All Rise (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

Bye Bye Bernie

1 Fantastic.
Where should we meet? Excuse me.
I'm looking for room 460.
- You're okay.
I'll meet you there.
Katz I've just been on my own Until you came along [SCOFFS.]
Picked me off the ground - [LAUGHS.]
- I don't see anything funny.
Oh, but I do.
You give this white boy two schooners and an ice rink, he turns into Tonya Harding.
- Hmm.
- This will take a couple minutes to fully dry.
This is a soft cast so you can remove it to shower.
Here's a list of dos and don'ts.
- Make sure your boyfriend - Not her boyfriend.
He wishes.
He took me to the Holiday Ice Rink, wore a dress shirt and spritzed cologne.
- What does that tell you? - I wouldn't call this a dress shirt.
Anyway, number two is obvious, but avoid any weight on the wrist, so that means no figure skating.
I wasn't figure skating.
No judgment here, Scott Hamilton.
You've given me up I think you could use a little pick-me-up.
What'd you have in mind? Your dad's old gambling buddy.
Kurt Flannery? What about him? I'm meeting with him tomorrow to discuss your dad's murder trial.
If I could convince him to testify that Vic was framed, the Attorney General's case - will be dead in the water.
- Vic's gonna walk? I think yeah.
I think he will.
You're what I like [DOOR BELLS JINGLE.]
Thank you.
Hi, Lily.
Good morning, Ms.
- Ahem! - Ha ha! There's my Lo, with her face all aglow.
Hey, Carmichael.
Hey, Judge Carmichael.
I swear, that will never get old.
- Hmm.
- Have a seat.
Come on.
Got your favorite Glazed doughnut, a coffee, one creamer, one sugar.
Thank you.
How are you, Daddy? How was your work anniversary? Good, real good.
I got you a little somethin'.
Oh! And you can just open it when you get home.
25 years at the legal clinic.
- Yeah.
- Lawyers took me to this tasty burger joint in Echo Park, gave me a mug that said "Paralegals are the real lawyers.
" - Hmm.
Funny, huh? All right, motor mouth.
Spill it.
- Spill what? - Rapid, repetitive speech.
You always forget my order, and you got a little sweat - mixed with maple glaze - [GROANS.]
on your upper lip.
You know "The L.
Law Chronicle"? Yeah, the newspaper.
They were blowing up Sherri's phone a couple weeks ago to get a quote for a piece of me.
Judge Lola Carmichael's trailblazing rise through the Los Angeles judicial system.
Yeah, I know.
They called the house, Lo.
- What did Mama say? - Your mother had the best intentions, But you see, she didn't have her coffee.
Daddy, what did she say? Hey.
I didn't even hear you leave the house this morning.
I kind of ran out of there.
Are you ready for the Izzy Ruiz trial? I'm ready, yeah.
There's something What? Every time I've spoken to Izzy, I've gotten this weird, this strange feeling, like Like, what, like she's lying to you? Oh, no, no, I know she's telling me the truth.
It's just something about her just kind of bugs me.
You don't like her? No.
It's just, I don't know.
Have you ever gotten just this weird, uncomfortable feeling when you're around someone? She has been charged with murder.
Yeah, but that's not it.
You know, I don't I don't know what it is.
Ooh, look at your boo.
He has law clerk interviews this week The District Attorney, the Public Defender, and a judicial clerkship.
Oh, hey, I heard he applied to be Judge Benner's clerk and not Lola's? - I know.
- I'm gonna start a courthouse betting pool.
Where will Deputy Luke Watkins clerk? You wanna place the first bet? I am not betting on my boyf I mean, no, I don't.
Oh! There's a new word for you.
I didn't actually say it.
I didn't say the whole thing, so Uh-huh, uh-huh, I heard it.
Too late.
- Great.
- Luke! - Hey, Sara.
- Come on! Someone's walking with a little extra pep in their step.
Interview went well? There's no way I interview for the Public Defender's office and their MVP, Ms.
Emily Lopez, didn't get the scoop.
I did, and you kinda kicked that interview's ass.
- Really? - Of course really.
You know you did.
I mean, I was ready for every question they asked.
I was calm but not aloof.
I was confident but not arrogant.
That's great.
Hey, you okay? Yeah, but your interviews aren't over, so you know, keep an open mind.
- That's all.
