All American (2018) s04e17 Episode Script

Hate Me Now

1 Spencer, at two touchdowns, 147 yards receiving, you've really become a star these past few games.
Um, I don't pay no mind to that individual stuff.
This was a team effort.
Heh heh! Look, I'll answer that for him.
Everyone can see that S.
's greatness is undeniable.
Now here's the brutal truth.
- Some players belong on the bench - Well, those are the boy's initials.
It's just a tragedy S.
's crazy talent was wasted for half the season.
Are you criticizing Coach Garrett's decision to keep Spencer on special teams for such a long time? Heh heh! You're looking for a quote.
It's a nice try, but it's like this.
Water rises to its level, right? Well, I'm Waters.
Spencer's the level.
I mean, his presence alone raises the caliber of play on the field.
- Ain't that right? - Ahem.
All I know is Wade Waters is the best Q.
in the country, and so playing with him puts greatness within reach for all of us.
Hey, now how's that for a quote? Come here.
Good game.
Everyone can see that S.
's greatness is undeniable.
Now here's the brutal truth.
Some players belong on the bench, others belong on the field.
- You wanted to see me, Coach? - It's just a tragedy tell me about Spencer James.
Heh! Well, he's the best football player I've ever played with or against.
Well, as you know, we're playing him at homecoming.
There's not a lot of game film on him yet.
All we know is that he was a high-school All-American and a special-teams player for most of this year.
Now he seems to be the primary focus of G.
's offense, and as a true freshman, that's impressive.
Like I said, he's the best I've ever seen.
And you're his roommate, right? Yeah.
Why? 'Cause I'm gonna need you to do a full scouting report by tomorrow.
- What, because he's my roommate? - No.
No, because you played with him and against him.
You know him better than anyone.
I need to know his strengths, his weaknesses.
I want to make him a non-factor at homecoming.
Look, Asher, if this is a problem for you, I can give it to someone else.
I just thought you'd be excited about your first coaching assignment.
No, no, no, I I am.
- I am.
Thank you.
- This isn't just about Spencer James.
He's the focus, but I need a full summary on that entire offense, top to bottom.
Think you could put that together for us? Yes, sir.
"Best quarterback in the country.
" Well, the boy can sling that ball.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Wait.
Are we not supposed to like him or something? What's going on? - Wade is my competition.
- I know, but he's also your teammate.
Your real competition is wearing a different uniform.
I know you don't want to be playing against him, right? OK, so you think he's the best in the country, too? J.
, at your level, you're either playing with or against the best in the country.
I don't know what you want me to say.
I wish you would have given me that advice before I told Wade I was coming for his spot.
Now I just feel like an idiot.
All I've done ever since is wear out the paint on the bench.
- Even Spencer thinks he's better.
- OK.
Baby boy, you need to get yourself together.
You're being way too sensitive right now.
You got to get over it.
You feel me? - Do you feel me? - Yeah.
All right.
Gimme that juice.
Since when do you cook? Mmm, since the service fees on those food delivery apps became more expensive than the actual food.
- Yeah, you're right.
- Heh! It does smell pretty good in here, though.
Girl, Kelis ain't just, like, a singer-songwriter.
Sis got recipes, too.
Those are gorgeous.
They're For you.
- Coop - I didn't send 'em, all right? They was at the door.
What? Oh, my God.
Oh, wow.
These are from Sabine.
Ha! OK.
I'm gonna, uh, I'm gonna put these in a vase.
That's so nice.
Up, up.
Here we go.
Four seconds left.
Number 11 nears the end zone.
Oh, he touches back inside, crosses the 10-yard line.
Will he make it? Touchdown! Ha ha! Touchdown! - With a beauty! Ha ha! - He's unstoppable! Y'all are stupid, man.
What's up? - What's up, man? - Hey, man, seriously, - great game, dude.
- Thanks, bruh.
Paying for it now, though.
I feel like I got run over by a bus.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
What hurts? Your ankle? No.
Back? - Hands? How your hands feel? - My hands are fine, bruh.
You getting into physical therapy now or something? Coach Mr.
Montes has Ash on some secret-agent biz for the big G.
-Coastal homecoming game.
Yeah, he asked me to do a full scouting report on you, Jordan, some of the other G.
- For real? - Yeah.
It's my first official assistant coach assignment, so - That is dope.
