All American (2018) s04e19 Episode Script

Murder Was the Case

Aah! [ECHOES.]
OK, in my defense, it is Halloween, and I didn't know - what's her name? - JORDAN: Uh, it's, uh - Tessa.
- Tessa.
- You don't remember my name? - Of course I do.
It's Tessa.
JJ: I didn't know the lovely Tessa was gonna be spending the night and discovering the TESSA: Severed head? JJ: No, it's actually made of prosciutto, for tonight's Halloween party.
- SPENCER: What's the blood part? - Oh, that's, uh, cranberry marmalade.
- JJ: Yeah.
Heh heh! - TESSA: I'm gonna go.
- JORDAN: Yeah, I'll text you.
- SPENCER: Bye, Tessa.
- JJ: Bye.
I know you did not just forget that girl's name.
- What the hell is wrong with you? - JORDAN: Thanks a lot, JJ.
- JJ: What, this is my fault? - SPENCER: Don't blame him.
I'll hear that chick's screams in my dreams now.
OK, well, at least it didn't wake Ash up, right? Oh, Ash is sleeping over at Jaymee's place, again.
Maybe he can just move there.
OK, hold on.
Are you still doing that "house divided, not friends" thing? Look, the homecoming game is in a few days, a'ight? Until then, I told him to just keep on his side of the house, away from us.
JORDAN: No, keep my name outta this, OK? - This is getting stupid, Spence.
- SPENCER: Well, we all know who started it.
- JJ: Man, come on.
Hey, you've both been - SPENCER: I'm going to bed.
Go to bed.
Oh, dude, don't mess up the ears.
- COOP: Yo.
Ooh, that smells good.
- I'll have whatever you're cooking.
- I already ate.
If I would have known you was gonna be up so early, - I would have made you some.
- PATIENCE: Why are you up so early? Laura's got a morning deposition with a witness that everyone knows is lying.
- So you gotta go? - I mean, I'm learning so much from her, and every day, something new is happening, so I'm just trying to absorb it all.
I haven't seen you like this in a long time or, like, ever.
- Seen me like what? - Nothing.
Forget it.
Um, hey, are you gonna go to the Halloween party at the beach house? Yup, I will be there.
OK, so what costume are you gonna wear? I don't know.
Skye wants us to do this corny couples costume thing, so, uh, we'll see.
- Oh.
- But, yeah, I gotta go, but tomorrow morning, if you up, I'll make you breakfast.
Cool? - OK.
Better be good.
- Heh! I'll see you.
Oh, yeah, yeah ♪ - BILLY: Oh, hey, Grace.
- GRACE: Hey.
Um Say, do you think, when I'm permanent principal, I'll stay in this office, or they're gonna put me in Carter's old office? - That's probably up to you.
- 'Cause I kinda like this office.
Guess you're pretty confident about tomorrow's school board vote.
Thanks to you.
I wouldn't have got those votes if I didn't bring you on as Dean of Student Affairs.
About that, did you hear d'Angelo's moving to Oakland? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure you guys'll figure out that long-distance thing, though.
GRACE: Maybe.
So, are you ready for a long night with no sleep? Wait.
Do you think I should be worried about tomorrow's vote? No, I'm talking about the South Crenshaw Halloween vandal.
BILLY: Say what? - You haven't heard about this? - Mm-mmm.
Someone has been vandalizing the school on Halloween for years.
I thought that was just last year.
This is an annual thing and they ain't caught him yet? GRACE: Could be a her.
Don't assume, but it is the job of the principal to stand watch to try to stop it.
- The principal? - Mm-hmm.
Here, alone, at night? - That's when it happens.
- Unh-uh.
It is scary here at night.
Didn't you hear about the lunch lady who fell down the stairs in the fifties? I heard it was a nurse.
They say she be roaming the hallways.
Then she would know who the vandal is.
Ask her tonight.
Look, Billy, the school board is determining whether or not to make you permanent principal.
Do you really want to blow this off and let the school get vandalized the night before the vote? [SIGHS.]
- ASHER: Mornin', bro.
JJ: Uh, morning.
- What's up with the notecards? - Uh, you'll see.
Hey, Jaymee just went outta town, right? - Yeah.
Why? - OK.
Just finalizing tonight's suspects I mean, guest list.
Being kinda secretive with this party, man.
