All and Eva (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

And Inger

Not everything is going
to plan for our Eva
Mads showed up
and she made him some tea
-Maybe she could now know more
-Are you musical?
About his background
and genetic history
And then she kissed her sperm donor
Eva panicked,
tried to forget what happened
Dumped poor Mads
with without sense or reason
Now the kiss is also part
of Eva's secret
Tell me.
-Because only Eva knows
-This is our secret.
Well, Mum knows but there's
no room for anything else
In Eva's head there's only
Mads, Mads, Mads
Left her friend's wedding
with no shame
and went to Copenhagen
Here I am.
Right. What are you doing here?
I don't really know.
-You don't know.
But I thought that
we should maybe talk a little.
You and I.
Sorry, I actually don't have time.
Oh, come on!
How old are you?
Actually, how old are you?
I'm not leaving
until you open the door.
Mads, hey
I just want to explain
and apologise. Can't we
We're grown adults
So childish, can't you wait?
I'm actually pretty busy, Eva, and
you were very clear last I saw you.
Yes, and I would like to explain
if you could just wait.
Yeah, but you don't need to explain.
You were right,
I should never have come.
It was stupid. Bye.
-What the hell!
-Shut up!
You shut up, Danish fucker.
Excuse me.
Hello? Mads!
Wait up!
What the hell, wait for me!
Excuse me.
I won't give up
until you talk to me.
There isn't much more to say.
Are you the only one
allowed to surprise visit?
Can you at least look at me
when I talk to you?
Hey? Look at me.
Look at this.
Put those breasts away.
Okay, okay.
What the hell? Are you completely
I'm sorry.
Take it easy, damnit.
-Okay, but I'm stuck.
-You're standing in the
Okay, I'm sorry.
I can't do this anymore.
Stop pinging at me.
-Thanks for the jacket.
-Of course.
I just wanted to
-I'm the one who should apologise.
It was a lot, for me to come
with all these feelings and
information you hadn't asked for.
But it wasalso really nice.
So why are you here?
To apologise.
-And maybe to
see you when I was ready for it.
You've done that now.
And now I'm in Copenhagen.
How long are you staying?
Just today,
a quick trip back and forth.
So maybe you want to have
that cup of tea,
that we never had in Stockholm.
Since I spilled it on you.
We can do that.
I'm going to my parents' later,
but until then
we can
I have no plans.
Should I get a condom?
Sorry. I thought you wanted to.
I thought so too.
-I want to but
I haven't really formulated
this thought properly.
-Do you want a minute?
It wasn't
It wasn't so that we'd
This isn't what I came here for,
so that we would
It's moving a little fast for me,
you know how it went in Stockholm.
Maybe we can
-Talk a little.
-Of course.
Do you like Fleetwood Mac?
Yeah, they're okay.
-And you?
-Yes, totally.
Cool, cool, cool.
All the things you said
in Stockholm,
it was too much and too big at once.
And I
I think I'd like to
get to know you a little, before.
Oh, you thought I wanted to
sleep with you?
That's not what I wanted.
Not at all, no, that's how
I always welcome people.
-It was just a Danish hello?
It's the first time you're here
You guys are so fucking loose.
That's what I'm saying.
I need to go to the bar
to receive a delivery.
Wanna come?
Maybe I could borrow some clothes?
What's that?
The names?
It's who he makes his beers for.
It's his family.
He talks about them. Why?
Here it is.
What's that?
It's my new beer.
The one you wouldn't taste
in Sweden.
Did you make a beer
you think I'll like?
No, I didn't.
I made a beer all Swedes will like.
It's milder, more Swede-friendly.
That's surprisingly good,
this Eva beer.
-Yes, I feel like a Danish muse.
Is now the time to talk about
the elephant in the room?
Which one?
I was thinking of the dress
you arrived in.
Right, that's just a normal
bridesmaid's dress,
because I came
from my best friend's wedding.
So what you actually did was,
you ran out
on your best friend's wedding
to come see me.
If you admit
you made a beer for me,
I might admit I left the wedding
to come here, yes.
Now, you show me Copenhagen.
He made a cross in his calendar
every time he masturbated.
Why would he do that?
They said you could go blind
from masturbating.
So he did his own research.
Right, that's surprisingly fitting,
that Denmark has
the world's most famous masturbator.
H.C. Andersen, he's our great pride.
Of course,
being so good at masturbating.
Ready for the next butter hole.
Did you say "butter hole"?
Nice place, cosy.
Okay, come on.
Is Copenhagen always this lovely?
Are they smoking hash?
