All Creatures Great and Small (2020) s03e02 Episode Script

Honeymoon's Over

- You sure you'll not have breakfast, James?
- Yes
- Just going to pop back later?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Absolutely.
- Right.
- All right.
- I'll see you then.
- Cheerio!
Time to get home,
time to get home ♪
Time to get home,
time to get home ♪
Time to get home right away ♪
Do you think we'll make it, Jess?
I think we just might.
Not this morning, Jess.
Stay. Stay.
Oh. You're up.
That was good timing.
How's Mr Harper's sow?
Grumpy and uncooperative.
Much like her owner.
Ooh, they're cold!
Don't be.
Ooh, the eggs.
You get the plates.
Sit down and eat.
No, you.
You've been out half the night,
I'm fine on the bed.
How's little Ben?
He's perfect.
No. Don't.
I haven't done anything.
If you have to resort to violence,
that means you've already lost!
Are you expecting guests
for breakfast?
Still can't get used to the idea
of them being up there.
Managing with just that
tiny stove to cook on.
They're probably enjoying themselves
more than you think.
Any jam, Mrs. H?
Don't worry, I'll get it.
Here. For services rendered.
- Thanks, Siegfried.
- Morning!
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Still plenty left.
- I know. We've just
- 've had breakfast.
Mr. Farnon.
Does this mean you might be
buying a round tonight, Triss?
I resent the implication that I'm
anything other than generous on our
occasional sojourns to the pub.
To the local nurses, maybe.
Unfortunately for the women of
Darrowby, my affections and
my wallet shall not be given
as glibly as before.
Holding out for Mrs Right?
There's certainly been plenty
of Mrs. Wrongs.
Actually, I'm saving up
for something.
Wonders will never cease.
Promise me you're not
too draughty up there?
We're grand, thanks.
Siegfried, I think
you might've made a mistake.
That seems incredibly unlikely.
40 percent of profits,
less bills, capital costs, etc.
But that's less than I was
earning before.
It's less than what
Tristan gets now.
Ups and downs of running
a business, I'm afraid.
Siegfried, since I'm a partner now,
shouldn't we talk about
how it's going to work?
Maybe there's more
that I could be doing.
Oh, don't need to worry your head
over that rigmarole.
It's terribly dull, I assure you.
I'd like to know more.
Are you going up to see
Kate Billings today?
- Aye.
- Marvellous, give her my regards.
Hello, Mrs. Billings
That's the other one. I'm Miss.
I was expecting Mr. Farnon.
Who might you be?
I'm Mr. Herriot.
I knew a Herriot once.
Oh, right.
Mean little bugger.
Follow me.
Was Mr. Farnon busy?
Yes, but he sends his regards.
Does he?
You know, you really must stop
bringing me these delicious cakes,
Mrs. Barber.
Terrible for my waistline.
Oh, you're more than welcome.
Isn't he, Oscar?
Was that Mrs. Barber I saw leaving?
Not in the examination room.
Hand it over.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Love feeds on many
kinds of food, I know ♪
Some love for rank
and some for beauty ♪
Perks of being in charge?
Mrs. Hall, you have a tone.
A sort of tone that tells me
I'm to be informed of my failings
in the not-too-distant future.
It's not my place
to tell you anything.
Jolly good.
But I might suggest
Here we go. shouldn't make promises
you can't keep.
You made James a partner.
You need to start
treating him like one.
I've spent years refining
this business,
till it runs like clockwork.
What if he starts rearranging it?
Well, you can't expect to carry on
as though nothing's changed.
You know how keen he is.
Let him take a look under the bonnet
and see how it all works.
Mrs. Hall, you are, as ever,
absolutely and completely correct.
I shall endeavour to make amends
just as soon as ever I can.
good, then.
Hello, little ladies.
Hello. Hello.
What seems to be
the trouble with you, then?
Been a bit gip last day or two.
Diarrhea and sickness,
I were worried.
They're absolute beauties.
You don't need to tell me that.
No, no, of course.
I was just
Temperature's normal.
The breeding is
so important, isn't it?
Finding parents
with different qualities
that complement one another.
Lungs are clear.
