All American (2018) s06e13 Episode Script

Victory Lap

It ain't just the entrapment, man.
It's the ridiculous questions
about our personal life,
the endless physical evaluations,
cognitive tests, workout drills.
These teams are checking everything
- but our damn teeth, man.
- [BEEP]
"Teams are checking
everything but our damn teeth."
I think that comment was
more than likely the reason
you weren't drafted tonight.
SPENCER: I was just
talking shop with my boys
and other prospects at the combine.
So he's not allowed to
vent about a flawed system?
And for what it's worth,
I stand on what I said.
It ain't my fault those
comments weren't kept in house.
I can't believe you sat on this all day
and didn't tell me, bro. What the hell?
I was doing my part to protect you.
- Protect him how?
- By reminding every team
how great Spencer is on
the field, in the community.
I wanted them to know that his opinion,
which he's entitled to have,
shouldn't diminish his
value to a franchise.
And they still didn't listen.
GRACE: So this tape gets leaked,
and now the powers that
be want to punish my son
- for speaking his truth?
- I hate to say, but
it's looking that way.
The NFL is a business first.
If a player makes a comment they feel is
detrimental to their shield,
they have a history
of making them go away.
- COOP: Colin Kaepernick.
- OLIVIA: That's crazy.
So they have players in the
league who have assault charges?
COOP: Oh, yeah. Robbery,
reckless driving. I mean
GRACE: Seems like they get
away with it every damn time.
ERIC: Not saying it's fair,
just pointing out the truths.
So what about me and my future?
I'm, um
I'm not sure.
I think, for now, we
we let this die down,
see how it shakes out.
I'll be in touch.
Man my dream was right there,
right where I needed it
to be, and now it's gone.
- OLIVIA: You don't know that.
- Did you not see the look on Eric's face
- when he left?
- GRACE: It's all so fresh right now, son
for him, for us.
OLIVIA: And, look, as
someone who has gotten herself
into some "good" trouble over the years,
I will say that the bad days never last,
but the truth does.
The truth is why nobody picked me,
and it's not like I
can go back to college
and play football my senior year.
I waived my eligibility the
moment I committed to the draft.
GRACE: I know the uncertainty
is a lot right now,
but you still have something
that you're in control of.
- What's that?
- Your academics.
OLIVIA: I mean, she's right.
You're still on track to graduate
from college in 3 years, babe.
My psychology degree was
my dream for when I retire.
OK, we're not pushing you
to give up on your NFL dream.
We're just reminding you of the goal
that's still in front of you.
when I was at my absolute lowest
I'm talking the darkest
spirals of my addiction
I always found a deeper sense of
control in the Serenity Prayer.
Would you guys look
at me weird if maybe we
say it together?
ALL: Grant me the serenity
to accept the things
that I cannot change
OK, come on.
- Jordan! No.
- What? Ooh! Ah!
Jordan, again! What're you doing here?
You know it's bad luck to see
each other the day of the wedding.
JORDAN: Not if we technically
didn't make eye contact.
LAYLA: I don't think that's how
it works, but fine. Are you OK?
I can't seem to find my linen shirt.
Um, I looked everywhere.
- Asher's even doing a sweep.
- LAYLA: Hmm.
Well, you should wear
those shoes to the wedding,
'cause they will look
nice with any shirt.
The queen has spoken.
Crap, that means you saw me. You saw me!
No, no, no, uh, just the shoes, not you.
Right. Well, your skin is glowing.
Somebody had a facial
this morning before
her pamper session with the ladies?
So, our big day is finally here.
How you feeling about everything?
Still bummed for Spencer, but
happy that we're
officially doing this.
- But?
- No, no but.
Hey, baby girl, I don't
need to see your face
to know there's definitely a but.
You're you're amazing,
and our friends are amazing,
and this day is going to be amazing.
It just
feels a little incomplete
without my mom and
- your dad there.
Just because they're not here physically
doesn't mean that
they're not here with us.
I know.
I just wish I could feel that, and
right now, I can't.
- MALE SINGER: I'm sunny, I'm sunny ♪
- OLIVIA: Hey, you.
- SPENCER: Hey, baby.
- You leaving already?
- Yeah, I got some errands to run,
- plus Layla's pampering sesh.
