All and Eva (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

And James

I'll go on sperm Tinder.
Not everything is going
as planned for Eva
In a weak moment in Copenhagen
Here comes Knud.
She secretly found the man
who is her sperm donor
Obviously immoral and forbidden
But she wanted to know
if he was a psychopath
In her defence,
she was completely smashed
One more.
With her tail between her legs,
Eva went all the way home
I'm pregnant.
She'd never see Mads again
-See you, Eva.
Weeks later,
fertilised and at peace,
A knock on the door
of her apartment
Was that the door bell?
She has her secret
He doesn't know
Right, you are here,
in my apartment.
I'm sorry for just showing up
like that.
I thought I'd be
a little spontaneous.
But I can also see
it might seem a little weird.
I don't know what it's like
in Denmark but in Sweden
we don't really show up
A bit of a breach of privacy.
When you put it like that, I do feel
a bit like a creepy stalker.
Mum? I thought you left.
No, I was just doing something
with my phone, so I
-Mads, nice to meet you.
I don't understand Danish,
My mum.
Listen, I've got a wedding thing,
a friend is getting married, but
Yeah, okay.
But you're here, of course we'll
talk for a bit, want some coffee?
-I'd love some tea if you've got it.
You didn't strike me
as a tea drinker.
-I am.
Coffee can put stress
on the nervous system.
It can affect your psyche, and
But maybe that doesn't apply to you?
Maybe you're not affected by coffee?
No, I just don't like coffee.
So you have a stable psyche?
Yes, I think I do.
Is that a normal question to ask
people you've just met?
I'm always straight to the point.
Are you pregnant?
Oh, why did I do that?
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no.
-Do you have
-You need cold water.
The bathroom is that way.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, it's fine.
Physically I'm fine,
mentally I have to get over
one of the top three humiliating
situations I've experienced.
At least no other man
has had his pants off
that quick in this apartment.
Well then,
everything's going to plan.
But listenI have to ask
How did you even find me?
You are apparently
the only Eva Arulf in Sweden.
If you were Eva Lill-Babs
you would've been harder to find.
-Right, that. Lill-Babs.
-There's a lot of them.
Okay. Yes.
Yeah, you can take that.
-It's my dad, I'll take it.
Hi, Dad.
Okay, have you called your doctor?
Are you still in pain?
No, Dad,
you have to go to the doctor.
Yes, you need to check
it's nothing serious.
I can hear you're in pain.
I can hear that you're in pain.
Okay, good. I love you.
See you. Bye.
That was your dad? Is he sick?
No, not really. He's just dramatic.
But no, he just has a stomach ache.
but every time he hurts somewhere,
he thinks he's dying.
He needs a doctor,
but he can't tell my mum
because she doesn't believe
in doctors,
she believes
in homeopathic medicine.
My father doesn't dare tell her
that he doesn't believe that,
so it's exciting.
But what if it is something serious?
I really don't think so.
It could be. It could be
some hidden gut disease or
something hereditary, potentially.
It could be Crohn's or cancer, or
There you go again
I'm sorry,
I'm just a little curious.
I know that, I like that about you.
So what are your parents like?
Are they creative
You know what?
If I'm gonna answer your questions,
won't you go for a walk
with me in Stockholm?
I promise you
I'll answer everything.
I've never been here.
Yes, of course, I'll just
We'll do that.
So you were a happy child?
Yes, I was.
I played football and guitar.
Wait, are you musical?
A little bit.
God, you should really
write that somewhere.
All these questions, will they be
used against me at some point?
Oh yes, when Sweden retakes Bornholm
you better watch out.
I was thinking,
the pictures on your fridge
Are you
Oh, they're Fanny's.
My friend, Fanny.
-In the picture?
-No, she left it there.
Just cause I thought it was yours.
Doesn't matter.
Man, Stockholm is lovely.
It's a shame Swedes are so stiff.
Excuse me, what a cliché.
Not all Swedes are stiff.
Yeah, a little.
Very clean.
It's like everyone has
a friendly filter,
you can't tell
what they really feel.
You're saying it's bad
to be clean and friendly?
-Is it better in Denmark?
Where everyone is a little drunk
and high and really rude.
Exactly, it's great.
Have you drunk and smoked a lot too?
Can we get a boat?
To your right you can see
lovely Skeppsholmen.
This part of town is part
of the northern part of the city.
-What? No, I
You have a very sculptural profile.
