All American (2018) s06e05 Episode Script

Trust Issues

ANNOUNCER: There's 8 minutes
left in the fourth quarter,
and this has been quite the game, folks.
For those who are just tuning in,
GAU's head Coach Kenny
Boone is out today
due to a family emergency.
Stepping in for him is
their O.C. and GAU alum
Coach Terence "Mac" McClelland.
Somebody needs to step up
and make a play for Coach Mac
because Griffin U. is
putting up quite the fight.
MAN: I'm unbreakable, my
mind is made of Teflon ♪
ANNOUNCER: Touchdown,
and just like that,
GAU's star wide receiver Spencer James
has helped his team take the lead 34-30.
If anyone was wondering where
this kid belongs come draft day
LAYLA: How's the book coming, Liv?
Plugging away one day at a time.
How's everything with the lounge,
or are we going for a full
rebrand as Layla's fight club?
- That's not funny.
- You'd think everyone would be over
the brawl at Spencer's birthday by now,
but every time I clear a bad review
or video, another one pops up.
It's, like, social
media is so exhausting.
Are you seriously adding views
to the video I'm trying to wipe?
My bad, all right? I just
I find something new
every time I watch it.
Like, look, there is literally a tear
coming out of this grown man's eye.
- For real?
- No. Guys, guys, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, can we promise to never
watch this again, please?
COOP: OK. Fine.
- Thank you.
- Promise.
[SIGH] Where is Patience, anyway?
Feel like she's been,
well, kind of distant since everything.
More like distant from me.
I mean, she made a
move, and I shut it down.
It just didn't feel right after how much
she had been drinking that night, but
- she took it wrong.
- Well, as someone with a history
of making bad choices with alcohol,
you did the right thing, Coop.
I hope so.
Yo, wait. Did Spencer just score?
I thought he said he wasn't
getting much action today.
Wait. That's what he told me, too.
Oh, so Jordan's been
playing the whole game,
but now we unmute it.
OK. No. It's fine.
OK. Everyone ready?
Hey, hey, hey, give
me the ball, all right?
I'm gonna get this first
down to ice this game.
ANNOUNCER: It's 3 minutes
left in the fourth quarter.
We'll see what these Condors have
up their sleeve on third down.
Down, set, red 70.
Red 70, set.
- Punt team.
Aye, bro, what are you doing, man?
I told you I had it. You
should've thrown me the ball.
Are you serious right now?
Yo, I had 3 dudes in my face
the moment I snapped the ball. I
could barely get to my checkdown.
Whatever. Coach, you got
to put the ball in my hands.
I've been cooking this
whole second half, man.
Right now, I got to focus on the game,
and we need a stop, OK?
Come on!
ANNOUNCER: Touchdown, Griffin.
They have officially
taken the lead 37-34.
MAC: All right, trips right, 42 screen.
Jordan, pump-fake to the slot
and then swing it to Webber.
- Screen pass?
- It's the best way to neutralise their blitzes.
OK. Then throw the screen to me.
Or we could trust the analytics,
pass to Webber like he said.
No one's expecting that.
As long as you block
your man, we'll be good.
- Block? Coach, I am trying
- One more word,
just one more word,
and you'll be standing here
on the sidelines with me.
All right, gentlemen. This
is just assignment football.
As long as you do your job,
we'll get this first down.
Once we do, we'll have
enough time to score
and put this one away, all
right? All right. All right.
On 3, let's go, let's go.
"Condors" on 3.
"Condors" on me. 1, 2, 3.
- ALL: Condors!
- Wide 60.
Wide 56.
ANNOUNCER: Oh, no. It looks like GAU
just gave up a costly fumble.
Oh, a helmet-to-helmet
hit by Spencer James.
They're more than likely going
to eject him for targeting.
It's not looking good for these Condors.
No. Yo, now come on, man.
- Y'all ejecting me for real?
- Off the field, Spencer.
Should've thrown me the ball, bro.
Maybe you should've blocked your man.
What happened to using
your QB instincts?
What happened to calling
an audible? What's up?
- Oh, you just listen to what he says, huh?
- Oh, Spencer, chill. Chill!
Don't tell me to chill, bro.
You just gave them the damn game.
Since when do Jordan and Spencer
beef on the field like that?