- Hmm.
And I didn't want to wake you.
- You feeling better?
- SPENCER: A little.
Thank you again for last night.
OLIVIA: Of course.
JORDAN: Don't you have some
maid of honour stuff to do?
OLIVIA: Don't you have a shirt to find?
JORDAN: Nice, nice,
nothing like a quick strike
to the beans from your twin, huh?
Stressing about a shirt is
not how I wanted to spend
my time at our pre-wedding dude
kickback this morning, Spence.
Well, look, I'm sure Asher
will find you one, Jordan.
You know, linen shirts are
like air. They're everywhere.
I didn't want to freak Layla
out, but my shirt is custom.
Specifically tailored to this
shredded temple you see before you.
Don't look at me like that, please.
What happens if the shirt
Asher gets doesn't fit?
- Custom linen shirt?
- Mm-hmm.
Do those words even go together?
About as well as the
words "supportive sister."
- Hey, Spence, how are you?
- Doing all right?
- SPENCER: Better now,
- better now.
- JORDAN: Mm-hmm.
- No, but, for real,
two dope queens helped me realise that
I can only control what's
in front of me, so
- I like that attitude.
- Yeah.
Once I got my feelings out the way,
I realised that me not getting drafted
does not mean I can't try
out for one of these teams
a little closer to training camp, so
but enough about that.
Today, my only focus is
being there for you and Layla.
- In whatever capacity?
- Yeah, for sure.
Do you mean that?
Is this your way of asking
me to sew you a custom shirt?
JORDAN: No, no.
This is me asking you
to be mine and Layla's officiant.
- You want me to marry y'all?
- I do.
No pun intended.
Not only are you the
right choice, Spence,
but having a familiar face up there
would be good for Layla.
She is really feeling the absence
of her mom today. And, look,
I want to apologise for dropping
this on you super last-minute, but,
Spence, you are one
of the greatest gifts
that my dad has ever given our family,
and truthfully, I
wouldn't want to share it
without you up there with us.
But if this isn't something that you
I would be honoured.
- Honoured, my boy.
Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Livvie. Hey, honey.
- Hi.
- What you doing?
Well, I hadn't heard from Layla, and so
I was pulling up her wedding
itinerary to see where she was.
Oh, she's still having
breakfast with her dad,
but as soon as she lands, Patience
is gonna start her make-up.
OLIVIA: Perfect.
Jordan said she was really
missing her mom today,
so hopefully her gift
from you will help.
- I hope so.
- And wait 'til you see Jordan's gift.
I think it's some of my best work.
I'm feeling pretty good
about my gift to Layla, too.
Well, Mom, are you trying to up-gift me?
A little competition never hurt.
- Ooh, what's going on
with your book after Kia helped you out?
Mom, it's been, like, 24 hours.
I mean, these things take time,
kind of like you and
your new friend Luke.
- What about us?
- Mom, you guys
have been like a total
vibe for the past month.
So what gives? Is he gonna
be your plus-one today?
Luke has been fun
- Mm-hmm.
- but no.
I just don't feel like
it's the right setting
- to bring him around.
- OLIVIA: I mean, sure it is.
Me and Jordan have
already signed off on Luke,
- and our village will, too.
- LAURA: It's it's not that.
I just I don't want to take away
from Jordan and Layla's special day.
DILLON: Hey, bro, if you're looking
for Mom's secret liquorice stash,
she moved it in that room before I left.
GRACE: Actually, it's
at my place in Oakland,
along with all the rest of the snacks
that I no longer have
to share with you two.
- Glory be ♪
- SPENCER: "Glory be"?
And I thought sharing snacks was a
rite of passage in the James house.
CARTER: No, eating up all your
parent's food is a rite of passage.
- CARTER: Well, it's good to see you
taking the past 24
hours in stride, Spence.
SPENCER: Hey, man, I'm
just controlling what I can.
Now, if only I could find my Bible.
Jordan asked me to be the
officiant at their wedding.
He asked me to be the photographer.
I even got a shot list set up.
Let's see here
GRACE: Uh, those are just pics of Layla.
No, no, there go
Jordan's head right there.
- Think that Jordan's head.
For the record, typically,
weddings are the bride's thing,
but I'm a pro, so I'll read the room.
