All Rise (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Maricela and the Desert

1 10:30, it's gettin' late Already called you twice on your prepaid Ow! Black jeans and a turtleneck Yeah, I got class, ever heard of it? Meet me in the alley, we can pregame Come on.
And I got us on the list with a fake name Time stopped when we walked into the room Got a buzz like we landed on the moon - [ALARM BUZZES.]
- Step right.
Call me pretty 'cause I'm breakin' all the rules - I'm not doing anything.
You can stay mad if you want, the pain don't stop The girls don't notice it's getting too hot That the scene is dripping, better grab a mop Better grab your mop - Better grab your mop - [UNDER BREATH.]
- Better grab your mop Better grab your mop To clean it up We don't dance in chambers, Your Honor.
Liability issues.
Sherri, your punctuality is - Terrific? - Annoying.
Here's your mail.
Today's trial People vs.
Not even 9 a.
, got myself 1,500 steps in.
Me and my girls have this little motivational walking crew.
Good for you, Your Honor.
I don't do rolling backpacks.
Rather opt for the lower back pain.
What is Your supply kit, as earthquake floor warden.
Really? Your Honor this is a no-body murder trial, and as such, passions tend to run much higher due to the gaping hole in the In the evidence.
Thanks for the crim pro refresher.
For the record, I prosecuted a murder case.
No body.
Congratulations to DDA Carmichael.
Addressing Judge Carmichael.
Can you just leave that in your office? - Or put it anywhere else? - It belongs to you.
Defendant's charged with murdering his girlfriend 18 months ago.
My bigger concern is the alleged victim's daughter, Maricela.
Maricela Aguilar Flores.
- Your Honor.
- The defendant, Felix Flores, was her legal guardian.
No other relatives.
When he was arrested, she ended up in the system.
Maricela's been placed with a temporary foster family for four months.
No little girl should have to go through that.
One more thing.
Not 9 a.
2,000 steps.
Mom? What did she send me? MARK: Paul, nice rig.
- Yeah, third operation is the charm.
- You look great.
I feel like I'm in a David Cronenberg film.
Well, thanks for coming in early.
A few things to go over before we get started.
Honestly, man, I'm really impressed - with how well you're doing with all this.
- Uh, I'll walk again, but I won't ever run, so you don't have to do the whole "lift his spirits" thing.
I know.
You're right.
And it's not fair what happened to you.
I'm sorry.
Pledging a fraternity doesn't give someone the right to throw you off a roof.
- Yeah.
if we win this thing, you think the judge will let me kick him off a roof? The, uh, courts aren't so big on the whole eye-for-an-eye thing, but Winston Beyers will get his due, I promise.
Today we start to get you the justice you deserve.
Let's do this.
After you, sir.
Thank you.
Are you a lawyer? Guilty.
The suit give me away? Are you my dad's lawyer? Mari, shush.
- [SIGHS.]
- Is that sand? Luke.
Are you I thought you were off.
I am.
That's a lot of - Were you working at the beach? - I wish.
The Dennis the Menace trio struck again.
They hid my trial binder in the sandbox.
The only way to check nephews is to speak their language.
You got to beat them at their own game.
They're 3, 6, and 7.
They don't have a game just their primordial instinct for destruction.
I need to get out of my brother's house ASAP.
What is with the suit? Judge Carmichael arranged for me to shadow Mark Callan today.
Seriously? Prosecutor? Hmm.
I'm keeping my options open.
I'll talk you out of that later.
Right now I have to defend my client against a bogus murder charge when the DA doesn't even have a body.
I didn't know social worker meant babysitter.
You need to stop sneaking away like that, okay? Come on.
- Come on.
- You know that girl? No.
But I know her father.
The court should not admit the child's testimony.
Nothing in the initial reports indicates that Maricela Aguilar Flores saw a murder or anything resembling one.
Your Honor, Maricela came forward with a new statement indicating personal knowledge Knowledge that is substantially more prejudicial than probative, Your Honor.
This is a last-minute stunt to use a vulnerable child as a prop to shore up a murder charge that should never have been laid in the first place.