I see you won "Best In Show".
You know my sister, Annie, then?
I've not had the pleasure. No.
Be glad of it too.
Easy, easy.
That's sore, isn't it?
Easy! Sorry!
They're clearly suffering
from acute abdominal pain.
What have you been feeding them?
Milk and a few nuts.
Best there is.
There's nowt here
that could hurt them.
I keep it as well as can be.
I can see that.
I'll give them some morphine
for the pain.
And some charcoal solution,
and that'll hopefully help pass
any toxins through.
Just the stuff.
Here we are. All right?
Keep an eye on them,
let me know if there's any changes.
Otherwise, I'll be back to check
on them tomorrow.
Right, I'll be off, then.
Coming through.
What've you done to the dining room?
I was under the impression
that I owned this establishment.
What? You told me to show him
Ah, James, mi compadre.
Allow me to introduce you to
the inner workings of the practice.
Oh, goodness!
I'll leave you to get
better acquainted.
But while you're at it, if you could
detail the profit and loss accounts
of the last 12 months and make
a list of any unpaid invoices,
that would be most helpful.
- You're off?
- You're going?
I'm out with Diana this evening,
we're practising our foxtrot.
I'm sure it'll all make sense
once I get going.
I'll put the kettle on.
Stick a fork in me, I am done.
What do you say, Jim, fancy a pint?
What happened in here?
Do you know what
a profit and loss account is?
Ooh, above my pay level, I'm afraid.
You get paid more than me.
I'll just make a start.
Morning, Matt.
Morning, William.
- Lovely day.
- Hello, Ernie.
Morning, William.
Good morning.
How did you get on with
the accounts last night?
Everything in order?
Aye, fantastic.
Thanks again for letting me
have a look.
Oh, not at all, you're
a partner in the firm.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
So, did you get it all written up?
I have to admit,
I am struggling a bit.
Well, best leave it
with me, then, eh?
I mean, we can't all be polymaths
blessed with the practical skills
and acute mental ability required
to understand the
complexities of business.
And you have so many other qualities
with the animals, with the clients.
And there's no harm in sticking
to what you're good at.
Plough your own furrow, I say.
I actually thought Helen might be
able to help me understand
how it all works.
I used to run the farm's accounts,
it's no bother going
through it with James.
Well, isn't that a kind offer?
Um, yes.
Well, yes.
That's very generous, Helen.
Thank you.
I lost that calf of mine this morning.
I'm sorry to hear that,
Miss Billings.
And another one's started
to go the same way.
The symptoms look
the same as before.
The temperature's normal.
I'm sure it's acute gastritis
but I wish I knew the cause.
I could swear these calves have
eaten some sort of irritant.
I haven't let them out of this shed.
I'll do a postmortem on
the other calf that you lost
to see if we can find anything,
and I'll get the kidneys over
to the lab in Harrogate
to test for lead estimation.
There's no lead in here.
There must be something
we've missed.
These calves,
they're like family to me.
Does anyone else work here?
Could anyone help shed
some light on it?
Just me, since Annie left.
Could she help us?
She got married.
She lives just over the hill
but hasn't set foot on this farm
for nigh on a year now.
And I told her if she's gone,
she's gone.
What about Mr. Farnon?
What about him?
He's always been my vet.
He knows this farm.
Mr. Farnon would tell you
the same as me.
Well, at least tell me if
I'm gonna lose any more of them.
Honestly, I don't know
the answer to that.
Let me run the tests.
We will get to the bottom of it.
What's gonna happen, eh?
What's gonna happen?
I'll look after you, love.
Anything I can help with?
No, thank you.
You know, you really don't have to,
I could always sit down with James.
I'm happy to do it, Siegfried.
Phone's ringing.
If only there were
some clever way of me knowing.
Darrowby two-two-nine-seven.
Florence, you say?
Right, and what's your address?
Ah, yes,
difficult first couple
of months this year.
Of course, we suffered when you
and James went gallivanting off
on your honeymoon.
How do you manage your petty cash?
Oh, we just put in the pint pot.
It's not so different to how we'd
runs things up at Heston Grange.
We used an old cigar box.
