All Rise (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Long Day's Journey into ICE

1 Previously on "All Rise" Lola Carmichael's upcoming tenure as L.
County's newest Superior Court judge.
Shut up.
You brought that woman into this courtroom Hey! Hey! Hey.
It's so weird "Thanks for shooting someone," but It's part of the job.
Rule number 1 avoid trials.
With any luck, we'll get some plea deals and live to fight another day.
- And where does justice fit in? - Close second.
I cannot accept any plea, given what I know.
We're going to trial.
It is on the record that my dad was a grifter who fixed races, ran poker games.
I've been waiting all day Please remove your belt, shoes - Take something for it.
- No, I'm fine.
- Sleep is important.
- Not as important as my clients.
You're not sleeping because your apartment has turned on you.
My apartment has not turned on me.
What would you call it, then? - Insomnia.
- Because it turned on you.
No, I No.
It's No, I can't get comfortable.
I just I thought, with Joe finally gone-gone, that I'd be able to relax, read.
Emily, buy some new furniture, slap some fresh paint on the walls, buy a bread maker.
None of that will help me sleep.
Okay, so then knock out a wall.
- Hmm.
- Knock out two walls.
I've got a sledgehammer.
- I'll bring it over, open a bottle of wine.
You have no idea.
It will feel so good.
You'll sleep like a baby.
- Amongst the rubble? - [GIGGLES.]
You know one of the things I love about being a judge? - Guess.
- MARK: Private parking.
- Nope.
- Your own bathroom.
You love recess? No, I love saying it.
It's like I'm a kid again and I'm up there and I'm dressed as a judge and I get to decide when recess is.
Lola, you're not dressed up as a judge.
You actually are a Superior Court judge.
I need to pee.
I need time to think.
You know what I can't believe? The Clippers got Kawhi! Ha! LeBron is still my guy.
I feel so sad for you.
I need a new mattress.
I know that.
Something fresh with no lingering, you know, indentations.
I love a new mattress.
You know what I really need? I need to be by myself.
I love it.
I need to know what being by myself feels like.
But not for too long, Em.
Right now I need to get ready for my trial.
These things need a time limit.
How's your dad? Have you spoken to him yet? Since I punched him? No.
Mark, he's your father.
That's how it goes with me and Vic.
Punch each other in the face every 10 years and then - Recess.
- Exactly.
How's it going with the old guard? Honestly, I think I'm winning them over.
Hold that.
You got this? Got to get to trial.
Go good.
We need to talk unauthorized furniture.
Good morning, Sherri.
This is a perfectly good bookcase.
For "Game of Thrones.
" I'm sure someone around here will want it.
- Your Honor - Call me Lola.
Never gonna happen.
Let's give it a try.
It's a fun name to say.
Good morning, Sherri.
Good morning Your Honor.
First up, - grocery store trial assault.
- Right.
Judicial assistants need to maintain a respectful distance from their judge, thus protecting the important hierarchical traditions without which the system would collapse into chaos and muddy muck.
Keep moving things forward, Your Honor.
Our calendar is a mess.
We're behind.
I've had to push cases to other judges, - and they don't like it.
- No kidding.
I had to ride in the elevator alone.
Be ruthless.
Don't tolerate dawdling.
Or backtalk.
No backtalk.
MAN: That's a total fabrication.
It's just not true.
They attacked me.
They claim I was threatening, that I attacked them.
I was just trying not to get hurt.
And yet, despite the fact that you clearly posed no threat and that, according to the police report, the grocery store security guard sustained zero injuries, somehow you're the one who's been charged with felony assault.
Is there a question? Ms.
Lopez, is there a question? Why were you in the store that day? Are you familiar with the term "food desert"? - I am, but why don't you tell the court? - Objection, Your Honor! Overruled.
Go ahead, Mr.
It's an urban area with no access to good quality fresh food.
