All Rise (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Fool for Liv

1 WOMAN: Personal assistant Olivia McLeland.
MAN: after being accused of killing her reality star boss - Hayley Halliwell.
- With a fatal dose of heroin as we begin the fifth day of the celebrity trial of the year.
notes In the lights and smoke Your Honor, the defense moves for an immediate dismissal.
No reasonable jury could Your Honor, these theatrics are making a complete mockery - of what's been going on - Theatrics? Prosecution rested.
Their evidence was woefully inadequate.
Video evidence of the defendant purchasing heroin, M.
's testimony that the victim had been forcibly injected - with said heroin.
- We've heard it.
We were here.
- My point is - Judge, if Mr.
Pryce isn't keen on letting the jury decide - what's going on - Mr.
Pryce is keen on saving time, Your Honor.
Give you a day off.
A little spa time, maybe.
- [THUD.]
I'm touched, counselor, but the motion is denied.
We're going to take a recess, and when we come back, the jury will return, and the defense will present their case.
- All rise.
Thomas, you worried? Think you've done enough to get a conviction? - No comment.
- See, this is what happens.
- Every word he says they print.
- It's gonna get worse.
Murdered TV star.
Famous defense lawyer.
Armchair quarterback's telling me how to try my case.
Justice for Hayley! Justice for Hayley! You did your job, boss.
Nailed it.
Evidence was clear.
It's a slam dunk.
Just keep Pryce from muddying the waters.
Thank you, Callan.
I'd be lost without your guidance.
I'm just saying he's gonna be shameless.
Hold the line.
Hayley's mother.
I can't believe she has to go through this.
I'd better check in.
You want to be useful? Just tell me Judge Carmichael knows Pryce is full of it, right? Thomas, I am not the Lola Whisperer.
Take that call.
Check in later.
MARK: This place is a circus.
LOLA: Have you seen this crazy article? Yeah.
Ria sent me the link.
- It's so bizarre.
- You are fierce and fabulous.
- You make even your judicial robes look glamorous.
They did get that part right.
I caught Pryce's little performance just now.
He's testing you.
He's been lying in the reeds all through the prosecution's case.
- I know what he's doing.
- That's why he didn't give his opening.
He's saving it.
Are you mansplaining my trial to me? I'm just It's a tactic.
He's gonna use the spotlight to put pressure on you.
It won't work.
A woman was killed.
Another woman's freedom is at stake.
I know what my job is.
All I'm saying is do not underestimate this guy.
SHERRI: You need to contain him.
Got to go.
You need to set boundaries for Pryce.
- Seriously? You, too? - He needs to follow the rules.
Judge Benner wants to see you.
I'll tell her you're on your way.
I can handle Adam Pryce.
On my way.
My hearing ran late.
I'll be three minutes.
Do not talk to anyone, Billy.
Just sit quietly in the hall until I get there.
If they offer you coffee, that's fine, but nothing else.
Oh, come on.
- Up or down? - Up.
DA's office.
I know a shortcut.
You are seriously the best.
Apparently, you've got style and substance.
I am, for the record, mortified.
You wanted to see me? Yes.
You have a friend Briana Turner? Bree? Yeah.
She was my college roommate.
Why? My assistant found this, #JudgeLola.
Che Guevara is one of your heroes? He was in college.
The media have this? Not yet, but they will.
I remember this party.
It was fun.
I am the last person you will ever say that to.
How are you? - I want my courthouse back.
- No.
I mean how are you? Oh.
If this is about my breakup, please don't.
I'll call Bree and have her take this picture down.
I'm a little shaky sometimes, which is just weird.
Mornings are the worst, but I'm fine.
Thank you for asking.
Anytime you want to talk, I'm just down the hall.
Any other fun college snapshots coming our way? I think we'll just have to wait and see.
This is my favorite piece.
I think you're gonna love it, and I think it'll be Adam Pryce.
Read all his books.
Yeah, we've been studying his cases in Trial Ad.
- Hmm.
Here she comes.
PRYCE: Olivia, come see what Cassie brought for you to wear today.
What do you think? That was Olivia McLeland? She looks nothing like she does on the news.
Yeah, Pryce brought in a personal stylist - clothes, makeup, the whole thing.
- Really? That's insane.
Like you wouldn't do the same for your clients if you had the budget.
Thank you for this.
I owe you.
I'm gonna take you for pie tonight.
- You like pie, right? - I love pie.
