All American: Homecoming (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Truth Hurts

1 15? 15, right? You're supposed to keep your own count.
That's not what Coach said.
- 17.
- All right.
Let's go.
Let's call it.
What? OK.
Where is Thea? Because the real Thea would never quit practice early like that.
Well, it's like, 100 degrees, not to mention my forehand is flawless.
Oh, I get it.
You're still upset about us losing the alumni game.
- Well, I'm not thrilled, but - OK, then what is it? Clearly, you're still pissed at me, or you wouldn't just end practice like that.
Simone, not everything's about you.
Granny has been blowing up my phone insisting that I go on a blind date with her friend's grandson, some senior named Kevin.
I don't date.
I don't even know where to start.
Well, what about a nicely-worded text? This is why I don't tell you things.
You know what? If we were different people, I'd probably offer to help, but I'm sure Granny will understand when you blow it.
Help me how? I don't know.
Establish a connection with the guy.
How do I do that? - You learn about him.
- It's just like tennis.
You use what you know about your opponent to your advantage.
Well, fine.
If you insist on helping I did not insist on helping.
I'll meet you in the dorms after class.
Don't be late.
I know president Allen said he was tightening the purse strings, but that man's got us out here sweating on the hottest day of the year.
Uh, hello? Has the heat made you forget your manners? I'm sorry.
So? Tariq and Shanelle are coming into town next week for a wedding, and they want to bring Shay by for a visit.
Don't tell me you aren't excited.
You've been moping around campus for weeks, talking about how much you miss that baby.
Auntie, there's nothing more that I want than to see Shay.
I just I haven't exactly told anyone here that I had a baby and gave him up for adoption.
I see.
And you know I'm not ashamed of him.
I know that I made the right decision, but for so long, my life has been this big, complicated puzzle.
I got school, tennis, Shay, and Jordan to fit in.
And once I tell everybody, it's just gonna change everything.
Well, you can keep them separate.
Now, Auntie, you know I am out here trying to walk in my truth.
Then you have your answer.
I don't have time for that.
What? Thought I left my watch in here or something, - but since I'm here - Yep.
Oh, I found it.
Nice try.
What's all that? Costumes for tonight.
I'm choreographing a music video for a 24-hour dance competition.
First prize is 5 grand and a class with a top choreographer.
- Oh, that's dope - Yeah.
I know.
But I thought Dr.
McCalla had given up on her little dance dreams.
- What happened? - It's a local contest, and it's just for fun.
I've got to find a way to channel my creative energy somehow.
I thought that's what we've been doing.
Oh You are distracting me.
Good-bye, Cam.
All right.
I'm going.
Good luck on your video.
Thank you.
Blackout I'm thinking of getting my bounce on I'm thinking of getting my bounce on Left out If I wanted an audience, I'd sell tickets.
I figured this is the only way we can talk since you won't return any of my messages.
I asked you after the alumni dinner for answers, something to help me understand why you ended things between us back in college.
You still had nothing to say for yourself, so what's changed? Shake drink, and it's real Blackout I'm thinking of getting my bounce on Locked down for the money Huh, for the money Yeah.
Give me a call, bro, OK? Hey, um, - something came up.
- You haven't seen J.
, have you? He was, like, a no-show for practice, and no one's seen or heard from him since Sunday.
Have you been to the Kappa house? I mean, his frat brothers haven't seen him, either.
It's not really like him, you know? I'm sure he'll be fine.
Are you good, though? You just seem kind of edgy.
I put in my request with the state for my adoption records, I just got an e-mail back this morning.
Damon, that's great.
What did it say? I haven't opened it yet.
I mean, like, I want to.
I just I don't know.
I keep thinking, like, "what kind of mom gives up her kid?" But you wanted to talk.
My bad.
What's up? Um, nothing.
You know, uh, I'm - Whoa - Damn What the? - Yo, what is going on? - The power's out.
Well, that's an amazing observation.
Have we activated the emergency protocol? Girl, we don't even know that there is an emergency.
My dad just said that the blackout is citywide.
All right.
Everybody listen up.
It looks like the heat wave stressed the power grid, so the blackout's all over town.
