All Rise (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Sweet Bird of Truth

1 Previously on "All Rise" - Hey, come on.
You got to go.
- Hey! Hey! Hey! - Uhh! - [WOMAN SCREAMS.]
It's so weird "Thanks for shooting someone," - but thanks.
- It's part of the job.
Come on.
Let me introduce you to your new friends.
Why is it always have to be the top floor? Because I don't want anyone to find me.
Tell me again how much you spent on your girlfriend's new couch, and when do I get to meet this Rena anyway? It's not Rena.
It's Ria.
You're gonna be one of those creative judges.
You say it like it's a bad thing.
Whoa-oa Whoa-oa Now you've been summoned for a special occasion [SIREN WAILING.]
I, I stay ready 'cause destiny's impatient - Ah-ah - Comin' up I'm comin' up Uh, I feel the rush, I feel the rush If this is legendary, what you call it? Fell asleep, but, man, woke up superhuman Supreme who appeared on "Sesame Street.
" Sherri? Diana Ross, Your Honor.
14 letters.
"Supreme who appeared on" Felony cyber hacking and theft.
That's more than 14.
- That's your next trial.
- Sonia Sotomayor.
My granddad turned me on to crosswords when I was a kid.
They do improve memory and brain function in older adults.
Felony cyber.
24-year-old woman Andrea Monroe.
Unauthorized access to an online video game called "Skyrise.
" Destruction of financial data, cyber hacking, and theft.
The future is now.
Trial starts in 15.
Do you think I was lying about what happened? Ms.
Bayani, no one is questioning the veracity of your statements.
Then why? Why drop the charges? - I was assaulted.
- Ms.
- There's a witness.
- It's unfortunate, - but it's not a case for - It was recorded on my phone.
- The police laid charges.
- We had hoped for a plea agreement.
- That man screamed, "Send her back!" - Yes.
- And drove his car right at me.
- I know.
I understand.
And you sent me a letter! Ms.
I've got the Desantis file for you to sign off on.
That man screamed, "Send her back" and drove his car right at me.
How is that not assault? Can I get you something? A glass of water? Mr.
Callan's not familiar with your case.
These are very challenging charges to secure felony convictions on.
I wasn't even sure I wanted to go through with this.
I didn't want to face him.
Forget it.
Doesn't matter.
I got a nice letter.
Bayani, let me walk you out.
I'm on the edge, and I might just dive in [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
- Let me see your hands.
- Hands in the air, man! - Hands up! - Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's going on? - Get on the ground.
- My name is Luke Watkins.
I work right here in the courthouse.
- You got the wrong guy! - Get on the ground.
Have you ever been to a big gala like tomorrow night's Heroic Service Awards? No, but I bet it will be swish and fun.
We all need to go and witness Luke get a medal for saving our lives.
Maybe, or maybe hundreds of sheriff's deputies won't want to party with a public defender whose sole purpose in life is to make sure their charges don't stick.
Where is young Luke? We couldn't meet in your chambers? Judge Benner.
What, you didn't like your new furniture? Stairwell 4-1-1? Oh.
Oh, right! Ahem! Getting my 10,000 steps is kind of hard without the Santa Monica stairs, so I ask people to meet me up here, - and then we walk down.
- In heels? Each step counts as double.
Plus it's nice to get outside of the office.
How's your day? Lovely.
Thanks for asking.
I understand our chambers can feel a bit snug at first.
I like them very much.
But instead of the fire route, we do have a judges' lounge.
I'm trying to ease my way in.
There's a little too much golf talk for me.
If you want to feel like you belong, and I want you to, you will need to spend more time with us, your new friends, and less time up here in the treehouse with your old ones.
I'll see you in the lounge.
All right, step on out.
When I take these handcuffs off, put your hands on top of your head.
All right, put your hands down.
You fit a description.
You ducked behind the car.
- To tie my shoes.