- Like, I love pie.
Yet unbelievably, I have to study.
Exams next week.
- Raincheck? - You have flashcards? - No.
- No? Oh, you're gonna need flashcards, like, stat.
This is seriously the most crazy I've seen it.
Cassie Lange, the stylist to the stars.
Her Insta is a must-follow.
You're really into this stuff.
Guilty pleasure.
Let's go.
Judge is ready.
- WOMAN: Here she is.
- WOMAN: Olivia's back.
Oh, my God.
- WOMAN: Here she is.
- WOMAN: Oh, my God.
WOMAN: She looks amazing.
MAN: What is she wearing? WOMAN: She looks amazing.
All rise.
Department 61 of the Los Angeles Superior Court is now in session.
The Honorable Lola Carmichael presiding.
Please take your seats.
Let's bring the jury in.
We are back on the record in People v.
Those of you in the gallery, I expect you to continue to behave yourselves.
This room is a church, a temple of justice.
Remain seated and silent.
Phones off and out of sight.
No texting.
No photos.
Pryce, you may proceed.
Olivia McLeland is not, uh I'm sorry.
I can't believe what I just heard.
A temple of justice.
Ladies and gentlemen, justice has left the building.
Careful, Mr.
For a week, we have been hearing that Olivia is a thief, a killer! Who on earth are they talking about? Olivia was loyal to her employer Hayley.
Justice has left the building, but I am going to bring it back because Olivia McLeland didn't kill anyone.
MAN: That's right.
Free Olivia! CROWD: Free Olivia! Free Olivia! Free Olivia! - Backup.
- Order! Sit down! - [SHOUTING CONTINUES.]
This isn't happening.
This isn't happening.
LOLA: Everyone, sit down! [SHOUTING CONTINUES.]
- Order! - [GAVEL BANGING.]
I don't know, man.
Depends on what happens in the off season.
If we lose Kopitar Billy, what did I tell you? Do not talk to anyone.
- Ms.
- Relax.
We were just talking hockey.
Billy is a big Kings fan.
- He didn't mention the case? - How long have you known me? Did he ask you anything at all? Three years, and in all that time, - have I ever given - In all that time, you've shown a willingness to win at any cost.
Billy Webb, PC 211 robbery in the second degree.
I have good news.
We're listening.
I've been authorized to reduce the charges.
Grand theft.
Three years probation, one year in County if, Billy, you give us the location of the stolen goods.
- Yeah, I can do that.
- Quiet, Billy.
Maybe he can do that.
And if Billy will testify against his cousins.
Benny and Kenny? You want him to flip on his family for that? Unh-unh.
No way.
One year instead of five, County instead of State.
He'll be out in a couple of months - without a strike on his record.
- Full immunity, Callan.
- Drop all the charges.
- We all know Benny and Kenny are the real bad guys here, but your client was the lookout.
That means he was complicit.
Full cooperation or no deal.
It's a good offer, Ms.
LOLA: I hope I don't need to remind you of the stakes here.
If either of you show this court any disrespect, I will place you in contempt.
Are we clear? - Of course.
- Crystal.
And, if I may, Your Honor, well said.
We're all ears, Mr.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the prosecution claims that my client killed her boss with a fatal dose of heroin after Hayley caught her stealing.
The evidence will show otherwise.
The evidence will show that the real victim in this case is Olivia, the victim of an abusive drug addict, Hayley Halliwell.
- Shocking, I know.
We all watched the show.
We all loved Hayley, but we didn't know her.
We shouldn't punish my client because she did.
Improper argument.
Stick to the evidence, Mr.
Happily, Your Honor.
The evidence will show that Hayley Halliwell was an inveterate drug user.
The evidence will show that Hayley Halliwell was an abusive employer.
The evidence will show EMILY: Are you nervous? I keep thinking Benny and Kenny are gonna come out - to kick my ass.
- They won't.
You know why? - They're in custody? - It's a good deal, Billy.
All right.
The search warrant is on site.
Show me where the stolen goods are.
Over here in this cabinet.
That was an uncharacteristically generous deal you offered my client.
Have you met Benny and Kenny? You just like saying their names.
That should be everything.
Who the hell is this? [ENGINE IDLING.]
- MAN: Hold on! What we got here? What the hell is going on here?! Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't know what my dumb-ass grandson told you, - but this is my property.
- Ma'am, we have a warrant.