A lady named Florence.
Number three, Hillside Lane.
Her dog's had a turn.
But what about surgery
If there's a sudden rush,
I'm sure I'll cope.
I'd best take the Rover, then.
Need anything else?
No, thank you.
Siegfried, I was wondering if
you could help me with this
That's a five.
And this?
Also a five.
I've found some
uncashed cheques as well
You know, Helen,
although to the untrained eye
it may look a little haphazard,
I have to tell you that this system
has never let me down yet.
Maybe this wasn't a good idea
Perhaps not.
You've got the gist, in any case.
Tristan Farnon.
Oh, God.
Florence Pandhi.
What're you doing here?
You called and asked for me to come.
I called for a vet.
You do know that your dad is a vet?
He does farm visits on Tuesday.
It was an emergency.
Looks like it too.
Though being George Pandhi's
daughter, I shouldn't be surprised
that you think this perfectly
healthy dog is on death's door.
Are you going to examine her, or
do I have to get your dad around here?
He's not my dad,
as you well know.
Come on then,
let's have a look at you.
What's her name?
Hello, Daisy.
Daisy, hello.
She was absolutely fine,
running around on the drive when
she just suddenly seized up
and sort of toppled over
onto her side,
gasping and drooling.
That doesn't sound very pleasant.
How old is she?
She's too old for it to be epilepsy,
if that's what you're thinking.
Still your dad's assistant then,
by the sounds of it?
Actually, I work at the bank now.
I took a room here
a couple of months ago.
Pandhi can't have liked that.
No, but it's not his life, is it?
Look, I really can't find
anything wrong with her.
Maybe she got a bone or something
else she's eaten caught
and now it's been dislodged.
It doesn't seem to be
troubling her any more.
Is that it?
Your bill will be in the post.
The state of this place.
What do you call
a penguin in the desert?
How can you find anything in here?
Organised chaos, old chap.
And it's lost.
The penguin's lost.
You really should keep these
sterilised and ready for use.
Yes, yes. All right, Siegfried.
You know, technically,
I am your boss now.
Hmm, technically.
I suppose you'll have to learn
the hard way.
Is that it?
Is that what?
You'll never successfully manage
a practice by being soft on him.
I am actually here, you know.
We were just talking, Siegfried,
a piece of friendly advice.
We don't always have
to bawl and shout, you know?
What was that all about?
You know that thing you do
when you're with a girl
who you thought you liked,
but then you realise
you don't like her as much
as you thought you did,
but you like her too much
to tell her that to her face?
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
The long goodbye?
The slow death?
When you just sort of
start being a bit off until
she gets the hint
and stops calling.
You are a terrible human being.
Look, I hate to break it to you
but Siegfried has never wanted
a partner. I mean, ever.
He likes being in control
too much for that.
He really said that?
Is something on fire?
Just dinner.
Ah. All right.
Dare I ask how it went
with Siegfried?
As good as that?
Once I got me head around
the way things worked,
I started to understand it
and I found a few uncashed cheques.
£4 for the TB testing
we did the other day?
That's more than
we earn in a week.
What time is it?
Maybe I can still catch them.
The Ministry of Agriculture.
Siegfried did say
I should plough my own furrow.
TB testing's really not popular
with farmers,
it can mean closing down farms,
or killing livestock.
Maybe you should speak
to Siegfried first.
If I can show him
it'll bring in more money,
maybe it'll change his mind.
Change his mind on what?
Triss just said Siegfried
has never wanted a partner.
I'm starting to wonder
if he might be right.
Hello. Can you put me through to the
department of TB testing, please?
- Good morning, Alice.
- Good morning, gentlemen.
Hello, Alice.
Yes. Yes.
Yes, I'm so sorry
to hear that, Kate.
- Morning, Audrey.
- Morning, Alice.
Thank you.
Have a good day now.
I was under the impression
that Herriot was dealing with this.
Yes, of course I will.
Yes, yes,
I'll be up there right away.
Morning, James.
Busy day ahead?
I'm going to the lab to see if I can
hurry along some test results.
Excellent, good!
Thanks again for letting Helen take
a look at the books.
Quite all right.