Things have been a little tense
since Coach Mac showed up.
Yeah, and Spencer falling
out of the Heisman race
hasn't helped, either.
Think us unmuting the game jinxed them?
look. I'm sorry I got ejected,
- but
- Look. Just stop.
You put yourself before the team,
- and that's why we lost.
- Hold up. You're saying this is on me?
You're the one who blocked the
wrong guy and caused that fumble.
Yes, but I would've
gotten the first down,
- and you know it.
- This isn't about that, Spencer.
It's about you not being a team player.
Yes, you the NFL hopeful who
shows up to practice hungover,
doesn't respect his coaches,
and blows his assignments
on the field
and now it looks like we're
out of playoff contention,
so thank you for that.
Man, coach is on one.
- Did I miss a block? Yeah, but
- "But"?
There's no "but" after
that, man. Own your crap.
You wanted the reaction from
me out there? Well, here it is.
You have been so focused on you
that you failed to show
up for your team today.
That's on you, and
that's the damn truth.
I don't know what's
been going on with you,
but this is the most
selfish you have ever been.
Now the only chance we have at making it
to the playoffs is if
Sonoma loses their next game.
Other than that, we can kiss the
national championship good-bye.
I could've spent the
night if you wanted.
I honestly wasn't in the
head space to talk to anyone,
no offence.
No. I get it,
- and do you want to talk now?
- I'd like that,
but I should probably
make sure Coop and Preach
aren't making a mess
downstairs with this breakfast
they wouldn't let me out of.
Maybe we can link later?
Yeah. I'm game.
I've got nothing going on
today except writing, so
Oh, you should get that, baby.
I love you.
I love you, too. Bye.
Oh, um, sorry.
I think you have the wrong house.
I don't think so.
Oh, my God, what are you doing here?
Did you actually listen to the voicemail
you left me a couple weeks ago
about your publisher
expediting your draft date?
"Desperate" is the
word that comes to mind.
My God, a girl leaves one voicemail
for her London bestie,
and now she's desperate?
All right. Fine. I missed you,
that and I assumed you'd want a
refill on your favourite crisps.
You did not get me N.K. Buttersons!
Yeah, extra butter flavour, of course.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
Oh, my gosh, I can't
believe you're here.
Where did you come from? This is crazy.
SPENCER, ON VIDEO: What happened
to using your QB instincts?
- What happened to calling an audible?
- Yo, bro, why are you still watching that?
Probably the same reason fools
break they neck to see a car accident.
You did miss that block, little homie.
One bad play don't
decide the game, homie.
It did yesterday.
Well today is a new day, OK?
You can have it back
after you eat this bomb-ass
egg scramble Preach whipped up.
- Appreciate you.
- Mm-hmm.
Look. Well, I know a loss sucks,
but you still got a future, Spence.
That loss all but killed our
chances at the national championship,
a fact Jordan threw right in my
face after he called me selfish.
Ain't nothing wrong with
a little Crenshaw swagger.
I blame it on you and
Liv's matching tattoos,
must've been something in that ink.
- Do you think I'm selfish, too?
- Bro, it was a joke.
Nah, because clearly
y'all been thinking it,
but ain't nobody said
nothing to me till now.
The messed up part is,
y'all the same people
telling me to stop
trying to save everybody,
that I got to push for
myself on and off the field.
Man, you know, even Coach Baker said,
"you play regular football for the team
and pro football for yourself."
My guy, you're still playing
regular football, all right,
and I'm pretty sure
what Coach Baker meant
was, play for yourself
without being a ass,
all right, so take a
beat. Clear your head.
Find that balance
because, yo, I got to get to class, OK?
- Ms. Baker's doing a guest lecture.
- Oh, word?
- Look. She better ace you.
- I actually don't want her
to pay me any special attention.
Hey, if you, uh, decide to
take a beat like Coop's saying,
I know our boy Deion
could use some support
with the scouts coming
to his practice later on.
I ain't much for company right now, bro.
All right. You can sit
here in your feelings.
I'm sure Deion will be
fine crowded by the wolves.
Fine. Say less. I'll be there.
So, um, what are you in the mood for?
Um, coffee.
I don't know whether to be offended
or impressed by your laser focus.
