All American: Homecoming (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Love and War

Time! So? - 6:52.
- Yes! Yes.
Come check this out.
Open it up.
Just a little drip so you can look and feel your best on the court.
Wow, y'all, this is more than I could even ever imagine.
Congrats again on officially making the squad.
Thank you, y'all.
Can't believe we lost.
I mean, only by a run, bro.
Look, at least we didn't get our asses whooped, all right? It's progress.
I don't know how much more losing I can take.
All right, circle up, fellas.
Enough with the poor body language.
Heads up, now.
I just want to say I'm proud of the hard work I saw out there today, guys.
And we still have time to turn it around.
So, keep them damn heads up, y'all, and let's get back to it tomorrow.
All right.
Come on.
Pick up the spirit, now.
Come on.
- Hey, yo, Coach.
- What's up? We gotta do something about the team morale being in the dirt like this.
I mean, it's like everybody giving up before the season even starts.
Hey, that's part of starting over, J.
, all right? Building a championship team back up from the ground is gonna hurt a little.
Or a lot.
And we do what we can to keep it to a little.
What about a new image? Disconnect from the old team, all the scandal and bad vibes.
Maybe like some new uniforms.
Fresh equipment.
That could help turn the team momentum back around.
This baseball program is already on thin ice.
No way they're gonna give us more money.
What about individual sponsors? College athletes, they can receive N.
endorsements now.
We can pull in our own money.
I mean, everybody having a little piece of their own change, Coach, that can make a big difference.
Damon, the last thing we need right now is an already fragile team competing with each other for attention, man.
All right? You're gonna make some calls anyway, aren't you? It's just a few old contacts.
Coach seemed pretty adamant he wasn't with it.
I'm just gonna check the pulse to see if they're interested in a few potential sponsorships.
All right? I'll worry about the Coach Marcus part later.
The sponsorship wouldn't just be for me.
It's actually Yes.
My mom, she's she's fine.
But I was calling to see if you'd be interested in checking out the whole team.
We're all looking for endorsements and Uh-huh.
Yeah, that's cool.
You can call me back.
OK, so, the only things that get me that stressed out are sports and financial aid, so, what was on with it? Um both.
I've been calling around to a few of my contacts to see if they'd be interested in sponsoring some of the guys, but I am striking out.
It's like either they're not interested in HBCU sports or the ones that are interested don't want to be tied up in a team fresh off of a cheating scandal.
I mean, I'm sure you guys'll find something eventually.
Oh, snap.
It looks like all the sponsors found you.
- OK.
- Miss fancy.
- Nice bag.
- I mean, I hope so.
They made me squeeze a mile in under 7 minutes just to get it.
- You sound excited.
- No.
I am.
- You sure? - I am, but you know, it's just this is the first of many steps.
I barely squeezed into the tenth spot and now I have to focus on climbing the ranks of the team, because only the 6 top get to compete, so Whoa, hey, hey.
You need to relax, OK? Take a deep breath.
You are a step further than you were before.
You need to stop and enjoy this moment.
You're right.
Maybe I don't know.
Focus on bonding and building relationships with your teammates.
I'm sorry.
You take a couple weeks to get to know your team and all of a sudden, you're the bonding expert.
I mean, yeah, something like that.
- I'm a quick study.
- Boy, please.
Nate, I cannot thank you enough for letting me crash here these couple days.
All good.
No sense in stressing trying to commute back and forth from your aunt Amara's when there's plenty of space here.
Could y'all at least pretend not to make undercover arrangements in front of your R.
? You got a lot going on.
Especially since my girl done officially made the tennis squad.
Yeah, but I don't think everybody's too happy about it.
I thought Thea and I had a nice moment after queen of the court, but now she's back to being mad that I even made the team.
Girl, duh.
You're her biggest competition.
She's just trying to psych you out.
Forget her.
What she gon' do? Make tennis a living hell.
She's the team captain and all the girls follow her lead.
That wields the power.
OK, well, if Thea still tripping, I can just throw this gift bag in the trash.
Or at her head.
Whichever works.
What? I make gift bags for all my residents when their birthdays are coming up.
Thea's birthday's in a couple of days.
I need to talk to you.
I think I just figured out a way to bring Thea and I together.
Don't worry about a sponsorship, bro.
We'll figure out another way.
