All Creatures Great and Small (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

A Cure for all Ills

Aw! The mother rejected it and I need someone to look after her.
So long as your dad doesn't mind another mouth to feed? It'll not be a cat that pushes us over the edge.
Come in, James.
- Do you need a hand, dad? - No, I'll manage.
She'll need feeding every four hours.
And you'll have to keep her warm.
- You'll have to do as James tells you.
- I promise.
Thank you.
Thought you could use with cheering up this morning.
We'll barely get anything for Clive.
I only wish I could've done more.
I couldn't live with myself if the sale went ahead.
Our name would have been muck round these parts.
It may not seem like it now, but you've done us a favour.
Helen! I'm sorry I'm late.
Your dad said they'd already taken Clive away.
Look what James brought me.
Oh, look at that, so tiny.
Isn't it gorgeous? She.
I'm going to call her Poppy.
That's very good of you Herriot.
Did you buy me anything? Oh, um You know, I don't think I did.
All I've got's this bar of chocolate - and there's no way you'll want that - Thank you! The cook over-ordered again, don't want it going to waste.
- She's making a habit of that.
- Mm-hm! - I should be going.
- Thank you.
Let's get that kitten inside.
Bye, James.
- I'll follow you in.
- OK.
James! I, uh I wanted to apologise.
I never should have put you in that position over Clive.
It was stupid of me.
- I understand why you felt you had to do it.
- Mm-hm I'm just relieved something good came out of it.
What's that? Well, I had to be honest, about a great many things.
I can't help feel it's brought Helen and I even closer together.
See you again, I'm sure.
Tristan! Take your medicine.
I have no need of your witch's brew, I am in the rudest of health.
- Morning.
- Oh, thank you, Joan.
Come on, then.
Hm, Glasgow Tristan! Has he finished that exam paper yet? For goodness' sake! You should be in bed.
I'm fine.
I just got up too quickly.
A little light-headed, that's all.
Let go of that armchair then.
- I don't want to.
- You can't.
That's preposterous.
See? Bed.
Now! Out of the question.
I have surgery today, James has a full list.
No, I I shall just have to soldier on.
You're a grown man, I shall say this only once more.
You need to take your medicine and rest.
Which I will do, once I've completed everything else that needs to be done.
- There's only one of me, Mrs Hall.
- Thank the Lord.
Tell Tristan I will be testing him later.
- What have I done? - Nothing, I suspect.
You've had the whole summer to revise.
Time's come to show us what's in that head of yours.
You've not started! Your brother's going to want to see this done by the end of the day.
I've been doing a lot of thinking.
What about? What he's going to do to me when I mess it up again.
- Well, that's not the attitude.
- Well, it comes with experience.
Failure is like a deep hole, once you're stuck in it, - it's very hard to climb back out again.
- So why bother trying? - Hm - Come on, Tris, you're better than that.
Jess! Get away.
Leave it.
Get out, away.
Hello, what have we here? It must be James's birthday.
Oh, his first one away from home.
Today? I've got his details somewhere.
Ah, tomorrow.
We should bake him a cake.
- Yeah, and get him a present.
- Yes.
- A knees-up.
- Tristan.
- Just close friends.
- Your exams? - Don't worry, I'm on top of it.
Quick cuppa? I'm not really here.
I'm just picking something up.
Did you stop in to comfort Helen? Hugh's managing that quite well by himself.
You know, so long as he's around, you don't stand a chance.
Thank you for stating the blindingly obvious.
What you need is something to take your mind off it.
What I need is a pair of hoof clippers.
A date.
Tomorrow evening.
You're not really my type.
A couple of nurses.
Nurses? Connie and Brenda.
Lovely girls.
Bright, witty, wonderful bedside manner.
- In your dreams.
- You don't know the half of it.
Come on, time to look to pastures new.
Hm? Why the hell not? Outstanding.
Leave all the arrangements to me.
James Is there any chance you might be able to run surgery today? Sorry, I've got to get to Rudd's and then across to the Dinsdale's to trim some hooves.