Sorry, baby girl. I am. It's
just, I have to find a roommate
- for the beach house asap.
- What's the rush?
Well, our landlord is
increasing the rent,
and Spence and I cannot
afford to split it
with two vacant rooms
now, so it's either
we find a new roommate
or we move back here.
- Mm, I vote roommate.
- Right.
- Is Spencer helping?
- No, but he trusts me to handle this,
plus I figured I would
kind of give him some space to
cool off after yesterday's game.
I mean, dude's clearly
got a lot on him mind,
which is why I prefer to
tackle this solo, so
- Well, I mean, you wouldn't be solo.
- Mm-hmm.
I happen to be a pretty
- decent knower of all things roommate, so
- Mm-hmm.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
Well, I mean, I guess
an extra set of eyes wouldn't
hurt, I mean, especially
since I underestimated
the amount of interest,
ahh, this is getting.
I mean, it is an oceanfront
beach house, Jordan,
- so the line's gonna be out the door
- Right, right.
- OK, so count me in.
- Oh.
OK. I mean, well, since
since we're kind of
splitting the workload now
- Yeah?
- We don't have to jump right in, do we?
I can't believe after almost a year
of you guest-lecturing here,
I finally get to experience
you in action in my class.
Don't you mean my class?
- Are you nervous?
- Hell no.
Star student like me don't get nervous
about my professors anymore,
- but I do have one rule.
- I'm the lecturer, Coop.
Don't you think I should be
the one handing out the rules?
True, but just don't turn
me into a teacher's pet, OK?
I used to beat them kids
up back in high school.
As far as I'm concerned,
the second you and I
walk in that classroom, we just met.
I'm glad we on the same page.
I'll see you in there, professor.
Hey, so what is this
important news from the board?
Finally ready to throw in some
funds for better equipment?
Sadly, the opposite.
The rolling budget cuts have
claimed another victim
- your after-school program.
- Damn.
I mean, what are these
kids supposed to do?
Trust me, it hurts to
have to deliver this news.
The board understands that these kids
depend on this program
as a bridge of support.
I know. I reiterated
that to them myself,
but their minds are made up.
I'm sorry, Preach.
I know you'll come up with something.
TASHA: Oh, you must
really have me messed up
in that little head of yours.
- Uh, who's that
- TASHA: Let's go, D.
And why do you look so scared?
That's Deion's sister.
Ain't nobody scared.
It's just a woman that I don't
have the bandwidth for right now.
Come on. Let's go.
TASHA: Hurry up so
we can talk to Preach.
- Don't worry about this.
- I'm not playing around, Deion.
I'ma need you to pick up your face.
Ah, Spencer James.
It's nice to finally
meet you in the flesh.
Oh, heh, you, too.
Sorry. Am I interrupting?
Anyone else, I'd say yes,
but I've been trying to talk some sense
into my baby brother,
and I could use some backup.
You see him at his practice? Trash.
Of all the days to lose focus,
he picked the day that 3 of
the biggest college scouts
in the nation were there.
Were there some focus
issues here and there?
Maybe, but overall, I'd
say he was pretty solid.
Solid ain't getting him that N.I.L. bag.
Between them unopened offer letters
collecting dust in
his room and now this,
oh, I'm too through.
If you'll excuse me,
I need to find Preach,
but feel free to talk
some sense into this boy.
- He's all yours.
- OK.
Think I saw the tamales lady outside.
Want to go get a bite,
shake off whatever that was?
- I'd love that.
- Yeah. Come on.
You know the drill.
- Mm!
Oh, my God, I missed those so much
because I thought the
rave was tea and crumpets
- before I met you.
- Well, see, now you know
this is how the real Brits
take it. You know what I mean?
How you getting on with your book?
Jeez, can a girl get a
few life updates first?
You only traveled 5,000 miles here.
Yeah. I'd say that is the
most pressing life update.
- It's going.
- All right.
I am making good progress
with interviews, as you know.
- Yeah. Good. So, uh, who's up next?
- My mom.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
This is oh, wait. Jordan, Layla, hey.
Um, this, this is my friend Ashley.
- British Ashley.
- OK.
Uh, I thought that he was a she.
LAYLA: Yeah. That makes all of us.
JORDAN: Mm-hmm.
- She also failed to mention that he's hot.