- I know that? All I know is I got a male black smashing windows.
You get it, right? [RADIO CHATTER CONTINUES.]
Am I free to go now? Enjoy the rest of your run.
Maybe after the speeches, we could get some people to come over to my place for poker.
Sara, I'm getting divorced.
I can't afford to lose any more money.
- Ms.
- Andrea.
Cutting it close.
The trains were a mess.
It's okay.
How are you feeling? - Um, weird.
- Court can be a little scary, but we've got Judge Carmichael, and she's great.
I want to quickly go over what's gonna happen today.
Prosecution is gonna start with an opening statement.
They're gonna try to paint you as an evil hacker, as a technical mastermind that broke into the game "Skyrise.
" - As if that's even possible.
- And then they're gonna insist that it's your relationship with Janny Cartwright that was the motive, that you hated her - and wanted to see her - [DOOR OPENS.]
There she is.
There's Janny.
I haven't seen her since she moved out.
Not one word, Andrea.
Talking to Janny, even in the courtroom, is a violation.
- Emily Lopez.
Let's do this.
- Mr.
- Call me "EZ.
" - I don't think I will, no.
MAN: Hey! Back away from my car! - [DOG BARKING.]
- MS.
BAYANI: Get him out of here! This is a business, not a dog park! [BARKING.]
Go back to where you came from! What? What did you just say to me? - [ENGINE REVS.]
- Hey! You almost hit me! [KEYBOARD CLICKS, VIDEO STOPS.]
Go back to where you came from! What? What did you just say to me? - [ENGINE REVS.]
- Hey! You almost hit me! [CLICK, VIDEO STOPS.]
MAN: Luke? Watkins.
Hey, hero, courtroom 802.
They're wondering where you're at.
Your Honor, the witness cannot refer to my client - as the hacker.
- Sustained.
The jury will disregard the characterization.
Malachi, please use the word "coder" when referring to the accused, Andrea Monroe.
Coder? [SCOFFS.]
The "coder" destroyed a single user's account and data, specifically the gaming avatar named Airk.
Airk? Okay.
So as a computer forensics specialist, can you explain to us how this coder gained illegal access to the "Skyrise" gaming platform? She used VPN software to cloak the identity of her IP address.
Hold up, hold up.
Sara Ms.
Castillo, how are you spelling Airk? - A-I-R-K.
- No, no.
It It's not.
It's It's Errk.
- Excuse me? - E-R-R-K.
Could you stand up, please? Your name? Janny Cartwright.
Errk was me, my avatar.
We were murdered.
- EMILY: Your Honor - Errk it is.
Thank you.
Driscoll, do you intend to call Ms.
Cartwright to testify? - I do, Your Honor.
- Then she shouldn't be in here during other witness' testimony.
Apologies, Your Honor.
Cartwright's not familiar with the protocol Don't throw that woman under the bus.
- You know better.
- No, Your Honor.
I mean yes, Your Honor.
She's, uh, leaving now.
All right, Dr.
Malachi, walk us through how you identified Andrea Monroe, please.
Boss! - Boss.
- You called me boss.
I looked at the Soraya Bayani file.
You never call me boss.
It is a clear case of assault.
I swear to God we've already had this conversation.
Have you actually watched the footage? - I have.
Shane Spradlin made a threat.
Nothing we can prosecute and win.
He had a weapon, his vehicle.
He drove it right at her, yelling "Send her back.
" No contact, and sticks and stones.
Judge Samson will bounce it down, saying the felony charges should never have been filed.
Since when is contact an element of assault? You know, calling me boss only works if you actually act like I'm your boss.
It's a general intent crime, meaning all he had to do was mean to drive it Callan, why are you doing this? Because if it isn't assault, then what is it? Because that poor woman is going to think it was all in her head, and eventually she'll forget why, every time she's crossing through a parking lot, her heart starts beating like it is going to break out of her chest.