Thank you very much. I think.
Or take some time to walk around
the wonderful Museum of Modern Art.
That museum is super fun,
let's get off, I love museums.
Look, I'm really trying,
but I really don't get it.
To me it looks a bit like something
my sister's eight-year-old
son might have made.
Oh, you've got a nephew?
And a niece.
A niece too?
What are they like?
Do you have any pictures?
Um, yeah. They're amazing.
I guess it's in the genes.
I'm just one of those people
who don't understand art.
It's not about understanding,
it's about
well, how art settles in you.
What meaning and significance
it has to you.
Okay, so what's the meaning of this?
For you?
Well, Louise Bourgeois,
who's the artist,
she worked a lot with the role
of women, sexuality and
self image, maybe, partially.
You can see it's split in two,
it points in two directions,
so I'm thinking it's pointing back,
historically, toward
the norms and conventions she fought
against or tried to understand.
And the other side points
forward towards what she
tried to
achieve for
Jesus, I'm sorry,
I don't usually cry.
It's just hormones
Or, like, sea sickness
or PMS or something.
Do you want to tell me
a little about this one?
The artists name is Alex Hay,
I think it's, likelife itself,
in it's simplicity.
That you kind of scrunch up a page
from history and throw it out to
Well, to turn the page and
And start over fresh, you know.
Jesus, I'm sorry,
I really don't usually
-No. I'm sorry.
We'll pretend it didn't happen,
You can tell me aboutthat.
What can you to tell me about that?
You know what?
I'm actually in a hurry.
But you stay and look.
-It was lovely. But, thank you, bye.
-I'm sorry.
Eva, I said I'm sorry.
Where are you going?
I was gonna take the boat,
I'm really in a hurry.
-But can you wait a minute, I
-It's fine, I'll see you.
My things are at your place, Eva.
So I
I'll probably have to come along.
On it's very first trip
on August 10,
the ship only sailed for a little
while before it sank inside
There you go.
-Thank you.
-Thanks for today.
Okay, here's the thing.
I can't stop thinking about you
since that night in Copenhagen,
and I
Today was
There is something here.
You must feel it too.
Please, that night in Copenhagen
was nothing.
This is nothing.
I came to Stockholm to see you.
No you didn't,
you came for your beer, you said.
-Yes, I said that.
And I was. The beer was a bonus.
Or an excuse, I don't know, but
Are you joking now?
You could have said that
from the start, I wouldn't have
I think I am falling in love
with you.
Oh stop it, you're not in love
with me, you don't know me.
You don't know anything about me.
Nothing at all.
That isn't love.
It's just an illusion.
Yeah, but I know how I feel
when I'm with you.
-I like feeling that way.
-You've known me two hours.
I know that, but I feel like we know
each other anyway.
-Listen closely now.
I really mean this.
I never want to see you
ever again, okay?
You should not have come here.
Let's say goodbye.
-Just like that? Over.
-Goodbye, yes.
-Take care.
-Jesus, you scared me.
How did it go?
What do you think, spontaneously?
-Well, I
-Damnit, I'm late too.
What was he like?
This is so horribly damn wrong, Mum.
It's deeply immoral.
Oh, God
-Is he a psychopath?
Or I don't know.
He was really nice.
But you don't do this.
You don't kiss your sperm donor.
You kissed?
Why did you have to make me
run after him, Mum?
As if I'd get to know
his deep secrets
over a fucking cup of coffee.
I mean
Don't you see?
Maybe he wants kids.
-Yes, what?
What are you talking about?
I will never tell him
or anyone else about this.
-You get that, and won't say a word?
-It's so incredibly wrong.
I just wanted to find out
if he was a psychopath.
But honey,
this is our little secret.
Of course, I was just thinking
How do I put this?
You're already carrying his child
I'm not carrying his child!
He wanked in a cup for money, Mum!
-Stop it.
-Why are you so angry?
-I'm not angry.
My dear child, just don't
see him then, if that's the case.
I just get very stressed when you
get involved in my business.
Can you just leave me alone
right now?
This is exactly what
I was afraid of.
That you'll shut me out,
that I won't be part
of my grandchild's life.
I'm so lonely, you know that?
I only have you.
-Since Dad died
-Mum, this isn't about you.
Yes, this is about me.
I want to be your support.
I'm sorry I can't be the daughter
you need right now.
But do you know what?
I don't want your support.
I'm not myself right now.
