All American (2018) s06e12 Episode Script

Draft Day

What else can we do in St. Louis
besides ride Clydesdales
down the Gateway Arch?
I don't know, but I'm pretty
sure you can't do that.
- If you loved me, you'd make it happen.
- Ugh, yeah. OK.
And you're definitely getting
drafted by St. Louis tomorrow?
Whoa, whoa. There is
nothing definite, OK, but
they are the only team in the
top 5 looking for a receiver.
I mean, isn't it kind of weird that
your reward for being a top pick
is playing for the worst team?
They are not the worst team,
and technically, the reward
is all the money they pay you,
betting on you to be the
face of the team someday.
What, like their mascot?
Super Spencer.
Your power would be
trying to solve the
problems of everyone there.
No. No. Apparently, my power
is thick skin 'cause, damn,
you mean, man.
I almost don't want
you to have your gift.
Oh, you are really, really leaning into
the spontaneous-gift line
item on our bucket list.
Me likey. I'm ready.
Actually, this is for
your book coming up.
You deserve all your flowers,
but that's not what this is.
Is it a Clydesdale?
No. I'm just really,
really happy you're here.
Oh, you're disgusting.
MAN: Baby, I got next ♪
Let's just fantasise ♪
Moon drops in your eyes ♪
It's beautiful.
So are you.
Clearly, I got good taste.
MAN: Moon drops in your eyes ♪
Thank you.
All right. I should get going.
I got to meet my mom and Dillon,
and then I got all these
pre-draft events, so
Wha no.
Can't we just stay here for,
like, a little bit longer?
I mean, as soon as we get up, our
whole world is gonna go crazy
I mean, your draft,
Jordan and Layla's wedding.
- Your book release.
- That, too.
We may not get another quiet
moment like this for a while.
We might as well enjoy it.
Hmm. Mm.
A few more minutes can't hurt.
MAN: Are you down to be down? ♪
I need you to speak up ♪
- If you're feeling it now ♪
- Mm. I could get used to this.
MAN: You got dreams ♪
Mm. These are nice.
DILLON: Ooh. Oh, are they really
giving us all this stuff for free?
They're giving it to me to
show off on the red carpet.
- You get the scraps.
- Yeah. Fine.
You need all the help
you can get anyway, OK?
Me, on the other hand, I
just need this necklace,
ah, and that one, ooh,
and these rings, too.
- Dillon, show some restraint.
- Come on, Ma.
It's only two days before
Layla says "I do," OK?
I need to make every pic count.
- Yeah.
- Oh, come on.
Y'all know that she cannot
resist all this drip.
You have any more drip,
you'll be a puddle.
- Mom
- Spencer, dap your mother.
- OK.
- Thank you.
I am so proud of you, both of you.
Sometimes I wish I failed as a mother.
That way, you'd never leave home,
but I had to raise two amazing men
who no longer need me.
Come on, Ma.
Dillon's still in school.
You got plenty of time to mess him up.
- Ha ha. My money's on you.
- Shut up.
I'm really gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you, too,
but I got you something,
so you can visit whenever you want.
What do you think?
- They got you this, too?
- No.
No. This this I bought
for you.
Now wherever I go, I'ma
be just a drive away.
- What if you go to Florida?
- Then she'll drive there.
GRACE: Spencer, I can't take it.
How can you afford it?
- You haven't even been drafted yet.
- I had some NIL money
burning a hole in my savings.
But don't worry. In a few days,
it's gonna be right
back there and then some.
Come on. How often do
I get to spoil my moms?
You deserve it.
I'm not saying I don't deserve it.
Thank you, Spencer.
- I love it.
- Yeah. Thanks, Spence
for making every gift
that I've ever given Mom look like crap.
You're welcome.
- You want to take it for a spin?
- Yes!
WOMAN: People ♪
It doesn't matter where you go ♪
For me ♪
I'm OK ♪
Today ♪
Had my day ♪
Had my day, had my day ♪
LAURA: Ohh. It's perfect.
Your dad would be so proud of you.
- I am so proud of you.
- Thanks, Mom.
OK. Hey, what's going on?
- Mom's proud of me.
- Ah, must be going around.
She was all huggy-proud of
me about the wedding earlier.
I didn't get any tears, though.
Well, it's my first book
and your second wedding.
Well, two more than you.
"The top of the slide
just seemed so high.
He couldn't move.
- He could only cry."
- OK. Hold on a second.
You actually put this in?
What? It's just so relatable
scared little boy,
- you know, teased by everybody.