- OK.
Well, this isn't good.
You know I can see you guys whispering.
What's that?
- Hi. It is so nice to meet you.
- Welcome.
No, pleasure is all mine.
I have heard so much about you lot,
a don't tell me
A successful music producer
and a footballer, innit?
- Hey, yeah.
- Yeah, and you the next Basquiat.
Wow. High praise.
[LAUGHS] I wish.
Wow. I'm sorry. You're
just you're not anything
at all like I pictured in my head.
Yeah? And what'd you think?
What, an ogre-looking bloke?
No, more so a woman.
Jordan. OK. Enough with
the inquisition, right?
You will have plenty of time later
to give Ashley the third degree.
Wait. Why? What's happening later?
Well, I was thinking, you know,
kick back tonight with the Vortex.
That way, Ashley can meet everyone.
That does include Spencer, right?
Yeah. Of course, stupid.
OK. We should We should go.
- Sure.
- We have to go.
I'm helping Jordan
with roommate interviews
for the beach house, so
- count us in for the kick-back later.
- Pbbt
- We'll be there.
- Ciao.
They are exactly how you described them.
Yeah. Yeah.
All right, so back to your mum.
What is the delay of her interview?
I mean, I thought she was on board.
I know. I guess just interviewing her
might open a wound that
she's finally patched up,
and it's just
It's just the last
thing that I want to do.
sorry. Do you mind if we
just put a pin in this?
I, um I think you
should just go unpack
and get some rest, and I need to just
pick up a few things
for the kick-back, so
you know it's all right to say
that you need to call Spencer.
CHAD RUBIN: When you
do what you gotta do ♪
You'll find you, you'll find you ♪
When you do what you gotta do ♪
Do you think Spencer
knows Ashley's a guy?
I know for a fact that he doesn't,
which make the timing of this
surprise visit even worse.
I mean, he's already in a
mood after yesterday's game.
Ooh. Who's Ashley?
Ahh. Sorry. It's allergies.
It's on and off but lately more on.
You should remind me to
spray that down later.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hold up. Don't I know
you from somewhere?
Yeah. You're that chick
from the lounge fight video.
That was wild.
I ain't seen something that crazy
since Solange swung at Jay-Z.
Can you tell us more about
being a "freelance creative"?
Basically, can you afford rent?
Well, I'm kind of in between gigs.
Would y'all be willing to work
out a month-to-month sitch?
Can I ask you guys a personal question?
That depends.
How loud are you guys?
Ah. Oh.
Because I'm a light
sleeper and you mentioned
your room's right next to mine.
It depends on the time of day, really.
OK, so we're going there.
I mean, you know, we're all adults here.
This morning, for example,
he wasn't very motivated
Well, "motivated" is not
really the right word.
But, I mean, when
we're on the same page,
then, I mean, really,
the sky's the limit.
I think I'm gonna pass.
- Ciao.
- OK.
Hi. What was that?
What? Look. It is not my
fault he couldn't handle
a PG-13 answer, OK,
and besides, I knew he wasn't right,
and that was a fast
way to get rid of him.
MAN: Comin' in hot like, sheesh ♪
PREACH: Hey, yo, Spence,
is your mom still around?
I need to run something by her.
No. No. I think I saw her
leave a few minutes ago.
OK. Bet. How's Deion doing?
Uh, I'm not really sure.
Hey, I'm glad you encouraged me to come.
I'm hoping he'll open up after we grub.
He's waiting on our food and taking
every opportunity to
hide from his big sister.
- She find you yet?
- Tasha?
I try to keep my office
door closed for a reason.
- Ah, so you're hiding from her, too.
- No.
Um, I can handle her.
It's just my hands have been tied
with more important things lately.
- Look. I'll holler at you later.
- Hey, real quick,
Tasha was kind of hard on Deion earlier.
She always put that
kind of pressure on him?
Pressure is an understatement.
I bet whatever you saw wasn't nothing.
One of the most important skills
a litigator must have
is the ability to see
the holes on both sides of the bench.
In the sample case we'll be
dissecting this afternoon,
I will be splitting
you guys up into groups
to thoroughly analyse the
prosecution and the defence.
This particular case centres
around a well-known actor
who initially befriended a
superfan with good intention.