More Jordan
- or more Layla.
- SPENCER: Hey, boy.
Now back to you, Spencer.
Having a Bible is a nice touch,
but you don't need it to marry them.
Well, marriage is a sacred union.
- I need something, right?
- GRACE: Yeah, you.
Jordan and Layla chose you for a reason,
so trust your instincts and
just speak from your heart.
CARTER: And if you need some texture,
just know that marriage is a big leap.
- GRACE: Mm-hmm.
- CARTER: There's gonna be some pivots,
- hard changes but
- GRACE: Mm-hmm.
CARTER: if they can ride the wave,
they can manage the bumps.
LAURA: OK, it's just you
and me, so can you tell me
what you're gonna sing when
Layla walks down the aisle
or am I not allowed to know?
It's my new single
- if I can pull it off, OK?
It's been two years
since I performed live,
and I still haven't landed
on a song title, so
Just call it "The Dean's List."
Wait, Coop. What are you trying to say?
I'm saying that from here on,
when you address me,
you have to start with
- "The Dean's List's very own"
- LAURA: Coop!
- "Tamia Cooper."
- Are you serious?
- Congratulations!
- PATIENCE: Oh! So good!
- So good, Coop.
- COOP: Come on, man.
Your girl officially
went from the GAU waitlist
- to the Dean's List.
COOP: Come on. I couldn't
have done it without you two.
I am I'm so proud of you, baby.
Me, too. Oh, my God.
You got to build on this momentum.
You need to get an
internship this summer
that caters to your new
position as Spencer's manager
if that's even really
a thing. I have ideas.
I got to go pick up Layla's
present. Come with me.
- We can talk in the car.
- COOP: Works for me.
- OK.
- Babe, we'll be back.
- Oh! Love you.
- Love you, too.
- So good! So good. [CHUCKLES]
[GASPS] Colette!
Hey, girl! How's my favourite
choreographer? What's up?
- I miss you, chica.
- I know. I miss you, too.
So, I don't know if you heard, but
your girl got a new
gig "Run, Don't Walk."
- Shut up! The Broadway musical?
- Yes, but hold on.
It gets better. The director's
a big fan of your music.
She wants to cast you in a small role.
Wait. For real?
Yes! No audition,
and it runs 'til
Christmas, maybe longer.
Damn, that sounds
that sounds amazing. I just
I don't know. I I still
have to finish my album and,
girl, yo, I haven't performed
on a stage in a minute,
- so I
- All I'm hearing is excuses.
Look, real talk, I know
what you've been through,
and as your friend, I think
this would be great for you.
Think about it. Holla back tomorrow?
OK. Bye.
All right, check out little man.
- Took his first steps.
- SPENCER: [LAUGHS] That is dope!
Well, there ain't no turning back now.
You gonna have to
babyproof that whole crib.
- ASHER: Whew! Facts.
- JORDAN: Are you serious, Ash?!
SPENCER: Whoa. Talk about babyproofing.
- You can't say "I do" in that.
- I can see your heart beat.
- JORDAN: This is crazy, guys.
This is crazy, OK? I
we should be smoking cigars
and toasting to my
final hours of freedom.
Instead, I am scrambling
around like a maniac,
- looking for my shirt!
- ASHER: That's on me.
- My bad, bro, my bad.
- JORDAN: Oh, it's your bad?
- I'll make sure you get the right one.
- We both will,
we both will, and I promise,
once all this is settled,
- we are having that cigar.
- JORDAN: Cool.
Cool. I'm gonna get out
of this shirt because
I'm starting to lose feeling everywhere.
Find my shirt.
- Gonna be a good day.
Oh, it's almost game time, man.
You ready to do your
thing, Pastor James?
Oh, yeah. I just got certified
as on officiant online.
Good to go.
What about you?
Best-man speeches can
make or break a reception.
- You ready?
- I mean, I got embarrassing stories for days,
stuff about acne, bifocals.
- Jordan wore bifocals?
- Oh, yeah.
- Yes, yes.
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, yeah.
But, as funny as that is,
speeches still need an anchor.
And judging by that
look, you don't have one.
No, not not yet.
You got any suggestions?
Maybe anchor it around the Vortex
and how fast things are changing.
I mean, you got Liv's book
y'all two as parents, J.
and Layla getting married.