Because why did you join the DA's office if not to actually You want to go to trial on a dead bang loser? Get that woman on the stand.
Make her retell her story.
It'll be a 15-minute not guilty.
How much better will Ms.
Bayani feel then? Because my experience tells me that if she feels like crap now, she's gonna feel a hell of a lot worse when she sees the smile on that guy's face when the judge looks down on her and says, "Not guilty.
" Sometimes it's better to take a shot from a bad angle than not to take it at all.
Oh, God.
You win.
Go save the world.
But we need to talk when this is over.
Digital fingerprints.
That's the word you used.
- It's a metaphor.
- But that's how you claimed to have identified my client's computer her data, her digital fingerprints.
Her computer's IP the fingerprint was easy to find.
It's like she was wearing gloves with holes in them.
Malachi, what are the chances that the IP address belonged to someone other than my client? There could be hundreds of people masquerading with the same IP address.
So they're not really fingerprints, are they? And you've told us that "Skyrise" is a multinational gaming platform.
Aren't there millions of hyper-competitive gamers who might want to see Janny Cartwright - knocked out of the game? - Objection.
Calls for speculation.
Next question, Ms.
As the prosecution's computer expert, did the District Attorney ask you to examine any other person's personal computer? Anyone at all? No.
No, they didn't.
Well there are holes in something anyway.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Hey, we already got our food inspection, checked for rats and everything.
Mark Callan.
I left a message.
I'm trying the Soraya Bayani case.
Uh, Pierre Ravary, manager.
You're on our witness list for tomorrow.
That guy was a douche.
Is Soraya working today? She's no longer under my employ.
Soraya quit.
She quit? Since when? Since I got her transferred to our store in Chino.
Why'd you do that? Man, she couldn't walk through the parking lot alone.
She was scared the dog dude was gonna come back.
- So you fired her.
- Uh, no.
She quit - after I got her another job - Two hours away.
It's hot out here.
I'm going back inside.
- She lives in North Hollywood.
- Chino is a nice store.
Your employee was assaulted while she was working here, and you punished her by sending her two hours away.
- I was trying to help.
- You want to help? Show up in court tomorrow and testify.
I promise.
Thank you.
Soraya's address on Ventura? - That sound right? - Ventura? Yeah.
She said she lived across from some park.
I wouldn't do that.
I wouldn't murder Errk.
Andrea, stop.
You're charged with a serious crime, - and you need to - Janny is my best friend since first grade.
We lived together for five years before any of this happened.
I mean, why would she say that? Because you killed Errk.
You broke in, and you assassinated her.
I wouldn't touch Errk.
She is beautiful.
I hope you fester in prison.
Hey, you two should not be talking right now.
I wouldn't hurt her.
It was a big day.
Go home.
Get some rest.
- You taking the train? - Yeah.
Remember, 100 feet.
Do not engage with Janny in any way.
She thinks you hacked into her "Skyrise" account.
That's the reality.
We're not gonna change her mind overnight, so don't try, huh? Yeah.
You excited to get your big award tomorrow? Uh, you know, it's strange.
It'll be nice to see everyone all dressed up.
Your speech done? Not really.
Excuse me.
I need to, um Look, are you okay? Yeah, yeah.
I'm good.
Why? Just when you came in this morning, you looked a little Little late.
I had a thing.
I'm intrigued.
Listen, I need to go.
I forgot something.
- Uh, I forgot.
- Right.
Just checking in.
- Whose idea was this? - Ms.
Bayani Because I'm pretty sure your boss thought I was a waste of his time.
Choi and the original lawyer who were appointed to the case felt it was going to be difficult - to get a conviction.
- I heard.
Look, I have to get my daughter Tala's dinner.
My boss was wrong.
I am taking over the case now.
Why? To prove you're a good guy? Because I believe you were assaulted, and those are the kinds of things my office shouldn't ignore.
I've been here since I was a baby.
This is my home.
