hmm? - For sure, um, just waiting for inspiration to strike.
OK, everyone's coming to the G.
Watch Party - at Slauson Café, yeah? - I don't know if I'll have time.
- Uh, I'll be there.
- Yeah, of course you will.
Don't ask.
Just go.
First-team gunner on punt and kickoff team Spencer James! - That's good.
- What's up, man? Congrats.
- Thank you.
- Oh, and I see you're still keeping your wideout skills sharp.
As much as I can.
Yeah, special teams is my focus right now, but doesn't leave me much time for reps with you and the receivers.
The important thing is Garrett has his eyes on you, and he likes what he sees, Spence.
That's big.
- Hmm.
- So what do you think of this week's game plan? We haven't faced a defense like the Spartans yet.
No, we haven't, but RPOs and play action should keep 'em off-balance, open up the deep threat.
I was gonna tell you to keep it up on special teams and you'd earn yourself another shot at wideout, but I get the sense that's already your plan.
- Yes, sir.
- Now, you get back to it, - a'ight? Stay ready.
- Luck.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! Aureate Charters is in the Wade Waters business, baby! - Hell yeah! - Dude, how much you bringing in? Look, the N.
isn't all about the cash, OK? Sometimes it's about the perks, and in Aureate's case, the perks are very, very attractive.
Wait, wait.
You you landed a deal with an airline? Charter jets, man.
Hey, look, when I sign my deal tomorrow, I'll be flying private whenever and wherever I want.
Man, Baker, you keep throwing 40-yard dimes and embarrassing the DBs like you did at practice today, same sponsors gonna come for you once I go pro.
I I've never flown on a private jet.
Aureate's throwing me a private party Saturday in Vegas.
You boys think we should bring Baker along? Yeah.
You serious? - Man, you want to taste the good life? - Hell yeah.
Hell yeah! Let's go! Whoo! Vegas! Whoo! Whoo! Hey, my bad.
My bad.
- I'm sorry.
I started without you.
- Don't worry.
I know better than to get between you and a sandwich.
"Name, image, likeness: New beginning or beginning of the end?" OK.
I'm pitching my N.
article to Christel tomorrow.
Ain't, like, half the stories on the "Tribune" home page your pitches? Mmm, pretty much, except they were all assigned to other writers.
I am just hoping that if I nail this pitch, Christel will actually let me write the article this time.
Do you not want me to write the article? I mean, I know you don't exactly like my take on N.
at all.
We don't have to agree on everything for me to want you to succeed.
I want this for you.
And actually, I was thinking, I know you and Davita didn't exactly see eye-to-eye when you first met, but she might actually be a good resource for your story, give you a different point of view? Uh, I mean, I'm not really looking for a different point of view.
The pitch is tomorrow, so OK.
I just thought maybe if you You know what? I'mma mind my business.
- Mmm.
- Forget I asked.
Good luck.
Uh, ahem.
Well, I should probably get back to the library, so OK.
Excuse me.
Now, what the hell are you doing in here? Me? Oh, nothing.
I was, um Yeah, you think about it while I call security.
- Oh, you really don't need to do that.
- Skye? Hey, Gigi.
You you know her? This is my granddaughter Skye.
Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
I just Oh, no, no.
It's all good.
You didn't tell me you were coming.
Well, I wanted to surprise you, and then I didn't want to wake you, but now that you're up, want to guess who got thrown out of Lamelo's house party this weekend? Lord.
What did Shayna do this time? Would you believe me if I told you it wasn't her fault? No, and I'd be right.
I'mma go ahead and get on outta here, uh, if you don't need me.
Gorgeous, right? - Absolutely.
- Is that crazy? - Yeah.
- Quite the turnaround from you.
I wouldn't say that.
Just still not interested in taking whatever deal comes my way for a quick buck.
I'm just saying, couple weeks ago, the focus was getting your confidence back and your playing time up.
Clearly, that seems to be working, so I'm not surprised to see you sniffing around N.
things again.
Kinda hard not to when you got folks talking 'bout their crazy deals at the top of their lungs all day.
Hey, I get it.
Endorsements are a hot topic in every D1 locker room.
Easy to catch the bug when teammates are making 6 figures and driving M3s.
- Try 7 figures and chartered jets.
- God! - I should have played football.