- Em, do you not want us working in the same office? Have a minute, Ms.
Lopez? I will see you later.
Voluntary manslaughter.
12 years.
Izzy Ruiz has a strike prior for the armed robbery four years ago.
That doubles her time on the new charge.
- It's a good deal.
- It's not your best.
The max on a vol in her case is 27 years.
- Be reasonable, Lopez.
- A reasonable jury could find that my client acted in self-defense.
I have a witness who saw her standing over Vera Calderon's body in the prison laundry.
And your witness was Vera's cellmate of two years.
Are you suggesting she's lying? I'm suggesting that the jury will have an opinion about her credibility.
If Izzy Ruiz was defending herself, why were there no defensive wounds? But there were bruises on her forearm consistent with strangulation.
Should that jury return a "guilty" verdict, your client is looking at life in prison at 23 years old.
It was self-defense.
I was doing laundry, and Vera came at me with a shank head-on.
I got her in a chokehold, but she wouldn't stop.
- Well, no shank was found.
- There was one, and my money's on Vera's cellmate Lee Anne.
She found the body, and she'd have a good reason to hide it.
A weapon like that is gold on the inside.
Okay, all I can base our case on is the evidence in front of us.
The jury won't know the nature of your prior, but they will know that you were incarcerated at the time.
Do you think I wanted to kill her? No, Izzy.
That's That's not what I'm I was three days from getting out.
After four years, why would I risk my freedom unless I had to protect myself, but you can't answer that because you're too busy seeing the criminal.
That's not true.
I'm Izzy, my job is to give you the best defense possible, and part of that defense is telling you the raw truth.
Whose truth? Oh, you mean the one that you cooked up with another uppity suit while you're getting your $6 lattes? [SCOFFS.]
You don't like me, do you? That's okay.
I don't like me much these days, either.
But not enough to spend another day in prison.
The answer is no.
I want my trial.
- Mom, you said those words.
Now you need to answer to the person you said them about your daughter.
Call me.
"Our criminal justice system "is a perpetual incarceration machine.
"Black and brown folks are the mechanisms "that keep it running.
"My daughter has thrown a wrench in a machine - that's been failing us for years.
" - I know.
It "Lola Carmichael is only a Band-Aid on Lady Justice's gushing jugular.
" - I am so mortified.
- I am so impressed.
Impressed? Her prose is equal parts visceral and vibrant.
- Ooh, with a dash of vitriol.
- Her prose is a character assassination of the L.
judicial system.
Then your mother is Annie Oakley.
Besides, she's praising you.
Sherri, it paints me as biased against the very same system that I work for.
Oh, you're just catastrophizing.
That is not even a word.
Irrational, unfounded thoughts that make a situation worse than it actually is.
I am not being irrational.
Remember, you're taking over the Izzy Ruiz murder trial today.
With Judge Este ill, everyone's slammed.
- I know.
Sherri filled me in.
- [SIGHS.]
Of course.
Lisa, have you read the piece about me - in the "Law Chronicle" this morning? - I have.
You should know I had no idea.
Okay, whatever, Carmichael.
She is furious.
This is not good.
This is bad.
- You don't know that.
- Thanks! Thank you, Roxy.
You've done it again.
I got all my marbles.
Why evaluate my mental competence when I identified the lousy, thieving son-of-a-bitch in a lineup.
- Bernadine, I'm just trying to - It's Bernie.
Bernadine sounds like I should be baking peach pies for the Red Hat Society and knitting baby booties.
Well, I don't like baking or knitting or - Babies? - Hats.
Wise guy.
Based on your medical records, the defense lawyer has some questions about your marbles, and the judge thought it best to hold a competency hearing to determine your ability to recall.
Who does this judge think she is? The judge.
Listen, all you have to do is testify that you were visiting your husband's grave when Joe Collins punched you and took your purse.
- And my watch.
- Right.
Cripes' sake.
How'd you break those things, anyway? At the rink.
It was hockey.
No, it wasn't, but it's your story.
Without your testimony, we don't have a case, so let's just get through this hearing, and then we can move forward with the actual trial.
One condition.
You get my watch back.
Understand? I'll try my best.
Once you were brought into the morgue, what happened next? The coroner showed me the body.
Whose body was it? My daughter's Vera Calderon.
And what was your reaction to seeing your daughter like that? When I saw Vera's body, I remembered the mornings I'd go into her room and watch her sleep.