He told me to go back where I came from.
He gets away with treating people like that because your boss, who thinks it's nothing He's not trying the case.
I am.
Every time I see a truck like that I was shaking for weeks after.
I still do.
The trial's tomorrow.
Will you just come by my office in the morning? We'll go over everything.
We'll talk about what you're gonna say - for your testimony.
- I have work.
New job.
I can't just This guy won't stop unless someone stands up to him.
Marky Mark, had a question.
I wanted to catch up.
I've got a window.
Call me.
- Your Honor? - Mr.
- Uh, Luke.
- I know.
What can I do for you, Mr.
Watkins? I just wanted to apologize for being late.
It won't happen again.
You are getting an award for saving people's lives, mine included.
Tell you what.
I can forgive your first offense if you give me a shout-out tomorrow in your speech.
I'm kidding, I'm a judge, humour me! What's up? Nothing.
Now don't make me put on my prosecutor's cap.
It's dusty.
But I was stopped jogging to work this morning.
Was it bad? It's always bad.
Not the first time.
Probably not the last.
- Who was the officer? - Murphy.
- Do you need me to make a call? - What good is that gon' do? You know, it's that kind of, um, blind justice that made me want to be a judge in the first place.
We still have a lot of work to do.
You know what I mean? I should get back.
Luke, I am here if you ever want to Thank you.
Thank you for what you do.
Even with Soraya's testimony, it's gonna be a hard case to make.
- You have that video.
- Video doesn't mean what it used to.
- What can I do to help? - Nothing, baby.
Thank you.
I can listen to your closing as an average citizen of Los Angeles and give you my verdict.
I'm still writing my opening.
- If I lose this case - Nope.
Not gonna lose.
I might lose.
I think it's cool you're fighting for cases no one wants.
Guys with big hearts are hot.
You lose your phone again? I've been calling you all day.
Such a great name.
It's the bestie.
Oh, my God.
- And you're a real person.
I swear I was starting to think Mark was making you up.
Um, what are you doing here, Lola? I need help understanding a game called "Skyrise.
" Seriously? I love "Skyrise.
" Well, that's why I've been calling you all day.
Video games.
He's all yours.
- No.
- No.
Don't go.
- I was just gonna work out.
I have really been looking forward to meeting you.
We can hang at the gala thingie.
- Yeah.
- Is Robin still coming? If the FBI doesn't make him miss his flight.
Toodles, nerds.
- She's nice.
What? This morning she was saying how nervous she was to meet you.
Oh, she's a model, Mark.
Her job is to make everything look easy.
- I did try calling.
It's all good.
I was banging my head against the wall anyway.
Wine? Yes, please.
Trial? An assault that nobody but me seems to think is an assault.
- What about the victim? - She knows what it is, but PTSD? Not sure how well she's gonna do on the stand.
- Careful.
You don't want to - I know.
But without her testimony, there's not much.
What made you take the case? The puck.
Not the puck.
It's this cute, little reminder you gave me to always look out for injustice.
So what do you want to know about "Skyrise"? How about what is it? Ah.
To understand "Skyrise," one must play "Skyrise.
" And to play "Skyrise," you have to create an avatar.
You better make me one, then.
- Oh, I'm going to.
First, how splendid to see you in the wild.
I mean, I know.
Eleventh hour plea discussion.
Century Bar.
It's not your usual M.
Hope I'm not crossing a line when I say I know how difficult divorces can be, - having been through two myself - Bite me.
What are you offering? For felony cyber hacking and theft? One year county jail.
My client won't agree to that.
She should have thought about that I destroyed your expert witness.
You want to talk seriously? Misdemeanor.
No jail.
Your client hacked a sophisticated gaming platform.
To erase a cartoon character.
An avatar that earned Janny Cartwright five figures in online gaming tournaments.
Have her file a civil suit.
Andrea Monroe could be the next Julian Assange.