The customers around this store are poor, many elderly so they can't afford to go somewhere else, and this store routinely stocks tainted meat, expired dairy.
Your Honor, this is an assault charge, not a seminar on urban food issues.
Duly noted.
Counsel, continue.
- Mr.
- We were gathering data.
We work for a neighborhood action group We were monitoring the best "before" dates and taking pictures of the spoiled food and placing warning stickers on it.
And the manager knew that.
And he sent the security guards to intimidate us.
Guerra, is everything okay? I'm not sure, Your Honor.
I Excuse me, sir, man in the black coat, stand up, please.
I think you'd better identify yourself.
Sal Soto, ma'am.
Purpose of your presence today, Mr.
Soto? I work for U.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Seriously? Didn't you get the memo? You are not supposed to be in here, sir.
Your Honor Bailiff! - Whoa! - [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
No! This is a restricted area! Hey! Stand Hey! - Hey! - Nowhere to run.
There's nowhere else to go.
- It do Uhh! - Back! You stop! No! I said stop! Mr.
Guerra, you need to stop running now! I can't go back! I can't go back! On your knees! Hands behind your head.
If you let them take him back to Nicaragua, he'll die.
Kimani, take a breath.
You do not want to get arrested.
Bailiff, you need to keep him in the building.
- He still has rights.
Hey! Listen up! This is still my house, and we play by my rules, and my rules say - The federal government - No backtalk! This young man deserves his day in court, and I intend to give it to him.
Put Mr.
Guerra in holding so Ms.
Lopez can speak with her client privately.
It's okay, baby, it's okay.
- We're gonna figure this out.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
Recess! ICE is in your courtroom.
Walked right in like he owned it in the middle of the defense presenting her case.
The governor signed a bill last year.
I thought we won this battle.
We did.
Hey, I need to talk to the L.
County Sheriff.
He's not gonna take the call, so you just have to threaten him a little.
Thanks, [SIGHS.]
What are the charges? Felony assault.
First offense.
No warrants out on the accused.
He's undocumented.
From Nicaragua.
It's in his file.
This doesn't make any sense.
How did ICE even know he was there? Somebody tipped them off.
Or they're planning something bigger and are softening the ground with the least experienced judge in the building.
Where's the defendant now? Courtroom holding.
We're in recess.
Judge Carmichael, your court is now a legal and political minefield.
Please endeavor not to blow anything up until I can get some answers.
Got it.
Don't blow anything up.
How exactly do I do that? Remain impartial.
And don't let any of this affect the outcome of the defendant's trial.
- In other words, get your house in order.
Sheriff, Supervising Judge Benner.
It's been a while.
I'm a valet parking attendant.
I was at work.
I work at Bestia on 7th.
Bestia is so good.
And what did you witness at 10:34 p.
? I had just brought a Tesla Roadster around.
The customer was inside.
When I exited the vehicle, a young woman approached suddenly, got in, and drove away.
She stole it.
And do you see that young woman in this courtroom today? No, sir, I do not.
Excuse me? No, sir, I do not.
Kothari, you testified in a preliminary hearing under oath I was mistaken.
I identified the wrong woman.
Let's go back over this because mistakes can be costly.
You gave a detailed description to the police.
I was mistaken.
You picked her out of a police lineup.
I was mistaken.
I identified the wrong woman.
Let me remind you, Mr.
Kothari, that perjury is a criminal offense.
Deputy District Attorney Callan, knock it off.
The witness answered the question.
Anything further, counselor? No, Your Honor.
Nothing further.
Witness may step down.
No other witnesses, Mr.
Callan? The state rests, Your Honor.
Your Honor, motion to dismiss.
Penal Code 1118.
1 The People have failed to show any evidence my client committed the charged offense.
Case is dismissed.
Defendant's discharged.
Lambert, hey, quick question.
How much does a witness cost? - Excuse me? - More than a good tip at the Wilshire Country Club and not as much as an appeal? - Hey, easy.