You've got to be ki - Billy, I'm gonna kick your ass! - Whoa.
Helping the cops against your own family?! - I raised you better! - Ma'am, get back in the truck.
If not, we'll have you arrested for obstruction.
Whatever kind of deal you cut Ma'am, ma'am.
this won't go unanswered! Don't think you're safe in jail! MALE OFFICER: All right, ma'am, just get in the car, please.
- This is the grandmother? - Get in the car.
Olivia's sweater last Friday? That shade of green was that jade? - Celadon.
- Oh, love it.
Like celery but better.
- You're the - The court reporter.
Sara Castillo.
I've been here every day.
Seen every outfit.
Nice work.
Means the world to me.
How exactly do you get the gig of dressing an accused murderer? Does it pay well, at least? In the last week I've had 2,000 new follows.
I'm not doing it for a short-term paycheck.
I'm doing it for my brand.
I need your help with something.
Are you gonna get me in trouble? No.
But don't mention it to Sherri.
Oh, my God.
An old friend posted it on Twitter.
- I love this photo! - I got her to take it down.
I need to be sure the media hasn't picked this up.
You've come to the right woman.
You're always sending me those cute animal videos from the 'gram.
I figured I'd put that social media savvy to use.
#LIVFREE, the hashtag for Olivia's fans? - It's taking off.
- I don't get it.
How does a personal assistant have so many fans? It's like how Kim K.
started out as Paris's stylist.
Olivia was on Hayley's reality series, plus she Instagrammed everything Hayley did.
She has, like, 2 million followers.
- Can I tell you my theory? Sure.
Adam Pryce is trying to use those followers to Ahem.
If you're about to have a third party discussion of a case, don't.
I'm listening to every word.
Carmichael? PRYCE: It is my duty, and I cannot let any You need to see this.
- This is live.
He's outside.
- get in my way.
Look, I've spent some time in courtrooms, and I I'm fine with being silenced, but not at the expense of a fair trial for my client.
He is trying this case in the press.
I'm not gonna stand by and watch as justice is muzzled.
He did not just say that.
The jury won't They're on a news blackout.
- They have phones.
- It'll seep through.
I'm gonna do everything I can do to put the facts on the record.
Your Honor, he is creating a narrative.
I know what he's doing.
I need people to stop - telling me what he's doing.
- If you don't stop him, you're gonna have to sequester the jury.
That is a headache to be avoided.
I'm not gonna get into a fistfight with Adam Pryce.
I need to focus on my job, making sure the jury hears the evidence.
Take a breath.
Can we please just get Grandma out of here? - Charge her with something.
- She's a senior citizen.
Who cares? It's felony intimidation.
Since when are you so tough on crime? Look at him.
He's terrified.
She reminds me of Ria's mother.
Met the parents.
Uh, once.
Getting serious? Could be headed that way, yeah.
Such a romantic.
I'm just being We haven't been together that long.
Do you know what percent of marriages end in divorce? I do.
- Right.
Of course.
You - Yeah.
I'm always curious how people When did you know you picked the wrong guy? When he hit me.
I'm I'm so sorry.
We're done over here.
We found everything.
Let's go before she comes after us.
PRYCE: How did you know the deceased? We were friends.
We hung out.
Hung out, Mr.
Fulmer? Were there drugs involved? Yeah.
We'd be out by the pool, and there'd be, you know, coke, Molly, whatever.
I mean, it's L.
, right? What about heroin? Did you ever witness Hayley using heroin? - Uh-huh.
- Would you call her a heroin addict? Objection.
The witness is not an expert.
Your Honor, I'm just trying to ascertain Both of you.
Saw you on the news, Mr.
You're not doing yourself any favors.
My First Amendment rights, Your Honor.
Don't give you license to misrepresent this court.
- Noted.
As to the pending objection - You're walking a fine line.
Stay on the right side of it.
Objection is overruled.
The witness will answer.
- She was into heroin.
- Thank you, Mr.
Now, um, if you would look at the screen.
- Oh, Hayley.
- Who is in this video? Objection! Your Honor, this is the first I'm seeing this.
The defense can't just spring new evidence - Turn off that screen.
- I thought this was deleted.
- We just recovered the file.
- Stop talking.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
OLIVIA: Oh, Hayley.
Are you okay? Are you filming me? Give it to me.
Give me that! Give me that! Give - [KEYBOARD CLICKS.]
- It's Olivia filming.
