All Rise (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

A View from the Bus

1 Previously on "All Rise" Get off of me! I was stopped jogging to work this morning.
It's that kind of blind justice that made me want to be a judge in the first place.
Detective Leyland did not did not see Daphne in there - committing that crime.
- That girl participated in a crime.
- You didn't have the evidence! - Anything else, Your Honor? Either the District Attorney's office thinks that the truth matters or it doesn't.
- Not your monkey, Mark.
- I want the monkey! Show me the monkey! - Pay up.
- Why don't you take the $50 out of the $200 you owe me from the game last month? On a court reporter's salary? - Luke, are you okay? - Actually, no.
- You want to get out of here? - Hell, yeah.
- Take this suit, please.
- I got it, I got it.
All right, all right.
That's enough.
Dylan Frank.
- Ms.
Lopez, what'd you bring me? - [HANDCUFFS CLICK.]
- Mariscos Jalisco.
Tacos de camarón.
- Oh, my God.
- Best tacos in L.
We need to get you changed.
Big day.
Big field trip.
You want tacos, you need to be nice.
Which of these says Sphinx-like judge? - You look good in heels.
- Not the point.
Today I need gravitas and agility.
Jury view is a big swing.
Nervous? Excited.
It's everything I've worked for fair trials, no excuses.
What happened to taking it slow? - You take it slow with the Bureau? - I pick my battles.
You don't think this is a good idea.
I think if you think taking the entire trial halfway across the city - to the scene of the crime - Defendant's been charged with aiding and abetting a murder.
I granted the defense jury view in the int In the interest of justice.
I know.
I hear you.
This is how court should work active, engaged.
Not you.
The juries.
I prefer to testify at bench trials - so I can focus on the judge.
- It's the right thing to do.
Permission to approach.
When you want to make a difference, you don't hold back, and I love that.
Can't be late.
So I'll just put all of this away.
- Love you.
- I love you.
Once we get to the club, the jury gets off the bus, and we take them to exactly where you said when the shooting happened.
It's gonna look a lot different during the day.
It doesn't matter.
Dylan, it's not about what you saw.
It's about what you heard.
Which was nothing.
I heard nothing.
And the best way to prove that to a jury is to have them experience it for themselves.
You didn't aid and abet anything because you didn't hear the gunshots.
You didn't know there was a murder.
Chris was your friend, but you didn't know - what he was gonna do that night.
- Sing it, sister.
And remember, they're gonna be watching you, - so you have one job.
- Don't look like a thug.
Be focused.
Be interested.
If you look bored, you look guilty.
- Okay.
- [SIGHS.]
So? What you think? I've had better.
Ricky's on Riverside got the edge.
- Uh, no way.
No chance.
- Mm-hmm.
- That is crazy talk.
- I'm serious.
Prosecutor is gonna try to paint you as a thug.
- She's feeding their bias.
- Dylan's on the move.
She wants the jury to see you as a getaway driver.
- Now it's my turn.
LOLA: A prison bus? That's what they had.
That's what we're taking.
Box lunches are ordered.
Police are at the scene.
- Oh, you are loving this.
- No, you're projecting.
What happened to "creative"? The entire point of a courtroom "One of those creative judges.
" is that it isn't the real world.
It's sealed off from the real world.
You are not going to ruin this for me.
EMILY: That prosecutor won't win.
When I'm done with that jury, they're gonna believe you, not her.
So I wear a suit and we emphasize my major in urban policy? That's right.
'Cause if I hadn't finished high school, if I said "aksed" instead of "asked," - we'd have a problem? - Dylan, I will crush anything that gets in the way of them seeing you.
- Then put me on the stand.
- Not gonna happen.
- You have a prior.
- I can explain to them The DDA will have a field day.
Don't worry.
I've got this.
- She never quits.
You got lucky.
Everybody needs a hat.
You are going to be in the sun.
The bus is waiting.
This jury will not be late.
Badges visible.
Cellphones away! Thank you! [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER.]
MARK: Great job on the electronic surveillance - of Mabbit, Detective Leyland.
- Honest to God, 40 bucks on Amazon.
- The video was spectacular.
Camera looks like a phone charger.
It is a phone charger.
Even the audio is clear.
That never happens.
I had an undercover go in as a janitor.
- Just plugged it in.
- And you got him.
We got him.
Two years hard work.
I'll land it.
First round's on me.
