All American: Homecoming (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

If Only You Knew

1 Ooh, that is it.
All the duties Coach Loni assigned me for the athletic alumni weekend - Are done.
- Oh, my God.
Hey, do you play this weekend? No.
Coach decided that the student/alumni matches would only be upperclassmen.
I was just helping with arrangements.
Yo, Cam, do you gotta still go to the football game if you're on injured reserve? No.
I just gotta go to - that stupid alumni dinner.
- Oh.
Do y'all two want to go see some matches with me tomorrow? I'm sorry, love.
A whole day sitting in the sun on concrete benches is not really my idea of a good time.
What, you ain't got no love for your friends out here in the struggle? Well, the struggle is also real for those of us in desperate need of gel tips.
What what does that even mean? You still haven't talked to your auntie? I can't accuse my aunt of something like giving a baby away without some kind of evidence.
- Yeah.
- And your parents are coming to town this weekend.
Can't you show them the baby picture of Damon? Find out what they know? I've been looking forward to this weekend for weeks.
Bringing up something like that is gonna ruin it, no matter what they say.
So, we won't confront them for now.
Just learn what you can while your parents are here and I'll do the same with my aunt.
Y'all good? Yeah.
You got chips.
Let me get that.
Yo, y'all don't get it.
My dad has been coming to the student-alumni game for years.
I remember when he took me when I was 12.
Best weekend of my life and now I'm playing in it? OK, well, look, I know you excited about your dad, but we gotta make sure that we win this.
Can't have a bunch of old dudes coming in here embarrassing us in front of our own house.
Will you two please stop babbling about baseball? It's not even a real sport.
Shoot, I can even play that with my aneurysm.
OK, so, now I know you just is talking out the side of your mouth right now, because baseball is a supreme sport, my guy.
It's the perfect mix of athleticism, strategy, and teamwork.
But you wouldn't know about that, would you? Dawg, I played.
I was the top right-fielder in my league.
But then I became a man and I found a man's sport Football.
I'm sorry.
Did you say you guys play baseball? Uh, yeah, I pitch for the Lions.
Damon Sims.
This is J.
- How you doing? - That's my buddy.
Ha ha! That's so awesome.
I love baseball.
I've been meaning to check out a game.
We got a exhibition game this Saturday.
Students versus alum.
Come through.
Why don't you give me a call with the details? I'm Erica.
All right.
Boy, please tell me you knew that was an act.
- What, her? - You poor child.
She knew exactly who you were.
She seemed legit.
Come on.
She just wanted to check out a game, right? Oh, no, no, she trying to check out something and it was not the game.
The girls' bathroom is overflowing.
That is the fourth time this month.
Who is doing this? I gotta go, too.
My mom comes in the morning.
My room looks anything like it does now, that's my ass.
I'm out.
So, what do you say? Should we put a hour work in on this essay? Please.
The only thing I got written down is a topic and my grocery list.
Planning your escape, huh? I can't, unfortunately.
As faculty, I'm expected to attend events all weekend to schmooze alumni for donations.
I hear you.
Well, I got drafted to play in a baseball game.
This'll be your first time suiting up since leaving the Minors, right? How are you feeling about that? All good.
It's for a worthy cause.
Amara? Candace? Girl! I didn't know you were coming.
I signed up for the alumni track meet! - Wait.
Is that Marcus? - Yeah, that's me.
Come here, girl.
What's going on? How you doing? What's up? Desmond's gonna flip! Amara, how could you not tell me you two were back together again? - Oh.
- We're just friends.
I gotta head to work.
Look, Candace, great seeing you, girl, a'ight? Tell Desmond I said what's up.
- OK.
- All right.
OK, so, her room is actually right through here.
Hey, this is not what it looks like.
Jordan! Jordan, there was a room full of us studying and we fell asleep.
And how are you even here right now? You didn't tell me you were coming to Atlanta.
We had a bye weekend, Simone, so, I thought that I'd fly out and surprise you.
- Guess I succeeded.
- Come on.
Nothing happened.
OK, I know, I know.
I believe you.
I do.
I just I don't like that Damon guy.
OK, well, then we'll just redo the whole thing.
OK? Look.