Guess we got to do our part to stay cool.
Y'all need to chill.
This blackout is not an invitation for y'all to be wilding in these streets.
- No.
- I give you an "A" for effort.
- Thank you.
- I'm just glad that Art's the R.
on duty and not me.
Oh, speaking of, I should probably go help him gather some candles and some lights, so y'all behave, especially you.
- Oh.
- Me? Well, I'll catch y'all later.
Um, where are you going? Oh, dear Simone, what happens in the blackout stays in the blackout.
Have fun.
I'm gonna rally up some of the team, see if I can find J.
"Find J.
"? I just saw him up on the third floor.
Looks like somebody got the party started early.
Was he drunk? Oh, yeah.
He's feeling real good.
Come on.
Let's go find him together.
Um, Simone, where you going? Thea, it's a blackout.
I don't care.
Blackout or not, Granny expects this date to happen.
You promised to help.
Well, this is kind of an emergency.
So is this.
I got J.
, OK? You guys handle business.
- I'm gonna catch you later.
- Mm-hmm.
Amara? Do you mind? None of the doors will budge.
Part of the fancy electronic locking system they installed last year.
There's a manual backup, I assume.
Where's the key? That's a question I've been trying to find the answer to for 20 minutes.
So we're trapped here.
Facilities are all backed up, said as long as we're safe, just to sit tight.
It might be a while.
Look at you.
Hot date? - That's none of your business.
- Where are you going? Wherever you are not.
Woman, after all these years, you still drive me crazy.
You know that? Now you know how I feel, brother.
She nice, though.
Yo, J.
Hey, is that you? Hey, I'm gonna catch you later, bro.
What's up? Where you been? Yo, I'm really not in the mood for a lecture right now.
Good because I'm not here to give you one, bro, but your little disappearing act, that got Coach and the whole team worried about you, man.
I've been dealing with this family stuff Parents splitting up.
They're done.
I'm sorry to hear that, bro.
- Look.
I know divorce is tough, - but - Coach will understand if you just talk - But I don't care what Coach thinks.
I'm done with it all Baseball, caring, all of it.
I quit.
Yo, hold up.
What? What are you saying, you quit? I'm over it.
Baseball was supposed to be me and my dad's thing.
So what, you're just gonna quit the team and screw up your life to, what, piss off your parents? The team will survive, and Damon Sims will lead the way.
Come on, man.
Take it back to Eddie's room.
Hey, I'm gonna be right there, bro.
Come on, man.
Don't don't do this.
It's time to stop taking things so serious.
Have a little fun.
Ha ha ha! Hey, J Thea, I need you to work with me.
What are some of your specific interests? And do not say tennis.
I don't know.
Just the normal stuff.
Give me something, anything Movies, yoga, frickin' birdwatching.
Thea, have you - ever been on a date? - Shh.
Keep your voice down.
I mean, with all my traveling for tournaments, there wasn't time to date.
You wouldn't understand, but it takes a lot of sacrifice to be number one.
I'm I'm gonna let you have that one.
Look The best connections happen when you both have shared interests, so does Kevin have social media? Yeah.
He fine.
He likes dogs, surfing, oh, and he volunteers with Big Brothers.
That's nice.
So if I'm checking him out, he is doing the same.
Do you have social media? Well, of course.
Building a brand.
You played in Madrid when you were 14? Mm-hmm, the Madrid Classic.
I won the tournament in a third-set tiebreak.
Asia, Costa Rica, Thailand.
Girl, where haven't you played? Abu Dhabi.
I don't do well in extreme heat.
I was homeschooled so I could compete internationally, so I didn't have a normal high-school experience, hence, no dating.
Well, look at all the things you have done.
All right.
So we're gonna find some pictures that are non-tennis-related, post them, and then we can have a mock date so I can teach you how to talk about your experiences.
Non-tennis photos? Girl, yes, like Hey, uh, excuse me.
Can we talk real quick? I'll be right back.
Keep looking.
I can't believe J.
just quit the team.
It's like, I know that he's hurting, but this is his future that we're talking about.
I mean, he didn't mention why they were separating? No.