- You paid that witness - to change his story.
- That's absurd.
Maia! The bribery of a witness carries serious time in state prison, Mr.
Talk to my lawyer, the one that beat you in court.
I did just kick your ass.
I'm not letting this go, Amy.
It was good to see you, Mark.
I've got calls into our office to get an immigration attorney, but I can't tell you when they're gonna get back to us.
The backlog is insane, and they're spread out all over the county.
You're my lawyer.
I trust you.
I appreciate that, but Okay.
In the meantime, tell me I came across at Tijuana.
I had counterfeit papers.
In Nicaragua, the government has become a dictatorship, grabbing land, attacking basic human rights.
We were protesting.
They responded with arrests, torture.
Uh, we.
Who's we? I need you to be more specific, Leo.
Union de estudiantes at the Polytech.
I was one of the leaders.
We were peaceful.
I love my country.
It is very important to me.
But I can't return.
We were attacked by the police.
Some of my friends were murdered in the streets.
I understand.
And so you came here.
Asylum? I was hoping to apply for asylum, but, with new rules, there's no chance.
They'd lock me up and deport me.
I couldn't risk it.
But, Leo, once you got here, you didn't stop protesting.
- I know.
- Why? Why put yourself in the spotlight? Trust me, I've been asking myself the same question.
It's just [SIGHS.]
it's who I am.
I can't stand by.
I just can't do it.
What? And I fell in love.
Big mistake.
Mm, that's it.
There's the real reason.
Yeah, that's trouble.
You're going after the father? - He bribed my witness.
- Can you prove it? - Not yet, but I will.
- Let it go.
Five giant stacks of files waiting, and five stacks officially makes a mountain.
- Move on.
- We can't move on.
Callan, you've been in this job for what, like a month? And already I can see that beneath that calm, quiet demeanor, you've got a bit of an issue with authority mine.
Actually, I have an issue with investment bankers from Hancock Park buying justice.
Thomas, this is it's fundamental.
Either the District Attorney's office thinks that the truth matters, or it doesn't.
So go after the valet for perjury.
The valet is poor.
He's scared.
He's not the bad guy here.
You don't want to go after him because what, you think he's just being a good dad? That's not what I think, but that's what a jury might think.
He did it for his daughter.
No big deal.
Just bought out a little victimless crime.
This is not a good father.
I hear you, Callan, and I'm not indifferent.
Really? 'Cause it feels like you're a little indifferent.
Grant Lambert has been investigated by the Securities Commission a half a dozen times, and nothing has stopped.
Not my circus, not my monkey.
This guy is the enemy! Not your monkey, Mark.
I want the monkey.
Show me the monkey! Well, for that and because you clearly have some daddy issues of your own you need to sort out, I'll throw it to one of our investigators.
If they smell something, they should bring it to me.
Now go back to your mountain.
Normally, there'd be a place for you to sit.
I'm not being inhospitable.
Just still getting organized.
I can tell.
And congrats.
Hell of a promotion.
You know who I am.
I do my homework.
Ambitious, young African-American female DDA gets thrust onto the bench.
Looks good on everyone.
I'm glad you accepted my invitation to talk quietly.
Love to talk.
Let's talk.
Soto, you are not an ignorant man.
I'm sure that you're aware that California is a sanctuary state, which means undocumented I know what it means.
So then okay, we know what we mean.
Perhaps you could explain why you There is one way to get me out, ma'am.
"Your Honor" or "Judge Carmichael.
" And do not interrupt me.
Courthouses work well for us, okay? Ahem.
The targets are already screened Excuse me.
Targets? Ah, Judge Carmichael, there are laws.
If these targets are afraid that you are going to be here So you can interrupt me? That's right, because this is my house.
I had a partner.
Stabbed at a raid.
I have been shot at.
This is a safe place for us to do our job, our duty.
It is my duty to make sure that you don't use these courts as a stock pond because people need to believe that this is a just place.
