All Creatures Great and Small (2020) s03e01 Episode Script

Second Time Lucky

There he is. My boy!
Hello, Mum.
You're too young to be getting married.
You should still be at home with your mammy.
He'd be an old man before
he got wed if it was up to you.
- Hello, son.
- Hello, dad.
Let me take those.
- Are you all right there, Pa?
- Aye. Just a bit sore.
They've got him working all hours
plating ships at the dock.
You'd think we're already at war,
the rate they're building.
- It won't come to that.
- But I'm happy to do my bit all the same.
Aye. You did that
the first time around.
You sure you don't want
to join us tonight, Pa?
- Well - Och, your father's got no
time for all that carry on.
- Have you, dear?
- Uh No, no, I suppose not.
I'll carry these inside for you.
It might be James' last night as a
single man, but don't drink too much.
And more importantly, don't let
James drink too much.
I want him walking Helen down that
aisle tomorrow, not staggering.
You can lead a horse to water,
Mrs. H, but you can't make it
guzzle six pints of Sharp brew.
If you pour it down
his bloomin' neck, you can.
Don't be so fussy, Clancy.
It's just for one night.
Mr. Mulligan will be back
to pick you up tomorrow evening.
What are you doing?
It's only 5:26.
- Finished for the day.
- Already?!
- Plenty of bread.
- The Harris' cat that needed spaying?
- Done.
- And there's milk too.
- What about Mulligan's hellhound, Clancy?
Oh, the usual vomiting, but there's
something on his chest, too.
I've administered Digoxin,
but we'll keep him overnight.
- See how he responds. - Well, make sure he's
locked away, or he'll chew the place to pieces.
Slow and steady wins the race.
Look, I know this must be
hard for you both,
but your days of
mollycoddling me are over.
I'm a fully functioning
member of society now.
You'll just have to find someone
else to mother hen.
Ah, Jim. Perfect timing.
Mrs. Hall's got your first
tipple of the evening.
Parents get settled in all right?
Yes, they're staying at
the Falcon Inn again.
You know, James, this wedding business
is really rather inconsiderate of you.
- Oh, is it, Siegfried?
- Yes, it damn well is.
Then there's the honeymoon
you're drifting gaily off on.
- You can't begrudge the boy a holiday.
- A week in North Riding. Lovely.
It's not lovely. It's bloody awful.
The whole week.
And I'm here running around,
disappearing halfway up my own backside.
Only halfway.
Should have booked in for two.
I'm sorry, Helen, but
spring is our busiest time of year.
- I didn't mean to land you in it like this.
- Oh, no.
- He's only had it booked in for six months.
- Exactly.
You don't plan ahead.
You go belting in without a care in the world.
- No, hang on a minute. It was you who
- Marriage is a serious step.
It shouldn't be undertaken
without serious thought.
- Right.
- May I remind you of the old saying?
Marry in haste, repent at leisure.
- Well
- Oh, not you two.
I meant people. Other people.
You'll probably be fine.
Are we sure we don't want him to say
a few words at the service?
Hadn't we better eat? We're due at
the Drovers in, what, an hour?
- Ring?
- Safely stowed in my
Oh, my God
Ah, just joking! Just a joke.
Can I check?
- Almost offended.
- Your life wouldn't be worth living.
Do we understand one another?
Thanks, Tris.
Let's eat.
Thank you, Mrs. H.
First time I ever saw you,
I was so distracted
I got off the bus in
the middle of nowhere!
( groves) I remember wondering
what you were up to.
I never imagined for a second this
is where we'd end up.
Yes, you did.
Yes. Yes.
I did.
Better hop on.
- See you tomorrow.
- Count on it.
- Still time to change your mind.
- Not for anything in the world.
Best man buys the first round.
One last look.
You're going to be all right?
Don't worry about me.
- Don't wait up.
- Look after James.
Don't you misbehave either.
You two be careful up on that roof.
And you, steady with my ale.
Can I have your room since you're
not coming back this time?
My bed'll barely be cold
before you're in it.
Well, what do you expect?
It's way more comfy.
Of course you can.
I'll be back here every day.
Hey, nothing's going to change.
Just because I'm getting married,
it won't be any different.
You know, Mum would be
so proud of you.
- Everything you've done for us.
- Don't. You'll set me off.
I love you to your ruddy bones.
Even if you're an
annoying little tyke.
Less of the little, now.
Aye. Less of the little.
Now, then, lad,
I'm under strict orders to
make sure you don't get
in trouble, so
Steady on that ale.
- Tom, sort out James, will you?
- Same again, Maggie.
- A yard of ale is coming up.
- Something stronger?