I mean, he wasn't really feeling the heart-to-heart.
Its got to be more than just about his parents' divorce, Simone.
Maybe I should talk to him.
You know, one of the reasons I'm so good on the baseball field is because I can read people.
I saw you and J.
together all week, and I can't help but wonder, Simone, you know, what's going on with you two.
Damon, J.
's part of family dinner every week just like you are.
He's a friend who's struggling, and I can't not try and help that.
I do need a favor from you, though.
Thea's going on a blind date, and she could use some advice.
Hey, J.
's gonna be fine.
You'll see.
So Simone said you got a blind date.
Why didn't she just put up a damn banner? Ha ha! She thought that you could use a male's perspective.
Is this picture OK? - Yeah, yeah, it's good.
- Hell yeah! I don't know.
It just feels fake to me.
I've been to the beach, like, 3 times.
I don't own a dog.
I don't volunteer.
My life is tennis.
That's it.
You say it like it's not dope.
I mean, you've traveled the world because of tennis.
Simone told you that? No.
I research all Bringston's athletes, want to see who else is here putting in that work? Back in high school, I never cared about any of this, but now it's like I'm behind in a contest I never entered.
Well, there's a cost to being the best.
Um, so, um, who, uh, - picks up the check? - Man, it's 2021.
Y'all better split it in half.
If he's a gentleman, then he'll pay.
Yeah, but some people are gonna expect something in return.
I mean, guys can't actually expect you to put out for a free meal.
Girl, where have you been? Look.
All guys don't.
They don't do that.
And it's not just men.
Women do it, too.
There are equal-opportunity offenders out here in these streets, believe that.
Well, I always pay my way, and if you want to smash on the first date, that's cool, but make it clear.
Consent matters.
Whoa, whoa.
Hold No.
Um, this was a mistake.
Oh! What'd I tell you, y'all? I said, I hit the elevator, made it to the top fast Went and got my money right, and all these Hey, I ain't seen you outside of family dinners.
Didn't think I'd see the team captain kicking it here with these losers.
You're kicking it with them, too.
They have the best weed, - and I need to lower my frequency.
- I hear that.
To the dissolution of my parents' marriage.
My parents split up my junior year of high school, and it sucked, like, seriously sucked.
- Why'd they split? - Hey! That's my song.
Turn it up.
Oh, it's a real family affair.
Hmm, kind of why I'm here.
I need to talk to J.
You better because that young man is about to combust.
Hey! If it isn't Simone Hicks.
Um, J.
, I need to talk to you.
Take a shot with me first, then we'll talk.
One, OK? That's it.
That's what I'm talking about.
Ride it, boo.
Mm! OK.
Uh, let's talk outside.
What? Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Y'all know I got next.
- Sit in, homeboy.
- Come on.
I've been waiting all night.
We go from 1, 2, 3, 4 5 and 6, 7, 8 And wave, 2, 3, cross, 4 5 and 6 7 and 8 OK.
Let's take 5, and then we'll come back and just go from the top.
- OK.
- Thanks.
You're putting in that work, which is good because the competition just went to the next level.
What are you talking about? You didn't see? - Uh-uh.
- Here.
They added Normani as a special guest judge.
Apparently, she's looking for dancers to be in her next music video.
Yo, this is for real.
It's dope, and now you can really shoot your shot.
But I'm just, like, a choreographer.
Can't you do both? You got to show them what you can do.
I'll even help you, OK? You text me when you're ready.
- OK.
- You're gonna kill it.
I know it.
Hoo hoo hoo.
Hey, hey, hey.
My bad.
My bad.
Got this for you.
I know how you get when your blood sugar drops.
I won't be responsible for any bloodshed.
I hate how well you know me.
Well, I hate that you're upset.
Do you? Marcus, seriously, what is going on with us, and what was that nonsense at the alumni dinner with Ralph? You mean that child and former student, huh? - OK.
You know what? I'm done.
- That's what you mean.
You can sit in the dark, pretend not to be jealous by your damn self.
- Listen, Amara, wait - No.
- Marcus.
You wait.
- Wait, now.
You want to be Mr.