You can't prosecute people for crimes they might commit.
We do it all the time.
We just don't say it.
I'll see you in court.
You're over your head, Ms.
- Don't touch me.
- All right.
- Foul ball.
Foul ball.
Next time you're feeling desperate, call one of your ex-wives.
So I'm a queen on a mountaintop? I like the yellow, but I don't know about the shoulder thingies.
The bench is your throne.
Chambers are whatever, your towers.
You're a queen.
How did you end up with "Skyrise" in your courtroom? A woman allegedly hacked into her friend's account and allegedly destroyed all of her the data.
- Ooh, that's cold.
- Really? Because we just made this thing in an hour.
- Why can't she just - Because you look good, but you don't have any powers.
Skin, sound effects, weapons those things are expensive, and not just financially expensive, - but it's like that's their identities.
- Yeah, but she How long did it take you to get your robe and everything that came with it? That is your avatar skin, and It can't just be replaced in an hour.
Some gamers live their real lives online.
It's where they feel the most themselves.
Out here, this is not their natural habitat.
Speaking of, I kind of blew up our meet-up spot this morning.
What?! I meant to text you, and I texted Benner instead, and then she showed up in the stairwell.
No way.
And then she told me I needed to find new friends.
She said that? Said I needed to hang with the other judges more, except maybe I don't want to hang with the other judges.
You're in the club now.
You're one of the elite.
I don't want to be an elite.
Too late.
I'm not going anywhere.
You better not.
Cartwright, how did you come to amass 200,000 followers? By "you," do you mean Errk? Let me rephrase.
I'd like to know how you, Janny, created your avatar Errk.
I I She Errk is an Aarakocra who descends from a long line of avian queens.
I am royalty I mean, Errk's royal.
I, um, she Counselor, does your witness need a minute? How about you keep your pronouns straight? I can't.
Janny, why do you find it difficult to answer Mr.
Driscoll's questions? I I'm more comfortable when I'm online, when I'm just me.
All right, but we're here, and you're a witness in a very serious proceeding.
Errk isn't in my mind.
Errk's me.
Your Honor, may I continue? - Judge Carmichael? - I have an idea.
Would you like to testify as Errk? [LOWERED VOICE.]
Blink if this is a stroke.
- Can I do that? - If it will help.
Your Honor, with all due respect, this is interfering with the prosecution's case.
Counselor, with all due respect, this is my court.
I'm going to allow Ms.
Cartwright to testify as Errk.
Do you need a few minutes? Yes, please.
I-I have a few things in my bag.
Do you mind if I get into character? I know it's an unconventional choice.
She's an unconventional witness.
She's my witness, Your Honor.
Technically, since I get to cross, she's our witness.
- She's my case.
- She's the victim.
Exactly my point.
Her, not her avatar.
This world, this court, is not that young woman's natural habitat.
Your Honor, the jury The jury was having a hard time understanding your witness.
Janny Cartwright has lived much of her life through her avatar.
It's her identity.
If we can embrace that and let her speak in her natural voice, - I think it would help.
- And you're good with this? I'm good with anything that brings this trial to a fair and just conclusion.
Including inviting my key witness to speak in character? If it helps her tell the truth, then yes.
I know this isn't easy, but we have time.
Trial isn't until this afternoon.
How are you feeling? Not sure this is a good idea.
This is your day in court, Soraya, a chance for you to tell your story.
- He'll be there? - Shane? Yeah.
He will.
But he can't hurt you.
You ready? Ms.
Bayani, would you please tell the court what happened that day? I'm near the end of my shift.
I'm the anyway, assistant manager.
This truck pulls in.
Loud music, and the guy gets out.
At that point, I'll ask you to point to the defendant.
I don't want to look at him.
We need you to just once to clearly identify the man who did this to you.
- W-What if he - I'll be right there.
Let's keep going.
What happened next? He let his dog out.
