All Hail King Julien (2014) s05e03 Episode Script

Iron Ted Weekend

1 - [MORT CHUCKLES] - [GROWLS] - [MORT] I'm okay! - [LAUGHS] [THEME SONG PLAYING] Party! - Who's the king? - King Julien! - Who's the king? - King Julien! Get down for the get down - Everybody party with King who? - King Julien! - King who? - King Julien Tonight will be forever Let's do King Julien style Woof! Whoa, oh, whoa, oh Y'all tell me who's the king Whoa, oh, whoa, oh All hail King Julien! [SCREAMS] [PANTING] Mother! Sign the paperwork, Butterfish.
[SNORES] Teriyaki sa-babe-uh.
King Julien! There was an attack in the village last night.
A horrible, otherworldly monster.
And it got Todd! [GASPS] Come on, K-jizzle.
Wake up! [GRUNTING] What was that for? To see if I'm still dreaming! You're not dreaming, Your Majesty.
This is real! Todd's with Dr.
S, now.
Little Todd.
But, he was so young! Why did he have to die, Frank? Why? Todd didn't die.
When Tammy heard all the noise, she came out.
Monster got so freaked out by the sight of her, it took off.
[SIGHS] What the heck is that? Just give me a minute to think.
It's Gecko Milk.
It's whole, raw, organic, non-GMO.
Masikura's got me on some kind of cleanse.
Supposed to be good for, uh stress, I don't know.
Says in the instructions Mort gave me that I didn't read.
What do you gotta be stressed about? I've been through a lot lately, Mo-Mo! I mean [BURPING] Hold on.
Oh, wait.
What the heck did that gecko eat? Okay, that's better.
Let's go see Todd.
Give it to us straight, doc.
Mort did this, right? Wasn't me.
Not this time.
[GIGLES] Once we get the results from the autopsy, the cause of death will be much clearer.
Hold on.
Todd didn't die! He didn't? Oh.
[GIGGLES] Let me have another look.
I'm okay.
My back's a little sore.
Little girl is delusional.
Gonna have to put her down, y'all.
Todd is a boy, Butterfish! Back you say? Let me take a look.
Ah! Yes, I see.
I have no idea what could have done this! I do! It was a Night Creature! Night Creature! This is "The Curse of the Night Creature!" Meh.
Can't be that great a story, I've never even heard of the reboot.
It's not a story! It really happened! This is King Julien the Second.
Ooh! He looks very Holy Judy's crossbow, what is that? Also King Julien the Second.
Woof! That is some serious party road damage.
He didn't become this way from partying, Your Majesty.
King Julien the Second was cursed! Once inflicted with the curse, the king would wake up in the middle of the night, and transform into the Night Creature! Late at night, he would hunt down lemurs and eat them! The villagers formed angry mobs, arming themselves with gardening accoutrements.
But they were no match for the beast! There was only one woman who could take down the Night Creature.
And her name was Grandma Rose! Besides being a cage fighter and my occasional babysitter, she was also a monster hunter! Grandma Rose put an end to the Night Creature once and for all.
Aw! You gotta be kidding me! It ends on a cliffhanger? What? No.
She killed the Night Creature with a golden spear and buried him in a tomb! Heh.
Wow! I did not get that.
If I'm right, there's another Night Creature out there, and I'm gonna kill it.
Clover's gonna kill The Night Creature! [JULIEN] Hmm-hmm.
It's got to be Mort, right? I mean, the little soiled napkin is totally a Night Creature.
Just look at him.
Can't argue with that.
I've had my fair share of curses.
[EXCLAIMS] Am I right, Mo-Mo? You were there for one or two, right? We can't let anyone know about this.
It could cause a panic, set off a chain of [LAUGHS] Oh, no.
- Oh, stop it.
- Oh, no.
You stop it.
Well, I can see not much has changed around here.
It smells like a school of tuna fish just gave birth to the industrial revolution.
Mommy! Big Papi! What on Earth brings you here at this perfectly normal time to visit the kingdom? We heard about what happened, and thought a check-in was in order.
[CHUCKLES] It was just Todd! One little lemur died.
Todd? What is a Todd? Please tell me it isn't another plague.
Repopulating a kingdom after a mass die-off is such a chore.
Darling, we're here because you lost the kingdom to Koto.
And spent your entire kingdom's budget on a war spanning oh, my goodness, what was it, an entire season? Oh! That old chestnut.
[LAUGHS] We got the kingdom back, thanks for checking in, though.
You guys can go back to your fancy island now.
Great visit! Come more often! Okay, bye! Up-up-up, not so fast, son.
We brought more family! A skoop-y-doop and a big hello to you all! Nephew! You're looking well, not so great.
Is something eating you? I'm fine, Uncle.
Your uncle was kind enough to fill us in on everything, son.
We just wanted to make sure things were running smoothly again.
And if they aren't, he's more than willing to take over as king.
[GASPS] King? What? He can't do that! Oh, yes I can, chunky thighs.
We really don't want to have to take any action.
We really don't want to have to do anything.