- Yeah.
Seriously, though, the deals you're talking about are the crown jewels of the N.
You're nowhere near there.
Any chance I'm 4 figures and a reliable sedan? I'm just saying, it'd be nice not to have to worry about money anymore.
More all-you-can-eat waffles and wings.
Want anything more than that, you're gonna need some heat.
- Heat? - Buzz, pop, people talking about you; Hard to do on special teams.
The wideout coach thinks I'll be taking more offensive snaps soon.
That's great, but that's just step one.
You gonna tell me what step two is? Score touchdowns.
Score touchdowns.
You say that like it's easy.
And so, you know, because that has impacted - so many people - OK, let me stop you right there.
Oh, I was only just getting started.
Olivia, there's already thousands of N.
articles out there.
I'm not interested in just adding another one to the pile.
Yeah, but those other writers don't have my personal connection to the story.
- Just hear me out, 5 minutes.
- It's not a story.
But how can you say that? I mean, the ability to profit off of name, image, and likeness is is a Pandora's box.
I mean, all across the country, right now, there are thousands - of collegiate athletes that are - OK, "Pandora's box," "across the country," "thousands of college athletes.
" Listen to yourself, and tell me you haven't read those exact words about the N.
I'll I'll find a new angle.
That well's gone dry.
Besides, those stories all sound like opinion pieces anyway no face, no perspective, just stats and facts masquerading as news.
So you just want me to drop it? - Christel, there is a story here.
- No.
You want there to be because it's a world you know, a subject you're passionate about, but that doesn't make it a story.
Look, I know you're itching for your first byline, but this isn't it.
Forget N.
We'll find the right story for you.
Makin' some pancakes, yeah ♪ - I'm makin' a pan ♪ - Oh, this is different.
Uh, yeah, no game on the weekend means no 7 A.
coaches' meeting.
Also means I finally got to make Jacob's "can't screw it up if you tried" pancake recipe.
Oh, that's really sweet, Ash, but I have to work the lunch shift.
No, no, no.
Almost done.
Just one minute.
So, in addition to you making pancakes, how are you planning to spend this rare Saturday off? Oh, some of us are getting together to have - a G.
watch party at Slauson Café.
- Mmm.
I figured it'd be a good chance for you to meet the rest of the crew.
Actually, I like watching football in a stadium full of strangers with an empty seat beside me.
I'm kidding, Ash.
Of course, I'd love to.
Finally get the scoop on high-school Asher.
Finally? All the guys do is tell embarrassing stories about me.
Oh, dude gossip always ends with someone making an ass of themself, but if I want to find out the real on if young Asher was a little player, I got to talk to the ladies that you know best.
- Player? No, no, it wasn't, like - Mm-hmm.
Why would you think that? Why would you think that I was Are you a little worried? Um, it's a little salty.
There's salt in the recipe.
Look, the T's of salt.
The T's Well, here, I'm gonna be late, but - Ahem.
- Yeah, I'll explain the difference between big T's and little T's when you pick me up tomorrow, OK? Bye.
There's a difference between the T's? I mean, she didn't even want to hear out the pitch.
She just told me to drop it.
- Drop what? - Anything that has to do with N.
She told me I need to look somewhere else for my first byline.
I'm sorry, baby.
I know you really believed in the story.
- Something else gonna come up.
- Oh, no, I'm not dropping this one.
I just need to find a totally different take on the story.
But I thought your boss said to drop anything to do with N.
Yeah, but she also mentioned the story needing a face, the inherent inequity of the system at a human level, a story like yours.
- Like mine? - Yeah.
I mean, all the N.
press is about massive paydays to a tiny handful of top players.
No one's told the story of the vast majority of players that barely get anything.
Wait, and you want me to be the face of that? Liv, I am actively seeking endorsements.
You want me to be a part of an N.
hit piece? It's just an idea - And I'm guessing it's a no? - Yeah.
OK, forget I mentioned it.
Why are you so determined to write this story? - 'Cause it's starting to feel personal.
- It's not.
I didn't even know you had an issue with N.
until I saw you arguing with Davita about it at my first endorsement event.
You think this is about you? - Is it? - No! It it's seismic shift in college sports that everyone's celebrating ike it's some great leap forward, but the reality is is that most players are lucky enough to get, like, a few hundred bucks.