However, things went
awry, resulting in the fan
tasering said actor after
allegedly being rejected.
Please read over the
case file in detail,
and we will pick up with your arguments
after we get back from our class break,
but remember, keep
all thoughts objective.
You couldn't give me a heads-up
about using Patience's case?
No. I changed enough of the details
to keep it completely removed.
A actor in place of a musician
and a taser for a knife
aren't all that different.
I mean, you couldn't have used one
- of the hundred cases from your past?
- I'm sorry, Coop.
Do you question the authority
of all your professors,
or is this particular
disrespect reserved just for me?
Look, I'm just trying to
understand the point of this.
You will when I'm ready for you
and every other student in
this class to understand.
Your break's over.
PREACH: How is it that
you're at the high school
now but I see less of
you than I did before?
Art camp keeps a brother busy.
Not so busy that your
grades slip, right?
Oh, man, you used to be so cool.
Punk, I still am.
- She's in there. Thanks for the ride.
- Yeah.
Thank you for making time for me.
Oh, you said it was urgent.
- What's up?
- I think I found a way
to keep the after-school program going.
There's two grants that,
uh, fund programs like ours.
Sounds like you'll be busy writing.
Uh, the problem is,
is, I've never written
a grant application,
but I know you have.
I know it looks like I'm
not doing much, but
This program is the last thing
that Billy asked me to take on,
and I can't let him down.
All right.
I'll take a look at it
when I get back next week.
The application's due Monday.
DILLON: She'll do it.
I'll, uh, carry my
weight around the house,
make sure you have enough
time to help out Mr. Preach.
PREACH: Appreciate that, D,
and I'll check in with you tomorrow.
- Thanks.
- Oh
So you want to talk
about your lack of focus
- on the field today, or what?
- Not really.
- I'm just tired, that's all.
- Yeah. I can see that. Look, man.
Practices like these happen.
You just got to shake it off,
keep putting one foot in
front of the other, you know,
or you can have a game
like I did yesterday,
let your passion take over,
and act a fool on national TV,
but I love the game,
and so do you.
Dudes like us, man, we put
everything we have into this, bruh.
You all right, man?
Oh, yo, Deion, hey,
what's up? What's up?
I need you to do something
for me, all right?
Breathe in for 4 and then out for 8.
1 here we go 2, 3, 4.
Now breathe out for 8.
1, 2, 3, 4
Don't look at them;
Don't look at them
5, 6,
7, 8.
OK. We're gonna do
that again, all right?
1, 2 don't look at them
3, 4, and then out for 8.
So why are we here?
Because this is a spot I found
where I could come lay like this,
clear out all the noise.
Close your eyes.
You hear that?
I don't really hear nothing but
Birds chirping.
I don't want you worrying
about nothing except
the sound of mother nature, man.
Clear out all the voices
Your big sis,
everybody in the hallway earlier.
So how long you hated football?
What are you talking about?
Look. If I'm wrong, we ain't
gotta talk about it ever again,
but with you being off at practice,
the unopened offer letters,
the obvious burnout,
something about football
ain't clicking for you, bruh.
What happened back there comes and goes.
- I'll be all right.
- What happened back at school
is called a panic attack, Deion.
It's your body's natural response
to overwhelming pressure or,
in your case, the pressure to conform.
Too many of those, you're
gonna do some real damage, bruh.
Is pretending worth it?
Football's all I've ever known.
That don't mean it's got
to be all you'll ever know.
Give yourself permission to
find out what else is out there.
Ain't no ticking time
clock on finding your dream.
Just be present and listen to the wind.
You're really good at this, Spence,
listening to people,
talking things through.
I learned from the best,
one of them being my therapist.
Sucks you got this gift
that's gonna go to waste
when you go pro.
- What you mean?
- I'm just saying,
you'd have been a great
therapist in another life.
Oh, good. You got my grant text.
- Thanks for coming to help.
- Yeah. I mean, don't get too excited.
There's one more couple coming
to look at the beach house,
and, since they actually seem legit,
I got to duck out in
an hour to meet them.
Any help is appreciated.
Speaking of help, where's Ashley?
- He's taking a shower.
- I see, so just
strutting his goods
all naked in your room.
Seriously? No. He's
in the guest bathroom.