He had this all along, but he knew if he disclosed, Choi would have filed a motion to exclude.
Which you would have granted.
This doesn't prove anything new.
He's trying to prejudice the jury by painting Olivia as the victim.
He's trying to force your hand.
If you exclude it now that everyone that the media knows it exists - I know what he's doing, Sherri.
- I'm saying My point is I know what your point is, Sherri.
What's going on with you? Why are you letting this lawyer get under your skin? Your Honor, I don't think you're sufficiently scared.
That's because I have nothing to be afraid of.
Yes, you do.
This case could end your career.
If he destroys your reputation, you might never recover.
That's what's going on with me.
Can I Oh.
That's kind.
Thank you.
Is there anything else I can get you? Cup of tea or something? Shot of bourbon? I've just been trying not to cry in there.
All those people looking at me all the time.
None of their business.
I still live in the same house I was born in.
Hayley was born there, too.
Cookeville, Tennessee.
Putnam County.
She loved horses.
I don't know.
Taylor Swift.
She had her problems, but she was getting better.
She was really trying.
Last time we talked The week before she died She was planning to come on home for a visit.
She said the problem with L.
A she could never sleep here.
She couldn't ever get a decent sleep.
EMILY: You're scared.
I get that.
Your grandma is definitely scary, but there are things we can do to protect you in jail, okay? We're gonna go upstairs, and you're gonna give your statement to Mr.
- I can't do it, okay? I'm sorry.
- Billy.
You don't know her.
She will find me in jail.
Billy, this is an excellent deal.
I'm not doing it, okay? I can't do it.
I can't flip.
When we were kids, she caught my cousin Benny sneaking cigarettes from her purse.
She took a hot iron, like a clothes iron, and she burned his hand.
It's still all scarred.
What if I can keep you out of jail? - Do you have any family who aren't - Criminals? Is there anyone else you could stay with? My mom's sister's a nurse, lives up in Ferndale.
Would you be safe there if I can get you a new deal? Could you do that? No jail? I can try.
LOLA: Nice try, Mr.
I have reviewed the video.
I find it to be more prejudicial than probative.
The victim's drug use is already well established.
The disclosure was untimely.
It will not be admitted, and a curative jury instruction will be issued.
Any questions? Not a one, Your Honor.
Thank you.
Understood, Your Honor.
Let's bring the jury back in.
- Your Honor, if I may - Just a moment.
After conferring with my client, I must ask you to reconsider.
- Mr.
- The video clearly shows - That is enough! - Hayley high on heroin, - [DOOR CLOSES.]
- being aggressive and abusive towards my client, - and I feel like - Mr.
Pryce, you are out of order.
- To exclude the truth.
- Sit down and stop talking! - Of course.
My apologies to the court.
The jury will disregard that exchange.
They will also disregard the contents of the video, and it will be excluded from the record.
- As always, our goal is justice.
- And as such, we - I'm sorry.
I Your Honor, I need to What is it? [LOWERED VOICE.]
An Olivia fan account.
Username LivFreeOrDieHard - just posted photos of the jury.
This jury.
That was taken from our gallery.
- Order.
This court will come to order.
They took a picture of the jury.
We need to find them.
17 rooms, and we'll need all televisions and phones removed and absolutely no room service.
The mob is trying to crowdsource information on the jurors names, addresses.
So you're going to sequester them.
I have no choice.
I can't expect for them to stay away from the news if they're on the front page.
That may be, but it's still a logistical nightmare.
Well, if it's an issue, we can take our business to the DoubleTree.
- Mm.
- What about this case isn't a nightmare? [SIGHS.]
You know, Carmichael, you were fun to watch as a prosecutor a real fighter.
You'd take a hit, and you'd bounce back with a knockout.
It's a different kind of fight once you put on the robe, but it's not that different.
You can handle this.
Judge Benner's right.
Chin up, slugger.
Slugger? MARK: Haven't we done this already? - Callan, all I'm asking - I'm pretty sure we did.
- My client is terrified.
- As was the clerk at the jewelry store your client helped to rob.
He's a 20-year-old kid.
You've met his grandmother.
You've seen Kenny and Benny's previous record.
That's the kind of family he grew up in.
- Help me get him out.
- So we're doing that now.
- What? - Every attorney in your office has tried to play the bad family card with me, thinking it would strike a nerve or something.
What are you t You think I - Because of your father? - Look.
- You're You're kidding, right? - It's been known to happen.