I don't have no other ideas, bro.
There's all types of ways to raise some extra money.
Yeah, like what? I mean, give a brother a minute.
Wait, bro.
Who's that? That's Alden Pederson.
The head sponsor for Sprint Flex.
What? I thought you said you struck out.
I did.
That means somebody else is responsible.
Bro, is that your mom? Yeah.
She brought the sponsor? I thought you said that hell would freeze over before she helped you here at Bringston.
Yeah, I did.
So, what, you thought you was slick, calling around behind my back? Those sponsors are my contacts.
You could've just asked for my help.
Yeah, well, I didn't think you'd want to help, considering how mad you got that I chose not to enter the draft.
Baby, that's water under the bridge.
If this is what you want to do, - we're gonna do it right.
- No, no, Ma, you cannot just come in here steamrolling - I'm not steamrolling.
- Wait, look.
There are protocols, and I just I don't think Coach Marcus is gonna be cool with this.
I'm not.
I already expressed to you how I felt about the sponsor thing, and you went behind my back and called your mom? - Coach, that's not what - Excuse me.
Coach Turner? Damon actually didn't call me.
I heard about the team's needs and decided to come help myself.
Look, Ms.
Sims, whatever this is, I don't want it to turn into a dog and pony show around Damon.
Our focus is the team and what's best for all of them.
Which is why president Allen approved me coming here and offering my services.
So, if you have any further issues, I suggest you take that up with him.
I have work to do.
Hey, y'all.
Did you guys know tomorrow's Thea's birthday? - Yes.
- Are we gonna plan something together for her as a team? Thea doesn't do birthdays.
Everyone does birthdays.
It's literally celebrating their birth.
If Thea wanted her birth celebrated, she would tell us, but she didn't, so, we're not.
Just like we didn't last year.
Let me guess.
They don't have plans? Nope.
Well, there you go.
I think that's more of a reason why we should do something.
Maybe we could throw, like, a little party.
I think you should just let it go.
See, that's the problem.
Everyone's so intimidated by Thea that no one actually wants to do anything nice for her.
Or she's just a raging bitch and that's why.
I'm just throwing out all the possibilities here.
Well, I still think that we should try.
Even though she's tough on the surface, everyone deserves to have somebody show up for them.
A few times in particular, I've written stories that I knew would be controversial.
What made you publish every time? I asked myself if it's the truth and if it could help somebody.
Although we as journalists must bear the weight of those consequences, it's our job to highlight and deliver objective truths, no matter what.
That takes a certain strength of character.
How'd you develop that? See, now you just showing out, Dr.
I learned it in this very class a few years ago.
They should rename it strength of character 101.
I know that's right.
All right, class, that is all the time we have.
Please show my former student Mr.
Ralph Wells some love for blessing us with his time today.
I see you all out here on your sophisticated, grown man status, Mr.
"Atlanta Daily News" journalist.
You know I'm still same old ratchet Ralph, just with a little corporate twist.
Uh, hey, if you're free, we should grab lunch.
Maybe catch up.
I would absolutely love that, but I have office hours and one more class left today, and on top of that, a ton of papers to grade.
Uh, listen, no pressure, but maybe dinner? You know, keep it low-key.
Takeout in the office.
I will even help you grade papers.
You know what? Since you are going to help me grade papers, least I can do is cook.
How's 8:30? - I'm in.
- All right.
Ha! You've really established yourself a whole new life here.
How's it going? The guys are becoming like family.
Enrolling here was definitely the right call.
Well, I'm proud of you.
I am.
And I'm excited for tomorrow.
I set up a presentation for the team.
When other sponsors heard about Alden, they didn't want to miss the chance to capitalize on the whole HBCU thing, so, Alden, a few others, and some press will be here.
Dang, Ma.
- You really going all out.
- Yeah.
There's gonna be a lot of attention on this team.
Which makes it the perfect opportunity for several players to reel in personal endorsements.
Hey, D.
You up.
How you doing, Ms.
Sims? We kind of got off to a bad start last time.
Nice to see you again, J.
Your boy's a natural.
I raised him to be.
Took a lot of work 'cause he has a hard head Hey, Damon? Switch to your left profile.
Is that scar a testament of his hard-headedness? Probably.
I don't remember exactly when he got it.
He had it since he was a baby.
Excuse me.