Integrity with your players, going on about honesty? Clearly, that's just lip service since you can't even man up to talk about us or what went wrong between us.
Oh, maybe you should ask Tina.
What does my sister have to do with us? Never mind.
Let's just leave the past in the past, OK? Oh, you must have lost your entire mind if you think I'm letting that go.
What did Tina do? She made it clear that I wasn't good enough for you.
What? And you believed her? Not at first.
I mean, I was going to the minors.
How could that not be good enough? I mean, then things got hard.
My batting average cratered.
The pressure to succeed was real.
Some players and coaches, I mean, doping wasn't a big deal to them.
- You took P.
s? - The one time.
I gave in to the pressures one time, man, and I told myself that, everybody was doing it, so screw it.
I kind of had some rare reaction, landed me in the hospital.
It wasn't life-threatening, but the shame, that nearly killed me, and in that moment, I realized your sister was right.
Oh, Marcus.
I couldn't face you knowing that I let you down.
I let myself down, the integrity of my sport.
It was too much, so I quit, and then the team ran this injury story to protect our reputation, and I came home.
And ended things with me.
This All of this is a lot.
Marcus, there's one thing I need you to get loud and clear.
You were always enough.
Yo, y'all ain't ready for what I'm about to throw down.
- Come on.
Let's go, baby - You know what? Um, J.
's actually gonna sit this one out.
- Yo, come on.
- Let's go.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, what, what, what? What you want from me? Look.
I know that you're hurting, and I'm sorry that your parents are getting a divorce, but, J.
My family is wrecked.
- Marriage over.
- Is it because of the baby your parents might have given up for adoption? Don't know, didn't ask.
Doesn't matter.
It does matter, J.
This is your family and maybe Damon's family, too.
Damon's requested his adoption records, and one way or another, it's gonna come out if you guys are related, and if he finds out that you We suspected this and we kept this a secret from him So that's why you're here? You know, it always comes back to Damon.
Oh, baby, do you mind? Thank you.
Please don't do this.
If you get drug-tested, you could lose your NCAA eligibility.
I appreciate your concern, but I'm good.
Jessie Raymond.
Um, hey, Mr.
Raymond, it's it's Damon, J.
's friend.
Uh I'm worried about your son.
I know it's probably not my place, but I just thought you should know that he's He's having a pretty tough time, so maybe give him a call.
You ready for this? Throw that losing card down.
Throw that down.
I've been waiting on you to throw.
Come on.
Come on.
Throw that losing card down.
Uh! That's what I'm talking about.
That's how you do it.
I told you I was gonna win, baby.
- Told you I was gonna win.
- Celebrating like he - Come on.
- Won the damn super bowl.
We tied two games for two, fool.
- Come on.
- I get it.
It ain't good being humiliated around all these good folks.
Oh! Ha! OK.
I think we can make this a little more interesting.
Talk to me.
You win next hand, you get anything you want.
Ah, been waiting on this one.
How about that weed you got from Eddie? Done.
It's all yours, but if I win, mm If I win, you stop acting like a fool and talk to your parents before you trash your whole damn life.
What'd you just say? What's wrong, honey? Afraid you'll lose? Listen.
You don't know nothing about my life, so stay out of it.
Well, that's one way to prepare for a performance.
- Keisha didn't tell you? - Tell me what? She called the video shoot off.
Why? Said the time frame was too tight.
It's too bad, though, because her choreography dope.
Hey, I've been looking for you.
I thought you left.
I forgot my laptop, and, no, I don't want to talk to you.
- Thea - You know, against my better judgment, I actually trusted you, and the last thing I needed was to get a sex ed.
lesson and be judged by the jocks and Wilinda.
I doubt they were judging you.
You weren't here, were you? I get it.
Your life must be so easy with your handsome boyfriend and your instant besties, but it sucks to feel like the outsider and be mocked for it, not that you'd know.
- Come with me.
- I don't take orders.
You're never gonna win any game we play.
Listen, y'all.
Y'all, I have to talk to you.
- Is it about J.
? - No.
That is a whole other mess.
Well, what did she do this time? - Whatever.
I am out.
- I have a son.
His name is Shay.