- No, no more, Tom.
- I have plenty left here.
- It's empty.
- Which is plenty enough for me.
He's empty-
A yard of ale, if you wouldn't mind,
please, Maggie.
I'll bring it over.
Arthur, shelf in the stock room.
Thanks, Arthur.
I still don't see what
he's got that I haven't.
That tells a story of its own.
Ah, just in time, big brother.
How much is that, Maggie?
But, Tristan, you're a fully
functioning member of society now.
- Yes, I am a tiny bit short.
- Go on.
It's a hell of a thing. One cow we sold
turned out to have tuberculosis.
My whole herd might be infected.
It's the waiting. I can barely sleep
for worrying about it.
- Losing your herd is a terrible thing to contemplate.
- It's not my herd.
It's the infected milk that might come
from it. People will be drinking that.
We need to know. Sorry.
- I shouldn't be spoiling your fun like this.
- No, it's fine.
Have a good one, lad.
He lost his first son to TB
ten years ago.
Young Wilf there and his dad
had a struggle.
Milk from his old herd.
You know you're in trouble when
they serve drinks by their length.
No! No, I can't.
- Can't?
- I shouldn't.
Come on.
There you go.
Oh, blimey.
Smells like a brewery in here.
Oh, no, Maggie
You're a married woman.
Oh, Jess.
It's just you.
- Breakfast will be on the table in five minutes.
- Ok.
Where's James?
I hope you didn't lose him last night.
I confess the details
are a little hazy.
No, no, no
The ring!
Oh, God
You certainly seem in a better state
than your brother.
The exuberance of youth is no match
for the resilience of experience.
Yours, I believe?
Found them covered in mud.
I may have had a slight tumble
on my way home.
I found them in the pantry.
I was in need of cheese.
You took your clothes off for a
slice of cheddar?
Not entirely compos mentis.
And I found this in the pocket.
I thought it prudent to relieve
Tristan of the responsibility.
He left it on the table last night.
I doubt he even realised.
Breakfast will just be a minute.
The rat's yours, I presume?
Ah, yes, I do now recall.
- Do you?
- Not particularly, no.
And what about James? His bed don't
look like it's been slept in.
Here he is. The worst man.
He did come home with you?
Ring all safe and sound? Mm-hm.
Yeah. How are you getting on
with your prize?
Prize? What prize?
What are you talking about?
Siegfried got himself embroiled in
the drinking contest.
- We all did, actually.
- Would you both, please, just
- I don't remember any contest.
- No, it wasn't.
- You drank us under the table.
- Did I?
Where's James?!
- Oh, God
- What is it?
You better take the Rover.
It'll be quicker.
Keys. Where are the keys?
On the hook where they live.
Yes, yes.
(Morning, there)
Mr. Herriot.
Got a brew for you.
Thank you. Um
Get cracking, shall we?
I don't want you late to t'church.
I said you shouldn't on the night
before your wedding,
but you wouldn't take
no for an answer.
Insisted on coming back
no matter what.
Well, we don't like to let our
clients down.
You said you want to get started
first thing this morning.
I'm sorry, started on what?
Dear me, you were three sheets to
the wind, weren't you, lad?
- The testing, the TB testing.
- TB testing?
The cows? My herd.
I see. Of course.
We picked up your equipment
on the way.
I would have brought you in the
house, but you insisted on the barn.
Couldn't shift you
for love nor money.
I wouldn't want to impose on you.
That's not (Haskin Field)?
Aye, that it be.
Now, shall we get started?
There they are.
I'll get the lads together.
Won't take long to round them up.
Once they're in the crush,
it should be easy enough.
Unless you're worried,
it'll be cutting it fine?
We should be all right.
What's that face?
Very typical. A decent breakfast on
the day that you're leaving us.
Heard you come in last night.
Along with half the county.
Oh, well It were very dark.
Couldn't see where I were going.
I said I'd do breakfast this morning.
Mm Saying and doing are
two different things.
- What happened?
- Happened?!
Nothing happened.
I'm going to muck out
Candy and Joan.
- No. Sit yourself down.
- I'm fine, Dad.
I'd rather keep busy.
- Mm.
- Mm.
Seventy eight.
All good so far, Mr. Henry.
No sign of TB in the half
we've done.
Come on, Wilfred.
Get another through.
- You've still got a job to do here, you know?
- Yes, Dad.
Come on.
Stubborn beggar won't shift.
I saw that recruiting officer got
stuck into you last night.
Aye. He did that.
Wilf didn't take much persuading.
I was under the impression farming
was a reserved occupation.
Oh, it is, for the older folk, but
there's nothing stopping
these young lads from signing up,
if that's what they want to do.