Congrats, man.
- Hey, thank you.
I'm happy for you.
So what you got on me? Oh, uh, you'll have to wait and see, game night.
Oh, it's like that? OK, OK, well, while you're writing your little report there, just remember, I'm 6'1".
- Ha ha ha! - 6'1"? No, you you're not listening.
You got to factor in the cleats.
- The cleats are a part of the whole - Oh, oh, do the cleats have heels now? Is that I think that's a that's a big heel.
- Ha ha ha! - Y'all got jokes.
Y'all supposed to be my friends, - but OK, don't even worry 'bout it.
- Yeah, well, real friends keep you grounded, so Uh, exactly.
That's why we can't let you get too high on your own greatness.
- Feel me? - Greatness? Yeah, that's what that reporter said in that interview.
It's crazy, man.
Two weeks ago, Coach Garrett didn't even know my name, and now I'm the heart of the entire offense? It feels like a fluke.
I don't even know if that's sustainable game to game.
Yeah, well, I don't know.
I wouldn't worry about it too much, S.
I think you'll be fine.
I mean, you do have one of the best quarterbacks in the country tossing you the rock, right? Am I missing something, man? You walked in here like you had something to say, so you might as well just say it.
I mean, you changed your mind about Wade pretty damn quick the minute he started talking you up.
That's some serious backpedaling.
This tension is bummin' me out.
All right, look, man.
It ain't like I'm best friends with the dude.
And since when is it a crime to change your mind about somebody? When you and I first met, we didn't even like each other.
You remember that? Yeah, suddenly I remember it really well.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Guys, heh! Come on.
We're all friends here, right? Maybe you should both just walk away, relax before you say something you can't take back, yeah? Guys? It's not like I said Jordan wasn't a great QB.
All I did was compliment Wade's skills after a good game.
Well, we both know how bad Jordan wants to get back out on the field.
It's only a matter of time.
That boy is too talented not to play.
We'll figure it out.
It's not our first fight, and we family.
We got everything we need here? - A blanket? - Check.
Snacks and refreshments? Check.
And check.
All right.
We are all set for our all-day snack break.
It's gonna be good to get away.
- We've both been so busy lately.
- Mmm.
Football, your article.
You know, why don't we take it one step further? What do you say we don't talk about football or my N.
article today? My bad.
What is football? - Let's go.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let me get that for you.
So chivalrous.
Well, I hope you packed more where that came from.
Heh heh! Often runs inside blitz.
Inside, inside.
Ooh, "a prototypical linebacker"? Nice.
That better be about me.
- Hey, I'm working, J.
- How am I supposed to get an edge over the G.
guys if you don't even let me peep - the scouting report? - Hey, hey, hey.
No one is peeping anything until it's finished, if it's ever finished.
Hey, you think G.
's doing scouting reports on us? What do you think mine would say? J.
, enough.
This is not a joke, dude.
I have one shot to nail this report and prove to Montes that I have what it takes to be an assistant coach, and he's already skeptical - on whether or not I can deliver this, so just - Did he say that? No Not in so many words, but I just don't want to mess this up, and I have no idea if what I have is is any good.
OK, so get someone to give it a once-over before you turn it in.
Someone like Me.
No shade, J.
, but you and Montes don't exactly think the same way.
But you're definitely on to something.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey, girl.
Is Coop here? - Uh - Whew! Right on time.
- I'm, like, a half-hour late.
- Really? Yeah.
You just texted, "where are you?" Oh.
Worth the wait.
Yeah, you look good.
You ready? - Yeah, let's do it.
- Hmm.
Y'all two going on a date? Yeah.
Coop called out of the blue.
Guess she finally came to her senses.
Look, it it wasn't out the blue, OK? But whatever.
Let's go get some food 'cause I ain't gonna lie.
That half-hour wait got me extra-hungry.
OK, well, y'all have fun.
- OK.
- Man, I am starving.
- What you got in there, girl? - Mmm.
It's kind of a surprise.
I thought these were your favorites.
No, no, I love 'em.
It's just the team nutritionist mandated we cut back on bread and sugar, so - I should have asked.
I'm sorry.
- No, it's all good.
You know what? The hell with that mandate.
Watch this.
- Mmm.
- Yeah? Oh.
- Mmm.
I missed these bad boys.
- Yeah, you did.
Oh, here.
