All Rise (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Welcome to California Check them in.
All right, line it up.
Single file.
Let's go.
Where every night's on ya We got that Sunset, Hollywood, rooftop Thank you for committing your crimes in Los Angeles County.
I don't care if you haven't eaten all week or made a phone call all day.
Not my problem.
You don't scare me.
You don't intimidate me.
You sure as hell don't impress me.
We got them good time, supersize low rides Take you anywhere you wanna Eh, oh, eh, oh Met a girl on the Boulevard Took a ride in her daddy's car Ha ha Hey! Hey! Ah! Really.
RIA, ON PHONE: There's a great-tasting menu.
Stop! My laptop! It is a little expensive, but I swear, babe, you will love it.
Ria, I have to call you back.
Are you okay? - Yeah.
- His lawyer's gonna make the case that putting this delinquent in jail now is like locking up an egg before it hatches.
I say, a laptop today, a car tomorrow, a bank next Friday.
Just go.
A small taste of Lola Carmichael's upcoming tenure as L.
County's newest Superior Court judge.
- Shut up.
- They're gonna walk all over you, - Carmichael.
You've gone soft.
- Tell me again how much you spent on your girlfriend's new couch.
And when do I get to meet this Rina anyway? It's not Rina.
It's Ria.
One of those coffees for me? Nope.
I need them both to fight crime.
Okay, I say this as a friend, a friend who still needs coffee.
It's not too late for you to back out.
Still got a couple weeks before you start.
Counting the days.
- You hate judges.
- No, you hate judges.
I still think most of them are out of touch with the real world.
Because none of them look like me or her or him or her.
Also, I get parking.
Please don't make me fight this new DA on my own.
And my chambers will have a private bathroom.
He won't let me take any big swings.
All he wants us to do is keep our heads down and not make any waves.
Did you not hear the part about the private bathroom? At least, tween the two of us, we want to go after a case, we can put pressure on him together.
Mark, this is it for me.
There's a Constitution to protect, and I can't do that from the DA's office.
You're breaking up the band.
All right, fine.
Just this once, you can have one of my coffees.
- Really? - If you stop talking.
50 bucks, 50 bucks, 50 bucks.
Hey, Sara.
- I'll see you later, counselor.
- Hey.
Pay up.
No cash.
Well, I'm hosting another game on Friday.
- Texas hold 'em.
- Can't make it.
Why don't you take the 50 out of the 200 you owe me from the game last month? On a court reporter's salary? - Ah.
- I can work it off by transcribing for you on the weekend.
Emily Lopez-Batista, public defender to the stars.
Dev, you're here.
Emily Lopez-Batista.
Not all double-barrel names work, but yours does.
- Are you high? - Hmm? Okay, listen up.
You are not Seth Rogan, and I am not your sidekick.
I got your plea.
You only have to say the magic words.
Can you remember what they are? I'm sorry, Your Honor.
Sit down and wait until your name is called.
And for the record, my name is Emily Lopez.
Where'd the Batista go? To live with his mother.
Sorry, sorry.
All good.
Are he and Carmichael sleeping together? - Sara.
- It's just a question.
Mark is dating a lingerie model, and Lola is married to an FBI agent, - so no.
- Thanks.
Any trouble last night? All quiet.
I need to find another client.
The State of California versus Daphne Rivas, bench warrant for multiple parking tickets.
Deputy District Attorney Mark Callan, are the People ready? Yes, Your Honor.
Emily? Hi.
Carmichael? Crap.
I Sorry.
I Counselor, can we help you? Wrong courtroom.
A little directionally challenged this morning.
You think? Apologies to the court.
Permission to approach the bench.
What the hell is going on? Your Honor, the defendant is not wearing any pants.
What? I don't believe this.
You! You brought that woman into this courtroom without any pants? Here, wrap this around your waist.
We'll take it from here, Ms.
Did anyone hurt you? Are you okay? Yeah.
I was arrested like this.
Kept saying they'd bring me sweatpants, but they never did.
I didn't know, Your Honor.
I was I didn't Your client is in her underwear, and you're covering your ass? You need a new lawyer.
Your Honor.
Bailiff, seize those phones.
Did you even notice that she was half naked? Did you even see her? She came out of the box like that.
What if that was your daughter? Hmm? You know what? Go to hell.
We're gonna need more security.
How about this? How about, instead of getting that one pants, why don't we just burn the whole place down, huh? - Come on, you got to go.