So, your mom pulled up on her Olivia Pope-ish and she saved the day.
Hmm? Uh, yeah, she's been real supportive and invested in the team.
Seems like she's turning a new leaf.
Really? Wow, um, your poker face really sucks.
Damon, do you really think your mom changed that quickly? Yeah.
I mean, maybe it took me leaving home and making my own choices for her - to finally accept it.
- Yeah, but to be fair, it wasn't just any choice.
You literally threw a wrench in her plans.
And there's nothing like going up against a mother who has plans for her child's life.
That's all I'm saying.
OK, with all due respect, you don't really know her.
Damon, our moms aren't that different.
My mom and I are at odds because Tina Hicks refuses to accept my decisions.
You know, I was sharing for you to listen, not criticize my mom.
I still can't believe I'm drinking with my former student.
Well, to be fair, I'm an adult now.
Well, Ralph, you were always an adult.
But now I'm grown, grown.
I even got the big boy job to prove it.
Ha! So, how are things at Bringston? Fine.
You know, same old, same old.
Yeah, OK.
I'm really supposed to believe that everything is fine? Exposing that baseball scandal rocked a lot of boats.
Well, that's the other reason why I came back.
I have a potential job offer for you.
Because like you always taught us, journalists don't have to take things lying down.
This for a program or something? It's just a little birthday thing I'm doing for a friend.
I was planning to come in here and study.
Go ahead.
Kind of hard to do that with all of this going on.
Well, you know you can study in your room.
You know you can do all this in your room.
Or Nathaniel's, or wherever you live.
One of the girls on the team told me that you were throwing me a birthday party.
Well, damn.
There goes the surprise.
Can we help you? OK, what are you trying to do? I'm trying to do something nice for my teammate.
What is this? Some kind of weird "keep your enemies close" strategy? Hasn't anyone ever done something nice for you without an ulterior motive? You know, it doesn't matter, because now that you told everyone about it, I have no choice but to show up or look like a complete bitch.
Thea, it'll be fun.
Trust me.
Whole team will be here.
At the very least, just let us celebrate you.
I'll be there.
Oh, excuse me.
President Allen.
- How's it going, gentlemen? - Good, good, good.
You were actually about to be my next stop, sir.
What's going on? My mother and Coach Marcus.
Thank you again for approving her involvement in the sponsorship stuff, but Coach Marcus isn't really on board, and I'm trying to avoid bloodshed here.
Would you mind giving us a moment? Oh! Uh, sure.
I'll, um I'll go start helping the guys prepare for the presentation.
All right.
I understand your concern.
Marcus Turner is old school.
But he'll come around when he sees that sometimes the best thing for the team is for the light to be on the one special player.
You stepping into the world of endorsements will give credibility and publicity to the whole team and the University.
It's not just me, sir.
My mom, she's working on, like, sponsorships for, like, all the starting players.
It's a team thing.
I think you misunderstood, son.
Check these out.
Your very own logo.
And just be prepared.
When this drops tonight, you are gonna have a storm of sponsors flooding your inbox.
No need to be nervous.
You were born for this.
I know you're gonna make your team and the University proud tonight.
The face you're making is giving "I don't want to be here.
" Can you at least pretend to be surprised, Thea? Yup.
Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! See, this is why I didn't want to have a party.
I knew no one would show.
Why didn't y'all tell me nobody showed up? Keisha, can I talk to you? Can it wait? I'm a little busy right now, Wilinda.
I want to file a formal complaint.
I know she's been staying here in his room, and he doesn't have the right to risk the safety of other residents by letting random people shack up in our dorms, using up our resources.
First of all, it's she.
Secondly, what is your problem? - Simone.
- Come on.
If you wanna file a complaint, I have the paperwork.
After you.
Why do you let her disrespect you like that? She's just trying to stir me up.
I know who I am.
If I sat around here and tried to correct every person that misgendered me, I'd probably run out of air.
Well, it's still not cool.
And she's acting like a damn Karen.
And honestly, if you don't handle it, then I will.
Simone, enough! Let it go.
You need to start listening to people when they tell you what they want.
Had you listened to Thea, you would've saved her the embarrassment of this this nonexistent party.
The whole N.
sponsor thing still doesn't sit right with me.
I don't want money and spotlight ruining the integrity of our team.
We got enough of a stain to get rid of.
