All American (2018) s06e06 Episode Script


MAN: Something about
the sun on my skin ♪
With my hair down
blowing in the wind ♪
It feels amazing to me ♪
GREG: You're completely overreacting.
CHARISSA: It's gross,
Greg, really gross.
If you'd just wash the
dishes with hot water,
we wouldn't have a problem.
Cold water's the exact
same thing. It's science.
Wow. Um, so you weren't kidding
about their fights
being a regular thing.
Watch this. In 3 seconds,
Charissa is gonna throw something.
3, 2, 1.
- [THUD]
- GREG: That almost hit me!
- CHARISSA: Next time, I won't miss.
Thank God for security deposits.
Wow. If that is ever
us, we're calling it.
Hey, that will never be us.
- I don't wash dishes.
- Well, then it'll definitely be us.
[LAUGHS] Hey, did you take your meds?
- Uh, not yet. I will.
GREG: She's crazy. They're all crazy.
- CHARISSA: He's crazy.
- You're all crazy.
- GREG: Why'd you follow me out here?
I think that's our cue to leave.
- Like, right now.
- Yeah.
COOP: Hey, man, you're gonna
have to start paying rent,
- you keep squatting here.
- Name your price.
Damn. It's that bad?
Our new roommates are one fight away
from having to go on "Dr. Phil,"
and Jordan and I ain't said 3 words
to each other since
we lost our last game.
Come on, bro. You got to handle that.
I ain't got time for that right now.
A brother is trying to graduate early.
- Wait. For real?
- Yeah.
Ever since I helped out Deion,
I realised I don't want to lose out
on one dream because of another.
Graduating, psychology
all that stuff's important to me,
so I worked out a deal with
my advisor to graduate early.
C'mon, man! A degree
and a shot at the NFL?
Have you told your face this good news?
It's just gonna be a lot, man,
starting with this extra-credit paper
- I got to finish by tomorrow.
- OK. Well,
hit me with it. Maybe
I can help you out.
I got to figure out what
makes a relationship work.
Yeah. Nope. I can't help you.
I mean, I ain't figured
that part out myself.
It's all good.
It's all good. I'm about to
head up to the cabin for the day
to finish reading these case studies.
You're not gonna watch the Sonoma game?
I am. What you know about it?
I know they've been on
a mad winning streak,
and if that streak don't end today,
GAU don't make the playoffs.
- So you do know about it.
- I can't help it.
Ever since Grandma Wendy got in town,
she done had the news on 24/7.
This woman must love
being depressed, OK?
You're not stressed about the game?
What good's it gonna do?
Look. If Sonoma wins,
then my college football
career ends today,
and ain't nothing I can do about that.
The only thing I have control
over is this assignment,
so I'mma go work on it away
from all this craziness.
OK. You seem mighty chill
for someone with so much
riding on their future.
What can I say? I'm special.
Oh, yeah. You special, all right,
just not in the way that you think.
WOMAN: Every morning like clockwork ♪
This is the moment to rise up ♪
Yeah, the intuition ♪
Damn. I'd hate to be on the
other side of that left hook.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Are you good?
Nope. I am pretty far from good.
Miko's lawyers have really,
really ramped up this whole
"Patience is a villain"
campaign in the media, so I
am starting to understand
how this punching bag feels.
Look, this will all be
over soon, all right?
I know it's hard.
No. You don't know.
Every single day,
I have journalists
calling me for a quote.
No. You just got to
ignore them, all right,
- shut out the noise.
- How? How, Coop?
The damn news is on all the time.
The phone is always ringing.
And it is driving me crazy, so, no,
there is nowhere that I can
go to shut out the noise, OK?
WOMAN: Hitting the bag ♪
Getting back to the bag ♪
Everything is on track ♪
Rise! ♪
Hey, you mean this whole time,
we could've been staring
at our laptops together?
I finished a draft of my dad's book.
Liv, that's amazing.
Congratulations. I know
how tough it's been for you.
Yeah. [SIGHS]
- Why are you not happy?
- Because I don't know what the title is yet.