Okay, Counsel, I've heard enough.
- Your Honor - From both of you.
Malick, in order for me to rule on Ms.
Lopez' motion, I need to hear this new statement.
I'm going to do a formal 402 hearing, but because of the child's age, I'd like to do it - in my chambers.
Any objection? - No, Your Honor.
- No, Your Honor.
- Is Mari here? Can I see her? - Felix.
Where is she? Can I see my daughter, Judge, please? Felix, you need to stop.
You cannot talk to Mari right now.
She might be a witness in your trial.
Four months.
Four months! I haven't seen or talked to my daughter in four months.
Flores, you have retained counsel.
She is your voice now.
You shouldn't address me directly.
I don't know why I just can't talk to her.
- Felix, stop.
- Judge, I am begging you.
I'm begging you.
Just let me talk to her.
Nice suit.
Paul, Luke Watkins, future prosecutor once he passes the Bar.
I haven't decided that yet.
Today's a test drive.
- Nice to meet you, Paul.
- Hey.
MAN: Callan.
- There's one of our investigators.
Guys, give me a second.
- So, you and Mark buddies? - Nah.
Not really.
I mean, we know each other professionally.
I'm just here to shadow and learn.
I was gonna use my sports scholarship to go to law school, and now that's done.
Maybe not.
There's, uh, an issue with our star witness.
- What's up? - He's in jail in Vegas.
So, Maricela, on top of getting A's, you play soccer? I tried out for soccer when I was 8, but my foot-eye coordination wasn't the best.
I was a little [WHISPERS.]
Want to see a funny picture? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
Oh, my God.
What are you wearing? - I am not so sure.
- Is that your mom? Yeah.
That's Roxie.
Can't quite remember what the occasion was.
It was around the time I tried out for soccer.
I used to play soccer.
My dad would take me to my games.
I mean Felix.
After Felix got, w-well I don't want to play anymore.
So Maricela, we have a few questions for you.
Okay, Mari, you told Detective Taylor you remembered something now? Yes.
The last time I saw my mom, her and Felix had a fight.
I didn't remember before, and it was Scary? There's a chance you might be asked to talk about that memory in front of people, including Felix.
Do you think you could do that? Will you be there? I will.
Lopez, any questions? No, Your Honor.
Thank you for being brave, Maricela.
I'm gonna ask you to step outside, - okay? - Okay.
- [SIGHS.]
The child communicates well.
Her testimony is relevant.
Her testimony only serves to unfairly prejudice my client.
But the prejudice isn't substantially outweighed by its clear probative value.
Motion denied.
She will testify.
- If the defense wants to file for a continuance, they should do it now.
And keep my client in Men's Central where he could get shanked for fun.
- Ms.
- Your Honor, Felix Flores is the only father that she has ever known.
For the past four years, he has fed, clothed, - and loved that child.
- Counsel.
Do you have any idea what allowing her to testify could do to their relationship? Do you really want to be responsible - for tearing this family apart? - Enough! I have made my decision, Ms.
Maricela will testify.
First time in four months he'll see his kid, and it'll be when she's testifying against him.
It'll devastate her, too.
I feel for Mari, but I have a duty to my client.
- Hi.
- Sorry.
This means no cheese, right? - That's right.
- Just add her coffee.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
When Felix painted this loving portrait of this surrogate father-daughter relationship, nothing in the case file contra - Do you believe him? - Yeah.
I do.
I mean, I know usually these cases, usually it's the boyfriend or the husband, but not this time.
She calls him "Dad.
" Not today.
She corrected herself.
Malick coached her.
- Ms.
Lopez, a word.
- Catch you later.
We'll bump the murder charge down to a vol.
11 years.
Your client will serve no more than 9.
Voluntary manslaughter of whom? Oh, you mean the woman whose body you haven't found.
- Emily - Come on, Malick.
Your case is circumstantial at best, a train wreck at worst.
You guys are lucky you got a newbie detective to even walk it through, and your victim, Linda Aguilar, was a drug addict.