Oh, yo, Spence, can I get a hand over here? Sure.
What's up? I need you and Ash to move the ping-pong table outta this room.
Why? Because I think this is where it's gonna happen.
- Where what's gonna happen? - You'll see.
Just all right.
- What's with the cards, man? - I don't heh! [SPENCER AND ASHER GRUNT.]
Where are we taking this, man? Oh, just All right no, I'll move, I'll move.
Hey, JJ, would you mind telling Ash to lift his side up a little more, please? You please tell Spencer that my side is raised to the appropriate height, so maybe he should just lower his side? Chill, all right? We should really be focusing - on my big party tonight.
- SPENCER: Uhh! Forget it, and I'm not coming to that party, man.
- I'mma go chill with Liv tonight.
- JJ: What? Liv's coming to the party.
Will you tell Spencer that he can come to the stupid party? I will skip it.
I'm glad that's settled.
OK, well, I really need you both to be here.
Not happening, JJ.
JJ: OK, guys.
Wait hey, the ping-pong table! [CELLPHONE RINGTONE.]
- OLIVIA: Hey.
- I have some exciting news.
- Oh.
We have decided to buy sponsored ad space across all social media for your Wade Waters story.
We're gonna blast it everywhere.
Now all we need is the article.
This is where you tell me when we're getting it.
I've decided To not turn it in.
Mmm, Liv, you know today's Halloween, not April Fool's, right? Yes.
It's just This article has really put a strain on my relationship and, you know, if I'm being honest, I kinda just lost myself writing it.
I mean, it started out as this N.
story and then, you know, next thing you know, I'm interviewing Wade Waters' high school prom date.
It just got Too personal, and I just feel like releasing it would be Explosive.
That's the reason we're buying sponsored ad space.
Not sure if you've heard, but in journalism, "explosive" is a good thing.
I can't turn it in.
- I'm sorry.
- Liv, you have the potential to be a great journalist, and you're letting boyfriend drama get in the way - of an important story? - No, I still want to write something important.
I want to write something that you're proud of.
I Christel, please, no.
Please, please, please.
Just please don't give up on me, please.
You know what? Fine.
We need some filler space.
Write something click-baity about Halloween 500 words, but I need it by tonight.
Yes, done.
Um, uh, what about Halloween? I don't give a damn.
Write about your favorite trick-or-treat candy or scary movie.
Just keep it fun.
At that deposition, she had this fool stuttering.
- It was beautiful.
- LAYLA: Come in! - Um, Coop, you're really getting into this legal stuff.
That's so exciting.
- COOP: Yeah, I'm just soaking it all in.
- LAYLA: Yeah.
JJ: OK, this is perfect.
Hey, uh, you here alone? Uh, yes.
This is everything I envisioned and so much more.
Uh, can we help you, bro? Yes.
I need to borrow your house tonight for the Halloween party.
LAYLA: I thought that was at the beach house.
JJ: It was, but Spencer and Asher are still at each other's throats, so I need to move the party to a neutral location.
Oh, well, like a Switzerland.
Oh, Switzerland would be amazing, but I want to keep it local this year.
- LAYLA: No, I mean like a Sw - JJ: What do you say? Can you help me out? Well, we got to clear it with Liv first, but it sounds like it's for a good cause, so I'm sure she'll say yes.
Thank you.
Haven't even found a costume yet.
Oh, uh, no costumes.
I will supply all relevant apparel and props, and I'm definitely gonna add that piano to the rewrite.
- LAYLA: Rewrite? - COOP: Why do you need a piano? - LAYLA: And props? - JJ: OK, you two are the first to know that tonight's Halloween party is a murder mystery, and everyone's a suspect, except me.
Heh! OK.
- OLIVIA: What about candy corn? - COOP: What about it? OLIVIA: It's a Halloween candy.
What's your favorite? Anything chocolate.
But I know Patience loves those gummy worms.
Yeah, I never got gummy worms trick-or-treating.
Who said anything about trick-or-treating? She's literally writing an article about trick-or-treat candy.
- COOP: Why? - OLIVIA: Don't ask.
Maybe I should be writing about people's - least-favorite Halloween candy.
- Yeah.
- Candy corn, for sure.
- Yup, I gotta agree with Coop.
That is nasty.
- COOP: Yeah.
- That's good.