- It's citizens.
- Citizens? People, then.
If people think they'll be deported, they won't show up.
Witnesses will refuse to testify.
Defendants will skip bail.
Crimes will go unreported.
Obstruction of justice is a federal offense.
Excuse me? It is a federal crime to corruptly obstruct, influence, or impede on any official proceeding or attempt to do so.
This can carry a sentence of 20 years.
- A threat? - Statement of fact.
I'll take my chances.
And since we are dealing in facts, anyone who refuses to adhere to the court's orders, attempts to interfere with the court's proceedings Judge Carmichael, the people that give me my orders are, uh, humorless.
How about you finish your job so I can do mine? - He could be your nephew.
- He's not.
You don't feel a connection to them? Some empathy? How many people have you put in jail that could have been your brother? Or your son? Mr.
Soto, if you so much as set foot in my courtroom, I will charge you with contempt and you will go to jail.
Statement of fact.
I haven't heard anything from anyone.
So no reports of other ICE agents in other courtrooms? No, and we're, like, always texting.
Not about the trials.
About, like, cool restaurants - and podcasts.
Thanks, Sara.
But people have heard what's happening.
Lawyers are asking for continuances.
Defendants are being told not to show up.
It's getting kind of crazy.
I think I saw someone hiding in the bathroom.
Sounds like a drama.
Judge Rogstad.
Judge Carmichael.
Hey, when you're ready to play the bigs, come over to my court.
We have Pizza Night.
I'll keep that in mind, Your Honor.
I love what you've done with the place, making it your own exotic.
What, the pillows? Okay, let's go.
The ICE thing appreciate it if you don't drag the rest of us into your little theatrical.
I'd think you would be just as concerned about this situation as I am.
Not everyone in this building thinks like you, Judge Carmichael.
To assume that only reveals your youth.
It's not like we don't have enough customers to keep us all busy.
My advice pull the thorn and keep walking.
What the hell happened in 802 this morning? Why? What did you hear? It's not what I heard.
It's what I saw.
Who's the prosecutor? It's, uh, Katie Malick.
She was talking to some guy in the bullpen about six feet tall, buzz cut, very ICE-like.
Are you serious? What the hell is going on in that office? Are you all collaborators? Oh, my God, you sound just like your mother.
- [GASPS.]
- Mark Callan.
- I do not sound like my mother.
That's just me.
I love Roxie.
I do, too.
Still me.
Mark Callan.
You're here? Okay.
Okay, yeah.
I'll be right there.
Got a very expensive defense attorney waiting for me in my office.
Amy Quinn.
- How'd you know? - That smile.
You always had a thing for Quinn.
- Not true.
- Okay, not true.
What else do you know about my ICE guy? One of the guys in my office said the ICE agent convinced Katie that her future as a government attorney would look a lot brighter if she could make that case go away.
That same agent threatened to put me in jail for 20 years.
- That's not gonna happen.
- Gets your attention, though.
He was just picking on you 'cause you're the rookie.
I hate bullies.
So punch back.
The robes keep getting in the way.
Just do what's right.
That's what you'd tell me to do.
I really have to Go.
The Mighty Quinn awaits.
Ha ha ha.
Judge Carmichael seemed to be on your side.
She might have been, but there are no guarantees, especially now.
I'm trying to reach an immigration lawyer.
Can you hold this, please? - Thank you.
- Why don't you wheel around one of those big black suitcases like all the other lawyers? 'Cause this isn't an airport and my client files aren't luggage.
And they're ugly.
- Emily.
- What can I do for you, Katie? Is the bailiff holding your bag? No.
Anyway, we're dropping the charges.
- What? - Made a mistake.
Client's free to go.
Okay? Katie.
You win.
Why? Because it was a time suck.
Because I don't like surprise visits from big, beefy guys with big badges, and because I was losing.
We need to talk to Judge Carmichael.
- Is she - I'll check in with the JA.