Two years clean.
NA meetings daily.
Got the sign-in sheets to prove it.
Once an addict, always an addict.
All that jury needs is one seed of doubt that she relapsed and abandoned her family.
Here's my short list.
Your client didn't report her missing for five days.
A bloody, stained rag was found in his truck.
The last location of her cellphone was on their property.
I have percipient witness and corroborating testimony from Felix Flores' daughter.
Uh, yeah, I think I'm good.
I'll take it to my client.
Coffee? I'm thinking one-way closed circuit television.
Is that a yes coffee or a no coffee? I spoke with IT.
They can set up Maricela's testimony in a room adjoining 802.
No coffee.
- You're risking an appeal.
- I'm just trying to figure out a way to make this as painless as possible - for that little girl.
- I get that.
But don't equate discomfort with trauma.
Judge Benner.
- Okay.
- You need to stop that.
- Okay what? Stop what? Lisa.
My name's Lisa.
Try calling me that.
We're colleagues.
Not equals [CHUCKLES.]
but still.
Lisa, California case law doesn't require in-person testimony if the child is traumatized by face-to-face confrontation with the defendant.
Which the facts don't support.
If you have the child anywhere other than the courtroom when she testifies, you'll violate the defendant's right to confront that witness.
Any conviction can get reversed.
- I know the issue - Maybe look into - getting the child a support dog.
You'd better be looking for me.
- Of course, Your Honor.
Tell you later.
Not if you want your case dismissed.
Without Chad Hill's testimony, I can't proceed with today's preliminary hearing.
Your Honor, the prelim has been continued twice.
Granting a third will violate my client's Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial.
It was continued twice because on a scale of 1 to 10, the victim's pain was a 30.
Sitting for longer than five minutes was impossible, Your Honor, let alone an hour on the stand.
He is gonna walk again, isn't he? Say that to me again.
Callan, do not make a witness out of me in my own chambers.
Fox, show some respect.
Understood, Your Honor.
All right, this case has gotten too old.
I'm not gonna give you a continuance, but I will allow you to trail to last day.
Callan, you have until 10:30 a.
tomorrow to get your witness or proceed without him.
Eat the dairy-free sandwich.
I'm not hungry.
So we agree.
No to the plea offer.
Next topic Mari.
She remembers a fight the day Linda disappeared.
- Want to tell me about that? - Me and Linda were arguing.
She said she felt like suffocated.
Suffocated by what? Our house.
She told me she craved more.
It was a She said she wanted more, a more exciting life.
And she threw a vase at me.
- Linda threw a vase? - Yes.
- Not you, Felix? - No! She threw it.
She threw it, and then Mari came running in, and Linda was crying, and I, uh I told Mari it was my fault.
So maybe she could think it was me.
I don't know.
I need you to arrange for me to speak to my daughter.
Felix, you know that I can't do that right now.
I need to understand.
Why didn't you tell me about this fight? - I did.
- No, you said it was a small argument.
Mari's gonna testify otherwise.
I told you that me and Linda were arguing a lot.
After a while, those arguments they just run together.
How many more of these arguments have you forgotten? I'm the only one Mari has.
Then I get arrested, and then she's in foster care? If I can just speak to her, then I can Felix, you cannot communicate with Mari right now.
She is testifying against you, which means that I need you to be honest with me so that I can properly question her.
I swear that was the only fight like that.
You can't hurt Mari.
You can't upset her.
You can't treat her like the other witnesses.
I don't care about my case.
I care about her.
That's it.
You understand? - You hate Vegas.
I mean, Mark, you really, really hate Vegas.
I know, but my witness is there, and we need to get him back.
- Why not just take a plane? - Budget.
- Car's cheaper than three tickets.
- Three? My witness, your bailiff, and me.
- Luke's going with you? - You'll get him back.
- Mr.
Watkins, can you hear me? - Yes, Your Honor.
You know why you're there, don't you? If frat bro Chad starts talking about the case, that means new evidence, Mark being the new evidence, Mark could be called as a witness at his own trial.