I'll do that.
- COOP: Yo.
- OLIVIA: Hey.
You hate candy corn, right? - SPENCER: No.
Love it.
- OLIVIA: Back to square one.
- COOP: Mmm.
SPENCER: You're not working on the article, are you? Not exactly.
Come on, Liv.
It is Halloween.
You're supposed to be having fun, and I got some ideas.
- Um, do they know that we're still here? - No, and I'm not watching it.
- COOP: Disgusting.
- SPENCER: Why you here? - PATIENCE: No.
- Why you here? - Move! [CHUCKLES.]
I missed you.
- I can tell.
- Mm-hmm.
- I missed you, too.
I'm just trying to finish this.
- Nah.
- JORDAN: Hey.
- LAYLA: Hey, stranger.
I, uh, I didn't know you were coming over.
Yeah, well, I texted you and I called you, and neither of those methods worked, so here I am.
I've just been really busy.
Yeah, um, I get it.
It's just, you know, we haven't talked in a while, and I don't want you sitting around and wallowing in your breakup with Simone.
I'm good, Layla.
Great, actually.
Um, no wallowing here.
Are you coming to the party? It's, uh, it's at our house now.
I heard.
Yeah, I'll be there, yeah.
I'll just catch up with you then.
I want to hear how it's going with the team.
Well, I'm still riding the bench, so, um, I think we're all caught up.
Anything else? Uh, no.
No, nothing else.
Um OK, I guess I'll just see you there, then.
- Yeah.
- OK.
BILLY: Preach! Ha ha! There he is.
My man.
Look, I've got some good new actually heh! it's exciting news.
- The school board already voted? - No.
- This is actually about you.
- PREACH: Hmm.
OK, now look.
Look at me.
You've been doing such great work here that I have personally selected you to join me tonight - in a time-honored tradition.
Man, I ain't 'bout to stand watch all night and wait for some Halloween vandal.
So you heard about that.
- Man, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Wait, wait, Preach.
Just wait.
Man, this school is scary at night.
And on Halloween? Hell no.
I'm not only asking you as a colleague.
I'm asking you as a friend And I don't want to be here alone.
What's in it for me? What do you want? - Perks.
- What kind of perks? I'm at a public school with limited resources.
I'll make a list.
You'll make a OK.
I'll tell you what, you go home, make your list, bring it back here tonight, and I promise you it'll be worth your while.
- All right.
- My man.
My man.
- ASHER: What's up, Coop? - COOP: What's up, bro? Thanks for coming.
What's this about you, uh, skipping out on the Halloween party? [SIGHS.]
Look, I can't deal with Spencer right now.
Man, don't worry about him.
Besides, ain't this thing between you just till after the homecoming game? I mean, doesn't it make it worse? I mean, come on, dude.
Friendships, they shouldn't have a on-and-off switch.
Listen, he did the same thing to me, remember? After he got shot, I lost my best friend for a while, but now we close as ever.
You know why? Because we family.
Calling Spencer and I family is a bit of a stretch, Coop.
Heh! OK, all right.
But you guys have been there for each other through some tough times, and that's gotta count for something, don't it? Look, all I'm saying is I don't think you should give up on him just yet, and while you think about it, you're coming to that party.
- I'm not coming to the party.
- Oh, yes, you are.
It's at the Baker house neutral location.
- Still not coming.
- Yeah, oh, I bet I get you there.
JJ is doing a murder mystery.
I'm talking props, clues, everything.
All right, I'm coming.
Coming to the party.
Uh, Ms.
Keating, this is for you.
Uh, I'm not gonna wear this, JJ.
It's integral to the plot, so just - [DOOR OPENS.]
- JORDAN: Hey, hey, hey.
- JJ: There he is.
- JORDAN: What's up, y'all? This is SPENCER: Tessa.
We met this morning.
What's up? Yeah, hey, sorry again about the severed head.
I just What severed head? - Um, no, Tessa's my roommate.
I'm Joanna.
- JORDAN: This is Joanna.
Is that where Tessa was last night? - She slept at your place? - JORDAN: Uh, yes.
JOANNA: Then why did you invite me here? - Jerk.
- JORDAN: It was - Classy.
, please tell me you ain't think that girl was Tessa.
No, see, I went to Tessa's place to invite her, but she wasn't home, but her roommate was, right? That's so much worse.