- So?
- "So"?
Spencer, it's a big deal.
The title is the reason
people pick up a book.
OK. Well, let's brainstorm.
Um, "The Billy Book,"
"The Book of Billy,"
"Billy the G.O.A.T."
- You need to stop.
- What? Your dad is the G.O.A.T
- greatest of all time.
- I know what it means,
but that title is D.O.A.T
the dumbest of all time.
OK. D.O.A.T. is not a thing.
You want me to read it? Because
I can come up with something.
Well, based off of your
suggestions, I think I'm good,
and I'm not ready for you to see it yet.
Has Ashley read it?
No. No one has.
Is there something you
want to ask me about Ashley?
Is there something you want to tell me?
- Spencer, he is just a friend.
- Oh, trust me, I know,
- but does he know that?
- Yeah. Of course.
Come to the cabin with me.
Yes, I got to finish
this paper, but, you know,
we can hang out,
just the two of us.
We can watch the Sonoma game,
- go on that secret trail we discovered.
- Mm-hmm,
more quality time alone with you
sounds amazing.
I'm in.
COOP: Yo, Spence, is it cool if, uh,
Patience and I tag along to the cabin?
- Actually
- Look. I swear,
we will not be in your way, OK?
Patience could just really use
a break from all things Miko.
Hey, you guys should totally come.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Y'all can
go on a hike or something.
No, but we can definitely
have a seat or something.
Spencer and I have a secret trail.
- It's beautiful. I'll show you.
- What part of "secret" do you not get?
LAYLA: Maybe we should
just get a hotel room.
JORDAN: Yeah. Well, we
got to do something, right?
I mean, I'm not going
back to the beach house
with Charissa and Greg still there.
They at it again?
Yeah. They're out of pocket, so
OLIVIA: Well, why don't you
guys come to the cabin with us?
Nah. We're good, you know?
I want to watch the Sonoma game.
Well, you can watch it
with us at the cabin.
Any other excuses?
Yeah. I don't want to go.
Well, I think the cabin
sounds like a great idea.
- Do you?
- Yeah. We can relax.
- You know, we can watch the game
- Mm-hmm.
Or we can always stay
here and, you know,
discuss the merits of
hot water versus cold.
Well, you know, sweetheart,
I doubt that Spencer
wants us crashing, so
No. Y'all should come.
The more, the merrier.
OK. The cabin it is, I guess.
Great. It's gonna be fun.
WENDY: You know, I could
really get used to being here.
- How used to it?
- Don't worry.
I'm not moving in.
But this last week has really
been special with you and the kids.
Oh, we've enjoyed having you here, Mom.
Plus, the view's pretty great.
L.A.'s a pretty gorgeous city.
I'm talking about all the gorgeous guys.
That guy who was flirting with
you in the grocery store
He was not flirting with me.
You know what? You're
worse off than I suspected.
You need to start dating again.
OK. Where did that just come from?
And, no, I don't. I just lost Billy.
You didn't just lose him, honey.
It's been more than a year.
Thanks, Mom. [SCOFFS]
Oh, brother.
JORDAN: Come on. Come on. Come
on. Come on, come on, come on
- Hi.
- Oh, I'm gonna kill Olivia.
I'm gonna kill her, OK?
How am I supposed to watch
the game with no signal?
Well, I'm giving you plenty of signals.
Mm, well, your signals don't
play football, sweetheart, OK?
So much for a romantic getaway.
You know, I haven't
found my title yet, but
I did find a different trail
that's even more secluded,
and it has a creek.
Yeah. I have to finish
this, but when I'm done,
there is nothing I'd
love more than to risk
catching a flesh-eating
bacteria with you.
- What's that look?
- Nothing.
It's just, you know, the
last time we were here,
you were trying to
get me to take a break,
and now I'm the one begging you.
Well, you might get your wish.
The internet's down,
and I can't download
my last 3 case studies.
JORDAN: Oh, come on!
What was that?
Jordan finding out the
internet's not working.
JORDAN: Hey, uh, dude,
what's up with your Wi-Fi?