I would never use your personal life to gain an advantage, especially after what I told you, what I shared with you before.
I don't tell that to anyone.
I refuse to let it that him define me any more than your dad or Billy's family should define you.
You know what I mean.
Benny and Kenny are suspects in at least 10 other jobs.
It depends what Billy can offer.
I'm on it.
Thank you.
What you told me I would never say anything.
I appreciate that.
SHERRI: You will have your own room, and you will be fed.
You will have no contact with the outside world, including phones.
You will hand them to Deputy Watkins as you exit.
Hey, Deputy, I need to make a small request.
You got to talk to the boss.
No, I know, I know.
It's just she's a little terrifying.
It's my 20th wedding annversary today.
Is there any way that I could have dinner with my wife? You're sequestered.
It's against the rules.
I guess if you didn't discuss the case and if I was there as, like, a chaperone, the judge might allow it.
Any more Che sightings? No.
Everyone's too busy trying to figure out which soap opera they recognize juror number 7 from.
I close my eyes, and all I can see is Hayley in that video.
That poor girl.
I can't imagine if my mother had to see something like that.
I talked to the mom at recess, and she's a sweetheart.
She told me What is it now? 307 Parkhurst Avenue? That's my home address.
Someone posted my home address online? - Judge Carmichael.
- I know.
I just found out.
- How bad is it? - People are taking selfies with your mailbox.
- Is your husband - Robin's in D.
until tomorrow.
Going home is out of the question.
Do you have someplace else you can stay? - Your parents? A friend? - And if I'm followed? No.
I'm not subjecting anyone else to this.
- I'll stay in a hotel.
- This is L.
Every bellhop is going to have TMZ on speed dial.
She can stay with me.
Thank you so much, Sherri, but I am That's a good idea.
We need to know where you are.
Don't argue.
- Oh.
This is a lovely home.
Please take off your shoes.
Guest bedroom is down the hall.
Bathroom is right next door.
You'll find a fresh toothbrush in the top drawer.
If you would please wipe down the counter in the morning.
Of course.
I spoke to the sheriff.
There will be a car outside 24/7 here and at your house.
The Taj Mahal.
Have you been? Please don't help.
I have a system.
I respect the system.
Totally respect the system.
Drink this.
- You're not having? - I'll have one with dinner.
Oh, my God.
Is that you? Could you please just not snoop? Sorry.
You look good.
Are you acting with the puppet? Me as Che, you with the puppet the mob would have a field day.
- Sherri - Your Honor if this is too uncomfortable No.
It's lovely.
We haven't yet had social time.
We can check it off.
- Good night.
- 319.
And 323.
All right, that should be it.
Everybody up to their rooms, okay? Bedtime? It's 8:00, and you have to study.
Hey, you're here.
I heard about the thing, the jury.
Thought you might be stuck here, and I'm not gonna let you fail your exams.
Dug out my old flashcards.
They are amazing.
You will be humbled.
- What, scared? Of flashcards? No.
I just - Then - I have a date.
I A date with who? No, no, no.
Juror number 5 and his wife.
It's their 20th anniversary.
I have to chaperone.
- It was the only way.
- Count me in.
Table for four.
I mean, if that's cool with you.
Just don't tell Judge Carmichael.
Secret's safe with me.
Let me introduce you.
Pad Thai shrimp and spring rolls.
You brought me food? No big deal.
I was getting some for myself, and I'm busy, Callan.
You want a favor? Which case? Billy Webb needs a new deal.
His grandma threatened him.
His grandma.
Kind of said she'd get him shivved in prison.
- I believe her.
- Okay, let's hear it.
Three years probation, credit time served.
No contact with former known associates, - including his family.
- Good.
Now go away.
Some judges are legal nerds, some are bleeding hearts.
Lola's both.
Razor-sharp on case law, and she always sees the human being behind the case.
She'll respect you if you can do both.
The victim's mother.
I can feel her eyes on me.
Like a tingling on the back of your neck? Tomorrow she's gonna watch her daughter's killer take the stand.
Pryce is putting up Olivia? If you need a test audience for your cross I'm here.
This is awkward.
I know.
I'm sorry.
- No, no.
It's okay.
- We get it.
We're grateful.
Why don't you tell us how you met? I mean, 20 years that's impressive.
- When did you know? - Okay, well, Hank here - Don't tell us his name.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
Juror number 5 which I love, by the way - That's gonna become a thing.