- What's wrong with Siegfried anyway? - Absolutely nothing.
Run along, Herriot.
You're determined to go through with this? Mrs Hall, you have to understand I have a constitution far more robust than most.
Unlock the door.
We are open for business.
Sorry to drag you up.
- I know it's busy for you this time of year.
- No problem, Dick.
- Morning, Edith.
- Morning.
- Morning, wee'uns.
Morning, James.
Righto, sister.
Good girl, Strawberry.
How long's she been like this? Wheezing come on this morning.
Has she been gulping when she eats, like she's struggling to swallow? Now that you mention it.
You checked her over when we bought her, Mr Herriot, you said she were a good buy.
- Leave him be, Edie.
- I did.
She was.
She was? Good girl.
I am just going to have a feel of your throat.
I'm worried there might be something obstructing her throat.
I could be wrong, but What is it? I think she might have an abscess in the respiratory tract.
An abscess? Is that all? You had me worried.
Right now, it's small.
The thing is, if it grows, I'm concerned that she may not be able to breathe.
I'll give her a shot of Prontosil.
Hopefully that'll get rid of it.
And if it don't? It will continue to grow.
Breathing will become increasingly difficult.
There's no need to mince words.
If the abscess grows large enough, it will block the windpipe and eventually it'll choke her.
She'll die? I'm afraid so.
If you channelled even half the enthusiasm you have for women into work, you'd sail through those exams.
Rather good though.
Don't you think? Goodness me.
We're popular today.
Don't seem that way from where I've been sitting.
Not seen hide nor hair of Mr Farnon for over an hour.
Turn that bloody light off! Mrs Hall, I think I'm dying.
Take her inside Albert.
I'll be back up tomorrow, with luck it will have started to go down.
Now I'll give you this salve, rub it in with hot water behind the angle of the jaw, as often as possible.
It might help just break it up.
Thanks, Jim.
Cold day like this, you need something to keep you warm.
Thank you.
Our dad told us not to worry.
- Didn't he? - Yeah.
He said Jim Herriot will have it sorted.
I'll do everything I can.
- Get back to your chores, then, eh? - Yeah.
- Bye.
- Bye, James.
- Bye.
You spend your life giving out medicine, it's time for you to take some.
Now to bed.
I'll just take five minutes.
I think you'll be longer than that.
I admire your faith in me.
It's an entirely new experience.
Hm You can't expect me to treat all of those? Tell them to be on their way then.
Either you climb out that hole of yours, or they'll chase you out.
Who's next? Next, please.
So? Next, please.
She's hopping along, with one foot in the air and it's all scabby underneath.
Yes, interesting.
Come on Ah-ha Well, then, what would you say it is? If you'll excuse me for a moment, there's a piece of equipment that I suspect I'll need for this.
Ah! Bumblefoot.
Special equipment I think what we're dealing with here is a simple case of bumblefoot.
A bath in warm water and Epsom salts should do the trick.
And what's that in aid of then? Hmm? Oh, this, yes, this is just for, um The Rudd's invested their life savings into her, it's that family's future.
I checked it over, I told them it was fit and healthy.
Could you have known? The abscess developed after they bought her.
Oh, what's this? I recommended a cow to the Rudd's.
I think it may now have a post-pharyngeal abscess.
Maybe Mr Farnon could think of something? It's my responsibility.
He needs to know he can rely on me.
How did you get on? Rather well, actually.
Oh, the difference it makes to have someone believe in you for a change.
See if you can't approach your books with the same kind of attitude.
Oh, must I? Knowing things is a kind of a pre-requisite for passing exams.
It's easy for you.
You read something, you remember it.
Not really.
I read something, then I read it again.
Then I write it down.
Then it falls into place.
- Well, I do that.
- And? I fall into sleep.
Well, that's what I'm about to do now.
I'm going to bed.
- Night, James.
- Night, Jim.
Well done, today.
But you're not finished yet.
Number one.
Night, Siegfried.
Night? What're you talking about? What time is it? Where is everybody? What's going on? We said five minutes! Feeling any better? Marginally.
I've still got a splitting headache.
