All American (2018) s04e18 Episode Script

Came Back for You

1 Seriously? I just bought this.
Why are you looking at me? I don't drink $40 orange juice.
What about Skye? I bet she doesn't have a problem with high-end juice.
Have you seen Skye around here? Patience still has a restraining order on this house.
I thought Patience was outta town.
She only left this morning.
Did Patience take my thermos? I swear, I left it right here just last night.
Maybe Patience poured my juice into my thermos for her road trip, and then put the jug back in the fridge so that I would think that I drank it all.
Look, as entertaining as it is to watch you play juice detective, I'm trying to finish my résumé.
If I don't get a job, I will fail the next stage of my diversion program.
- When did you manage an arcade? - OK, slight exaggeration, but you have to have a job to get a job, but how are you supposed to get a job when you need a job to get a job? Ask my mom for help.
Who's looking for a job? - I'm hiring an intern.
- Hard pass.
You fired me already, plus it doesn't meet the criteria anyway.
All right, well, and on that note, I got to get ready for my job and class, so Uh, listen, Coop, about that firing Look, I was joking.
- OK, what is this? - This is an apology, a long overdue one.
Over the past year, in my unhealthy quest to never be vulnerable, I, um, I hurt people, people who were important to me, and you're one of them.
Look, Layla, you had every right to be mad at me.
I mean, I was messing up your - your business, your money.
- No, Coop, you were reeling from losing your ability to rap.
As your friend, I should have been there for you, so look, if there is ever anything I can do to make it up to you, please let me know.
- OK, well - Mm-hmm? Since you're, um, offering up punitive damages, you could maybe pay my my phone bill for this month? It's not exactly what I what I had in mind, but - if it'll help.
- I'm joking.
I'm Jo I'm messing with you, OK? We good.
- Ha ha! - Look, Ms.
Maritta has me watching - Whew! - "Law & Order," and I have been dying to say that word in a sentence, I swear.
We didn't wake you, did we? Nah.
Davita already took care of that.
She wants to meet on campus to finalize stuff for the apparel launch tonight.
I swear, that chick don't sleep.
Well, she's thorough, that's for sure.
Yeah, but it's all too much, man.
A few weeks ago, I had a logo.
Now I got hats, sweatpants, backpacks.
I got a wide receivers meeting in an hour.
That's all I need to be focused on.
I can't let this distract me from football.
Wait, low-key, are you looking for a reason to cancel the apparel launch tonight? - Maybe.
- Why? I mean, you and Davita have worked your butts off for this launch.
You are literally writing an article about the dangers and distractions of N.
, and you're asking me what? You're not Wade.
You would never put yourself before the team and miss practice for some dumb photo shoot or whatever.
This is different, so get out of your head, Spencer.
The launch is just for one night.
I appreciate you.
You want to ride in together? Um, actually, I can't.
You know, between meeting up with Jenn and classes and tracking down this lead for the article, I, um, I'm just gonna be all over the place, so OK.
How is the N.
article coming? Uh, it's fine.
I thought we weren't hiding stuff no more.
I'm just keeping this article confidential, OK, until I hear from a source and verify some things.
You ain't coming down too hard on Wade, right? 'Cause he been apologized for that missed practice.
Spencer, I love you, but just because Wade is helping you shine on the field does not magically make him a good guy.
- Oh, I need to take this.
- Mm-hmm.
In private? - Hey.
- Hey.
What's the emergency? The school board fire you, too? So, uh, I heard that the board is voting on principal next week, and it's 5-1 in favor of Regina.
- Least it's not 6-0.
- I'm being serious here, all right? I've never lost this bad in football, but, uh, there's got to be something I can do.
Well, as a former administrator, I may have some advice for you, but you're gonna need to return the favor, - OK? I got some problems of my own.
- Cool.
You still got that whiskey stash? Come on, Carter.
If I'm trying to be principal, I can't be drinking on the job.
I bet you football Billy woulda had a shot with me.
That's right.
Now we're talkin'.
This is the best I can do, so start talking.
- What? Water? - Mm-hmm.
Yo, yo, yo.
What are you doing? Uh, getting ready for our meeting.
What does it look like? I thought it was just gonna be a quick chat in the juice bar.