She mentioned there was
a cheque for the TB testing
Yes, I'll be dropping that into
the bank first thing this morning.
11 letters. Ups and downs?
Second letter I.
Eighth letter T.
Helen, do you know?
Since it brings in so much money,
don't you think we could
be doing more of it?
More trouble than
it's worth, frankly.
It would mean risking our
relationship with the farmers
and we've enough on with the animal
surgery. What's this doing here?
- Oh, sorry, I'll move it now.
- No, no, trouble at all.
Everything all right?
Yes, Mrs Hall.
Rubbing along famously.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Morning. Shall we?
Hello, Kate.
That's two I've lost now.
I'm so sorry.
Let's take a look.
Temperature's normal.
Yup. There's definite
evidence of gastritis.
That's what Mr Herriot said.
My best guess is they've
ingested some sort of irritant
but I can't see anything
in here it could be.
He said that and all.
I'll do a postmortem on the calf
and order a lead estimation test.
He's done that too, hasn't he?
Aye. He has.
Well, it sounds like James has done
everything he should.
I'm none the wiser.
Sorry, Kate.
So, there's nothing
you can do for them?
Not until we know what's wrong.
I can only hope James,
my partner,
has news from the lab that throws
some light on the problem.
There you go, Charlie.
Now, make sure you keep
brushing him regularly,
otherwise, the fur
will get matted again.
Thank you, Tristan.
Come on, Richard.
Let's get you home.
That can't be true,
you're teasing me now!
You two look very cosy.
The dogs.
You must be thirsting for a brew.
Won't be a moment.
And how are you today, Rock?
Oh, he's grand.
He looks it.
He's always excited for
his walks with Jess.
I'm sure he is.
You know, we care
a great deal about
She's a part of the family
and we'd hate for her to get hurt.
Well, I can assure you
..Rock cares a great deal
about Jess too
and we would never do
anything of the sort.
That's good then, isn't it?
Hello? Help!
Somebody help me, please!
She started having fits
about half an hour ago.
I didn't know what to do, so, I just
brought her straight here.
OK, bring her through.
My father's out.
The state of this place!
We've had a busy day,
put her on the table.
I'm not letting you work on my dog
in this pigsty.
Your dog looks very ill, she could die.
You need to let me examine her.
Is this what happened before?
It's not a fit, she's choking.
Something's interfering
with her air flow.
I need you to assist,
pass me the torch.
Would you mind holding her jaws
apart so I can see the windpipe?
It's a pebble.
It's only about the size of a pea
but it's right inside her larynx.
It's acting like a ball valve,
blocking her windpipe
every now and then.
I'll have to get it out.
Oh, God no!
How on earth do you work
with it like this?
The conjunctiva is blue,
she's asphyxiating.
Anaesthetise the throat area.
Florence, you need to trust me.
You're right. I'm sorry.
Right, hold her still while
I make the incision.
Deep breath.
I'm through.
I can feel it.
OK, I just need to
I've got it.
Good girl, that's it.
That's it, good girl.
OK, that's it, that's it,
wait there, wait there.
Right, that's all done.
You'll just need to remove
the stitches in
Ten days' time.
I can do that.
Florence Pandhi?
What are you doing here?
Oh, God, please tell me
your father's not here as well?
No, but I'll be sure to tell him
what an excellent job Tristan did.
Oh, right, good.
We'll be off, then.
Come on, Daisy.
Yes, right. Um
..thanks for that.
Thank you.
Your crossword.
The answer is vicissitude.
Vicissitude, of course.
Hello, Kate.
I'm stopping by to let you know
about those test results.
They're all I've got left,
these calves.
I don't know what I'll do if
It must get lonely,
out here on your own.
I'm perfectly well as I am.
We all need support
from time to time.
If you're talking about our Annie,
she ain't got time for us no more.
I'm sure if she knew
that the calves were ill,
that they were struggling,
she might surprise you.
What was it about
these test results?
The test came back
negative for lead.
I'm so sorry.
I wish I could tell you more,
but I'm still none the wiser.
That's exactly what
Mr. Farnon said.
This came for James.
Oh, thank you.
Join us.
What are you having?
