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Poppin' my, like,
I'm poppin' these tags ♪
We really havin' them racks ♪
I told you, when I see you,
it was gonna be on sight.
- Now I got to handle you.
- Hey, man. Hey.
And that's how deep the beef was
between the Montagues and the Capulets.
That's the energy I
need you guys to bring
to "Romeo and Juliet" in
tomorrow night's production,
so you guys go ahead and
read through your scenes.
You a scary dude, man.
Man, that's the old Preach.
- He is long gone.
- I know he's buried in there somewhere,
- Shakespeare and all.
- Uncle Spencer.
There you go, right
there. What's up, Amina?
Hey. You got to meet my boyfriend.
This is my friend Bryce.
Bryce, this is my Uncle Spencer.
- Nice to meet you, man.
- Nice to meet you, too.
- Friends, huh?
- Yeah.
Too damn young to be talking
boyfriend/girlfriend anything.
Dad's such a hater.
You know I'm 15, right?
Oh, I know.
You know we don't play when
it comes to this one, right?
- Oh, he better know.
- Uh, yes, sir um sirs.
AMINA: Y'all are hilarious.
You know this isn't "Bad Boys," right,
and neither of you are
as fine as Will Smith.
Let's go practice our scenes, Bryce.
Please tell me they're not
playing Romeo and Jul
They are.
Are you gonna be OK,
star-crossed lovers and all?
It's just a few scenes,
and ain't no kissing in none of them.
SPENCER: Man, I cannot
believe you bringing back
- 24-Hour Shakespeare to South Crenshaw.
- Yeah.
I always wanted to participate,
but they shut it down
before I got the chance.
Thanks to your mom,
- the grant kept this mentorship program alive
- Mm.
and included enough
to make this possible
- during spring break.
- DEION: Spence.
- Hey.
- What's up, big bro?
Hey, there he is. How you feeling, boy?
I don't know. I ain't never
performed on nobody's stage before,
especially no Shakespeare,
but I'm trying to keep an open mind
- while I figure out life after football.
- Yeah, man.
I was just telling Preach
how "Romeo and Juliet"
was always my favourite.
- You gonna be here for the show?
- I mean,
- we could use the extra help.
- I wish I could, man,
but I got this couples'
getaway with the crew.
- We flying out tomorrow morning.
- Mm.
You gonna be a'ight, though. Good luck.
- You ready?
- Yeah. Let's do it, man.
KHALIL: So what time
your parents leaving?
Yeah. Sure.
I'ma see you later.
Hey, Khalil, you're late.
End the call and take
your seat in class.
Hey, bruh, give me a minute.
I'm taking care of business.
- Damn.
- Hey, sorry about this.
Look. End the call,
or I'ma end it for you.
Man, let me call you back.
Yeah. This dude tripping.
SPENCER: Damn. What is up with him?
PREACH: Just another kid who thinks
he's got more potential in
the streets than in school.
Principal Lawson wanted to suspend him,
but I fought for him to
be in this program instead
as a diversionary solution.
These kids is lucky to have you, man.
No. We were lucky to have
an advocate like Billy Baker.
I'm just trying to
keep his legacy alive.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- Break legs.
- Yeah.
Morning, Coop.
What's up, Ms. B.?
I wish you and Patience
would change your minds
about going on the couples'
getaway with the rest of the group.
Oh, that would've never happened
with Miko's trial starting today.
I mean, even if I could've
convinced Patience to go,
her mind would've been here.
So they really offered Miko a plea deal?
Yep. Apparently, they
would've reduced the charges
from attempted murder to
felony aggravated battery
- and aggravated stalking.
And the dumb bitch said no.
When I was a D.A.,
the only circumstances
in which I would offer a deal was
if I knew I didn't
have an airtight case.
And her defence team knew that,
which is why they turned it down.
- Exactly.
- The D.A. has the means to establish
a serialised pattern of behaviour
and have her locked up.
I mean, it's right there.
Coop, we are not going
down this road again, OK?
Miko's juvenile record is sealed.
It can't be touched.
All we can do is see how it plays out
and hope that the State
makes a compelling case,
but right now,
Patience needs you by her
side as her girlfriend.
Let me worry about the law.
scent of your hair ♪
JORDAN: The van is about 15
minutes away for the airport,
and then we are wheels up to Tulum.
Mm, I cannot tell you how much
I've been looking
forward to this trip
just, like, 5 days, 4 nights
of laying by the pool, sipping drinks,
doing absolutely nothing.
Did you forget that I'll
be there with you or ?