I went to Slauson Café and picked up your usual.
Oh! Yes.
- Ha ha.
- Thank you.
- Ooh.
- Whoa.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
This whole milk? That's a Venti, no whip and extra honey, right? I kinda switched to oat milk after we did that article on the dairy industry.
Uh, I can, um Uh, you know what? No.
It's fine.
It's so silly.
See? It's good.
So, uh, you and the girls doing a'ight? - Yeah.
We're good.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
Actually, um, Patience and I, we saw last night's football highlights.
And we are not supposed to be talking about articles or football today.
- Heh heh heh! - I'm sorry.
It's all good.
Um - Glad they finally got to renovate the park.
- Yeah.
It's a lot windier than I thought - it would be, though.
- Yeah, I know.
That that sucks.
You gonna finish that coffee? Probably not.
- Want it? - Uh, yeah, yeah.
- You want this? - Sure.
- Go easy on the trees, huh? - Heh! Uh, how was your trip to Bringston? I feel like I haven't really seen you since you've been back.
It was it was good, you know? Too short, as always.
- Uh - Uh, "Carrie, it's been a long time.
" "Carrie, I hope this ge " - you haven't gone to see Carrie yet? - I know, OK? I Every time I want to drive down to San Diego, I don't know what I'm gonna say when I see her, so when I pen the perfect speech, I will go.
I promise.
- Uh, do you know what this is called? - Uh, preparation.
If it's not the perfect speech, it'll be some other excuse.
OK, you know what? Get up.
- What? Why? - Because we're going to San Diego, that's why.
- Jordan - Layla, whatever you want to say to Carrie, you can practice on me in the car.
- No.
Jordan - Layla, it's time, for your sake and hers.
I'll be in the car.
I just thought that Spencer would be in my corner, you know? Like not telling reporters that Wade was the best quarterback in the country? Didn't you say he was the best when we were locked in my studio? My point is, is that Spencer did not have to rub it in my face.
Jordan, it's been, like, two hours of this, OK? Including you talking through my favorite podcast on Spotify, and now I have to listen to the episode again.
Also, I'm starting to think that you kidnapping me to San Diego is more about you running away from your problems and less about helping with mine.
Kidnapping? What? No.
Layla, this is this is 100% about you.
OK, m-maybe 80/20, but the 80 is you.
- OK.
- I promise, OK? - How's the speech coming? - Horribly.
OK, well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm sure that Carrie is freaking out about what to say to you as well.
Well, I highly doubt that since she doesn't Know that I'm coming, so OK, Layla, um, I'm no expert, but, um, maybe it's not the best idea to surprise the girl who historically has not been the most stable.
OK, yeah, I'm I'm gonna text her.
- Good idea.
- Um I'm gonna say I'm in town And I would really like to talk in person.
That's good.
- Boom.
- I did it.
Probably not gonna respond oh, my God.
The dots.
The dots - And they're gone.
- Whoa.
Look at this.
Check it out! They're having an outdoor screening of "17 again.
" - Huh.
- Do you remember when me, you, and Liv watched this at the house? Yeah, yeah, I remember you crying to your mom.
I only cried to my mom because you kicked me out of the fort that I built us.
OK, um, she said she can't believe I'm here, and she can't wait to see me, but she's stuck at work for the next 2 1/2 hours.
2 1/2 hours.
All right.
What did you what did you say back to her? I said I'll wait.
You're right.
It's it's today or never.
- Today it is.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh.
Oh, sorry.
- Heh! My bad.
OK, it doesn't trip you out that we can't find nothing to talk about outside of football and work? I mean, I think "nothing" is a little extreme.
I mean, besides, look we're talking about having - nothing to talk about, so that's something.
- Heh! OK, well, the day's not over.
We still got time to course-correct, find our stride.
What are you doing later? Um, I'm actually kind of hosting this, like, little happy-hour thing for some of my co-workers from the "Tribune.
" It was supposed to be at Christel's, but she has the flu, so And you figured I'd cramp your style by inviting me? Please.
I just doubt that you want to hang out - with my work friends.
- Why, they all drink oat milk? No! I mean, yeah, most of them, but I just didn't think it'd be something you'd be interested in.
Anything involving you I'm interested in.
- Come, then.
- You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
I mean, why wouldn't I want my boyfriend there? OK, uh, well, at least Montes can't say that you weren't thorough.