I can't get it to work.
PATIENCE: Yes, no communication
with the rest of the world.
- This is a dream.
- Of course it is.
- I thought of it.
- JORDAN: Hey, uh,
can we just drive home, catch the game?
But we just got here, and you get crazy
when games don't go
your way, and besides,
it's not like you can do
anything about it anyway.
COOP: Well, I guess we will
have to just talk to each other
like our parents did
before we were born.
No. Jordan is right. We should go.
I really got to finish this paper.
Well, I mean, you said that you have
3 more case studies to read, right,
and they're all about relationships?
- Yeah?
- Well, then use us.
I mean, you have 3
relationships right here.
- It doesn't work like that.
- Then make it work like that.
LAYLA: Yeah. We're down
to help, right, Jordan?
Uh, I'm down to drive home
- and catch the game, yeah.
- LAYLA: Or we could help our friends
since we came all the way out
here and since I have the keys.
Oh, so you're kidnapping me.
Got it. Guess we're gonna
do it your way again.
OLIVIA: Great. So we're all onboard.
- Mm-hmm.
- OLIVIA: Yay.
Tell us what to do.
OK, so, what, we're
just supposed to blab
- about what makes a relationship work?
- But we're all not, like,
in relationships here, so
Oh, it can be any type of relationship.
It ain't got to be romantic.
- OK.
- OK, so the first case study is
personal goal-setting, shows how people
prioritize and ultimately compromise
and communicate within
their own relationships.
COOP: Man, you couldn't get a degree
in something more
exciting, like theatre,
so you can at least act
like this is interesting?
SPENCER: We're gonna write
down our top 3 priorities.
It can be anything,
just got to be honest.
definitely want to get past
all this Miko crap,
and I want to get back in the studio.
I want to make more music,
and I want to buy a house,
my own house.
- Yeah.
- Nice. Um,
I want my own house, too.
COOP: I also want to
graduate and pass the bar.
- I love that for you.
- SPENCER: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I love that for you, too.
You got to write them down.
I don't want nobody
changing their answers
- to make their partners happy.
- All right.
You know what?
I got one more.
"Tell Spencer it ain't that deep
and he needs to relax."
- All right. I can do this at home.
No, no, no, no, no. No, OK? It's deep.
It's very deep, right, and
you don't have to relax.
- We'll keep going.
- Mm-hmm.
- OLIVIA: Mm-hmm?
- LAYLA: Mm-hmm.
All right. You go first.
Show us how it's done.
OK. My written-down answers are
- OK.
- That I want GAU to make it
to the playoffs and, hopefully,
get to the championship and win it.
JORDAN: Not looking good.
I got a signal a little while back,
and a text from Marco came through.
Sonoma is up 21-0 at the
end of the first, so
What else?
Um, I want to finish the
accelerated degree program
so I can graduate this summer,
and I want to get drafted into the NFL.
Wow. I didn't know you were
planning on graduating early.
Yeah, just sort of happened.
OLIVIA: All right. I'll go next.
I want to publish my dad's book,
graduate college, and
eventually move back to London.
You want to live in London?
COOP: Do y'all even know each other?
JORDAN: My turn. Obviously,
I want to marry Layla,
and I want to start a
family with Layla, and
PATIENCE: God. You're
obsessed with Layla.
- I like his obsession.
- COOP: You sure?
I mean, we can have a safe word.
And I want to win a championship.
- With Layla.
- "With Layla."
LAYLA: Well, I can teach
him a thing or two, OK?
Um, my turn. Um, I want to
get the club off the ground,
sign 3 new artists, uh,
want to marry Jordan,
and learn a new language
and do some more traveling.
PATIENCE: Damn, girl. I'm
pretty sure he said 3, OK?
Your hustle is on,
like, a thousand. Heh!
Guess Ryan was right about those meds.
Wait. What about your meds?
it's nothing. He just
he said something about
weaning off my antidepressants,
and I've actually felt a lot better.
OK. Uh, hmm. I'm sorry. Uh
you're off your meds, the same meds
that you've been managing with a doctor
since high school because Ryan said so?