So why not let us make a few hundred bucks? To people like me, that's real money, not something you just shrug off like it's nothing.
- And you think I don't know that? - You didn't live it.
I didn't mean it that way.
Yeah, you did, and you're right.
I'm privileged.
I grew up in Beverly Hills, OK? I don't deny that, but if you seem to think that that invalidates my point of view, then I guess there's no point in arguing.
Liv, come on Everything OK, Ms.
Maritta? Someone stole my emerald earrings from my room, and I just know it's one of the residents.
You know, Sheryl got caught just this week.
Oh, she was just being nosy.
You sure you ain't forget where you put 'em? I don't even wear 'em no more.
They're so heavy, hurts my ears.
OK, well, when's the last time you seen 'em? Night before last.
Um, Ms.
Maritta, I I did see someone uh, in your room, and I thought it was suspicious.
Why didn't you say anything? Well, because it was your granddaughter.
- Skye? - Yeah, I came in, and she was going through your closet while you were asleep.
Skye didn't steal my earrings.
- I'm only telling you what I saw.
- No.
You're accusing my favorite granddaughter - of stealing from me.
- I'm sorry, OK? I'm not trying to make you upset; I'm just trying to help you find your earrings, that's all.
Think I've had enough of your help.
- Yo? - What's that about? - What? What do you mean? - I don't know.
I always try to avoid that look when I can.
Bryant just pointed over here.
Um 1, you heard from my QB1 today? Wade? Uh, not since our QB meeting after practice yesterday, sir.
So you heard he was gonna be late to practice? Uh, hey, and that professor's office hours, - they're crazy.
- Yeah, Coach, um You know, I don't remember what it was for, but he did mention he was worried about being late, sir.
First team needs a QB, Coach, unless we're gonna wait on Wade.
12, you step in until Wade shows.
1, you're with second team.
Quick feet, quick reads, and if the wideouts start slacking, you fire that ball like a damn rocket and make 'em respect you.
- Understood? - Yes, sir.
I killed it, OK? Coach's words.
Yo, I can't wait to tell you all about it.
I hate that we keep missing each other, though.
It's, uh, it's oh, my God.
Simone, I haven't even told you about Vegas.
Yo, Wade is taking me on a private jet.
Can you believe that? I'll I'll tell you later.
Um, I love you, babe.
Dude, second-team snaps already, private jets to Vegas? Sheesh! - Check out these pics of the jet, bro - Wait, wait, wait.
Show me later.
I gotta meet up with Jaymee.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- Cool.
- What's up, Spence? - Hey, what up, Ash? Wow, can you believe that Jordan's gonna be partying with Wade Waters in Vegas? Yeah, it's pretty crazy.
- Peace, guys.
- All right, boy.
Is there a problem, Spence? How about you lying for Wade? Come on, dude.
I mean, it wasn't exactly a lie.
I heard Wade tell you he might be late for practice 'cause of the Aureate Charter meeting, and then you went and backed up some half-assed "meeting the professor" excuse.
OK, and I would do the same thing for you because I don't rat out my friends.
You think he's your friend 'cause he's letting you ride his N.
coattails? Wade ain't piling up deals for nobody but Wade.
And who are you trying to sign N.
deals for if not yourself? Hmm? Little hypocritical, don't you think? I'm not blowing off practice.
And you're not a Heisman candidate, either.
Look, the team is lucky to have Wade, Spence.
- He is an elite talent.
- You're talking about him as if he's the only one to ever QB a damn game.
You've done the stuff he's done.
- At the high-school level! - All I'm saying is it's the same game.
The field is still a hundred yards long, with an end zone at either end, and Wade is a selfish ass whether he's on it or off chasing his endorsements! Oh, my God, bro.
It was one practice.
He's supposed to be a leader! When Wade blows off practice, it hurts the team, our team.
It's gonna take more than a plane ride to blind me to that truth.
If anything, I wish I had have signed some some N.
deals when I played.
Why does that surprise you? Well, because you're always talking about how NCAA athletes have too much on their plate, too many distractions.
- And I still believe that.
- Well, isn't N.
just another distraction? Look, do I wish that college players would focus on school and football? Yes, but the truth of the matter is the cash is there and it is a distraction.