Too long? Uh, a little bit, but, well, yeah, this is D1, so anybody can look at film and see that these players are bigger, faster, and stronger.
So it's too long and it sucks.
No, it doesn't suck.
Um, you got to dig deeper than these players' physical attributes.
For example, um, if you know a player is suffering from a recent injury, then you got to highlight the fact that they could possibly be a weak link.
Uh, if somebody just broke up with their girlfriend, you need to highlight the fact that they're, you know, cyberstalking their girl online when they should be paying more attention on the field.
It's really kicking a man while he's down, though.
Look, if you want your report to add value, then you're gonna have to find these players' sore spots.
That's what competitive advantages are built on.
Come on, Coach.
Jordan and Spencer are my friends, my roommates.
I have insider knowledge, and I know that's why Montes gave me this assignment.
I I mean, is it messed up to use that to break them down in a report? Do I think you should betray your friendships? No, absolutely not, but there is a fine line, and you got to find it because our job as coaches, we need to find every bit of information that is accessible to us and use it to win.
It's just about winning.
So you have to ask yourself if you want to coach or not because from here on out, it's only gonna get harder.
Let's go, let's go.
He's open, he's open, he's open.
- Oh, Julie has it.
- Let's get it! Layla, um, are we really gonna sit here for another hour? Oh, my God.
You know, I've been thinking.
I don't think your problem is Spencer or Wade.
I think it's you.
- I think you're psyching yourself out.
- What? - No, no, no, no.
- Mm-hmm.
The problem is I'm stuck drowning on the depth chart - and no one wants to save me.
- Then save yourself.
I no, that's what I'm saying, Jordan.
You have to make it happen.
Come on.
What are you doing? I need to stop thinking about what's gonna happen when Carrie gets here, and you need to forget about Wade and Spencer and just play some football.
It's not like they couldn't use your help.
You can't be serious.
Oh, OK.
Is Jordan Baker afraid he can't, um, can't keep up with the YMCA all-stars? Heh! OK.
You know what, Keating? Game on.
Fire up those hands.
- Are you sure? Not scared? - Come on.
Warm up those hands.
Let's go.
OK, squad, all right.
I want you to give me a skinny post.
You give me the back left pylon.
You give me a drag across the middle.
Layla, chop up those feet, hit that back right pylon, OK? On 1, on 1.
Ready? Here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Down, set! Right 60.
Wide set-set! Wide 80! Wide 80, set! I admit, I can be a little territorial when it comes to bylines, but it's not as bad as when Liv listens to jazz.
- Oh! - Why? What happens? Oh, they think that jazz hypnotizes me, - which it doesn't.
- Dude, a nuke could hit L.
and Liv wouldn't know 'cause Thelonious Monk put her in a happy trance.
I didn't know you were into Thelonious Monk like that.
It's nothing, but I do know Andrew's love for - what do you call it, eclectic punk? - Heh! Now, that is a situation that requires some professional help.
You know where he got it from, though, right? When he dated Bresha over at the "Westside Star," she got him into that.
I mean, what's it sound like? Can't be that bad.
I'm still stuck on Bresha.
- You dated Bresha? - Yeah.
- Broody Bresha? - Heh! Yeah.
- She's our competitor! - And she can't write.
And she is broody as hell I'll admit it but, hey, it made for an interesting two years.
- Two years? - Dude, you have to tell her how it started and how the "Westside Star" ended up with your article on environmental droughts.
- Oh.
- I'm using the bathroom.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um, I want to hear about that.
Um, we can skip No, let's go with it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You tell her.
- I'll tell you.
Got to admit, this was unexpected.
What, you didn't think I would call you? Oh, no, I knew you'd call eventually.
I meant the food truck.
Hot dogs? You're gonna love it.
Trust me.
Skye 101 I don't do food trucks, and certainly not on a date, but I'm making an exception for you.
What makes me so special? - Well, how much time you got? - Next! Coop.
What's good? - What's up, man? - That is a big dog with the works for you and a hash puppy dog for Patience.
Nah, man.
Her name is Skye.
I am sorry.
That was Unnecessary.
All good.
Skye 101 you'll never have to guess what I'm thinking.
If I'm pissed, trust me, you'll know.
OK, good.
I just you know, I don't want you to think that I'm out here juggling girls because I'm not, all right? Patience and I are done.