I hear you.
But to be fair, it's also an opportunity for these athletes to be compensated for their hard work after being exploited for decades.
Except all players aren't created equal.
So, what happens when some get endorsements and others don't? You won't know until it happens.
And it's going to happen.
Times are changing, Marcus, whether you like it or not, so, just keep an open mind.
S'all I'm saying.
Speaking of changing times and open minds, I received an offer for a full-time journalist position at the "Atlanta Daily News.
" Congrats.
So, how are you gonna juggle your workload with your classes? I wouldn't.
It means leaving Bringston, but considering the way everything's going, not sure there's much left for me here anyway.
Wait a minute.
What? I know this is hard, but Amara They postponed my tenure hearing.
Since when? Found out earlier this week.
I haven't told anyone, but we both know this is more fallout from me being a whistleblower.
Marcus, if they're willing to go as far as messing with my tenure, why am I staying? Look, Amara, don't do it, OK? There's so much left for you here.
At Bringston.
- Hey.
- Hey, Simone.
We'll talk later.
That seemed pretty tense.
Did you and Coach Marcus used to date? Because y'all are giving vibes.
Simone Hicks.
Now, I've been telling you since you were a toddler Stay out of grown folks' business.
Been getting a lot of that lately.
Are you OK? OK.
Nice deflect, auntie.
But you can either tell me about Coach Marcus now or I could just bug you to death in front of everyone at family dinner.
Yes, the rumors are true.
Man, y'all are nosy! So, why'd y'all break up? We had a difference of opinion.
Something deeply personal to both of us.
I'll see you tonight.
And I appreciate what Damon did Who else y'all think might be there tonight? - Steel pace.
- Ooh! - And this team? - Hey! Drill team? Hey, Coach.
You got a sec? All ears.
What's going on, son? It's about the, um Ahem.
Sponsor presentation tonight.
It isn't for your whole team.
It's just gonna be focused on me.
- Wait, what? - President Allen, he He confirmed it earlier today.
This is exactly why I didn't want your mom involved.
Damn it, Damon! I wish you'd listened to me from the gate.
If you thought those brothers was gonna be discouraged before, this is gonna shatter team morale, son.
Coach, I'm sorry.
I genuinely wanted to put the guys on and for all of us to win.
Instead, my mom, she lied to my face.
I don't want the guys to be blindsided when they walk out there tonight.
I know it'll destroy them but What should I do? Be honest, son.
Talk to your team, son.
Uh, good evening.
Thank you all for coming.
Actually one second.
Come on up here, fellas.
One of the main reasons that I chose Bringston was its rich history, its resilience, its culture.
Something nothing or no one can ever take away from it.
Now, while other athletes might be chasing a bag My teammates and I, we're chasing our legacy.
While the legacy of Bringston baseball May be tarnished But I can guarantee you guys that we're here to bring it back.
Now, you all know me Damon Sims, star pitcher, MLB hopeful.
But tonight's not just about me.
It's about my teammates.
The men who are bringing that legacy back every single day.
And I want y'all to get to know 'em.
Santiago Reyes.
I love being an athlete, but not just because it's dope to compete at an elite level.
I'm the oldest of 6 kids, all boys, who pretty much copy everything I do.
So, it's about being a role model, both on and off the field, for them and every other Colombian dreamer that I am proud to carry on my shoulders.
I'm possibility.
Cole Higgins.
I'm redemption.
I lost my pops junior year of high school.
Depression hit.
My GPA plummeted.
No college would admit me.
Except Bringston.
Baseball kept me alive and Bringston gave me a fresh start.
I'm the poster child for legacy.
This team is a part of my direct lineage, built on the shoulders of players who ultimately forged their own path through the negro leagues, down to my grandfather and father, who both played baseball here at Bringston.
I play to honor all those great men.
I play to remind the next generation that we belong in this sport.
And I'm keeping the legacy going so my future son, and your son, and any son, can one day continue the tradition and play baseball here at Bringston.
Welcome to Bringston University.
- I am! - I am! - I am! - I am! - Brilliant! - Brilliant! - Brilliant! - Brilliant! - I am! - I am! - I am! - I am! - A leader! - A leader! - A leader! - A leader! - I am! - I am! - Black excellence! - Black excellence! - We are - We are - Bringston Lions.