- OK. It was one kid,
and I popped him, OK? I go
down the slide, though, right?
I don't know. You'll have to read it
or wait for the next book.
LAURA: Look. She's doing a whole series.
"Coach Billy and the Big Bad Bully."
Oh, I better not be in that one, Olivia.
Not everything's about you, Jordan,
- but, yeah, you're in it.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Of course, the series depends
on people liking the first book, so
LAURA: How could they not? I love it.
"Coach Billy promised it would be OK.
They would try again another day."
- I don't know.
- Well, I hope everyone's
as generous as my mom.
I mean, self-publishing was easy,
self-selling not so much,
but my old publisher's assistant, Nikki,
is arranging a book signing
this afternoon, so
Oh, that's great. Isn't
that great, Jordan?
That's great. That's so
great, but I seriously
don't go down the slide?
I'm having a hard time finding it.
Coach Edison, may I
Good talk, Coach.
- Yo, Ash.
- Hi.
Oh, good to see a familiar
face is still on the staff.
Ah, you might be the
only one that thinks so,
if I'm even still on the staff.
Wait. Coach Edison fired you?
No. But he didn't
officially hire me, either.
Offensive assistant is a
job Montes created for me.
I mean, it wouldn't be
the same here without you.
Now, who would've thought a white dude
from Beverly Hills would
remind me so much of home?
I mean, you, Spence, and Coach Baker
all y'all got me here,
showed me what can happen
if I believe in myself
and I put in that work.
Hey, look, I got to run.
You know how Coach gets about practice.
No, I don't.
favourite song is on ♪
'Bout being close enough ♪
Hey, you're supposed to dip me now.
OK. Um, hear me out. Instead of a dip,
what if we did something
like this, right?
Like, you fling me into this,
and I kind of come up
here and blow myself up.
I saw it on TikTok. It's
called the, uh, dump truck.
- And you really drop.
- OK. Babe, babe, babe?
Never do that again, OK?
- Fine. Fine, fine, fine. Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Boring, boring dip it is,
and here we
LANELLE: Then a wink of love ♪
- Between ♪
- OK. Um,
maybe just, like, a quick dip
because we need to keep this dance PG.
Yeah. I mean, how about
how about PG-13,
right? I mean, some scenes
not suitable for children,
or I could just go full-on "Magic Mike."
Oh, well, not unless you want me
- to object to my own wedding.
- So once we get this down
- Mm-hmm?
That's it, nothing else
to do but get married.
Well, there's still the seating chart,
and, um,
Liv is now my maid of honour, so
you should probably pick a best man.
- Oh, oh, oh, wait a second. Hold on. Um,
- Hmm?
I thought that we weren't doing that,
and I think the reason that I thought
that we weren't doing that is
because you said that we weren't.
- Oh, right.
- Oh, I'm doing the dump truck.
No, no, no, Jor. I didn't even ask her.
I didn't even ask her.
She just told me, OK?
- You try saying no to your sister.
- I have. It
um, never works, never, never
works, but come on, Layla.
What am I supposed to do?
I I have been best friends with Asher
since grade school, and and and
- and Spencer is like a brother to me.
- I know. I'm sorry.
It's all right. I'll figure it out.
It's just, you're lucky.
You barely have any friends.
LANELLE: Mm mm mm ♪
You're the one ♪
MAN: You ain't gotta say much ♪
New car?
Yeah. Yeah, for my moms.
Nice, nice.
My mom's last birthday,
I got her a robe.
Then I guess you better
step your game up.
Speaking of, this is for you.
It's a little something
to say thank you.
Wow. This, uh
this isn't exactly a little something.
OK, a medium something, then.
You don't like it?
Of course I like it, man. This is
it's nicer than my apartment, but
you think it's smart to be
spending money you don't have yet?
Relax. Y'all acting like I went
to a loan shark or something.
I just took a little from
my savings. That's all.
Look. I can take the
watch back if you want.
Uh, it's not that I don't appreciate it,
all right, but it's my job to
look out for you, and I'd just
hate for you to get so
close to the finish line
just to trip up at the end.
Ain't nothing stopping me
from crossing that finish line,
- but I hear you. I hear you.
- Good. Now get ready.
We got a packed schedule.
First up, we got a bunch of kids coming
to meet the great Spencer James.
Let's do it. All right.
Draft week has begun.
- OLIVIA: Oh, that's nice.
- Oh, nice. Yeah. That's perfect.
Oh, no. That looks great
Layla, do you remember the first time
my mom tried to style my hair
and she had no idea
what to do with my curls,
and then she called your mom in a panic?