I mean, done-done.
I'm talking Mariah Carey "I Don't Know Her" done.
Yeah, I get it.
You guys are done.
You know, I know it probably looks weird because we still live together, but that's just a roommate situation; I mean, she moved to the other room upstairs real fast, but it's all good 'cause now we got our own space, and she can fill hers with all the flowers she wants from Sabine and whoever else is sending 'em.
I mean, you should have seen the tulips that came to the crib last night.
I was wait.
What where you going? You need something? - Yeah, some air.
- But we outside.
You know, I was cool with having hot dogs on a date, and I was cool with old boy in the truck calling me by another chick's name, but something I'll never be OK with is you spending the entire date talking about her, and I'm not even gonna get into the fact that your "out of the blue" call last night was 'cause Patience got some damn tulips.
OK, uh, Skye, I'm sorry.
Next time you want to piss off your ex, don't call me.
Hey, there you are.
Is everything OK? - Just taking a breather.
- OK.
Well, um, I really want to introduce you to one of my co-workers who is a huge G.
fan Spencer, is everything OK? Jazz? - Yeah, I like jazz.
So what? - Since when? Since Christel plays it nonstop in the office, and it was either love it or be tortured every day, so I chose love.
OK, and, uh, what about Noah? I thought y'all two were beefing since he stole your article.
I mean, that was that was weeks ago, and he's actually been really supportive since.
See? I ain't know that, just like I don't know your coffee order no more.
Babe, all of this over Thelonious Monk, some ancient beef, and oat milk? - I mean, it's just trivia.
- Not to me.
The special things we know about each other is what makes us us, and your co-workers know you better than I do now.
Yeah, well, that's just because they spend more time with me.
They don't know me like you do.
That's crazy.
Is it? Look, this isn't just about them, Liv.
- You didn't feel that today? - Feel what? That something's off, that we're off, like "Starting to grow apart" off? Um I mean I mean, yeah, a little, but I Heh! I should go.
You got guests downstairs, and and now ain't the time.
I'mma holla at you later.
Hey, dude, what the hell are you doing? Are you serious right now? "Though he's fast with excellent football I.
, Spencer James lacks confidence"? You're reading my scouting report? "He fears his elevation to G.
's offense might be a fluke.
He's unsure he's capable of delivering a winning performance game after game, making Spencer easy to demoralize"? Why'd you go through my laptop? - It's an invasion of privacy.
- You left it open in a public place.
- I'm in my house.
- Our house, and you really gonna come at me about privacy? Those were my words that I confided to my friends, - not some snitch.
- Snitch? I'm not snitching, Spence, I'm scouting.
That's the job.
Like it or not, we're on rival teams now.
Y-You really expect me to believe you're not planning on using any of the history you have on J.
to your advantage when you play us? About him on the field? Absolutely, but the stuff he's confided to me as his friend? You say no, you are lying to yourself as well as me, man! This is D1 football.
We are both trying to win.
I want a career as a coach; That means breaking down players is a part of the job.
- That's what Coach Baker told me - Hold up, hold up, hold up.
You expect me to believe Coach Baker put you up to this? He said dig a little deeper into your psyche if I want a better report, yeah.
After everything we've been through, you really gonna hand in that scouting report to your coach, man, with all that personal stuff I told you as a friend? I already did.
I mean, I I need to join an L.
rec league after those stats I just put up.
OK, easy there, Odell, OK? Ha ha! But you know what? It was nice to see you out there, relaxed and laughing.
Yeah, well, um, I mean, that game was a great distraction from all things Carrie.
- I can only imagine how you feel.
- Mmm.
- What do you mean? - You got to feel rejuvenated.
I mean, you had some help from your best receiver me, of course but, I don't know.
No one even came close to touching you on that field.
Layla, that wasn't a challenge.
I'm a D1 college quarterback.
I'm supposed to beat those guys.
No, Jordan, I Sorry.
Carrie just parked, so sh-she's here.
Um - OK, this is really happening.
- Hey, hey.
You can do this.
OK? I'll be right here if you need me.
Hello? Hey, baby girl.
What's happenin'? Uh, Dad You know there's people you can call to fix that old thing, yeah? Nothing a little duct tape can't fix.
Do you want some help with anything? Uh-oh.
Something's going on.
Sit down.