JUDGE: Trevor Mabbit, do you waive formal reading of the complaint and statement of rights? - Yes, Your Honor.
- On the charge of possession for sales of a controlled substance, - how do you plead? - Not guilty.
Your Honor, Mr.
Mabbit is solely responsible for operations at his auto parts business, a family man.
We request that he be Trevor Mabbit runs a multimillion-dollar heroin ring, a product that has killed thousands.
He uses violence as a management tool - Your Honor - and has both the means and the motive - to flee the country.
- My client's not going anywhere.
Thank you, Ms.
Chavan, and, Mr.
Callan, you've made your point.
Mabbit, bail is set at $1.
5 million.
That should be sufficient incentive to stick around.
I assume you'll be bombarding me with pre-trial motions.
I'll see you in a few weeks.
Already drafted a motion to suppress.
As soon as I get that video surveillance kicked, - your case falls apart.
- We're putting him away.
Mabbit didn't know what hit him.
LOLA: Nice.
What about bail? $1.
He's not going anywhere.
Whoo! I was in top form.
And so modest.
- Yeah, well, killer evidence.
- You on the bus yet? - Nah.
Sherri won't let them leave without me, I don't think.
Who are you working with on this? Jackie Leyland, narcotics.
How many times when we were working together did we wish that we could bring a jury to the scene of the crime? And now you have the power.
- I love it.
- Mark, you have to check everything.
- What? - Jackie Leyland? Yeah, we worked together on that string of robberies in Van Nuys.
Check the casework.
You have to check it.
- What? - Look, I can't go into details.
Just do yourself a favor.
- What am I looking for? - Shortcuts.
- I didn't think you'd actually go through with it.
It's absurd.
I need to impeach your discriminatory statements about my client.
Oh, you're calling me a racist? - That's an outrageous claim to make - You implied his fraternity is a gang.
Take it back, or I'll withdraw the plea offer - I was about to make.
- We rejected your offer twice.
His only defense is the testimony - of a convicted murderer.
- My client is innocent, and your unconscionable smear campaign - is a disgrace.
- Ms.
Lopez, this is Mr.
Frank's vehicle.
A meat wagon? No.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
They gave you a prison bus.
Judge Benner, good morning.
When was the last time anyone did a jury view? O.
? There have been one or two since.
Oh, I've had defense lawyers ask.
Never actually granted one.
Gutsy move, Carmichael.
I say leave no stone unturned.
Or Pandora's Box unopened.
Your Honor.
Wait, Your Honor.
Before we go "Good morning, Judge Carmichael" That's the friendly way to begin.
- Good morning.
- Your Honor, good morning.
- It is a good morning.
- Good morning.
My client is being Are we allowed? Can we talk right now? I don't see why not.
Uh, it's your party.
Good luck.
- Speak.
- They're planning on putting my client - into a meat wagon.
- I had nothing to do with that.
Another grossly prejudicial move.
I don't care about the car.
I'm not a racist.
Stop speaking.
Watkins, could you please put the defendant in that car? - Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
Your Honor, if I could just say Still not speaking.
Walking away.
- Mr.
- Your Honor.
- It's time.
- Come on.
Single file! Form a line so I can check you off the list.
Do not discuss the case.
No interaction with the judge! Any final words, Your Honor? We pursue the truth, no matter where it leads us.
This is the purest essence of our judicial system.
To paraphrase Clarence Darrow, justice has nothing to do with what goes on inside a courtroom.
Justice is what comes out.
- All aboard! - [AIR BRAKES HISS.]
It's already a disaster.
The box lunches are skimpy.
The air conditioning is broken.
And yet justice is in the air.
So exciting.
I count nine guilty, three not guilty.
You think I've got 3? I'm thinking 10 and 2.
Scruffy guy, mom pants, death metal.
No way.
Mom pants? She's got a tell.
She rubs her face.
Trust me.
I'm a poker queen.
This is my thing.
I hope I have enough.
Maggie Palmer did a number on them.
She said "urban decay" 27 times literally.
I was making little ticks on my notepad.
I still can't believe Judge Carmichael went for a jury view.
- I know.
I love her.
- I love her.
I left an important thing in a place that is not here.
You told her we went on a date.
Was that That wasn't a date.
I'm calling it a date, but I don't have to.
That wasn't a date date.
It was a spontaneous, impromptu, spur-of-the-moment thing.
- You nervous? - No.
This will work.