You'll be fine, Ash. You got this.
Um, are you OK? I feel like
you haven't said
anything since we started.
Girl, now you know,
a full beat requires a
certain level of focus.
OK, but here's the thing, Patience.
- When are you not talking?
Something is clearly bothering you,
- so what's up? Distract me.
LAURA: There's our girl of the hour!
COOP: Which reminds me, we
are an hour behind schedule.
Ah, so we're right on time.
That's the blackest thing
you've ever said, Mrs. Baker,
but I'm here for it.
I'm gonna go ahead
and get ready, and then
my make-up is next, so
LAURA: And, Layla, I meant what I said.
"On time" is whenever you're
ready to walk down that aisle,
and when you do,
I just happened to find you
something that was old, new,
- borrowed and blue.
- Wait. Are these
- LAURA: Yes,
the blue diamonds that
were in your mom's necklace
the day her and your dad got married.
With JP's blessing,
I had them customised
into those earrings.
I know nothing can replace Monica,
but I just wanted you
to have something that
will help you feel close
to her on your special day,
something that you can
hold in your heart forever
and, who knows, maybe
one day pass them down
- to your own little girl.
Thank you, Mrs. Baker. This is beyond.
No, sweetie, you are.
And you don't have to
call me Mrs. Baker anymore.
Where are the guys?
They are out getting me a new shirt.
Yeah, I, uh
I saw the pics. Heard
a rumour you had to
- cut it off with scissors?
- Ha ha. That's between me
and my dignity, thank you very much.
- Uh, question.
- Mm-hmm?
How weird do you think it'll be
not having Dad at the wedding,
you know, not sitting next to Mom?
Not weird at all.
You know, he is with me all the time.
- Yeah.
- Sucks for Mom, though,
'cause she's gonna be there all alone.
'Cause Luke is kind of a cool guy.
- Bit huggy and the, uh
- OLIVIA: And the
- the scented oils.
- Yeah.
Bit bold, it's a bold, bold choice.
Um, but, I mean, she seems to dig him.
She does.
So why isn't she bringing him?
Well, 'cause she doesn't
want to impose on your day.
I mean, I think she thinks, like
- I don't know, it'll bother you.
Uh, wait. I'm sorry. You
had this the whole time?
- Oh, um, I did.
- Mm-hmm.
And you had Asher buy me that shirt
- For laughs.
- Nice.
- Blackmail.
- Mm.
But mainly
I needed time to do this.
- Dad's old number.
- OLIVIA: Yeah.
This patch just further proves that
Dad is always with you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Love you.
- JORDAN: Love you, too.
- Oh, you guys suck!
- ASHER: Yes!
- SPENCER: Well, now we can finally
have that cigar now.
JORDAN: I guess we can.
- What do you think?
- Oh, my God.
Patience, I love it. Thank you.
- Yeah, of course, girl.
- OK.
- Now it's my turn to help.
- PATIENCE: Layla!
I'm good. I'm good. We
need to we need to go.
- You're already running late.
- LAYLA: You heard Mrs. Baker.
The clock doesn't
start 'til I get there,
so stop stalling and get to it.
I got offered to play a role
in a musical on Broadway.
Oh, my God! Wait. This you
didn't even have to audition?
- Nope.
- This is insane!
- Patience, when're you leaving?
- I'm not.
I have to finish an album, Layla.
We have to finish an album.
We don't need to be in
the same city to finish it.
And truthfully, pairing
this role with the release
of your album when it's finished
is like marketing nirvana.
It is. But I haven't performed
since that disaster at
your club opening and,
you know, what if I'm
not ready for that stage?
Totally valid, but
maybe performing at my
wedding will change that.
You know, just family,
a few close friends.
I think it's a perfect space
to find your voice again.
What about Coop?
What about her?
I don't know. This is
the best we've been,
and I can't just ask
her to pick up everything
and move to New York
for the next 8 months.
You know, she just made the Dean's List,
And plus, she's looking
for a summer internship
- and her life is here.
- No, Patience.
Her life is with you.
Talk to Coop and just
take it from there.
Look at those two.
SPENCER: Man, they grow up fast.
Feels like just yesterday,
I was bailing them out
- of jail on their wedding day.