She looked so peaceful.
When was the last time you spoke with Vera? Two days before she died.
She told me how she had become a changed woman.
Everything after "she died" is stricken.
Romero, your next question.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Calderon, you testified earlier that the last time you spoke with Vera was two days before she died.
How long was that call? A few minutes.
I'd give anything to get that time back.
Your Honor, I have a 25-page call log from the Department of Corrections for inmate Vera Calderon.
May I have that marked as Defense "B"? - So marked.
- Ms.
Calderon, these logs showed that you and Vera had phone contact 36 times over the year prior to her death, but none of those calls were longer than 30 seconds.
- Does this track? - Yes.
According to these logs, the last call was, as you testified, two days before Vera's death, but that call wasn't a few minutes, was it? No.
It wasn't.
That's right.
It was 18 seconds.
It doesn't sound like you thought Vera had changed.
- Objection.
- Ms.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
You look so helpless.
You are just getting so much pleasure out of this, aren't you? Hey, if you would've played your cards right last night and stuck to the rails with me, both of us would have had a different post-skate pleasure.
- Your prescription.
- Thank you.
Kurt Flannery agreed to testify.
- How'd you manage that? - My art of persuasion goes a long way.
- You threatened to subpoena.
- Yeah, that, too.
Now I have an airtight defense for Vic.
Callan? Ask for tomato soup, and the bastards gave me potato.
Leave your manners in your makeup bag, blondie? I'm sorry.
My name's Amy.
Gotta run.
You haven't knocked boots with blondie yet, so can't be trouble in paradise.
What's wrong? Let's go over the hearing later today.
To prove that you're competent to testify at trial, you need to satisfy a two-part test.
One you have the capacity to communicate.
They put too much salt in this.
Part one, check, and two, that you have personal knowledge of the event.
They put too much salt in this.
Ready to cut a deal, Callan? We haven't met.
I'm Monica Sung, the other lawyer in your case.
Then we don't need to meet.
- No deal, Monica.
- You'll change your mind.
See you in court.
I know, Bernie.
You don't like her.
When you arrived at the cemetery, what'd you do, Bernie? The usual.
I sat in my lawn chair, cracked upon a tall one, and visited with my Manuel.
Manuel's your deceased husband? - Yes.
- And what'd you do next? I was about to take the first sip of my beer when the son of a bitch came Mrs.
Morris, language, please.
The perp grabbed me from behind, covered my mouth.
I fought back 'cause Mother didn't raise no wimp.
Then he sucker-punched me and stole my purse and my watch.
Do you see that man in this courtroom today? Yes, he's sitting right there.
- Identifying the defendant.
- Nothing further.
Morris, what did you eat for lunch this afternoon? - Objection.
- I'm testing the witness' - ability to perceive and recount.
- Overruled.
I'll allow some latitude, Ms.
Morris, answer the question.
I didn't eat lunch.
Callan, will the People stipulate Mrs.
Morris did eat lunch with you less than an hour ago at the Hit & Run Café? Mr.
Callan? Do you stipulate? Yes.
The People stipulate that Mrs.
Morris did eat lunch today.
You can all kiss my ass! - Mrs.
Morris! - How would you like it if you were poked and prodded like a damn lab rat? And you, Joe Collins! You give me back my watch! - Order in the court! - Now hold on, ma'am.
- Ow! - Don't you hurt him! - [GROANS.]
- Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, sweetheart, are you all right? Are you okay, sweetheart? Mark, call me back.
Spoke to your mother.
She wants to stop by today and see you.
She has my number.
She can use it.
If I may, do you think you're taking this article too personally? It's the piece about me with a direct quote from my mom, so no, and after my run-in with the Commission on Judicial Performance, I don't need any heat.
I wouldn't label it as heat.
More like harmless attention, with significant entertainment value.
- Well, you saw Benner this morning.
- She'll get over it.
In the meantime, don't Catastrophize? I need some air outside.
People are convinced Luke's choosing Benner.
- Thanks, Sara.
- Your Honor, I just have to say your mom is my "shero"! That quote was awesome.
Luke is choosing who for what? Sara? Luke's interviewing for clerkships, including one with Judge Benner, so I-I've got a pool going because pools are fun and the H.
can use some fun, right? Deputy Watkins applied to be Benner's law clerk, not mine.