Yo, for real, if Coach Garrett sees my branding stuff everywhere, that's my ass.
I'll be quick.
I just need your final approval.
Heh! My pops would have loved seeing himself as King Crenshaw.
Yo, S.
, my man Whoa.
Are you launching a line or something? You didn't tell your teammates about the launch tonight? I was trying not to make it a big deal, OK? It is a big deal, and you're supposed to be getting the word out.
Yo, it's too late for modesty, brother, and she's right.
Look, I'm gonna post this to my 3 million followers, make sure that you and your line get the love it deserves.
Heh! Man, I hope you're ready for some superfans.
That's a good one.
Did J.
forget about his away game? - The house reeks of his Cologne.
- Um, ahem.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Um You know we're meeting my dad and his girlfriend Erin for breakfast and not the Grammys, right? Are you saying this shirt's too dressy? - I mean, it's a little, yeah.
- Heh! OK, OK, so I was nervous.
Today's a big day for you.
Well, I thought you were gonna keep me calm, but here, let me fix it.
- Oh, wow.
You didn't like the - No, it looks nice.
- You look handsome.
- Thank thank you.
- Shall we? - Yeah, let's go.
- OK.
- OK.
Heh heh! - Simone! Hey.
- Wow.
So, this is the famous J.
beach house.
I could smell his body spray down the driveway.
Hey, babe, babe, come here! Oh, my gosh! I've missed you! Major points on the surprise arrival! Look at you! Heh! Are you sure? - But feel like I interrupted something.
- Interrupt? What? No.
Uh, I'm I'm so sorry, Coop.
I thought now was a good time, but it's been nonstop since I woke up.
What what type of business are you running here? My law one, at least until I get an office space.
Ever since I got Jameal's sentence reduced, Safron Hosea has referred half the neighborhood to me, and I don't think they quite understand I'm not a full-time practice yet.
Oh, God.
Make yourself at home.
Hello? Mmm Hello? Laura's law, your one-stop shop for punitive damages.
I thought that you said you were spending your fall break at Bringston.
Well, I missed you, and I figured a nice, relaxing weekend at home would be exactly what I'd need to get me - in the right headspace for the tournament.
- Mmm.
It's not a problem that I'm here, is it? - I mean, you and Layla had plans.
- No, no, babe, that was just something with her dad, OK? She totally understands me bailing, plus it's not every day I get to show off - my home turf to my girlfriend.
- Heh! I know it's crazy that it took me so long to visit, so I'm sorry.
I guess I was just worried that if I saw everyone, - I wouldn't want to leave.
- Hmm maybe you don't have to.
I hear G.
has a great tennis team.
It's very tempting, but No, I've put in too much work - to quit on Coach Loni now.
- Yeah.
Oh, there's Spence.
Spencer James! Get over here.
Don't act like you don't see me, boy.
Well, if it isn't the queen of the court herself.
- Sure is.
How you doing? - What's up, girl? You look good.
must agree with you.
Thank you.
- What's up? - What's up? What the hell was that? What is going on with y'all two? - Nothin'.
- Nothin'.
OK, well, I hope neither of you have something to do because we're not leaving until one of you says why y'all are beefing.
So, who wants to start? OK.
So you want me to get Regina to drop out.
How am I how am I supposed how should I do that? Remind her that being a principal stinks, literally.
It also comes with long hours, lawsuits, - and no resources.
- Huh.
All right, let me stop 'fore I scare you off.
No, no, you won't.
I'm in it.
I'm in it.
This this job is my future, lawsuits, stench, and all.
It's just Regina Regina Lawson, she does not scare off easily.
- Well, there's always assistant principal.
- Oh I should have busted out that whiskey from before.
I know I need it.
What has got you so rattled that you're trying to day-drink and coming to me for advice? I got a job in Oakland.
- OK.
- It puts me back in politics, and it paves the way for me to run for governor one day, plus they understood why I resigned from South Crenshaw.
So, um, you're upset because you got a job; Not just any job a job that also has you going places.
See, this is why we used to beef in school.
No, Billy, that's not the point.
Yes, the job will take me places, but Billy, those places are far away from Grace.
Oh, of course.
My bad.
How'd she take it? Clearly he ain't told her yet; That's why he whining to you.
