All American (2018) s06e10 Episode Script

Mass Appeal

SPENCER: I appreciate you meeting
with me before the combine.
Oh, I prefer a home-cooked meal
- to a stale hotel room any day.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah.
Eric mentioned you
never loved the intensity
of the NFL combine interview process.
Yeah. My nephew knows me well.
I always prefer a relaxed atmosphere,
and if I knew how good your
mom's peach cobbler was,
- I would've come sooner.
There's more if you want.
I wish I could, but
I got to fit in that
plane seat tomorrow.
Spencer, I wanted to meet with you
even before you sign with Eric.
Side note smart choice making
him your agent, by the way
- Thank you.
- But if I'm being honest,
I don't expect talent like yours
to be available for the 30th pick.
Yeah, one of the few drawbacks
of making it to the NFC
title game last year.
Indeed, because a top-flight deep threat
is exactly what we need
to get the chip next year,
but it's not your play in the
field that got my attention.
It's the way you are off the field,
and that is a testament
to your upbringing,
even though it couldn't have been easy
growing up with a single mother.
Well, uh,
honestly, I never lacked for anything.
She gave me everything,
And not just me my
brother, my friends.
I remember laying in bed
dreaming about winning
the Super Bowl MVP,
wondering what I'd say,
knowing that she would be
the first person I thank.
She's my hero, simple as that.
You've raised quite a
young man, Mrs. James.
SPENCER: Eric's happy.
Coach Bryant said that I am exactly
what they look for in first-round talent
and that he thinks I'm
gonna ace my interviews.
- That's good news, son.
- I know. I know.
It's just that I, uh I also mentioned
Coach Bryant's question about
being raised by a single mother.
Oh, Spencer, it's fine,
- certainly worth hearing the answer.
- Mm-hmm.
What did Eric say?
He said that it's pretty standard
to face uncomfortable questions.
These teams are putting millions
on the line with each draft pick,
and it's not just the player on
the field that they're betting on.
It's the whole package.
I still don't like it, though.
- I mean, what's it got to do with football?
What'd he say now?
He said that if I nail it in
Indianapolis like I did tonight,
I'm gonna be a top-5 pick.
Top-5 pick?
Waah! [LAUGHS]
MAN: Felt good
waking up this morning ♪
CHORUS: Waking up ♪
I be working from the
moment that the sun comes up ♪
Yeah, yeah, you know I don't stop ♪
I got to keep it going
on my rise to the top ♪
- Yeah, yeah ♪
- LAURA: Feel bad.
We should've made more of a thing
of you leaving this afternoon.
Oh, no. This is perfect
just us, no big fuss.
I told her she should know by
now that this is more your speed,
right, AJ? Hi, cutie. You're so cute.
- No? Oh.
- Oh. Ooh. All right.
- OK.
- JAYMEE: Come on, bud.
You're not excited to see Auntie Liv?
OLIVIA: It's OK. I'm
used to it at this point.
- Yeah. Here you go.
- Oh, there we go.
He's just going through
a thing right now. Yeah.
Do you remember how he
was with your dad, Ash?
- Is everything OK?
- Yeah. It's just, um
Coach Montes is leaving Coastal.
- LAURA: Wait. Seriously?
- ASHER: No, no. It's OK.
It's for the NFL, which is huge.
There's been rumours, but
- now it's official.
- Do you need to make a call or anything?
Um, no. No, no, no. I'm good.
Today's about Spence. I
don't want to, you know
Talking about you ain't
making it about you, bruh.
- LAYLA: Hi, baby.
Well, well, well.
Good morning. Lookee who we have here.
Your friends and family?
The people who didn't respond to my text
inviting you to the
brunch at Layla's tomorrow.
LAYLA: Oh, my God, Jordan,
it's really not a big deal.
Hey, you didn't get left on
read, babe, OK? I want answers.
You know, I would like some answers
on how you survived the
national championship
but hurt your shoulder playing with AJ.
Hey, the Tickle Monster's very serious,
and so is brunch, people.
- Yo, dude, what you got?
- I'm in Indianapolis, bro.
Mm, that's warm. Mom?
Well, I'm in crunch mode with Coop
and Patience on the case.