Look, if this is about another plea It's not.
I wanted to I wanted to see how you're doing.
How are you doing? I want to share something with you.
My parents left Puerto Rico when they were newlyweds.
They settled in Downey, started a trucking company.
And it was really good for a while.
But then they They lost everything, and it got really bad.
I was 16.
I was partying, and and other stuff, stealing.
I I got arrested.
My parents were already struggling, and I was just making it worse.
I was on my way to juvie, and I was just so mad at, like, everyone.
It got to the point where we We didn't speak for, like, a year.
So, Izzy, I know what it's like Are you for real right now? I'm just trying Trying to what? Relate to me? Like how? A short stint in juvie is a joke compared to four years in maximum.
And you think you know me 'cause what, we're both brown women in the system? 'Cause your parents were pissed at you? I'm talking to you through glass.
- Yeah, I'm not trying - You don't know the first thing about me or about life on the inside, so stick to what you do know Defending criminals like me.
Go back to my cell, please.
Thank you for the opportunity, Judge Benner.
You'll be hearing from my J.
Sherri, I didn't hear you.
I have an astoundingly light tread.
Judge Carmichael would like a word after court adjourns today.
Thank you.
I trusted you, and you let them humiliate me in that courtroom.
After what happened in that courtr After what happened in that courtroom, the defense lawyer offered to plea out your case to a misdemeanor.
If I agreed, Joe Collins would have gotten away scot-free.
I didn't because I believed your story the first time, and I still do.
And I'm trying to get back your watch.
Mark! You want in on the "Where will Luke clerk in the courthouse" pool? Oh, my God.
What happened? Chatty Cathy, can't you see we're having a damn Hallmark moment here? - That wasn't nice, Bernie.
- Yeah, well, it's in the past.
It literally just happened.
- I'm trying to tell you something.
That watch was World War II-era Elgin that he got from a pawn shop.
The band was worn.
The case was scratched.
The crown was stuck.
But you see, I love history.
So Manny bought me historical gifts.
What year was Elgin founded? 1864.
Changed its name in 1874.
Manuel set the watch to Eastern time, promising that we'd be in Niagara Falls for our 60th.
We'd always wanted to go.
But he died, and time ultimately won.
Bernie, I need to re-establish your competence on that stand.
I have an idea how I'm gonna do that.
- What kind of watch was it? - Objection.
If we travel down this distorted memory lane, we'll be here all night.
Witness may respond.
It was an Elgin, 32-millimeter metal case.
Stainless steel case back.
Rusted white dial.
NATO strap was swapped out for leather.
What is Elgin? Oh, it was an Illinois-based watch company founded in 1864.
Before Elgin, all watches were handmade.
They changed the industry by mass producing watches with machine-made parts.
Men branded them the working man's watch, as if women didn't work.
Sexist bastards.
- Mrs.
- Oh, sorry, Judge.
What was the watch company's logo, Mrs.
Morris? It was the Greek god Chronos with a scythe in one hand and a pocket watch in the other.
You know, that watch isn't worth a wooden nickel, and, like all of the other presents Manuel gave me, I disregarded it.
But if he were here now, I would tell him.
that watch means the world to me.
Your Honor, Mrs.
Morris may be confused about recent short-term events, but her long-term memory is steel-trap.
The defendant robbed her of one of those priceless memories one year ago, which any reasonable person would qualify as long term, Given the foregoing, the People respectfully urge the court to allow Mrs.
Morris to tell her story at trial in her own words.
Nothing further.
Thank you.
I'll render my decision soon.
Lee Ann, are you an inmate at the Central California Women's Facility? Yeah, I am.
Did you know the victim Vera Calderon? We're We were cellmates for two years.
And what was your relationship like? Close.
Best friends.
Can you tell us what you saw on the night in question? Vera didn't show up at the mess hall for dinner, and we never miss a meal together, so I looked for her, and that's when I found her in the prison laundry room.
And what did you find? Izzy was standing over Vera's body.
She saw me.
She ran off.
I went to see if Vera's okay, but she wasn't breathing.
You killed her.
- Objection.
- Ms.
- You killed Vera! You killed her! - Calm down.
- Hey, sit down.
- Order! Calm down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
I think that's enough for today.
Jurors and all parties are ordered to return tomorrow at 10:30 a.
Court is adjourned.
I thought you said you were gon' be cool.