OK. That's really great.
That's fantastic, sweetheart.
All right. Thanks, Spence.
Thank you so much for this.
I am learning so much
about my relationship.
SPENCER: Y'all, this was
not supposed to be painful.
We can stop whenever you want.
JORDAN: Do you want to stop?
I feel weird replacing
Ryan as your partner.
OLIVIA: Hey, we all agreed
to keep going with this,
so can we save the
snarky sidebars for later?
COOP: Oh, now you want to
consider what's best for your man?
Spence, let's just, like, keep
this moving. Just explain the rules.
All right. This next
one is about connection,
so we are gonna hold eye contact
while holding hands for
3 minutes. No talking.
- Jordan, I think we should talk.
- No. Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Didn't you hear the rules?
We're not supposed to talk.
I'm really sorry about earlier, Laura.
I didn't mean to diminish your grief
or put a ticking clock on it.
I just want you to be happy.
I am happy, Mom.
I love teaching. My law office
is doing really exciting work.
The kids are thriving
despite losing Billy.
I have everything I want and need.
And those are all important,
but at the end of the day,
the kids are getting older
and work will never be happy
to see you when you get home.
You need to think about
what the rest of your life looks like.
I think you should try online dating.
Oh, my God. What is that?
I discovered a whole new
world of fun after my divorce.
- Online?
- I've mastered it.
I have an endless rotation of men
for whatever mood I'm in.
That is Slim Jim, and he always pays.
- That's Thick Rick. I call him that
- Oh, no, no. No. No.
Stop. I don't want to know.
Wait until you hear
about Soft Hands Harry.
Thank God.
Willie, what are you doing here?
I had some things to take care of.
- Perfect timing, Willie.
- Hey, Wendy.
- Wait. Did you know he was gonna be here?
- Why would she?
So, Laura, how are you doing?
- I'm fine.
- Fine's your maiden name.
Tell him how you're really doing.
She won't admit that she's lonely.
My God. I'm not lonely!
Please tell my daughter
it's time to find love again.
WILLIE: The hell it is. She's
already found the love of her life.
- Why is this so awkward.
- Shh.
You said, no talking.
Hey, I made the rules. I can break them.
I didn't know you wanted
to move back to London.
And neither did I.
You said to write down our priorities,
and that's just what
popped into my head.
London just brought something to my life
that Beverly Hills just doesn't.
- Ashley?
- No. It's not that.
Besides, you don't even know
where you're gonna be in 5 months.
I mean, you could be playing football
- anywhere in the country.
- Yeah, but not in London,
where they don't have
our kind of football.
You said to be honest,
just like you were honest about
doing an accelerated degree program.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- That ain't the same.
- It doesn't affect you.
- You not communicating things
that are important to you affects me.
It affects us.
Look Deion helped me realise that
getting my degree is as
important as playing in the NFL.
Who the hell is Deion?
JORDAN: You want to give Ryan a call,
- just make sure that we're doing this right?
- Lay off, Jordan.
- Ryan had nothing to do with my decision.
- Yeah.
Yeah. You know, I knew something
was different about you,
and I figured that if I gave you time,
you'd eventually open up to me, but
who knew that you were
lying to me this whole time?
- When did I lie?
- This morning whenever you told me
- that you'd take your meds.
- I wasn't lying, Jordan.
I have been taking them. I'm
just not taking them as regularly.
- It's not a big deal.
- If it wasn't a big deal,
- then you would've told me.
- No. I wouldn't have because
me weaning off my meds
is none of your business.
Oh, but it's your business partner's?
You're my fiancée, OK? Everything
that you do affects me, too.
We are a team,
or are you weaning off of us, too?
Let's get one thing straight, Jordan.
I will never need your permission
for what I put into my own body.
- Everyone still alive out there?
- Yeah.
Jordan and Layla are
getting some fresh air
- separately.
- And I bet Coop and Patience
are wishing they had a room.
Yeah. I know, right? What was that?
They're definitely vibing.
And they don't even
have to talk to do it,
but, um, I think we do.