I'm proud of him for standing up.
- So you should be.
- James!
Tris? What are you doing here?
I think I'd be neglecting my best man duties
if I didn't ask you the same question.
Mr. Henry needed his cows testing.
I'm getting an eerie sense
of deja vu.
Only last time it was Helen hiding up
in the Dales, having second thoughts.
I'm not having second thoughts.
I told him it could wait until after
his wedding.
Jim, you're getting married
in two hours' time.
If any of these cows have
and we don't pick it up,
it can spread to
the rest of the herd
and into the milk.
We're here now, and
we have a job to do.
We'll get it done.
Knock, knock.
I was clearing out the bedsit for
Helen and James,
and I found this.
What's this?
Handsome creature.
Ah, Well,
I was younger then, you see.
Still, years haven't been
completely unkind
You're talking about the horse,
aren't you?
That's Sergeant Morris Oliver.
Has his own practice now.
I haven't seen all
this stuff for years.
Evelyn boxed it all up
before she died.
She was very practical.
She though I was perhaps a bit
lacking in that respect.
There's a lot more boxes up there.
Oh, yes.
I had to get a day's extension
to my leave so we could marry.
We didn't even have time
to buy a ring.
Tied a knot in a length of twine.
Very practical.
- Evelyn would approve.
- Hm.
- You've forgotten where you put it, haven't you?
- No, absolutely not.
Mrs. Hall?
- Mrs. Hall!
- You really will burst something one of these days.
The ring box.
It was right there, and
Oh, dear.
Let me. You'll be absolutely reeking
when you walk down the aisle.
Got time for a bath afterwards.
It's hardly putting you
in a romantic mood.
I'd rather keep myself busy.
- Keep your mind off it?
- Because I like to be busy.
Why don't you stop? I can fill the
bath for you if you like.
- What are you up to?
- Nothing. I'm not up to anything.
And what are you hiding
back there for?
No-one's hiding. I were just
There's a few stones out of place.
The wedding isn't till this afternoon.
Aye, we know. We've a right
to worry, though. Don't we?
- You know, after last time.
- You have got form.
I called off one wedding.
It happened once.
That doesn't mean I've got form.
I love James.
I'm marrying James, today.
This afternoon. Nothing's going to
get in t'way of that.
At least, I think it won't
You think?
I've just got so much running
through my mind.
You know, I mean
What about the chickens?
- The chickens?
- What about them?
- Then there's the cows.
- What are you talking about, lass?
- The chickens are fine.
- I'll be milking the cows.
Then I think what it might be
like to be married.
James isn't bad.
- Dad
- All right, then, he's good.
No father could wish for
more for his daughter.
But I'm telling you, I'm not going
through all that bloody nonsense again.
I'm just not.
You're having me on.
She's having me on.
- Very funny.
- I'll go and see to t'pigs.
Going to give me a bloody heart
attack one day, you.
You can pack it in an' all.
I thought farmers and
vets were protected.
They are. We are.
Reserved occupations.
But Wilfred was able to volunteer.
Maybe we could too.
Looking after animals
keeps food on plates.
Doubtless you'll protect more people
by preventing TB spread
than you ever would
with a gun in your hand.
It is a shame for the women
of the world, though.
I mean, I would look
good in a uniform.
- Right, this looks like the last one. Come on.
- Confirm code number seventy six.
Six Seventy seven.
Your herd's is in good shape,
Mr. Henry.
Thank the Lord for that.
Grand work, Mr. Herriot.
That's the last one.
Come on, then. Let's go.
- Are we missing some?
- No, no, I don't think so.
There's one left to do.
She could be in the bracken down
by the stream.
Wilfred, get down in the gully,
and look for a cow.
I'm afraid we We really must be
getting going, Mr. Henry.
He's right. I won't have
you missing your wedding.
Thank you for coming up so fast.
- Make sure you keep her away from the rest of the
herd, or we'll have to test them all again.
- Will do.
Now, don't keep that young lass
waiting a moment longer.
- Thank you, Mr. Henry.
- Dad! Dad!
Mr. Herriot!
Come on, then. Quick!
Must have done something
to her leg, Mr. Herriot.
There we are, Clancy. Oh, I'm sorry.
That doesn't taste very nice,
does it?
- Shouldn't they be back by now?
- Well, my brother is reliably unreliable.
What about this one? Still no luck?
For a dog with
a fondness for vomiting,
he's been decidedly uncooperative.
I've tried linseed oil, salt water,
now mustard and then soda crystals.
See if that doesn't force the issue.
One wonders if a lesson
might have been learned.
- What are you implying, Mrs. Hall?