So I know you're a pro, and I'm still trying to decide what kind of lawyer I want to be.
As a public defender, you provide the best defense always.
I know that.
I've watched you.
Does it make a difference when you know they're innocent? I'm not sure I can be a public defender because if the jury gets it wrong, how do you recover from that? You don't.
Is that all of it? - Thing of beauty.
- I've seen this already.
Just reminding you how good it is.
You wanted a high profile case I'm not saying there's a problem.
- Callan.
- Our entire case rests on this footage, and I've been told that Leyland cuts corners.
- Told by whom? - I can't say.
- Yeah, you can.
- No, I can't.
If there's a pattern of misconduct You sound like a defense attorney.
I need your sign-off before I turn over rocks.
We rely on the police daily.
We start questioning every piece of evidence, - that trust is destroyed.
- I'm talking about one cop.
Go after one cop, they think you're going after all of 'em.
We want Mabbit.
He is the worst of them.
The police needed a warrant to get this footage.
The warrant is based on information from a confidential informant.
I want our case to be sound.
I just I just want to be sure.
Okay, go.
Go see what's real.
MAN: How do you open this window? [GRUNTS.]
MAN: It's hot in here.
Everything okay, Your Honor? I'm good.
Have a seat, Mr.
We are gonna talk about your future.
Really? What are your plans after the Bar? - Assuming I pass? - You'll pass.
And then prosecutor? You've seen a lot of trials.
Well, I don't know.
Felony court's no joke.
California tax code's looking okay.
- Wills and estates? - Gross.
- Corporate acquisitions.
- Stop.
My family fight-the-power kind of people.
Didn't go over so well when I became a prosecutor.
"Get folk out.
Don't put 'em in.
" But the DA's office gets to decide who gets charged and with what.
There's authority there and responsibility.
If you want to set the terms of the fight, that's where you go.
Me sumerjo en la nada Arrastrada entro yo En cuclillas en la arena A la orilla raspa el sol Aliviando mi camino Yo respiro, yo respiro Cada huella que despido Va marcando mi destino Ay Keep it orderly.
There is shade for you under the bridge.
Find it.
Ay, que no puedo ver Ay, tomaría un tren a casa Ay, que quiero volver [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
Thanks for making the time.
Always have time for you, Callan.
Just want to talk through a couple of Mabbit's lawyer, Priya Chavan, - she is a pit bull.
- Mm-hmm.
She keeps going after that video.
So I'm just looking at the warrant.
- What about the warrant? - Confidential informant got you us probable cause.
Yeah, I should probably sit down with your guy.
I just want to be ready.
When did you get so thorough? Let's bring him in.
No surprises.
I promised him no lawyers.
- Still - You I.
my informant, it's done.
- No more intel.
- Mabbit's worth it.
You want me to burn my CI because you need to be ready? No, because Trevor Mabbit needs to be shut down 'cause I don't want his heroin on the streets killing kids, wrecking families.
Don't you? I do.
Good to know we're on the same page.
SHERRI: That's it.
Right there.
Quickly, come on.
Quick, quick.
SHERRI: All right.
Grab a water.
Pass it down.
Here you go.
- Everyone, come around the car.
Take your positions.
Remember, you're engaged, confident, focused.
I got it.
Jury keeps sneaking looks at me - like I'm gonna do something.
- Don't worry about it.
I got this voice in my head, like, am I standing innocent? Does an innocent person cross his arms? You're doing great.
Luke? Yeah.
We're good.
We're almost there.
- Are we all good, Sara? - Yes, Your Honor.
This is seriously awesome.
All right, let's get this over with.
We are now on the record.
Everyone, we are here today for a specific purpose.
We are recreating to the best of our ability, one, where exactly Mr.
Frank was standing when the shooting took place in the alley, two, the ambient noise level while Mr.
Frank waited, three, if you individually can hear any gunshots.
We know that Dylan pulled up in his car with Chris Sims at 11:28 p.
It was caught and time-stamped by that security camera, previously introduced as Defendant's Exhibit 1.
Sims walked away from the car while Dylan waited inside the car.
The police report says that Dylan told them that the music was loud so loud, Dylan told the investigator, that he could not hear gunshots.
The DJ in the club that night has provided a specific volume setting to which the People and I have stipulated.
An officer is standing by with blanks matching the caliber of the weapon used.
Your Honor, we're ready.
Start the music.