Are we not gonna talk about
the elephant in the room,
specifically you failing to mention
that Ashley is a guy and hot.
You mean like you didn't mention Ryan,
your not-so-bad-looking
business partner, to me?
Well, I didn't keep that from Jordan.
Can you say the same?
OK, but I am going
to rectify that today,
and I'm sure that, you know,
Spencer and Ashley will get along.
I mean, look how well
Jordan and Ryan bonded.
"Bonded" is a strong word,
more like co-exist.
Just be careful, Liv, OK,
and make that intro happen
sooner rather than later.
I also recommend some
looser-fitting clothes
before said intros.
OK. Just
Ah, so much better. Layla, how are you?
LAYLA: Good.
You know, why don't we pop
over to the beach house later?
- That way, you can meet Spencer.
- Yeah.
All good.
Hey, you know what would
be great for dinner tonight?
Grace James' 7-layer lasagna.
Now, that's too bad, isn't it,
see, because that
requires 7 layers of time
that I no longer have
because some busybody
volunteered me for hours
of grant writing for Preach.
Mom, I'm sorry. It's just
My boy Miles has been
having some trouble at home.
He says the only reason
he's even able to show up
to school is because of
Mr. Preach's after-school program,
and it was you who taught us that
we have to help our people
in their times of need,
and Mr. Preach is our people.
When did you get so wise?
Now, to
make good on my promise
Dillon, I appreciate you, but,
to tell you the truth, I just
don't think there's enough time
to get this grant proposal done.
You're also the one that taught us
not to quit just because
something is hard.
Boy, throw my words
back at me one more time.
All right.
MAN: This was a no-brainer,
and, of course, I
don't condone violence,
but I can't say the actions on
behalf of the actor were innocent.
In fact, I'd go so far as to say
he was complicit in emotional abuse
leading up to the tasering.
So you're saying he's to
blame for being attacked?
Well, I mean, he had
no problem with the fan
posting or promoting or
any of the social media benefits
that came with the friendship.
I wouldn't call that no friendship.
I mean, lines get
blurry, is all I'm saying.
Which is why there's
no negating the fact
that there was a friendship
as soon as the actor reached out
to the fan on a personal level,
only to then throw them away
when they had no use for them.
He sounds like a grade-a narcissist.
As a former artist,
I'd say I know a thing or two
about being misunderstood by fans.
Even in the case of
the actor reaching out,
he had a million reasons
to abandon the friendship.
For example, the fan
could've just as well
been psychotic disguised as a victim.
- It happens.
- I'm just looking at the facts,
and from where I'm standing,
my money's on narcissist.
That sound like a "take one
to know one," don't it, James?
Excuse me?
I think you should leave.
- I'm good.
- That wasn't a suggestion, Ms. Cooper.
Go. Now, please.
Is it always this peaceful out here?
When you said, "beach access,"
I thought we'd be playing
"frogger" across PCH.
Nope. It is literally a rock's throw.
I'm already sold. I can get
so much reading done out here.
Mm. You read a lot?
We both do.
We're in a post-doc program at Coastal,
which means we're
literally always reading
or grading papers.
It just got hard to focus lately
living at my uncle's
house with his 4 kids.
And when we're not studying,
Charissa's making some
amazing Polynesian food.
Her coconut shrimp and
garlic rice is to die for.
- Uh, it's OK.
- It's good.
I'm OK.
Are you guys like this all the time?
After 6 years, we're practically
an old, married couple.
BOTH: How soon can you move in?
- Hey.
- Sorry to hijack your evening.
Oh, no. That's all good.
Besides, your voicemail said
Ashley coming was a surprise, right,
so where is she?
I mean he.
It's a pleasure to
finally meet you, bruv.
[LAUGHS] You, too. You, too.
If you don't mind me asking,
what are your pronouns?
Love how Americans are
so upfront about that.
You know, Olivia and
I would stay up late
watching your games last season.
- You're a damn good footballer.
- Thank you. Yeah.
Liv showed me some of your paintings.
You're real talented.
That exhibition you did about
your grandparents was dope.
Oh, appreciate that.
So what inspired this impromptu trip?
I figured Liv could
use some support getting
across the finish line
of her book, I mean,
especially with her publisher's deadline
being moved up, so here I am.