Yes, but there's another reason.
Vegas is tricky for my friend.
I need you to make sure - Mark comes back in one - You break up.
- [BEEP.]
- You just hung up on my judge.
You can choose the music.
Hello? [SIGHS.]
Has Your Honor decided Relax, Sherri.
I'm not asking for a therapy dog.
- Oh, thank goodness.
- Not a dog lover? Why is the baseline always "lover"? When Maricela testifies, we'll find a way to make her feel safe.
- Did you call your mother? - About? Your big existential question? What does this photo mean? Call her.
That's not really our thing.
She expects for me to figure out the meaning on my own.
That's Roxie's style.
Oh, just say what you mean.
It's easier.
Let's get this trial started.
I do like a good cat, Your Honor.
I can't even begin to imagine how much that little girl's going through.
- Felix didn't mention that scary fight to me until I asked him about it today.
Maybe he didn't remember those details? Or purposely left them out.
I really can't talk about it until it's on the record, but it's fine.
- I'm 90% sure it's fine.
- The other 10%? Peanut butter in my compact.
Your nephews seem like great kids.
I took over their basement play area.
They want it back.
I need to find an apartment soon.
- You will.
- Maybe I just want Felix to be innocent because I think that I'm defending a man who It's all good.
Everyone's entitled to a robust defense, right? - It's almost your color.
- Get out of here.
Flores reported Ms.
Aguilar as a missing person five days after he claimed he last saw her.
- That's highly unusual.
- Detective Taylor, in your experience, is it unusual for known drug addicts to disappear for a week or more? Linda was a recovering addict.
Two years clean, same pattern every day work, NA meetings, her daughter.
People don't suddenly change their pattern of behavior, a mom, no less.
Detective, you testified that a rag with Ms.
Aguilar's blood - was found in Mr.
Flores' truck.
- True.
- Mr.
Flores is a handyman, isn't he? - Yes.
Lots of tools in his truck, right? - Drill bits, sharp objects.
- Sure.
And Linda used his truck to run errands, right? She was known to use the truck.
Ever cut yourself shaving? - Objection.
- Withdrawn.
Isn't it possible to cut one's self when moving tools like that? There was a lot of blood on the rag.
Be a pretty deep cut.
Maybe when Linda comes home, we can ask her about it.
- Objection! - Nothing further, Your Honor.
Hey! It already happened Anything actually live out here? - Want half? - No, thanks.
No wonder why people fly to Vegas.
It's 30 minutes instead of 4 hours, and you get to drink.
Judge Carmichael said that Vegas is tricky for you? A funny thing happens as you start getting closer, the city comes into view.
Folks start driving faster.
The city does things to people.
You spend a lot of time there? You never been? No.
No, I'm not much of a gambler.
You? So you and Emily Lopez.
You guys, uh, just friends or Yeah.
We're just friends.
How's that going? So you and the DA's office.
What do you want to know? Kind of a 9 to 5 job, is it? Well, they're not sending us over state lines every day, - but they keep us pretty busy.
- I like busy.
You have to talk a lot more than you do as a bailiff.
Oh ho ho ho.
Don't you worry.
I got lots to say.
And the DA's office is where you want to say it? Judge Carmichael is pretty sure that that's the place to be.
She given you the whole authority and responsibility speech yet? Ha ha! Couple times.
Well, it's not really true.
You don't have much authority choosing our cases anymore, and the responsibility's a double-edged sword.
- How so? - You do this job for the victims.
Well, I do anyway.
And when you win, it's great, you know, totally gratifying, and when you lose, you got to look that person in the eye and tell them their truth wasn't enough.
It's tough.
Well, I plan to win every case so I can avoid those conversations.
Son of a bitch.
- That's funny? MALICK: You trusted each other.
Linda was my only friend.
I loved her.
So, Raquel, tell us what you saw and heard the week before Linda Aguilar was murdered.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
Apologies, Your Honor.
The week before she disappeared.
Mari was with her little friend.
I saw them ride by on their bikes.