- Well, there's no implying.
Straight-up telling you:
sticking your beak in has created this mess.
I dispute that.
Because of my actions,
we know exactly where the ring is.
It's inside a dog.
If I left it with Tristan, we wouldn't
have a bloody clue where it was.
- At least this way we're sure.
- For all the good it does.
I think it's extremely unfair of
you, given the efforts I've made.
I let Tristan run surgery entirely
by himself.
And you know how much
I value James.
That doesn't change the fact he's
getting married today.
Because of your meddling,
there's no blooming ring, and he's
up in the Dales instead of getting
ready for his wedding.
It was James's choice
to go up to Henry's.
I'm sure the way you went on last
night had nothing to do with it.
- Which one?
- That one.
I'm touched you even asked.
- I don't know why you're carrying on like this.
- I'd finished.
You know, Herriot has a much thicker
skin than you give him credit for.
He's only up at
that farm because you
made him feel guilty about
going away.
- Why are you giving me this?
- I need you to run me up to Weston Grange.
I'd said I'd help Helen get ready.
And you need to get over to Henry's
and bring that boy back.
What about Clancy? I've just given
him an emetic. I can't very well leave him.
You really are the most ridiculous
I hope you're referring to the dog.
Did you put James's suit in the back?
He won't have time to come back here.
Yes, yes.
(Everything this)
Did you hear cracking as the bone moved?
What do you say, Mr. Herriot?
It's not great.
Mr. Henry, the metacarpus is fractured,
and the bone's only staying in place
because these muscles of hers are
holding it there.
And it's causing her
a great deal of pain.
Right. If there's nothing
that can be done
that's the way of it.
No need to delay yourself
any further, Mr. Herriot.
Time to get thee wed.
Wilfred, fetch my gun, would you?
- That's it?
- I tried.
- Not very hard from where I'm standing.
- Wilfred!
- Sorry, Pa, but they're meant to help.
Otherwise, what's the point in them?
I suppose we could try a splint.
It'd keep the weight off the leg,
and maybe give it a chance to heal.
It's a long shot, but at least then we
can say we've exhausted everything.
What about your wedding?
We'll go straight to church when we're done.
Helen'll have to take me as I am.
- Thanks for doing this again.
- No, it's my pleasure.
For a mother without daughters,
this is something I never thought
I'd get to do once,
let alone twice.
I wish my mam were here.
She is, in you and in your sister.
Were you nervous?
Well, I didn't have time to be.
Robert only had a few days' leave.
Not just about the wedding.
Everything after.
We were in love.
Robert were kind,
and a good man.
It didn't turn out how I'd hoped -
the war put paid to that.
But when I married him,
I didn't have any doubts at all.
You don't have any doubts
about James, do you?
Definitely not.
Give us a minute, would you?
Mrs. Pumphrey is sorry
she can't be here,
but Tricki has promised
to tell her all about it.
Funny looking thing, isn't it?
Mr. Alderson, apologise at once.
All right, lad.
Right, um
I'm sorry, Tricki.
Your sister is aware
of the time, is she?
Keep your hair on, Dad.
Look all right?
Aye Middling.
- I'll see you there.
- Careful on that bike.
Mr. Henry?
- This was never going to work.
- Then the question does beg to be asked
What was I supposed to do?
Just walk away?
What on earth do you think you're
Good afternoon, William. I'm afraid I'm
going to have to take this one away with me.
- I need to splint the leg.
- It's your wedding day, you damn fool.
I'm sorry. I've never
known anyone with
more passion and dedication
to the care of animals.
But he still doesn't know
when to call it a day.
I thought maybe if
she keeps the weight off it -
You know perfectly well that's just
going to prolong the inevitable.
Out of the way.
Let me see.
James, it's your wedding.
I understand you felt
you had to do this,
but really, some things
are more important.
Mr. Henry, we've done
everything we can for her,
and she must be in terrible pain.
I understand.
Thanks for trying, Mr. Herriot.
You shouldn't have to do that today.
I'll do it.
Very good.
I'll follow you.
I'd rather not stay,
if you don't mind.
Bye, old lass.
Used one before?
When I was much younger.
Safety's still on.
If you've not got
the stomach for it
Thank you.
Someone's got to do it.
Siegfried, why is Clancy coming to
the wedding with us?
Oh He's been a friend of the
practice for some time now.
I'd be strange if he wasn't there.
I didn't sleep the night
before my wedding.
My head going
a thousand miles an hour.
Did you ever worry what
kind of husband you would be?
What sort of man?
- Too late.
- If I decided
What if I was needed somewhere else?
- Somewhere else? What are you talking about?