Can we talk about this another day?
Please, Mum.
-Hallelujah, she's alive.
-No shoes.
-I told you she'd be here.
Hi, we've waited for ages.
Yes, but it doesn't matter.
No, no, no
I'm sorry, I have to leave again.
I have to leave, work and
I'm sorry.
No, but
You're trying on
bridesmaid's dresses.
Just get anything,
I'm happy with anything, okay?
I'm sorry.
Is she kidding?
No, I guess she has a lot at work.
Like the rest of us
don't have a life.
No, but this'll be fun now.
We can choose anything.
Hey, I'll choose something
super not-Eva.
She says she doesn't suit colours,
but I'm thinking purple
will be great on her.
-Yeah, get whatever you want.
I have to go, I have a life too.
Listen, there's something
I'd like to ask you.
Could I bring Sven to the wedding?
The Sven who you just met?
This is real.
Okay, if it feels like it's real
I know it is.
You know it is?
Yeah, well, bring him then.
Okay, bye.
Oh, hi.
I was in the shower.
And you can't say anything either,
then you're just a bitter old man
who thinks you should
work extra hard the first period
to earn your place.
I have a theory.
People in their twenties now,
let's say from 17 to 30
You are so beautiful.
James, please.
Do you have to compliment me
all the time?
We've talked about this,
it feels like you don't listen.
What? I was listening,
I love listening to you.
I think you say very wise things.
You're doing it again.
Maybe some water.
But you're pretty attractive
Just "pretty attractive"?
How long have you
lived in this apartment?
About 15 years.
You haven't considered moving
somewhere bigger?
Yes, I
But I think that's something I
want to do with someone.
It's not a decision
I want to make myself, you know.
It's unnecessary to move
if you're moving anyway.
If you know what I mean.
I think I'm a bit like that
with everything.
I don't want to buy new
things because I want
to do it with someone.
I've had the same crockery
for like 20 years.
I've had some of the furniture
in here for ages, so
-What're you doing on Saturday?
-I don't want new crockery.
No, no, we're not going to
I thought we agreed this wasn't
going to be anything serious.
No, it was a metaphor,
we're not going to share crockery.
This is totally not serious.
I completely agree with you.
Okay, good.
It could evolve
into something else
Hey, we've been seeing each other
a fair bit now.
James, we've seen each other what?
Four times?
Five. But when you know you know.
No, now you're like those
you make me seem
like some bitter old man.
I think you're a cute old man,
a sweet old man.
No, damnit.
And now I'm awful.
Even though I always said
I don't want a relationship.
Listen, forget I said anything,
just come back to bed.
You're not awful.
I thought we wanted the same thing.
Just having this discussion
is borderline too serious.
Please, don't leave,
now I feel really stupid.
I get a little over the top
That's all.
But maybe it's a good thing.
I think you should find someone
who's a bit more like you.
What do you mean, "like me"?
You know, a bit
God, no. Oh, come on.
Hello there.
Psychologist, that must be amazing.
Get paid to listen
to other people's problems all day.
Yeah, it's exciting.
I should start billing my friends.
I'm closest.
I've never seen a psychologist.
-You haven't?
Why not?
I think I'm pretty open
with my emotions,
my friends and I can talk about
But you might need tools
to sort through your emotions.
Here's someone who does fine
without tools.
So you're saying
you don't have any issues?
No, nothing other than dying.
Dying alone.
Chronic fear of death.
But nothing major, I'd say.
And I mean, that's a kind of nice
anxiety somehow.
I'm kidding, I like having fun.
I'd like to try something with you.
Can you put this pen between your
teeth without touching your lips?
What's this, now? Exciting.
No, turn it.
No, turn the pen.
Oh, the pen, like this?
-That's another variant.
And if you remove your lips.
-Like this?
Do you notice anything?
You're smiling.
You can trick your brain
to thinking it's happy.
I think that instead of working
from the inside out,
you can work from the outside in.
You trick your brain
into thinking it's happy.
But that doesn't work.
-How can you be so sure?
-Hey, throw it.
Your turn. Go.
Sure, but how can you
be so sure about that?
Oh, what a shame, I'm closest again.
Listen, I'm curious.
-How can you be so sure
-Because if I looked at myself
from the outside, I would get
real anxiety, which I don't have.
Every time I look at myself
from outside, I panic.
Just yesterday I noticed
I'm getting this, what's it called?