I had never heard my mom laugh so hard.
- I thought she was gonna pass out.
- No. It wasn't funny.
I thought my mom was gonna shave my head
before your mom showed up.
Wait. That's, like, the first time
that our moms really hung out together.
I know.
I almost forgot to congratulate you.
How goes the great
Billy Baker book launch?
Well, I'll find out at the signing.
I'm actually I don't
know. I'm kind of nervous.
I mean, what if nobody shows?
Well, I know at least one
person who's gonna show up.
I mean, how could I
not support my sister?
Oh, my God. That's the first
time you called me that.
Well, we're gonna be
sisters, like, for real.
Well, I mean, that's the real reason
why you're marrying Jordan, isn't it?
Yeah, maybe. OK. You say it to me now.
- OK, OK, OK.
- OK.
- What's up, sis?
- What's up?
- Hey, what's up?
- And who's your favourite player?
- Spencer James.
Good answer. Good answer.
COOP: That ball is marked, too. I
don't want to see it for sale online.
You know you ain't
got to be here, right?
Please. I've been waiting
on this moment my whole life.
I'm gonna enjoy every minute.
Besides, what type of manager
would I be if I wasn't here?
We'll talk.
Hey, yo, Miles!
All right. My man.
Spencer, would've said hi earlier, but
I didn't want to cut in
front of all of your fans.
No. You good. Coop, this is Miles.
- What's up, man? How are you?
- Receiver from Sacramento.
we met him at the
combine in Indianapolis.
- Spence, can I talk with you a second?
- Yeah.
- Good to see you, boy.
- All right.
ERIC: You, uh, think it's a good
idea to be schmoozing right now?
I can't talk to my friends?
Uh, he's not your friend.
He's your competition, OK?
Let's just focus on the kids.
We only got another half-hour here
before the press conference.
OK. Well, I ain't worried
about the competition,
but whatever you say.
Oh, before I forget,
I'm gonna need to pass
on that corporate lunch.
I got Liv's book signing.
I, uh I need you to stick
to the schedule. It's important.
So's Liv.
There are cameras and
owners everywhere, OK?
It's not gonna look
good if you're not there.
OK, so figure something out.
I'm not missing Liv's book signing, bro.
Look. I've known Spence
my entire life, all right?
You keep riding him, it's not
gonna turn out well for you.
All it takes is for
him to drop in the draft
is one of these owners
thinking he doesn't care,
and the difference between picks
is literally millions of dollars.
I don't know how to
make that any more clear.
Well, you just made it a million
times more clear for me, so listen.
He's not gonna skip
out on Liv, all right,
but I will make sure he's on
his game for everything else.
JAYMEE: Here you go.
You're gonna have to settle
for just having lunch with me.
A.J. was cranky, so I had
to put him down for a nap.
Oh, I am, too. Maybe I should join him.
Oh, no. Things not going
so great with the new coach?
No, not really.
I mean, he almost kind of
noticed me this morning, which is
progress, I guess, but
Then make him notice you,
like you did with me.
When we first met, I wanted
nothing to do with you,
and you won me over.
Remind me how I did that again.
You fought for me and showed me
just how amazing you truly are,
and something else that you probably
shouldn't do with your coach
Good call.
But you've been there longer than him,
and you know the team better.
Make him see that.
Show him why Montes hired
you in the first place.
MAN: They gon' remember it ♪
How I came out of the deficit ♪
All right. Thanks for coming.
A'ight, bro.
Could you make it out "To
the best QB in the game"?
Oh, absolutely, absolutely.
- "Wade "
- OK.
- "Waters."
- Nice.
- Oh, man, big day's coming up.
- Yeah.
- You and Layla excited?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, you know,
still got a few loose ends
to tie up, stuff to do,
things to decide, uh, but
how are you? How are you?
Oh, busy.
They got something planned
for every second of the day.
I can't even use the bathroom
- without checking with my agent, bro.
- Damn.
Didn't realise they had you
running around like that.
Probably means that you're,
you know, too busy to, um
I always got time for you,
bro. What's up? What you need?
Nothing. Just wanted to
come check in on my
my best, uh, good
friend Spencer, you know?
You all packed for St. Louis?
Man, I have packed for
every season they got.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm just excited to go
wherever they want me, you know?
It is kind of weird not knowing
where I'm about to be living, right?
Speaking of, is Layla gonna be
living in the beach house or what?
Because we should
probably deep-clean that.