Oh, my guys! My boyfriend Jordan is here on a bye weekend! Oh, Jordan, you're here! Oh, this is such a wonderful surprise.
I had no idea.
See? There's that smile.
Much better.
OK, so, right now I have tennis practice, but I was thinking that maybe after, we can go to lunch.
And also, Nate is out of town, so, we have the entire room to ourselves.
Well, actually, I booked us a suite at the St.
Regis, so Mm.
The St.
Now you are talking my language.
And this body could definitely use a massage.
Let me go before Coach Loni kicks my butt.
Oh, uh, here's the card if you wanna go to the gym.
I'mma get this practice in and then I'm yours for the whole weekend.
Man, that's a whole lotta messy for not even 9 A.
It's not like nothing happened.
There's no reason for me to feel guilty.
And speaking of feeling guilty, you was You was acting pretty squirrely last night, - whispering in corners.
- No.
No, I just had a lot of personal stuff to deal with, that's all.
Hold up.
Personal stuff sound kinda vague, my boy.
You sound kinda possessive over a girl whose boyfriend is in town, my boy.
All right, fellas, huddle up.
Come on.
Get in here.
Listen, now.
I just want y'all to know that I will not be coaching today.
Instead, I'm gonna be playing for the alumni team against all you jokers.
Luckily, you'll have a more than able replacement right here.
Yes, you, J.
Step up.
Step up, boy, step up.
Hey, y'all thought Coach Marcus was tough.
Look, he ain't got nothin' on me.
Look, we got your back, Coach.
- My dawg.
- I hope you're ready to get spanked, like when you was a baby.
Oh, man! Pops! - How you doing? - I'm good.
How you doing? - Good, good.
- Yo, this is my pops right here.
Class of '02.
And 3-time member of the student-alumni championship baseball team, so, you boys best come correct.
I'm talking to you.
Young man.
Me? Hicks, you're not done.
- What? - You and I are paired up for one of the student-alumni doubles matches tomorrow.
OK, wait, wait.
Coach Loni said I wasn't playing in the alumni matches.
One of the alums who is also a major donor has specifically requested to play against you.
So, grab some water and let's go, because you're gonna be here for a while.
Are you ready for this? Bring it, old man.
That's what I like to see.
More like that.
Ahh! Ha ha! OK.
That's real nice.
Marcus is pulling you boys into shape.
What time are we meeting Mom? Mom had to work last minute.
We'll see her at the dinner.
Come on, Sims! Let me see the arm that's gonna save this program! OK, now.
Whoo! What's that, 95, 96? J.
, come on, man.
Lean in.
Come on, J.
Come on, J.
Whoo! Whoa.
Hey, let's call it, man I gotta save something for these old guys.
Young man.
You got the potential to bring this team to greatness.
So, we will back you up any way you need.
People need to know we were here.
You still mad at me? I feel like you've been avoiding me lately.
Not at all.
I have just been living my life.
But just so you know, writing "my bad" on a post-it and sticking it to my door is not how you apologize for throwing my issues with my father in my face and then kicking me out.
Do better.
So? How are you doing? I know this whole aneurysm diagnosis was kind of a kick in the teeth.
It's all good.
They're holding my scholarship.
I just gotta get this sucker clipped and I'll be back next season.
You're you're getting surgery? Already got my surgeon picked out and everything.
When did you decide to do this? Your diagnosis was only a couple of weeks ago.
I thought they said the risk of rupture was low.
As long as this thing is in my head, I can't play football.
Surgery's the best option.
There are complications to surgery, Cam.
Extended recovery times, stroke, infection, - seizures, bleeding.
- All right, Keisha, damn.
I thought you said you hated medicine.
Brain surgery isn't a decision to make lightly.
Yeah, well, it's my decision, not yours.
Yo, Damon, where'd you get that routine with the rosin bag? You know, those hand tosses? I don't know, bruh.
I just do what comes natural.
You know she's not reaching out.
Not with her man in town.
Man, ain't nobody checking for Simone.
You think Jordan will come to the family dinner at Dr.
Patterson's? Bro, shut up, all right? Look, man, I'm just trying to look out for you.