- Your Honor, for the record, 10 seconds ago, an officer standing in the same spot where the murder victim was found fired two gunshots.
This concludes our successful demonstration.
- Objection.
- Thank you, Counsel.
I will rephrase.
Our demonstration is concluded.
- Anything further, Ms.
Lopez? - No, Your Honor.
Palmer, anything to add? No, not at this time, Your Honor.
Okay, I think we're good.
We are adjourned.
- Something's going on.
- Ladies and gentlemen, we have reports of an active shooter in the area.
We need to clear the street right now.
- Let's go! - Okay, let's keep calm, everyone.
Back on the bus.
Let's go.
MALE OFFICER: Let's go! Let's go! - Go! - FEMALE OFFICER: Keep moving! Your Honor.
We need to take cover right now! Your Honor, we need to get you back inside.
In the building? This way! Hurry up! This way! - Move, move, move! - Come on, people! MALE OFFICER: Go this way! - [SIRENS CONTINUE WAILING.]
This is so not awesome.
It's okay.
We're okay.
I shouldn't have let you do this.
That was my first mistake.
You do know I am your boss, right? The root of all our problems.
It would be so much better if I were in charge.
Everyone, listen up.
We are gonna stay calm.
We are safe here.
We have police with us and sheriffs.
We're gonna do what they say, follow their directions, and we are going to be fine.
How are you doing? - Where do you live? - In Silver Lake.
Good ice cream in Silver Lake.
Pazzo Gelato.
Did he have something to do with this? Who, Mr.
Frank? Could that be a friend of his out there? He He told him we'd be here? Your Honor.
DYLAN: Now they're scared.
They're not even trying to hide it.
Listen, it worked, okay? The demonstration was Do you think anyone's going to remember after this? - [LOUD BANGING ON DOOR.]
- Jeez! MALE OFFICER: All clear! Okay.
Okay, people! [UNDER BREATH.]
This is why I don't go clubbing.
Everybody, get back on the bus.
WOMAN: Let's go.
WOMAN: That message is received.
You are correct.
Wait! MAN: Hold up.
What just happened had nothing to do with us, okay? I need you all to remember the demonstration, the evidence you heard.
That is your sworn duty.
Understand? WOMAN: Yeah.
I'm not gonna like this, am I? I reviewed Leyland's collars.
Found a sweetheart plea deal two years ago.
- [SIGHS.]
- Multiple priors.
Named Connor White.
You are positive this is her CI? Got to be.
I need to go talk to him.
Nothing in his record shows a link to Mabbit.
And the CI's how she got the warrant.
Goes to the duty judge middle of the night, avoiding lawyers.
Look who the judge was.
Who of course redacted the informant's name.
It was 3 a.
He was probably hammered.
If there's a problem and the video gets thrown out - I'm looking for another way.
- Something.
I know.
I'm trying.
But without it, Mabbit walks.
Go see the informant.
BENNER: Is everyone okay? There was a suspect in the area, armed and dangerous.
They locked us in the nightclub until he was apprehended.
- How are you doing? - We were never in any real danger.
- Not what I'm asking.
- Ever had a nightmare so vivid you keep forgetting it was just a dream? - Sure.
- Like that is how I'm feeling.
And the jury? When people are afraid, their instincts kick in.
If they transfer that fear onto the accused You're worried they're going to be biased.
I wouldn't underestimate the jury's intelligence.
I know something about bias, Judge Benner, and fear.
During our little lockdown, juror number 7 asked if the accused had something to do with it, were we being targeted? Oh, juror number 7's got to go.
She will.
What worries me are the others, what's going on in their heads.
That's a good question.
You've got a choice get things back on track and finish your trial or pack it in and send everyone home.
It's your call.
You know why? Because I'm the judge.
You got the wrong guy.
I don't know any Detective Leyland.
She busted you 2 years ago on May 10th.
You were selling meth to high school students - at Central Tech.
- Doesn't ring a bell.
No? Hell of a plea deal community service instead of eight years in prison.
- What did you trade for that? - Go away.
Dumb muscle thinks about swinging.
Really dumb muscle swings.
What kind of stupid are you? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
You signed this affidavit? Says you witnessed Trevor Mabbit meeting two known suppliers outside the gym he owns - and taking them inside to talk.
- Sure, I remember a gym.
- On Figueroa.
- Gym on Figueroa.
That's right.
Except that's not what you said in the statement, Connor.