He's 14 months, and I love him very much, which is why I put him up for adoption.
His adoptive parents are amazing, and next week, they are bringing Shay here to visit, so I know exactly what it's like to be judged or to miss out on a normal life, and don't even get me started on people who make assumptions about you.
I know I should've said something a long time ago, - but I just didn't - Ooh, praise Jesus.
- The cat's out of the bag.
- Oh, my God, yeah.
I almost let it slip, like, a million times.
Y'all knew this whole time? How long? Weeks.
You should be careful who you let borrow your laptop.
Let me tell you, Shay's daddy sure does send a lot of texts and pictures.
He really does.
So y'all don't feel no type of way that I didn't say anything? Uh-uh.
We knew that you'd tell us when you were ready.
And here we are.
You better believe we're spoiling Shay rotten when he comes to town.
Your son won't know what hit him.
You have a son? Damon Wait.
Damon, can you please say something? Huh.
Where do I start, Simone? Because all the time I've been telling you about my adoption, and, what, you don't say nothing about the baby that you gave up? Well, when was I supposed to do that? When you were judging what kind of messed-up moms give up their babies? That that wasn't about you.
Well, it felt personal.
When I was pregnant Dane and I, we weren't even really together.
- Simone, hold up.
- No.
Let me explain, Damon.
Simone, you don't need to.
For you to give up your son His name is Shay.
For you to give up Shay, that took courage.
I know you.
I know your heart, and I know that you must have had a really good reason.
I know that you wouldn't have done it if love wasn't involved.
That's all I need to know.
Oh So are they any more deep, dark secrets that I need to know about? That was a joke.
Damon What's up? Um There's a Possibility that you and J.
could be brothers.
What? Look.
I know there's a lot to explain, but, um, Damon What's all this? Uh! Just making the best out of a crappy situation.
I know it's not the fancy date food that you're supposed to have, but it's food.
Yeah, kind of, right? This is sweet, Marcus.
Thank you, but there is no way I'm eating on this nasty-ass gym floor.
True that, true that, so I'm gonna I'll help you bring it in the office.
Marcus I really am sorry my sister got in your head.
Honestly, going through all that in the minors made me the man and coach I am today.
I wouldn't change that part.
Now, the hurting-you part I would do differently.
Ooh! Ha ha ha! So, uh, I didn't take you for a quitter.
What is up with you? So you ain't backing out of doing the video? Yes, Cam.
I have moved on from the video, not that I owe you an explanation.
The hell you don't.
I just spent my whole night running around in the dark getting stuff together for a video you're too scared to shoot.
Who said I was scared? I just didn't have enough time to finish the routine.
The routine I saw was flawless, and before you say Jack about being down a dancer, you can dance this entire routine yourself in your sleep, but, no, you found out Normani was involved, which means it's next-level, and now you're chickening out.
But why are you pushing so damn hard? I get that without football, you don't have Jack to focus on, but don't make that my problem.
Stay out of my business.
I'm out.
Thea, now is not a good time.
I can see that.
I just wanted to say, I appreciate you telling me about your son.
I just keep thinking about what it took for you to get back to competitive tennis after having a baby.
I thought, "Serena could do it, then" - "why can't I?" - Hmm.
What? I compare myself to the queen, and you're not gonna say anything? I give credit where credit is due, and it would have been easier for you to quit or hide what happened.
And that would've meant I had something to hide, which I don't.
None of it was easy, though, but I knew I had to take a chance with tennis, Jordan, even though it was scary as hell.
Thea, if you want to go out with Kevin, great, but if not maybe it's time to tell Granny to mind her own damn business.
Um Hey.
Can we talk about earlier? - I'm sorry.
- No.
We're good.
You ready? Hmm.
- Yo, right there is perfect.
- Thank you so much.
Damn! OK.
I see you.
I forgot my music.
I got you.
Moment of honesty Someone's got to take the lead tonight Who's it gonna be? I'm gonna sit right here and tell you All that comes to me And if you've got something to say You should say it right now You should say it right now You ready? You give me a feeling That I never felt before And I deserve it, oh, I deserve it It's becoming something That's impossible to ignore And I can't take it I was wondering maybe Could I make you my baby? If we do the unthinkable Would it make us look crazy? If you ask me, I'm ready Hey, yeah If you ask me, I'm ready Mm mm Yes.