I mean, I know cash and favors have always been changing hands, but, I mean, wouldn't more money equal more distractions? The cats that I knew who took the lunch money oh, we called it "lunch money" because the money would come in, like, brown paper bags.
So it wasn't exactly a secret? No, no, no, not the players, but, I mean, it's not like these cats were pushing gold Camaros or getting stacks of cash; They just wanted to take their girl out for a nice dinner or, you know, eat somewhere other than the commissary.
So the top players rake in all the cash, and everybody else gets a few bucks.
It sounds like not much has changed.
All right, so I knew this cat, Wally.
Wally Dix.
He accepted a plane ticket so he could go home for a funeral; NCAA found out, and they made him ineligible.
That wasn't justice.
That was a wasted future.
- I guess I never thought about that.
- Yeah.
We good? Yeah.
Just thinking about something Spencer said about the story, or Lack of story, I should say.
- I should head out.
- OK.
You don't want to stay and watch the game? No, I'm gonna watch it at Slauson Café.
I mean, you should come if you're not gonna go to the stadium.
No, no, no.
Be too intense for me.
I'll stay here.
Um, baby girl, if you think you have a story, then you have a story.
Like, I believe that.
Follow your instincts.
- OK.
Thanks, Dad.
- All right.
Thanks for joining us today, Wade.
- Hey, sorry about that, Coach.
I had a - A conflict.
Yeah, I know.
Got kickoff in 20, so I'mma make this quick.
12's starting and 1's backup.
- Coach, what the hell? - You miss Friday practice, you sit the game.
Those are the rules.
Coach, you can't bench me.
I was doing schoolwork.
This is my team.
My rules apply to everyone.
The next time you sneak off to a sponsorship event, make sure they don't take photos.
All right, baby.
Suit up.
Come on.
Let's go.
Spence? - Yo.
- How you feeling? - Ready to go.
- Aah! Come on! What's that all about? You earned your spot on the field this week.
Wade just lost his.
You show Coach Garrett that you deserve it, - all right? - Yes, sir.
Let's go.
You draggin' ass.
Suit up.
So Layla, Patience, Liv, Coop.
- Jaymee.
- Nice to meet you.
Well, I'm glad Asher brought you around - before JJ ran you off.
- Yeah, the same.
Good to have a fresh face to hone my magnetic personality.
- Hey, chill out.
- Ooh, wait.
What about "fresh face"? - What? - For your album title.
Layla, look, you have been following me around like a shadow in the house, and I just can we just not talk about music for a second, please? - Yeah.
- You two live together? Uh, we all do, yeah.
Uh, we moved into my parents' house after graduation.
It's kinda like our own version of the beach house.
Nobody wanted to branch out? Starting to reconsider that.
Hey, y'all.
I hope y'all don't mind if I join.
Uh, Liv said it was OK.
Who are you? I'm Coach Baker.
- Jaymee, Asher's girlfriend.
- Oh, OK, OK.
- Good to see you.
- Uh, do you want to have a seat? - We have plenty of room.
- No, I'm good standing.
Um, actually, I'll be right back.
I want to check on the sound before, uh, before kickoff.
Liv, is he OK? I think watching Spencer and Jordan instead of coaching is an adjustment.
Oh, he's your old head coach, right? Yeah, yeah, and Jordan and Olivia's dad, and I guess y'all's landlord, too.
It's a bit of a tangled web.
OK, let's go, Condors! - Ha ha! - Oh, my God.
All right.
Defense, defense.
- Hey, attaway, 11.
- Thanks, Coach.
All right, let's get 'em out of the game.
More conservative play-calling in the second half from the Condors as they try to hang on to a 10-7 lead.
They should be up by 30.
This is ridiculous.
- Dad, can you - Do you hear me? - Dude, just chill.
- Sorry, baby, but this lack of downfield passing can is that another screen pass? - Are you serious? Did you Ash? - Yeah.
I can't watch this.
I can't watch this! - Agreed, Mr.
- I can't watch this.
This game is boring as hell.
You have barely looked up from your phone - since it started.
- Whatever.
I'm looking up Skye's I.
Wait a second.
You really think that girl stole - her grandmother's earrings? - Maybe, but I'm thinking it's more than just just the earrings.
OK, this girl has enough designer dresses that I haven't seen the same one twice.