You know, we need to have a signal, 'cause if I see you starting to give Simone those puppy dog eyes, I'm gonna throw a dinner roll at your head.
Come on, man, I'm just joking with you.
I know, man.
I just forgot that I had a lit paper due this afternoon.
I'll catch you later.
Hey, pops and I are catching a braves game.
Don't forget.
We got another practice.
5 P.
Tonight before the alumni dinner.
So, are you sure Jordan is OK with all of these drastic changes of plans? Because going from the bacchanalia to the cafeteria is kind of a glow down.
Well, I mean, he's not thrilled, but you know, he's an athlete, so, he gets it.
So, um, you've known Cam for a while, right? Yeah.
Since junior year.
Has he always been this hard-headed? I'm sorry.
What is this deep dive into Cam's psyche? Thought you two were just hooking up.
Well, I mean, yes, we are.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm literally just curious.
That's funny.
See, 'cause I thought you weren't into sports, and all of a sudden, you are catching feelings.
- I just find it very interesting.
- Oh, oh, really? Because I could talk about you catching feelings for a certain baseball pitcher.
- Oh! - But I'mma keep it cute.
Because there's nothing going on.
Keisha, I'm serious.
We had a conversation and everything's fine now.
Yo, pops, we gotta get going.
Traffic around the park is getting crazy.
, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to skip the game this time around.
- Skip the game? What's going on? - This morning, I was talking to Marcus and some of the dudes about old times and we thought we'd hit up Tito's, our old hangout.
Dad, we've been talking about going to the braves game for weeks.
I'd bow out but everybody's going and I said I'd drive.
Why don't you take one of your friends to the game and I'll see you tonight at the dinner.
Huh? I guess.
Um - See you tonight.
- OK.
I don't do well with restrictions - Hey.
- Hey, uh, how you guys doing? Great.
Erica, right? From yesterday? Yeah.
Whatever I want Go wherever I want Say whatever I want It's all about freedom Hey, yo.
You say y'all going to the party? What's up, Damon? You remember Erica, right? How you doing? Excuse me.
Dang, Coach.
How are you still hungry? You ain't fill up at Tito's? Man, I ain't thought about that place in years, J.
Didn't you go today with my dad and the rest of the team? Far as I know, them boys went home and took naps, man.
They ain't worked out like that in a minute.
Good minute.
I'll be right back.
The history of HBCU athletics traces back to the negro leagues.
For generations, black athletes have sought out an environment that nurtures their talents both on and off the field, including some of Bringston's own shining stars.
Throughout the wider HBCU community, sports greats such as Walter Payton and Jerry Rice, Andre Dawson and Althea Gibson have graced the halls and contributed to the rich heritage of HBCU athletics.
Here's a pleasant surprise.
I didn't know you'd be here tonight.
Yeah, well, I used to play point guard on the basketball team here.
I'm glad you caught me.
I was just about to head out.
Uh have you given more thought to the article I pitched you? About something being up with Bringston's finances? I think the school may be in serious trouble.
Yeah, I think you might be on to something.
I need to do more research.
Well, swing by the office next week.
It's a date.
When I take you out on a date, Amara, you'll know it.
Oh, I Don't no, I Um Marcus.
- Hey.
- This is my editor at the "Atlanta Daily News" Ralph.
Ralph, this is Marcus Turner, our baseball coach.
Wreck-it Ralph.
What's going on, man? When did you graduate, Ralph? Ah, 2015, actually.
Oh, OK.
Young blood.
Slick suit.
I see you, player.
Um, I'll walk you out.
- All right.
- After you.
I bet you didn't know I still had your Minor League card.
What? That was you? I really thought that card was gonna be worth big money someday.
Look here, man, I'm sorry to disappoint you, brother.
What happened anyway, man? I mean, one minute you're killing it in the Minors and the next, you're just out.
You know what happened.
I hurt my leg, Jesse.
You know that.
Come on, now.
There wasn't anything they could do? All these procedures out here? That was a long time ago, Jesse, all right? I don't like to look backwards.
Enjoy yourself, all right? This is from that Thanksgiving when you took me home to your family in Brooklyn.
My dad had the best time messing with you.
What you do with them shoes in the house? You no have good sense? Everyone in our year just knew you and Marcus were gonna be that forever couple.