It's auto parts on Glendale.
I don't get this.
What are you Are you and Leyland on the same team? We want the same thing, yes.
So when she tells me "This is what you saw," I say, "Okay, I saw that.
" Now you want I should see something different, say something else? Just start talking.
Jury's up there right now, thinking, "This is what happens around those people.
" - We don't know that.
- This ain't fair, this whole field trip madness.
I'm going to prison for stuff that has nothing to do with me.
We need to put you on the stand.
But my record.
We bring it up first, neutralize it.
It's a risk, but we should take it.
Now you got me scared.
I know.
It's Things went sideways out there.
It is.
It's scary.
But we need to get it back.
Look, it shouldn't be a risk to show them who you are.
I know that.
You know that.
If we don't take the chance, that prosecutor gets to define you, and we cannot let that happen.
Now let's talk about what I'm gonna ask you.
I can only dismiss a juror for an objective reason like a prejudicial statement or they're traumatized.
If your gut says that Doesn't matter.
I granted the jury view so the people wouldn't just rely on their instincts.
I can't turn around now or remove someone just because my gut says I should.
- So you weed out what you can.
- And then hope hope this whole thing doesn't fall down around that young man's head.
How's yours? Hope? Thin.
I could argue that Leyland was acting in good faith.
Delgado might allow it.
- No, she won't.
- No, she won't.
Any other lawyer would wait and see if the evidence got through.
- Not any other good lawyer.
- Mabbit is Yes, he is, but the man still has rights.
To hell with his rights.
I said it.
It has been said out loud.
That man in prison.
That is a right thing.
That is a good thing.
How many people have said that before us and been wrong? Mark I know.
I know.
I know that.
I'm not gonna do it.
I just.
Man, I am not looking forward to what comes next.
Assistant Chief Healy told me, if I ever had a problem with one of his officers, - to call him.
- A back channel.
I may need one.
Talk to Leyland first.
Then let me know.
Uh, hey.
What about me? You know I need to hear it.
Go good.
Callan, you ambushed my CI? You weren't cooperating.
- How'd you find him? - It wasn't hard, Detective, and if I can find him, the defense can, too.
You could have gotten him killed.
We can protect him.
Does Connor even know Mabbit? I couldn't find a single connection.
- You saw the video.
- The problem was your warrant.
- Are you really gonna sink this? - Prove to me it's legit.
- You saw the warrant.
- Prove to me that Connor isn't lying.
Seriously, help me understand what's going on here.
Doesn't it matter to you that - You didn't have probable cause.
- Mabbit is guilty.
All you had was hearsay that a deal was going down, and it killed you that you couldn't be there for it.
You sunk this, not me.
When I do my job, I don't take shortcuts.
I just want to make sure you're good.
After everything that happened yesterday, I'm just talking to every juror one-on-one.
I'm good, Your Honor.
I-I was scared, but but I'm good now.
You feel you're still able to consider the evidence fairly and impartially, according to the law? Uh, I kept thinking what people would say if I got, you know [IMITATES MACHINE GUNFIRE.]
My kids, you know, they'd be devastated, obviously.
Um but my two ex-wives they'd throw a party.
Thank you.
I just want to make sure you're good after what happened yesterday.
I might not be good.
Could you tell me why? I just don't know what to think anymore.
I look at him, at the accused, and I I'm just not sure.
I know it's difficult, but until I send you all off to deliberate, not knowing is exactly where you should be.
Guilty or not guilty, Dylan Frank deserves a fair and unbiased hearing.
Can you give him that? Counselors, please approach the bench.
You were both in my chambers earlier.
You heard me speak to the jurors.
I have released juror 7 and juror 12.
Alternates will be taking their place.
EMILY: How about juror number 11? - She remains.
- And we're out of alternates.
One more, and we do this all over again.
If either of you have something to say, now is the time.
I'm good, Your Honor.
Let's do this.
I'm ready, Your Honor.
Counsel, you may proceed.
Defense calls Dylan Frank to the stand.
I have a criminal record, yes.
I was busted for vandalism.
I was 18.
- What kind of - Just kid stuff.
We took a park bench and tossed it around, you know? - Was anybody hurt? - Nah.
I mean, I dropped it on my own foot.
Limped for a week.
Serves me right.
I was so stupid.
All right, Dylan, let's get back to the night of the shooting.
Tell us what you heard while you were waiting for Chris.