- Bringston Lions.
And can't nobody mess with our pride.
Again, thank you all for coming.
Hope you enjoyed it.
I gotta be honest.
I was not expecting that.
Impressed the hell outta me.
Thank you, sir.
I'll be in touch.
Yo, I can't believe we just did that.
We just landed one of the biggest sponsors possible, bro.
No, actually, we didn't, bro.
What? Bro, he just said he'll be in touch.
Yeah, I've seen this enough to know that when somebody says, "I'll be in touch," that actually means that they won't.
But I was thinking, like, maybe we can go shopping.
I'll catch you later.
Instead of lurking around bothering my friends, why don't you address the person you really have a problem with? I just don't respect certain people getting special treatment.
And what's that gotta do with me? You're the only one in a special room with its own bathroom, while the rest of us have to share gross communal ones.
Wilinda, honestly, do you really wanna share a bathroom with me? The university assigned me this room for this very reason.
The university had nothing to do with it.
That room is supposed to be for RAs.
The only reason you have it is 'cause your bestie Keisha used her RA privileges to make sure that you got it.
How is that fair just because you wanna be different? I know the presentation didn't go as planned.
But I'll save the speech and get straight to the point.
After some reflecting of my own, I decided to send the team video out to some local sponsors here in Atlanta earlier today.
Several local businesses want to sponsor multiple players.
Let's go! Dang, Coach! You really came through.
What changed your mind? The leadership I saw out there tonight.
All around.
Y'all had each other's backs in the best way.
Change is scary, OK, I admit.
But sometimes, it takes a little convincing and perspective to realize when it's for the better.
Now, everybody may not have secured an endorsement yet, but that doesn't mean that you all won't, all right? This is just the beginning now.
And until then, I got another suggestion.
What if we take our individual endorsements and create a team fund? Pay for all the new equipment that we need without having to worry about the budget.
That way, everybody wins.
That's up to the team.
Vote by a show of hands.
It's a deal.
Proud of you, man, proud of you.
Man, that went great.
I'mma see y'all.
Hey, uh, can we talk? Well, I was on my way to go find Thea, but yeah, um, I wanted to talk, too.
Look, I want to apologize for projecting my mommy issues onto you.
That's just it.
You don't have to.
You were right.
I guess I just wanted to see the best in her, you know? But you can't force something to be true.
No, you can't, but your instinct on wanting to fix things with your mom is not wrong, and I think you still should before she heads back to Chicago.
You gotta make her hear you, Damon.
For some of us, it just takes a couple tries.
Look, I wasn't trying to ruin your birthday.
I really did just want to celebrate you with your friends.
Have you ever seen me with friends? And the girls from the team don't count.
They only tolerate me.
'Cause of who I am to the team.
My parents paid for the damn tennis facility.
But if they had the choice, as you saw, none of them would actually choose to hang out with me outside of tennis.
Well, maybe they didn't come because they thought you wouldn't come.
You know what? I messed up.
OK, I love birthdays.
When it's mine, I want all the birthday shenanigans.
Parties, balloons, impromptu dancing and singing.
And that's the problem.
I took over your birthday and gave you the birthday that I would've wanted instead of just listening to you.
Thea, I'm sorry.
Well, at least you tried.
That's commendable.
Well, the day's not over yet, so How do you want to celebrate the rest of your special day? Well, I am kinda hungry.
Well, I think I know the perfect place.
Another written complaint.
I spoke to some of the other residents and come to find out Wilinda here has been sneaking her boyfriend in and out of the dorms after hours.
No, wait.
That's not factually accurate.
You sure about that? I have their signatures here as witnesses.
Hey, Wilinda? We're gonna be friends one day.
It's a promise.
All right, J.
, that's you.
Congratulations, Coach.
You did it.
They did it, man.
I heard.
Got word the baseball team is buzzing with interested sponsors.
You know under Georgia law, we can require the players to share up to 75% of their money with the University's Athletic Department.
Zeke, no disrespect, but hell no.
My boys successfully circumnavigated that damn commercial circus you and Keena Sims dragged them into, and that will be the last time.
- Excuse me? - Bringston is gonna lose every great thing it has going for it if you don't stop shuckin' and jivin' for these trustees and stand up for what's right.
You have the audacity to insinuate I'm a sellout? Do not get too comfortable, Coach.
