All Rise (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Uncommon Women and Mothers

1 Previously on "All Rise" Carmichael, you were fun to watch as a prosecutor.
You'd take a hit, and you'd bounce back with a knockout.
You can handle this.
Do I have daddy issues? My boy.
The prodigal.
Uh, yeah.
I need to know what being by myself feels like.
You are a good man, Luke Watkins.
It's about time someone did something nice for you.
Lockdown protocol is in effect.
Off! Now! He's got no place in here! Aah! It's "they," you jackass! - Are you Jax Hopkins? - I can take care of myself.
Great, but I'm here for transport.
Someone should set his ass on fire.
Maybe not the best thing to say when you're on trial for arson.
- That is no excuse.
- It's the truth, Your Honor.
I was doing so well, Mr.
You are my last participant, and I was rockin' through my docket like I'm plugged into a socket.
Am I right? To rhyme? No, Your Honor.
Morton, is Mr.
Cruz seriously claiming to have done zero of his 30 days' community service because his dog ate the paperwork? Dogs eat things, Your Honor.
Mine's partial to soap.
No extensions, Mr.
Instead of 30 days, you'll do 90.
Defendant is remanded.
Stand up.
Put your hands behind your back.
Ma'am, there in the gallery, please stand.
Have you been here all morning? Uh, no.
Only about 30 minutes.
Let's toss in a "Your Honor" next time, if you don't mind.
And welcome to my courtroom.
- First time? - Yes, Your Honor.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how am I doing? - Tough question, Your Honor.
- Oh.
How so? Am I evaluating how you're doing your job or the effect your jobs had today, Your Honor? You're in the end zone, Your Honor.
Spike the ball.
That's my mother Roxy.
- Oh.
- Recess.
Hey, Mama.
Come on back.
Hi, Lo.
It's okay.
We don't bite.
Why aren't you in Judge Carmichael's courtroom? Light morning.
Swapped out.
- Gave me a chance to say hi.
- Hi.
Watkins, new custody offenders arriving.
- Copy that.
Catch you later.
- Yeah.
I'd like that.
Whatever that was, it's new.
- It's nothing.
- Doesn't look like nothing.
Jax, did they put you in with the men again? Yep.
When I informed my Incel-mates that I use "they-them" pronouns, some of them didn't like it much.
I will do everything I can to make sure the jury doesn't feel that way.
Never expected to get a PD who cared about a homeless arsonist.
I just see someone who survived on the street since they were 17.
If this trial goes bad, the upside is I'm off the street for the first time since 2016.
The DA is demanding this be a felony.
They won't let me plea it out.
For setting one dumb fire? Um, can you still be my lawyer if I confess to you? As long as you don't perjure yourself, it's on the people to make their case, and I don't think they can prove that you lit that sock and threw it over the fence.
They can't even prove that you had the sock.
All they've got is a cop who picked you up at your encampment an hour after the fire was reported, claiming you reeked of gasoline while sitting next to a kerosene lamp.
Sounds good, putting it like that.
That's how I'm gonna put it, but, Jax, it's a serious charge.
A strike plus four years max in State.
At least Ms.
Robinson's in my corner.
- Did she show? - She texted me.
She's here.
I'm sitting with her later.
Is it true her daughter's a judge here? - Yeah.
- Any chance we can get her? Impressive.
Certainly an upgrade from the DDAs' offices.
- How's Daddy? - Oh, same as ever.
He's in San Diego at a conference this week.
- Uhura? - You know she's my hero.
Well, why not someone who actually lives to fight, like, uh, Angela Davis? That's what the mirror is for.
Oh, so you're Angela Davis now.
- I'm trying.
- By being a judge in a system biased against your race and gender? That my presence here starts to change.
- Make sure it's not just optics.
- It's not.
It happens when you're not looking.
It was a gift Uhura.
From Mark, no doubt.
You know he's gonna cross-examine me.
- And how are you feeling about that? - Or should I bring up that I once co-signed a lease for him? It would certainly throw Mark off his game.
- Funny.
- What's that? It took a defendant to get you in the building.
- Well, I've been busy, Lo.
- I know.
At DayHome with at-risk youth like Jax.
- I've been working with them.
- And they are lucky for it.
Um I'm gonna grab some lunch before I meet Ms.