- Ah.
- Now can y'all two shut up? I came to clear my head, but I can't get a moment's peace - from the high-school drama.
- This was a private conversation.
Then you shouldn't talk so loud.
Got confirmation Wade was directly involved at the incident at his high school.
Waiting on one more source.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Ha ha ha ha! I could eat, yeah.
- Hurry up.
Nice of you to make it.
I am so sorry, Jenn, OK? I got here earlier, but the doors were locked.
They do that now to make sure people are on time.
So, did you did you get your chip? I'm so sorry, Jenn.
I really wanted to be here for it.
- Well, you epically failed at that.
- I know, I know, and I promise I am going to make it up to you, OK? You're still gonna do my hair later for my grand prix audition, right? We are on, for sure, and I swear, I will not let you down.
Well, I gotta go.
My friends are taking me out to breakfast.
Um, Jenn? Congrats.
A'ight, I gotta get to class.
I'll just see y'all at the apparel launch tonight.
I'm sorry.
Run that back? You have your own apparel line? - Babe, why didn't you tell me this? - Why would I have to? Spencer's got the best QB in the nation promoting him on social.
OK, so y'all are seriously gonna let football and this Wade guy come in between you two? - I'm not.
- Heh! OK.
You know what? Now would be a great time for us to go get some food.
Babe, just wait until you take a bite out of a burger from the grill.
Oh, good.
I already know the caf has better burgers.
- I'm sorry? Says who? - Yard Yack.
- Uh, are you coughing something up? - Ha! Yard Yack is a college social feed.
You guys seriously don't use this? - Mm-mmm.
- Hold on.
What the hell? What? - Does Liv know about this? - What? Oh, somebody about to pay for this.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey.
- You ever been on Yard Yack? - I take it you saw the post? - You already knew about it? - How come you ain't say nothin'? - I was gonna tell you, but I just didn't think it was a big deal.
Somebody disrespecting you is a big deal to me, Liv.
- You know who did it? - Wade.
He's upset about the article that I'm writing.
I'm sorry, and I'mma handle it.
This fool got me twisted, - but he about to find out.
- No, Spencer, stop, OK? I'm already handling it, and he has a history of this type of behavior.
- I have a plan.
- What do you mean? I'm not gonna get between you and your teammate, so just trust me, and please let it go.
Love you.
So we're just not gonna talk about what happened? Babe, I know my sister, OK? And if she doesn't say anything about the post, it's probably because she's already handled whatever lame-ass posted it.
Jordan, I'm not talking about the post.
I'm talking about the distance between you and Spencer.
OK, well, you have been gone a while, Simone, so things around here have changed.
I'm catching on to that.
I'm I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It it's just that when we first got to G.
, I thought Spence and I were in this together, then he stepped into the spotlight and became the most celebrated freshman on the field.
Jordan, Spencer has always been the star on the field, but when did that stop y'all from being friends? Spencer doesn't need me anymore.
I'm not his QB.
I can't help him beat Coastal at homecoming.
I can't even help promote his line with my measly 600 followers, unlike Wade.
OK, can we can we just finally stop talking about this, please? Yeah.
- All right.
- But for the record, the Spencer that I know will always need you, on and off the field, Jordan.
Smoothie? OK.
All set.
Uh, if you want to take a look, the bathroom is down the hall.
So, now we can sit here and discuss this nonsense between Spencer and Jordan and figure out what the heck we're gonna do about it.
Forget the boys.
Something is up with Jenn, OK, and something's wrong with her ankle.
Do you guys think it's sprained? I wasn't really paying attention, but if it was, I mean, she would be walking with crutches, right? Unless she's taking something to mask the pain.
What if she's taking pain pills so that she can dance on her ankle tonight? Liv, calm down, OK? Don't jump to crazy conclusions like this before talking to her, at least.
You don't understand addicts, OK? If she's using, she won't tell me.
I mean, I didn't tell anyone at first when I started using again.
I gotta figure this out.
- Hey, Liv, I wouldn't - Can I help you find something? Um Jenn, I was just worried, OK? You looked hurt, and I just wanted to make sure that you weren't using again.
And it didn't occur to you to just ask? I thought my parents had trust issues.