Felix and Linda were in the driveway between our houses, fighting.
He was right, like, right up in her face, and it was scary.
Linda had to keep moving back until he had her up against the wall.
Could you hear anything? Not until Linda started pushing him away.
And Felix he was yelling.
"Malparida, te mato.
She's lying.
- "I'll kill you.
- I'll kill you.
" - She's lying.
MALICK: "I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
" Sounds scary.
Friendship is a beautiful thing.
Villalobos, where were you when you saw this alleged incident? In my kitchen.
I was looking down out my window.
Did you try to help your friend? - No, I was - Call the police? 9-1-1? - No.
- It was so scary, that you did nothing.
And you say that my client said what exactly? "I'll kill you.
" Sorry.
You testified Ms.
Garcia, would you please read that back? "Malparida, te mato.
" Thank you.
"Malparida, te mato.
" For the record, your country of origin is? Ms.
Villalobos? Colombia.
- Maricela.
- Dad? - Uh, sweetie, are you okay? - Hey, Mari.
Who is looking after this little girl? - Mari.
- Mr.
Flores, I am warning you.
- Hey, just give me one second, please.
- Daddy! Daddy! - Step back, sir.
- Bailiff.
- Bailiff.
- Let me make sure she's okay.
- Please? - Maricela.
Maricela, come here.
- Mari! - No, no, no, no, no.
- It's okay.
It's all right.
Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! - Mari's too skinny.
- You can't do that again.
The foster family she stays with, do they know that dairy hurts her stomach? I mean it.
You cannot do that in court again.
'Cause I love her.
I miss her.
I'm worried about her.
I know that you are.
We need to talk about the trial.
I told you, that fight that Raquel is describing, - it didn't happen.
- I understand.
I would never Do you speak any Spanish or Más o menos.
It's L.
, right? We know a little bit to get by, but not really.
" What does that word mean? I don't I have no idea.
It's an insult from South America, mostly Colombia.
I need to talk to that detective.
Seeing Mari in that court, I can't put her through this.
I want to talk about a plea.
- No.
Not yet.
- Ms.
Lopez do you know what it's like to lose your family? Yeah.
I do.
Felix, 11 years in state prison, Maricela is gone forever.
Stay calm.
Think about that jury.
They are watching your every move.
Don't give them a reason to doubt your innocence.
Okay? Because I don't.
- I told you I have his bail.
- And I told you it's not set.
That little douchebag assaulted a peace officer.
He stays in the tank until he sees a judge.
- Officer - Meade.
Officer Meade, this is a special circumstance.
I drove from L.
I am a Deputy District Attorney.
- I have a victim - No one left instructions.
There is a young man whose leg was shattered when he was pushed off a roof.
The only justice he's going to get is with that kid's testimony.
- Then your case sounds weak.
- That's funny.
He's a funny guy.
- Okay.
Officer, is there some kind of after-hour court system? He's not gonna help us, Luke, unless maybe he's looking for something else.
And what's that supposed to mean? Hey, Mark, can I talk to you outside? You need some help paying your bills this month, Officer Meade? I think it's time for you guys to get the hell out of here.
Not without my witness.
How much? If you want me to throw you in the tank with the rest of the idiots, I will.
Mark, let's go.
A busted leg and a crooked lawyer.
That kid doesn't stand a chance.
Whoa! Mark! Mark! - No! Mark! Mark! - [GRUNTS.]
- Mark! - I am a lawyer! That son of a bitch called me a - Mark! - Get off of me! I hate Vegas! Unbelievable.
LUKE: Come on.
This is Vegas.
You don't want the drunks in there marinating overnight.
- I know how it is.
- You on the job? Deputy Sheriff, bailiff for now.
- In L.
? - Mm-hmm.
I can see why you'd want out.
- So what's next? - Lawyer.
Out of the drunk tank, into the snake pit.
They're not all bad.
And my friend out there he came out the womb fighting for justice.
I'm kind of hoping that he can help me get in at the DA's office.
This would help my cause.
Look, your kid's booked.