Now look at 'em all happy and free.
- Eating snacks without us.
GRACE: We'll be in the car.
SPENCER: All right, Mom.
We'll be right there.
Ever since you moved to Boston,
Mom's been spending a
lot more time in Oakland.
You think she'll move up there for good?
They are married, so
I guess that tracks.
You gonna move back here?
It's too early to tell.
I know yesterday didn't
go exactly as planned, but
I ain't giving up on
my NFL dreams just yet.
- What about you?
- Boston is lit.
I could definitely see
myself staying out there,
and hopefully, after I graduate college,
Layla and Jordan will be divorced.
- Really? On their wedding day?
Well, I'm just saying,
statistically speaking,
- it is the most
- SPENCER: Regardless of what happens,
we got to hold on to this house,
just like Pops did, with the cabin?
Maybe one day we'll rent it out.
- Exactly.
- Look, either way,
Crenshaw's always
gonna be our community.
Yeah, and this house will
always be our sanctuary.
Look you are always
gonna be my favourite football player
and brother.
Likewise, baby bro.
Willie! You're here.
Minus a special someone,
who sends her apologies.
- Your mom did everything
in her power to make it out,
- but that flu really got the best of her.
- LAURA: I know.
I've been sending her
pics of the girls all day
- so she stays connected to us.
- WILLIE: Well,
we should probably get
going. The wedding starts
in 30 minutes, and this is L.A.
Please, we'll be fine.
Layla still has to finish her hair,
haggle over everything about her dress,
and hopefully have a glass of
white before she gets ready.
Basically, everything your
mom does whenever we go out.
- LAURA: Luke.
- LUKE: Hey.
Uh, Luke, I
am I missing something?
Look at you. What a sight.
- LAURA: Thank you.
Uh, Jordan called and
invited me to the wedding.
Super cool on his part
and such an honour,
but if you don't think
it's a good idea
I think it's a great idea.
Willie, this is my friend Luke.
Luke, this is Willie.
Pleasure to meet you, sir.
- I've heard only wonderful things. Sorry.
- I'm a hugger.
- What type of cologne is that?
Essential oils.
Lavender with a hint of tobacco.
Oh, so you don't say?
I may need to pick your
brain on the drive there.
That sounds like a plan. So, after you?
- No, no, no, after you.
- No, please.
- No, no, I insist.
- Sir. No, I
I'll go.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my God. You look flawless.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
OK. Sure my hair's not, like
It's perfect, just like
every other part of you.
Mm. Thanks, Dad.
Bet your mom is beaming
right now. I know I am.
Well, thanks to you and to everyone,
I'm finally starting
to feel her presence.
Like in a great way, like she's finally
at peace and guarding over me.
Well, you got all her best
parts, that's for sure.
- Jordan's one lucky guy.
- No, no. I'm the lucky one.
- They're ready for us.
- OK, uh
- Well, shall we?
- LAYLA: Yes.
Every bump in the road ♪
Leads me right to you ♪
No matter where we are ♪
No matter what we do ♪
Every thunderstorm ♪
That covers up the blue ♪
Brings a little rain ♪
And makes our love light bloom ♪
You know it's true ♪
There's no time or space ♪
That can keep us apart, it's fate ♪
It's in the stars ♪
Venus and Mars ♪
And it's just us on planet Earth ♪
And every single thing
is worth it for your love ♪
For your love ♪
For your love ♪
For your love ♪
For your love ♪
SPENCER: So if there's
anybody not named Dillon
who objects to this
wedding, please speak now
or forever hold your peace.
We better all be in those photos, bruh.
- for the couple of the day
- JORDAN: Mm-hmm.
- SPENCER: Jordayla
- JORDAN: Mm, Jordayla?
- LAYLA: Wait. Who says that?
- JORDAN: Wait a minute.
I mean, excuse me. Why can't
the ship name be Lordan?
SPENCER: Count yourself lucky,
OK? Y'all could be Spelivia
- or Olencer.
- LAYLA: Oh, wow.
- Yeah, Jordayla's great, yeah.
- Great, yeah.
- JORDAN: Works for me.
- SPENCER: Good.
- Worth the wait.
- JORDAN: Hmm.
SPENCER: To me, that is
the theme of y'all's love.