I mean, we didn't even put
each other on our goals lists,
and we could barely hold
eye contact out there.
Yeah. I know.
Nothing about that felt right.
I mean, but things have
been good between us,
- haven't they?
- Yeah. They have
but, um,
I'm realizing that we
haven't fully reconnected
since you got back from London.
Everything's just been surface.
How can you say that?
Because if we had,
you would've been honest
with me about how much
of a day-to-day ride-or-die
Ashley became for you last year.
How's this gonna work if you
can't be fully honest with me, Liv?
You're right,
so let's do this.
Let's be honest.
While you were in London,
there was no way that I could be there
for every moment or to hear
every story, and, honestly,
I'm glad you found somebody
to support you. I am.
But there's an intimacy to
your friendship with Ashley
that makes the people around
y'all feel like the third wheel,
including me.
That's a boundary, Liv,
a boundary people in relationships
ain't supposed to cross,
no matter how far apart
they living, and now
and now you telling me you
want to move back to London.
How am I supposed to feel about that?
Look. I know that the London
thing caught you off guard,
and I'm sorry, but as for Ashley,
I was never unfaithful to you, Spencer.
It ain't as simple as that, Liv.
Why didn't you tell me
Ashley wasn't a girl?
Honestly, I don't know.
- I don't
- Yes, you do. Deep down, you do.
You just won't admit it to yourself.
You kept it from me
because instinctually,
you knew that y'all's friendship,
the kind of time y'all spent together,
the way y'all leaned on each other
for everything was problematic,
and you didn't want
to have to face that.
You know, this whole time I thought
you weren't being honest with me.
Truth is, you weren't being
honest with yourself, Liv
Now I need some air.
WENDY: Blue is your
favourite color, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- And you're 5'9".
- Why?
- I'm making you a profile.
Mom, what part of
"no" isn't registering?
Wait. Did you say I could cook?
Everybody embellishes a little.
- WILLIE: But that's a flat-out lie.
- Hey!
You told me you wanted Laura to date,
and now you want her to find love?
LAURA: Oh, OK. So you two
are in on this together.
I want her to find companionship.
Life is not meant to be spent alone.
I agree,
but when you find the love
of your life, that's it.
You only get one. It's the rules.
Whose rules?
Laura had Billy. I had my Mary,
and, even though she made me
promise to find love again,
I worried it would betray what we had.
But she told you to move on.
It doesn't get any clearer than that.
Well, if anyone cares how I feel,
- I agree with Willie.
- We don't.
I mean, we do care how you feel.
You just feel the wrong way.
Mom, they're my feelings.
Not all of us are as
lucky as the two of you,
and I'm not saying Laura
needs to replace Billy
that would be impossible
but you need to have some fun now.
WILLIE: Now, I can get behind fun.
- OK. Good.
- You better scoot over.
I will. Right.
WILLIE: There's no way I'm letting Laura
date some poor man's Billy Baker.
No way.
- We can do it together.
- OK. Yeah.
Um, look. I know today's been a lot,
but we promised to help Spence,
so we got to finish this.
JORDAN: Mm, let's just get it over with.
COOP: Got it.
- Fool, hello? I don't know what to do with these.
- Yup. Yup. Sorry.
Uh, OK. This next one is about trust
- and communication, so
- Hmm.
So we're gonna pair up,
and one person's gonna
wear the blindfold
while the other verbally guides them
down the trail and back to the cabin.
Two rules no touching,
no taking the blindfold off.
Trust and communication. OK.
Well, my relationship is
excelling at that, so
You said this was about
all kind of relationships,
right, so I'm gonna
partner with Patience.
SPENCER: Uh, yeah. OK. Cool.
Uh, yeah, great idea. Let's mix it up.
- Um, I got Liv.
- OK.
OLIVIA: Oh, that leaves you two to
finally work on your communication.
Yeah. There's no way
I'm wearing that, so
LAYLA: OK. Uh, just
careful. There's a branch,
like, right here.
Oh, OK. Got it.
Uh, you're good to go
straight for a while.