Or else what? You'll shuffle me up outta here like y'all trying to do with Amara? - What are you talking about? - Withholding her tenure.
What? Everything is on pause.
All the professors' tenure is postponed, not just hers.
All professors? Wait a minute.
Why? What's going on, Zeke? I don't owe you an explanation.
Your job, Coach, is just that.
I suggest you stay in your lane.
Don't get involved in business you know nothing about.
I can't lie.
I am impressed.
You figured out my plan and you flipped the script.
That speaks to a strong business mind.
What's the problem now? The problem is that I don't want a relationship with Me and my mom, where we have to flip the script and fight each other over business.
- Damon, that's not what I meant.
- Yeah.
I'm listening.
I love you, Ma.
You know that, right? And that's why I gotta I gotta fire you as my unofficial manager.
Look, Ma, I am an adult now.
I'm in college.
And my baseball career is just that now It is mine.
I want to build a relationship where it is just us.
Me and you.
Mother and son.
Nothing else.
I need my mother.
I'm sorry.
I don't know how or when the lines got blurred, but Clearly, they did.
Nothing, nothing makes me happier than being your mom.
I love you.
I love you more than anything.
And I don't wanna lose you.
So, whatever you want I'll do.
Whatever you want.
Come here.
He slipped and said all tenure-track professors' hearing has been postponed indefinitely.
So, you're not alone.
Amara, that's a good thing.
It means you're not being targeted.
At least not this time.
Yeah, I'm glad it's not personal, but I don't know.
An University would only do something that aggressive for one reason.
Bringston must be in a lot more financial trouble than we initially thought.
Hey, auntie.
Hey, baby.
Oh, hey, Thea.
I'm glad you could make it.
Oh, come on in.
- I'm gonna make a quick call.
- OK.
What's goin' on, baby? Lookin' good Hey, Ralph.
Thank you for the job opportunity, but I'm gonna ride things out here at Bringston.
I know.
How do you feel about a freelance for the publication? I may have a potential story.
Damn, sis.
About time.
I need to talk to you real quick.
You sound like Wilinda now.
This is serious.
I appreciate you looking out for me, but I don't need you going behind my back and fighting my battles.
What are you talking about? Wilinda told me about my room situation.
- Oh.
- Here I was thinking the university was being inclusive, only to find out you made it all happen so I wouldn't have to encounter ignorance from the dormmates in the communal bathroom.
I just wanted you to feel safe and comfortable.
I know.
And I appreciate that, but in the real world, I won't always have my, um My Keisha shield.
And I need to fight these battles now so I can create a space for myself in this world.
Whether it's over my right to stay in the girls' wing or the boys' wing or whatever.
These are the battles I'm gonna have to fight outside of Bringston one day.
And I just need to be prepared.
I'm sorry.
And I I hear you.
No more Keisha shield.
Until you tell me you need me to beat somebody's ass.
I love you.
So, you guys, like, seriously do this every week.
Every week.
This is what gets us through.
Why are you looking at them like that? - Huh? - I'm just saying.
You're looking like you're trying to figure something out, or someone.
Look, I gotta tell somebody, 'cause I can't take it anymore.
But this has to stay between us.
Look, I know this might sound crazy, but I think Damon might be my brother.
- Wait, what? - Yeah.
Like how? Look, when I was a toddler, I swear my parents had another baby, and then one day, the baby was just gone, and everybody acted like it never happened.
And I would've thought I just made it up, except a couple years ago, I found a picture of that baby in a Bible that my mom gave me, and that baby looked a lot like Damon, right down to the scar.
Oh, my God.
And his birth parents went to Bringston.
- So did mine.
- OK, but, so did other people.
I know, but I mean, so did my aunt and Coach Marcus.
And they were a serious couple until something super personal broke them up.
You don't think that That what? Coach Marcus and your aunt are his birth parents? Simone, that's crazy.
What, crazier than you thinking he's a baby phantom from your past? Look, I know this whole thing is wild.
But maybe we both just jumping to crazy conclusions.
Or maybe one of us is actually right.
Pole dancing is absolutely a sport.
OK, thank you.
Tell them.
You going hard for pole dancers like you've done it before.
No, I haven't, but To be honest, I've always, like, wanted to.
Girl, say less, 'cause if you for real, I have the perfect cap for your birthday.

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