I like dogs, but this one looked mean, and he defecated.
When I asked the owner to pick up after his dog, he started yelling at me.
I took out my phone, and I started recording it.
Why? I was scared.
And I thought - I don't know what I thought.
- Soraya, it's important [VOICE BREAKING.]
He yelled at me again.
Then the dog was and he was he was he was at the truck.
- Can we stop? - Of course.
- Why don't you get some air? I'll I'll walk you out.
Text me when it's time to come in.
So, Mr.
Ravary, from where Ms.
Bayani was standing recording the incident, was crossing this parking spot the most direct route back to the Burger Shack? Yes.
It is.
And from the store, what did you see and hear? That guy screamed something like, "Go back where you came from" and ran his car right at her.
Thank you.
No more questions, Your Honor.
It is possible that Ms.
Bayani stepped into the space - while my client was parking? - Objection.
That's what possible means, Your Honor.
The witness will answer.
Yeah, meaning Yeah, I guess so.
It's possible that guy was parking.
No further questions.
Redirect, Mr.
Callan? Uh, no, Your Honor.
You may step down.
Call your next witness, Mr.
Your Honor, I'm sure Ms.
Bayani is on her way.
- Just 10 more minutes.
- You got 10.
If she isn't here when I get back, you have to call your next witness, if you had one.
- 10-minute recess.
Now, Errk, what would you say is the total value of what you lost? - In silver or barter? - Let me rephrase.
For five years I traveled the barren land in search for my ancestors who had been enslaved by the mangled Bimby clan.
After a yearlong battle, I won freedom for the Aarakocra.
"K"? "K" and then "C.
" Two A's at the beginning.
I brokered a peace between the Avowed and the Tiefling.
T-i-e? Your command of our language is impressive.
My people are in mourning because of what Andrea Monroe did.
There is madness and chaos in our land.
Your Honor, permission to approach the bench.
Good idea.
Your Honor, the purpose of Ms.
Cartwright's testimony at the very least was to establish the value in real-world terms of her online presence.
Then get her to testify about that.
Her or the bird? She's a bird, right? Just try to get her to stick to the facts of the case.
"Skyrise" was my world.
They accepted me for who I am.
I was loved, and I dedicated my life to making it the best place for everyone.
- Ms.
Cartwright - I was going to help make the world as it should be, but just like on your Earth, sometimes you pay a dear price for hopeful ambitions with death.
Andrea, you need to sit down.
Come on, Janny, it was it was just I was trying Permission to approach again.
- Good idea.
- Sit down.
Judge Carmichael, your experiment has prejudiced the jury in favor of the defense.
If this doesn't stop, I'm going to report you to the Commission on Judicial Performance.
If that doesn't work, I'm gonna make sure every DDA in the building papers you.
Due respect, Your Honor.
He knows he lost the case, Your Honor, and he's trying to intimidate the court.
- Just drop the charges.
- Not gonna happen.
There you are.
- I can't do it.
- Soraya, I imagine this is I know what I said, but I can't.
Every day, I'm scared he'd come back or he'd find out where I live.
We're not gonna take you through the whole thing.
We just need to get identification in court I can't.
I'm sorry.
If I can get a longer recess, maybe we can come back tomorrow.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
I don't want him to see me scared.
Hemingway latte, extra foam, for Sara.
You got it.
I heard you pissed off Judge Samson something good today.
That's not hard to do.
And I had it coming keeping him waiting.
- Taken? - Not these days.
No Lola contendre.
Come on.
Samson's old guard.
He never roots for the underdog.
I haven't given him much to root for.
I have a victim who refuses to enter the courthouse, a boss who wants to boot me out of it, and a case I need a close on, and nothing to close with.
Can't beat the system.
Beat the house.
Are you excited to see Luke get his medal? Yeah.
He deserves it.
Three of a kind.
Care to make it poker? Mmm.
House hits on 13.
- Ohh.