You know what you're doing, right? My client will be sent back to a country that is killing kids for walking down the street shouting slogans.
Might want to think about that.
I was expecting a call from your assistant, or a snarky email.
I had a motion, so Good.
I mean, I'm glad.
And I've never actually been in these offices.
I always thought I would end up here.
Yeah? What happened with that? Oh, you know, student loans, L.
real estate, the whole thing.
Your message said you wanted to interview Maia Lambert.
- Yeah.
- So you're really doing this.
You're gonna go after her dad? He bribed a witness.
"A," no, he didn't.
The valet just made a mistake.
And "B," why would you think Maia would incriminate her own father? The valet did not make a mistake, and you know that as well as I do.
And frankly, Amy, the fact that you're standing behind Grant Lambert is not a good look.
I should go.
If we found out you had something to do with this, Amy, you won't just be disbarred.
You'll go to jail.
Well, that's a big gun.
I thought we liked each other.
This is in no way an admission.
You can have 15 minutes with Maia.
My office.
That's it.
- I'll take it.
- You know, Callan, there are a lot of guys like you at my firm.
If you ever wanted to cross the street, you can make a lot of money.
It's not a compliment.
But if I have to do it They're both here? Yes, Your Honor.
Thanks, Luke.
Before you go in, may I say something? Since when do you ask? That kid Leo, he has a lawyer.
Let Ms.
Lopez take care of him.
He is in my court.
ICE is just doing what they do.
What they're doing is wrong.
It's not new.
You are.
This affects everyone in the building, Your Honor.
Don't try to fix what you didn't break.
It's not your job.
What? You're trying to protect me.
Why are you doing that to your face? Because you like me.
It's just I don't have it in me to break in another judge.
That's practically a hug.
Counselors, make yourselves comfortable.
I don't know where to sit.
Your Honor, the prosecution is throwing its case.
They're dropping all charges.
How is that throwing? We made a determination that the case is not worth moving forward with - Tell her the truth.
- That is the truth.
The second they drop the charges, ICE will detain and deport my client.
What ICE does is not our business.
And you don't get to direct my strategy.
It's not your strategy.
It's theirs.
You caved, and now Leo has to pay the price.
Katie, I'm going to ask you a question.
Yes or no.
Are you ready? Sure.
Have you spoken or communicated with Agent Sal Soto about what to do with this case? Next question.
Who do you work for? The people of the state of California.
That's right.
The people, not the federal government.
Katie, I know most days this feels like an adversarial system, and it is, but the truth is we are actually on the same team, going for the same goal justice.
And a team is only as strong as its God, what's the rest of that quote? - It's a quote? - Of course.
Sports quote.
It'll come to me.
But the point is, Katie, do your job, not theirs.
- Your Honor - Weakness! The team is only as strong as its weakest link.
It was gonna drive me crazy.
So, Katie, what would the people wish you'd do next? Better question.
Malick is I'm guessing Irish? Your family immigrated here about a hundred years ago.
Am I close? My great-grandparents.
What would they wish you to do next? Uh, they would want me to proceed with the trial.
We'll see you in court.
Why am I not surprised? Maia asked him to be present.
Afraid what your daughter might say? It's okay.
I'll step out.
You good with that, Maia? Be right outside.
Let me be clear.
Maia is doing this voluntarily.
She is cooperating because she has nothing to hide.
Did you know Parin Kothari was gonna change his testimony? - She did not.
- Did your father offer any material benefit to induce Mr.
Kothari to change his testimony? Were you aware of any such plan? No and no.
I'd like to hear it from Maia.
My father's a crook, too.
You hate what he does for you, how he does it, but you almost kind of admire it.
And you want to protect him.
- What exactly - I mean, they have the power, right? That can cut a couple of ways.
We both know that.
Ask a question, or you can leave.
I'm gonna make you a promise, Maia full immunity.