Yeah. Um, yeah. We haven't
we actually haven't talked about it.
Ever since the, uh
the venue opened up,
everything just happened really quick.
I haven't even thought about
what comes after, actually.
I guess it'll be a
surprise to both of us.
Yeah. Heh. It's
You a'ight?
- Never better.
Coach Edison,
I'd like to officially introduce myself.
Asher Adams.
Coach Montes hired me as
his offensive assistant.
- This isn't really the best time.
- I get that you're busy.
You got a new team to
coach, players to learn,
- each with a different skill set.
- Exactly,
- so you should understand that I
- The whole point of my position,
sir, was to make the
coaches' lives easier.
Nobody knows this team like I do.
That's why I put this together for you.
It's a list of every player,
their strengths, weaknesses,
ways they can improve.
I even jotted down some
of our most effective plays
and a few other things
you might find useful.
- You did all that?
- I'm willing to do more.
Just give me a chance.
Yeah. I'll take a look.
Nice to meet you, Asher.
Nice to meet you, Coach.
Hey, uh, Moms is running late,
but she'll be here in 5.
Tell her not to bother.
This is embarrassing enough already.
Try fumbling away a big game in
front of thousands of angry fans.
Yeah. Well, at least you have fans,
ones that aren't friends
and family anyway.
Did I make a huge mistake
walking away from my book deal?
Maybe I should add his
affair to this book.
Good thing it ain't a pop-up book.
COOP: Liv is spitting some
mad Coach Billy bars in here.
She said, "She climbed right
up on top of Billy's lap.
She gave him a smile.
He gave her a dap."
I know. It's the cutest book.
Why aren't there more people here?
I literally texted everyone I know.
Uh, aren't we everyone you know?
SPENCER: Your friend
Nikki set this up, right?
- You talk to her?
- Yeah.
She finally texted back, said,
"Not to worry. These things take time."
That's not the worst advice.
ASHER: Is it over?
Oh. Uh, shut up, Asher.
My God, this is like that dream
where you're naked in high school,
only I want to be in that dream
because this is so much worse.
Hey, you have got to
give yourself a break.
Your book just came out.
You can't whip up a
crowd just like that.
OLIVIA: What is going on?
Eric, what are you doing, bro?
You told me to figure
something out, so I did.
These guys are gonna get
some shots of you holding up
a copy of your old
coach and mentor's book.
You can talk about how
much he meant to you,
the positive impact he
made. It's perfect, OK?
Ma'am, could we borrow
your kid? Hey, man, come on.
Here we go. Stand right here.
SPENCER: I'm so sorry, Liv.
I swear, nothing like that
will even happen again.
Hey, at least people showed up.
One guy even asked if I
was a fan of your book.
COOP: Hey, look. Um, sorry to
interrupt, but we got to go.
Eric said you're already
late for the next event.
No. I don't care. I ain't trying
to hear anything Eric's got to say.
You should go.
I'm fine, really.
- I love you.
- I love you.
ERIC: Yo, we need to hurry.
Players' photo session's in 10 minutes.
You want to tell me what that was?
It's good publicity,
Spencer, pure and simple.
I was trying to make up
for the event you missed.
That looked bad, but now
every team owner knows
you're supporting your
girlfriend and former coach.
- It looks good.
- I don't care how it looks.
That was Olivia's moment,
and you took it from her.
I'm sorry, OK? I just
I've heard too many horror stories
of D1 athletes blowing their
dreams by doing one stupid thing,
and I'm not gonna let you be
one of them, not on my watch.
Then maybe it shouldn't
be your watch anymore.
Now, I've done everything
you asked of me, man,
including playing nice at the combine.
At this point, my record
should speak for itself.
I am finally here,
and I need you to back off.
I'll find my own ride.
JORDAN: Yo, listen, man. I just
want to say thank you for showing up.
I know how tough it is
for you to get out of work,
- but it means a lot to Liv.
- You kidding?
Dude, I wouldn't miss
it. You guys are family.
Yeah. How's, um how's work going?
Is the new coach cool or ?
Eh, pretty sure he
thinks my job is a joke,
but I'm about to find out.
All right. Well, if he
does, then homie's an idiot,
OK? I mean, you helped bring
home a championship, bro,
and it could've been
two if you hadn't come up
against the greatest
team in NCAA history
- and their handsome QB.
- Oh, OK. I don't know.
I I scored pretty easily
against that great team,
- and I have a bad heart.
- No. No. You're all heart, Ash,
and if this new coach doesn't see that,
then find one who does.