You know what? Don't bother coming to my audition later.
I don't need your negative energy in my life today.
Jenn, I listen, I'm sor I just wanted to make sure that you were OK.
What? You really thought you was gonna come at my girl and I wouldn't do nothin'? - Hey, you need to back up off me.
- Get off him, man.
Whoa, whoa.
Hold on.
You posted that photo of my sister? Apparently his bitch ass didn't like what she was planning on saying about him in her N.
- Yo, I didn't post that.
- It's right here, bro.
Yo, I don't care about your girl's N.
article, OK? It's not gonna do anything to me.
And we're just supposed to take your word for it? Look at the date and time, Baker.
- There's no way I could have posted it.
- Let's see.
What? What's he talking about? - It was uploaded during our weekly QB meeting.
- What? Yo, we can't have our phone during those, OK? The coach locks 'em away until after the meeting.
My bad, bro.
Look, man, if it was my girlfriend that got targeted, I'd be doing the same thing.
Now, whoever posted that crossed the line.
If you need backup when you find the asshat, you let me know.
More apology letters.
Yeah, the last of them.
- I got my dad, Patience, and Clay.
- Mmm.
I, um, I wanted to apologize for bailing on breakfast this morning.
Oh, Jordan, it's fine.
Simone's in town.
- That's much more important.
- Yeah, yeah, but I mean, you know, breakfast with your dad and you finally meeting Erin, that's important, too.
- Yeah.
- So, how'd it go? Do we like her or are we slashing tires? No, we like her.
Yeah, we like her a lot.
I mean, I didn't really need you there, so - Ouch.
- No, I didn't ha! - I didn't mean like that.
I just - OK.
Heh heh! but you know, um, there is someone who could use your support somewhere, you know Spencer's apparel launch tonight.
- OK, that was a horrible segue.
- Yeah, OK, whatever.
So Simone seems to think you're not going.
And Simone would be absolutely correct.
Jordan, OK, if I can go and support after everything we've been through, you can go.
OK? Just set the drama aside for one night, pretty please? OK, OK.
- OK.
- And you know what? For the record, Layla, whatever you just did with your eyes and the whole sweet, little pleading thing? Totally unfair.
Totally unfair, OK? - I mean, that is I know - Look, why don't you ask Mrs.
Lawson if she'll step aside and let you have the job? 'Cause Ms.
Lawson don't want to step aside.
She's got a brand-new grandchild, complaining she doesn't see her enough because she's always working, said she always thought she'd be retiring soon - and not taking on more work.
- Man, hold up.
- How do you know all this about her? - I just talked to her, asked her directly about her life.
If I've learned anything about women, they appreciate direct honesty And that applies to Mrs.
Grace, too.
Be direct.
Tell her exactly what you want, assuming you know.
Thanks for coming through with the DJ.
Uh, yeah, of course.
- Happy to help a friend.
- I'm, uh, I'm glad we're back to being friends, and you're starting to seem a little like your old self.
- We missed her.
- Yeah, she's, uh, kinda making a comeback.
Since confronting Carrie, I've felt more like myself again.
Welcome back, Layla Keating.
Thank you very much, Spencer James.
- Good luck tonight.
- Thank you.
Babe, I just wanted to show you this crazy setup.
I'm glad you ain't let me bail.
Me, too.
What's up? Thought you was at Jenn's audition.
Yeah, she kinda disinvited me.
It's not a big deal.
Um, sponsor/sponsee confidentiality.
You've been, uh, referencing a lot of confidentiality clauses lately.
I know, but I don't want to talk about Jenn or Wade and the article.
I just want to celebrate you.
Real quick, on that Wade stuff, he did not post that photo of you.
Spencer, just 'cause he's your QB No, I confronted him.
He came clean.
It wasn't him.
- And you just believe him, like that? - Liv - Hey, we need to start - Davita, not now.
Yes, now; We're about to welcome guests - and we need to go over your speech.
- Speech? - I'm saying something now? - Of course.
OK, I'll let you handle your business.
Liv - OK, I, uh - Shh.
- Hear that? - Hear what? Exactly.
All right, I don't mean to disturb your peace, but this is a list of all the clients that I've been talking to.
Most of them are expecting a follow-up tomorrow, but I'd call Ms.