All you have to do is tell the truth, which I'm guessing you want to do anyway 'cause you're not like him, are you? The existential questions you don't have to answer.
In fact, you don't have to answer any of them if you don't want to.
Just think about it, Maia.
I didn't know that about your dad.
- I talked to the sheriff.
- And? Reminded him of his campaign promise to keep ICE out of our courthouses.
- And what did he say? - Not much.
But he's smarter than to let Immigration walk in wearing a black hat.
He'd tell them to use undercover proxies.
Whoever called ICE, it wasn't him.
And you? I'm assuming you haven't smuggled the defendant out under that robe.
The DDA wanted to drop the charges.
That would be the end of it.
After a short meeting, she reconsidered.
So it continues.
Judge Benner, I am trying to figure out the right thing to do here.
We can't help ICE.
But you can't delay the game indefinitely.
Are the parties ready to reconvene? - Yeah.
- Then finish your trial, and we'll take it from there.
And the ICE man, he will cometh.
Yeah, but he can sitteth outside and waiteth.
LEO: What are my options? You don't have any good ones, Leo.
What are my bad ones? I managed to get a hold of one of our people in Immigration, and they said, on this timeline What? Plead guilty.
Request immediate sentencing hearing, then get the DDA to ask for the maximum four years.
In prison? It buys you four years to see if you can find asylum in another country, four years to see if an immigration lawyer can find a way to have your case retried.
And four years with Kimani.
She can visit you.
I can't recommend this, Leo.
State prison is not a good place, and It's better than a Nicaraguan jail or getting killed.
Uh I was arrested for no reason.
I'm innocent.
I know.
I'll do the four years.
I'm sure.
I really am.
Thanks for coming.
I can't talk to you without your lawyer present, Maia.
Amy, it's Maia.
You're fired.
Did you mean what you said about immunity? - Sure.
Maia - I stole the car.
I was drunk.
I was upset.
I just had this massive fight with my dad about basically what a giant ass he is.
Anyway, uh, is there maybe some kind of community service that I could do? Is that stupid? No, but it's not really justice, is it? I mean, who are you accountable to? Me? It's not how this works.
He does this stuff just to show that he can, that he's above the law, above everyone.
It's arrogance.
Walking through the world like he owns it.
And now he's pulled me into that.
I hate it.
Mine was a bookie.
He was a lot of things, none of them legal, but one of them was a bookie.
And he always kept a tab.
So I'm 17, and my dad his name's Vic he was indicted, and Vic needed an alibi witness.
So I stood up in court, and I lied.
Hand on the Bible, and I lied for him.
Not many people know that.
You get caught? Nope.
That's a bit of a head-spinner.
I let him turn me into something that I wasn't because I didn't think I had a choice.
You have a choice, Maia.
Who do you want to be in the world? How important do you want the truth to be in your life? What do you want to see when you look in the mirror? Your face or his? All rise.
Department 61 of the Los Angeles Superior Court is now in session.
Judge Lola Carmichael presiding.
Welcome back, everyone.
Let's settle in.
Lopez, as you were.
Your Honor, the defendant would like to change his plea to guilty.
In the middle of the proceedings? Your Honor, the People accept the plea and ask that we move immediately to sentencing.
We intend to ask for the maximum sentence of four years.
Both of you, get up here.
Oh, my God.
Seriously, you'd put this man in prison for four years? It's the best I can do right now.
When he's there, we'll find a country who'll grant him asylum.
You don't think that's a long shot? For the record, I think it's a terrible idea, Your Honor.
No, your idea was to sell out to ICE - to close a file.
- Okay, go sit down.
You understand that a felony conviction makes you ineligible for legal immigration into the United States? Yes, Your Honor.
After four years in prison, ICE will be notified, and you will be immediately deported.
Yes, Your Honor.
Your Honor? Recess.
Court's adjourned until tomorrow.
I didn't know what else If something happens to Leo in prison You didn't make that guy come here without papers.