- I appreciate you
- Mm-hmm.
but I really can't afford to quit.
Little man is cute, but he isn't cheap,
and now it's about diapers
and health insurance.
Your priorities change really
quick once you have a kid.
You and Layla are gonna
find that out at some point.
You don't want kids?
No. I do. I just
I have no idea if Layla wants them.
You know, she she
grew up an only child
with a tough parental situation.
What if she doesn't
want kids, Ash? That's
We've never even talked about it.
Well, Jaymee and I hadn't, either, so
OLIVIA: You know, usually,
I'm against burning books, but
you got a match?
It's not your fault, OK? Nikki
should've set up a press release,
scheduled interviews. I mean,
the only reason I knew about this
- is because you told me.
- Well,
I mean, she's working for free,
so I can't really complain.
I'll work for free. Let
me set stuff up for you.
Layla, I'm your maid of
honour. I should be helping you,
and, honestly, I I don't even
want to talk about it anymore.
I just want to go home
and forget this day even happened.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Coach Edison.
Thank you, Coach.
I'll show myself out.
Hey, oh, perfect timing. Is
your mom left- or right-handed?
- Right-handed. Why?
- Seating chart.
If she's left-handed and we seat her
next to somebody who's right-handed,
then they'll be bumping
elbows while they eat.
- Yeah.
- The horror.
Am I overthinking?
- Little bit. Little bit,
- Mm-hmm.
but now that you mention it,
um, have you thought about
where we're gonna live
after the wedding? I
mean, we could always
move in here, but this place is
starting to feel like a hostel,
and the beach house will be empty,
- but it will need a deep clean
- Mm-hmm.
deep, deep clean.
I mean, we could also just
always get our own place.
Right. Jordan, the
wedding is tomorrow, OK?
- Can we just
- Seating chart.
- Yes.
- Right. Go.
OK, umm, so should I put
Asher and Jaymee at
the end of the table?
That way, they can get
up if A.J.'s being fussy.
What do you think?
Look at you, thinking about Baby A.J.
Does this mean that you've, you know,
thought about having
kids of your own or ?
What, like like right now?
Uh, just in general, just in general.
You know, for instance,
I love hanging out
with Baby A.J I really do
but I also love whenever
they take him back.
I do think about a little you
and a little me running around,
and then I remember how my parents
wouldn't even let me have a puppy
- Mm-hmm.
- probably due to me accidentally
- killing Olivia's goldfish.
- Yeah. I remember.
You dumped the whole can
of fish food into the tank.
- OK. Well, a pinch just seemed mean.
- OK, babe.
Can we reminisce about Goldie Prawn
any other time, OK? I really
need to get through this.
Right. Yes. Of course. How
can I help you? How can I help?
Well, you can pick your best man.
That way, I know who
is seated next to Liv.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Spencer James! Today is the day, baby.
We're about to be big time. What's up?
Oh, you already big time.
I'm just trying to catch up.
True, but after that signing bonus,
we gonna be on another
level. You hear me?
There's a lot of "we's"
I'm hearing right there.
You're damn right it is.
I got plans for us, man.
Look. First, I think we should
we should each have our
own place, all right,
close to each other but not too close.
Oh, so I'm buying you a house now?
Ain't got to be no mansion,
but put me up somewhere nice.
- You know I deserve it.
No. For real, though,
I need to talk to you
man to manager.
- You're not my manager.
- Listen to me, OK?
I know what Eric did
yesterday was messed up,
but you got to cut him some slack, OK?
Not only are you his biggest client.
You're his only client, all right?
He's your Jerry Maguire.
- You got to help him help you.
- Look. It ain't even about that.
Dude messed with Liv,
turning her book signing
into some lame-ass PR stunt.
- Come on.
- OK. Well, from where I was sitting,
the signing was screwed from the jump.
No denying he crossed
the line, all right,
but, if anything,
dude is just trying way too hard.
- Is that such a bad thing?
- Normally, no, but
But nothing. Look.
We trying to make it to the NFL,
and we want to get paid
as much as possible.
I think we all can agree on that.
- That's still a lot of "we's."
- It is,
because teamwork makes the dream work.
You got to let him
do his job, all right,
and if you're not gonna
listen to your agent,
listen to your manager.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
No, no, no. Spencer
hates the smell of sage.
Yeah. So do inner demons,
negativity, bad energy, OK?
I've spent years in therapy, so
I know a spiral when I see one.
Please tell me you
haven't just been here,
like, pouting over your book signing.
I'm not pouting, OK?