- Hey.
How about this? How about we all leave and let the lowlifes take over the whole damn city? How about that? You don't want to do this.
Get that man out of my courtroom! I need immediate assistance in Courtroom 802.
Uhh Sorry.
Do you mind? I am so late.
I swear it is such good karma if you let me go first.
I represent some very dangerous people.
They won't like it if you make me late.
Lopez, you can have my spot.
You're the bailiff who Luke.
Watkins, yeah.
You shot the Oh.
You should go first.
Thank you.
So, Luke.
How long you been a bailiff? Four years.
Almost done.
Almost done.
Why? Are you I'm just finishing up my law degree at night.
Almost done with the uniform but not I mean, I still want to work here.
- As a lawyer.
- That's the dream.
That'll be $1.
50, please.
Well, uh, thanks for letting me jump on in God in line.
I mean You're welcome.
And for the what you did.
It's so weird thanks for shooting someone but thanks.
It's part of the job.
Not really.
But I know what you mean.
It's actually my first day back, so Oh.
You okay? I mean Sorry.
That's personal.
Um, but are you okay? No, no, I'm good.
I passed the psych eval and everything.
Put me in, coach.
What's that on your hand? You kn, I'm late.
I should go.
Your Honor.
Your Honor.
I think he means you.
Day 1 advice be a Sphinx.
Sphinx-like inscrutability is a judge's superpower.
Use it.
Got it.
What's up for you today? Quick trial.
Robbie Brooks, my pro per, exercising his Constitutional right - to self-representation.
- Who's presiding? - Punisher.
- Laski.
- Your Honor.
- Whatever.
Done by noon.
I can get back to my murder case before the DA reassigns me to Traffic.
Your Honor.
I think he means you.
Because this is the judges' elevator and I'm a judge.
A Sphinx-like judge.
I need to Yeah.
Go good.
I owe you one, Mike.
I got to go.
Judge Carmichael.
Judge Benner.
Nervous? - Not really.
- Good.
Been dreaming of this day since RBG? Yeah.
Fifth grade teacher talked about her - in social studies.
- Good morning.
You know Judge Jonas Laski.
Go out there and kill it, Your Honor.
How's Judge White doing? The shocking discovery of his mortality enticed him to retire.
And Bailiff Scully, he gets a nice vacation in Psyche at County, which is probably where he should have been years ago.
The gods smiled, and justice marches on.
Before introductions, you requested Lisgar as your judicial assistant, but I've put you with Sherri Kansky instead.
What? Your Honor, with respect She is the sharpest JA in the building, and you're the least experienced judge.
She made a complaint about me last year.
I know.
She was thrilled when I told her.
Come on.
Let me introduce you to your new friends.
SARA: The shooting was really scary.
I was right there, and I saw the gun.
It went, like, "pssh" right past me.
- I had another nightmare about it last night.
Didn't it freak you out? It was upsetting, but it wasn't any more traumatic than having a serial rapist stare at you for a three-month trial.
Judge Carmichael's first day.
- Whoo-hoo! - Watch.
Every former prosecutor who makes judge is always eager to prove they're tough on crime.
I don't know.
I like her.
I do, too.
She's cool.
But the bench does funny things to people.
Could be a bloodbath.
- What's on your hand? - Nothing.
Except you're gonna need a skin graft if you keep scrubbing it like that.
- It's oil.
- Oil? Joe pulled the carburetor from my car and threw it through my apartment window.
- What? - I threw it back.
- Emily.
- What? Won't happen again.
I got to go.
See you later.
Thank you.
Nice gesture.
Bouquets are from your pals in the DA's office and various defense attorneys of your acquaintance.
You can keep the flowers, but the liquor is a gray area.
I'd lose it.
You and me wasn't my choice, either.
I don't get paid extra for breaking in rookies.
Okay, well, I think we should probably get on the same page about a few things.
I totally agree, Your Honor.
Rule number 1 avoid trials.
Save those for the important stuff.
Today is light.
15 defendants.
Some are carry-overs from Judge White, some are brand new.
Lawyers will update you on the case status.
You'll give them another court date.
I've been in court before.
I know how this works.
You think you know, but you don't.
Not yet.
With any luck, we'll get some plea deals and live to fight another day.
We're on the same team now, and the name of the game is speed.
And where does justice fit in? Close second.
Suit up.
The State will provide evidence that Robbie Brooks is guilty of robbery at a pawn and collectibles store.