Y'all started off as
friends, really good friends.
OLIVIA: Well, actually,
technically, me and Layla
were really good friends,
and then Jordan was just
- an annoying sidekick.
- ASHER: Hey,
he was the annoying sidekick
that I brought in and moulded.
We used to call him "Mouldable Jay."
SPENCER, SIGHING: OK, can I finish?
Can I finish? [CLEARS THROAT] Now
if we're being honest,
I kinda predicted today.
There's always been something
special between J and Layla.
Y'all vibed hard,
y'all flirted hard,
- and y'all fought hard.
SPENCER: But, no matter
how messy life got
and, man, did it get messy
y'all kept showing up for each other.
Y'all kept pushing each other to grow,
and those seeds
harvested something truly,
truly special
a love we have all been
honoured to witness.
A love fostered by and inspired by
the way Billy Baker loved
and the way Monica Keating loved.
I am so damn proud to marry you two,
to witness that love because
it is a force.
So lean on that force,
especially when life
hits you with that unexpected detour.
Because no matter how hard you
try to plan for a better life,
sometimes life will make a better plan.
And when that happens, just remember
that love is the
strongest power you have.
So ride that wave together,
embrace the change,
control what you can,
and keep loving each
other no matter what.
PATIENCE: And it's
just us on planet Earth ♪
And every single thing is worth it ♪
For your love ♪
For your love ♪
For your love ♪
For your love ♪
For your love ♪
LADY BRI: Berkshire
by the fire hydrant ♪
People laughing and
the babies smiling ♪
- Sun's up and the food good ♪
- WOMAN: So good!
LADY BRI: And people
doing what they be doing ♪
- I'm in a good mood ♪
Feeling so good, feeling so good ♪
I'm in a good mood ♪
So, so good, I'm feeling good, yeah ♪
Feeling so good ♪
Feeling so good ♪
Good vibes in my hood ♪
So, so good ♪
- SPENCER: OK. Ladies and gentlemen,
ladies and gentlemen,
it is about that time
for the first dance,
so, please, join me in
welcoming for the first time
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Baker.
COOP: Can I have, uh, two champagnes?
Yo, you killed it today, baby.
Thank you. Thank you very um,
yeah, it felt it
felt good being up there.
So, what's next album
release party, the tour?
No, actually ahem
I'm thinking about Broadway.
- As in New York?
- Mm-hmm.
- Whatever. [CHUCKLES]
- No, I'm for real.
I just got offered to
be in a musical for
- for the next 8 months.
- COOP: But you
you got a album to
finish, and I'm sorry, but
you ain't never acted
a day in your life.
You sure you want to put
yourself out there like that?
- Are you serious right now?
- Well, I
I didn't mean it like that. I'm
just saying, music is your thing.
This is a musical, Coop,
- so I'm still doing my thing.
- I just
I don't want to lose you again.
so this is about you.
SINGER: I do ♪
To laugh and to cry ♪
- May I?
- Please.
Thank you.
- Aww, you look beautiful.
- LAYLA, GIGGLING: Thank you.
SINGER: to kiss back ♪
LAURA: I'm proud of you, baby.
- JORDAN: Hmm.
- How does it feel to be a married man?
Mm, honestly, the same as this morning.
- Is that a bad thing?
- WILLIE: Not at all,
but staying married
that's a challenge.
Spencer hit it on the
head with his message
about embracing change,
so just enjoy every second, son.
I know forever seems
like a long time, but
you never know when
your forever could end.
[WHISPERS] Yeah. Right.
- Shall we?
- Yes, let's.
JORDAN: Enjoy.
- She's smiling.
- Yeah.
- That's all that matters.
- He smells good.
- There you go.
ASHER: Spence, you doing OK?
It's got to be tough,
knowing the draft rounds
are continuing on without you.
SPENCER: Well, this wedding
was a happy distraction,
but I am hoping somebody invites me
to their training camp this summer.
- All you need is one team.
- And all you need is one speech.
- You ready?
- ASHER: I am.
While I was listening to
your message, I realised
the key to these speeches
is how you start 'em
- and how you close 'em.
- SPENCER: There you go.
OLIVIA: Can I get
everyone's attention, please?