Turkey neck, my skin is coming away.
And if I look at my hands, look.
I don't recognise them.
Just dry and wrinkly skin.
Not to mention my hairline, which
slowly but very surely
is moving up and back.
It'll join my neck. You see?
My body is getting ready to finish
and I haven't started living yet.
Everything on the outside
is changing.
But inside I'm the same,
and that's a problem.
Because inside, I'm 20. I still
don't have someone to live with.
So no thanks,
I don't need a psychologist.
I'm fully aware of my problems.
Or what problems I could be having.
Hi, how's it going here?
It's not going great.
-We're fine, thanks.
-I'm sorry.
I should have kept that pen
in my mouth.
I could've tricked my way
through the evening,
we're having a great time.
I'm sorry,
it was an occupational habit.
But I really think you could solve
a lot of your issues
if you talked to someone.
But it's not a problem
that I want to find love.
Is there?
I think you do yourself a disservice
if you think meeting a partner
will solve your problems.
And it's a big responsibility
to put on another person.
I don't want someone to put
responsibility on, just to love.
But before that you might need
to deal with yourself.
Now you're sounding
just like my friend, Eva.
It is so depressing.
-I think she sounds smart
-Take her out then.
You could go
to an anxiety conference
and convince yourselves
you're not lonely.
Oh, I
I'm sorry, I can't be on a date
I know won't lead anywhere.
I think we're having
a really interesting conversation.
See, another thing
we see completely differently.
You've barely asked me anything.
No, because I feel
there's nothing between us.
How do you know that?
You just know when you feel it.
You get, like, tingly, okay?
It's electrical.
No, I don't think
it really works like that
Is there someone here?
Shit, shit, shit.
Go, please go.
I'm just going past.
I'm just going to go past.
There, I'm just going past.
I'm just getting past
Fucking pigeon.
No, no, no!
I can't do this!
Help me.
You can come out now.
-Is it gone?
I strangled it.
Well this
-is a little embarrassing.
-Yes, a little.
But pigeons bother me, I think
they look like rats with wings.
Thank you for the help.
You're welcome.
-Why did you call?
Oh, I
just wanted to apologise
for being a bit much
and asked a bunch
of weird questions and got
-I'm sorry, James.
-I'm sorry.
It felt like we had something,
maybe it was just me.
I'm sorry.
Alright, listen,
do you have 1500kr?
What? Are you?
-Are you a sex worker?
-What? No.
Goodness. No.
But I'd like you to come
to a session.
No, that
No, that
Well, James, welcome.
Thank you.
If you'd start by telling me
a little about yourself?
Yeah, well, my name is James.
And I am
a love addict.
Maybe I'm a dating app addict.
But I'm ready to swipe on
the next as soon as it doesn't work.
When I put it like that
it sounds a bit sad
I guess I see myself as a
If I'm not that, I don't know
what I am, I guess I'm
I guess I'm just sad.
There's nothing saying
you can't be a romantic
just because
you work on your issues.
Well I'm
I'm 56 years old and have
never been in a relationship.
And I'm not picky, because
Well, I
I like almost everyone, as long as
they like me I'm happy, and then
That sounds
Jesus, what's wrong with me?
No, I'm..
That's what we're here
to get to the bottom of.
I don't think I'm very happy.
I know.
I know.
Just so I'm keeping up
You no longer believe love
is everything?
Yes but, like
my psychologist says
I have to work on myself.
So that I'm ready to let it in,
which is why I haven't found it yet.
And I'm depressed too.
Stop it, you're always happy.
That's one of my problems.
It's expected of me to be happy.
Because I don't think anyone
likes me if I'm not happy.
You're pretty annoying then too.
I can't hear you
from behind the screen.
Waterproof mascara?
Oh, no.
I'm not going to cry.
We've been together 15 years, it's
a miracle we're getting married.
I think it's cool to get married
after so many years.
Most people get married
when they're newly in love.
Yeah, but I don't feel I need a ring
on my finger to prove my love.
The four stitches in my perineum
and about 72 stretch marks
on my belly is plenty in my opinion.
Alright, come out and show us
what you look like.
Not a word.
No, what?
I love it.
-I am.
-This is going to be great.
-It is, right?
Yes, it will.
You know, I love you so much.
-We love
Something blue!
-I forgot to wear something blue.
-Oh, don't worry about that.
-No, it's bad luck.
We can't start with bad luck.
She's right,
we'll have to find something.