What's up? Before you guys got married, how did you and Mom make it work when you had to be super-focused on football and her on law? The old balancing act, huh? Well, I still don't know if we ever made it work, but I can say that we, uh, we never stopped trying.
And did you guys ever - Drift apart? - Oh, plenty of times, but only when we took our eyes off the prize, hmm? But then we'd realize and then course-correct, only because we we both wanted to make it work.
What's going on with you and Spence? Um I mean, we've both just been busier than we've ever been, and it's just, like, causing this weird disconnect between us that we just can't shake.
What if we can't course-correct, Dad? Look, every relationship's gonna have their ups and downs, but you have to figure out if you're willing to weather the ebbs and the flows.
And if you are then you you never stop trying.
So, how was the drive? Uh, it was good.
Yeah, um, it's not too much traffic, and, - uh, the weather helped.
- Good.
Layla, you didn't come to San Diego to ask me about the weather.
Yeah, um - I don't really know what to say.
- Sure you do.
Layla, what I did to you was unforgivable.
And yes, I was sick and I wasn't in control, but that doesn't mean that you don't get to be furious at me.
You should be.
If you want to scream or yell or hit me or whatever, you can.
I'm not gonna fight you, Carrie.
If I was, I wouldn't need your permission to do so.
I was mad at you for a really long time.
And on my way down here, I realized I'm not I'm not angry anymore, you know? I'm just exhausted.
A long time ago, I accepted that I wasn't enough to keep my mom alive or My dad in town or my boyfriend faithful, but You know, with you, I really I really thought I was making a difference.
I tried so hard to be there for you introducing you to my friends and moving you in with me, and God, after all that, it, like, still wasn't enough; not enough to keep you off that cliff or to keep you from trying to take me with you.
- Layla - It's just the story of my life, really, 'cause Keep trying to fix everything and surprise I just fall up short again and again and Layla, your friendship is what kept me off that cliff longer.
Being up there was about all the ways that I was deficient not you.
You are the reason that I have made so much progress and have my family back, and have a job.
I mean, you got me to try again at Running Springs.
You're the reason I'm still here.
I mean, if that isn't being enough, then I don't know what is.
And I bet, if you look closely, there's a lot of people in your life that feel this way.
Wouldn't kill Liv's friends to actually clean up.
You're kidding me, right? - I didn't even say anything.
- So it wasn't, like, enough for you to invite Skye to rub her in my face, but you gonna take her to our spot? You the one that got Chlorine sending the entire rainforest over to our crib.
OK, her name is Sabine, and those flowers are platonic.
Man, those flowers are red! They are not platonic! Ooh, you about to feel so stupid.
Man, whatever.
At least my name don't sound like something - they dump in pool water.
- Mmm, OK.
Yeah, uh, "congrats on an amazing album launch.
Your friend, Sabine.
" Hmm.
Sabine does have nice handwriting.
- Now you know her name, huh? - Look, I'm sorry, OK? - I just thought - Yeah, yeah, I know what you thought, and Our relationship? It meant a lot to me, Coop.
The way that we're trying to hurt each other, we're not about to have a friendship left, - and I don't want that.
- I don't want that, either.
OK, so what do we do? I mean - We should agree on some ground rules.
- I'm down with that.
Well, first of all, Baker house has to be Switzerland neutral ground, no more dates in the hallway.
OK, fine, and no more flowers from girls you tried to get with, either.
OK, deal, and also, we have to decide on where in L.
is off-limits because I don't want you taking girls to our spots.
OK, but I can go to D-Doggs by myself, right? Yes, yes, of course.
Well, let's have coffee.
OK, well, before you start planting your flag in all the L.
cafés, I have something for you.
- Ooh.
- I'm so used to getting you funnel cakes because I know that you like 'em that I got it anyway, even though you wasn't there.
Ooh, yes! OK.
Well, let's eat and negotiate.
Hey, man.
Shoot, this house is getting more action than when I was in high school.
Why? - What's going on here? - Oh, don't ask.
What can I help you with, Mr.
James? Did you tell Asher to dog me in his scouting report? No, no.
I did tell him that he should do his job.
Thanks to your advice, my rivals now think I lack confidence and that I'm easy to demoralize.
Look, Spence, tell me Coach Garrett blowing hot and cold at you this whole season - didn't mess with your confidence.