No, silly. You're gonna
be, um, bringing me drinks
- and fanning me by the pool.
- Oh, OK.
Cool, cool, cool, cool.
Yeah. I'll be your pool boy.
- That's fine. Yeah. Um
- Huh.
- What's up?
Nothing. Uh, just, uh, spam.
- Hmm.
- Everything OK?
Yeah, uh, just, um
just work stuff, nothing important.
SPENCER: Liv, I love you,
but we got to talk about
this packing situation.
What? I think my system is just fine.
Putting everything into your suitcases
the night before we
leave is not a system.
Hey, Liv, it's fine.
These guys can pack, like,
3 swim trunks and a shirt
and be good for the week,
and women need options.
- Right. See? Thank you, Layla.
- Mm-hmm.
Anyway, my "Coach Billy" book is done,
and after weeks of networking
with self-published children
lit authors on LinkedIn,
I'm just excited for
some adult relaxation.
Oh, hey, babe, will you grab my charger
- when you go get your luggage?
- Yeah.
Oh, this is all your stuff.
OK. Yeah. I take it back.
I'm I'm going with Spencer.
- Well, so much for unity.
Oh, Asher and Jaymee are running late,
so they're just gonna
meet us at the airport.
Well, in that case, I
say we check in right now,
speed up the process, right?
That's weird.
I didn't get a notification
to check in. It's just
Yeah. Did you guys get no?
- Uh-uh.
- No.
I don't even have the
itinerary in my app.
It's like it's heh!
It's like I know that I did it.
I mean, I'm positive, you know,
because I booked it, like, months ago,
so it's like it, like,
doesn't make any s
- For next weekend.
- What?
JORDAN: Booked it for next weekend.
Jordan, please tell me you
did not mix up the dates.
I would just be lying to you.
- I don't think that you want
- So we are stuck here for spring break.
- I have an idea.
- Please.
How do you all feel about Italy?
All right. Here we are.
OLIVIA: And where might that be?
Italy. Well
Verona, to be exact.
How hard was he hit during
the championship game?
Spence, real quick, hey, buddy,
what year is it? Can you
- can you tell me what
- I'm not concussed, stupid. Look. Look.
Preach is throwing a
production of "Romeo and Juliet"
with all the kids
tonight, and I figured
- we could help out.
- You signed us up to be camp counsellors?
This was supposed to
be a romantic getaway.
"Romeo and Juliet"
camp counsellors, baby.
What is more romantic than that?
- Don't.
- Hey. All right.
OK. Uh, what about Catalina?
Quick drive, ferry?
I already checked. The
island's fully booked.
- LAYLA: Damn it.
- Yo, it is spring break.
Everything everywhere is fully booked.
OLIVIA: Ugh, are you sure about that?
Mm, OK.
If we're that desperate, we
can always just go to the
OK, babe. I love you,
but if you say cabin,
- I just might murder you.
- JORDAN: What?
- The cabin's fun.
- I will help you dispose of the body.
JORDAN: Ha ha. Very funny.
Y'all are not giving
Verona a fair chance.
Hey, double homicide.
PREACH: Look. I know you
guys thought you'd be midair
on your way to a resort in Mexico.
It's a private house in Tulum, actually.
OLIVIA: Beachfront
with an infinity pool.
Private chef and driver.
Bougie-ass Beverly
kids. It must be nice.
OK. I know this isn't
exactly how we planned,
but I promise you,
it's gonna mean a lot
of these kids if we stay.
PREACH: Look. Spencer's
right. That's the reason
Billy started this program,
to give these kids hope
and expose them to new worlds.
That's really playing on
the heartstrings, fellas.
- Is it working?
- BOTH: Yes.
- Yep.
- Hmm-hmm! That's what I'm talking about.
Look. I'm gonna get you guys t-shirts,
but first, I want to introduce you
to the kids that you'll be working with.
Hey, hey, guys, listen up.
We got some new, uh, additions
to our 24-Hour Shakespeare
to get us across the finish line,
and, Olivia and Layla,
you will be paired
with Amina and ol' boy.
His name is Bryce, Daddy.
OK. Uh, Spencer, you'll
be with, uh, Deion,
and, Jordan, you'll be with Khalil.
KHALIL: Yo, I can't get
one of these fine shorties
instead of this fake-ass Drake?
JORDAN: OK. First of all, this
is my fiancée and my sister.
Second of all, show some respect.
- He doesn't know.
- He needs to know
- SPENCER: Go easy on him, OK?