Come on, you tell me.
What girl with no job lives like a Hadid sister? - She's pawning Maritta's stuff.
- That's one explanation.
Man, whatever.
Forget y'all, OK? I know what I saw.
The girl's a thief.
I say keep scrolling and you'll find what you're looking for.
See? Jaymee gets it.
I mean, who doesn't love a sexy thief who posts lingerie selfies? Hey, maybe she'd help your investigation over dinner.
Uh, no shade.
She's hot as hell.
OK, OK, wait.
Shh, shh.
- Dad, you can't shush people - All right, y'all.
Spencer's going in! Spencer's going in! Run back! Run back! It's a touchdown return for the Spartans, and they take a 13-10 lead over G.
The "A" team block on field! Let's go! Put it behind you, OK? It was one bad play, Spence.
No, it was the bad play.
Everybody knows I gave up the lead, so if we lose, it's on me.
I wouldn't have made that stupid joke if I'd known you guys dated.
Hey, it's OK.
You didn't know.
- It's all good.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- 'Cause I feel like it's been weird with Patience.
Well, well, that ain't about either of us.
Thank you.
Whoa, wait.
He just left? He went to the stadium, just in case "his boys need him.
" I felt like I was talking to a literal crazy person.
That was kinda sweet, you know, and nuts.
Oh, thank you.
No, he was pacing so much.
- Iced toddy to go for Patience.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Wait.
You're leaving? - I just I been feeling kinda off, and I just want to make it back to the house, so - Yeah, yeah.
OK, well, I'll take you.
- No, no.
It's fine.
- Don't worry about it.
- No, it's good.
I wanted to run - some things by you, so it's good.
- Girl, are you serious? Layla, you have been breathing down my neck for the past, like, 3 days and, like, I just need to chill for a second, - seriously.
- Oh, OK, well, that's all you've been doing.
Every time I see you, you're just hanging out, doing nothing and - "chilling.
" Patience, - Uh-huh.
we have an album to drop.
I can't drop it without a title, and you couldn't care less.
Look, that's her process, Layla, all right? And, you know, I love you, girl, but sometimes you gotta know when to back off.
- Thank you.
- Coop, Layla is just trying - to do her job, OK? - But you only defending her because you used to date her.
Something you forget to tell me? Uh, yeah We dated.
Jaymee, I I'm sorry.
Oh, don't apologize.
I just didn't realize I was hanging out with your ex today.
Um, exes, actually.
Oh, my what's so funny? Oh, it makes so much sense.
Ha! - What do you mean? - God, you live together, work together.
Of course, you all dated each other.
It's a vortex, and it's totally reasonable that Patience would want to break away from that.
We're we're totally not a you know.
Oh, my God.
We're a vortex.
Mike 50, Mike 50! Blue 180, blue 180! Uhh! - We should punt.
- You sure? We don't have a lot of time left.
Yeah, well, it's gonna have to be enough 'cause 12 needs to walk off that hit.
We still got a timeout.
We need a quick stop and a miracle.
- Let's go, punt team! - All right, punt, punt! A vortex makes us sound like the Bermuda triangle of friend groups, like we're trapped.
I wasn't saying it as a bad thing, necessarily.
I have been so distrusting of Davita because she's not one of us, and you are literally doing that to this Skye girl.
Oh, no, hold on.
My view on Skye is crystal-clear, OK? The girl's a thief.
Yeah, and I still think a vortex sounds like - like I'm trying to escape something.
- I mean, Patience, that is what you've been trying to do, though.
- Look, um, Jaymee's right.
- Uh No more work.
Just stay and watch the game.
We'll figure out the album stuff later.
Deal? Deal.
Spencer's up on punt team, guys.
Get down there.
Get down there.
Go, go, go.
Yes! Yeah, yeah! Where's the ball? What are you guys waiting for?! Yeah! Whoo! Oh, my God! That's what I'm talking about! Yes! 12's still in the medical tent.
Strap up, 1.
Game to win.
Down, down, set! All right, now.
Right, 4, 1, hut! Right, hey, hut! Right, hey, hut! Time, time, time, time.
This is brutal.
At least it'll be over soon.
I'm sorry.
Hey, yo! Skye just posted herself wearing Maritta's earrings.