Singer first because her statute of limitation is running out.
- Thanks, Coop.
- You're welcome.
You know, I was listening to you all afternoon.
You handled those prospective clients pretty well.
You gave them some good advice.
Yeah, man, it was fun talking to people from the neighborhood.
It's a shame being my assistant doesn't qualify for your diversion program.
Uh! Come on! ♪ We're in the foray ♪ Makin' it rain all day, it is pourin' ♪ The city is mine, I'm runnin' so hard, I'm winnin' and soarin' ♪ Oh, wow.
This is really amazing.
I'm glad you changed your mind.
- Ah, the pleading worked.
- Something like that.
Well, you both look great.
I'm just happy you made it.
Actually, could I borrow Jordan's height over by the hat wall? Just Yeah, you don't need my permission.
Uh, I'll just grab us drinks.
- Right.
Would you hold this? - OK.
- OK, those go up there.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um, who who invited Clay? - Uh, I did.
- Oh, you, like, - getting back together with him? - No, no.
He's just the last stop on my apology tour.
- That's right.
- Low-key, wish someone - would just make this apology for me.
- Well Now someone else can.
Because you know why? You're not Layla anymore.
You are her fearless alter ego, queen of Crenshaw, Laylani.
- Laylani? - Laylani.
- OK.
Ha ha ha ha! - Yes.
I thought I met all the pretty girls in L.
- Please don't tell me that actually works for you.
- Sometimes.
- I'm Clay.
- Oh - You're Layla's Clay.
- Yeah.
- So what, that worked for her? - I had other, uh, persuasive powers At least till he showed up.
Seriously? Vin, do you have something you want to say? I'm really sorry about the post.
- Wait.
You did that? - I overheard your interview with Wade and knew he was pissed.
- I was just trying to get on his good side and - Look, I am so sorry, OK? Apparently this dumbass thought it would impress me.
It didn't.
Now, I promise, he's gonna be doing pushups until his arms fall off.
Again, I'm so sorry.
Um You OK? I guess I Was wrong and Just feels like a common theme with me lately.
Yeah, well, we all have those days, but right or wrong, I love you, all right? Ha ha! OK, dapper Dan.
You ready? Davita said it's time for your speech.
Coop, I don't know half the people here.
What am I meant to say? This this publicity ain't me, man.
For the love of God! Enough, already, bro.
We get it.
This ain't you, all right? But N.
ain't going nowhere, - and neither is your star power.
- Coop Uh, besides, you're not doing this for you.
You're doing it for all these kids out there, scooping up your merch like it's on fire.
You got Dillon's artwork on display on that merch.
I mean, kids look up to you and him now and think, hey, maybe they could be the next Spencer and Dillon James, so stop whining, bro.
Get your ass on that stage and give 'em the dude they look up to.
What she said.
I appreciate y'all for coming out.
It is wild to think that just a few years ago, I was fighting in the halls of South Crenshaw High, and now I'm at Golden Angeles with my own apparel line.
I got a lotta dope people to thank for helping me on this journey, my moms and Coach Baker especially.
I love you.
Y'all make a great tag team.
Listen, I'mma keep this real and I'mma keep this short.
Y'all know I'm not fully comfortable with this kind of attention, but a good friend reminded me, kinda rudely, that the spotlight ain't on me.
It's on all of y'all.
This community is responsible for making me the person I am today.
That's why I don't want to wait till the NFL to give back.
I'm doing it now.
A quarter of the proceeds from my apparel line is gonna fund scholarships for kids right here in South L.
to attend art camps like the one where my brother created King Crenshaw and football camps and any other camps that further our dreams.
So thank y'all once again for coming out and God bless.
Hey, do you have a minute? I was wondering if you were gonna talk to me.
Surprised to hear you booked my DJ for the event.
Uh, she's good at what she does, and, uh, you weren't answering my calls, so I thought we had nothing left to say since you made it clear you were done with me.
Clay, um, I was in a bad place earlier this year and pushing everyone away.
You caught the brunt of what I was going through.
I'm sorry, so it's it's all in this letter.
You didn't push Jordan away.
We've been friends for a really long time.
Clay, couldn't you take the letter, please? I'll see you around, Keating.