- One of these days
- My man. Thank you, brother.
- All right.
ASHER: Wait. You're not joking?
- All right.
- I'll hit you.
- Sorry I'm late.
I should've known there would
have been a crisis at work
- the day we had to get to the airport.
- About that
Um, A.J.'s dropped off with my sister,
and I just need a second to throw
a couple things in my suitcase,
and then we can get moving
on our romantic getaway.
[CHUCKLES] Baby, baby,
baby, um, bad news.
- What?
- Our romantic getaway kind of got away.
Jordan accidentally booked
the package for next weekend.
Ohh, all right, so what's Plan B?
There is no Plan B.
I mean, Spence said something about
helping Preach over at South Crenshaw.
Well, this sucks.
We've both been so busy,
I was really looking forward to having
a romantic vaycay with my bae.
Well, it doesn't have
to be a complete loss.
I mean, we do have a
sitter for a few days
so how about a romantic staycay?
Well, hey, would you mind
if we started our staycation
a little later, then? It
would seriously ease my mind
if I could run back to work
and just make sure
all those little fires
were completely put out.
- Yeah. Of course
- OK.
And that gives me time
to prep for spring ball
and make sure nothing
falls through the cracks
during this head coach search.
We'll meet back here to have lunch
and kick off our romantic staycay.
- It's a date.
- Mm-hmm.
WOMAN ON TV: All eyes are on
the Criminal Courts Building
in Downtown L.A. as day one
of the "State of California
versus Miko Scott" attempted
murder trial begins.
What can we expect today
We can expect a lot of stress.
How you feeling?
I'm not sure. I'm just ready
for all this to be over.
selection will soon begin
with the defence hoping
to identify jurors
sympathetic to their
cause who, perhaps
- Yeah. I am over this already, OK?
- Look, look.
Before we pivot,
there's something I need to tell you.
Uh, the D.A. offered Miko
- a plea deal, and she turned it down.
- What does that mean?
- Nothing good for us.
- I hate her.
My entire life has
been turned upside down.
Like, I haven't even
been able to set foot
in the studio, and
she's about to walk free?
Look. There still a very strong chance
that justice will be served and
she'll get what's coming to her
Oh, come on, Coop. You and
I both know that justice
is only served when it's people
like me and you being prosecuted.
The best thing we can do
is just stay positive, all right?
- We'll get through this together.
- No, no. I have put so much work
into not feeling like a victim,
but I know the minute
that she's acquitted,
I'll have to look over my
shoulder for the rest of my life.
Whatever I got to do to make
you feel safe here, I'll do it.
The safest I've ever felt
were those 6 months I lived in New York,
so if Miko gets off,
I may have to consider moving back.
LAURA: OK. I got it.
What about this?
GRACE: This is a date, not a deposition.
DENISE: Girl it's
giving Hillary Clinton.
I'ma need you to Lewinsky
it up a little bit.
Matter of fact, I got it. Move.
OK, but nothing too over-the-top.
I don't have your, um
Be very careful how you finish that.
- Confidence.
- Oh.
That's nothing some body
shapers can't handle.
Oh, you guys, I can't believe
I agreed to go on this date.
You've been dragging your feet
about this for way too long.
It's been months since G.W. and your mom
got you to set up your dating profile.
I know, but Miko's trial
starts today, and I
- I should just cancel it.
- And do what?
You can't get into the courtroom,
and there's nothing else
you can do but sit and wait,
but now you get to sit and wait
while having dinner and conversation.
DENISE: You know, you have never told us
about this mystery guy.
Like, is he tall, dark, and handsome,
or is he tall
dark, and handsome?
Guys, I haven't been
on a first date in ages.
I don't even know if I can
make small talk anymore.
Oh, you don't have to
because this little baby in gonna
do all the talking for you, OK?
GRACE: And if you're uncomfortable,
you can always start
with simple icebreakers
like, "Where did you grow up?"
Or, "Did you come from a big family?"
Yep, yep, and I like to start
by asking them to tell me a joke,
you know, lets you know
if they're funny or not.
OK. I should write all this down.
No. Wait, wait, wait. Relax.
You are going to have an amazing time,
and we're just a text
away if you need us.
But, hey
- try not to need us.
- Yeah.
- OK.
- That's good.
SPENCER: Absolutely. Yeah, yeah,
yeah. Go ahead, bro. Of course.
OK, so I know you've been having
some trouble connecting with the lines.
I've been reading through it.
This stuff is just
like a foreign language.
Well, that's your first mistake, bro.