- Okay.
Juror number 5 was new in town.
I was living in New York, and I came out here 'cause, you know, L.
- He was bartending.
I get my first paycheck, and I go to the bank.
And I was his teller.
- Right.
- I love it.
No way.
The second I saw that smile, - I knew.
- Took me a bit longer.
Yeah, like six months.
I had just split from my ex.
But number 5 knew.
He always knew.
I figured if I could just see that smile every day, I could figure the rest out, you know? You two? How long have you Oh.
I mean, it's not We just - We're just friends.
- Mm-hmm.
Work friends.
- Mm-hmm.
- Friends.
My parents were I guess you could call them hippies.
Kind of a surfer-hippie hybrid in the '90s, which is ridiculous.
They lived on the beach at Big Sur.
They smoked pot.
They did not believe in rules or college.
- Wow.
- 15 years old.
I'm working at the Seafood Shack in Monterey, trying to save up for school.
And my parents are in their 40s and dropping acid.
They come into my work and run up a $200 tab and leave without paying.
I got fired on the spot.
Next day, I left home.
That is so awful.
20 years later, I am obsessed with boundaries and order and control.
Men like Adam Pryce the chaos they bring, like a swarm of flies.
Everything is a story.
Everything needs to be spun.
My problem, Your Honor, is that you you've become a character in his drama.
Pryce made you the villain, and as long as you are the baddie, Olivia isn't.
Sherri, the jury hasn't rendered its verdict yet.
I can control the courtroom.
Most of the time, despite your efforts to thwart me.
But I can't control the internet or the media.
I can't control Adam Pryce, which means I can't protect you, Your Honor.
I'm 15 again, standing in a restaurant while my world collapses around me.
It's Judge Benner.
The video of Hayley it got leaked.
He's beating you.
Don't let him.
- What exactly - What Judge Benner said.
It is a different fight now that you're a judge.
Don't argue with him.
Control him.
I already threatened contempt, and he didn't blink.
Fight fire with fire.
Bullies like Pryce thrive on fear, so what scares him? Call Sara right now.
Tell her I need a transcript.
Oh, God, no, you wouldn't.
Can I help you with something? [EXHALES DEEPLY.]
I just thought you might like to know they're relocating the trial.
Airport courthouse.
They want to thin down the crowd.
You didn't hear it from me, but the judge will announce it this afternoon.
And just a heads up.
The lighting there will really make pastels pop.
It was so, so awful.
I was paralyzed.
I mean, Hayley was, um, she was pale, almost blue, and her stomach was doing all this, um it was heaving.
But if I had called for help if I had exposed her addiction she would have killed me.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
And how did that make you feel, Olivia? Terrified.
- In fear for my life.
- Objection.
The feelings and impressions of my client - Both of you, approach.
- Your Honor, with all due respect Respect is precisely what this court is due.
If you have more evidence to present, then proceed.
But if your behavior doesn't My behavior?! My behavior has been unimpeachable! I wonder if the State Bar would agree.
I beg your pardon? This is a complaint to the State Bar detailing the attorney misconduct I have witnessed during these proceedings.
- Improper trial publicity, recklessly maligning the court, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice, - just to name a few.
- Your Honor, on what basis And this is a full transcript of these proceedings, everything you've done, every word you've said.
Are you prepared to defend your behavior to the State Bar, to put your license on the line? Because I am prepared to file this complaint.
Or perhaps you'd be willing to follow the law, to show respect for this process, to give your client the defense to which she is entitled.
Pryce, it's entirely up to you.
Any other threats you'd like to make, Your Honor, or may I resume? By all means.
Step back.
McLeland did you kill Hayley Halliwell? Of course not.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
It's your cross, Mr.
Here's what we can offer you break-ins at two auto part shops in Van Nuys and a bank in Reseda.
Really? A bank? Billy didn't take part, but he witnessed the preparations - and the return.
- It was kind of a bust.
30 grand.
- Benny and Kenny were pissed.
- I want to emphasize that my client has never carried a weapon or hurt anyone.
He was at best a junior Three years probation, time served.
No contact with his family here.
- Sold.
- Billy.
- Sorry.
- Sold.
Thank you.
There are other families out there, Billy, all kinds of families.
You should find one that respects you.
Let's go before he changes his mind.
- As if I would ever.
- He does it constantly, many, many times.
This is a post that was made to your Instagram account.
- Yes.