JJ: Hey, it's time, everyone.
Gather round.
Oh, is the murder mystery thing starting right now? Ha ha ha! No, Ms.
It started the moment you all walked into this house.
In fact, someone in this room has already committed a vicious murder.
COOP: Well, it wasn't me.
I've been standing right here the entire time.
I was with her.
I'm Coop's alibi.
- OLIVIA: Who was murdered? - JJ: Ten years from now, billionaire, philanthropist, and world-renowned pianist JJ Parker will be murdered by a former friend.
You'll all be playing your future selves, which I've detailed in those envelopes with bios and various clues.
- COOP: Is there a prize? - JJ: Bragging rights.
SPENCER: Who you playing? JJ: I'm the host, narrator, and ghost of my future self, so, grab your envelopes, mingle with your future selves, and go solve my murder.
Oh, and, uh, just a little tip for your performances tonight: Less is more.
Good luck.
Yeah, heh heh! JORDAN: What the hell, bro? Says here I'm on my 4th divorce and I own a car dealership? JJ: Oh, uh, co-own with your dad.
What, you think I'm still gonna be mooching off my dad in ten years? JJ: I was just as surprised as you.
LAYLA: So I haven't seen any of you guys in 8 years, but I have 6 Grammys.
JJ: Congratulations.
Thank you? I won a Pulitzer, but same.
It says that I'm also super-single and estranged from all of my old friends, even you, Spencer.
- Guess we don't work out.
- Aw.
Whose fault was it? OLIVIA: Really? It's his fault, right? - JJ: I believe it was a mutual decision.
- SPENCER: Hold up.
You mean none of us are friends in ten years? JJ: Sucks, huh? Well, at least you're in the NFL.
Do I really have to carry around this giant pencil thing all night? Yes.
Might be the murder weapon.
JORDAN: Uh, this is so stupid, JJ.
- JJ: Look, guys, come on.
- SPENCER: Yeah, this ain't the one, man.
JJ: OK, OK, hey, timeout for one second.
Halloween is the one day a year where you can pretend to be someone else.
You want us to play ourselves.
You're very different people in the future, all right? You've all changed.
Just go with it, play a different version of yourselves for one night.
- OLIVIA: Uh, hey, I'll be back.
- SPENCER: All right.
Weekly massage? Come on, man.
Hey, my calves get tight in the day.
Pick something else.
I'll take the mini-fridge.
Mini-fridge? I don't even have a mini-fridge.
All good.
I'll see you tomorrow, boss.
OK, fine.
You can have the mini-fridge, OK? All right, so, uh, I guess you can take the first shift - down by the stairs.
- Ain't that where the librarian fell and died back in the fifties? Think it was a lunch lady, right? No, I heard people say that they can still hear her shushing sounds at night.
For real? Maybe it was the librarian.
- She must have been strict.
- Huh.
- OK, - did you hear that? - [CLANK.]
I don't need that mini-fridge.
What is that? What is that? Is that a person? Hey! Hey! What are you doing here so late? Oh, it's the janitor.
Uh, we're just standing watch.
South Crenshaw Halloween vandal? [SCOFFS.]
I ain't cleaning up after that fool again.
Last year, it was syrup in the lockers.
- I'm not doing that again.
Ew! Ew! That is the creepiest thing I've ever seen.
What? It's so delicious.
This is cranberry blood.
So what does the future hold for you? Says I'm a judge in ten years.
- Mmm.
- PATIENCE: Well, mine says I left music behind and I became an actress, and apparently, this is my award.
That's solid.
I thought you were bringing Skye tonight.
That was when it was at the beach house, but we both agreed that this house was off-limits, remember? Listen, I am trying to solve this murder and win this thing, so you want to team up with me or what? Yes, yes, yes.
What is the next clue? Who's there? Preach? Preach, is that you? - [WOMAN WHISPERS "BILLY".]
- BILLY: No! Heh! Put that bat down before you kill somebody.
- Why would you whisper my name like that? - [CHUCKLES.]
- I thought you were the librarian.
- Are you losing it? These halls be playing tricks on you.
What are you doing here? Oh, with d'Angelo in Oakland, I thought you could use some company.
- Hmm.
- Didn't realize you roped Preach into this.
- Yeah.
- How'd you pull that off? - Perks.