These plays were written to be spoken,
not read, OK, out loud.
- Let me hear.
- Out loud, like in front of people?
Was you planning on reading
from behind the curtain tonight?
KHALIL: Hey, Spencer,
don't even waste your time.
Bet he gonna quit before
the curtain even opens.
DEION: And you'll be in juvie
before the curtain closes.
- Hey.
- I'm just trying to save y'all the disappointment.
- Then leave. You are the disappointment.
- Yo, OK.
Since y'all got so much
to say to each other,
y'all can say it in a scene together.
But we got totally different monologues.
Then I guess I'm calling a audible.
Hours before showtime?
I guess y'all better get to work.
OK, hey
Uh, Spence, real quick, hey,
are we sure this is the best idea?
No. But it's got to be better than
them disrupting the whole class
or getting kicked out.
I wish we could just be like them
young, in love, carefree.
Speaking of which, um,
I have something I need to tell you.
JORDAN: You know, I got
to say, this is going
- much better than I expected.
- Yeah.
I figured giving them some
energy to feed off would be good.
[CHUCKLES] Um, speaking
of sticky situations,
I actually have something I was
kind of dying to talk to you about.
I got an email this morning
from Primrose Ocean Club.
Wait. The wedding venue? Oh,
my God. That place is gorgeous.
Yeah. I know, right?
- It's our dream venue
- Mm-hmm.
but it's been booked
solid for the next 3 years.
- OK, so what's the problem?
- Well, a spot just opened up.
- That's dope.
- Absolutely.
Um, it opened up for April 26.
Day two of the draft.
Bro, I'm gonna be off the board by then,
OK? Don't even worry about that.
I will definitely make
it to your wedding.
That's sweet, Spence. It really is.
Um, I wasn't worried about you.
Fo' sho, fo' sho. I uh I knew that.
Um, what did Layla say?
She I didn't tell her.
- Jordan has no idea.
- Well, it's both of your guys' dream venue.
Why keep it from him?
Because over the last few months,
I've gone from telling
him I need to focus
on my mental health to springing
a surprise wedding on him,
and now I'm just gonna be like,
"Hey, our dream wedding venue
opened up. Wanna get
married next month?"
I literally just told her, you know,
that we don't have to rush the wedding
the night of the championship game.
OLIVIA: My question for you is,
what do you want?
I mean, do you really
feel that you're ready?
Well, I mean, between the meds
and the therapy
and the less stress at the club, um,
feel like I'm in a really good place
emotionally and mentally.
What do you think that I should do?
Well, do you think that Layla is ready?
LAYLA: Yeah. I am, truly. I
I can't wait to be his wife.
Well, then I think you have your answer.
Just talk to Jordan.
SPENCER: Bro, it is
simple. Talk to Layla.
- Hey girl.
- Hey.
Hey, how was, uh,
camp counselling going for you?
Uh, great, great. Um,
just trying to make sure our
Romeo doesn't get too close
to our Juliet so her father
doesn't de-Capulet him.
Ha ha! It's agh.
Uh, how about you?
Well, good,
good and well. It's trying
to make sure our Mercutio
and Romeo don't, uh,
butt heads and get after each other.
Aren't they supposed to be,
like, best friends in the story?
Uh, yeah, yeah, uh, but they're
going for a a frenemies
- Frenemies.
- type deal,
but, you know, they'll figure
they'll figure it out. It'll be
Tell him.
So, yeah, "Romeo and Juliet."
It's two crazy lovers who ran off
and got married after
knowing each other for 3 days.
- It's wild, right?
- And we all know how it ended.
Both of them ended up dead.
LAYLA: Yeah. We should
probably just get back to work.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Yeah. Right.
Let's just OK. I stepped on your
- That's OK.
- Yeah.
OLIVIA: Oh, my God.
We're gonna have to step in.
- Ready?
- Yep.
- And break. Let's go.
- Boom.
JAYMEE: Ooh, oh, you have no idea
how much I've been
looking forward to this.
You and me both. No work, no A.J
- Mm-hmm.
- just the two of us.
Yep, all alone.
- The fried rice is great.
- Mm-hmm.
It's nice to be able to enjoy it
without having to pull
it out of A.J.'s hair.
- Hey, no A.J. talk, remember?
- Right.
Uh, I was thinking, one of these
days, we can go to the beach.
no point in letting
the new bathing suits
and snap-back body go to waste.
- OK. Let's do it.
- Mm-hmm.
It's gonna be nice to
go and not have to worry
about A.J. eating the sand.