Step out of the box.
Hands behind your back.
I got it.
Izzy, tell me about that shank again.
Okay, the shank that you described When you look at me, do you Do you see a murderer? What you said before, me not liking you, it's not Doesn't matter.
You don't need Let me finish.
Okay? At the pre-trial hearing, I noticed that you didn't have any family sitting in the gallery, and same with this trial.
What I was trying to say before I remember being a kid in custody, sitting in the courtroom, feeling really alone.
And when I saw you, I think I'm reminded of the loneliness and the shame that that I felt when I was 16.
And now? What do you see? I see a young woman who deserves a second chance.
So tell me about this shank.
Um Mr.
Watkins, you have been on the front line of 802.
And the experience has been You have seen every move I've made on the bench since I first put on the robe.
We've established a rapport, right? Yes, Your Honor.
Then why not apply to be my clerk? I promise you It's not personal.
If one more person says that today, it is personal.
If you think my decision has anything to do with that article, I promise you, it absolutely does not.
Let's talk.
Hey, Dorothy Hamill.
The Attorney General folded.
They're dropping the charges against Vic.
What? Your dad's gonna be released, Mark.
It's over.
You okay? You want to sit down? No.
I Thank you.
Going to Twin Towers later to give Vic the news, make sure the paperwork is straight.
- Come with me.
- I need to I need to find Bernie's watch.
I'll meet you there.
Calm down, daughter.
The reporter sought me out.
It wasn't the other way around.
Don't deflect, Mom.
You know this is about what you said.
"Lola Carmichael is a Band-Aid on Lady Justice's gushing jugular.
" If growing up in a household with me taught you anything, it's to stand firm in what you believe.
I stand by what I said.
Even at the cost of hurting your own child.
You know that that was not my intention.
I believe you.
I do.
But you were reckless.
The reporter asked for a statement about me.
You turned this into an indictment of the L.
judicial system.
A system that continues to recycle the same people of color People like you and me.
Mom! I am talking about optics, and you of all people know about optics.
- And you knew better than to make a public statement like that.
Why would I not say it in public if that is what I believe? The public has always been my domain! And very clearly, this institution has become yours.
Yes, it has! But not in the way that you think, Mom.
With that robe, I have the power to protect the people who are being abused by the law and from the law from being abused.
Why can't you see that? The last time I came here, you reminded me that my little girl became a judge.
I know who I raised then, and I know who you are now.
But you can't reconcile the two.
I didn't say that.
Mom, you made me That fire, that passion to change the world one person at a time You gave me that.
We are not in opposition.
We are on the same side.
You just have to accept the fact that my tactics are different than yours.
Maybe they shouldn't be.
Maybe you should be out there with the people instead of looking down at them.
You just went there.
- Lo.
- Mama, I got work to do.
- Ohh! - Bernie, it's me.
What the hell's the matter with you, sneaking up on an 80-year-old victim of robbery? I'm sorry.
I came to tell you the judge is gonna let you testify at trial.
You did good, Bernie.
Your husband would be proud.
Want a beer? - [ICE RATTLES.]
- Ah, I'm good, but thanks.
Take my word for it.
You need a drink.
Manny loved fishing.
Never had the skill or the luck for it, but he would sit there for hours.
Me, I'm too impatient.
So if you think I'm gonna fish for what's wrong with you My dad and I, we we don't, um Anyway, he got himself into some trouble, and I helped him get out of it because, well right now we're right back to where we started, I guess I just thought it would be different.
It's strange.
It's the most time we've spent together in years.
That's not strange.
It's life.
I mean, losing time is the worst thing we can do to ourselves.
Seems like you've lost a lot of time.
Let it go.
You'll be just fine without the pain.
The Attorney General has agreed to drop the charges.
So when do I get out of here? - You waste no time, do you? - Hey, take a look around.
Excuse me for cutting to the chase, Mark.
- Not even a "thank you"? - Stop it.
We won.
I won.
Vic, once the court processes your paperwork, the sheriff will make sure there are no other holds on you.
There won't be.
Then you'll be released.
Then my job is done.
Questions? I didn't think so.
I'll be outside.
Where to after this? The Armenians aren't through with me.
Anywhere I go in L.
, it's gonna be a hit on my head, so I think it's time for a a little vacation.
You need a ride out of town? No, I'll find my way.
Always do.
So I'll see you when I see ya.