What on Earth was in that concoction you gave me? Whisky, ginger, honey, garlic, thyme but mainly whisky What happened to all the people? Do you realise how much money we would've lost today? - Tristan? - Yes, well, uh, I'm not one to brag, Siegfried, - as you well know - What's this? Oh It's Greta Garbo.
I can see that, but what's it doing on the back of the exam paper I set? It's the scene from Grand Hotel.
Is that supposed to be me? Tristan's actually been rather tied up this afternoon.
Three days you've had to do this.
Three! And this is all you can bloody manage.
I was busy! From the look of it, you were anything but! Your exams are one week away.
And this is all you can do? This is it? How on Earth do you think you're ever going to be able to? I give up.
It's your life, Tristan.
It's James' birthday.
Oh I've organised a bash for him at the Drovers this evening.
And I should have this paper finished for you by this afternoon.
I'm going to lie down on the sofa.
May I take my breakfast there? He can't even bring himself to shout at me.
It's like I've broken something in him.
- Good morning, Siegfried.
- Oh Cupboard.
How're you today? Set yourself down.
I can't stop, I've got to get back up to the Rudd's.
Sausage bap.
No arguments.
And good luck today.
We'll be keeping everything crossed for you, Jim.
On his birthday too.
The shame of it.
Where are you off to? What about your test paper? - Hello, James.
- Morning, Edith.
I think she's getting better.
Dad's been with her all night.
Dick, you must be exhausted? You said to do it as often as possible.
Have a look.
Good girl.
She's no better.
In fact, I'd say her breathing has got a little worse.
We'd do anything to help her Mr Herriot, I'll stay up with Dad.
We'll keep rubbing it if that's what's needed.
Aye, if it'll make a difference.
- We're not shy of hard work.
- I know that.
- We'll not stop.
- Even our Maisy'll have a go.
Aye, we'll keep going.
Whatever it takes.
I only wish it were that simple.
Please Mr Herriot, she's our Strawberry.
Jim, what do we do? I've got a Kaolin poultice to rub into the throat, - and I'll give her another injection.
- Then what? We hope, I wish I could offer more.
Aye, well, I'm not ready to give up on her.
Come on girl, that's it.
Neither am I.
James, you clever boy.
Did the Prontosil work? No, Strawberry hasn't responded to it.
There was a book on otolaryngology.
I borrowed it.
Tris, are you? It looks like you're actually studying.
I wanted to help.
Come look here.
- These are really good, Tris.
- They're just tracings.
you can see the different arterial structures tracing right down to the windpipe.
Now, where would you say the abscess is? Right around here.
As big as that? Poor thing.
She must hardly be able to breathe.
It's tucked in behind all these major blood vessels.
Otherwise we might be able to get in there.
- And do what? - Well, burst it.
The only good thing about the abscess being that large is that at least it's more of a target to aim for.
I've never read or heard of anyone doing that before.
The one advantage of knowing nothing is that anything seems possible.
We'd have to make an incision.
Cut down through the muscle tissue, through toward the windpipe.
But I don't see how we could do it without hitting one of these major arteries.
What have we got to lose? - What are you looking for? - Answers.
You won't find any in there.
Are you out of your tiny cerebellums? It can't be done.
Look at the blood vessels you'll have to navigate.
One slip and the Rudds will have to watch their prize cow drowning in four pints of its own blood.
You seem to have perked up.
Oh, full of vim and vigour.
I checked her over I told them that the cow was a good buy.
Which must feel terrible.
But you can't allow that emotion to cloud your professional judgment.
The cow's going to die anyway.
You'd be giving them false hope.
Not to mention putting a animal through a needless and stressful operation.
I'm sorry, my decision is final.
Then what should I do? Go back up there, tell Rudd to get the cow down to Mallock's and put the poor thing out of its misery.
You must be honest with them.
You all right, Mr Herriot? Oh, hello, Edith.
Jim, didn't expect you back so soon.
No better? What is it, lad? I'm afraid it's the end of the road.
We've tried.
I'm sorry, James, did they blame you? No, which made it worse in a way.