- Ah.
What kind of perks? A mini-fridge.
Don't worry.
I can get you one.
My Dean of Student Affairs only deserves the best.
- I gotta tell you something, Billy.
- What's up? D'Angelo asked me to move to Oakland with him.
BILLY: Oh, wow.
What was his reaction when you told him no? - I didn't.
- You told him yes? I told him I would think about it.
I don't understand.
How are you going to move to Oakland but then still be Dean of Student Affairs in Crenshaw? I wouldn't be able to do both.
Who is this? I can hear you breathing, perv.
Stop calling me.
Who was that? [SIGHS.]
Wrong number.
Well, I got some disturbing news.
I've been studying these clues, and I think you might have killed JJ.
Maybe I snap in the future - a single, workaholic journalist.
Is that why you up here, pretending to work? I'm not pretending.
You don't find it a little insulting that JJ just assumes we're not gonna make it? I'm sure he ain't mean nothing by it.
What do you mean, you're not pretending? You working on the article? I'm working on "an" article, not "the" article.
It's due tonight, Spencer.
I have no choice.
Why are you writing a new article that's due today? Because I am trying to not get fired, OK? Fired? What's going on, Liv? Today I told Christel that I'm Not turning in the N.
She kinda went ballistic.
- Why'd you tell her that? - Because I killed it Mostly for you.
- I didn't ask you to do that.
- You Didn't have to.
Are you serious right now? You resenting me for something I ain't even do? Liv, I have always supported you.
Did I like it? No.
Was it making my life harder? Yes, but I'm a big boy.
I can handle that.
So I was just supposed to sit back and watch you and your team implode because of my work? If it comes to that, then yeah.
Liv, our passions are increasingly moving us in opposite directions.
We have to be able to navigate that without compromising who we are or our dreams.
That kind of sacrifice ain't healthy, clearly.
I mean, look at us now! I can't do this right now.
I have to finish this article so I can keep my job.
Well, I ain't cool leaving things like this.
Well, then fine.
I'll leave.
There it goes again.
Did did y'all see that? - PREACH: No.
- GRACE: See what, Billy? Y'all didn't see that? GRACE: No.
Oh! There it went a-again - it's going back and forth.
- GRACE: OK, look, - I did hear something this time.
- PREACH: Yeah, me, too.
Let me go check it out.
- BILLY: Want this bat? - GRACE: No, no, no bats.
- PREACH: Give me this bat.
Be careful.
I think you're gonna make a great full-time principal, Billy.
Ah, we both know the only reason I got those votes was because you're coming.
But now that you're moving to Oakland I did not say that I was moving.
- So you're staying? - [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
I don't know.
I mean, I walked these halls.
Corey walked these halls, Spencer.
I just don't think I can rob Dillon of this tradition.
OK, so let's put a pin in Dillon's legacy at South Crenshaw - Mmm.
- Just for now.
What do you want? All we see is ghosts in town ♪ Oh, oh, oh.
What's that on the couch? Very subtle, JJ.
Um, I found a clue.
You want to help? - Uh yeah, sure.
- OK.
Heh! "The piano holds a dark secret".
OK, well, - let's check out the piano, shall we? - Let's check it out.
Heh! Uh, ah.
- Interesting.
- What? Looks like you have been here before.
- Wait.
- It's from your pink boa.
- A plot twist.
- JJ, did you make me the killer? - Can I take this thing off now? - JORDAN: No, no, you can't be the killer.
That'd be too easy.
- Maybe I saw the killer.
- Mmm.
Oh! Could have been your hot date.
What was her name? Um, Tessa.
No, that was her roommate.
Surprised you're, uh, moving on so quickly.
I'm not moving on.
I'm just having fun.
Not judging, it's just it's kinda obvious what you're doing.
I mean, Simone broke your heart, and now you're tryingtrying to prove a point by sleeping with every girl in L.
? And what point am I trying to prove? That you're over her when you're not.
Look, Layla, just because we've been hanging out a lot recently doesn't mean that you suddenly know everything about me.
I'm not saying that I do And it definitely doesn't give you the right to try and psychoanalyze me.
LAYLA: I'm not psychoanalyzing.
OK, you know what? You're right.
I don't know you as well as I thought I did.
I'm just gonna try and find more clues.
COOP: I think I might be on to something.