So, what went wrong with you two? Come on.
Spill the real tea.
It is so good to see you.
I wanna hear all about school.
It's pretty great, actually, even with football kicking my butt.
Has your auntie shown you this? Oh! No, and I need a copy.
Look how cute you are! OK.
No need to overshare.
We were rolling to all the parties with so much swagger.
Yee! When Amara took that semester off sophomore year, I didn't know what to do with myself.
Auntie, you didn't tell me you took a semester off.
It's no big deal.
Just some personal issues I needed to handle.
Uh, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go to the ladies' room.
You know there's nothing to worry about there, right? Am I that obvious? Look, long-distance relationships can be tough, but as long as the two of you have trust and communication, you will be fine.
She really does seem to love it here, and you're a huge part of that.
She does love it here.
You know, she was juggling a lot early on, trying to adjust to everything.
Honestly, I think that panic attack she had a few weeks back was a blessing in disguise.
She realized she needed to pause and get perspective.
Um, - would you excuse me for a second? - Yeah.
His parents are Bringston alum and the timeline works.
My aunt never mentioned that she took a semester off, ever.
She took time off to give birth, right? It is suspicious, but I don't know.
My pop's been acting weird, too.
At practice, he and Damon, it was like watching Dad and his younger self.
The way they prep their hands, their pitching stances.
They damn near mirror images.
It's like they got a instant bond.
Almost like Damon is the son my dad wished he had.
, are you ready for the possibility that Damon could be your brother? I don't know.
I'm not ready to be in Damon's shadow as a baseball player and a son.
Simone, can I talk to you? Why didn't you tell me you had a panic attack? I handled it.
It's no big deal.
No, Simone, it is a big deal, all right? Something major happened to you.
I wasn't here and you kept it a secret.
Jordan, I didn't keep it a secret from you.
I I didn't want my issues to bring you down.
I'm trying to be an adult and I can't just lean on you every time I have a problem.
Did you lean on Damon? Jordan, he happened to be there.
Simone, what is going on between you two? And don't say nothing.
I can't tell you but I promise you, Jordan, it has nothing to do with us.
- You have to trust me.
- Simone, I want to trust you.
I really do, but you're making it really difficult.
- OK, well, j - No.
You know what? I'm tired.
And I'm gonna go back to the hotel room.
So, you quit weight training, skip out on practice completely, and then you show up to the dinner with some groupie wannabe? Come on, man.
Erica's cool, bro.
Come on, man.
What's going on with you? You know, I'm just dealing with some personal stuff.
Yo, wait, this about Simone? Dawg, she got a boyfriend.
That means she unavailable to you and me.
Hell, for all I know, she could be your She could be what? J.
You see, you keep saying that you're not keeping secrets but the math ain't mathing.
All the the vagueness and dodging.
You know what that's telling me? That you're hiding something from me.
Look, stop obsessing and get your head in the game.
There may not be a game today, y'all.
Desmond Stewart got his drink on last night.
Now he's too hung over to play.
So, we need to find a ninth man or we forfeit the game.
Coach, are you serious? There gotta be something that we can do.
Does the player gotta be an alum? Look, I don't care if it's the neighbor's dog as long as he can get suited up within the next 20 minutes.
Follow me, fellas.
Yo, Cam.
- Yo.
- Since you said that baseball's so easy for you, how about you play today? The alumni game.
Ain't nobody got time for that.
All right.
My bad, fellas.
I guess he's not as good as he claims to be.
Hey, yo, Sims.
Let's suit up then, player.
There they are.
Hope you're ready.
Well, this seems like an easy win.
What she wants you to think.
Hey, Granny.
I missed you at the dinner.
The only student not there, apparently.
Yeah, I was resting up for the match.
And you, my dear.
I was very impressed by the clip I saw of your queen of the court performance.
Oh, wow.
Thank you.
I like to compete against the best.
And today, that is clearly you two.
You failed to mention that the special alumni donor - is your grandma.
- Yeah.
Well, I didn't want you to not take this seriously.
- Granny Mays is no joke.
- I'll be right back.
I'm glad you could make it.
I didn't think you would come.
I wouldn't miss this for the world.