- Ah.
21 to my 4 of a kind.
That kind of day right hand, wrong game.
So that makes $156 you owe me? Yeah.
I'll take it easy on you, Callan.
Only add it to your tab when you win.
- Hmm.
- Which you will.
I've seen you beat the house before.
You'll do it again.
Thank you.
Sign right here.
Sara, can you turn that thing to the right? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
And to the left.
Again, not really sure what you're doing.
I think I got it.
Thank you.
6-letter word up the creek without a Benner? Judge Benner.
I need to keep walking.
So you invited a witness to testify as a bird.
- How did you know? - It's my job to know.
EZ threatening papering by the entire building.
- Yeah.
- That's his thing.
Never gonna happen.
But reporting you to the CJP that's real.
Judge Benner, I made a good faith effort to facilitate a witness' testimony.
- How'd that work out? - I think that this is a case of two friends trying to find a way to reconnect.
They need counseling, not jail time.
Presumably, there was enough evidence of a crime - to lay the charges.
- Yeah.
A complaint filed with the Commission on Judicial Performance on these grounds at this early stage of your career is not good.
In the interests of justice and your future, find a way to settle these charges.
And stop rubbing people's backs.
You're a judge, Carmichael, not a camp counselor.
- I-I was rude yesterday.
- It's fine.
- No.
it's not fine.
- You weren't rude.
You were You were brusque, curt.
- I'm sure you had your reasons.
- I apologize.
All rise.
Department 61 of the Los Angeles Superior Court is now in session.
Judge Lola Carmichael presiding.
Should I call in the jury, Your Honor? No.
We can handle our business for the moment.
Please be seated.
I believe this case should be settled in a manner serving the interests of justice as they pertain to this case.
- Your Honor - Judge Carmichael Being a judge grants me the authority and the responsibility to make sure that a fair outcome is reached for all parties involved.
What I'm proposing is that we discuss this case informally - [STENO KEYS CLACKING.]
- and off the record.
Deputy Watkins, please clear the gallery everyone except Ms.
I'd like to see if the parties can reach an agreement that is fair for the defense and the People, too.
Does that mean no jail time? We can certainly take that into consideration when discussing what the terms of the plea agreement might be.
You don't have to agree to anything up front.
- Your Honor, may I have a moment to - I'll do it.
- Andrea, I need you to consider - I want to do this.
That's an unequivocal agreement from the defendant.
I need to tell Janny what happened.
Can I? - Your Honor - Mr.
Driscoll, hang on.
Cartwright, please come forward.
I missed you IRL, and I was so jealous.
I introduced you to "Skyrise," and then you became so popular.
You were always And then you started those tournaments, making money, and I was I And what I did was so so It was vindictive and mean.
Errk was so important to you, and I wasn't, so yes, I murdered Errk.
And I am so sorry.
Thank you, Ms.
Taking into consideration your remorse and that the consequences of your criminal actions, while having financial implications to Ms.
Cartwright, were not intended to do greater harm to "Skyrise," I'm willing to offer a felony sentence of 36 months formal probation and 200 hours community service.
Let me be clear.
You are pleading guilty to a felony, something that will affect your life for many years.
Lopez, is this acceptable to your client? We accept, Your Honor.
Driscoll, on its face, this is a felony cyber case, but you and I both know it's not about the cyber.
This is about a young woman who hurt her friend.
And while I don't need your approval of this agreement, I'd like it.
Your Honor the People join the agreement.
For my closing, Your Honor, let me first admit I've done little to please the court.
Couldn't convince my primary witness to testify.
She was that traumatized, that lacking in faith in the justice system.
So what do I say for my closing? I could ask the rhetorical question what kind of world do we want to live in? The one where the Shane Spradlins of the world get to roam our neighborhoods, terrorizing hardworking Americans? One where a guy like that feels free to shout racist epithets and assault a woman because he thinks no one will notice and no one will care? Honestly, no one's ever driven a truck at me, or you, I imagine, sir.