Er, whisky and water, thanks.
What's that?
It's for James.
From the MAG? Siegfried?
Herriot Veterinary Practice, indeed!
Herriot, I distinctly recall
telling you we wanted nothing to do
with the TB testing programme.
Now I discover
you've signed us up to it.
I'm sure it's just some
simple misunderstanding.
I just called to see if we could do
more testing and possibly
make more money.
You don't appreciate how divisive
the matter is for farmers.
We could persuade them.
This is still my practice.
It is, but since
you made me partner,
does it not make it mine too?
James, maybe now's not the time
Ah. You went behind my back.
Which is something
you'd know all about.
I saw Kate Billings today.
She's been a client of mine
for five years
and she specifically asked for me.
- It was my case!
- It's my practice!
It's our practice!
You see, this is exactly why
I didn't want a bloody partner
in the first place!
Damn it!
They want their heads
knocking together.
Let me make you that whisky.
Good idea.
Stove's out.
So, we'll have to have
breakfast downstairs.
No. Not with Siegfried.
Then you'll go hungry.
Now, shift.
I take it you got the lead
estimation result on Billings' calf.
It was negative.
It must be something else.
You'll be going back up there
this morning, then?
You should both go.
That sounds like a good idea.
Two heads are better than one.
- I don't think so.
- I don't know about that.
I'm sure Kate Billings would
appreciate all the help she can get.
I'm sure she would.
I'll get my things together.
Yes, so will I.
- After you.
- After you.
We suspect gastritis but
we don't know what's causing it.
I've been over
every corner of this shed,
I can't see anything
they could get to.
Something these animals have
ingested is poisoning them.
All right, we've ruled out lead.
And it's not their feed.
Could it be something
outside of the shed,
that's been trodden through
and brought inside?
Worth a try.
Do you mind if I have
a look around, Miss Billings?
I'll come with you.
You stay there.
Thank you for your
kindness yesterday.
Oh, right.
It's no bother at all.
Did you think about what I said?
Did you see owt?
Oh, no.
No, nothing that could be harmful.
Hey, hey.
James? Come and look at this.
It's a dead horn bud.
I just found it in the milk.
Aye, I disbudded their horns
fortnight since.
Can you show me what you used?
The fella came round selling it.
Annie used to deal with all
the business side of things.
I can't read, you see.
But the fella told me
it had just come on the market.
You just paint it on.
It's a lot easier than
the caustic stick.
Butter of antimony.
James, now we know.
What do you mean?
Antimony is a deadly poison.
Oh, it'll burn your horn buds off
all right,
but if it gets in among the food,
that's it.
You see, when the calves put
their heads down to drink,
that's when the buds would fall off
and contaminate the milk.
Anyway, let's get this last bud off
and scrubbed up.
These two should be fine.
I poisoned them.
I could have killed them all.
You weren't to know.
If Annie were here,
she'd have known.
I'm a stubborn fool, Mr. Herriot.
Didn't you say she just lives
only over that hill?
It's never too late to make amends.
Well done in there, Siegfried.
You too.
"For if they fall,
"the one shall lift up the other."
I think.
Ah, Jim, good day?
Triss, are you
You're cleaning?
I am.
What happened?
Emergency operation yesterday.
I didn't have clean equipment.
I nearly lost a dog.
Pandhi's daughter's dog,
to be precise.
But you saved it?
Yes, yes, I suppose I did.
Then you did well.
And I want to hear all about that
over a pint later.
Thanks, boss.
Dinner's ready.
Now, then, tell me
all about this TB testing.
The district's really fallen behind,
so the MAG says there's
as much as we want.
It could be incredibly lucrative.
Then, as a partner,
you should be free to make
those sorts of decisions.
You're going to be
solely responsible though.
You won't even know
it's happening.
I think we're done with cooking
upstairs, aren't we?
Oh, thank God.
I mean, yes,
I think we are.
Now, let's eat.
This looks nice.
Ladies first.
Thank you.
What do we have here, Mrs H?
- Oh, put it back on.
- Back on, put it back on.
No, that's good for you, that is.
That's enough, thank you.
Cheers. Cheers.
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