$3,000 of merchandise gone.
The State will provide the surveillance video that shows Mr.
Brooks committing the crime.
It features a clean-shaven Mr.
Brooks, but, as you can see, he has grown a big, bushy beard.
Now, Mr.
Brooks has chosen to represent himself, as is his right.
But I'm worried that he so doubts your intelligence that he thinks you would not be able to see through the beard and recognize the man underneath.
But I trust that you'll see what I see, what any reasonable person would see that the man in that video is in fact Robbie Brooks.
All right, thank you, Mr.
Thank you, my judge.
Ladies and gentlemen, I salute you.
These storied halls of justice were not built for the likes of you and I.
Nay, this building is designed to intimidate us, to mock us down to the hair on our very face.
My defense will expose this sordid system riddled with class biases and corruption.
My defense may have surprise witnesses.
My defense will provoke the scales to fall from your eyes, even as the scales of justice, with your help, will fall upon the innocent whom I am.
Thank you all.
Thank you.
Many thanks.
SHERRI: Pull on your earlobe if you have to pee.
Touch your nose if you need time to look at evidence.
If I think we need to talk in chambers, - I'll sneeze twice.
- You'll sneeze? Choo! Choo! Twice.
I always thought you had allergies.
But I haven't had a cold in five years.
Be careful not to trip on the robe when stepping up to the bench, and I'd suggest in the future wear as few clothes as you can under it.
It gets hot up there.
Your Honor? This is a big moment for me.
I just want to be present for it.
We have a nickname for you, the judicial assistants.
There's this little coven where we drink blood and stick pins in lawyer dolls.
We call you the Lola-coaster.
Are you serious? Hell, yeah.
Can we go now? All rise.
Department 61 of the Los Angeles Superior Court is now in session.
Judge Lola Carmichael presiding.
I'm here all week.
Your Honor, he broke a law.
He's been convicted.
I would like to remind the court that African-Americans are incarcerated at more than five times the rate of whites.
Lopez? Black offenders were 75% more likely to face a charge carrying a mandatory minimum sentence Ms.
Lopez, it's a misdemeanor traffic violation, but point taken.
Sentence is hereby suspended.
The State of California versus Daphne Rivas.
Residential burglary.
Daphne? What's she doing back here? Your Honor, the charge Ms.
Rivas faced the day of the courtroom shooting was dismissed 1385.
- In the interests of justice.
- This is a new charge.
Deputy District Attorney Berger.
It' in the file, Your Honor.
The defendant broke into a private home, was in the process of a residential burglary - when Detective Jackie Leyland - Wait.
What was the detective doing there? Your Honor, I was just appointed Ms.
Rivas' PD this morning.
Her previous public defender, he actually got gout, which I thought was I mean, who gets gout? - Ms.
- Yes, Your Honor.
We are prepared to enter a plea of no contest.
Two years in state prison, Your Honor.
Rivas, Daphne, I'm surprised to see you back here.
I guess.
I don't know.
I didn't do it, so Does your client understand what she's about to plead to? - We discussed it.
- I'd like to hear it from her.
- Yo Honor - What, Clayton Sorry.
We both recognize that this woman is young and has no similar criminal history.
Rivas is currently five months pregnant, - Your Honor.
- She's pregnant? Daphne? Choo! Choo! I didn't do nothing.
I didn't do it.
Is that your mother? Mom? Yes.
That's me.
- What's your name? - Choo! Choo! Consuela Rivas, ma'am.
Do you think Daphne understands she's pleading to a serious felony charge and what the consequences will be to her and her child? She didn't do it.
Prosecutor said he'd go for four years - if we went to trial.
- Your Honor Daphne, listen to me.
I know it must be weird being back in this room, but this is serious.
Did you do what you're accused of? No.
I wasn't even in the house.
But no one would listen.
I cannot accept any plea, given what I know and what Ms.
Rivas has told me.
I need to see the evidence.
We're going to trial.
Oh, my God.
I'm so hot.
Your Honor, that went well.
Mostly, I think.
You? No, Your Honor.
I know.
I heard your sneezing.
It's very convincing.
Rejecting a plea on day 1 If I'm going to take away that girl's freedom, I'd like to know if she's guilty first.
Lopez, have you talked to your client about a bench or a jury trial? Bench.
Rivas wants this over as quickly as possible.
How fast can you get your witnesses together? We're good to go, Your Honor.
And congrats on your first day.