Babe, ixnay on the A.J.
Sorry. You're right. I'm sorry.
- Um
- Uh babe.
- Oh, uh, it's work. Do you mind if I
No, no, no. No. Please take it.
Yep? No. They weren't supposed
to come till next week.
Uh, OK. Yeah. I'll be right there.
Um, the health inspector just
dropped in for a surprise inspection,
- so I have to
- Go.
We can pick up on this later.
- You sure?
- Hey, I'm I'm good.
I'll pop by South
Crenshaw, check on the guys.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
COOP: Damn.
They starting opening arguments already?
PREACH: Man, stop tripping.
What I'm saying is,
wasn't nobody getting over
and scamming on people like Iago.
Buddy was diabolical.
SPENCER: Bro, I'm not
saying Iago wasn't shiesty.
I'm just saying Hamlet was better at it.
COOP: OK. Excuse me. I don't mean to
interrupt y'all's 'hood NPR moment,
but I need your help, bro.
- OK. Cool.
- What's up?
Well, I was talking to Spence,
but at this point, I'll take
whoever can help me out the quickest.
Look. One second.
We were debating who Shakespeare's
biggest scammer was.
- I ain't got all day.
- Look. I got you. Look.
I'ma still say Iago,
but your boy over here
talking about Hamlet.
Because he's that guy, bro. Look.
Dude hired a whole-ass theatre company
to put on a play that he wrote
that was a re-enactment
of his father's murder
just to see if his uncle
would confess to the killing.
Come on, boy.
- PREACH: Really.
- SPENCER: Are you crazy?
Iago? Really?
Hey, wait, wait. What?
- You still want to talk?
- Nope. I'm good.
I got what I need, but thank you.
DEION: This gentleman,
the prince's near ally, um,
my very friend hath got this
Oh, shoot. I keep forgetting that part.
It's "mortal hurt," bro.
Damn. You keep messing up the same line.
And you keep having
something to say about it.
- Why don't you just read it?
- Yo, yo, stop.
Y'all got to be able to
get through this without
going at each other, man.
Doing scenes together requires trust,
just like on the football field.
Dude's own teammates couldn't
trust him on the field,
so how the hell you expect
me to trust him here?
- Yo, I'm tired of you and your B.S.
- Then do something, bro,
or do you need to ask your
sister for permission first?
- Man, shut up.
- Hey, hey!
- Hey, break it up!
- Hey, hey, hey, bro.
- Hey, yo!
- Enough!
- Let's go! No. Let him go!
- Hey, come on.
- Yo.
- I'm done.
I'm not going back in that room,
and I ain't going back up on that stage.
I understand you pissed, bro,
but quitting ain't the
answer, not like this.
- Man, whatever.
- Yo, yo, I get it.
He's been popping off at you all day
More like ever since I quit the team,
and I'm tired of it.
OK. Look.
I had this friend Shawn.
Now, me, him, Coop,
we were the Three Musketeers growing up,
and then high school hit,
and everything changed.
He started making decisions
that I didn't understand
at the time, and we
fell out because of it.
Why are you telling me this?
Because I see the same thing
in you and Khalil, bro.
Y'all go at it just like me and Shawn,
like brothers.
Nah. We ain't been that in a minute.
- That's old news.
- No. No. There's something still there, man.
Y'all just letting your
pride get in the way,
again, like me and Shawn.
So let me guess you
want me to follow your example
and fix things like you and Shawn did.
Don't follow my example
because Shawn died
before I ever got the chance to.
Oh, man
I'm sorry.
- I didn't know.
- It's all good.
I just don't want you to
have to experience that.
You don't want to have regret, bro,
so come on, man.
What's it gonna take for you
to give this another chance?
OLIVIA: OK. So you and Jaymee
have the house to yourselves
for the first time in forever.
Remind me again why you're
here and she's at work.
Look. The whole point was for us
to enjoy each other baby-free,
but we couldn't even go two
minutes without mentioning A.J.
- Mm.
- It's like he's in the room
even when he's not in the room.
Spencer and I, we had a
we had a similar experience
when we were both just caught
up in the busy-ness of our lives
that we were just to out of sync
when it was just the two of us.
How did you fix it?
Well, we
we realised that we needed to make time
to continually date each other.
Don't let your relationship devolve
to just being A.J.'s parents.
Khalil, Khalil, Khalil,
hey, hey, hey, come on.
Hey, what are we doing?
What are we doing?
You know what happens
if you quit this program.
You will be suspended.
- Wouldn't be the first time, bro.