You put Miko away, you get a pass. Liv?
- Well, I told Layla that I was coming.
- Good.
Next time, go through the
proper channels for me.
Mommy and Daddy?
ASHER: Uh, we have a
son to take care of.
JORDAN: Not a good
excuse at all, actually,
because AJ was specifically invited,
so I'll give you guys a
table for 3. How's that sound?
Oh, we appreciate it,
but AJ's not quite the
brunch crowd yet, so
ASHER: Maybe when he's past
the food-throwing phase
- Food throwing could be fun for me.
- Or or maybe
when it's not the first weekend
and we're not still working things out.
OLIVIA: Well, how about
I watch AJ tomorrow?
- You OK, babe?
That way, you guys can, you
know, spend some time together.
JORDAN: And then you wouldn't
be able to attend the brunch.
Right. That is how that works, Jordan.
What? I hang out with
you guys all the time.
I want to kick it with AJ for once.
OLIVIA: So what do you guys say?
ASHER: Liv, one-on-one
babysitting is kind of a lot.
I'll watch him here. That way,
my mom will be around for backup.
Yeah, yeah, works for me.
- OK.
- OK.
OK. Great.
Well, Jordan, put us down for two.
JORDAN: All right.
Real quick, though, um,
on behalf of little homie
here, are we are we are we
certain that we want to
leave him with her alone or
Guys, guys, guys, guys, what? OK.
He's made it pretty clear
how he feels genuinely about her.
OLIVIA: I mean, it's no secret that
AJ prefers basically anyone over me,
but that's exactly why
I jumped at the chance
for some one-on-one time, you know,
because now I'm his only option.
There's probably a less
creepy way to say that,
but it might work.
So how long have you been plotting
on getting AJ in your clutches?
Well, I mean, ever since
I split with my publisher,
I've been projectless for
the first time since London.
It's weird, so I don't know
just instead of rushing
into something new,
I just want to focus on
the people I love, and
that includes AJ,
and maybe by the time you're back,
that love will be reciprocated
or tolerated, at least.
Well, it seems like we both
got a busy weekend ahead of us.
Let's do this.
- Hey
- Hmm?
It looks great, babe.
Thanks. Yeah. I just, um
I want to make sure
we have enough rollups.
You know, I was just thinking about
how your therapist said that stress
- can be a choice sometimes.
- Hmm.
You were just thinking that?
I'm not trying to police you, OK?
- I just I just want to make sure
- Babe, babe,
I'm not heading for another episode, OK?
- OK.
- I am on track with my medication.
My therapist is happy.
In fact, if anything
is stressing me out,
it's all this homework
that she has me doing.
- More homework?
- Yeah. I finished my journaling,
mindfulness exercises,
therapeutic accounting,
but I haven't even started
on my list of struggles
and successes for our
next session, so
OK. I thought I was the one in college.
Yeah. Well I don't know maybe
maybe you could just skip the brunch,
right, take a day to focus on yourself.
Skip the brunch?
After all the work I put in?
Jordan, you can't be serious.
No. That's the point. I mean,
you've already created the menu, right?
You've hired the staff.
You've fixed every table
setting I've touched.
Your work is basically done, sweetheart,
and I'll be here to
report back on how it goes.
I was just really hoping
to make tomorrow work.
I know, but if you can
walk away for even a day,
I call that a success.
Um, I can't believe I'm
saying this, but OK.
MR. PHELPS: Some days, I'm happy ♪
Some days, I'm sad ♪
And I only got one life to live ♪
And I'ma give it all that I can ♪
I'ma make it count ♪
Come on, come on ♪
I'ma make it count ♪
I'ma make it count ♪
GORDON: Spencer James,
it's good to see you.
Gordon, hey, what are you doing here?
- I thought Eric was meeting me.
- I know.
Technically, he's your agent,
and Eric's done well by you,
but a big event like this,
it's good to have a
partner looking after you.
You ready?
I've been waiting my whole life.
All right.
GORDON: For the next 4 days,
this is the centre of the NFL universe.
Not only are you and all
the prospects staying here,
but each team's got a
suite of rooms they're using
as their draft headquarters.
DARNELL: Hey, there he
is. Yo, what up, man?