Here he is.
I got your text,
and I owe you an apology
for how aggressive I was.
I'll do what I can on my own.
My wise son reminded me
how important it is to support
the people that matter most,
and you're one of them, Preach.
- Is that lasagna?
- Also compliments of the son I raised.
Thank you sincerely.
You OK?
[SIGH] What happens if we
don't end up getting this grant?
Coach Baker left me in charge
of this one thing,
- and I cannot let him down.
- Billy used to say,
"quitters never win,
and winners never quit,"
so even if the school
board quits on you,
you've never quit on these kids.
I've seen you with them.
You care, and, because of that,
you can never let him down.
It all started with a hot pink ♪
Asher in San Fran, Coop M.I.A.,
Patience avoiding Coop
this Vortex hang is kind of not one.
See your favourite
chips got replenished.
Oh, yeah. Ashley
brought some from London.
It's funny, even now, you're still
being careful with his pronouns.
Spencer, I never said Ashley was a girl.
I've definitely called him a she before
when you told me about all
your new friends over there.
You never corrected me.
Honestly, I don't know why,
you know, and then I figured,
you know, you'd meet Ashley
when you came that weekend,
and, you know, the mistake would
just organically fix itself, and
I don't know you and I were
just having a perfect time,
just the two of us, and
there was just never a
chance for me to introduce you
- to any of my friends.
- Sorry I'm late.
- You're not missing much.
- Mm.
- Here. Grab a plate.
- Thank you.
You should go check on your guest.
Now ain't the time to have
this conversation, anyway.
Uh, you seem mighty cool
- about lil Idris Elba and your woman.
- I'm not,
but I trust Liv, and he
seems like a cool dude.
I just didn't know he was a dude,
- unless I wasn't paying attention.
- No.
No. We were all in the dark.
I'm still processing that part, but
I've been real reactive lately, so
I'm gonna take my time on this one.
- Look at you. Growth.
- Shut up.
How'd class go today
with Professor Laura?
- It was, um, interesting.
- I'm gonna need more than that.
I might have got kicked out.
By Mrs. Baker? How?
Let's just say I had a
visceral reaction to, uh,
the case she has us working on,
and, unlike you, I just did
not give myself time to process.
Well, now that you know, what
you gonna do about it, hmm?
GALLO-GAFFNER: In the desert sky ♪
Inside of a telescope eye ♪
Your artwork is hanging
in Buckingham Palace?
No, but it was in Windsor Castle
for a display of top Cambridge
art students, but just for a day.
I mean, that's still amazing.
Yeah, man. Don't undersell yourself.
You sound like Olivia.
I mean, she's constantly
telling me that.
I mean, that's what friends do, right?
We lift each other up and help
each other on their journeys.
- We should
- Uh, OK. Yeah.
We are gonna head out of here.
- OK.
- All right. I'll see you.
Good luck.
- Ashley, good to meet you.
- Yeah, always.
Take it easy. Enjoy.
- See you, Spence.
- Nice to meet you.
- ASHLEY: All right.
- I should go, too.
- Wait. Already?
- Yeah.
- I got to go
talk to Dr. Spears about something.
It was good to finally
put a face to the name.
Liv. All right.
You're different here.
How so?
I'm not sure, exactly.
I just know that my Olivia,
the one who conquered the UK solo,
she wouldn't be running
from interviewing her mum
or not so subtly avoiding talking to me
about the real reasons why.
I hate that you see through me so well.
You know, when I was putting together
the idea for my art exhibition,
the one about my grandparents,
I too had reservations about the
conversations that would come.
- Yeah. You mentioned that.
- Right.
What I didn't mention
was that my grandad,
he struggled with
identity his whole life.
I mean, everyone had
their own theory why, but
all I wanted to do was
just capture the essence
of what he was feeling.
How'd your parents take that?
Told them I needed to do it for me,
- to better understand who I am.
- Hmm.
You see, I always had this feeling
that me and my grandad were connected,
and if I cracked that egg,
maybe I'd help someone else feel seen.
That is our responsibility as artists.
Hesitation to interview my mom isn't
just about disrupting her peace.
It's about disrupting mine.
- Hmm.
- I mean, I spent
all that time in England
healing from the loss of my dad, and
with one difficult interview
with Spencer's mom, I almost
undid all of that work.