You didn't prevent him for applying for asylum.
That was poverty, government corruption, global capitalism Beating yourself up isn't gonna solve the border crisis.
I'm not trying to solve the bo Hmm.
My client was not guilty, but his best case scenario is four years hard time - because someone narc'd on him.
Kimani? Slow down.
Where are you? I'll be right there.
I I What? Kimani? Ms.
Lopez, over here! - You're her lawyer? - What are you doing? You can't detain this woman.
This woman was trespassing.
You want me to call the police, I will.
- Kimani.
- She was banned from the store.
I wanted to show the judge what we were doing, putting warning stickers on the expired food.
- Scaring customers.
- Hey.
- It's rotten meat.
- It's perfectly edible.
You people She and her boyfriend broke the law.
"You people"? Coming in here Did you seriously just say that? Get this girl out of here.
Harris, did you call Immigration about Leo Guerra? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I? They come here, and the first thing they do is complain on their social media.
- You called - I can barely keep this place open.
- He's the one? He called? - I know what he did.
Let's go.
Come on.
You have a guilty plea and a sentence recommendation.
- I do.
- So why aren't you taking it? If I can find a misdemeanor that fits the fact pattern A nonviolent misdemeanor.
- Yep.
- Very creative.
A fraction of the time, and ICE won't be notified upon his release.
You're gonna be one of those creative judges.
You say it like it's a bad thing.
You really want to make this your fight? Of course I don't want to fight the entire federal government, but I will.
- Your Honor - What choice do I have? If I don't save this young man's life, who will? This is my house.
It's my court.
And it has to be a safe place for everyone, and if they want to come in here and start throwing punches, well, then I am gonna punch back.
If you think that that's stupid or career suicide, then so be it.
I didn't say it was stupid.
I said it was creative.
It's late, Sherri.
You should go home.
I go home when you go home, Your Honor.
I'll be in my office if you need me.
Okay, we are back on the record.
Your Honor, I'd like to move for a mistrial.
Pardon me? On what basis? Permission to approach? Expired May 2018.
Baby formula.
Expired three years ago.
Your Honor, my client Leo Guerra and his partner were affixing warnings to these products to alert their community about their risks.
In retaliation, the manager of the supermarket, Mr.
Dwight Harris, brought hell down upon them, first by reporting to the police his security personnel have been attacked.
Then, during this trial, he also decided to contact ICE in a vindictive effort to have Mr.
Guerra deported.
Your Honor, I wish I could cite specific case law, but frankly what has happened here is so audacious that there's nothing on point.
But the facts speak for themselves.
The second Mr.
Harris decided to override the justice system by summoning ICE into this courtroom, my client's Constitutionally guaranteed right to a fair trial was violated in such a profound and fundamental way that the interests of justice simply require a mistrial.
You know, I think we might need to take another recess.
Lopez, I don't think that a mistrial would benefit your client.
Your Honor, Leo would remain in custody, safe from deportation.
It would allow him time to meet with an immigration attorney.
Hang on.
You said he affixed warnings on the food? Uh, yeah.
They had stickers.
Tell me about these stickers.
They had them printed up, put them on things to warn customers about the spoiled Unauthorized writing.
Found it.
Section 6402.
"Placing unauthorized writing on a consumer product.
" A nonviolent misdemeanor.
Would mean a much shorter sentence and preserve Leo's chance for asylum.
And the sheriff would be prohibited from disclosing his release date to ICE.
If the People wish to drop the felony charges and the defense agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge, then the court can certainly entertain such an agreement.
The people are entirely amenable to that, Your Honor.
Lopez? I think we can make that work.
Excuse me.
You bullied my daughter.
You intimidated her into making a statement.
- You worked her.
- Dad, stop it.
It was entirely her choice, Mr.
It's never your fault, is it? - Maia.
- Well, I'm not gonna be like you.
I'm done.
All rise.
District 61 of the Los Angeles Superior Court is now in session.