I can't let him go until he sees a judge.
You know any judges in Vegas who might be up late? I might know one or two.
Detective Taylor, thanks for sticking around.
Hey, Em.
Haven't had a case in Sara's court in ages.
I'll let you two talk.
Hey, I'm still trying to get an invite to one of those famous poker nights.
What can I do for you, Ms.
Lopez? Raquel Villalobos her testimony.
- What about it? - "Malparida, te mato.
" - That's Colombian slang.
- Okay.
My client barely speaks Spanish.
There is no way Raquel heard those words coming out of his mouth.
She lied.
That fight never happened.
- So bring it up in court.
- Detective Ms.
Lopez, I have a suspect in custody, - and I happen to think he's guilty.
- There is probable cause to issue a search warrant of Raquel's house.
- Knock yourself out.
- Her testimony also qualifies - as an inconsistent statement.
- Your opinion, not fact.
In addition, your cellphone data is inconclusive.
The range covers both Felix and Raquel's house.
And probably several more neighbors, none of whom were suspects.
Except the one who just lied under oath.
She is hiding something.
She knows that I know.
- She might be a flight risk.
- Oh, that may be a stretch.
Look, the trial is gonna keep going.
If you don't find anything, the jury will give us an answer.
But if I am right, don't you want to know why Raquel lied? 8-year-old Lola had style kind of Steve Urkel meets Kimmy Schmidt.
We have got to get you a bell, like a cat.
Manual on domestic violence.
Seeing Maricela in my courtroom, - she looked so - I know, Your Honor.
How do we protect that little girl and still preserve the defendant's rights? That style got me no friends, - just haters and hecklers.
Why did she send that to me? Maybe you should call your mother and ask her.
Go home.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Call her.
- Hmm.
Did you stop by a preschool on your way in to work? Family court.
They have a room full of them.
And before you criticize, read the highlighted passage in that book.
"Evidence Code 765.
"With a witness under the age of 14, "the court shall take special care "to protect him or her from undue harassment or embarrassment.
" - Aah! Oh! - [THUD.]
Are you okay? I'm good.
I'm fine.
- You sure? Modification of a courtroom qualifies as special care.
- What has Maricela lost? - Her family.
And what is family? Home.
That little girl's been ripped from her home, so I'm bringing home to 802.
- Mm.
- Or at least I'm trying.
How can I help? There's some blankets.
Cover the chairs? Okay.
Don't worry Sweet baby Don't you ever worry about a thing Put your worries So what's the game plan? The truth.
He's a judge, right? He must be a man of reason.
WOMAN: You did it again, Judge.
Pai gow! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Judge Randall Roberts, Mark Callan, Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles County.
Sorry to interrupt.
I know this is an unusual circumstance.
Yeah, I heard you two were coming.
- Emergency bail hearing, is it? - That's right.
- Well, what's it worth to you? - Your Honor? - Two words.
Pai gow.
Pai-ow! Ha ha ha ha! What's wrong, son? You a little wet behind the ears? As in seven cards, two hands, two cards on top, five cards on bottom, win both hands to win, lose both hands to lose? Yeah, I'm familiar.
You a card sharp, Counselor? No, sir, just a man trying to win a case.
- And who are you? - A student of the law.
Student of the law.
Ha ha! I like that.
Tell you what, son.
You win, I'll waive bail entirely.
I win Well, we'll think of something.
Ha ha ha! - Best 6 out of 10.
- 6 out of 10? Do you have any idea how long that'll take? Take it or leave it! Are you seriously doing this? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! I'm bankrolling this one, darling.
Sure you want to take that chance, Your Honor? From now on, you can call me Daddy Warbucks.
Come with me Sweet darlin' I've got two tickets for the plane We're gon' fly to Waikiki, it'll just be you and me Show your hands, Counselor.
Ha! I got a straight.
I got a flush with a joker.
Flush beats straight, so pai gow! That was round one.
Let's see how your luck shakes out, Counselor.
All right Pai gow.
Pai gow? Pai gow.
MARICELA: I heard screaming.