How do I get out of here? It's a maze.
I'll take you down the judges' elevator.
You have your own entrance? So did I, growing up.
You sure about this? Arson case starts today.
I know.
I'm trying it.
So you are trying it, even though Judge Carmichael's mother's on the witness list.
She's a character witness, - not presenting evidence.
It'll be fine.
- Some character to witness.
Jax Hopkins tried to incinerate a city block to save land he already wasn't allowed to be living on.
Destroyed a pile of lumber and a construction trailer before LAFD response.
I hear you.
Could have gotten out of hand.
Remember the Skirball fire? Burned 500 acres and almost my parents' house.
Started at a homeless encampment, I know.
Now they're everywhere streets, parks, in tents, cars.
Boss, not everyone without a roof over their head is trying to incinerate the city.
DA wants to send a message that that people experiencing homelessness can't use violence to solve their problems.
Case is yours unless you think you can't handle Roxanne Robinson.
I got it, boss.
Hold that, please.
Thank you.
Judge Benner, this is my mother Roxy.
And, Mom, this is my boss.
Judge Carmichael is one of our rising stars.
It was my mission to get her the robe.
Then thank you.
And today that robe shall collect dust.
Finished docket.
No case Which is why I put you on search warrant duty.
Detectives will come to your chambers.
Probably some already there.
I was this close to having the afternoon to catch up on work.
So instead, you get to decide whose privacy to invade.
A free afternoon.
A trial-free afternoon.
So much transcribing for me to catch up on.
Your enthusiasm it's commendable.
Under that desk now! Now! Charlie, Bubba, Rufus, Bimbo.
Growing up, my husband told her when she got scared, to think of all the pets she had.
- Cats? - Fish.
You had a fish named Bimbo? Is that even the right thing to do, the doorway thingy? Where's the floor warden? They should be here instructing us.
- It was Florence.
- Florence the JA who called from Rio to say she quit? - That Florence? - Yeah.
Not the best choice for the person in charge of saving us all when the big one hits.
I don't think Benner's reassigned it to anyone.
Oh, that was my first inside quake that I remember, at least.
We're okay.
Hey, if this had been the Great Shake, what happens to me? You just let me go? They'd take you down to holding.
You put me under the building - that's gonna fall? - That's reassuring.
No floor warden is unacceptable.
Lives are at stake.
We need someone now with encyclopedic knowledge of the building.
Who's ready to rise to the challenge.
Who can lead and listen while the world crumbles around them.
And can wear the cool reflecty vest that comes with the gig.
I'll do it.
I'm the obvious choice.
And I'm the inspired one.
Give me a chance to prove I can serve and protect as well as anyone else around here.
It's on, Kansky.
Please do not touch the items on my desk.
Technically, they fell off your desk.
Putting it right for you.
You okay, Ms.
Kansky? My quake tracker put it at a 5.
4, epicentered in Redlands.
- A little close for comfort.
- Why are you here? For Judge Carmichael to sign.
Warrant duty.
Let's have a look.
C-A-R, not C-H-A-R.
You sure? Kidding.
My bad.
Fix it.
Have someone proof it.
It's time-sensitive.
All warrants are time-sensitive.
When will Judge Carmichael be back? When she's back.
Good morning, Mr.
How long have you owned this property with the intention of developing it? From the moment L.
landed the '28 Olympics, I had to have a hotel downtown.
And in general, what's your relationship with the homeless population been like? I know my projects displace them.
Almost impossible not to with their population spiking to 60 thou.
It's progress versus humanity, which is why I donate to Safe Place For Youth, Chrysalis, and other homeless outreach.
Just wish the ones near the site had ever stopped to ask.
So you've had problems.
Those kids have been in our face since, well, since we asked them to move their encampment a year ago.
Landy, do you see any of those kids here - in the courtroom today? - Yes.
Can you please point to where that person is seated? - He's sitting right over there.
- Objection.
Your Honor, my client uses the singular "they-them" pronoun.
I ask that all of us respect that.
He looks like a he.
Because that's what you think a he looks like.
Jax is Jax, neither male nor female as you define it.
But "they-them" it's confusing.
We do it all the time, Your Honor.
"I found someone's lost dog.
I can't wait to call them.
They will be so happy.
" That someone is Jax.