Yeah, I think so.
Does that make you nervous?
They can do what they want,
I'm not judging anyone.
But it's 1 PM
and they're like 12 years old.
You are so Swedish, it's crazy.
What? Because I don't like drugs?
Because you're scared
of what you don't know.
I'm not scared,
it's just not natural for me
to be around hash smokers
and drug dealers.
I can't decline a lottery ticket
without feeling bad.
So you'd feel bad about
saying no to some cannabis?
No, I wouldn't say no, I'd buy two
kilos so they wouldn't feel awkward.
-But not scared
-Excuse me.
-Jesus, you scared me.
-Do you have a lighter?
No, sorry
No, I don't smoke.
But you can smoke, that's okay.
Are you Swedish?
-My mum is Swedish.
We just moved from Stockholm.
We live in Copenhagen now,
I have one foot in each country.
-Oh, right.
A Swede and a Dane
It's really been a lovely day.
And I've been feeling all
continental an un-Swedish,
even a little Danish.
But I think I have to admit
that I am incredibly Swedish.
-You are incredibly Swedish.
-Yeah, I am, aren't I?
I'm having such an identity crisis.
Who even am I?
Can I try?
You're really funny.
You're intelligent,
you're super weird
You like to be in control, or you're
afraid of being disappointed.
Am I not right about that?
-But today I've seen a person who
who throws herself into things.
And seems to like them.
You make me sound so simple.
Yeah, but I don't think we are.
I just don't think
we're that complicated.
No, I think you're right.
Anyway, I really enjoyed
being with you.
But now I really have to go.
But if you want
No, what were you gonna say?
I just wanted to say
that I'm just going
to my parents' place.
So if you're not doing anything
else anyway
I've brought friends
to my parents' place before.
So if you want to,
you can come along.
If you want to.
Absolutely, I'd love to. I've never
been to a real Danish home before.
-Except yours.
-Is that right?
You have to experience that.
-Who's this?
-Who's that?
-Who's that?
Hello there, up we go! Hey there.
Eva, welcome.
It's great to be here.
-Hey, darling.
-Hey, Mum.
-My favourite child.
-Dad, it's so weird to say that.
But he is.
-Mum, can't you talk to him?
-Don't call me Mum, darling.
Mum's new thing is
she's only called Jytte now.
-It's Jytte now?
-Yes, I'm Jytte first.
-This is my sister, Agnes.
I'm just gonna say
it from the start,
I do not understand Swedish.
It's things like that that makes
you kind of hard to love, my dear.
-Come with me to the kitchen.
-You can't say that.
Oh, shut up.
I'm not calling it hocus pocus,
but maybe we could
listen to the doctors this time.
The kidney stones must be removed.
No, they need to leave
the natural way.
If you just follow my treatment
plan, I promise
But I don't want to pee rocks.
She really thinks I can get it out
if I just drink
a litre of oil a day.
Of course not.
He also needs healing.
Yes, but if that's how it works,
why don't all doctors prescribe it?
Everything is about money, isn't it?
It's corrupt, just like everything
else in this fucking country.
What do you think
about homeopathic medicine?
-You don't need to answer that.
I've raised you better than that,
-Eva can speak for herself.
-It's the oldest discussion.
-Of course she can answer
Let's hear what
she's got to say, it's fun.
I don't know anything about
homeopathic medicine.
But I do feel pretty secure with
hundreds of years of research
in western medicine.
Yes, I get that, honey.
But you can't expect
a different answer from a Swede.
You never go against the norm.
You don't dare.
-Let's just
And I'm not talking about you,
Eva honey,
I'm talking about Swedes
in general, right?
Because they are so scared.
They're afraid of change, they're
afraid to talk about feelings,
they're afraid of anything
alternative, and conflicts.
Easier to do what you're told.
So they just shut up
and follow along,
because then no one can say
they did anything wrong.
I never thought I would say this,
but I agree, you're right.
But don't tell anyone I said so.
Swedes are generally afraid
to say what they think, definitely.
I'd never be able to say
what I think to my mum,
she wouldn't speak to me for years.
I don't understand
a word you're saying right now.
But whatever, we can't forget
that it was Mum who knew
-Jytte, sorry.
Jytte knew every time
I was pregnant
before I knew myself,
so she knows something.
-That's right.
I can tell.
-That's not possible, is it?
-What did you call it?
-You've got a pregnancy radar.
-That's right.
Pregnancy radar.
-No, that's not possible.
Yeah, and I can still do it.
Oh, sorry. I think it's my
Yes, it's my mum calling.