Who was screaming? My mom and my dad.
I-I mean Felix.
Then what happened? Then they threw a vase, but nobody got hurt.
Who threw the vase? Felix.
- You saw him? - I think so.
Maricela, when you spoke to Detective Taylor, you told him you did, didn't you? What did you say to Detective Taylor, Maricela? That I thought that I saw him throw the vase at my mom.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Lopez, your witness.
Maricela, do you like cheese? No.
It gives me stomachaches.
Didn't Felix take all of the milk and the cheese out of your refrigerator? Yes.
Why did he do that? Because he didn't want me to get sick.
And because he [CRYING.]
He he he Tell me you didn't hurt Mommy.
- No, baby.
- Mr.
I would never hurt her, okay? - Felix, stop.
- But I'm sorry.
- Sweetheart, I'm sorry.
- Mr.
Flores, that is enough.
Flores is out.
I am removing your client from my courtroom for the remainder of Maricela's testimony.
- Your Honor, you can't remove him from his own trial.
That's a clear violation of his Constitutional right.
Flores has been warned three times.
- The witness addressed him.
- The witness is 11 years old.
Should the jury return a guilty verdict, you are more than welcome to take this to the Second Appellate District.
- Counsel.
- Your Honor, Flores is a father.
Any father would have done the same thing, and I say this with the upmost respect.
It wasn't my choice to put that child on the stand.
- It was yours.
- We are done here.
I hope there's vodka in that.
Not yet.
Got any? [LID CLANKS.]
- This building creates orphans.
Em, you are busting your ass for this guy, even at the risk of getting testy with Judge Carmichael.
I never got testy.
- Mm, a little testy.
Well, families are hard.
- We all have them.
- Not everyone.
Another plea offer, Malick? No.
Maricela is missing.
It was a stupid hazing thing.
Paul and I were pledges for Sigma Epsilon Alpha, and Winston, who organized the whole thing, ordered all of us to go up on the roof of the house.
When we were up there, blindfolded, Winston was screaming.
He was screaming at us we had to jump off the roof into a pool.
- And what happened next? - Paul was helping another pledge.
The guy was freaked.
Paul told him he didn't have to do it.
He said he didn't want to do it either.
They could just walk away.
So the victim didn't jump into the pool.
No way.
Tell us what you saw.
Winston got pissed, said he was in charge and that there was only one way off the roof.
Then he shoved Paul, just shoved him hard, and the sound his leg made when it hit the edge of the pool I am so sorry, man.
Anything further, Mr.
Callan? Nothing further, Your Honor.
Man, thank you so much.
Yellow's a good color on you.
Thanks for making the switch.
Battery causing serious bodily injury.
Two years max.
I'll bump the aggravated down to PC 203 mayhem.
- Eight years.
- For an accident? For a deliberate intentional retribution.
You know, according to my eyewitness.
I'll take it back to my client.
We found her, Judge Carmichael, but she'll only talk to you.
All right, everyone, give us a few minutes - and some space.
Thank you.
- MAN: Yes, Judge.
Should we get her something? Juice or a muffin? I appreciate it, Ms.
Lopez, but that's okay.
Can I sit next to you? [DOOR CLOSES.]
You know you're stealing my hiding spot, right? I come here whenever I wanna get away from everything, people telling me how to act, what to do.
It's annoying.
- Yeah.
Here I can just be me.
I cried in the court.
I'm sorry.
Don't feel embarrassed about crying.
It just means you have this.
- What's in your hand? - It's my mom's.
That's so pretty.
I keep it in my pocket for when she if she comes back.
I don't want her to get lost.
When I was growing up, my mom was busy.
She was gone a lot.
And when I needed her most, she wasn't there.
It made me angry and confused, but it didn't stop me from wanting her to come home.
And is your mom dead? Is she gone, too? No.
She's not.
Do you think my mom will come back? I don't know, Maricela.
I don't know if your mom will come back, but I know two things.
I know she never left you because she's right there, and the second thing is that in the meantime, in her absence, you will find other people, people who will be there for you - when you need them.