I'm reaching out to
publishers for advice
and pouting
because it was such an epic fail.
I mean, if you guys weren't there,
it would've just been me, the cashier,
and then the weird guy leering from
the "knitting mysteries" section.
I'm sorry. Did you write this book
so crowds of people would
flock to get your autograph?
Huh. No.
But it would've been nice
to sell more than one copy.
You didn't write it for sales, either.
You wrote it to honour your father.
And you know what Coach
Baker would've said right now?
Yeah. "Stop writing about your family.
- It never ends well."
- OK. Clearly, the sage isn't working. Um,
when my mom died and my dad disappeared,
your dad stepped up to take his place,
and when Spencer was
in trouble at Crenshaw,
he moved him here.
I mean, just ask Asher how
much Coach Billy meant to him
or Jabari or any of the other kids
he coached throughout the years,
but you know that, and that's
why you chose to tell his story
as a children's book.
Well, he loved helping kids.
I wanted him to be
able to do that forever.
So make it happen,
Liv. You're an artist.
You just need to find your audience.
Hey, J.
- Mm.
- What's up, buddy?
How did it go at work?
Did you find out if Edison
thinks you're a joke?
[CHUCKLES] Oh, he does.
Punchline was finding
my ideas in the trash.
I'm sorry.
Look. I can I can put in
a word with Kenny, you know.
Be kind of cool to be
on the same team again.
Thanks, man, but
I doubt anywhere is gonna
invent a position for me
- and put up with my school schedule.
- Mm.
I mean, Coach Montes was one of a kind.
Well, enough about my stupid job.
You're about to be a
married man. Are you excited?
About about the
wedding? Absolutely. Yes.
For everything that comes after that,
definitely not.
The, um, consummation?
I mean, I could talk
you through it, but
I mean OK. Bbbl-bbbl-bbbl-blah.
You know, considering, uh, you know,
your history with Layla,
I'm gonna say definitely not.
- Thank you, though.
Truthfully, I've always
wanted to get married,
but I never looked past the "I do,"
and I don't think
that Layla has, either,
and it feels like we're
kind of driving blind,
- and and that terrifies me.
- OK. Hold on. Why, all right?
You can't predict the future.
I'm not trying to, you know, but
I mean, after tomorrow, I'm
not gonna be sure of anything.
Except Layla.
- For real, yeah.
- Jordan, dude,
you have always been sure about her.
Uh, you remember in middle school,
those Friday night dances, you
always wanted to go up and ask her
to dance, but you were too nervous?
I was I was terrified. [LAUGHS]
I was terrified that she would say no
or that Olivia would
make fun of me or both.
- Blah.
- And no, no, no
you remember you always
used to find a reason
to sit next to her in
Mrs. Peacock's class,
even though I would always
save you a spot in the back?
You were a bad influence.
Only so many detentions
my parents would let slide.
Then we got to high
school, you know, and,
you know, you dated her.
Honestly, I thought
that you were over her.
I mean, you weren't exactly
a one-woman man back then.
It all worked out in the end, you know,
and, you know, you you set the
bar low enough for me to look good.
- Appreciate it.
- You're welcome.
Jordan, look, man.
Layla has always been your end game.
She's your past, your
present, your future.
As long as you're with her,
you're not gonna be driving blind.
will you be my best man?
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
You sure?
You are one of a kind, also.
Even if that new idiot
coach doesn't see it,
I do.
You've always been there for me.
You've always had my back,
and I believe that you always will
past, present, and future
so what do you say?
I would marry you after that speech.
You mind? I don't want to
- Nah. Go ahead, man. Do your thing.
- All right.
Always finding ways
to make me look better.
I shouldn't have got
so heated yesterday.
- I was just
- Pissed?
You know, you had every right to be.
I shouldn't have done
that to you or Olivia.
- Sorry.
- You were just looking out for me.
Just know that I appreciate you, Eric,
and I'm glad we in this together.
GRACE: I feel like Cinderella.
- Hey.
Guess that make me Prince Charming.
No, the pumpkin.
[LAUGHS] Eric,
- would you mind?
- Oh, of course.
All right. Squeeze in. Say "Draft day."
OLIVIA: Thank you for doing
this on such short notice.
You kidding? You're
making Sola Muse look good.
We rounded up the kids,
Preach opened the school,
and you brought the talent.
That's what I call community service,
and the kids are so excited
to meet a bona fide
children's book author.
Well, I hope you didn't
hype me up too much.
I mean, what if they hate the book?
They won't, but they'll
definitely let you know if they do.