Just go slow, or you'll slip.
Dirt's kind of loose.
OK. Cool.
Um, can I ask you a question?
I know what you're gonna ask me, and,
girl, I'm so sorry. It just slipped out.
I don't know. I feel
like the real question is,
why didn't you tell Jordan
about Ryan and your meds?
I was going to. I just
I don't know wanted to
figure out my dosage first.
Yeah, but he's the person you
should trust most in the world.
And I do, but
depression and anxiety aren't
things that Jordan deals with
on a regular basis, so
he finds it hard to understand
where I'm coming from.
Well, maybe if you just
gave him a chance
I mean, do you know how lucky you are?
Girl, that boy loves you.
He just wants to be your
life partner in every way, so
just let him.
Uh! Ooh! Ooh! My bad. That was a rock.
- You think?
- Sorry.
We all know that communication
is not my best quality.
- Says someone who's always talking.
- Oh.
Well, let's talk.
Let's talk about you and Spencer.
- What about me and Spencer?
- Uh, y'all in different books right now.
Well, I don't know about
different books, but I guess
I guess we haven't been telling
each other things, you know,
like big things and little things and
Kind of like different books?
OK, maybe. I don't know. It's just,
the last time that it felt like this,
you know, Spencer broke up with me, and
I just I can't go through that again.
None of us can,
but, trust, you
shouldn't worry about it,
all right? It ain't gonna happen.
Oh, oh! Sorry! So sorry.
That was a branch.
You really suck at this.
Look. Spending a year apart
so soon after getting back together,
it did a number on y'all,
and now that y'all are back,
you're both walking on eggshells
because you're too afraid
something's gonna come in between you.
Yeah. Well, stuff coming
between us is kind of our thing.
Y'all have been through
so much together,
all right, and it makes sense
you'd want to live
in a protective bubble
where everything's fine, but
- That's not real life.
- Exactly.
And I am no expert on
relationships, but trust me
not talking to your partner
is what'll break y'all apart.
Well, well. That one's on you.
That one's on you.
Thanks for helping me out today.
Yeah, didn't really have a choice.
There's always a choice, man.
Not whenever you're engaged to Layla.
- You want to talk about Layla?
You want to talk about
Greg and Charissa?
I don't really want to talk
about anything at all, but
seeing as how I'm not doing
anything that I want today,
we are probably going to find
Greg's mutilated body in the bathtub
whenever we get home.
She would be the one to clip him.
Sonoma game is probably over by now.
It can't end like this.
Hmm, would've been nice if
you felt that way last game.
God! I feel like falling 3 times
should really disqualify me.
Plus, like, ugh, I don't like
not being able to see
what's coming for me.
We can thank Miko for that new fear.
I know you're worried
about the case, but
everything's gonna be OK.
Yeah. You don't know that.
Well, I know that you have
people in your corner who love you
and would do anything for you,
more specifically, Coop.
- Want to tell me what's going on there?
- No. No. Nothing's going on.
OK. Well, you're the only couple here
who's managed to get closer
and not further apart.
Yeah. Well, we're just
two really good friends
that know each other well.
And besides, I tried
to make a move on her,
and she turned me down, so
Well, did you ask her why?
Hell no. It was bad
enough being rejected once.
Well, based on today, communication
is you and Coop's thing,
so just maybe give her
a chance to explain.
I don't know.
Come on.
Our beef on the field
shouldn't affect our bond
as brothers off the field.
How many times did your
pops drill that into us?
Hmm, well, it did.
Yeah, and that's on me.
I'm sorry about that last game.
I was selfish, egocentric,
crazy, stubborn.
- You you can stop me whenever.
- I will.
You can keep going.
I hurt the team, and I hurt you.
You my brother, J., and
I'm truly, truly sorry.
You forgot self-absorbed,
self-centered, self-obsessed
No. I think I think
I covered all that. Yeah.
I appreciate your apology.
And, look, if that was
our last game together,
then the least I could do is
never let you live it down.