Gonna wreak havoc on the transcript, but that will be sustained.
The court respects the defendant's identity.
Okay, Mr.
Landy, do you see them in this courtroom? That person there.
Identifying the defendant? Did you ever have any interaction with them? The day before the fire.
I was at a site inspection when he when they yelled at my crew.
Said, "Someone should fight back.
" I was worried something like this would happen.
Did your fears prove to be well-founded? We're here, aren't we? Nothing further.
Quite the day so far, huh, Detective Kramer? If earthquakes excite you.
They, in fact, do not.
Know where I was for it? In the elevator with my boss and my mother.
Sounds like something you wake up screaming from, huh? Not in my best interest to answer that, Your Honor.
Point taken.
So a Covert Entry the LeBron of search warrants.
It's a special circ, Your Honor.
You want dispensation to break into a Bel Air mansion specifically when the owners aren't home? We trace property ownership back to a Ugandan drug cartel.
Place was empty for years until recently.
We suspect that there's an arsenal inside - and want to avoid a firefight.
- Who's the owners? Something we're still trying to determine.
But you've seen the arsenal? A reliable witness has, Your Honor.
Then I would like to interview them.
Beg pardon? Bring them in today.
I miss my courtroom.
I don't think that's in Her Honor's purview.
PC 1526 gives me the right for a recorded oral examination of any witness produced by the affiant.
All my years on, I've never heard of a judge doing this.
Then I guess my being here changes that.
It'll be fun and new for the both of us.
You don't trust me, Your Honor? I want to sign this, Detective, but I need to know you've got it right.
I did some digging.
Does the name Steam Creek, LLC, mean anything to you, Mr.
Landy? It's one of my corporations.
And hasn't this company you own been investigated for and charged with insurance fraud? Nothing ever stuck.
How much was the insurance payout for the lumber and construction trailer in this case? $100,000.
And you still get to build on the lot? - Well, yes, but - Security cameras do you have them installed at the site, Mr.
Landy? - Yes.
- Were they on that night? Well, no.
We were just getting up and running.
Yet you thought one of the homeless kids was going to do something, so why weren't they live? Unless you didn't want anyone seeing who started the fire.
You know what? You already answered that.
Kelleher, you may notice there are no lawyers present because this is not a matter of litigation.
It's a matter of evaluation, and I will be doing the questioning.
Is that clear? This was not supposed to be part of our day, but we are living in fear, so yes.
I am clear.
I am sorry you're scared, so let's see if we can help you.
Please tell me what you saw, ma'am.
I was walking Willow, and she did her business.
It's trash day, so I threw the mess into the nearest garbage can, where I found many empty boxes of ammunition.
And then a moment later, these gangsters came out.
- Gangsters? - Rapper types.
- They had guns.
- Gangster rappers with guns.
- Just holding them? - They were in bags.
So you didn't actually see the guns.
Willow barked.
And they drove off.
But I am sure of it.
And do you know who these people were? Goodness, no.
Thank you, Mrs.
This has been very enlightening.
You and Willow are excused.
I will have my decision soon, Detective Kramer.
Tell me again what makes you reflecty vest-worthy? I already run this courtroom with efficiency, order, respect.
And I mean this in the best way, but you do it by making people nervous, scared.
- I do not.
- You just scared me.
I did not.
I, on the other hand, am silk and calm, the first class flight attendant on a one-way trip to safety.
Exits there and there.
You're not commanding enough.
My email to Benner said different.
- Don't say it.
- Plea this down to the misdemeanor it has always been.
Can't and won't.
I made my case.
I destroyed your witness.
Your cop couldn't put my client at the scene, and you've rested.
You still calling up Roxanne Robinson after lunch? What? Yes.
You're doing so well.
Why trot her out? 'Cause Jax is someone I have to try twice as hard for - just to get them a fair shake.
- I cannot believe you've got Carmichael's mother in a courtroom.
We've spoken on the phone.
I'm gonna meet her in a few.
You'll see.
Apple didn't fall far from the tree.
Is that good, bad? Well, as an apple who ran like hell from mine, - I'd say good.
Roxy's - Oh, she's Roxy now.
Strong, passionate, follows her own moral center wherever that takes her, which isn't always where you wanna go.
Are you trying to psych me out? Just letting you know who you're putting on the field.