I mean, what if I actually
have another emotional setback?
Then you have it.
I mean, that vulnerability is exactly
what you should be bringing to the book,
and, from what I've seen of
your family and your mates,
you have a large enough village
that will help you through it.
You're strong enough for this, Olivia.
Ma, are you home?
DILLON: Yes, baby, just in here.
Fool, I knew it was you.
Oh, is that mom's famous lasagna?
Because I'm gonna need me a piece.
Yes. It is. Guess who made it?
Oh. In that case, you
can keep that piece.
Wow. See, you got jokes.
Don't knock it till you try it, man.
Let me get you a plate.
Mom's at school with Preach
helping him on some grant applications.
Mm, that explains why her phone's off.
I mean, I got two working ears
if you want to take advantage of them.
Man, where do I start?
Well, me and Jordan
are having a tough time
keeping our issues on the field
from spilling over into everything else.
Today I was reminded
that I chose psychology
because I love helping people
and I'm good at it,
but drafting early means
that ain't in my future
because I'm never gonna get that degree,
and Liv's British best friend is a dude,
- and she ain't tell me.
- Damn, bro,
- you probably should've called Mom.
- See?
- That's why I don't talk to you.
- Jokes aside, man,
you and Jordan are brothers.
Eventually, you're gonna
get through this rough patch
like we always do,
and, as far as the
psychology thing, man,
you're acting as if you can't
switch gears after the NFL
you know, come back to
school, become a therapist
or whatever you want to do. I mean,
the average player retires at, what, 30?
Sounds like more than enough time to me.
That actually ain't bad advice.
All right, little homie.
Since you're on a roll, what about Liv?
You trust her.
This is messy,
but you just continue to trust her.
It's bomb, right?
You really made this?
Your boy has many gifts.
[LAUGHS] Whatever.
You here to call me a narcissist, too?
No, not at all. May I?
I owe you an apology.
I asked you not to make
me the teacher's pet,
and instead, I became
the teacher's nightmare.
Yeah. You kind of did.
my emotions got the best of me.
I was triggered people were
able to shred Patience
I mean, the actor
To pieces, and then I started worrying
that it would actually happen in court.
That was the exact point
of the exercise, Coop,
to get a temperature
read on how the defence
is gonna try and paint her picture.
The firm Miko's family
hired is already doing
everything that they can
to villainise Patience.
Don't I know it. I mean, they
are bashing her on the news
- every chance they get.
- Well, yeah.
A full-blown character assassination
of the alleged victim
In this case, Patience
is a really smart defence.
It's exactly what I would do.
Look. I know how deeply
you care for Patience,
and she's so lucky to
have you in her corner, but
you've got to try and
channel this passion
into creative problem-solving
because that's what she's
gonna need come trial.
You gonna help me proof this brief,
or you gonna just sit
there and stare at me?
- I'll take the brief.
- OK.
- What all we got?
- All right, so
JORDAN: I am so glad we got
to spend the day together.
- Yeah.
- You know,
you do know a thing
or two about roommates,
and I think Charissa and
Greg are gonna be perfect.
How many times did I tell you
not to put clothes in
the kitchenware box?
GREG: Who cares? It's
going to the same place.
Yeah, but now it's gonna
be a nightmare organising,
and guess who's doing the unpacking.
- I told you I'd help.
- We both know that's not true.
Hi, guys. We're so
excited to be roomies.
- Yay!
- Yay!
So are we. Here's let
me just get these for you.
Oh, no, no. He'll lose it.
I'm not a child.
Then man up and get those
mislabeled boxes from the trunk.
- Hmm.
- Hmm. Yeah. Ha!
- Oh, God.
- Ohh
Thank you again for coming tonight.
Of course.
Did Ashley have a good time?
He did.
How long's he staying in town, exactly?
Um, I actually don't know.
Oh, did you want to talk about
what's going on with your book?
Actually, I'm good.
I think I finally got
the clarity I need.
Do you want to talk
about the game yesterday,
whatever's going on with you and Jordan?
No. I think I got that clarity, too.
Oh. OK.
- Great.
- Great.
MAN: We'll find our way back again ♪
We'll find our way back again ♪
MAN: Greg, move your head.
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