But if things turn out to be disorderly here, we'll have no choice as the royal board of directors but to vote my brother back on the throne.
You tell 'em, babe.
We just can't risk anything happening to the kingdom again, sweetheart.
Right, old sport? What would we do without our mango supply, huh? See you later, nephew.
Da-dop-a-dop-dop-pop-pop-ohy [SCREAMING] Why did my parents [GRUNTS] have to come this week? Of all weeks? I mean Let him cry it out.
Works on my grandchildren.
You have grandchildren, Mort? What? Did they escape? Oh, don't let them find me! If my parents find out there's a Night Creature on the loose, they're gonna give my uncle back the throne and I'll have to go back to being a prince and partying all the time.
Hang on Focus, Your Majesty.
Of course.
Clover, I want you to find the Night Creature and whack it! You hear me? Oh, I hear you, Your Majesty.
[LAUGHING] Okay, now leave me.
The king is stressed and needs his beauty rest.
[GRUNTS] [LAUGHS] I'll get it! - [SCREAMING] - [ROARS] [JUILEN SCREAMS] [GASPING] What a terrible nightmare! [ROARS] Double nightmare? Come on, man! What's happening to me? Here's Pancho! Did you hear something, Trevor? Don't be such a baby, April.
You go home, Willie! Keys, keys.
Where did I put you? All right, here we go [GRUNTS] - [SCREAMS] - [ROARS] Xixi here reporting live from Night Creature Watch! Things are getting spooky around here, folks.
Some might even say spine-chilling bloodcurdling, or other thesaurus words which describe things that are scary.
Like when Todd died.
I'm alive! I'm standing right here! Don't sweat the small stuff, little girl.
It's all right.
Will Tammy and Butterfish ever overcome the loss of their only child? Is something in your kitchen giving you and your family a disease that makes you grow hands out of your back? Find out after this brief message.
Are you scared the Night Creature's gonna attack you next? Well, you should be! [GASPING] Come on down to Fairfax Monsters, Creatures and other Various Beasts Supply Shop.
On the corner of Pok-Pok Boulevard and Mango Avenue.
Tell them Fairfax sent you.
You'll get 18 percent off on your first purchase of Night Creature Protection Cream! That's one-two-three Fairfax will set ya up y'all! May cause partial blindness, stomach ulcers, dysentery, cholera, lactose intolerance, full blindness, severe eczema or death.
[GRUNTING] Gonna need to borrow this.
But I'll bring it back, Grandma Rose.
I promise.
If you listen carefully, they say you can still hear little Todd's cries in the night.
I'm Todd.
It's coming to get me! Yeah, and some say Todd was just the appetizer, because the Night Creature's still hungry for more Lemur! [GASPS] What do they think they're doing? Making a game of all of this.
It isn't safe out here, you lot! You all need to go back to your huts, and lock your doors! There is a town curfew in effect.
Since when, lady? Since now! See ya! Run for your lives! [ALL SCREAMING] Ugly! You better run, Night Creature.
Clover's bringin' the pain! Yeah! Just thinking about being here aggravates my reflux.
Afraid we're going to have to cut our visit short and just give my brother the crown.
What a shame.
I'm having one of those what are they called, emotions.
Oh, how awful.
What on earth about? I'm overcome with this feeling that perhaps we should give our son a chance.
What do you suggest, some sort of party? Like the one we gave Cousin Nancy? [WHIMPERING] So sorry, Nancy.
Best to your mother.
That was quite a party, wasn't it? Oh, then it's settled! We'll throw a proper shindig for the boy.
A masquerade ball! Oh, good show, dear! - Stupendous! - Oh, good fun! - Terrific! - Good fun! [LAUGHS] King Julien? Hmm.
[GRUNTS] My brown derby.
[SCREAMING] What the deuce happened in here? [GRUNTING] Why was Clover's spear lodged in your tushy? What? Oh, this? It's a funny story actually.
[CHUCKLES] I'm the Night Creature, Mo-Mo! What? - [SCREAMS] - [PANTING] King Julien! Oh, great, you found my spear.
How about a little game of good news, bad news? Yeah? Okay.
Good news, I hit the Night Creature with my spear! Heard him howl.
Real deal and everything.
Bad news? He got away.
But I am pretty sure I figured out the sitch.
The old Night Creature who Grandma Rose killed, you know the one from the book? Yeah, well, I think he came back to life to get revenge! So, the Night Creature I'm hunting is an Undead Zombie Night Creature! Undead Zombie Night Creature Uh What? Yes, Clover.
Run with your instincts on this one.
That theory sounds pretty on point if you ask me.
In fact, why didn't we think of it to begin with.
[LAUGHS] [PANTS] I need you to do something for me, Maurice.
Anything, Your Majesty.
I need you What? I'm not killing you! Come on, man! I'm a danger to my peoples! You saw! You Just a stake to my heart.
Just do it! - No! - Silver bullet? - No! - Fine, just a lot of garlic then.
J-Just take it and rub it all Just get it up in every crevice.
No! You're my best friend! Night Creature or not! Okay, fine! [GRUNTS] We'll find another way.