Layla [GIGGLES] my sister,
my bestie, the one that I
used to play "marry" with
as a little girl, you're a Baker now.
Well, I mean, you've
kind of always been one,
but today it's official,
and just so we're clear,
there is no returning my brother, OK?
This is a nonrefundable transaction.
- ASHER: Fair.
- OLIVIA: And to Jordan,
my brother, my bestie,
the one that I used to
play "marry" with as a kid
with Layla which is kind
of a full-circle moment,
- now that I'm just realising
you are finally Layla's husband,
something that has been
on your vision board
since you were in middle school
- ASHER: That's true.
and something that I know
you're gonna be awesome at.
Now, I could tell you
guys all a billion stories
about my past with
Jordan and Layla, but
today, I'll let somebody
else do the honour.
"To Jordan.
Today, you're starting a
new chapter in your life,
the best chapter yet,
so whatever happened prior to this day,
just leave it in the past
- like a ponytail."
JORDAN: My dad always used to say that.
And to Layla.
"I think it's love at first sight,
Felt like the earth moved in your eyes,
I can see the future is you and me,
You know just what I like."
It's my mom's song,
"Together 'Til the End."
OLIVIA: Your mother wrote
those lyrics for you,
Layla, but in a prescient way,
those words also relate to
you and Jordan right now,
on a day that I am honoured
to share with you two,
a day that will forever
be an imprint on my soul.
I love you both so much.
To Jordan and Layla.
ASHER: Jordan and Layla!
Not now, Coop.
Listen, I'm just, uh,
taking in the view.
Yup, well, I'm gonna
need to go back inside.
No, no, no, wait. Listen.
You were right, OK?
I did take your Broadway opportunity
and make it about me and my selfishness.
I was a little too
caught up in my own news
to make space in yours,
when we shoulda been
celebrating together.
- PATIENCE: Can I go now?
- Back inside or to New York?
That was rhetorical, Coop.
- I don't need your permission.
- I know you don't,
and I'm not saying you
got to go to New York,
but I am saying
you have to go.
Well, if I do go,
I'm gonna be there until Christmas.
You mean New Year's, right?
'Cause I'm coming out there for that,
plus opening night, closing night,
and a bunch of nights in between.
Listen, nobody has made more sacrifices
for me than you, and now it's my turn.
MALE SINGER: The people are hurting ♪
We got to give them something ♪
Shouldn't we be dancing a
little faster to this song?
No, I have had 3 pieces of cake
- and I'm eyeing a fourth, so no.
You're amazing.
Considering how everything
worked out last night,
I know today has been a lot for you.
But here you are,
showing up for everybody,
just like my dad.
That message was for Jordan and Layla,
but I needed to hear it myself.
- We all did.
- Yeah, but
I'm not here without the
love you continue to pour
into me and our friends.
I mean, you can check the receipts, Liv.
You at the core of
everybody's breakthrough,
just like your pops.
You're the link that
keeps all of us going.
Oh, it's easy to see
why your "Coach Billy
and the Dream Team" book
jumped 100% in sales.
- Wait. Are you serious?
- Yes.
Nikki tried to call you,
but your phone was
off, so she hit me up.
She says she has never seen
a jump like that in one day.
- You are on your way
to being a bestselling author, girl.
- You better write.
- OLIVIA: Oh, my
- Oh, my God!
Oh, my God
You know, it's not every day
that we get to celebrate a
wonderful one-time achievement,
so, props to me!
- ASHER: Props to me
for beating a dire heart condition
and playing in the
National Championship.
- SPENCER: Whoo!
- ASHER: Yeah!
[CHUCKLING] All right!
You know, I had this whole
thing planned for today.
Pics of Jordan in his bifocal glasses.
I even have pics of Layla
wearing her bedazzled headgear
- from when she had braces.
- LAYLA: Oh, my God. No.
- JAYMEE: Whoo!
- ASHER: Instead
I'm gonna choose to focus
on the power of change.
And what I love most
about Jordan and Layla
is how little they've actually
changed over the years.
I mean, yeah, you guys
have grown and matured,
but the love has always been there,
even since they were kids,
and the only thing better than
finding your purpose as a kid
is when that purpose is
fully realised and embraced.
Jordan, Layla,
you are each other's purpose,
and today, that moment was
fully realised and embraced.