Come on, let's see if we can't cheer you up, eh? Happy birthday! Happy birthday! - Happy birthday! - Hooray! Do you want to blow your candles out? Very good.
That's lovely.
How did you know? Your mother.
- Oh, no.
- She sent you this.
Open it.
- Do I have to? - Of course.
- Put it on.
- Beautiful.
After all the effort your mother went to.
It's not much.
But, erm, there you go.
Your own vetinary Bible.
Thank you.
You spoke to the Rudds, I take it? Good man, worst part of the job.
But a necessary one.
That's enough of that.
Music! Excuse me, ladies.
This is Jim, Brenda.
And this, I assume is Connie.
You assume correct.
- Hello, Jim.
- Hello, I'm James.
- You're Connie? - I know.
We did that already, didn't we? I'm James.
Is he stuck on a loop? It's been a long day.
Don't let the outfit fool you, he looks quiet but he's a devil with women.
Known far and wide as a great lover.
Drinks? I'll just run in and get Jenny.
Why don't we stop for one? Didn't you say it was Herriot's birthday? OK, but don't embarrass me.
And don't say anything.
And break the habit of a lifetime? I won't, I won't.
No need to give me the look.
It looks like you're taking really good care of her.
Who's this then? Your girlfriend? No.
I think you've got an admirer.
It's her older sister you want to watch out for.
She's madly in love with him, I told you, you want to snap him up quick.
Well, I think I might have to then.
Of course, I'm not short of offers either.
I'm going to freshen up.
Connie? Don't go anywhere.
I won't go anywhere either, Brenda.
These need paying for.
This is fun.
Isn't it? Hey, do you want another? I've barely started.
Surely not today of all days? I didn't think you'd be here.
Happy birthday.
- Hey! - Oh, don't get too excited.
It's highland shortbread.
I thought it would remind you of home.
You didn't bake them did you? Ow! - That hurt! - It was meant to.
Thank you, I mean it.
Presents, drinks, that beautiful woman hanging off your every word and you're still not happy? What is it? Are you upset because I'm here with someone? No.
Really not.
Well, what you said at the fair, about me not being serious.
Why was that? Because you're not serious.
Good for a giggle, nowt much else.
Is that how everyone sees me? The Rudd's are a lovely family.
They don't deserve it.
No-one does.
Is there nothing you can do? There might've been.
Siegfried put the kibosh on it.
If you could have done something for Clive, even if there was just the slightest chance, I would've wanted you to try.
- But Siegfried - Will always be Siegfried.
You need to be you.
Follow you heart.
It's what got you here in the first place, isn't it? I better go.
- Happy birthday again.
- Oh - We need to go and do that operation.
- I'm not giving up on Strawberry.
Siegfried will kill us.
I'm starting to feel a little bit sick.
- Fear or excitement? - Maybe a bit of both.
I think it's time I found my bed.
Oh, finally, he's listening.
Just get James and Tristan to take this lot to the Drovers.
- Where is James? - He may not have been in the mood, - he were a bit distracted.
- By what? That cow.
Oh, he's young.
He hasn't learnt that you can't save them all.
Now, what on Earth could be more important to Tristan than women? An operation? We're going to try to drain the abscess.
But I won't lie to you, there's a good chance it might kill her.
And if we do nothing, she'll die? Yes.
It's your cow, Dick.
I'll only do it with your say so.
Just I'd hate for her to suffer.
Are you sure there's no other way? We need to get in and drain that abscess.
We'll operate in here.
We are going to need more light.
Let's use the head lamps.
I am the boss.
I am in charge.
- He knows that.
- You should be in fourth.
- No, it's too late, it's third here.
- Don't tell me how to drive.
I'm not, but don't keep dabbing the brakes.
Really, Mrs Hall, I don't know why I'm not allowed to drive.
Cos you're ill and full of whisky.
Has it ever occurred to you that other people might know what they're doing? They might think they do.
You've got to start giving them space.
Both of them.
Are you even listening to me? - I was.
- And? I think you should be in fourth.
Yes, well, you seem to have got the hang of that.