My dawg, what's good, boy? Wade.
How y'all two know each other?
We actually we just met.
Wade was saying that
y'all used to be tight.
Yeah, something like that.
Ha! Come on, man.
We're past all that now.
Yo, you want to post up on the couch,
watch Jono Prince get hyped
up by the scouts with us?
SPENCER: Man, winning
the Heisman has its perks.
You know, Wade's over
here, got him talking us up,
saying we're a better
QB class than 2020.
Hey, you know what they
say about rising tides.
That's what's up.
All right. Well, I just got in,
- so I'm gonna catch up with y'all later.
- All right, man.
- Do your thing.
- See you, boy.
No harm in having a good time.
Just remember, every moment
you're out of your room,
you're being evaluated.
Yes, sir.
- What's this?
- It's your schedule.
Everything's broken down
into 20-minute increments.
- Man, all this in a weekend?
That's just for tomorrow.
DI PRIMA: Shoot, we
straight, what's next? ♪
I ain't really trying
to read all the fine text ♪
I'm talking step by step ♪
You know we keep it effortless ♪
It's a state of mind,
it's a state of mind ♪
We go, "1, 2, 3," like, easy like ♪
It's one of a kind,
yeah, one of a kind ♪
- Good morning.
- Hey.
It's great to meet you.
Hey, Spencer, it's a pleasure.
Spencer James.
- Ready to get to it?
- Yes, sir.
DI PRIMA: Easy ♪
We make it look ♪
Easy, whoo ♪
Everyone we've talked with about you
mentioned your leadership.
That's quite a humbling thing to hear.
Do you consider yourself
a natural leader?
People have always looked to me.
I've respected the responsibility,
but at GAU, I learned
there was power in it, too.
- How do you mean?
- Well, I was able to build something at GAU
while everybody else could
only see what was broken.
It's impressive, especially
considering all the adversity
you faced in your personal life.
Well, it's no secret
your life off the
field's been pretty messy,
but don't worry.
We've seen much, much messier.
WOMAN: If you want it,
you can catch this vibe ♪
I just want to dance all night ♪
Dude, that French toast was fantastic.
I will let Layla know.
I'm sorry again for the wait.
Oh, no worries at all.
- How are you doing?
- Uh, things are a bit hectic
but good, I think.
It's first service.
Hiccups are expected,
though this is going way smooth
compared to what I've seen.
Whoa. Just thinking about
that stresses me out.
It's the thrill of restaurant work.
You know no day's the same. You're
always adapting to the chaos.
It's what I love most about it.
- WOMAN: I don't do brunches!
I'm gonna, um, go see what's up.
Just sit tight. Enjoy your drinks.
OK, so you don't want to
sing your favourite song.
You don't want to play
your favourite game.
You sure you don't want to
read your favourite book?
- Oh! Ugh
Oh, my God. Thank God.
It's your mom and dad.
- Hey, buddy, hi.
- Hi, bubba. How you doing?
Look. We're just wrapping up here.
I'm sorry. It's been a while.
- Um, is everything all right?
- Yeah. Sorry.
The bartender quit, and Jordan's
- I'm gonna go see if I can help.
- Yeah.
OLIVIA: Oh. Um, well,
don't worry about us.
Everything is under control here,
so just take your time.
OK. All right. Well
Did she hit the red button?
LAURA: Oh, what happened?
He was fine, and then we hung up.
Did you push the red button?
- The what?
- Did you hang up the phone,
or did you let him do it?
- I did.
- No.
Never push the red button, Liv.
It's his absolute favourite thing to do.
OK, OK. I can promise
you that I will not.
I'm sorry, Mom.
It's fine. I needed a break, anyway.
Have you, uh, talked to Spencer
to see how he's doing at the combine?
I mean, I haven't since
he got in last night.
He's got a busy day, but,
I mean, he's got it handled.
Just saying, I thought the same thing
when your dad was going through it, and
I could not have been more wrong.
- It's not personal.
- Are you sure?
Because I've tried doing
his favourite everything,
things he loves doing
with everyone except me.
It's kind of the definition of personal.
I remember feeling the exact same way
when you were little.
You were such a daddy's girl.