Kids are painfully honest.
You're great, Liv. Know that,
and the kids are about to find out.
Game time.
Hi, guys.
Thank you all for
coming to hear my story.
Um, I want you
to meet
Coach Billy.
He helps make children's
dreams come true.
Like a genie?
Yeah, kind of, only
he lives in a track
suit instead of a bottle.
MAN: Uh ♪
Whoo! ♪
You know the vibe is
right, that's right ♪
These lights is so
bright, let's get it ♪
Our night till the break of dawn ♪
This atmosphere is so live, so live ♪
We gon' party all night, all night ♪
Start a riot like a fight, whoo ♪
Our night till the break of dawn ♪
All these people here to see my baby.
No, Ma. Not just me. It's all for
All here to see my baby.
Game time.
MAN: Let's party, you
know the vibe is right ♪
That's right, these
lights are so bright ♪
Let's get it, our night
till the break of dawn ♪
- [Reporters speaking at once]
- MAN: You think you're going first?
MAN: We gon' party
all night, all night ♪
Start a riot like a fight, yeah ♪
Our night till the break of dawn ♪
- Spencer James
- Hey. Hey.
star receiver and top prospect from GAU.
- ASHER: Babe, look. It's Spence.
- Who did you bring with you today?
This is Moms right here.
REPORTER: Well, hello,
Mom. You look stunning.
Can I ask what you're wearing?
Pride mostly.
JAYMEE: Ohh, look how happy they are.
We're watching a man's dream come true.
I don't want to work at Coastal anymore.
I know that we need the money,
so I'm not gonna quit
until I find something else.
I don't want you there, either.
The coach literally trashed your ideas.
He better hope that I never meet him.
We'll be fine.
I just want you to be happy.
I'd settle for appreciated.
I think I know where to start.
REPORTER: I know it's been a
tough journey for you to get here.
Is there anyone who stands out
that helped you along the way?
Well, my moms, of course,
and my brother Dillon,
my agent Eric, and
my manager Coop
You heard that, right?
He said my name on national TV.
No, no, no. He he called
me his manager on national TV.
I mean, that that's
got to be legally binding.
My boy Jordan, the best QB in the game;
and my girl, my home
away from home Olivia;
and Coach Baker.
I would not be here
today if he hadn't stepped
into my life when he did,
so today is as much about
him as it is about me.
Much love to you, Coach.
REPORTER: Great talking to
you guys. Good luck in there.
I need a tissue. Anyone else?
Uh, maybe just bring the whole box.
I promise I'm gonna keep
it together at your wedding.
OK. That's a lie. [LAUGHS]
Hey, uh, we we need to talk.
- OK.
- Um, I didn't want to bring this up
because you've been in
such a great headspace
and we're finally on
the same page, but
Hey, is this about the wedding?
Are you getting cold feet?
- Because you can tell me.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey,
my feet are fine, OK?
This is not about you or the wedding.
This is about the day after
and the day after that and
all the years after that.
We we haven't really
talked about any of it.
- OK. Yeah. Let's talk.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, I just thought we could wait
until after the craziness of the draft
and the wedding, but I
guess I was wrong. Um,
I think that we should
get our own place,
and I've been looking for a while,
and I found something I think
that you're really gonna love.
You've been thinking about our future?
- Well, somebody has to.
- OK.
We're in this together,
Jordan. I've got you,
and I do want kids
eventually, but maybe we just
start with another goldfish first.
Right. Goldfish, goldfish, goldfish.
- Oh, how about a puppy?
- Oh.
We can we can call him Billy Barker.
Oh, and just like that,
you lost any say with our kids' names.
Puppy Billy Barker.
You know what I bring to the table.
Obviously, I still have to graduate,
but nothing will come between
the work that I put in.
If you give me the chance, I will
bring you another championship.
ELENA, ON PHONE: Are you finished?
Of course Beverly could use
someone with D1 experience.
Come on home.
Uh, thank you.
Thank you, Coach Montes.
- You you won't regret it.
- ELENA: Talk soon.
- MAN: Yeah ♪
- [laughs]
MAN: You'll remember my name ♪
Yeah, they call me
the greatest, yeah ♪
What you feel like
when you're on top ♪
Looking in the mirror like
you're never gonna stop? ♪
Been through a whole lot,
went to war in the jungle ♪
The fight of my life
called young man rumble ♪
How'd the reading go?
Oh, it was so great.
Yeah. My dad would've loved it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Man, on P.A.: Ladies and gentlemen,
introducing Pro Football
Commissioner Dan Thomson.