I gave you an instruction.
I believe I can drain the abscess.
Just trust me.
He can do this.
- And how would you know? - He's been helping me.
Oh, that's right, it was his stupid idea in the first place.
That explains everything.
I am sorry, Mr Rudd, Edith.
James shouldn't have raised your hopes like this.
I stood on this same spot, six months ago now, I pleaded with you to let me keep the job.
- I remember - you insulted me.
- But you kept me on anyway.
I assume because you saw something in me.
- I did I do! - Then trust me! It's my practice.
It's their cow.
Mr Rudd? Look, if Jim thinks he can do it, Mr Farnon then we say, let him try.
It'll take a moment for the anaesthetic to take effect.
Would you like to take over? Oh James has done the preparation.
He knows what he's doing.
Your patient, Herriot.
Stretch her head straight out and slightly back.
Right Deep breaths.
Watch the carotid.
Just above the jugular should do it.
I can't see.
I'm pushing through the muscle.
That's it.
It looks good.
I can feel it! I can't use this! If I catch anything, it'll be over.
It doesn't have to be sharp to break the surface of the abscess.
Less chance of slicing anything on your way through.
Just put it straight through the muscle.
I'm in the abscess.
It's draining! It's clearing, I've got it! - You've done it! - Good girl.
- Oh, that's it.
- Oh, James.
Well done, old chap.
He's done it! Good girl.
So, Mr Herriot thinks he'll have a go, opens her up on t' ground, right in front of us! - I've never seen owt like it in my life! - Lad, you never did! If I hadn't have listened to him that cow would've been on the way to the knackers yard.
- A lesson learnt, perhaps.
- Yes.
A flu can certainly cloud the judgment, I'm sure I would've come to the same conclusion as Herriot had I been properly compos-mentis.
I don't doubt it.
Never the less James? I wanted to say I thought I should mention I wasn't completely in the right today.
As close as you'll get to him admitting he were wrong.
Yes, this is me showing my soft underbelly, there's no need to stick the knife in.
I should've listened to you the first time.
It's not the animals that cause all the bother, it's the people.
Quite right.
I'm proud of you.
In anyone else's hands, that animal would've died.
It reminded me why I do this job.
And that perhaps I should recognise that other people can do it too.
That means you, Tris.
I'm promoting you to senior vet.
Oh! Congratulations.
Are you serious? I've watched you.
You've turned into a fine practitioner.
And perhaps it's a good thing that the responsibility of the practice doesn't rest entirely on my shoulders.
It's no more than you deserve, Jim.
That's fantastic! I mean - Thank you.
- Not at all.
Will I get a pay rise? Absolutely not.
Do you think I'm made of money? I heard what you did at yesterday's surgery.
It's the good stuff.
Happy birthday, Mr Herriot.
Well done, James.
You're still here? I thought you'd be long gone.
Struggling to drag Hugh away.
Yes, another round, on me! Come on, Maggie, everyone.
Who wants a drink? Jim, pint? Do you want a pint? Bitter, yes? I'm Actually, go on, then.
Why not? That's awful generous of him.
Hugh loves to celebrate.
Uh, James Didn't realise he even knew it was my birthday.
Helen, listen, I wanted to thank you for earlier.
I wouldn't have had the confidence to go up to Rudd's if you hadn't said what you did.
- Oh, get on.
It were nothing.
James - No, it wasn't.
It was something.
God Look, I've probably had too much to drink - and I probably shouldn't say this - Congratulations, love.
Thank you, "love"! Appreciate it.
Eh? I were talking to our lass, not you! Hey! - I asked you not to say anything.
- Sorry! One sniff of the bar maid's apron and he's like a budgie on trill.
I'm sorry, what's happening? Hugh asked me today.
We're getting married.
Well done.
Uh I mean, congratulations.
That's fantastic news.
Sorry, I just was so desperate to tell everyone.
Bitter, wasn't it, James? That's great.
Really great news, Hugh.
Cheers, everyone! Cheers! - Evening, Mr Herriot.
- Evening.
Shall we?
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