You are two functioning grown
adults, you can't
Oh guys, come on, stop it.
I'm not going in there
without something blue.
Here, blue.
I'm wearing blue underpants.
Give them to me.
Take your underpants off now.
This feels wrong.
-She only just put them on.
-It still feels wrong.
Stop it, they're completely clean.
This is grossing me out.
You know what I've been
thinking about? Trying yoni massage.
-What's that?
-It's getting a massage
-down there.
-By who?
A yoni masseuse.
What? You pay to cum?
That's prostitution.
No, it's about
getting to know yourself better.
If you cum, that's just a bonus.
So if I buy sex and it gets me off,
it isn't criminal, it's a bonus?
This is just another way for you to
keep men from getting close to you.
God yes, sperm donor
and yoni massage
leads to a happy single life.
Yes, very normal, totally.
Especially if it's the same person.
Here's my hooker
and the father of my child.
Dear god.
Okay Dad, are you ready?
Tell me.
Why you've been so weird.
The last few days you haven't even
answered your phone.
I've just been working.
I can tell something's going on.
Not even you work that much.
Hey, everyone.
Hi. I just quickly, before everyone
starts getting really drunk,
I want to say thank you for coming
and thank you, Nils, for today.
I love you.
Come on, you have to say more.
I will say a few more words,
of course.
It's not always easy being together.
But I think it's beautiful
to choose someone
for their good qualities
and the bad.
In the highs and lows.
If there's one thing I'm sure of,
it's that I'd much rather share
my life with you
than to experience it alone,
without you.
That would be horrible.
And as long as we choose each other,
again and again,
for the rest of our lives,
it'll turn out well!
Let's party.
-Who's that?
-Jesus, you scared me.
No one.
Hey, wait.
My goodness.
Is this what
your depression is about?
You can tell me anything,
I know just how you feel.
One, you've been
to one psychology session.
Two, I'm not depressed.
No, and that's exactly what I said
before I started working on myself,
who is he?
-No one.
-Stop it.
I'm getting actually annoyed.
What are friends for
if you don't talk to each other?
I can tell
that something is going on.
Tell me what it is.
I just got a bad conscience.
Josefine's speech was so beautiful.
And I've thought my task in life
is to fix her boring life.
As if I've got all the answers.
She's happy.
Who is the man in the picture?
Just because I want to be alone,
doesn't mean it suits everyone.
No, does this have anything to do
with the man in the picture?
I met a guy in Copenhagen,
who I was never going to see again.
Then he showed up in Stockholm.
And he was really nice.
Really nice.
And I
Lied and used him.
No, but I was
I was really mean.
And selfish.
-And lied.
-What did you lie about?
-I didn't tell him I'm pregnant.
Is that all?
-So what do you want to do?
Oh god, I'll just put it behind me.
I never have to see him again.
Or maybe I want to apologise.
I don't know.
My psychologist says it's important
to follow your gut feeling.
I think I'll call Mum and ask her
to get me, I'm so tired.
Say hi to Mum.
I don't understand why I care?
I never have to see him again.
-Right, no.
Right, of course, no.
Pretend nothing happened.
But I can't stop thinking about him.
He's my sperm donor. It's so
wrong. In so many ways.
It is a funny thing about feelings.
That they control us
but we can't control them.
It's not about feelings.
Not in that way.
I just have a bad conscience.
Yeah, of course.
You could just talk to him.
Hey, listen, I'm a little bit
pregnant with your child.
Forgot to mention it,
that's why I'm a bit weird.
That's not what I meant.
You can't tell him
right away obviously.
Sort things out a bit first.
Apologise, and then
get to know him
and see what he's like
and if you like him,
then you tell him.
If you want to.
And if you don't like him,
you apologise
and act like nothing happened.
You see? It can't be that hard.
He lives in Copenhagen.
I'm going to Denmark. Right now.
As soon as possible,
first available flight.
I don't usually do this, but
-sometimes you have to go for it.
-Is it love?
So exciting.
I've always wished
this would happen.
-Now it's happening.
-It's happening.
Of course we'll sort out a ticket.
How many bags?
Zero bags. Completely spontaneous,
let's do this.
To love.
-There it is.
-There it is.
-To Copenhagen.
-To Copenhagen.
-Ten past six in the morning.
-Ten pastNo.
-Is there anything earlier?
-Absolutely not.
Should I book it?
I'll book it.
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