-It's Mum.
-Hi Mum.
Hi, Eva darling,
thank you for picking up.
-How is it going?
-I can't talk right now, Mum.
I'll call you back later. Okay, bye.
I guess she was busy.
Mm, almost dinner time.
Oh, okay.
Um, fibre?
I think we have that already.
But you can tell me about it,
because I
I've got time.
What did you say your name was?
Inger, hi.
-It's been so long.
-How are you?
-I'm good.
And you're busy, I see.
Yes, I'm going to a birthing class
with my oldest daughter.
Then the whole
extended family is visiting.
She wants me to be there
for the birth.
It almost feel as if
I'm the one giving birth.
-Without the hard part of course.
-Right, exactly.
-That's wonderful.
So there's no father
in the picture then?
Oh, yes, but you know,
Mum is always best.
That's how it is.
How are you doing?
I'm good, I read something funny
the other day,
the worst part about retirement is
you can't take a vacation from it.
I mean, it's just a joke.
Cake for one?
Oh, no, I'm having visitors.
I'm having some
some people over
for coffee and cake.
-That sounds lovely.
-Yes, shall we?
-Oh, I'll help you with that.
How's Eva?
She's actually in Copenhagen
at the moment.
And she's
looking for the right person
to share her life with.
Or, I think so anyway,
just speculation.
She calls me so much,
I almost need to tell her,
"Soon you'll have to manage
without Mum."
Yes, exactly, you almost have to
tell them to stop calling.
Yeah. Almost.
-So, a Danish man?
-Yes, I know.
But I actually have to go now.
Yeah. But listen, Eva is pregnant.
-Yes, it's true.
But you can't tell anyone, it's a
secret, not even the dad knows.
It's, you know,
between mother and daughter.
Yes, of course.
Grandchildren are the dessert
of life.
Everyone says so.
Yvonne, won't you come,
my birthday is next week,
I'm having a small party,
nothing special,
-on Saturday, can you come?
-Yes, I'd love to.
-That'll be fun.
-It's great to see you.
-Yeah, see you.
-Yes, we will.
-Take care.
-Excuse me.
You forgot your piece of cake
in the fridge.
Oh, right, thank you.
Thank you, thanks for the help.
Register one is open.
You know what?
Mine and Eva's relationship
reminds me of when you're in the
passenger seat when I'm driving.
You expect me to drive badly,
so I do.
It's so annoying when you're
clutching the ceiling handle.
I'm a good driver.
But you know,
I think it was
that emergency c-section.
That I didn't get her on my chest
We never got that
immediate first contact,
which is so important,
I've read that it is.
I think that was it.
And imagine.
Now our child is having a child.
Our little girl.
My goodness.
And just like that,
an entire lifetime passed.
Right, Göran's grandkids are
visiting, that's nice for him.
He's seemed very lonely
since his wife left.
No, I know you don't like him.
But you can still comment, right?
Oh, god no.
No, no, no.
What does he want?
Strange person.
I saw you in the window so I
I was just
I know we don't usually have
much to do with each other.
But I was just wondering
if you could possibly
watch the kids a moment,
because a pipe broke inside,
there's water everywhere.
-I don't know them
-Yes, great.
Thanks. I'll be back, kids,
the lady will watch you.
They'll keep to themselves I guess.
-Is this your ball?
Oh, okay.
Throw it as hard as you can.
Okay. If you want me to,
are you ready?
Oh god, I'm sorry.
Help is coming, dear.
Well, you're okay.
Don't you have a husband?
Yes, I do.
He's just not alive.
I don't understand.
-He's dead.
But I believe they keep living
among us, somehow.
Grandpa always says
Grandma is dead to him.
But she's alive,
maybe that's what you mean?
YeahDo you want to watch TV?
Be careful now.
Knock knock, there you are.
Come on, the plumber is on the way.
We want to finish the show.
How much longer?
There's five minutes left.
Okay, five minutes, no more.
Come in while you wait.
-I've got shoes on.
-You can keep them on.
-It's nice in here.
-Oh, thanks.
I've never been in here,
I just realised.
We've been neighbours
for over 30 years now.
I guess it was never the time.
-No, that's not
The children are in charge.
The children are in charge.
-Have a seat.
-Thank you.
No, it was never the time.
We've been so busy
these past 30 years.
Oh yes
I'll be completely honest with you,
my ex-wife, she never liked you.
You know what,
my husband never liked you.
One all.
But I
I think she was mostly jealous
of you.
-Of me?
Well, she was always talking
about you.
-Yeah, she was.