I'll Yeah.
Let me know where you land.
Door, please.
Oh! What happened? - Me and Amy were at the - Did you two No.
We were working late last night and ended up at the Holiday Ice Rink at Pershing Square, and where's The hooch? I had a few beers, started showing off.
Next thing you know, voilà two broken wrists.
The ice rink.
You really like her.
So you're working late.
Does she have any updates on Vic's case? Actually, yes.
Amy's getting the charges against Vic dropped.
What? Mark, oh, my God.
That's my 24 hours in a nutshell.
- And? - And the truth hasn't changed.
I can always rely on Vic to be Vic.
I can never rely on him to be a father.
My whole life, I've been waiting for that to change, and it it won't.
You don't know that.
You don't.
Talk to Roxy? Actually, yes.
She stopped by to stand her ground and not apologize.
She could have done that in a text.
She didn't mean to hurt you, Lola.
I know she didn't mean to hurt me, Mark, but she did, and now I'm left dealing with the heat.
- What heat? - I just dodged a bullet with the C.
hearings, and now I am back to having judges and lawyers thinking that I am Oh, come on, Lola.
Nobody's thinking anything except that you have a very passionate and vocal mom who's trying to I need to stay out of the spotlight, and her words just put me right back in it.
- In a good way.
- Why are you diminishing this? I'm not diminishing anything.
- You're blowing it up.
- Yes, you are! You're always trying to sabotage your relationship - with your mom.
- I don't always do that, Mark.
Yes, you do.
Look at you.
You know what? [SCOFFS.]
I need to be alone.
Lopez, your witness.
Moss, how would you describe the relationship between Vera and Izzy? They didn't like each other.
In the days leading up to Izzy's release, Izzy bragged about getting out, didn't she? Yeah.
Rubbed it in all our faces.
Did Vera seem like she was angry at Izzy for bragging? Objection.
Hearsay and speculation.
I am asking the witness to testify as to her perception given her close relationship to the alleged victim.
Witness may answer.
I guess you could say Vera was angry.
That's a lovely necklace you're wearing.
Where did you get it? Please answer Ms.
Lopez' question.
I, uh, I made it.
You work in the prison woodshop, don't you? Will the court please direct the witness to answer the question? What she's saying ain't got nothing to do - with Vera being dead nothing! - Please sit down.
Sit down.
Moss, we are all here to get to the truth.
I believe you want that, too.
So please, answer Ms.
Lopez' question.
I work at the prison woodshop.
I use the scraps to make jewelry that I sell online.
You used these scraps to help make a shank for Vera.
- Objection! - Ms.
Argumentative and assumes facts not in evidence.
- Your Honor, I am merely asking - Your Honor, the defense is merely - bullying the People's witness.
- That's enough.
- Your Honor, no shank was recovered.
- That's 'cause I got it! [VOICE BREAKING.]
I loved Vera.
And she loved me.
We loved each other, but she was She was depressed, and in prison, no one cares about that stuff.
Being depressed just means that that you're weak or you're going psych, so Vera kept real quiet about that.
But when Izzy bragged about getting out, Vera said she wanted to hurt her, and I didn't think that was real talk.
And that would always be my fault.
But, uh Vera knew I had a shank, and that night, when I found her, the shank was right next to her.
And I stashed it to protect her and me.
I'm sorry.
It's an Elgin, stainless steel, rusted white dial, worn leather band.
The watch is crucial to my case, so please.
Wow, that old buzzard really grew on you, didn't she? As a matter of fact, she did.
What can I do for you, Monica? My client's willing to plead guilty to the robbery charge, mid-term, three years.
But not without a caveat? Let me guess.
Drop the GBI enhancement? And Joe Collins returns Bernie's things including the watch.
Is Is Bernie home? My name's Mark Callan.
I'm a prosecutor.
I was trying Bernie's I'm sorry.
Is she here? I wanted to return something to her.
Bernardine died last night.
What? I I just saw her.
She was 80.
Her diet consisted pretty much of cheap beer and TV dinners.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? I'm her son Daniel.
Can I get you anything, Izzy? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Thank you, though.
You know, in prison, time moves so slow almost like it stops.
A week feels like a year.
After a while, you forget that on the outside, time moves at lightning speed.
People you love get on with their lives without you.
Every inmate feels alone.
Knowing how depressed Vera was Her pain was beyond your control.