I get it now.
- What? - You're scared of her.
Tell me, was that witness biased, or am I biased against her? Two things can exist at the same time.
Detective, I want nothing more than to sign your warrant and get as many guns off the street as possible.
- So we're on the same page.
- I've always been on that page.
I'm just worried about civil liberties.
- For arms dealers, Your Honor? - Homeowners.
I keep asking who's in that house.
I issue this warrant without that information, I put public safety over the Fourth Amendment.
When you were a prosecutor, you loved us.
Still do, Detective.
I just love due process more.
You tell me who's in that house, I will reconsider.
Any blood spills, it's on you.
And if I sign it and I'm wrong, it's on me, too.
It's the right call.
Hey, I talked to my sergeant.
- Jax is in their own space now.
- Oh, good looking out.
Imagine knowing yourself at 17.
I mean, all I learned was that I'm definitely not linebacker material.
I mean, did you have any idea? If you could have been a linebacker? - No.
Of who you were.
- Who I was I was You know what? Don't answer now.
- Tell me over dinner tonight.
- Wow.
This is short notice.
After this morning, there's no time like the present.
I have to get to my house and see if my glassware survived.
Okay, did the other night - I kissed you.
- You did.
- And I don't regret it.
- But? But I think I have to not kiss you again for a while.
- Because? - Because divorce.
Because Because, you know I have to go.
Are you sure we're safe being seen together outside? We're friends.
We're allowed to be friends.
Anyway, the riffraff invaded our secret stairwell sanctuary 'cause they're scared to ride the elevators.
Maybe we should have met in one of them.
Been in enough for one day, thanks.
Trapped with Benner and Roxy, one over each shoulder.
Welcome to your collective conscience as you plummet to your certain That is not how I plan to meet my Maker.
- I can think of worse ways.
- Do tell.
Well, there's death by cross-examining the woman who was a better parent to you than your own.
I am jealous.
Give me 10 minutes with her under oath, can undo a lifetime of unresolved feelings.
Wish I could grant your request.
You're not thinking of conflicting off this case, are you? I'm losing, Lola.
Roxy's gonna come hard, which means I'll have to punch back, and I don't want to punch your mom.
You're the one person who doesn't.
I'm serious.
You can't recuse yourself mid-trial.
It's bad for the case, even worse for your career.
- I know you're right, but - My mother - Your mother - Who didn't come see me in action until someone else brought her to the courthouse.
Poor poppet.
I'll make sure she's in the front seat at your next recital.
- Don't make fun.
- Why not? Your mother is out there every day saving the world from ending up in our building in the first place, and now she's in there trying to get someone out in one piece.
She may not have shown up for you enough, but she shows up, unlike some parental figures.
Did you call him after you clocked him? We should be getting back.
Now who's the poor poppet? And what the hell is a poppet anyway? Public defender in the public eye.
No back room deals.
That's how all justice should play out.
It's Well, mostly it's because I don't really have my own office.
Well, don't tell people that.
My way is better.
It's true.
It is.
So, okay.
Thank you for doing this.
Well, it's the least I could do for Jax.
How do they seem to be holding up? Okay, I think.
Don't let them fool you.
There's a lot of acting like it all rolls off their back, but it can't.
The life expectancy of a non-binary person in this country is heartbreaking.
How long have you known Jax? About a year now, when they first came into DayHome, where I volunteer.
That first time, when Jax came in, they had broken ribs but didn't tell me why.
They swallowed that pain.
But always, there was this fire in their eyes.
Maybe don't put it that way, 'cause, you know, fire.
Point taken, Ms.
And on the day of the big earthquake, other big things are happening in Bel Air.
Blake Peterson joins us with the latest.
Right, Tom.
- Letter-perfect? - From years of letter practice.
- Do you have a CI? - Yes.
Doesn't it say? - Do you want the affidavit sealed? - Well, yes.
Then you need to file a motion, which you neglected to bring.
A motion.
Of course.
Where's my head today? Go find it.
I have something to show you.
You are not gonna like it.
250 guns were found and seized after the FBI raided a Bel Air mansion.
Neighbors were horrified to see hundreds of guns He went behind my back.
No official reports yet as to Confection display fell over during the quake, so Jasheeka's giving away damaged goods free.