- The good Scotch is from me.
- Ms.
Lopez? I think the Bird of Paradise is mine, but I - Will you be - I will be ready in the morning.
Daphne's released OR.
Until then, put it on the calendar, please and thank you.
You're gonna win this, right, Ms.
Lopez? Because I can't take care of that baby if she goes to jail.
It's gonna end up in the system.
Daphne, I know you don't want to testify, but we may need you to.
I've got my own problems.
Thank you, Consuela.
If we put you up there, it's a chance for us to talk about your struggles and, being pregnant, win some sympathy from the court.
You sound like you think we're gonna lose.
I want to paint a picture of you as an innocent, vulnerable young woman.
Believe me, this is the best chance we have of protecting your child and having you found not guilty.
But you have to help me.
Daphne, are you Do you need to be sick? Cariño, you okay? Daphne, if you saw anyone, anyone at all, near that house and you can say so in court, - that would really help.
- Come.
Um, okay.
I'll get something.
You can see the distinct shape of the man the height, weight, hair color.
Now look at the defendant.
Beyond the impressive beard, the features are not only similar, they are identical.
It's the same man.
The State rests, Your Honor.
The State has no right to mock my God-given appearance.
Having a beard is no crime the last time that I checked.
In fact, the State is the one wearing the beard because they are disguising the fact that they have no clothes on.
Think about it, and to prove it, the defense will call a special surprise witness.
- Objection.
- We haven't heard who it is yet.
- My Lord - Honor.
My Honor, without malice aforethought, I wish to examine Mr.
Mark Callan.
Brooks is mocking the court.
As a representative of the State of California District Attorney's Office, Mr.
Callan has insight of the events leading to my arrest, which prove I am a victim of vicious bias resulting in said circumstance.
This is insane.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
We'll resume tomorrow with Mr.
Callan's testimony.
I'll be late tonight.
I love you.
Judge Carmichael, you wanted to see me.
I got a message from Sara about a carburetor, a window, and your ex.
It's nothing.
It's not nothing, Emily.
It's a restraining order.
And I appreciate you helping me get it.
I do.
Joe is just He's dealing with a lot.
That's his problem, not yours.
He knows he screwed up.
If the guy shows up again, you take pictures.
Proof of violation.
Yes, I I will.
Oh, and congrats on your first day.
Thank you.
Um Daphne Rivas.
What about her? You need more time? No.
I'd like to reassure my client that, if convicted at trial, we both know the prosecution will go back to demanding four years.
The plea deal did limit the amount of time that Daphne would be incarcerated.
Emily, you need to stop right now.
She will never get that kid back.
That's enough.
Good night, Your Honor.
Hello, Your Honor.
Mark, boundaries.
And how'd you get past security? It's a secret I will take to my grave.
Do we have glasses for this, or are we drinking straight out of the Judge White had a stash over here.
Why are you even here? No plans with Rhoda tonight? It's Ria.
Something about that name just won't stick.
So my pro per case Robbie Brooks wants to put me on the stand to prove personal and institutional bias or something.
And the judge is gonna let him.
- Who is it again? - Punisher.
We need to stop calling him that.
Two weeks ago at breakfast, you were ranting about what an idiot the guy was.
Two weeks ago, he wasn't next door.
Lola, I don't hate the judge.
He hates me 'cause I kicked the crap out of him.
What case is this? No, I actually kicked the crap out of him.
We're in the same men's hockey league.
A few weeks ago, Laski ran the goalie.
Cheap shot.
Ruptured the guy's L45, L5-S1, so the next time we played Laski's team, the gloves came off.
- You did not.
- I did indeed.
How bad was it? Four-game suspension.
How bad did Laski said I broke a couple of his ribs, but he's exaggerating.
I still have a lot to do, and you need to go home.
It's payback.
He's forcing me to take the stand in a case I'm prosecuting.
It's Alice in frickin' Wonderland.
Except that he's right.
Excuse me? The State has to be more lenient when people defend themselves.
It's a waste of everyone's time.
They're not lawyers, Mark.
I have real cases to work on murder, sexual assault, an honest-to-God kidnapping, and instead I'm gonna be trapped in a courtroom forced to answer nonsensical questions from the Mad Hatter with the overgrown facial hair.
If there are no glasses, I'm drinking this out of the bottle.
As a friend, maybe, maybe I'd be more sympathetic if it were 2:00 in the morning and we were into the tequila, but, as a judge As a judge.