- Look, about yesterday.
- No, no.
We can talk about it later.
All right? But right now, go kill it.
All right? I love you.
Go on.
- Just follow my lead.
- Good afternoon and welcome to Bringston alumni weekend tennis.
We have Ms.
Hicks and Ms.
Mays versus Mrs.
Mays and Mrs.
All you gotta do is hit the ball.
We already know you're good at running off.
If you hit this one, we can go grab some lunch.
Heh heh.
Maybe at Tito's.
Can't be doing your job.
Match point.
Hey, hey! Why do you keep waving off all my damn signals? Your dad's not that young.
An inside fastball can take him out, bro.
I'm sorry.
I thought this was a competition.
Whoa, hey.
What You want to talk about competition? How about we talk about how trash your framing been, bro.
Like, come on half them balls should've been strikes.
And then Cam already hit off of two of my sinkers, and you gonna call for a third? - Don't put your bad pitching on me.
- Bad pit You serious right now? Real talk, bro, you been unfocused and making bad calls all day.
You want to talk about my pitching? You're the one that needs to focus on your game.
What's the matter, boys? Y'all need me to teach you how to pitch, too? 15 serving 40.
Thea Mays and Simone Hicks are gonna try and hang on.
This will be for the match.
- Got it, got it! - I got it! Oh! That's game, set, match for Mrs.
Mays and Mrs.
I don't know what's got you all riled up.
Everything's all good.
So, tell me.
Why'd you lie to me? - I didn't lie to you.
- Stop it, pops.
You've been hiding and avoiding since you got here and I'm tired of it.
Look, I was so excited on playing in this game with you.
Now I just wish you would've stayed in Macon.
Look I owe you an apology, bro.
I said I'd have your back out there and I didn't.
That's my bad.
I guess I've been a little distracted myself.
Look, I don't know what's going on with you and your pops.
But whatever it is, you gotta talk it out and work through it.
I can't talk to my pops about nothing that's going on in my life, man, and I wish I could.
But you can.
That's a blessing, bro.
I guess I blew it as being coach, huh? It hasn't been your shining moment.
Look, man, this game ain't over yet.
If me and you pull together, I'm telling you we can make some magic happen.
What do you say? You in? Come here.
All right, baby.
One down, baby, one down! That's all right.
That's all right.
Got one on first and one out.
So, you were right.
I haven't been completely honest with you about Damon.
There's this chance that my aunt had a baby 18 years ago and That said baby is - Damon.
- Whoa.
What? I was trying to wait till I found out more before I told anyone and I didn't want to keep it from you, but Jordan, if it is true, it's my aunt and Damon's secret to tell, not mine.
I mean, Damon doesn't even know I'm looking into all this.
Jordan, this is not funny.
No, I know.
I know, I just I really thought you were about to break up with me just now.
- Boy, please.
- Oh, come on.
You ain't getting rid of me that easy.
But I do need you to keep it to yourself for a while.
Of course.
For sure.
But Simone, I don't know.
I think that you should tell your aunt.
I mean, if you didn't know where baby Shay was, right, and somebody close to you had information, wouldn't you want to know? Of course I would.
But adoption, that's personal.
And Damon said he didn't want to know the truth.
What if my aunt doesn't want to, either? The best thing you can do is trust your heart.
All right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Ahh.
- OK, what is so funny now? Nothing.
It's just So, Damon might be your cousin.
- OK.
- Huh? - Shut shut up.
- Your cousin.
OK, fine.
Cam Cam.
What you still doing here, boy? If this is about losing the game, man, you have nothing to be down about.
Nah, Coach, it's, um It's not about the game.
Listen, listen.
When Coach Mills cleared you to play, Look, he told me about your whole situation, man.
So, I know what you're dealing with.
I don't know, Coach.
Today just reminded me how much I miss playing, you know? Like, I've played sports my whole life.
I don't know what I'd do without it.
When I was in the Minor Leagues I would've done anything, anything, man, to stay in the game, 'cause I loved it.
I did some things that have That have lost me everything, 'cause I didn't know when to walk away.
Word on the street is you cracked.
I cracked.
Well, word on the street isn't always the truth.
Look, man.