- Ah.
- Thanks again, Jasheeka.
I kind of bit Luke's head off today.
- Luke decapitated.
- Mm-hmm.
- Over what? - The kiss was a thing that should not have been yet.
It was a future kiss a kiss that looked to the future, but the future is not now.
It can't be.
Have you been reading sci-fi again? I don't know who I am anymore.
If you would have told me four years ago that Joe would hit me and I'd be looking for an apartment instead of a car seat and starting something with someone new and wanting to be honest but scared that being honest - Em.
- Yeah.
It's okay not to know.
The truth is, none of us do.
You just have the crappy task of starting over while never stopping.
- So cut Luke some slack.
- No.
Cut yourself some.
Thank you.
Your precinct sergeant said you were here.
Waiting for Choi to talk charges.
- You went behind my back.
- Couldn't waste precious time, so I found someone who trusts me.
- Who? - Judge Benner.
And what kind of classes were you helping Jax with? Cooking.
Jax has got solid knife skills.
They were just about to apply to some local chains.
Have they ever exhibited any violent tendencies? - Never.
- Thank you, Ms.
No further questions, Your Honor.
She is now your witness, Mr.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Robinson, when speaking with Jax about work, were these jobs usually close to their encampment? Not always.
So there was motive not to relocate, right? - Objection.
- That will be sustained.
Did you ever express any ill will to the defendant about developers like Tim Landy? - Yes, but - Do you spend a lot of time with Jax, getting them ready for the job hunt, helping them out with applications, résumés? - Yes.
- You ever buy them clothes? Yes.
On occasion.
When was that last occasion? The witness will answer.
Would you like me to repeat the question? I heard you, Mark.
Then You're compelled by the court.
You will answer the question, Ms.
I won't.
I find you in contempt.
You need to tell me what is going on because whether Roxy gets back up on the stand or not, the jury thinks that you are hiding something.
- Please don't get mad at me.
- I am not angry.
I just I just didn't think.
Robinson does all kinds of stuff for me, for everybody.
Is she gonna get in trouble, too? - She is in trouble, Jax.
- No.
I mean are they gonna think she had something to do with it? - Did she? - Hell, no.
This is all me.
You need to tell me what the prosecutor almost discovered.
Benner said she'd make a pick by day's end.
You want it so bad? You can have it.
Really? No.
I like it.
Now with more motion.
Nice work.
I'll give it to Judge Carmichael when she's back.
- Couldn't have done it without you.
- Okay.
You're welcome.
Thanks again.
See you around.
Oh, he likes you! What? No.
He kept coming back to see that smiling face of yours.
- I don't I do I never smile.
- Sherri, you hear? I did, Your Honor.
Which thing did you hear? - That your mother - My mom.
The other thing.
Benner signed Kramer's warrant.
- Really? I just - Which should be what I'm dealing with, - but of course - Don't do it, Your Honor.
- I have to.
- She can take care of herself.
She is my mother, Sherri.
You can't even get Judge Carmichael to listen to you, how are you gonna command a whole floor in a crisis? Your Honor.
- What's wrong? - Is this a trick question? I know I'm in here, but I also know that face.
That's not a face that's frustrated with me.
I am frustrated with you.
I don't doubt it.
Judge Benner undercut me for the first time since I've been on the bench.
Was she right? It's the way she went about it.
- Behind your back.
- Just - not upfront.
- That's optics, Lo.
On an already epically hard day, can you please just get out of here? I am not gonna answer Mark's question.
Somebody's got to stand up for those without a voice.
You are in a building designed to do just that.
As long as all the people standing are honest, good lawyers like Ms.
Lopez can contextualize the truth.
- But without it - It's gonna hurt Jax.
You being in here has already done that.
If Jax did commit the crime, your protest of one can't change that.
And taking a stand out there is very different from taking the stand in here.
If you don't finish your testimony, every good thing you've said about Jax gets stricken from the record, so you won't have helped them at all.
Let the system work, Mama.
I was worried, but you brought it.
You here to give me an "attaboy" for getting a witness thrown in jail? Don't lose perspective, Callan.
Defendant is still an arsonist who clearly has something to hide.
- He gets back on the street - "They.
" the homeless are gonna have more trouble with more I lived out of a car for a few months when I was 12 with my dad.