I was always a little envious
of the way you two were together.
Well, I bet I never
gave you the side eye
like AJ's giving me right now.
Uh, not quite,
but you did push the red button.
I know. I definitely won't
make that mistake again.
The point is, is that over time,
you'll find your own way to connect.
You don't have to be someone else.
Just be yourself.
MAN: So what does football mean to you?
Well, it's been my
dream to play in the NFL
for as long as I can remember,
but the game is so much more than that.
I love it all the
competition, the struggle,
the bonds I forge with my teammates.
I'm sorry to cut in here
because, I got to say,
your passion for the
game does sound genuine,
but I'm struggling with the
fact that you quit, Spencer.
- Uh, that was in high school.
- But it happened.
You quit on your team.
Yeah. It was it was a difficult time.
Because I don't love hearing
that you quit when things get difficult.
This is the NFL, son.
- Things are gonna get difficult.
- It won't happen again, sir.
- It won't happen again?
- No, sir.
You sure about that?
Because, from what our
research team found,
- you've quit not once, but twice.
- That was different.
Different from the last time
you quit when it was difficult?
It won't happen again, sir.
All right. Keep those mimosas coming.
Better get on top of these orders.
- You're getting good, man.
- Hmm.
You're not gonna take that?
No. I'll call him back
or see him at his
going-away party tomorrow.
Look. I know you guys were tight,
- so it can't be easy.
- Yeah, but
Look. I'm happy for him.
It's a big opportunity.
JAYMEE: Come on, Jordan. Focus.
Another round at high-top.
Right, right, right.
JAYMEE: Uh, hey, do you
mind if I stay for a bit
just to help them get out of the weeds?
Yeah, no problem.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Hey, I'll pick up AJ.
I'll see you at the house.
- OK. Thanks.
- OK.
MONICA: Just know ♪
I'm on your side ♪
When you're missing me the most ♪
My hand is on your shoulder ♪
Every time ♪
- Yeah?
- Hey.
Just, um just checking
in to see how it's going.
JORDAN, ON PHONE: Uh, great.
A hiccup here and there,
but Asher loved the French toast, babe.
Oh, my God, he said it was fantastic.
Uh, what what hiccups?
Just, well, we hit a bit of a snag
- when Terry actually walked out, but
- My bartender quit?
Yeah. Yeah, but Jaymee jumped in,
and I'm on mimosa duty.
- We are handling it.
- Wait. Uh, Jaymee?
And how are you making
drinks with one arm?
- It's my good arm.
- Jordan, what is going on?
Babe, new order just came in,
so I got to go, but don't worry.
We've got everything under control.
- Ooh, ooh
- [BEEP]
Have you ever leaked
anything to the press?
- No.
- What about Olivia Baker?
- What about her?
- She's your girlfriend.
You helped her go after
the GAU football program.
Coach Garrett got what he deserved.
So you agree with what she did.
- Why did Tyrone shoot you?
- It's complicated.
Because some of your
friends are gang members.
- Former gang members.
- Right, former.
Are you sure you've never
been affiliated with any gang?
- That's what I said.
- MAN: Why did Billy bring you to Beverley?
Because my mom asked him to.
- They had a relationship?
- They were friends in high school.
Must've been good friends. I mean,
he brought you into his house.
Is that a question?
Just saying, I know
what you got out of it,
but what about Billy?
Did you ever think
there was something more
- than your play on the field?
- No.
You don't want to elaborate?
I guess that does it unless
you have any questions for us.
No. I'd say we're done here.
Hey, Asher just picked up AJ.
I'm not sure which one of us is happier.
Anyway, how did your interviews go?
I got on-field workout,
so I can't talk long,
but let's just say it was rough.
OK. Well, I'm sure it
wasn't as bad as you think.
- You're your own worst critic.
- Nope.
They were bad, but I got to go.
Oh. Um, well, do you want to talk later?
It's gonna be a long day, but I'll try.
All right. Just keep your head up, OK?
- I love you.
- I love you.
I mean, he just sounded so defeated.
Well, the combine is
relentless by design.
It's to see if you can
perform under extreme stress.
Right, but, I mean, this morning,
he was just meeting with the teams.