Judge Lisa Benner presiding.
Be seated.
What's the big emergency? We just filed a single count felony complaint - for bribery of a witness.
- Really? Your Honor, my client would like to throw himself at the mercy of the court and plead guilty.
Well, then, Mr.
Lambert, to the charge of bribery of a witness, in violation of Penal Code Section 137 Subdivision A, - how do you plead? - Guilty, Your Honor.
Then I find the defendant guilty.
With regards to sentencing Your Honor, my client would like to address the court, if he may.
Go ahead.
Your Honor, I take full responsibility for my actions, but I stand before you to say that I have learned something, learned from my daughter Maia about principles and consequences.
I give you my solemn promise that I will change, devoting my time and much of my resources to legal aid clinics and doing good works in disadvantaged communities in the greater Los Angeles area.
Deputy District Attorney Callan? The People recommend 16 months state prison, Your Honor.
Lambert, you have launched an attack on our most sacred institution.
If men like you are allowed to buy their own justice at so little cost to themselves, we might as well all pack it in.
I hereby sentence you to two years in state prison.
No credits.
Defendant is remanded into custody.
Hands behind your back, sir.
I want you to get on this.
BAILIFF: Come this way.
I hope I did the right thing.
You did the right thing.
- I guess.
- No, I mean it.
I I wish I had the courage to say those things to my dad.
Well yet at least I can look myself in the mirror now, right? [SIGHS.]
With all that considered, how do you plead? Guilty, Your Honor.
Your Honor, per the agreement, the defendant has waived his pre-sentence report.
The proposed sentence is three months.
Well, any second thoughts? And are you sure you want me to approve this agreement? Yes, Your Honor.
Okay, then, any objections? - No, Your Honor.
- No, Your Honor.
Then it is the order of this court that such sentence be imposed.
The defendant is remanded into custody for three months only.
- Court is adjourned.
Leo, good luck.
Thank you, Your Honor, for everything.
I'm amazed Okay.
It's okay.
Say goodbye.
Humbly I pray I'm just trying to find my way I had to think about all the times of doubt And all the beauty parts are beauty scars now I had to let you fade away I'm so tired.
I haven't been Apparently, my apartment has turned on me.
I have no idea what that means.
Right? Also, these shoes have zero arch support.
You can tell my stress level by the height of my heels.
Easy-peasy plea deal, comfy flats.
These These are my ass kickers.
- Hmm.
- Murder on the feet but perfect for the big battles.
Like if I'm trying to solve America's border security issues.
- Okay.
Look - Or something.
- No, it's okay.
- I just want you to know I didn't think that the ICE guy could be in here, either.
Good, 'cause if you did, then I'd have to burn your law school flash cards.
Oh, okay, okay.
You don't want to argue? You're gonna be a terrible lawyer.
- I like to argue.
- Just not with me.
I'm happy to argue with you.
Good, then we can be friends.
It's simply divine I believe I believe one day All mistakes will be explained And I think of why leaving you behind Didn't satisfy that it was more kind But it would save myself for How do you keep getting back here? I have my ways.
After your big dustup with the feds today, I thought you might want to go for a drink.
I'd love to, but work.
You kicked the federal government's ass today.
Did I? I didn't mean to.
Maybe I did.
How did it feel? Not as great as LeBron in Game 7 in Oakland but all right.
How'd it go for you today? A rare win for the good guys.
I know you've been, you know, nesting, so I thought a housewarming gift might be in order.
You can say you got it from a cousin or something.
What did you get me? [GASPS.]
The star in my sky.
My goddess.
She made me feel like I could be anybody.
I know.
I had to sit through endless episodes with you during college.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So okay, so do I have daddy issues? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I do, right? Call Vic.
Maybe he'll be up for a drink tonight.
I got to go.
Uh, may the force be with you? No! feelin' It's higher than helium To try and figure out why Welcome home.
It's simply divine It's simply divine
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