Everyone's card lists the final conversation they had with JJ before he died.
Mine was about bubblegum.
And mine was about The Rock's Oscar speech.
- The Rock won an Oscar? - He will in a couple years, but it's not what the conversations with JJ were about, it's about when they took place.
I mean, all of us last spoke to him 8 years ago, so what happens in two years? OK, that new legal mind of yours is really going to work right now.
Yeah, I don't know.
Maybe I will be a judge one day.
I never thought about it before.
- I can see it.
- You know, even though JJ is predicting that all of us do big things in the future, something about it just seems sad and lonely.
Well, I mean, at least you're happy right now.
Yeah, this new job has been good for me.
I like this New version of you.
So do I.
Say, brother, do you mind if I, uh, I walk on your - on your wet floor? - I prefer if you wait for it to dry.
How long gonna be, about? - Go ahead.
- Thanks.
I heard you're gonna be the permanent principal here.
- Who told you that? - I'm the janitor.
- I hear everything.
- BILLY: It's not official yet.
I actually, uh, I promised the school board that I would bring on, uh, Grace James as my Dean of Student Affairs, but she might be moving to Oakland.
- What's in Oakland? - Ah, her boyfriend, but she's leaning towards staying, so it's actually it's a good thing.
Good for her or good for you? Well, she went here, so, you know, she has ties to the school.
- So she respects tradition.
- Yeah.
All about tradition, more than you know.
She'll make the right decision for her.
And as for you, if this job is truly important to you, find a way to make it happen.
Don't let anybody tell you it's impossible 'cause nothing is.
ASHER: So apparently I'm your coach in the future.
Then I want to be traded.
Look, I'm over this murder mystery thing, but JJ still cares, and he gave me a clue for the both of us, so let's read it and move on, yeah? Fine.
Open it.
A movie stub "Hobbs & Shaw".
Another movie stub "Hobbs & Shaw", different date.
SPENCER: That's it? Uh, there's a photo and a letter.
It's me, you, Jordan, and JJ.
It's a letter from me to you in the future, asking you to come play for me.
"I know we haven't spoken in 8 years".
Something must happen in two years.
This says, "was it ever real?" Was what ever real our friendship? If I'm being honest, JJ kinda nailed exactly how I've been feeling.
You feel like our friendship ain't real? Not if you can turn it on and off so easily.
- You betrayed me, man.
- And you've never betrayed me? Let's revisit our friendship again, shall we? JJ: Uh, guys, can you have this discussion in front of the other guests? It's kind of a pivotal scene, and you should really be wearing the mustache I provided.
You stole my girlfriend, man not once, twice; Two times, two different girls.
You also stole my spot on the team.
OK, so now you want to have this conversation? First of all, maybe they wouldn't have been so easy to steal if you didn't cheat on one and slut-shame the other at homecoming! Right, 'cause you've never cheated on your girl? You've never made your girl feel like crap? And second of all, I didn't steal your spot, homie, I took it.
It ain't my fault I was just better than you.
There it is.
There it is right there Spencer James is just better than me.
You are always the hero, - I'm always the villain, right? - SPENCER: Nobody said that.
- Nobody said that.
- ASHER: OK, all right.
JJ: Guys, guys, sorry.
Whew! Uh, is it too much to ask for you to start over in the living room? 'Cause I have everyone gathered, and I promise, it pays off in the end.
ASHER: I already know who did it, JJ.
It was Spencer.
You must have had something that he wanted, too, 'cause he'll stab anyone in the back, even his friends, to get what he wants.
Case solved.
Anything? - Nope.
- No shushing sounds, huh? - No, our librarian must have went home early.
- Well - Did you see that? Did you see that? - PREACH: Hey, hey, yo! - I've got you now! - Hold up, Billy! - Amina? - [SIGHS.]
- Why is your daughter here? - [SCOFFS.]
I promised her we'd go to the haunted hayride, then you made me come here instead.
I didn't make him come.
He he got a mini-fridge out of it.
Tell her.
I told her she can be a hallway monster for Halloween.
So it was you this whole night? - Was I scary? - Girl mmm.
You don't even know.
Come on.
We all y'all get outta here.
You can take this little monster on your haunted hayride.
Grace is here.
- I'll still get the mini-fridge? - Mm-hmm.
You earned it.
Come on.
- Preach.