Well, the interviews can be invasive.
It was tough for your dad, too.
Questions about us, our marriage.
That's gross.
Well, how did you help him?
Well, I couldn't control
the pressure he faced,
but I could support him through it.
Trust your instincts.
You know Spencer, Liv.
Be there for him in the
ways that you know how.
Here you go, guys.
JAYMEE: Enjoy.
Hey, congrats, Layla.
You pulled off a great first service.
Well, when Jordan told
me the bartender quit,
- I expected the worst.
- Oh, yeah.
There were a few hiccups, but, honestly,
for a first go, it was a big hit,
but was Jordan supposed to use
- the top-shelf champagne for mimosas?
- Oh, definitely not.
Sorry. I thought that was weird, but
I was gonna say something. I just
You do not get to apologise
to me today or maybe forever.
Honestly, I I miss this madness,
and I'm free tomorrow if you can't find
- a bartender to cover.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Of course.
Yeah. We can just, um,
add it to my friend tab.
right, all right, all right ♪
All right, all right ♪
DARNELL: Hey, yo, Spence.
Spence, wait up, man. Where you going?
Grab a bite, rest up for tomorrow.
Or you could come grab
dinner with me and the boys.
Nah. I'm just not feeling it tonight.
Come on, man. We haven't even
had time to catch up properly yet,
and, look, Wade's been telling
all the guys about your 21st.
You got them screaming, man.
You know, they starting to think
that you this football robot.
Come on. Let's show them how we do it.
I'm not here to make friends, bro,
but if you want to go party
with Wade and them boys, do you.
Ain't nobody partying, Spence.
I'm just saying that you
need to loosen up a bit.
Look, man.
I don't know what you
got going on right now,
but look around, man.
We're living the dream, both of us.
We're at the NFL combine,
two kids
statistically weren't
supposed to amount to nothing.
Now we here, and that's huge.
Don't let that go over your head.
- Ahh, hey.
- Hey.
Uh, AJ went down great.
- Oh, nice.
- Everything go all right at Layla's?
Yeah. It was great.
Uh, I offered to help
out again tomorrow.
- If that's all right.
- Yeah. Of course.
I'm glad to hear things
calmed down because
they were on edge when I left.
Yeah. It has its moments,
but that's what makes it fun.
It's insane how much you enjoy it.
I miss it.
I hope to go back to it eventually.
But not now
- because of me.
- No. It's not your fault,
but with everything going on,
we need the stability
that my job offers.
I just hate that you have to give up
something you love because of me.
Babe, I'm not even sure what
I'm chasing after anymore,
especially without Coach.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Everything going all right?
Today was tough.
Yeah. I heard.
I might've snapped a little bit,
but the disrespect in some
of these questions, man
Eric said he talked to you about this.
Spencer, they're drilling everybody
- Darnell, your buddy Wade.
- He's not my buddy.
Look. The point is,
they're all smiles out there.
They're playing the game
with the teams, the press, the scouts.
That's not a game I know
how to play, all right?
You better learn quick
because they're climbing draft
boards while you're sliding fast.
Spencer, I'm trying to help you here.
You got to meet me halfway.
- Can you do that?
- I just need to rest, OK?
I'ma get right.
All right.
Here's your schedule for tomorrow.
You got time for one more interview?
Ohh, this is inhumane.
Who wakes up before the sun?
At least I ain't crying
at the sight of you.
Ohh, definitely don't have to
worry about AJ stealing me away.
Just don't give up.
That's the only way to fail.
I could say the same to you.
You want to explain that over breakfast?
Got some time before your flight,
and you did come all the way out here.
I didn't come to hang out.
I want you to be drafted in the top 5,
and that means taking
Darnell's advice, right,
and connecting with the others,
kind of like I need to with AJ.
- See what I did there?
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Look. The point is is,
I mean, I could talk to you
about this stuff for forever
and still not understand it
quite like the guys living it with you.
Doesn't help with the interviews.
I'm not like Darnell or Wade.
This stuff gets to me. It's personal.
I can't just play it off.
Well, I don't think you should.
I mean, being genuine is
your super power, babe.
I mean, that's what you do best.
And yesterday I was
genuinely pissed off.