How nice your place was,
and the garden of course.
That you were always so pleasant
and happy.
I always felt she didn't like me,
but that it was because
I was so good
I didn't know that.
I remember once, I baked cookies
and brought them over,
so that she would like me.
Yeah, I remember those cookies.
They were amazing.
I guess they were too good, perhaps.
She thought you did it
to antagonise her.
-Yes, it's true.
Was it the same way with?
With him? That he?
What do you mean?
Well, that he was jealous of me?
-No, no
-No, okay.
-Or maybe he was.
-He was?
-Yeah, maybe he was, a little.
Now that you mention it.
So, how do you
feel about retired life?
Yeah, it's pleasant.
What do you really think?
What do you mean?
I think it's awful.
I have to set the alarm.
Just to have a reason
to get up in the morning.
I read something.
Like this
Do you know the best part ofNo.
Sorry, like this, do you know
the worst part of being retired?
It's that you can't
take a vacation from it.
That's not bad.
-It's so true.
-Yeah it is, because you can't.
No, you can't take a vacation
-It's pretty good, right?
I'll remember that one.
Yeah, my goodness
They're here now,
I'll just go over and open for them.
-I'll be right back.
-This is great.
-Yes, so nice.
I didn't see you there.
They said it'd be quick.
Kids, Mum is here. Hurry up.
-Bye, Grandpa.
I had an extra one.
They look great.
But before we have those,
I'd like to show you something
in my basement.
Just give me a five minute
head start, then follow.
And we'll have these after?
-Yes, I'd love to.
-Five minutes.
Okay. I'll put these in the fridge
for now then.
Oh, okay.
-What's all this?
-Yeah, good question.
White shoes
When my ex moved, she took
so it was empty in here.
So I figured,
it already looks like a dancehall,
so I started bugg dancing.
Oh, Göran, you bugg dance?
Well, I don't judge, but
-Listen, it's surprisingly fun.
A whole group of us was here
yesterday, bugg dancing.
Butbugg dancing,
isn't it a bit lame?
Are we really that old?
Yeah, maybe we're
a little too old to feel lame.
-Don't you think?
Too old to feel lame
What do you think?
-No, I don't know how.
-Just dance a little.
You're doing great.
And we can do one of these.
And like this.
Wait, I'll just
My goodness.
Cute, wasn't he?
I was just admiring
this artwork here.
It's interesting,
I wonder what it symbolises.
-Do you like it?
My five year old grandchild made it.
-That can stay between us.
-Of course.
It's so nice that you and Mads
have become friends.
That's what's so great about life,
isn't it?
You meet hundreds of people
and then suddenly,
there's a single meeting that makes
all the difference, right?
What was he like as a child?
How was he?
He always knew what he wanted.
And what he didn't want.
He was very
Very secure in who he was.
He didn't care what people thought.
He had a lot of integrity.
And far too many feelings.
It seems you like being
in Denmark?
Yes, I do.
Eva, would you give me a hand?
If you could put that on the table,
that'd be great.
Are you okay?
Is something wrong?
No, what would be wrong?
No, I just had a feeling that
-No, never mind.
-No, okay.
-Great, you'll bring that in.
Eva, wait a moment.
Let's see here
Would you give this one to Kent?
-Yeah, what's that?
-It's good for him.
I've been doing it secretly
for 15 years.
Without him knowing?
There's never been a good time
to tell him.
The more time passes,
the harder it gets.
-But as long as it does him good,
I see no reason to tell him.
No, maybe it's what gave him
kidney stones.
What did you say?
Your family is so lovely.
-You think so?
Isn't that just what family is like?
But you like,
really talk to each other, for real.
So very
You were so sweet
with your sister's kids.
I love them.
It's very cute.
Good evening, I would like to ask
you love birds to find a
What the hell? Mads? Hey.
Hey, Preben.
It's been a long
-It's been a long time, hasn't it?
-You could say that.
It must have been, what?
-Since we were in school?
-You alright?
-Yeah, I'm good.
-This is Eva.
-This is Preben.
Should we move?
No, no, don't worry about it.
There's noWell, sometimes,
but not tonight. Take it easy.
And you've moved to Copenhagen
and opened a bar now?
Totally, yeah.
It's going very well.
And how's it going? Well?
Yeah, very well.
Yeah, I can tell.
How are you? How's your
-situational awareness going?
-It's going well.
-Is it?
No, yes, right.
Yeah, it wasBye.
-It was great
-You don't want to.
-Great to see you.
Both of you.
And I didn't see anything.
Or I did but I won't say anything.