- Hmm? Thanks.
New clue.
Interested? - Sure.
- Well, there seems to be a running theme here: None of us are friends and, in fact, you and I haven't spoken in 8 years, which is kinda depressing.
I mean, maybe not.
Heh! OK.
Yeah, maybe I had that one coming.
So are you gonna tell me why you've been such an ass and ghosting me since your break-up with Simone? - Layla, I haven't been ghosting you.
- Jordan, come on.
Like, we got really close.
I thought we were there for each other, and all of a sudden, you weren't there anymore.
- I told you, I've just been - Busy with football.
OK, you can go with that, or, you know, maybe you blame me for your break-up with Simone.
- I don't blame you for that.
- Does she? Any vandalization happening? Uh, no, but I did find the, uh, the shadowy hallway creature that's been terrorizing me all night.
Amina? Preach told me when I asked him why he wasn't with her on Halloween.
So y'all been playing me this whole time, huh? [LAUGHS.]
Uh, listen, um Grace, you know that I won't get the school board votes if you move away to Oakland.
- GRACE: Billy, I can't factor that into my decision.
- I know.
- I actually think you should go.
- What? Yeah.
Gracie, I haven't seen you like this since high school, Corey.
And we both know that the chances of finding love, they don't come around often, and you don't need to worry about Dillon.
He'll make new traditions there for his own kids.
And what about you, - this job? - Ah, I'll be fine.
A wise man once said, uh, if this job is really important to me, then I'd find a way to make it happen, not let anybody tell me it was impossible because nothing is.
Amina wasn't the only secret - I was keeping from you tonight.
This is for you.
Bam! - Ha ha ha! - Principal Baker! Wait.
The school board voted last night.
It's official.
I asked them if I could tell you.
So y'all wanted to torture me a little bit first, huh? Had to.
It's Halloween.
Does this mean there ain't no vandal? Oh, no, that's very real.
Congratulations, Billy.
You deserve it.
How's it going? [SIGHS.]
I just hit send.
It is not what my editor asked for, again, but Hopefully she likes it.
I'm sure it's great.
You mind if we go somewhere and talk? - I don't want us going to bed mad.
- Neither do I, but JJ will kill us if we bail before the mystery's solved.
He's about to reveal who did it, so, let's go find out who killed him, and then deal with us.
Forgot my phone.
All right, my suspects, the moment has arrived.
It's time to reveal my future killer.
I should point out a few clues that went undiscovered the entire night that half-eaten apple on the carpet.
Ew! Pick that up right now! That apple was future JJ's final meal before his untimely demise.
I don't care.
Get it off my carpet.
I got it.
- I'll skip ahead.
- OLIVIA: Yeah.
Before I reveal the killer, are there any guesses? COOP: Yeah.
I think it was more than one person.
JJ: Clever, Coop.
It was all right there in front of you, in your bios.
It's who you all become successful, but at what cost? Dude, just tell us who killed you.
JJ: All of you.
So you basically ripped off "Murder on the Orient Express"? Heh heh! SPENCER: Wait.
How were the ticket stubs clues? Ah.
"Hobbs & Shaw".
The first ticket was when you were all supposed to meet me at the theater, but nobody showed up, so I watched the movie all by myself.
The second ticket, also for "Hobbs & Shaw", when you rescheduled and said you'd be there.
Nobody showed, so I watched it by myself, again good thing that movie rocks but it demonstrates how you all take friendship for granted.
LAYLA: What about my pink boa on the piano keys? That, Ms.
Keating, was a classic misdirect, and it worked, too, because nobody noticed the sheet music that was on the piano the final song played by future JJ, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's heartbreaking ballad "See You Again", featured at the end of "Furious 7".
It's about the loss of friendship.
OK, well, what happens in two years? This second family we all have here that means everything to me will drift apart because nobody here values friendship.
In ten years, we'll no longer be friends And that Kills me.
- SPENCER: What? - OLIVIA: Wait.
- That's how you died? - COOP: Hold on.
So you didn't get stabbed or nothing? - JORDAN: This is so JJ.
- PATIENCE: That was - we did a lot for this.
- ASHER: Dude, dude, it's kind of embarrassing, man.
JORDAN: Car salesman in the future? Yeah, well, I'm not embarrassed.
I'm the only one here who gives a damn about what we have or had.