- Wilfred signed up.
James No!
What you do What we do is far
more important than any
You shouldn't even be contemplating
such a thing. Today of all days.
You're too important here. You're staying
here, and that's a bloody end to it.
You know, it is the tradition that
the groom arrives before the bride.
He'll be here.
Come on!
Shoes. Siegfried, where are my
- Borrow mine.
- Oh, you're driving!
- They're too big.
- Wellies it is, then.
Oh, well done!
That's absolutely perfect timing.
What is? What's wrong with him?
That's it, Clancy.
Good lad.
Oh, well done.
All right, lad. Take a breath.
She's not here yet.
Oh, thank Christ. Heavens.
- Oh, James, wellies!
- Take mine.
What happened to
your good shoes?!
You missing something?
Oh, God. Thank God.
You ought to start taking your
responsibilities more seriously.
Use me as your example.
I pride myself on always, always
- Siegfried
- It's nothing to do with me.
You're on your own.
You need to help.
- I don't I'm sorry.
- Helen is right behind us.
- I know.
- She's going to hurt me.
- Something No, something will
Oh, God. Come on, Clancy.
Don't eat your lead, please.
Don't eat your lead.
- Oh, don't ask!
- Clancy.
Excuse me. Sorry. Sorry, everybody.
- Excuse me. Sorry.
- By the skin of your teeth.
Well, that we're here at all
is something of a miracle.
Hold this.
- Ready to go?
- Yes. Yes, absolutely. Tip-top.
It's the ring, isn't it?
Please be seated.
wilt thou have this woman
and wilt thou have this man
to be thy wedded husband,
and to live together
according to God's Law
in the holy state of matrimony?
Will thou love him, comfort him,
honour and keep him
in sickness and in health,
and forsaking all others,
keep thee only unto him
for as long as ye both shall live?
- I will.
- Excellent.
Now, the ring.
- The ring?
- Tris?
Oh, the ring?
You want the ring?
At this point in the service,
that is the tradition.
- But how do we feel about tradition in these modern
- Tris
It's all right.
I pocketed it before
we went out last night for safe
My other jacket.
Perhaps this might suffice?
Absolutely perfect.
Shall we proceed?
Repeat after me.
I, James Alfred Herriot
I, James Alfred Herriot,
- take thee
- Take thee, Helen Rosemary Alderson,
to have and to hold from this day
forward, for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer.
In sickness and in health.
To love and to cherish
till death us do part.
According to God's Holy Law.
And thereto, I give thee my troth.
- I memorised it.
- Of course you did.
Now, the bride.
Repeat after me.
I, Helen Rosemary Alderson
I, Helen Rosemary Alderson,
take thee, James Alfred Herriot,
to have and to hold
from this day forward,
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health.
To love and to cherish
till death us do part
according to God's Holy Law,
and thereto,
I give thee my troth.
I didn't want you showing me up.
You may now
kiss the bride.
- James, I was just telling Tristan
- Leave the man be.
Have fun.
- You take them.
- Don't look at me.
Bye! Bye!
Come on.
Go all right with Henry's cow?
She was in terrible pain.
It was the best thing.
It doesn't make it any easier.
James felt he couldn't give up.
His sense of duty'll be
the death of one of these days.
How was it today?
No drama or last-minute wobbles?
No, none.
- You?
- No.
Stop the car.
Pull up over here.
You know this is the furthest
I have ever been from home?
James, look at this.
Oh, James, is that you?
- How was it? Good trip?
- Yes!
Hello. Has he seen it yet? The sign.
Why is that thing
always out of its cage?
- I did notice the sign, but why?
- Name above the door.
Wedding present.
Well, not a present.
You've deserved it.
Earned it.
Commitment to the cause and what-not.
Sorry. Deserved what?
- I - He's making you partner.
- Mrs. Hall, I was really rather hoping to tell him that myself.
Partnership? In the practice?
A 50-50 split?
Well, plenty of time
to iron out the details.
Thank you, Siegfried. Really.
- Yes, thank you.
- Oh, good God, no need to get all dewy-eyed about it.
Oh, the boy's happy. Leave him be.
See you again soon.
You're back. How was it?
I want to hear all about it. Let me just
get changed and we'll go to the Drovers.
Actually, we thought we might go and get
settled in the bedsit, didn't we, James?
We did? Oh, right, we did.
We did.
Oh, James, you'll find another little
wedding present installed in your
new home.
At least it'll save traipsing
all the way downstairs.
We'll find somewhere new. I promise.
Shush. James, it's perfect.
As long as we're here together,
it'll be perfect.
Someone else will get it.
Oh, for goodness sake!
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