Hello, football fans,
and welcome to the most exciting
event in the NFL calendar
the draft.
Just remember that I loved you
before you were the Spencer James,
OK, when you were just simply Spencer.
"Simply"? What happened to special?
DAN: In the next few
days, dreams will come true
for hundreds of young athletes
as they take the next step
in their football journey.
From college campuses to NFL stadiums,
their dedication, talent,
and hard work have brought them here.
That's Steve Mathis,
St. Louis' general manager.
Did you see that?
I nodded at him, and he turned away.
Maybe he just didn't see you.
DAN: So without further
ado, let the drafting begin.
May the future stars of
the NFL shine brightly.
Welcome back to the draft.
St. Louis is up next,
and they have made no secret
about needing a wide receiver
with their struggling offence.
GAU's dynamic playmaker Spencer James
- could be the perfect fit.
- JORDAN: Yes, he would.
- Yes, he would. You got this, Spence.
- Ooh, this is so exciting.
I'm almost as nervous as I
was when Billy got drafted.
I honestly don't know if my
heart can take another one.
MAN ON TV: And here comes the
commissioner with St. Louis' pick.
- Remember this moment, baby.
- Yes, ma'am.
DAN: With the third pick,
St. Louis selects wide receiver
Miles Bright, Sacramento.
the people of the world ♪
They have a dream ♪
As they've always longed
to live in meritocracy ♪
COOP: What the hell just happened?
RAKEI: And the leaders of the free ♪
Are not who they claim to be ♪
Still one of those
sad, sad mysteries ♪
MAN ON TV: Well, that was
the first surprise of the day,
and it's a big one.
Why did St. Louis skip over
arguably the best receiver in the draft?
JORDAN: Not arguably. He is the best.
He runs circles around that guy.
LAYLA: I'm never going to St. Louis.
MAN ON TV: Judging by the
look on Spencer James' face,
he's as surprised as anyone.
- Poor Spencer.
- It's OK.
There's still a few teams in the top 10
that need a wide receiver. We're
Hey, San Diego has the seventh pick.
- They'll take him.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
They'll take him.
SPENCER: Coop, San Diego's up.
- You heard from Eric?
- No.
I told him don't come back
until he got some good news.
And he ain't back yet.
DAN: With pick number
7, San Diego selects
linebacker Matt Herman, Indiana.
JORDAN: A linebacker?
Are we serious right now?
Hey, it's OK.
It's fine. It's fine. He's
still got Oakland at 10.
MAN ON TV: What do these team know
about Spencer James that we don't?
Your guess is as good as mine,
but he is running out of options.
DAN: Oakland is now on the clock.
OLIVIA: Hey, you're
gonna be OK. Just breathe.
If I don't get picked by Oakland,
there's a good chance I'm gonna
fall out of the first round.
They'll choose you.
That's what everybody
said about St. Louis,
and yet here I am.
I guess Eric had a good
reason to be nervous.
He's been freaking out
for the last couple days.
Something's up.
What if I don't get drafted, Liv?
Hey, you're gonna get drafted, OK?
You're too good not to.
Your worth isn't tied
to just some pick number.
Whatever happens, you will find a way
because you always do,
and you know more than anyone
that the game isn't
over until it's over.
Definitely channeled your pops.
OLIVIA: "Something in
that young man's head
changed the day Coach Billy said,
'Join my team, and soon you'll see
all your dreams will come to be.'"
DAN: With the tenth pick of
the draft, Oakland chooses
cornerback Alec Greenwald, Cleveland.
- Keep your head up, honey.
- DILLON: Yeah.
There's a lot more draft left.
RAKEI: Run away from
the rest of the world ♪
OLIVIA: "He was more than a coach.
That much they all knew.
And with each passing year,
his lessons rang true."
JORDAN: I can't believe
that we're 19 picks in
and Spencer is still
on the board. I don't
- OLIVIA: "You can't have a first "
- I don't understand.
OLIVIA: "without a last "
"You can't have a
future without a past."
RAKEI: Give it up, give it up ♪
- Learning ♪
- What ain't you telling us?
Learning ♪
OLIVIA: "So take the leap."
OLIVIA: "Jump to the sky "
RAKEI: Ooh, no, no, no ♪
Ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
OLIVIA: "before your dreams "
DAN: For the final pick of round one,
San Francisco selects
OLIVIA: "go floating by."
DAN: Quarterback Wade
Waters, Coastal California.
SPENCER: Game over.
RAKEI: Learning ♪
Greg, move your head.
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