- Like Felix? I think you should wear your mom's necklace when you come back to my court so you can feel her close to you.
Okay, we are back.
Lopez, your witness.
It's nice to see you again, Maricela.
Lopez? Right.
Thank you, Your Honor.
You mind if I call you "Mari"? Okay.
I like "Mari" better.
It's a good nickname.
You know what my nephews call me? They call me "Stinky Butt Ant Emily.
" And I shower every day.
- Mari, do the other kids in your school call you "Mari"? They call me "No Mommy Mari.
" Why you think those kids call you that? They said my dad killed my mom.
Did you ever tell them that? No, I didn't.
I said it wasn't true.
- Why'd you change your mind? - I don't know.
I just They kept on saying it over and over, and I I guess I just started to believe them.
Mari, is it okay if I ask a couple questions about the vase? Yeah.
Did Felix tell you that he threw the vase? [DOOR CLOSES.]
- Yeah.
He did.
But you didn't actually see him do it, did you? No.
I didn't.
Mari, have you ever seen Felix hit your mom? Never.
He's a good dad.
Your Honor, sorry.
Something has just been brought to my attention.
I'd like to request a sidebar with you and opposing counsel.
It might be best in chambers, Your Honor.
The search warrant was executed earlier today, after which Raquel Villalobos was questioned and then taken into custody.
She made a statement declaring that she and Linda Aguilar were shooting up methamphetamines in Ms.
Villalobos' home when Ms.
Aguilar overdosed and died.
Villalobos then stated that she was frightened and scared and as a result, she disposed of the remains on her property.
ANALOGUE REVOLUTION: I'm dreaming In black and white And I see myself In another time I'm always dreaming In black and white Like I'm someone else But it's still my life Going back, the two of us Somewhere in my mind Anyway, "congratulations" is not quite the right word, but it's the one I got.
Eight years.
Well, now Paul can get on with the rest of his life.
There she is your, ahem, friend.
We agreed to take it slow, but I don't know, man.
Want some unsolicited advice? Stay on the horizon.
Do not get too close.
Do not get too far.
Just stay in her eyeline.
That'll mean something.
Stay on the horizon.
- I can do that.
Had dreams of yesterday Seems I was older Than I am today [SIGHS.]
Come in.
Did Felix and Maricela Yeah.
Just now.
Long road for them.
I wanted to This case, I got a little No, I-I got a lot And I'm I'm sorry.
I understand your passion, Ms.
Lopez, but I am not a prosecutor for you to do battle with.
I am the judge, and you crossed the line several times.
And I apologize, Your Honor.
I But there was an 11-year-old girl about to lose the only family she had left.
As a lawyer, if I were in your shoes, - I would have done the same.
- Thank you.
- Good night, Your Honor.
- Good night.
- Lost in the dream Or just the silence of a moment [SIGHS.]
You started the party without me? - [DOOR CLOSES.]
- Don't worry.
Nobody saw me.
- It's always hard to tell - [GLASS CLATTERS.]
How was Vegas? [SIGHS.]
Did Luke have to bail you out of jail? Any barroom brawls I should know about? Nope.
In and out.
No drama, no problems.
I'll get the truth out of Luke.
- What you looking at? - My mom sent me that picture.
With the whoo.
- How do you really feel? - When was this? I think it [SIGHS.]
It had to be the first day of second grade.
School mandated uniforms, but I refused to put it on that morning, so Roxie let me dress myself.
Got made fun of all year long.
Had no friends.
It was the loneliest year of my life.
Well, I think you look cool.
Why did she send it to you? It's what I spent the last two days trying to figure out.
She wanted to tell me something.
Maybe a reminder that she fought to make sure little Lola could wear whatever she wanted.
She may have been gone a lot, trying to change the world, but she was always there, supporting me in her own way.
Working in the background.
Not a lot of little girls get that.
If you want some more of my whiskey, you got to tell me about Vegas.
- All right, what you wanna know? - Uh, where to begin? - Come on.
Pai gow! - Give me some details.

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