And today you need to
be genuinely thoughtful
about what you've overcome
to get where you are.
I mean, just because
the questions are stuffed
with stereotypes and
designed to provoke,
doesn't mean your answers have to be.
I wish you could see
yourself the way I do.
I mean, everything that
you've been through,
it didn't break you or define you,
but it's essential to who you are now
and there's so much beauty in that,
and if you can just
show even a hint of that
in the interviews,
there won't be a team in the NFL
that won't want Spencer James.
Good morning, good morning. Looks great.
- Uh, hi.
- Hi.
I thought that you were coming in early
- to finish your therapy stuff.
- Yeah. I did. Um,
I finished my list of struggles,
but when I couldn't
think of any victories,
I thought I would use my time
to make today a success.
Not one success?
I mean, what about
launching this brunch?
That's huge, babe.
The brunch would have fallen apart
if it weren't for you and Jaymee.
I wasn't even here, Jordan.
OK, uh, but the menu, the outreach,
the drinks I mean, you
worked on it for weeks.
Every single meaningful
victory that I've had
came from being part of a team, right?
You don't have to do it all alone.
You've been through a lot
fights, gang violence back home.
Can't imagine it's been easy.
Well, football's part
of what got me through.
We hear that a lot.
Not a lot of guys quit, though, twice.
I'll admit, it's a concern,
especially for a smart guy like you
good grades, options beyond the game.
I can understand that.
I'd like to say it was immaturity,
anger, frustration, kind of like a kid
running away from home, you know?
Think I've grown up a lot since then.
And the second time?
My father passed shortly
after we reconnected,
and I didn't know what I wanted.
Did you consider quitting
after Billy Baker's death?
- No, sir.
- It's just, I heard he was like a father to you.
I didn't consider quitting
after Coach Baker died
not because it hurt any less.
They both broke me,
but I learned I didn't
have to stay broken.
I had friends. I had family.
They helped set the break straight.
They're a part of me now.
Coach Baker and my dad,
I still feel their absence
every time I step foot on the field,
but it's not because
it's where I'm weak.
It's because, even now,
they're keeping me strong.
MAN: Every good thing I set aside ♪
On a cloudy day, I'ma
focus on the better skies ♪
I could never lie
for a better life ♪
Oh, hey, can we actually
garnish those with this?
OK. Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're really good at this. I've
been watching you put out fires
- before they start all morning.
- Thanks.
I mean, it's a team, really.
You've hired a really great staff.
Well, I also hired the
bartender who quit on us,
so I wouldn't say all my
choices have been hits.
Oh, in my experience,
being a good manager
isn't about hiring the right people.
Lots of jerks can ace the interview,
but the real trick is keeping the
right people once you find them.
JORDAN: Baker's Best for table two.
- Thank you.
- Uh, babe, do you mind actually
- flying that out?
- Yeah. Yeah.
You're right, and keeping
the right people means keeping you.
Oh, that's really kind,
Layla, but, um, I can't.
I can't work server/
bartender hours right now.
- No, no, I
- I want you to be the manager.
But that's your job.
It is, but I, uh, want
to take a step back,
and you're right I don't
need to find the right person.
I just need to keep her.
So do you want the job?
ASHER: Jaymee, you turned it down?
We talked about this.
It's not a good time.
Yeah, but, baby,
it is everything that you want.
It's better pay. It's
better hours. It's
- it's work that you love.
- No.
- It's still too risky.
- What is risky about working
- with one of our best friends?
- Uh, restaurants.
Most fail within a year,
and what if Layla's fails?
No. I can't let you keep
giving up your dreams
so that I can chase mine.
Baby, look at me.
I am not betting on a restaurant.
I'm betting on you
just like you're doing with me.
OK. All right. I'll do it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I'll just I have to
You will just go and tell
Layla you want the job.
You said she wanted you
to start tonight, right?
Yeah. OK, uh, but what
about Montes' party?
Babe, no. No, no. Look. Every
coach is gonna be angling
for a job on Montes' NFL staff.
Even if I go, I doubt I'll get
more than a few words with him.
And besides, this should
not stand in the way
of a new beginning for you.
- Go.