Nothing but music.
Car windows were buzzing.
No gunshots, no nothing.
Just as we saw yesterday at the scene.
- Clearly, you're telling the truth.
- Objection.
Let's not editorialize, Ms.
Dylan, what happened when Chris returned to the car? He got in.
He said, "Let's go.
" Did you know what he'd been doing? I knew he'd been buying drugs.
- Did he tell you about the shooting? - No.
- Did Chris seem agitated, upset? - He did, yeah, really upset.
Did you ask him why he was upset? No, I-I thought I knew why.
Me and Chris, we've been friends my whole life.
Your Honor, are we really going to allow I'll allow it.
Friends from jump.
I did kindergarten mat time with him, you know? He's the guy that split his lunches with me in seventh grade.
That night, when he asked me to drive him, I lost it, and we argued.
He was upset because he was disappointing me.
Then why help him get the drugs? When someone is drowning, you don't swim away.
You stay close.
That night, he was hurting.
I thought that if we could just get through today, I would be able to help him tomorrow.
- Nothing further, Your Honor.
- Your witness, Ms.
Sounds like you and Chris did everything together.
Get arrested together, go to jail together.
- Objection.
- Get to your question, Ms.
Let's talk about your self-described stupidity.
- Objection.
- Withdrawn.
Otherwise known to this court as a felony conviction.
You and Chris, your close friend, you tossed around a bench.
- Correct.
- Tossed it through a window.
Yeah, but it was Yeah.
- So it was a smash and grab.
- Objection.
It was a store.
Clearly a robbery.
- I'm not proud of it.
- Your Honor.
Palmer, you know better.
The jury will disregard anything other than the fact of the vandalism conviction.
So you are a student at Cal State L.
Your focus is urban policy? That's right.
When did you last attend class? I didn't have the $5,000 bail.
I've been in custody since my arrest.
You attended class until your arrest? You haven't set foot on campus in over six months.
- Objection.
- I had to drop out.
You just lied to the court.
- What else are you lying about? - LOLA: Ms.
- I did not lie! - You don't care about Chris.
In fact, you clearly don't care about the man that he - shot and murdered.
- LOLA: That is enough! - You don't know me! - [JURORS GASP.]
You don't know me! Mr.
Frank, there is no question pending.
Please sit down.
Strike from the record everything after the defense's objection.
The jury will disregard the characterizations.
Palmer, do you have an appropriate line of questioning? Nothing further.
Why'd you drop out? You were partway through junior year.
Tuition is high.
I'm saying I'm a student as a promise to go back.
- To who? - To me.
It is your duty to talk with one another and to keep an open mind, and when you're in agreement, you'll come back in here and deliver your verdict.
- Bailiff.
- Right this way.
Bailiff Watkins informs me the jury wants to go home for the night.
- You need to remind them - Not to discuss the case at home.
I'll be in in a minute.
When I was little, maybe 5, my mom took me to a protest rally housing discrimination.
Wasn't huge, couple hundred people, big enough to get lost in.
- She lost you? - Or I wandered off.
My dad went looking, and she just waited, not moving until the crowd thinned, and I came wandering back.
She must have been terrified.
I think I get how she felt waiting.
If what happened yesterday is the reason they convict Dylan Frank, this will it will follow him the rest of his life.
Your Honor It's so easy to put your finger on the scale, you don't even notice you're doing it.
I didn't see that, Your Honor.
And if I did, I would have told you loudly.
Let Luke know I'll be right in.
Appreciate your coming in.
I'm sure we can get this cleared up.
Detective Leyland.
This is obviously a major case.
We all want to get it right.
We're relying on you to get us into the end zone, get that conviction.
As you say, Counselor, Trevor Mabbit's a big fish.
Chief Healy, you're aware of the nature of Detective Leyland's investigation.
I've been briefed.
Sir, our whole case relies on video surveillance, which in turn relies on a search warrant.
Gentlemen, I appreciate your rigor, but Detective Leyland Sir, I've just taken Connor White's statement, - her CI? He told me that - You spoke to him? He's in my office right now.
Were you aware of this? He lied, sir.
The affidavit, the one that got you your surveillance it was fiction.
Cold feet.
He's frightened of Mabbit.
He's changing his story.
It's also possible Detective Leyland didn't know she was being lied to.
In any case, the defense will come after the evidence hard.
If we're gonna win those battles, we need to have confidence.