- And so it was cool for Ash to exploit that? - That's screwed up, Coach.
- Look, Spence, you are good at battling linemen, breaking tackles, but this is real life.
It's complicated.
You'll have to learn how to balance friendships and and relationships that that don't quite look or seem the way you thought they once did, you know? Welcome to adulthood and being on top.
So I guess I need to be watching my back from now on, huh? Oh, absolutely.
These journalists, they're gonna tear you down quicker than they built you up.
Everything you do is gonna be under a microscope, so Asher's report is just a taste of of your new reality.
A reality without any friends? No, no, Ash Ash is still your friend.
He's got a job to do, you've got a job to do.
You're both good.
You just have to navigate the scrutiny then that's at your level of greatness.
There's that word again "greatness.
" Yep.
Get used to it, son.
- Listen, man, about the report - I shouldn't have read it.
I mean, I ain't think it was a secret or nothing.
Kinda assumed it'd be positive, but It wasn't mine to read, so my bad.
No, no, no.
Spence, most of that report was positive No explanation needed, bruh.
I understand why you did what you did now.
The last thing that I want is for this to affect - our friendship, you know? - No, I said I understand.
I ain't say nothing about our friendship not being affected.
- It's like that? - You all for truth and honesty, right? I mean, you said it yourself, Ash: Our teams are rivals.
Our dreams and our careers are wrapped up in those teams.
That makes us rivals.
That's why you did what you did.
All four of us, man me, you, Jordan, and J.
J we've been burying our heads in the sand these last few months, acting like the G.
and Coastal rivalry doesn't affect us.
But with this homecoming game coming up, we can't lie to ourselves no more.
We all got jobs to do.
Mine is to make sure that nothing and no one gets in the way of me dominating on that field.
What are you trying to say, Spencer? Four of us can't be friends anymore? Until after the homecoming game, there's gonna need to be a separation of church and state in this house.
Me and Jordan in our corner, you and J.
in yours 'cause I'll be damned if I let a rival use anything I say or do in my home to get one over on me.
So good ♪ Thank you for meeting me.
Yeah, well, I've got a thing nearby in 23 minutes, but, you know, figured I had time for an apology.
Look I am sorry.
I ain't never met nobody like you, and I know I asked you out for the wrong reason, but before I messed up colossally, I don't know, our vibe, it just It felt right.
Keep going, on the "how you messed up" part.
I messed up so bad, I almost don't deserve a second chance.
- Almost? - Yeah.
I mean, how you gonna give me a hard time if you don't go out with me again? That's almost like letting me off too easy.
What if I don't believe in giving second chances? Listen, I don't know who that crazy, ranting, tulip-obsessed girl was at the food truck.
I'm not that girl.
I promise you that, so technically, I'm asking you for a first chance.
Do you still have 21 minutes and 51 seconds? I guess we could fit that chance in now.
- Carrie was right, you know.
- Hmm? You've always been more than enough.
Well, I think that's something I'm always gonna struggle with, but Today I believed it.
I was strong enough to face her again.
Glad I did.
And it feels good to know that she's gonna be OK and That I helped in some way.
"Some way"? Layla, you you helped her in a big way.
I owe a lot of people an apology for how I, you know, acted this past year, - but to you - Mm-hmm? I owe a thank you.
Uh, a thank you? - Yeah.
- Why? Why's that? Um, you know, for not not giving up on me when I was pushing everyone away.
You're resilient, Jordan.
That's how I know you're gonna find a way back out on that field.
You always do.
Just focus on your game, you know? Forget everyone else.
What? Heh heh! What is all this? Have a seat.
What is your name? - Spencer - Just go with it.
Olivia Baker.
Olivia Baker.
Favorite color? Black.
- Favorite food? - Duh.
Whatever's on your plate.
Seriously, what is what is all this? I'm stepping my game up.
Look, a lot of relationships have been fracturing in my life lately.
I ain't letting ours be one of 'em.
I love you.
And I am not going anywhere, Spencer, but you're right.
I mean, we're both evolving, and that means maybe a little more work on both of our parts to make sure we're riding this growth wave together.
Which is why I've decided to get to know Olivia 2.
- Mmm.
- Otherwise known as - Hmm? - Oat Milk Olivia.
We're gonna have to change the name.
Ha ha ha! OK.
Biggest pet peeve?
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