- OK.
- What about Deion?
- What about him?
You're his scene partner
for tonight, yeah?
You gonna leave him hanging?
- Me leave him hanging?
- Mm-hmm.
Bro, so all he does is quit on people,
including me.
Nah. You know
Khalil, Khalil, hey.
What's up, bro?
I'm gonna share something with
you that I probably shouldn't.
Deion quit football because
he was having panic attacks.
He was only playing to
make everybody else happy.
Meanwhile, he was destroying
himself on the inside
but he's no quitter,
OK? He was just
He was doing what he
felt like he needed to do
to keep his mental health in check
because he felt like
nobody else gave a damn.
I had no idea he was
going through all that.
Yeah, so let's go back inside
and make this right, yeah?
Y'all got it.
Khalil, what
- You and Bryce are really cute together.
- I know, right?
Must be kind of awkward
doing "Romeo and Juliet"
with him in front of your dad.
It's mainly because my dad hates him.
Well, he doesn't hate him.
- You're just young.
- When you find your person,
it doesn't matter what
age you are, right?
Yeah. You've got a point there.
Shouldn't my dad be happy
that I found mine early?
The way I see it,
you and I are both lucky
we found our person early.
Some people never do,
so when that happens,
you don't let anything
get in the way of it.
OK, knowledge. I see you.
Deion, I'm sorry.
I thought that I could
get through to him,
but there is nothing there.
There's nothing there
because he doesn't care about me.
- Well, there goes our scene tonight.
- No.
Show must go on, right?
You're performing tonight.
I'll step in for Khalil.
We got this.
MAN: The sea bass is next-level,
but I've heard amazing things
about their corn agnolotti.
- Is everything OK with your kids?
- Hmm?
Oh, I'm sorry. My kids are fine.
Um, the girl who attacked my
daughter's friend began trial today,
and I've been checking for updates
while being incredibly rude
- to you in the process.
- No, no. I
I get it. Our kids'
friends become like our own.
I hope everything works
out in their favour.
- Why don't we start over?
- All right.
What is your last known address,
how many members are in your family,
and what's the last
place you vacationed?
- Favorite joke?
- Uh
You know, it's kind of funny
how these vending machines
are the perfect metaphor
for the justice system.
I mean, all these snacks are locked up,
but with the right amount of money,
- they can easily be free
- Right.
and, luckily for Miko,
you guys have the right amount of money,
so she'll be walking
out of here soon, too,
just like when she stalked Jalessa.
- Who the hell are you?
- Oh, my bad. Um, I forgot.
I I am not supposed
to know about that.
I mean, not with all the money you paid
to make it go away
and keep people silent,
or maybe I was able to
track down the one person
that you forgot to pay off
and force to sign an NDA
Jalessa's boyfriend
at the time Derrick.
Say hi. He's he's right there.
Turns out, he has a lot to say,
you know, about Miko stalking
his girlfriend back in the day,
and he's more than happy
to share that on the stand while
testifying for the prosecution,
so are you guys, uh,
ready to talk now?
- Oh, that looks nice.
- Thank you.
- Very nice.
- Yeah.
Laura Lucretia Baker, is that you?
Ladies, how funny seeing you guys here.
Oh, small world. Who's your friend?
Uh, Luke, these are my
friends Grace and Denise.
Ladies, this is Luke Broughton.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
"Luke and Laura," that is so cute.
Can I, uh, get you ladies a drink?
And a gentleman.
Two vodka martinis, please,
and whatever Grace is having.
- I'm good, thanks.
- You got it, ladies.
- I'll be right back.
- OK.
- Oh, my God.
- He seems really nice.
And Papi is fine, too,
so what is the problem?
You guys, I totally blew it
on the icebreaker questions.
It sounds like an interrogation
from "Law & Order."
You've commanded courtrooms.
Speaking isn't your issue.
- What's really going on?
- I don't know.
I knew who I was with Billy,
and things are just different now.
I don't know if I'm interesting
enough or funny enough.
- What if I'm not pretty enough?
- Oh, baby girl,
you are all those things and more.
You got to stop putting all
this pressure on yourself
to be perfect, Laura, and just be you.
You see he ain't going nowhere.
GRACE: Denise is right. I mean,
I know all of this is scary,
but you deserve to move on
and start this new journey in your life.
No one's expecting you to get
engaged at the end of the night.
Thank you, guys. I love you.
This gentleman This gentleman
Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.
I'm gonna need you to breathe, bro,
before we have a situation.
- I'm good. This ain't like those other times.