- OK. I'm going. I'm going.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait. Come here.
- What?
- Now go.
OK. Ohh
- I love you.
- I love you.
I'm a lock for first round, no cap.
- Yo, come on, bro. You're a lock?
- What's that mean?
It means it's guaranteed.
It's gonna happen.
How you figure?
Coach Cooke and I drank to it.
That's how they bond in Missouri.
DARNELL: You drank with the head coach?
- Yeah.
- Bruh, I can't believe you fell for that.
What are you talking about?
It's a shot to seal the deal.
Wade, that was a trap, man.
What, you think that dropped
me off the draft board?
You know, I'm not a flyover
country guy, anyway, so whatever.
Easy to screw up in a screwed-up system.
Wasn't exactly hard to see.
You defending all this?
It's the dream, Spence.
It's not their fault
that somebody messed up.
It ain't just the entrapment, man.
It's the ridiculous questions
about our personal life,
the endless physical evaluations,
cognitive tests, workout drills.
These teams are checking
everything but our damn teeth, man.
Sorry. I hope it's OK to drop by.
I just got back from
Indianapolis [GASPS]
and I'm free to babysit, you know,
if you and Jaymee want, like,
- an impromptu night out or something.
Well, Jaymee's actually out.
Oh. Um, well, then how about you?
Liv, that is very,
very kind, but AJ is
- he's a lot at mealtime.
Uh, hey, Ash, your coach is calling.
Ah. I'll give him a call back.
Um, hey, I know this
this may not be my business, but
I know it's hard to lose a mentor,
but he's leaving the job, not you.
I mean, you know that, right?
Yeah. I know.
Look. I'm not mad about
him leaving. It's just,
after your dad, I don't
know how to say good-bye.
Well, we don't always get that chance.
You do.
You're right.
I mean, he he has a party.
It's tonight, but it's
already started, and
- Is dinner ready?
- Yeah, but
with sweet potato, it's a disaster.
- I really should be the one
- Asher, go.
Go now, seriously.
We're fine, seriously.
- OK.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
All right.
Bro, Wade ain't the one dealing
with them "Get Out" shoulder rubs
and them creepy questions
about growing up in ghetto.
He just failed the party-boy test.
JONO: Yeah, but Wade ain't the
only one they tried that on.
Exactly, and, look,
even if he do got it easy,
that don't make it right.
JONO: Don't think any of
us like to be talked up
like we're investments
instead of people.
DARNELL: Yeah, right,
right, and I I hear you,
but so what?
I mean, sitting around
complaining about it
ain't gonna change nothing,
and we can't rock the boat because
we all here for the same reason,
and that's to get drafted, right?
You right.
Right now, we just prospects
with no power to change anything
and a lot of lose if we try,
but one day soon,
the dudes in this
room are gonna be MVPs,
Super Bowl champs, maybe
even Hall of Famers.
We're gonna be on the inside, bro,
with the power to challenge
how things are done
for the next generation.
If we are living the
dream, all I'm saying is,
let's try to make it a better one for us
and all the guys coming up after.
That's all I'm saying.
Yeah. Yeah. I can get with that.
JONO: This must be one of
those Spencer James speeches
I've been hearing about, huh?
Yeah, and you know what?
He almost does it as good as our pops.
Just one bite, AJ, please,
just one little bite, please?
Tsk. Ugh
I get it, bud.
OK. I know. Yep. I miss my dad, too.
you know, he used to pretend
that he couldn't feed himself.
You know, maybe I've
been doing this all wrong.
Let me try.
Ah! Oh!
Hmm? OK. Wait. Hold
on. I got this. Ready?
Uh, what am I doing wrong? I don't know.
Can you show me?
Can you show me how it's done?
What? How did you do that?
- Pfft!
- Hiyoo, boo.
You do it the best. Oh, yeah.
Ah, it's good. It's good. Yes.
You good on drinks? Wonderful.
Ah. I'll be right back.
Hi. I hope you have
some good news for me.
If the offer's still on
the table, I can start now.
- Great.
- Yeah.
Great. OK. Um, well, we will
take care of the paperwork
and all that later, but
since you already met the staff
and you know your way around,
are you good to handle
tonight on your own?