In what? In Detective Leyland.
We'd like to look into her other case work, previous convictions.
That's a lot of unpacking.
We'll take it through the courts if need be.
I need to call the union and my lawyer.
Give us the room, Detective.
Wait for me outside.
If the surveillance is out, do we have a case? No.
Mabbit walks.
I'll deal with this internally.
Of course.
It starts with desk duty, pending an investigation.
Then, if we find even a whiff of anything improper, Leyland will be gone.
You got my word.
I'm gonna puke.
You're doing great, youngblood.
Luke's the expert.
I've sat here with, like, a hundred people - waiting for verdicts.
- This is the hardest part.
I'm so sorry I didn't tell you about school.
It's okay.
We're good.
So you're studying, uh, urban planning, right? - Yeah, when I go back.
- You like it? I started in art history.
Don't ask.
I was up on Bee Rock in Griffith Park.
I hate heights.
I was trying to impress a girl.
Standing on this rock, knees shaking, looking at the city.
It hit me somebody planned this.
Well, a lot of somebodies.
But it was designed, you know the neighborhoods, the highways, zoning laws, all made for a purpose.
So I started studying, you know, reverse engineering the designers' secrets from what got made you know, what they love, what they feared.
It ain't pretty.
Every shining city's built on something pretty dark, but I don't think it has to be.
That's what I love thinking about where people and geography and buildings and laws all intersect.
Like a courthouse.
- Yeah, I was gonna say.
- Yeah, exactly.
Designed for a purpose.
Judges have their own elevators.
Prisoners come in through the basement.
Tells you everything you need to know about the purpose of this building.
Dylan? Sometimes when people come in through the basement, they walk out through the front door.
They're back.
Is that the motion to dismiss? Yep.
There goes my invite to the policeman's ball.
- Callan.
- Cops don't forget, Choi, not even our own office.
Doubt and side eye.
And all of a sudden, I'm the bad guy.
Hwy, slow down, Callan.
His lawyer what's her name? Priya Chavan.
Spectacular name.
She would have found the CI.
And when she blew up the case in court for all to see, it would have meant long-term damage for our office.
You saved our ass.
That's not the way it's gonna look.
I don't care.
The job is to seek justice, not convictions.
That is what you are sworn to do, and that is what you did.
Justice prevailed.
Proud of you.
Proud of what you did with this case.
We'll get Mabbit another way.
Has the jury reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
Foreperson, please hand the verdict form to the bailiff.
Go ahead.
"As for the charge of murder in the second degree, "in violation of Penal Code Section 187 Subdivision 'A', "we the jury find the defendant - not guilty.
Would you like to have the jury polled, Counselor? PALMER: No, Your Honor, that won't be necessary.
With the court having accepted, received, and ordered filed your verdicts in this case, your duty as jurors is now complete.
Thank you.
Frank you're free to go.
I miss this courtroom.
I hardly ever get to work here anymore.
- That's my fault.
- It's ridiculous.
I worried you'd favor me? You'd never admit I won an argument.
- That's because you've never won.
- Hmm.
You can blame me if you want.
I knew about the detective, - and I thought if I warned her - It's not on you.
- I should trust my instincts.
- You do trust your instincts.
You did a jury view, and it worked.
Nearly cost a young man his freedom.
You don't believe in nearly.
It's guilty or not guilty.
You had a good day.
- What? - Did you just win an argument? Oh, I love this room.
I do.
I love it.
Me, too.
You, on the other hand, had a horrible day.
- Shut up.
- Total disaster.
Bad guy walked.
You are terrible at pep talks, you know that? - I should get back.
- I know.
Hey, maybe we can find a place to have dinner - where no one will recognize us.
- Sounds good.
JAMILA WOODS: I'm an alien from inner space They can't read my mind all in my face [LAUGHTER.]
I don't know how I can thank you.
It wasn't me, Dylan.
It was you.
You made this building look good today.
Call me by my name They keep telling me I'm wrong We are not the same I hope I never see you again.
You won't.
I don't belong here I'm feeling high My money's gone I'm rethinking the public defender track.
That so? A win like that might make those insane hours worth it.
I like you.
- I like you.
- I know.
I'm coming out of a kind of a - Em, I get it.
- There's gonna be a divorce.
I don't know how much time I Em, whatever works for you works for me, okay? Don't mean I'm from here Um I'll see you tomorrow.
I'm way up I'm way up
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