It's not a hockey game, Mark.
It's Robbie Brooks' day in court, and it's pretty damn real to him, so respect that and suck it up.
- Oh, come on, Lola.
- No.
When you're a prosecutor, the buck doesn't stop with you.
It A man's freedom is at stake.
His voice matters.
It's important.
Good night, Your Honor.
Detective Leyland, isn't it unusual for a highly decorated officer such as yourself to reply to a burglary? It is, but I was the closest unit.
I entered the house from the rear, where I saw the suspect.
Let the record state Detective Leyland identified the defendant Daphne Rivas.
She was standing by the front door, holding jewelry, some clothes.
I pulled my firearm, issued a warning.
The suspect dropped the items - and ran out the front door.
- And then? I pursued the suspect out the door, where I saw her turn left and run between these two houses here.
And then what happened? The suspect was apprehended by uniformed officers five blocks away.
And did Ms.
Rivas leave anything behind at the scene? One red running shoe.
Please mark this Exhibit 1C for identification.
Is this the shoe you're talking about, Detective? It is.
It was found in the path between the houses after our pursuit.
And here is a photo of it taken at the scene.
And it belonged to Ms.
Rivas? It matched the one she was wearing when she was arrested.
We followed up with a DNA test on the sweat inside the shoe, confirming Ms.
Rivas as its owner.
The State respectfully submits Exhibit 1D DNA sample and testing as described by Detective Leyland.
Thank you, Your Honor.
No further questions for Detective Leyland.
Oh, hi, uh - Luke.
- Luke.
I know.
It's my mouth is full.
Oh, my God, the Boba Truck.
Do you know Boba? Come on.
So bailiff by day, law student by night.
What do you do with all your free time? Can I ask you something? How much do public defenders make a year? Actually, it's not a question.
- student loans - I saw inconsistency - in Detective Leyland's testimony.
- What? What kind of inconsistency? The evidence photo of where the shoe was found.
It looks like it might have been enlarged.
They do that, especially with small objects like shoes, weapons.
Come on.
Except the picture of the shoe wasn't taken where she said it was.
Detective Leyland blew it up to hide that fact.
What can I get you? Oh, right.
Just my usual.
I think the detective might have been mistaken or maybe even lying.
We can't talk here.
Callan, please inform the court as to the number of falsely accused cases in the courthouse every year.
The phrase "falsely accused" is speculative.
Uh, yes.
However the system we currently inhabit contains within it overzealous and dishonest actors Oh, my God.
Your Honor, he's not even asking a question.
Let him finish.
A question, then.
Have you, Mr.
Deputy District Attorney, have you or any of your immediate family ever been involved with organized crime? Have you or any immediate family, have you ever or are you now involved in organized crime? - Objection! - Your Honor, it is my belief that Mr.
Mark Callan's father, known as Mr.
Victor Callan, is understood to be agreeable with what is common parlance for organized crime, Your Honor.
- Mafia, sir.
- Objection.
This is ridiculous.
I'd like to see where this goes, counselor.
Yes, I would, too.
All right, so Detective Leyland testified that she found the shoe here, where the suspect ran between the houses.
But, if you look at those photos from court Oh, I have the This is the picture they submitted as evidence.
You see? The background has a down spout in it.
There's no down spout here.
But I'm thinking there must be one over there.
This This is where the shoe actually was found.
The detective lied.
Under oath.
Great catch.
So what what happens next? Right.
Next we take pictures.
My ex-boyfriend lives on that street.
I was going to his house when it happened.
Okay, Daphne.
And then what happened? Then I heard the yelling coming from the house.
And I was, like, I turned around, and I saw this yelling woman come running out, and she had a gun.
So what did you do next? - I ran.
- Why? Well, you see a gun, you run.
And where did you run? To the street there.
Daphne, the detective said you ran between the houses here and she found your shoe here.
I didn't.
I mean, I was never there I ran the other way.
So your shoe walked there all by itself? - BERGER: Objection.
- Sustained.
Your Honor, I would like to submit into evidence some digital photographs that will not only support my client's version of events but also indicate that Detective Leyland's testimony and evidence have been intentionally - Objection.
- Sustained.
In my chambers now, please.
Photos on a defense attorney's personal tablet can hardly be called credible evidence.
I like a good personal table I mean, it's no pad and paper, but it's light and sleek.
Bet you can play games on it like hangman, and these pictures look pretty credible to me.