- Hey, what's up? - Hi.
- What's up, y'all? - Hey.
Shouldn't you be somewhere talking Mrs.
Lawson out the race? Yes, I did speak to her, and you were right.
She is looking to free up some time, and apparently, I've impressed her enough where she doesn't think I'm gonna mess up the school, so it's a good thing.
Wait, so she's dropping out of the running for principal at South Crenshaw High? Yes, on one condition she wants me to earmark someone to bring onboard as Dean of Student Affairs, someone who cares about the kids as much as she does, has the right values, time, energy.
If I can line this up and there ain't no competition, She likes my odds.
You have someone in mind? - Why are you looking at me like that? - Huh? - Oh, whoa! You moving back in? - Tempting, but no.
I actually need to talk to you.
Did you start a "Laura's Law" review page? Um No contest.
- So yes.
- Look, Ms.
Baker, I'm sorry.
I was only trying to help.
Did you you got a bad review or something? Thanks to you, my law practice is now one of the highest-rated in South L.
, and now that all of Crenshaw district has my number, I'm gonna need some help.
- OK, so you want me to find you an assistant? - No.
I want you to come work for me.
But I thought assisting you didn't meet - the criteria for the program.
- It doesn't, but being a pre-law apprentice does, under one condition you've got to be enrolled in a college, even if it's online.
What do you think? I I don't know.
You think I could do this? Oh, I know you can.
- Heh! All right.
- Yes? Yeah.
Well, guess you're gonna have to learn some things from someone other than Detective Benson, like what punitive damages actually are, and we are not calling my practice Laura's Law.
OK, then how 'bout Law & Laura? - Mmm.
- Or Laura's Legal? OK.
Better Call Baker.
- Ha ha ha! - No? Um, I think I'm gonna Go home.
It's been a long day and I'm tired.
Uh or we could jump in the hot tub.
I'll get the jets going.
- Jordan, I don't have my suit.
- And that's a bad thing? What's going on with you and Layla? What are you talking about? Something shifted between the two of you And there's a connection, Jordan.
Yeah, sweetheart, a a friend connection.
Layla has been through a lot this year.
I mean, we both have and, well, we've been there for each other.
Simone Look, I I haven't cheated on you, OK, if that's what you're thinking.
I mean How is what I share with Layla as a friend any different than what you share with Damon at Bringston? - So, what, this is payback? - Payback? Payback for what, exactly? I thought that you said that you and Damon were just friends.
OK, well, this is not about me and Damon.
The hell it isn't.
What was it that you said when I came to visit? There was so much "emotional entanglement" between the two of you that you had to try to put up boundaries, and you have the nerve to come at me over Layla? At least I admitted to you that Damon and I were close.
Jordan, you don't even see what's going on, - which is worse.
Everyone - "Everyone"? 'Cause everyone can see it.
Layla and I have been best friends - since we were kids! - No! She's been Olivia's best friend since you were kids! Look, I I I don't have feelings for Layla, OK? I love you, Simone, and you you know what? You trying to to push this Layla point to make you feel less guilty about whatever is happening at Bringston, that's not fair.
- So that's really what you think? - Yes.
No no.
OK, look, all I know is that All I know is that you are there and I'm here, OK, and this just keeps getting harder and harder.
Jordan, have you ever thought that maybe this is so hard because, despite how much we love each other Maybe we're holding onto something that we just don't need to hold onto anymore? Whoa, whoa, whoa, sweetheart heh! maybe we just call it a night, OK, before one of us says something that we can't take back? Like what The fact that maybe we shouldn't be together anymore? Uh, Jenn? Can I talk to you? Can we get a second? Um I'm so sorry.
Sorry for almost ruining your big moment and for missing the meeting and for violating your trust.
I know it's not gonna make up for everything, but Nurse Joy gave that to me on my 6 months, and it's kind of tradition to pass it down the sponsorship line, so Um - I can't take this.
- Why not? So I Did sprain my ankle a few weeks ago and I did think about using, and I tried to tell you, but you're so hard to get a hold of, so I started talking to somebody else in the program.
She helped me find alternative ways to manage pain, and I didn't mean for it to happen, but I guess She kind of became my pretend sponsor, and and now I think it's best if she's just my sponsor-sponsor.