[LAUGHS] I deserve that
and, look, I know you didn't
want to talk about Layla, but
brother to brother,
you got to hear her out, man,
no sarcasm, no judgment.
Layla doesn't make decisions lightly.
She must have a good reason
for getting off her meds, man.
And, look, brother to brother,
you and Olivia are not doing each other
any favors keeping it at surface level.
I mean, relationships
are about connection.
Every activity we did
clearly, clearly showed that,
so you guys just need
to find ways you connect
and then just go from there.
- Put that she likes cats.
- OK.
I'm allergic to cats.
Well, they don't need to know that.
Isn't it important to be your true self?
True self-adjacent works just fine.
[LAUGHS] True self-adjacent.
I like that. That's funny.
- Oh, good.
- But seriously,
when did you guys know that it
was time to start dating again?
Well, I I started
dating before the ink was
dry on my divorce papers.
- God. Mom!
- Well, it's true,
but it wasn't easy.
Your father and I were
really only compatible
in one area of our life.
- I'm talking about the courtroom.
- OK.
WILLIE: I waited some time,
but the nights got lonely.
Family got complicated.
Seemed like dating would
be a good distraction.
But there's never really a right time.
- You just have to do it.
- Yeah,
and there's never really
a wrong time, but, honey,
you still have so
much life left to live.
It would be nice for you to
find someone who makes you laugh,
someone to have fun with.
WILLIE: Billy would've
wanted you to be happy
and have some fun.
Guess it doesn't hurt
to see what's out there.
WENDY: Mm-hmm.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Um, listen, I'm sorry.
Me, too.
Um, I should've shared with you
when I decided to lower my meds.
I wish that you would have,
but most importantly, I just
I want you to feel safe with me.
I do, Jordan, more than with anyone.
Good, because I will always
be there to support you.
I know, and I appreciate you.
Lowering my meds had, um,
nothing to do with Ryan
and everything to do
with how they've been making me feel
or not feel at all.
When I first started taking them,
they really helped, but
this year, something changed, and I feel
like maybe they're not working
the way they're supposed to anymore,
and I don't know I just
I knew I had to try something.
- OK. Well, listen, whatever you need
- Mm-hmm?
We'll figure it out together.
I think it's probably
time that I call my doctor
and get on a real plan to
- to get off my meds.
- OK.
- Are we like Greg and Charissa?
- Oh, please.
Come here. Please, please, please.
We are, like, 500 fights away
from Greg and Charissa, OK?
Good, because there's one more thing
- I want to figure out.
- OK.
Marrying you's my number-one priority
So let's set a date for the wedding.
falling for you yet ♪
Is all that I do ♪
Falling for you ♪
Is all that I do ♪
It was you.
You knew how much work
I needed to get done.
And you got it done, right?
I guess I did.
And you and Jordan back cool?
I guess we are.
Then you and Liv got
a lot to talk about.
Hmm, I guess we do.
Yeah, so I guess what I'm
really hearing is, "Thank you."
I guess you are.
- You're welcome.
- Ahh
JORDAN: Oh, my God. Oh,
my God. Oh whoo-hoo!
Whoo-hoo! Hoo hoo hoo! [LAUGHS]
Yo, what's going on?
Sonoma lost.
The text just came through.
GAU's officially in the playoffs.
OLIVIA: Wait. So you guys have
a real shot at the championship?
I'm looking forward to
more games with you, bruh.
Me, too, brother. Me, too. Come on.
[LAUGHS] Come on.
Let's go!
What makes a relationship work?
Is it one big thing or
a lot of little things?
OK. Maybe you guys are on to something.
This is kind of fun.
Is it the need for companionship
or the desire for fun?
Please tell me you did not
go on a date with that man.
You're better than that, baby.
- Well, I went on 3.
- 3?
- Yes. He gives good conversation
- Oh.
- And he has a yacht.
- Well, I don't have a yacht, OK,
but I do have a really nice dock
in Florida.
Are you inviting me
to your dock, Willie?
Maybe I am.
- WENDY: Well, let's drink to that, OK?
- All right.
Is it the honest moments
Hey, I was gonna come check on you
- before I called it a night.