Have a good shift, I'll see you
again in 20 years, maybe.
What was that?
Just that I'll see you in 20 years.
Oh, right, yes,
it'll be another 20 years.
-What the hell?
That was Preben.
-He's awesome.
Old high school buddy.
Well, we were going to wait
with this anyway.
We'll just hang out.
That's right.
What the hell, I'll go for it.
I might have something
I think I want to tell you.
I think it's a good thing.
I might as well be honest,
I've got
nothing to lose.
Then I've got something
I'd like to tell you as well.
Oh, okay.
-You first.
-No, you go.
You go first.
It might be the worst
possible time to say this.
But we're talking about honesty.
And I know we said
I agree we'll take things
as they come.
We don't need to define what we are,
and I know I was way too much
in Sweden.
Yes, I know I was.
I'm afraid I'm scaring you away now.
But if this is something,
and we don't have to, you know
But if this is something,
I agree that we
should start with honesty.
Okay, just tell me.
Yes, um
I don't want to have kids.
Yeah. I've just always known
that I won't have kids.
Right, you were so great
with your sister's kids.
I love them.
I love them more than anything
on earth.
But no, I don't want any myself.
I know I, well
Do you want to talk about it?
-I can try to explain why
-No, that's totally
-Totally okay
-It is?
I'm not someone who'd get hung up
on that, definitely not.
-Are you sure?
-Totally, you choose your own life.
-That's it?
That's how I feel too.
So that'sThat's cool?
-Yes, absolutely.
-Yeah, okay.
Well, yeahThat's that.
-What did you want to say?
No, it really wasn't anything
No, it was just a story about when
I was little and visited Denmark.
Fucking finally.
I've tried to get hold of you
all day, where have you been?
I'm in Copenhagen. I'm on some
fucking street in Copenhagen.
What are you doing in Copenhagen?
I'm still hungover from yesterday.
I thought you went home to bed,
did you lie?
No, or yes, I'm sorry.
I'm not up to explaining everything
right now.
I met a guy in Copenhagen
when I was here last, and
I went here to see him now.
But wait, what?
I went down to get to know
him a little and
I don't get it, I'm not like this,
I'm not spontaneous,
I think this is really hard.
-And now I don't know what to do.
-Hang on,
you went after a man?
You've never
Wait, is this becauseAre you
-Are you in love, Eva?
Definitely not. Or, well
I thought I'd
get to know him a little.
So I came here,
thought we'd hang out a little.
And I haven't told him I'm pregnant,
and then
he just told me he never wants kids.
He really doesn't want kids, ever.
So I panicked and left
without saying anything.
Because then
it doesn't matter anyway.
So now I'm on some fucking
street in Copenhagen,
wearing weird, crappy clothes
and fucking heels.
I don't know what to do,
the flight isn't until the morning
which is why
I never do shit like this.
Wait, let me get this straight,
you met a man in Denmark
who you, for some reason,
didn't tell your best friend about.
But you went there see if it was
worth telling him you're pregnant.
Which it was, but then he
says he doesn't want kids,
before you could tell him
you're pregnant.
But this whole thing has nothing to
do with love, have I got that right?
But Eva, then there's no issue.
It's not his child.
It's not his problem,
if you're having a child or not.
It's not like you're
the world's first single mum.
It's just that yours
hasn't come out yet.
No, but there is another
Nils didn't want kids either,
at first.
They don't want that at first,
they think they don't.
But then something happens,
and they do. They all do.
-Is everything okay?
-Jesus, give me two seconds!
No privacy at all.
And you can always manipulate
the bastards where you want them.
Yeah, but
What do you think I should do?
I need a plan.
Do you mean I don't have to tell him
I'm pregnant.
Here's what I think you should do,
don't say anything now.
You can wait,
you don't have to say anything now.
Now you should just be.
It's fantastic that you
even want to be with someone.
So focus on that.
Just give it some time
to see where it goes.
I mean, you can decide later.
Stay in Copenhagen.
Live you're amazing fucking life.
Have that talk later, not now.
I have to come home for work.
So he can come to Sweden
for a few days.
Just live life as it comes.
Soon it'll be 18 years
until you can do that again.
-Did something happen?
Do you want to hear
what you missed at the wedding?
No, I was just gonna talk
about myself, but I
I thought you left.
No, I just went out to get a coffee.
Coffee? Now?
Yes. You're a tea drinker so
I thought you might not have coffee.
And when I was out
I thought I'd get the dress washed,
but it was shut, of course.
-But, hey
I was wondering if you would like to
come to Stockholm a couple of days?
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