Night Creatur e Great job on the cobwebs, guys! This spooky masquerade ball is gonna be so Scary? Yeah, I love a good scare.
Speaking of which I hope you're all prepared for a scary night.
Boo! [LAUGHS] This better work, Your Majesty.
Just saying, Mo-Mo, you better tie me up real tight.
Because once I hear that bass drop at the masquerade ball I'm gonna wanna Shanghai that booty tonight! I know, I know.
Here you go, Your Majesty, just drink your Gecko Milk and let the calmness take over.
[BURPS] Yeah.
Let me get that for you, Your Majesty.
There you go.
Don't leave me, Mo-Mo.
Don't you worry.
I'll be right here by your side.
No matter what.
[SNORES] [GRUNTS] Huh? Your Majesty? King Julien! [STAMMERS] King Julien? That you? [SCREAMING] - [GASPS] - [ROARS] Get away! Please don't eat me! Please, King Julien! Please, Your Majesty, it's your Mo-Mo.
Night Creature Night Creature Oh, no, that ain't good.
[CLOVER] 'Ello, 'ello, 'ello.
Has Undead Zombie Night Creature been having a wee little nap in his old tomb, eh? Undead Zombie Night Creature nap time [GRUNTING] Night Creature Night Creature You like that, guys? Hi.
Ugh! These lemurs are just tactless.
Some of their masks aren't even made of gold.
Speaking of bad taste, have you seen our son, dearest? I couldn't help but notice that the beloved king is a no-show, to this lovely masquerade ball.
I mean Wowza! This was his chance to prove himself, too.
Children always inflict the deepest wounds.
I'm just in anguish for both of you.
I can feel that crown on my head right this minute.
[LAUGHS] All right, Zombie Night Creature.
Let's see if your resurrected body ever rests! [GASPS] Huh? Normal sized lemur bones? This doesn't make sense! Think, Clover.
Make Grandma proud.
The original Night Creature is still buried here, right? Right.
So, what are you missing? What are you missing? What is it? Oh! Oh! The Night Creature attacking the village, it's this one's baby! Baby Night Creature! No, wait, that's not right.
Oh! Baby couldn't have caused all that guff.
It must have been [GASPS] His dad! No, no, wait, still haven't Oh! I've got it! His brother's slightly older cousin on his mother's side! Brother's Slightly Older Cousin On His Mother's Side Night Creature! Clover! The Night Creature! He's heading for the Masquerade Ball! And Enough said, Maurice! On it! Wait! It's King Julien! He's the Night Creature! [PANTS] Oh, come on, man! De-lived! Before too long He'll creep the night! Don't let them touch you, dear, or you could get infected with some kind of blue-collar disease.
You're scaring me, Barty.
And I like it! Ooh! Rawr! Petit four? Oh.
Thank you.
Guess I'll just go clean this up.
Oh, wow, you're a big boy.
You must be hungry.
Grandpa's turtle collection! - [ROARS] - [SCREAMING] Hey! Night Creature! How about you pick on someone your own size? Oh, this is quite a show! Excuse me! What do I look like? I'll tell ya what I look like! The future king! Avenge my stepdaughter's death, y'all! Please, everyone.
It's the king.
It's all over, Night Creature! Stop! All of you! Stop! Nice work, Princess! You trapped the Night Creature! Oh, you're just like your grandmother! There's no such thing as a Night Creature! If there is no such thing, then please tell me, what is that? Huh? That is our son! [GASPS] Everyone calm down.
This is your king! And he has a very, very bad Gecko Milk allergy.
Which turns those of the Julien bloodline, into awful, hairy, unpleasant beasts.
[GASPS] Huh.
He's been drinking Gecko Milk all week! Lucky for you, I always travel with my travel scepter.
Huzzah! [GRUNTS] King Julien! You're okay! Where am I? Someone's been feeding you Gecko Milk, son.
Well, yeah, Masikura gave it to me for my diet.
- [GASPS] - What are you talking about? Why would I ever try to put you on a diet? Well, if Masikura didn't feed him the Gecko Milk, that means [ALL] It was Mort! Oh, no! All these notes clearly say "Please deliver Gecko Milk to King Julien.
" Signed, and it says right here, Masikura.
Oh, please.
Uncle King Julien's name is clearly crossed out, and my name has been written in crayon.
[GASPS] Time for me to be going.
Oh! [LAUGHS] Nobody poisons my son! Nephew, hold your ground.
Let's just talk about this.
Mort! Milk that bad lemur.
With pleasure.
[LAUGHS] Night Creature Our son may be a bit of a pickle-headed jolly wag sometimes, but he sure knows how to party! Oh, yes, indeed! [LAUGHS] Oh, yeah, people.
Everybody do the Night Creature! [GROWLS] [GRUNTS] [ROARS] - Night Creature! - Night Creature! Which lemur's gonna get de-lifed! Hide your kids and hide your wife! Before too long he'll creep the night! The Night Creature's a freaky sight! My gut tells me I've got more than A whooping cough My body tells me just to shake it off I've got to find the cure but I'm