Gambling debts or something.
Every night he would ask what neighborhood I wanted to move to.
It's how I got to know the city.
Turns out Brentwood topiaries make great urinals until private security chases you away.
Same with Santa Monica, which is why we started parking in Venice, which has surprisingly good public showers.
Callan, I'm sorry, but Ria and I we went to dinner there last weekend, and the way that people still react to the homeless, it's like it's like my dad used to say the more things stay, the more they change the sane.
Okay, still, did either of you commit crimes? Other than sleeping in our car? Keep this in mind.
Most of our defendants have homes.
Does that make them somehow better than the ones who don't? Fine.
I hear you.
Roxanne's agreed to finish her testimony.
Don't pull your punches.
Callan, you may continue.
I'll repeat the question.
When was the last time you bought the defendant clothing? - The day of the fire.
- And what did you give them? Socks.
A moment, Your Honor.
This is a remnant of the sock used to start the fire, with the blue and red striping.
- You see that, Ms.
Robinson? - Yes, I do.
Are these the same socks you gave the defendant? Objection.
The same kind of socks? Yes.
They are.
No further questions.
I heard your mother's out.
Is she okay? She's on the stand now, so not really.
- You? - I was until I saw footage of Kramer's gun bust.
Actually, check that.
I was okay until I found out who okayed it.
I've known Detective Kramer for 10 years.
He brings the warrant.
He's usually got it.
He was right.
You really think this is about who's right? I do.
I understand you want to go by the book, - but my judicial gut is honed.
- What does your gut say about letting the cops think I'm weak? - I don't like your tone.
- And I don't like I am trying to establish a judicial identity, which is made considerably more difficult when your boss negates it without a second thought.
Carmichael, I know it's been a tough day the earthquake, your mother.
Do not bring my mother into this! Take a breath.
Hold that breath.
And talk to me when you calm the hell down.
We're gonna lose.
We probably are.
Maybe the building will fall on us.
I, uh, you just You have made me feel safe for the first time in You know, on the street, watching everyone pretend that they're not watching you and keeping an eye on the people living with you, there is so much mental illness.
There's so much addiction.
If you don't put up a front to that, forget it.
I'm tough.
More than I want to be.
Less than I act, but I I am not tough enough for state prison.
I will be killed in there.
Then we have to get the jury to consider only the misdemeanor unlawful burning of property.
How? By having everyone see the Jax I know.
How'd you know it'd be empty? Angelenos have short memories, plus it is hard to look at your phone in a crowded staircase.
Look, I just wanted to, you know, check in since - Throwing my mom in jail.
- I did not do that.
It's how I'm gonna tell it.
Thanks for getting her to come back.
Did Hurricane Roxy have any blowback on you? Didn't need her to shoot myself in the foot today.
I I went off on Benner.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
- Was it bad? - Is there a good version? The only reason I am kindly ignored by the other judges is because they know I'm under Benner's wing.
- If I lose her protection - That's rough.
Fighting the world on your own.
Then I really will be my mother.
Not guilty.
Two options always presented to you, which, as my friend Jax has helped me see, is a very binary way of looking at the law.
For what's between guilty and not? Less guilty, sort of guilty, guilty but we totally understand why they did it.
Turns out guilt, like everything else, is fluid.
Put yourself in Jax' shoes, the ones they wear every day.
All it takes is an earthquake just a little bigger than this morning's.
All of a sudden, you're looking for a place to live.
Thousands of others vulnerable, scared, no help coming, and you find a spot where you, your family finally feel safe.
Tell me you wouldn't fight to protect it.
Jax does not deserve to be convicted of a felony for the crime of being homeless.
The People have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my client acted with malice in starting the fire, but the evidence here shows the opposite.
Jax was clearly trying to protect what little they thought of as home.
Without malice, you can't convict on a felony charge.
And remember this the opposite of poverty is not wealth.
It's justice.
I beg you to be just.
I thought we should have one civil conversation before I left.
- I'm sorry about - Doing your job? Sending you to jail? That was my choice, not yours.
We followed our paths.
Well, how about our paths never cross like that ever again? Oh, so you'd rather I was just co-signing apartment leases, eh? Ooh, that's right.
I forgot you had to come to the rental agency because my dad flaked.