Your Honor, it makes no sense.
Why would a high-ranking detective risk doing something like this on such a trivial case? Good question.
Lopez? Detective Leyland made a mistake in her identification of a suspect, and she doesn't want to admit it.
- With DNA.
- Not from inside the house.
Hey! Inside voices.
Detective Leyland did not see Daphne in there committing that crime.
Your Honor, Jackie Leyland is an outstanding police officer with an impeccable reputation.
Which no one would have ever questioned if a young woman went to jail for two years like she was supposed to.
Lopez, those pictures are inadmissible.
Thank you.
Both of you arrange to have the scene photographed by your investigators.
We'll use those pictures to determine the veracity of the detective's testimony.
Until then, we're at recess.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Thank yo Your Honor.
Get much chance to play golf? - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- Not much.
Judge Benner, you wanted to see me? Judge Carmichael, yes.
Please come in.
I got a surprise visit someone who wanted to be introduced to L.
's newest Superior Court judge.
Los Angeles Assistant Police Chief Jack Healy, Lola Carmichael.
- Good to meet you, Judge.
- Chief.
My detectives speak very highly of the cases you handled when you were a prosecutor.
Yes, well, team effort.
I'm sure Judge Carmichael has a full day ahead of her, - so - Of course.
Judge, if you ever have an issue about any of my people, please call me directly.
Judge Brenner, as always.
What the hell was that? The law of unintended consequences.
That man was leaning on me.
Hard to say.
Or maybe just a message.
Which is? Jackie Leyland is one of L.
's most high profiled detectives.
If you allow a PD to accuse her of manipulating evidence and perjury, if you do that, this little trial will throw every case she's ever worked on into doubt.
That's the sort of thing that can destroy more than one career.
Maybe that's the message.
I'm just guessing.
MARK: Your Honor.
Your Honor? Lola, I know you're up here.
Why does it always have to be the top floor? Because I don't want anyone to find me.
I told you to be Sphinx-like.
I can't talk about my case.
It's okay.
Lots of other people are.
- Thanks a lot.
- Just saying.
The Sphinx has survived for 4,500 years by silently staring down the enemy and then asking the right question.
She wasn't dealing with LAPD.
And I can't talk about it.
It's just that ehh up on that bench, in this thing, everything is different.
And that detective.
I need to make a difference, but I can't tell is this is the battle or if this is the war.
What can I do? Visit me at traffic court in Palmdale.
Never gonna happen.
How's your pro per case? Well, it is on the record that my dad was a grifter who fixed races, ran poker games.
The old man came back from the dead in the form of Robbie Brooks to make my life a living hell again.
Except your dad isn't dead.
You just pretend that he is.
Is this guy guilty? Uh, yeah.
Well, then get your verdict and deal with the rest later.
I will if you will.
Brooks, you missed your calling.
You're a natural.
You've done a great job.
Gracias, muchacho.
I've seen a lot of juries over the years.
You got them right with the opening statement and never lost them.
Merci, Mon frère.
They were charmed, impressed, beguiled.
We all were.
It's done.
You won.
I didn't even write a closing.
No point.
I blew it, and you were almost flawless.
Almost? What? Yeah.
Well, I mean, there's the one thing the jury might seize on, but other than that, you're good.
You know, I've been a lawyer for 10 years, and not one attorney has been smart enough to bring up my dad in the courtroom.
Well, you've perked my interest, counselor, uh, about the one thing.
It's the worst part of the job that one juror who seizes on the one mistake you made and suddenly it's all they can talk about in deliberation.
Next thing you know, your guy's getting carted off to prison.
I mean, if you catch your mistake soon enough, you can fix it in closing, but I think you're fine.
I'd be grateful, sir, if you could share your wisdomly insight, though.
My mistake? Oh, I thought you knew.
It's the beard.
It makes you look guilty.
It's like an innocent man who refuses to come out of the house when the police have him surrounded.
You know, the longer he stays in there, the more people start to imagine a serial killer covered in blood and guts.
That he's hiding something.
Juries hate that.
They think, If he's so innocent, why doesn't he show his face? Other than that, you threw a perfect game.
You could shave for closing, but I think I think you're gonna be fine.
All rise.
Department 61 of the Los Angeles Superior Court is now in session.
Judge Lola Carmichael presiding.
Daphne Rivas, please stand.
For the record, the police photos entered as evidence suggest a version of events that is not consistent with some testimony we have heard in this trial.