Plot twist.
Heh! I mean, I guess that explains why you've been so distant lately.
No, I'm not mad, Liv.
You got me here.
You got me to stop using.
You got me to take this program seriously.
That's why I had the strength to move on when my sobriety was at risk.
That took a lot of courage, Jenn, courage that I didn't have when my first sponsor stopped calling me back.
No I want you to still have this 'cause, official sponsor or not, you can always call me.
I will never be too busy again And that's a promise.
Come here.
Thank you for coming by.
I have something I want to tell you.
Do you mind if I go first? I just need to say this before I lose my nerve.
Everything OK? I got a job in Oakland, but I've been hesitant to accept because Crenshaw had finally felt like home, but then I realized that it didn't feel like home because I live here.
It felt like home because you live here.
Grace, you're my home, which is why I was wondering if you wanted to move up north with me.
Uh - Babe, uh - No, you don't you don't need to answer now.
- OK.
- I know that everything you love is here.
I just needed you to know what I want for our future.
If you leave, not everything I love would be here.
I just don't think I can move right now.
It's what I wanted to tell you.
Billy offered me a job at South Crenshaw High, his Dean of Student Affairs.
I get to play a bigger part in shaping Dillon's future and the other kids at South Crenshaw.
"I love you, Jordan.
This break-up doesn't change that.
I have to believe that.
What we had was special, and I promise we didn't fail because we grew apart.
We just grew.
I know that doesn't really make this hurt any less, so my last plea before I go please fix things with Spencer.
Even if he won't say it to your face, I heard his speech.
You two need each other.
You might not see it right now, but that's something else that will never change.
" Hey.
Simone still here? I wanted to thank her for I got you.
I got you.
Come on.
I know.
Make sure you put your name on that before Patience drinks it.
Oh, um, Patience didn't finish the last one.
I did.
Sorry I put it back in the fridge.
It's hard to tell when those big, fancy jugs are empty.
I guess I'm not the hard-hitting journalist that I thought I was.
- Because I drank your orange juice? - No, because I literally blew up my life over a crap ton of wrong assumptions.
You couldn't have done that much damage in one day, Liv.
Well, Patience stopped texting me back after I chewed her out over drinking all my O.
, Jenn dumped me, and Spencer nearly ruined his future at G.
because I wrongly accused Wade.
You are efficient with your time.
It's not funny, Layla.
I spent all day trying to expose people for things that they didn't do.
How is that good journalism? I think I'm dropping this N.
article - before I make things any worse.
- Liv, OK, so you followed a few incorrect leads.
Your instincts are usually right.
Yeah, but it doesn't matter if they're doing more harm than good.
I don't want Spencer or anyone else to get hurt because I can't stop looking for a story, and I've already made things hard enough for him and his QB, so I just Now, you see? I always got your back.
Hey, I appreciate you finding out who posted that crap about Liv, man.
- Yeah.
- And for showing up for me today.
Enhanced Water hit me up about a possible brand endorsement.
Hell yeah.
It's not a problem, man.
We're a team, right? Yes, sir.
I think the kid's had enough, bro.
All right, I'll give him a break.
Ha ha! All right.
Hey, you all good.
You can relax now, kid.
Look, a deal's a deal.
You took the fall for me.
I'll put in a good word with Garrett.
Dude, I can barely feel my arms.
How am I supposed to practice tomorrow? That's not my problem, fresh meat.
I'm sorry about Simone, Jordan.
Thank you, but I'm done talking about it for today.
Thank y'all for meeting us so late.
I figured me and J.
could use some time at our favorite place with our favorite people.
No invite for your fave QB? Wade may be one of the best QBs in the nation, but you always gonna be the best QB for me, man, and I'm sorry I made you feel otherwise.
Heh! So, we ready for a game of, uh, 2-on-2? - What do you say, twin? - Hmm? - Team dumped? - No way.
I want Layla.
Um, I I just mean that I just what I mean by that is Layla and I played together at the park last week.
She was a beast, OK? Y'all ain't ready - Ooh! - Layla's a beast on the field? - Mm-hmm.
- Why do you act so surprised? - Let's prove it to 'em! - Let's go.
- Hike! Whoo! Greg, move your head!
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