- You sure?
Because if these ain't
something you want to do,
- we can walk away.
- No. I'm just nervous
because I actually do want this
and I don't want to mess it up.
I get that, and, look,
it's OK to be nervous.
Deion, Deion, hey, I believe in you, OK?
I know you gonna kill it
out there on that stage.
Plus, I'm gonna be right
there with you, all right?
- Yeah.
- I got you, boy. OK.
Hey, Jordan said he wants you
to meet him in the hallway,
says he has something
important to tell you.
But they're about to go on.
- It's OK. Don't worry about it. I got it.
- OK.
O Romeo,
Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
Jordan? Where are you?
- Wow. Hey, gorgeous.
- Hi.
Uh, Spencer said that you
had something you wanted to tell me.
Yeah. There is, um,
well, except I haven't
spoken to Spencer, and,
well, Liv told me you
had to tell me something.
Mm, OK.
- I see what's happening here.
- Uh, please, uh,
enlighten me because I'm a little lost.
Well, the short version is that
I've been dragging my feet about
an important conversation
we need to have.
Funny. Uh,
- me, too.
- Um, this morning, I got an email
from Primrose Ocean Club about a date
Opening up next month.
- Wait. Liv told you?
- No. I got the same email.
I was afraid to tell you
because I didn't want
you to feel pressured.
Well, I didn't want
to say anything to you
because I didn't want you to
think that I was spiralling, and
I'm done operating
from that place of fear,
so, Jordan Baker,
I, Layla Keating
being of sound mind, body, and spirit
would love to book our dream
wedding venue for next month
and to become your wife
because I can't spend another day
not being Mrs. Jordan Baker.
Wow. Um, well,
Miss Layla Keating,
I, Jordan Baker
being of sound mind, body, and spirit
would also like to book
our dream venue next month
because I don't want to go
another day not being your husband.
OK, babe. Let's do this.
Yeah. Let's be those,
like, crazy lovers,
just minus the unhappy ending.
Of course, of course.
BRYCE: Now at once run
on the dashing rocks
thy sea-sick weary bark!
Here's to my love.
Don't do it, Bryce. I'm
really alive. I love you.
Hey! Scene! Scene!
Hey, stop kissing, man!
AMINA: Oh, my God. You
are so embarrassing.
- I I got to take this, OK?
Thank you for the update.
Yep. OK. OK. Bye. Bye.
- Is everything OK?
- You are not gonna believe this.
Miko circled back and
took the plea deal.
Like like, the trial's over.
Oh, oh, my God. The trial's over.
- Like, she's she's going to jail.
- That's great news.
Yeah. Uh-huh.
Wait. Where were you today?
Please, please do not tell me
you did something that'll
jeopardise your future as a lawyer.
No. I did not do anything illegal
or unethical, well, not exactly.
Coop, no. What did you do?
Well, I may have just
rolled up to the courthouse
and had a little conversation
with Miko's parents
about her previous stalking victim.
But the record's off limits,
- and homegirl signed a NDA.
- Yes. I am well aware.
I just brought to their attention
that Jalessa's boyfriend at the time
did not sign a NDA and
was at the courthouse
- ready to testify.
- And it worked?
Yes, after I told them
they could convince her
to take the plea deal or face
damning testimony from dude,
which would all but
guarantee a guilty verdict
- by revealing her history of stalking.
- OK. Wait, wait.
How did you even find the old
boyfriend to get him to testify?
I didn't. I just
I paid a delivery guy
- to pretend to be him
- Ha!
and I waved at him in the hallway,
- and they fell for it.
- OK. Wow.
You are something else
because that's crazy.
Thanks to "Hamlet" and the 'hood NPR.
I don't know what that means,
but I think we should go
somewhere to celebrate,
but I have to make one quick stop.
- OK.
- OK?
- Mm-hmm.
- OK.
DEION: Courage, man,
the hurt cannot be much.
Oh, 'tis not so deep as a well,
nor so wide as a church-door,
but 'tis enough. 'Twill serve.
Ask for me tomorrow,
and you shall find me a grave man.
I am peppered,
I I warrant, for this world.
A plague on both your houses!
Ugh! Ugh!
a dog, a rat,
a mouse, a cat to
scratch a man to death!
A braggart, a rogue,
a villain that fights by
the book of arithmetic!
Why the devil came you between us?
I was hurt under your arm.
I thought all for the best.
Get me into some house,
Benvolio, or I shall faint.
A plague on both your houses!
They have made worms' meat of me.