But the thing I can't wrap my head around is that she isn't here this woman who so desperately wanted her day in court.
Is it Shane Spradlin she was afraid of, or is it us? Was she afraid of what we, the people in this room, would do to her already shattered sense of security? That has caused me to reflect reflect on the failures of our system, reflect on my role as an advocate and reflect on the plexiglass of a bus stop.
The defense contends that Ms.
Bayani stepped into that spot only while the defendant was in the process of parking his car.
That is their case because if Shane Spradlin was not parking, then what was he doing? Let's have a look at the video.
There, in the bus stop shield behind Mr.
Spradlin's SUV, is a reflection of brake lights.
He is stopped.
That is very clear.
- Then - [ENGINE REVS.]
They go off.
It is at that moment that Mr.
Spradlin started to accelerate his car, only when he realized that Ms.
Bayani was in his path.
He chose her as a target, he took his foot off the brake, and he drove right at her.
Lights on Go back to where you came from! SORAYA: What? What did you just say to me? - Lights off.
This man is guilty, and so are we if we don't say so.
I encourage you to reflect on that, Your Honor.
Go to sleep.
I should have called first.
Um Come in.
Tala's just asleep.
Thank you again.
Spradlin had it coming.
Sentencing's in six days.
I know you don't want to be there, but if you want to write a victim impact statement I know it doesn't undo what happened, but I wanted you to have this.
Why? If we hadn't been such asses and sent it to you, you never would have come in.
So this is proof the justice system works? It's proof that it doesn't always fail.
Thank you, Ms.
Tala's a lucky kid.
I'm sorry.
Baby, you didn't have to wait for me.
I wanted to see you first.
Well, you needed a bodyguard to protect you from everyone trying to curry favor with L.
's newest judge.
Your badge beats their badge.
- A deal's a deal.
Pay the lady.
- We were just playing.
You're gonna question a court reporter's memory on what was actually said? Pony up.
Right back.
Don't you worry.
I'm gonna wring every last cent out of him.
- My man.
How was the flight? - Hey.
- Oh! - Nice seeing you.
MURPHY: Hey, good to see you.
- You're looking good.
- Thank you so much.
Hey, next time you ride with that McCormick, tell him he still owes me $20.
- Take care of yourself.
Rare night off we spend it with these mooks, right? - [CHUCKLES.]
- Ron Murphy.
- Yeah.
Luke Watkins.
We met yesterday.
I was just doing my job.
Now, if you'd had your badge on It shouldn't take a badge.
Be smarter out there, Deputy Murphy.
Thank you all.
It's odd getting this award for doing what I did.
I push back the poison Taking action against one of our own.
I've been thinking a lot about what made him pull his gun that day, and I think it was his frustration with the system.
Makin' noise And I get that because the system's not always good, but it's the one that we got.
And tonight is about honoring the people making it better those being honored and those here to support us.
Someone that I respect very much told me that there is still a lot of work to be done.
So let's get to work together.
Please don't give up on me Thank you.
Don't give up on me Whoo! I'm slowly fading Ria is really terrific.
Say that again - like you're not pleasantly surprised.
Not good.
Benner's texting me.
"What's going on? Whoops.
" What does "Whoops" mean? I must have sent it to the wrong person.
Innocent mistake.
My apologies.
Definitely will not happen again.
Nice save today, Carmichael.
Live to fight another day, huh? [CLICKS TONGUE.]
Good night.
She knows.
Thanks, man.
You killed it up there.
I don't know.
Probably won't make much of a difference.
I think it will.
I think you will.
Luke, are you okay? Actually, no.
Want to get out of here? I'll tell you why.
Hell, yeah.
I lost to you Hanging on by a thread Hanging on to the man I used to be I feel like we're getting Closer to the end And, honey, please don't give up on me Don't give up on me Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

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