I killed her.
Vera's dead because You had to defend yourself.
Can't imagine the guilt Vera's mom feels.
You know, all the times that she could have wrote or called her, and she'll never get that back - because of me.
- You are not a bad person.
I'm gonna get a bailiff.
"People of California vs.
Isabella Ruiz "as to the charge in Count 1 Murder, in violation "of Penal Code section 187-A, "we the jury in the above entitled case find the defendant not guilty.
" LOLA: Members of the jury, we thank you for your diligence and your time.
Ruiz? You are free to go.
Good luck with the rest of your interviews.
Wherever you land, they'll be the lucky ones.
Actually, I accepted a clerkship at the D.
's office.
My old stomping grounds? That's what I was trying to explain to you before.
The truth is, Your Honor, I don't want to clerk for you.
I want to be you.
So I'm gonna start where you started.
Judge Carmichael found an amazing program for you.
You get to live there for free.
They're gonna help you find a job, okay? Things are happening in a really good way.
All right? It's okay.
It's okay.
LUKE: Celebration is in order.
You restored that woman's freedom and mine being taken away with this D.
You're going to the D.
's office? - Looks like it.
- Whoop! That's amazing.
That's so great.
Before we pop open the bubbly, I need to tell you something.
Our lives are gonna get more complicated as you get closer to becoming a lawyer, and I worry because I really care for you.
The truth is I've been worried, too.
- Oh.
- Today it's a clerkship.
Tomorrow it'll be something else.
- We'll figure it out.
- Mm-hmm.
Mm-hmm? Mm-hmm.
Luke chose the D.
Who knew? Me.
You? You didn't place any bet.
Oh, but I did.
I had a clerk do it for me under an alias.
You're Hemorrhoid Gran Hermione Granger.
"Harry Potter"? Never mind.
Pay up, bookie.
Minus a vig.
That's a big vig.
You know, for years, I've been watching my wife out in the street, fighting the good fight.
Now I get to watch my daughter in here fight the same good fight.
I am so proud of you, Lola.
Okay, Daddy, spill it.
Mom was supposed to tell you this herself, But she said those things in the paper because Because her cause always needs a platform? Because she was reaching out to you, Lo, trying to get your attention.
Well, it worked.
She's taking a leave of absence from the nonprofit.
It's been hard.
She needs a break.
- Since when? - Since two months ago.
I think she's finally hit a wall and is feeling lost.
I can't even imagine her at home, sitting.
She's always out, doing.
Maybe I was catastrophizing.
- Catastro-what? - Nothing, Daddy.
People can change, Lo.
In the meantime, let's have dinner tonight.
We both miss you.
Okay? Tonight.
Okay? Okay, Daddy.
Come in.
- Okay, I can't apologize for my mother's actions, nor should I have to.
Your mother's what? Oh, that article? [LAUGHS.]
I don't care about that.
You couldn't have said that two days ago? Sorry.
I haven't been myself lately.
I've been brief and brusque.
- That's two "B" words.
- Don't push it, Carmichael.
I have had to keep this under wraps, but I wanted you to be the first to know.
I'm running for State Attorney General.
I appreciate the lift.
Glad you called.
No worries.
I didn't want to leave things the way we did, so Remember when you were a kid and we would go to the movies and I would buy us each a ticket? And then we'd go in and we'd stay for two or three flicks? [LAUGHS.]
- Three-for-one special.
Yeah, and you were always so afraid we were gonna get caught.
But I always told you, "You're gonna be safe as long as you're with me.
" And you believed me.
Already ordered us spring rolls.
So happy you came.
Is Mark joining us? I'm not sure.
I texted him.
Where is, uh Now you know my favorite show is Ro and Lo going toe to toe.
But tonight let's just eat.
- Fine by me.
- I'm okay with that.
Jazz! - Hey, Jazz! - Hi.
How are you? - Carmichael family.
- What do you have tonight? - Three flavor fish with sweet and sour and soul food.
All right, Jazz, thank you for that.
Don't give me that Girl, I know you're staying How are your wrists? Itchy.
Healing, I think.
I came because I wanted to say what my dad didn't or couldn't, which is thank you, Amy.
- Without you, I - Oh, shut up, Mark.
But love me tonight Sweet girl of mine Um Take all your time I know that you're mine Like there's no time at all Never gonna come
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