Under those circumstances, it creates doubt in this court's mind regarding the whole set of facts.
Therefore, the court having said that, the defendant is found not guilty.
Thank you.
Okay, gentlemen, final minutes in the third period.
Let's do closing arguments, shall we? Deputy District Attorney Callan.
Your Honor, the State has nothing further.
We believe the evidence speaks for itself.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I want to thank you for your service and your swift verdict.
The defendant is remanded into custody, pending sentencing at a future date.
Callan, please approach the bench.
You're a better lawyer than a hockey player.
I'll see you on the ice.
Court's adjourned.
Counselor Callan, thank you for the honorable battle, sir.
Thank you, Mr.
If just two things had gone differently in my life, we would have been best man friends and avowed colleagues instead of bitter rivals.
Alas, young man.
Good luck to you.
Nice work.
Thanks, Sara.
No brainer, once they saw his face.
- Why did he do it? - Shave? The man convinced himself he was innocent.
Still owe you money.
Haven't forgotten.
Buona sera.
Thanks for coming in.
Get the door, would you? I'd offer you a seat, but I have to be somewhere.
Your Honor, does it strike you as odd when a person who is found not guilty shows so little emotion? If that were the oddest thing about this case, I'd be thrilled.
She wasn't acting like the falsely accused is what I'm saying.
And you manipulated evidence is what I'm saying.
I saw Daphne Rivas in that house with my own two eyes.
I think you rushed in, you saw someone that looked like her, and she got away from you.
Then you found a shoe.
It fit.
You worked that photograph a little bit, sign off on a plea, you're done.
Detective, if someone looked at your other cases, how much of this kind of police work would they find? Your Honor, how many woman judges are there? - Not enough.
- So you're already feeling the pressure.
Answer my question.
Whatever you think happened, Your Honor, I know that girl participated in the crime.
You didn't have the evidence.
You didn't have the evidence, and yet you still went for In the LAPD it takes women longer to get where we want to go.
If the boys think we screwed up even once, we don't get another chance.
So your perfect record was more important Anything else, Your Honor? Try that again in a courtroom, and I will make sure you have nothing left to serve and protect.
Thanks for coming in.
All good? Nobody shot? Lola-coaster.
I don't get it.
Because none of us know where the ride is taking us but nausea is likely to set in at some point.
Good night.
LUKE: That was great.
Not great.
Judge Carmichael gave me a little pass.
And an innocent person went free.
So did a guilty one.
Can I ask you for a drink after work some time? After work is 2:00 in the morning.
Okay, lunch? Breakfast? Coffee? Or we could just stand here a while, get to know each other a little more.
I could tell you about my first dog Calvin.
It's not a good idea.
You don't like dogs.
I mean, it's not a good time.
But it's sweet.
You're sweet.
See you tomorrow? Sure.
I like dogs.
I do.
For the record.
Where's your mom? She went to her boyfriend's.
I was going over the evidence in your case.
Your DNA connected me to your mom's record through the DNA in the family database.
Any new conviction for her, that's parole violation and back to prison.
If it was your mom in that house while you were waiting outside on the street maybe she told you she wanted to help you out with the baby.
Well, I think maybe you don't need that kind of help.
The baby I can't do it without her.
I bet you can.
I know you can.
You are gonna have that fierce mama strength, that loving superpower that only moms like you get.
So strong, it's gonna be scary.
We can all do way more than we think we can.
Ria took my car.
And she didn't bring it back.
Can't wait to meet her.
- Need a lift? - I'm waiting on one.
Robin's in D.
I got nowhere to be.
Where are we going? Thanks for the ride.
What happened the last time you saw him? He punched me in the face.
I should go in with you.
No, I'm good.
All right.
the sound up You can't deny it I keep on risin' Not gonna stop me Not gonna stop me Not gonna stop me [MAN LAUGHS.]
Not gonna stop me Not gonna stop me Not gonna stop me Not gonna hold me down No one can stop me No one can stop me No one can stop me No one can hold me down My boy.
The Prodigal.
Heh heh heh heh heh.
Easy, easy, all right, all right.
Hey! Don't hide it Don't fight it You can't deny it I keep on risin' Throw my crown up Turn the sound up You can't deny it That went well.
I keep on risin' Don't hide it Don't fight it You can't deny it I keep on risin' You can't overshadow Turn the sound up You can't deny it I keep on risin' I keep on risin'
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