Yeah. Um, I do have one question.
Are you sure about this?
Jaymee, you have more
than proven yourself.
No. I mean, are you sure
you don't want this job
after everything that
you've put in the place?
Um, I wasn't, but, look, I'm
I'm proud of what I've done here,
but I need to be
focusing on other things,
and seeing the way you love the work
just showed me how
much I never really did,
not like you.
I want the place to be a success,
and now that you're here,
I know that it will be.
Yeah. Um,
there is one last thing.
- You're firing me.
- To be fair,
you were never really on staff.
Ah, neither was Jaymee,
and you're promoting her.
You don't really want to bartend for me,
- Jordan, do you?
- God no. I just hate failing.
You didn't fail. In fact,
you topped my list of successes.
- Why?
- You were a terrible bartender,
but you are a wonderful human being,
and you reminded me that
the success of a team
is just as sweet as
individual victories,
and now I can step away from
the lounge knowing that it'll
be the success I always
hoped it would be.
So locking me down is a success?
Can't say I disagree with you. Uh,
what else do you have on this list?
- You want to start producing again?
- Mm-hmm.
That's great. What brought that on?
I've been thinking a lot
about my mom's masters.
It helps me connect when
I'm working on therapy,
and I realised that, as much as
I love listening to her,
she couldn't ever stand
to listen to herself.
I mean, a lot of artists
kind of find it hard
- to appreciate their own work, right?
- Yes, um,
but I don't think it's about the music.
I think it's about what
the music represents,
and my mom couldn't stand to face
what she viewed as a failure, um,
and I think I'm doing the same thing
with the label
because of what
happened to Patience, and
I don't want that to
be the end of my story.
- That's a big win.
- Yeah
for both of us.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Ahh, thank you for meeting me here.
I know you probably
just want to go home.
You flew halfway across
the country to see me.
Yeah. We'll call it even.
No, not even close because,
according to Gordon,
every team I talked to
after your pep talk wants to see me
in they jersey come draft day.
Ah, top-5 pick, huh?
It's looking that way, thanks to you.
Well, um, your advice worked here, too,
because AJ and I are
finally on the same page,
which is probably why
I smell like baby food.
- I don't follow.
- Just don't worry about it.
- OK.
- Um, actually, spending time with him
got me thinking about my dad
and just how he always
found a way to teach
that just made you feel like
- you knew exactly what do to all along.
- Yeah.
Yeah. He made you feel stronger
by helping you meet him
in the middle, right?
That's what I want to do with my book.
It's my way of sharing him
with the next generation.
- A children's book.
- Yeah.
I love it.
He'd love it.
Asher, you came.
Coach Mrs. Montes.
- Yeah. I'm sorry I'm late. Is Coach
- No.
He left when the party ended,
but I was actually just
coming to leave this for you.
It's something he wanted you to have.
- This is for me?
- Yeah.
You know, he hasn't
taken this move lightly.
Lost lots of sleep worrying
about the staff that
he's leaving behind
It's a part of the gig.
But he doesn't worry about you.
It's why he got you the necklace.
He said that you were going
to have more championship rings
than fingers one day.
The chain is for the extras.
You gonna take that?
It's been hard.
I don't know how to say good-bye.
Well, now's your chance.
MAN: I've been lost,
and I've been haunted ♪
Nothing gained and nothing wanted ♪
- Hey, Coach.
- MAN: Life's a roller coaster ♪
- Takes you up, drops you down ♪
- Yeah.
Yeah. No. I'm good. I'm good.
Yeah. No, no, no. I know. I just, uh
I mean, you know, I
Oh, Coach, look, I'm
I'm really happy for you.
I know that you're moving
on to a better place
I won't ever be able
to thank you enough
for everything.
I don't know what my life would've
been like without you, so
well, can't a man just
tell his matcha-loving coach
that he will be missed?
Because he will be.
MAN: Feels like home ♪
No, I haven't put a
football in AJ's hands yet.
MAN: When we've been home ♪
- Feels like we've ♪
- What do you mean, "why"?
He can't even stand up.
MAN: When it feels like home ♪
When it feels like home ♪
All the worries gone ♪
MAN: Greg, move your head.
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