- But
My bad. Sorry, sorry.
Ahem. As I was saying
GRACE: Are y'all getting
a 917 area code, too?
LAURA: Well, for the love of
God, someone needs to answer it.
SPENCER: No. Not until Ash
finishes his speech. Go ahead, man.
You might want to pick
that up after all, Spence.
Hello? Yeah, this is Spencer.
[QUIETLY] Yeah. Ahem.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, absolutely. I'm
I'm ready, sir. I
was I was born ready.
It been my pleasure,
sir. Absolutely, yeah.
OK. Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That was, um
Coach Montes.
I just got drafted to
the New York Bobcats.
- MAN: Let's go!
Oh, I finally get my Ducati. What's up?


- PLAYERS: Break!
- ANNOUNCER: 4th quarter with 14 seconds
left on the clock, and what
a Super Bowl it has been.
ANNOUNCER: Spencer James
with a back shoulder catch!
New York's down by 4
with 10 seconds to go.
They're gonna need a touchdown to secure
the first title in their
franchise's history.
With James being doubled
the way he is, if I'm Hinds,
I'd look for the tight end.
- OLIVIA: Yes!
ANNOUNCER: Owens steps out of bounds,
stopping the clock with
only 5 seconds left!
The Super Bowl The Season
comes down to this.
RAPPER: You shouldn't go against me ♪
'Cause the competition
I'd devour you ♪
Yeah, you gotta learn ♪
I will not play by your rules ♪
You can't keep going against me ♪
Because it's giving me fuel ♪
Sun up to the sun down ♪
Grinding everyday for my crown ♪
Every single night, this is my life ♪
This is for my town ♪
Hey, you gonna learn ♪
Workin' for all that I earn ♪
You was the champion last year ♪
But now that the
tables are turned ♪
- COOP: Yeah!
ANNOUNCER: Are you kidding me?!
- That was an amazing play!
- COOP: Let's go!
like that, Spencer James
has led the New York Bobcats
to their first title,
beating Texas 20-17!
Congratulations to New York
on this massive victory,
and a special salute to the game's MVP,
rookie phenom Spencer James.
None of this is possible
without Coach Montes.
SPENCER: Next, I want to thank my girl,
bestselling author Olivia Baker,
my entire Cali family,
and last but not least,
the most important person, the real MVP,
- my moms, Grace James.
Crenshaw strong, baby! Whoo!
- BOY: Excuse me, excuse me.
Hi. My dad just told me you wrote
the "Coach Billy" book series.
- Is that true?
- OLIVIA: Yeah, I did.
He was he was my dad.
Can you maybe s-sign
my Coach Billy doll?
- Oh, yeah, of course.
- Thanks.
Is it true they're making
a Coach Billy movie?
Uh, not yet, but there
will definitely be
- a TV series next year.
GRACE: Whoo! Ahh!
Ooh! Oh! Congratulations, baby!
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
LAYLA: Not only did you
dominate the whole first half,
they came back to you for
the big win! That's crazy!
JORDAN: It is crazy. You're
Super Bowl MVP your rookie year?
- You might as well just retire.
- No, no, not until he buy my motorcycle.
After you graduate.
That's happening in
a few months, you know,
- then it's law school, baby, hopefully.
- LAURA: Uh, definitely.
- Proud of you, brother.
- Hey, boy.

So, I see all that
time breaking down film
on video chat has really paid off.
- It did.
But how would you like
to do that in person,
like, every day?
What, do you want me
to move to New York?
Come on.
You know, my rookie season
in New York has been a movie.
The only thing missing was you.
Now, I already got your mom's blessing,
so I figured the best way
to get Coach Baker's blessing
was to ask you on the 22-yard line.
- FOREST BLAKK: On days when it's easy ♪
On days when it's hard ♪
You don't have to be nervous ♪
Just fall in my arms ♪
- My love is a sure thing ♪
- SPENCER: Olivia Baker
- That you'll never lose ♪
- will you marry me?
- No matter what ♪
Oh, my gosh. Let me
think about it. Um
- As long as my heart beats ♪
I swear that it's true ♪
But no matter what this life ♪
Puts us through ♪
I choose you, I do ♪
I do, I do ♪
I choose you ♪

Greg, move your head!
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