- How are you and Vic? - Good as we get, I guess.
Reach out, Mark.
He's a hard man.
I know he gave you a hard life.
But I know there are things that you'd like to say.
He's not gonna make the first move, so you can either wait and hate him for it or be bigger than that.
Yes, ma'am.
And, uh, due respect, I could say the same about you.
It took you a minute to come see Lola in action.
I know, but honestly, I felt like I would be intrusive and she'd never understand that.
You should try her some time.
- How's she doing? - She's a natural, like she was born speaking the language and born to influence the way others speak it.
Jury's back.
So about earlier Yeah? You were right to sign the warrant.
And I realized I could have called you with a heads up.
- True, but - Been a long time since a colleague talked to me like that.
Hopefully longer until one does again.
- Okay.
- But I appreciate the passion behind your objection.
You wouldn't have done that when you first got here, but now you're feeling your judicial oats.
That fierce fire is needed around here.
My mother would agree with that.
I can tell you two have your differences, but being on that elevator, a strong bond took over.
Even I felt safer for it.
- We're on the same team, Carmichael.
- Amen to that.
And thank you, boss.
Won't happen again.
One more thing.
"People of the State of California vs.
Jax Hopkins.
"As to count 1, a violation of Penal Code 451, "a felony commonly known as arson of property, "we the jury in the above entitled case "find the defendant not guilty.
"As to the lesser included offense, "a violation of Penal Code Section 452, "commonly known as the unlawful burning of property, "a misdemeanor, we the jury find the defendant guilty.
" On behalf of the parties of the court, We thank the jury for the fair and dutiful fulfillment of their civic duty.
You are hereby excused and free to discuss the case as you choose.
Court's adjourned.
It'll be fines and probation.
With your custody credits, you'll be released.
I thank you.
You saved my life.
I just gave you a break from doing it yourself.
You know, my daughter told me to trust the truth to find justice.
Now, I know that you do not live in a world where that's the case, but today we lived with Ms.
Lopez, who put my daughter's words into practice.
- Mm-hmm.
- You were very fortunate.
Oh, uh, I won't do anything that dumb again.
I know you won't.
You owe me 60 bucks.
I swallowed a filling when you belted me.
60 bucks.
You don't have to pay me now.
So? Had a case today.
Kicked up some dust.
Oh, well.
That's never good.
You okay, Pop? Your health? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
I didn't want to say no to you when you called.
You need to know that your call meant something.
But I can finish my drink while you do your thing.
I might not even finish my drink.
I might not want people to know I'm Vic Callan's kid.
You know? I'm glad you called.
Here's the $60.
It's hopping in here tonight.
I was told I'd find you here.
Look, um the mixed messages.
- I'm sorry.
- You don't have to, um I kissed you.
I did that.
Yeah, you did.
I liked it, by the way.
My marriage is over, but also it isn't.
It was abusive.
I'm not even sure how to talk to myself about it, and, um - Em.
- I just need would love for you to be patient 'cause I was never good at this, and now I'm gonna be worse.
- Okay.
- Um So slow.
You know what slow looks like? What? Dinner.
Whenever you're ready.
I got just the spot.
Where? Wouldn't you like to know? - Thanks for waiting.
- I had a book.
Heard Jax won't be going to jail.
True, but they'll never be able to pay those fines.
It's almost like you want them back here as soon as possible.
- I don't.
- You know what I mean.
No, Mom, I don't know what you mean.
You're still upset that I didn't come sooner? Your daughter, your little girl, became a judge, a sight to behold.
- Be, I don't know, proud? - I didn't want to intrude.
Just like winning state debate, Most Improved Basketball Player.
Sometimes setting an example for you also deprived you.
- Still, could have come sooner.
- When was the last time you saw how we're changing lives outside these walls? Getting up to speed here, I've been just a little Judgmental? You may never like this robe, but, hey, I did get an article of clothing today that you might.
Judge Benner made me earthquake floor warden.
The sole purpose of this vest is to save lives, all lives, which I will do if I'm not a puddle of tears in the corner.
I thinks she did it to help me face my phobia, or it's punishment for the way I acted today.
Or it could be a vote of confidence in you.
Take the win, Lo, and you may not wear that to dinner.
You know what I'm thinking? - Not Thai.
- Thai.

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