There you go.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
Thanks, everyone.
, it's your pops.
I got a call from Damon.
He says he's worried about you.
Call me back.
What the hell is wrong with you, man? You called my dad? So was you ever gonna mention that we might be brothers, or was you gonna keep acting like a little bitch? I don't even know if it was true.
All right.
Yo, I'm talking to you.
My mom had that stashed away in an old Bible.
Come on, man.
This could be anybody.
Down to the similar scar? Because me and Simone already went down that path.
For a second, she thought Coach Marcus and Amara was your parents, making you two cousins.
So that's what you two have been whispering about.
Just theories, man, - crazy ones.
- Yes, yes, yes.
They are.
They're crazy because they're theories about my life, J.
What, you two all just playing God with secrets that affect me? I want to know everything about the divorce, why your parents splitting.
Is it Is it because of me? It's because of this? This has nothing to do with you, Damon.
My parents splitting is family business.
You aren't family.
I don't have, want, or need a brother.
That's fine.
Got here by myself.
I don't need nobody.
Damon, please just call me.
I promise I w Hey, um, I just left you a voicemail.
How long did you know about me and J.
? Since Thea's birthday.
But when I met you, I told you that I wasn't looking for my birth parents.
I know, Damon, and that's why I didn't want to tell you.
Instead, you and J.
just decided what was best for my life and then played me when my gut told me there was something up with you two.
I trusted you.
Damon, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Damon, please don't shut me out.
Hey, I know it's usually dinner and then, you know.
We're grown, Marcus.
You can say sex.
All right.
Well, how about tomorrow night, a real dinner at my place, not snacks, and then we Actually, thank you, but I can't.
We can't.
Didn't we just Get closure? Yes, and it was great, but it's better to not blur the lines in the present, you know, leave things in the past, like you said.
You're scared I'm gonna hurt you again, huh? Good night, Marcus.
Kevin? Thea, right? Oh.
My grandma sent me a picture, and it does not do you justice.
Look, so I know our grannies are trying to write the next great HBCU love story, but I need to make a few things clear.
Uh, OK.
I love tennis.
I plan on playing professionally, and nothing and no one's gonna stop me.
I don't mind splitting the tab on the first date, but I'm not putting out, so if that's all cool with you, then we should grab a bite sometime.
How about now? Yeah.
Hey, what's it gonna be? Hoo! Oh, my God.
Keisha, Keisha - Keisha - Shut up.
Hey, listen.
I am starving.
You want to grab a bite? You sure you want to go out in public together and, like, eat real food? I mean, it's just breakfast, Keisha.
Oh, my God.
Actually, can we rain-check? I did not realize how tired I was.
Oh, my God, it's like the adrenaline is literally leaving my body.
You know me.
I can always eat.
Thank you for tonight.
It's nothing.
Good night.
Good night Wow.
You look like ass.
Yeah, and I feel like it, too.
Yesterday is all a little hazy, but I got a feeling I was messy.
Child, it was giving reality-show messy, like season 7 of "The Bachelor in Paradise" messy, but it could've been so much worse.
Nathaniel, when her parents spilt, ooh, it was giving full "Real Housewives of Atlanta" messy, just annihilating everything I touched.
- It was that bad? - Oh, I showed my ass and then some, but, you know, a spiral is expected when your whole world turns upside down.
What'd you do to get back to normal? Um, started by getting some real answers from my folks, and then realizing their issues had nothing to do with their love for me.
That part was never gonna change.
Talk to your 'rents, J.
Ask what needs to be asked or trash your future to spite them, but both are a choice.
Look, Nathaniel, I don't even know if I want the answers.
Yes, you do.
No matter what it is, it's gonna suck until it doesn't.
I got class, but if you ever need Nate's wise words or You just want to get your butt whupped in spades again, you know where to find me.
You cheating at spades.
I ain't cheat at no kind of spades.
- Have a good class.
- You have a good day.
Oh What the hell?
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