"So hard to say good-bye to these beauties.
" I told y'all.
What? It's a commercial break! - 1, 2, 3! - Win! You gonna tell me to forget about those last 3 plays? Nope, 'cause I already forgotten 'em, and so will everybody else after you go and win this game.
Get 'em, boy.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Here we go, here we go.
Down, set! Go! What a run! Baker picks up the first down, but can they get the play off in time? Here we go, here we go.
Down, hut! Catch it! Let's go! - Ha ha ha! - Whoa! Are you kidding me, boy?! That was incredible, man! Yeah, man, I cannot wait to see it.
- Yo.
- Spoiler alert we won.
Yeah, well, I gathered that much.
You know, I didn't believe you when you said it was the same game.
- You gonna start listening to me now? - No.
No, because this this isn't like anything I've done before in my life.
You got to be going out - to dinner or something.
- With these earrings, - you know? - Yeah.
I didn't know you were working today.
I'm not, actually, uh, but I thought you should see the story Skye posted today.
Those are your earrings.
Uh, yeah, Coop's right.
- I took them.
- Skye, why would you do that? Because I know how much you like wearing them and thought I could have them remade into something more comfortable.
Yeah, but your post said you were saying good-bye.
To the earrings, yeah.
OK, wasn't how I planned on giving you this, but I hope you like it.
Thanks for ruining the surprise.
Skye! Hon, I love it! - Well, you want to try it on? - Of course! Uh, Coop, before you go Look, again, that's on me.
I'm sorry.
No, actually, I wanted to say thank you.
You wouldn't have done all this unless you cared, and I'm really glad she's got someone else now to look out for her.
Beautiful necklace, by the way.
And, hey, next time you've got a question for me, my DMs are open.
Uh, hey.
- Olivia.
- I remember.
Quite a game today.
Uh, I'm waiting for Spencer to come out.
- Well, tell him I said congrats.
- Actually, um, listen, about when we first met, I I know things got a little Tense and, um Do-over? Hey, I'm Davita.
Olivia Baker.
- See you around.
- Do you have a sec? I could really use your perspective on something.
On what? N.
, without my hot take this time.
To me, the N.
changes aren't about money so much as they're about the power that money brings.
- Mmm.
- By letting athletes tap into the value they bring at the collegiate level, it empowers them to make their own decisions about what to do with that value now and in the future.
- OK.
- It's not perfect.
- But it's a start.
- OK.
I see the upside.
It wasn't fair for those colleges to profit off of unpaid labor, but fundamental change is rarely simple.
I agree.
The rule change is only the beginning of the story.
So the real story is what those players do with that power.
Some will make good choices, others bad, but ultimately, those decisions will be theirs to make.
- Hmm.
- Should I be worried? This is my cue.
I'll let Olivia fill you in.
- See you at the beach house? - Yeah.
The beach house? Yeah.
Everybody's coming over to celebrate the big G.
And Davita? Um you were right.
She had some really good insights about the N.
Listen, about how we left things yesterday Before we get into that Congratulations on the win.
I mean, that game-saving strip tackle was - it was legitimately incredible.
- Thank you.
And last, but not least, um - You were right about my story.
- No.
No, I shouldn't have said what I said.
Just 'cause we have different experiences doesn't mean you can't understand or that your thoughts ain't valid.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean I should ignore other perspectives, either.
You saw sides of the story that I was missing.
I should have listened to you.
That better not be because I said I should have listened to you.
I'm just happy to see my girl.
Ah! Ha ha! Baby! Oh, my God, Jordan! That was amazing! You were amazing! Oh, I'm pretty sure I had, like, 6 heart attacks.
Wow! You were incredible.
I love you and I miss you and I can't wait to hear all about it in Vegas and, God, just to hear your voice.
Look, that can wait until tomorrow.
Have fun tonight.
I'm so proud of you, Jordan.
I mean, tell you what, - I got, like, 5 bottles coming.
- Hey, hey, hey.
You fellas ready to do this, huh? I brought an overnight bag because, well, Vegas.
If it ain't magic Mike.
Nah, I'm just messing with you, but, for real, you're not coming to Vegas.
This guy, right? Do I look amused? No, man.
The plan's changed.
You're staying behind.