- You and Hayley, May 11th, just a couple of hours before Hayley died.
Things were bad, but I had to put on a brave face for the fans.
So you were intentionally misrepresenting your relationship with Hayley.
- That's your story? - Objection! He's embellishing the testimony.
The witness will answer.
I had to for the fans.
It was just the two of you at the house.
The medical examiner testified that Hayley had bruises on her wrists consistent with someone restraining her while the dose was injected.
He also said that they could have happened earlier, some other way.
Is there a question, Your Honor? There is.
Olivia are there any bruises on Hayley's wrist in this photograph taken mere hours before Hayley's death? - Objection! - Overruled.
There are no bruises, and you're the only one who was with her before she died.
You seized your chance.
She caught you stealing, and so you killed her.
You don't understand.
She had it all, and she was throwing it away, one fix at a time.
Do you know how it felt watching that? Hayley said she was going to call the police, and I would have [GALLERY MURMURING.]
And you would have what? Gone to jail? So you had to act.
"As to count 1 of violation "of Penal Code Section 187 Subdivision "A," "murder in the first degree, we find the defendant guilty.
Sentencing will be two weeks from today's date.
The defendant is remanded into custody without bail.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, thank you for your service.
You are dismissed.
Court is adjourned.
All rise.
What does our calendar look like for tomorrow? You're backed up, obviously.
It's gonna be a nightmare, which you no doubt will only make worse.
Guess Olivia won't be needing all those fancy clothes anymore.
Was it worth it, the exposure? My phone won't stop ringing, so yeah.
Just growing your brand.
Try that on the sheriff when he calls.
Excuse me? Posting pictures of jurors is a felony.
No idea how that involves me.
The same account that tweeted those jury photos also posted a crazy rumor this morning that things were moving to the airport courthouse.
You're the one that told me that the And you were the only person I told, which I mentioned when I spoke with the sheriff's office.
Oh, but don't worry.
I mean, you of all people can rock those prison blues.
Sorry, Judge.
Almost done here.
I got to hit the road if I'm gonna make my reservation.
Tasting menu.
What about you? Any fun post-trial plans? Oh, I'll probably just kick back, brainstorm new ways to what was it? Muzzle justice? I hope you didn't take that too personally.
Does the truth even matter to you? Your Honor, we both know the only truth is best story wins.
- [SIGHS.]
- All this it's only theater.
No, no, no.
You don't get to be glib about this.
In the theater, the curtain drops, and people get to go back to their own lives.
Hayley Halliwell doesn't get to do that.
Now neither does your client.
This is a place where people come after something horrible has happened - to find out the truth.
- Your Honor, the truth The truth that is discovered after a rigorous examination of the facts.
The facts need a story to make sense.
I am in the end ethically obligated to provide zealous advocacy on my clients' behalf.
What about your other obligations? What about justice? Justice is a marble statue wearing a blindfold.
My clients are human, flesh and blood.
And on balance, they're always gonna be more important to me.
You know, I actually think that you used to believe that.
- Used to? - Well, it's, I don't know, maybe a tough sell coming from a man talking about tasting menus while his client is boarding the bus to L.
I've enjoyed this, Your Honor.
We should do it again.
I think I was at this party.
Seriously, how do you keep getting back here? A hidden passage, secret staircase? Didn't I go as John Dillinger? I seem to remember pinstripes.
I'm pretty sure it was Beetlejuice.
Robin texted.
He just got home.
No paparazzi.
My 15 minutes are over.
- Don't count on it.
My buddy Blake went to his daughter's third grade Halloween party today.
She insisted on going dressed as Judge Lola.
Your friend lets his third grader watch coverage of a murder trial? Calm down.
She probably thought you were someone - from "Harry Potter.
Seriously, though, you just became that little girl's Uhura.
I got your message.
What's up? In here.
My own personal study room? It's quiet.
No one will know you're here.
You put all this together for me? You gave up your study time so that couple could have their special night.
You are a good man, Luke Watkins.
It's about time someone did something nice for you, so Time to hit the books, I guess.
Good luck.
by flying through my pain Thank you.
I want to be your I-o, I-o, I-o-v-e-r L-o, I-o, I-o-v-e-r L-o, I-o, I-o-v-e-r - Well, I'll let you get to it.
- No.
Studying can wait.
What? I'm not gonna be the reason you fail your exams.
Thank you, though.
That was That was really nice.
I want to be yours I want to be yours
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