I have it,
and soundly, too.
Your houses!
This gentleman,
the Prince's near ally, my very friend,
hath got this mortal hurt in my behalf,
my reputation stained
with Tybalt's slander
Tybalt, that an hour
hath been my cousin!
O sweet Juliet,
thy beauty hath made me effeminate
and in my temper softened valor's steel!
You guys all killed it.
Nah. We all killed it tonight.
Now listen, man. I
appreciate you sticking around
and helping us pull this off.
You kind of forget how
rewarding it is helping people
out and building community.
KHALIL: Yo, you was nice up
on that stage tonight, bro.
- You were here?
- Yeah, but I
I should've been up there with you.
- It's all good.
- Nah. It's not.
I've been mad at you
all this time because
it felt like you
dropped me as your friend
as soon as you started playing football,
so when you quit the team,
it was like you basically
threw our friendship away over nothing.
Bro, I'm sorry.
I never meant to stop
showing up for you,
but for the longest time, I didn't know
how to show up for myself
and ended up shutting everybody out.
I should've gave you
the benefit of the doubt.
I seen you was suffering,
but instead of being there,
I was in my feelings,
and and that's on me,
but I promise you,
it'll never happen again.
So we good?
We good, bro.
My boy.
JAYMEE: Babe, I'm so sorry.
That took way longer than I expected.
Uh, what is this?
Me saying that, as
much as I love our child
and being his father,
I also love loving you
and being your partner,
so to protect that, I was
hoping that we could start
folded pieces of paper.
When you think about it,
there is still so much that
we don't know about each other.
These are just random
questions that'll help fix that.
I love this,
especially with A.J. growing so fast
- and feeling like a new baby every week.
- Exactly. Look.
It is so easy to get caught
up in watching him grow
that we lose sight of
the growth in each other.
Baby, I want this next
chapter of our lives
to be filled with a constant
curiosity for one another.
I want that, too.
So if part of the trail leads to dinner,
where does the rest go?
The rest of them,
that leads to the bedroom
- Mm.
- and dessert.
How do we feel about skipping dinner
and having an early dessert, hmm?
- A woman after my own heart.
Come on.
Is everything OK?
I think it's just hitting me
that this part of my life is over
and I'm turning the
page on the next chapter.
How does that feel?
Good, exciting, scary.
This is where it all
started, you know
- Mm.
- these hallways, these classrooms,
that football field.
You finally got to do
Shakespeare at South Crenshaw.
I know that meant a lot to you.
It did. It meant even more,
and to do it by helping
Preach and those kids
Well, I mean, you were amazing.
I don't think I knew
Shakespeare could be so hot.
Oh, yeah?
- I was just getting warmed up, baby.
- Oh,
well, let's see what you got, then.
I'm officially adding
private "Romeo and Juliet"
monologue to our bucket list
- bonus points
if you can pull it off
with a British accent.
Challenge accepted.
But soft,
what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east,
and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and
kill the envious moon,
who is already sick and pale with grief,
that thou, her maid, art
far more fair than she.
Be not her maid since she is envious.
Her vestal livery is sick and green,
and none but fools do wear it.
Cast it off.
A plea deal's been reached.
The trial's over.
It looks like your daughter's friend
is getting the justice she deserves.
That is wonderful news.
I think we should order another
bottle of wine to celebrate.
That is a great idea.
SPENCER: It is my
lady. O, it is my love!
O, that she knew she were!
She speaks, and yet she
says nothing. What of that?
- This is it, mm-hmm?
- Mm-hmm.
Once I press "send"
- Yeah.
- we lock in this venue for next month,
- and there's no going back.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you sure this is
what you want to do?
Without a shadow of a doubt.
will rise to the throne ♪
Her eye discourses; I will answer it.
I am too bold.
'Tis not to me she speaks.
Two of the fairest
stars in all the heaven,
having some business,
do entreat her eyes
to twinkle in their
spheres till they return.
So how's it feel to be back?
Uh, like I can finally breathe again
and just getting back to being me, yeah,
and, babe, I just I
just want to say thank you,
um, not just for today.
You were my safe space
during this entire process.
You're my person.
You always have been,
and you always will be.
I love you, too.
What if her eyes were there,
they in her head?
The brightness of her cheek
would shame those stars,
as daylight doth a lamp;
her eye in heaven
would through the airy
region stream so bright
that birds would sing and
think it were not night.
See how she leans her
cheek upon her hand.
O, that I were a glove upon that hand,
that I might touch that cheek!
Greg, move your head.
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