- OK.
Um, thank you
- for today.
- Of course.
I'm always gonna try and do
what's best for you. You know that.
Even if it's not what's best for you?
Yeah. If it means you are
happy and whole, then, yes,
though maybe what I thought you needed
isn't actually what you need,
and today I just
I realised that it's not fair
for me to decide what you do
- with your heart, so I
- Look. I
I love you.
There. So
Or the intimate moments?
JON BATISTE: All I wanted ♪
Don't run away ♪
You know it's hard to
catch a shooting star ♪
Is it the real-life moments
- [SOBS]
- Cha Charissa, hey.
Hi. Are you are you OK?
Wh um, where's Greg? Is he OK?
He broke up with me and moved out.
Oh. Oh, I'm so sorry.
Um, I mean, maybe it's for the best.
Hey, you guys want to hang out?
I'm gonna burn all of the
crap that Greg left behind.
You know, we, um
we have to go to to my lounge,
and I have a huge event tomorrow.
I got to go make sure everything's good.
I can come with you.
Oh, oh, no. Please,
please. We wouldn't
We would hate to put you out like that.
- Plus, you got to burn his crap.
- You're right.
- He should burn.
- Maybe just start with his
start with his his crap there.
- OK.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Get started.
- LAYLA: See you.
The moments that push us
BATISTE: You keep going downtown, oh ♪
But you can't keep running away ♪
COOP: Is that a dating profile?
Yeah, long story.
Not ready yet,
but I had some fun figuring that out.
- Why the worried face?
- The D.A. texted,
and Miko's team is
pushing up her trial date.
But that's what we want, right,
I mean, to get this thing over with
- and get her ass behind bars.
- She's planning on taking the stand
and saying that it was self-defense.
She's coming for Patience,
and it is not gonna be pretty.
The moments that test us,
the moments that deepen us?
BATISTE: But you can't
keep running away ♪
How's it going?
I just finished my paper.
BATISTE: What's love
if we can't be brave? ♪
Keep on running ♪
We can't keep running away ♪
You were right.
I avoided telling you
that Ashley wasn't a girl
because I didn't want to
risk losing his friendship,
and I was completely wrong.
You know, while I was in London,
I got a break from
every tough thing here,
and, most of all, I wasn't reminded
that I lost my dad every single day
and Ashley was a huge part of that.
I think I leaned on that
friendship a little too much,
and I should've recalibrated
that part sooner
I'm sorry and he
truly is just a friend.
You know, London is
the city that I love,
but you you are who I love,
and that trumps everything.
I love you, too.
So what makes a relationship work?
What's this?
We both got some discovering to do
about the new versions of each other
and how much that year apart shaped us,
so this is one of my journals
from when you were gone.
- One of them?
- The only one you can see.
Well, I have something for you, too.
Your book.
You know, I may not have figured
out what the title is gonna be, but
I want to share every
part of my life with you.
That's what makes a relationship work.
Everything we do stems from
how deep our connection is.
- Connection. I like that.
- Mm-hmm,
and I got one more idea for us
- A relationship bucket list.
- Oh.
We can put whatever we want on it,
and then once a week, we
cross something else off.
Hmm. OK, but only if
we add making pasta.
Ooh, carbs during the season? Come on.
OK. OK, but that means we
got to add in the cold plunge.
What? You are the only one of us
- who's gonna enjoy doing that.
- Don't knock it till you try it.
Well, then you have to
take a ballet class with me.
Bet. I'll be on point.
My God, your jokes have
gotten so out of control.
LAYLA: I'm really excited for
you to see the setup in here.
Like, this event could
really change things for us,
and we need all the
positive P.R. we can get.
- Yeah.
- OK.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why does this keep happening to me?
Like, why can't I get a
moment of happiness in my life?
OK. Uh, listen, listen, baby.
It's gonna be fine, right?
- We're gonna we're gonna fix it.
- Fix?
Everything is broken, Jordan.
- OK.
There. Now everything's broken.
Everything is broken!
Everything is broken.
Greg, move your head.
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