What? Why? What happened? Let's go! Hey, um, can we talk about earlier? Asher, you've apologized like, 6 times.
You could have told me before, but I get it.
- Do you? - Yeah.
Exes can be a touchy subject.
But, look, that's that's not why I didn't tell you.
It's not an excuse, but I wanted you to meet my friends as my friends, you know, not my exes because Because that's who they are to you.
They're really important to me, all of 'em.
I definitely got that sense.
You really nailed us with the whole vortex thing.
No, Asher, I I really did mean it when I said it isn't a bad thing.
Still, I was hoping to save the dramatics for the second hang.
Ha ha! And deny me the full spectrum of insanity? - No, thank you.
- Hmm.
The valleys make the mountains.
- So you had an all-right time? - Seriously? I had an amazing time.
A bit jealous, actually.
I've never been part of a vortex.
It was fun to be part of one for a day.
OK, uh, can I get a drink, please? Uh, yeah, of course.
You don't have to ask.
OK, cool.
Layla thought y'all were having a moment, so They were having a moment until you interrupted.
- Oh, my bad.
- No, no, no, no.
Actually, it is perfect because I was just explaining that once you're in a vortex, you're in.
Well, yeah.
You're stuck for sure.
- What are y'all talking about? - Oh, my God, Spence.
Not everything is about you! Jaymee, welcome to the vortex.
Welcome to the vortex.
Oh, I kinda like that.
"Welcome to the vortex.
" See, that's a pretty good title for an album.
- Wait.
Are you serious? - Yeah.
I mean, yeah, I love it.
- Welcome to the vortex.
- Welcome to the vortex.
- Welcome to the vortex.
- OK.
Ooh, welcome to the vortex.
OK, cheers.
Hey, welcome to the vortex.
- Ha ha ha! - Welcome to the - What happened to Vegas? - Oh.
You were right about Wade.
I'm sorry to hear that, man.
Why don't you come downstairs? Because, Spence, I I told everyone I was going on this big, fancy Vegas night with Wade Waters.
Such an ass.
Yeah, he is.
- I was talking about myself.
- I know.
, I promise you, you're the only one that's gonna feel any kinda way about this, man.
Everybody else just wants to celebrate with the game-winning QB.
- Hmm.
- Spencer! Spencer, get down here! Look, I appreciate it, Spence, but I'm not feeling it.
Maybe later? All right.
Yeah, but won't be the same without you, man.
- Yeah.
- Spencer, what are you doing? Wait.
When'd you get here? Actually, you know what? It doesn't matter.
- Downstairs, now.
- Yeah, um, I'll be down in a sec.
- No.
I said right now.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Liv! - Right now.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- Oh, God.
He catches him right here, too.
Look at this, look at this.
Whoo! Right there, man.
That's a money move.
That's a money move.
Oh, God and this is your drive right here? Yeah, dude.
This was insane.
- Wait.
Wait, look at that.
- Yep.
Oh! Ooh! Touchdown! - Hey, hey, hey, hey! - All right! Hey, man, I feel like we've run plays like that, man.
I told you, man.
I cannot believe you did that today.
Even after Wade got benched, I'd have bet a million dollars I'd never see that field.
Benched? Announcers thought it was, like, a injury or something.
No, no.
Wade skipped practice to go to some N.
thing for Aureate Charter.
The charter jet company you were taking to Vegas? Yup, yup.
Guess he didn't like me stealing the spotlight.
You know what, though? Spence is right.
Screw him.
I would much rather be here with all of y'all - over his fancy plane any day.
- Right.
Um, actually, I have to head out.
- Will you tell Spencer that I'll text him? - Yeah, sure.
I have to show you something.
That's not just a highlight.
It made national sports top plays of the day.
- Number two.
- For real? Damn.
Feeling a lot better about my chances of getting back on the field at wideout.
It's bigger than that.
This is heat.
You just graduated past waffles and wings.
Reliable sedan? This is the logo I use for all my endorsements.
It looks pretty dope.
- Why you showing me? - Because it's time to talk branding.
And first thing up, we got to design you one of these.
Olivia, what are you still doing here? Writing a new story: "Heisman candidate gets benched after missing practice for N.
photo shoot.
" That sounds like an N.
One you haven't read before.
You got a face to go with the headline? Now, that right there is a story.
Keep at it.

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