Spence and Ash, your friendship is clearly more important to me than it is to you, so laugh all you want.
You know, in my time capsule, I said I hoped in 20 years, we could do it all again, but we won't even last ten.
Hell, we might not even last two.
What we had was special, but we've been drifting apart since graduation, and as much as it kills me to admit it, pretty soon we'll all be nothing more than distant memories, and it'll be because of you All of you.
I can't believe this is real.
It's real.
You earned it.
Thank you, Gracie.
Look, you can take off.
This has given me a jolt of energy.
- I can take it from here.
- OK.
Uh, but first, let's put that on your door.
- Ooh, good idea.
- Yes.
Ha ha ha! Oh.
Ha ha ha [GASPS.]
- Billy.
- How did this happen? Oh and what is this on the lockers? Slime? [SCOFFS.]
Whoever did this, they're good.
Looks like your first job as principal is hiring a new janitor to clean all of this up.
What's wrong with the one we got? I like that guy.
We ain't got a janitor.
Ours retired, like, 3 weeks ago.
He was, like, 85 years old.
Well, then, who the hell [LAUGHING.]
I'm all about tradition, more than you know.
Don't let anybody tell you it's impossible - 'cause nothing is.
GRACE: What's so funny? It was him.
He He was talking about himself.
Come on.
I ain't never seen JJ like that, man.
This whole night was about us.
It was about all of us But, yeah, he really doesn't like us fighting.
Neither do I.
He was wrong about one thing, though.
He said my friendship with you mattered more to him than it did to me.
That ain't true, man.
I agree.
I can get pissed off at you, though.
You know why? - 'Cause we're family? - Because we're family.
Was there ever any doubt? [PATS ASHER'S BACK TWICE.]
You know, you were closer than anyone to solving that murder.
Yeah, I guess it's that new legal mind of yours.
Yeah, this was fun tonight, me and you, working together like old times.
Yeah, the thing is it wasn't like old times.
I mean, tonight, I was hanging out with the new you, the version that Skye gets to be with.
Why did you change for her and not me? I didn't change for Skye.
I changed for me.
I mean, you said it yourself I had nothing going on.
- Now I do.
- Mmm.
Well Why didn't I get this version of you Hmm? I swear you're gonna find it ♪ I promise it'll be all right ♪ - JORDAN: Hey.
- LAYLA: Hey.
- Uh, that was - JORDAN: The most JJ thing ever? - Yeah.
Heh! - Yeah.
I mean, say what you want.
He cares about his friends.
- JORDAN: Yeah.
- So do I.
I'm really sorry our friendship came between you and Simone.
Listen, Layla, you were you were right.
I was I was trying to prove a point by sleeping with all those girls.
But I wasn't trying to prove that I was over Simone.
I was I was trying to prove that Simone was wrong about you.
What do you mean, about me? She could see something between us.
Well, did you tell her that we're just friends? Yes I lied to her.
- Jordan, I don't think - I have feelings for you, Layla.
And despite my best efforts these past couple of weeks, I can't make them go away, and honestly, I don't want to anymore because Because I think that you feel the same way.
Hey, you seen this? - Hmm? - "Unmasked", by Olivia Baker.
She posted the article? Yeah, I guess she likes it.
Liv - I want us to be OK.
- Me, too.
Sometimes you make me doubt myself, Spencer.
- How? - Do you even know what I wrote about tonight? Did you even look at the article? Tonight I wrote about how, for one day a year, on Halloween, people pretend to be someone they're not But what about the people who pretend every single day? Who's pretending here me or you? ASHER: Hey, guys, guys, hey, can we give it up for JJ, please? He has worked so hard to put this together.
He's been secretive for days.
- To everyone's best friend, JJ.
JJ: Ha ha ha! Well, thanks, guys.
Uh, I do have one more surprise tonight.
No, no, no.
No more.
Dude, no more MAN: Get down on the ground! Now! Get down! JORDAN: Come on, bro! What the hell is this? - JJ: This isn't my surprise aah! - MAN: Hey, hey, hey.
- SPENCER: Hey, man - MAN: Get down! - I will not ask again! - OLIVIA: Spencer, get down.
This is real.
- PATIENCE: What is happening? - COOP: I don't know.
I don't know.
Just get down.
- MAN: This house is secured.
Greg, move your head!
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