You need to figure out what you gonna do outside of sports.
All right? And what's really important to you.
All right, now, pick your head up.
Come on, now.
Thanks, Coach.
All right.
Because Damon's birth parents, they went to Bringston, and and it was just the timeline.
Your timeline lines up perfectly with your semester away, and then the way you talked how things went wrong with Coach Marcus.
You were just Auntie, you were so tight-lipped, so, I just Girl! You need to sign up for some creative writing classes.
Let me reassure you that, no, I was not pregnant in college and no, I am not Damon's birth mother.
Got it? Got it.
Whoo! I really thought for a second there Damon was family! Whoo.
And how are things with Jordan? We're good Now.
And speaking of the Devil, he's outside.
He's taking me to a nice candlelight dinner.
OK, fancy.
Have fun.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
- Hey.
- Hmm.
What are you thinking about? Well, I'm thinking how I'm gonna smuggle you out of here so Keisha won't catch us.
In all honesty, I am thinking about how lucky I am, and dumb And how I almost lost the best thing in my life.
Well, first of all, you're not dumb.
- Thank you.
- Come here.
All right.
And secondly, your auntie is right, Simone.
I mean, as long as we have open communication and honesty, we might just be able to make this thing work.
Well, my auntie is wise.
But - Oh.
- Mm.
Cousin or no cousin Damon is my friend.
And I need you to be OK with that.
I guess I'll have to be.
- Because I love you.
- Mm-hmm.
I love you.
What was all that with Ralph last night? I was just checking the brother.
He seems a little young, don't you think? Why do you care? Marcus Look, I I need a straight answer from you about something.
I need to know what happened to us.
After you left for the Minors, you just ended our relationship and I never got an explanation why.
Amara, that was a long time ago.
Look, we were different people.
Can't we just leave all that in the past? Hey.
Look, I just thought you should know I decided to hold off on surgery for now.
I think I need a little more time and maybe talk it over with my parents.
Well, I'm glad that you got some sense.
But you were an ass to me, Cam, twice, when I was just trying to be helpful, so, I don't think I want to waste any more of my time with an ass.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
And to be honest, I did really appreciate your help.
Your advice wasn't terrible.
And I was completely an ass.
So, do you Want to talk about it? I thought we just did.
So, you sure you don't wanna spend a little more time with this ass? You're corny and you play too much.
Come here You get on my nerves.
I'll see you at the holidays.
Can't wait.
Call me when you land.
I will.
Sneaking boys into the girls' side of the dorm.
It's a serious violation of the rules.
Luckily, I didn't see anything.
It looks like everything worked out, huh? Yeah.
It did.
Oh, what's up? So, - how was the game? - Um it was actually close.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know, me and J.
, we pulled it out.
Of course.
Man, it really sucked, like not having you around to talk to this weekend.
Didn't realize how much I rely on you.
I rely on you, too.
On our friendship.
So lay it on me.
What's going on? I don't know.
It was a head trip, being surrounded by all the alum.
Thinking any one of them could've been my bio mom or dad.
I kept, like, looking in their faces to see if I recognized a nose or a set of eyes or something.
Did you see anyone that maybe sparked a memory? Nah.
But this weekend It helped me make a decision.
I'm gonna start searching for my real birth parents.
I I didn't know that was something you were even considering.
- I thought you didn't wanna know.
- Yeah, I, um I told myself that I didn't.
I tried to ignore it 'cause I thought it would hurt my mom.
But I can't deny how I feel anymore.
I gotta know, Simone.
For me.
Ready, Damon? Oh, what's up? Yeah, let's do it.
Um, I'll see you.
I've never done this before But I know that I want to Hey, Dad.
Look, I called you 'cause I gotta ask you a question and I need you to tell me the truth.
You deserve the truth, J.
I didn't wanna say anything until your mom and I could talk to you together.
The truth is things have been rough in our marriage for a few years now and we've come to a decision.
We're getting a divorce.
- What? - I'm gonna move out, - get my own place - Is this why Mom didn't show up? And why you've acted weird all weekend and why you skipped out on a game? The Braves game was the only time the divorce attorney could meet.
I know you probably have a lot of questions.
- - I can't answer all of them but I'll tell you what I
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