All Rise (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

Prelude to a Fish

1 Previously on "All Rise" When did you know you picked the wrong guy? - When he hit me.
- I'm so sorry.
You give this white boy two schooners and an ice rink, - he turns into Tonya Harding.
- Hmm.
Your dad's gonna be released, Mark.
It's over.
I wanted to say what my dad didn't.
Oh, shut up, Mark.
But I wanted you to be the first to know.
I'm running for state attorney general.
I know that you have a special relationship with Lisa Benner.
It's good to have mentors, but keep a safe distance.
- I know it's Valentine's Day.
- That's why I'm calling.
How much to deliver today? That is criminal.
Okay, let's do it.
On the table, please.
This is for me from Detective Harris.
This is for you.
"Open me in a quiet moment.
" What time is the thing? - Call it "Operation Cupid.
" - I won't.
Do you hate Valentine's Day, too? No, I just think some things should be celebrated in private.
You're not busy.
Follow me.
Operation Cupid will be fun.
What's that "operation" all about? Strictly need-to-know.
What'd you get Robin? You called me out of my office to ask about my husband? - Flowers.
- Really making an effort.
Judge Carmichael.
This is David Sanders, strategist for my attorney general campaign.
Bill Clinton is too obvious.
Los Angeles mayoral election, 1993? - Um - David can tell anyone the first political event they cared about.
- It's a superpower.
How'd I do? - Doesn't count.
My mom was devastated when Michael Woo lost.
Ah, didn't factor in the politically active mom.
- Can I try again? - Is this why you needed me? Sorry.
I wanted to meet you A chance to gossip with a fellow Howard alum.
Okay, Bison.
Was Professor Tillman still around when Yeah, and still as odd as ever and - The parrot.
- The parrot.
And if I'm honest, I wanted We wanted to ask for your help.
- With what? - I've approached a few people An elite squad, if you will, to get a jump on candidate research.
Looking into my time at the D.
's office, my history on the bench.
And I would love it We would love it if you would look into Judge Benner's time at Slefinger & Feste.
The private practice years.
Long time ago, but - We wanna be thorough.
- The party must have professionals - who could handle that.
- At this early stage, we wanna know what people close to the candidate notice.
It's more intuitive than analytical, like finding underground water with a willow branch.
What do you say, Carmichael? Wanna be my dowsing rod? - Here you go, boss.
- Thank you.
Can I get a fork, too, please? - Thanks.
- You got it.
Happy Valentine's Day.
- So that's your panic face.
- No, uh Relax.
Valentine's Day is a consumer holiday for the insecure.
I wish we'd been able to have dinner or coffee or Schedules.
We're both very busy.
You do send very long text messages.
I think of them as erudite? I like them.
Nothing's changed professionally, right? D.
's policies are clear.
Avoid an appearance of conflict - that under - Undermines the confidence in justice.
Ah, nice recall.
So if nothing's changed? Professionally.
- There's no conflict.
- Excellent.
Because I just picked up a last minute pro bono case.
See you in court today.
Barney Budge, the personal care attendant? Mr.
Budge is my client.
That is correct.
He stole insurance money from a guy with a disability.
It's clear abuse.
Why did you take the case? I drew the short straw.
Besides, it'll be fun.
So you were after your albums? You mentioned Patty Smith.
Mm, and The Stooges' "Raw Power," the '73 original, not the '80s remaster.
I love that album.
I know it's valuable.
Yeah, and it was signed by Iggy.
Okay, look, the jury They won't be swayed by the value of the albums.
We stick to your right to enter the apartment No burglary, no strike.
He had my vinyl.
It wasn't theft.
I know this D.
He's good.
He's gonna paint the picture.
Bitter ex-girlfriend trashes apartment.
Just garden-variety relationship death.
You've been teachng, what, five years? Eighth grade.
It's like house-training zombies.
Hey, we have a tough needle to thread here, okay? We need an acquittal, because even with probation, that strike could cost you your job.
I know that.
I'm just trying to keep it together.
I mean, one minute, I have my dream job and I'm in love, and the next minute, I'm alone and in court and You are not alone.
I just wanted my records back.
- You have the hand fans? - Yep.
You have the confetti poppers? Check.
Hey, Em, sorry.
- You are needed in 802.
- Sure.
Why? Changes to Judge Carmichael's calendar.
Cascading rescheduling.
All rise.
Good morning, Ms.
Let's hear those motions.
I'm sorry.
I was told we were running calendar? - Sherri, what's going on here? - Your call, Your Honor.
Well, we should be running calendar.
But It's Valentine's Day.
Aah! Whoo! Happy Valentine's Day, Em.
Thank you! - Thank you.
- That was great.
Thank you so much.
That was awesome.
That was wow! - Open it.
- Yeah.
You like dogs, but you're too busy for a dog.
So - What is it? - I don't know.
A fish is the next best thing - for a busy dog person.
- A fish? That's sweet.
It's sweet.
Don't you have to, um, be at the - Oh, crap.
- The I hate to gift and run.
- No, go.
- This is awkward.
Go, go, go.
Thank you.
- I hope you like it.
- I do.
You're Luke.
I'm Sam.
Welcome to the Thunderdome.
Nervous? No.
But no.
I might have gone overboard with Valentine's Day.
- Oh.
What did you do? - I'm not sure.
Whole thing was a blur.
There was a choir.
Okay, Romeo, your desk is right next to mine.
Luke! Welcome.
People! Can I have a moment, please? Meet our newest clerk, Mr.
Luke Watkins, coming straight from Courtroom 802! Soon as you're settled, come meet me.
We've got witness prep.
Casework first day.
- I should - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Good luck.
We're going after Barney Budge for forgery, grand theft, and dependent care abuse.
Paul Gordon and his sister Ruth.
This is Luke Watkins.
The preliminary hearing is a chance for the judge to hear the evidence and decide if it's enough to try the defendant.
It's like a mini trial.
- Is the judge also tiny? - Uh, no.
Regular-size courtroom, miniature trial.
Got it.
My brother nearly loses his home in a wildfire, and this Barney steals from him.
When he was filling out the insurance claim, Barney Budge listed his own bank account.
$63,000 gone.
Barney spent about $1,000, tried to give it back - when he was arrested? - What, we just forgive him? We're pursuing the maximum.
Barney's looking at four years.
- Good.
- See you in the courtroom shortly.
Paul, don't worry.
We've got a strong case.
- We'll get him.
- If she's happy, I'm happy.
Did I I didn't ask Paul about employment records.
I'm still a little I'm catching up after my dad's whole murder thing.
Oh, yeah, congrats.
Charges dropped.
- How's he doing? - I wouldn't know.
Yeah, um, Paul recovered most of the money.
Doesn't seem very eager to be here.
Why not just plea this out? Barney took advantage of Paul, betrayed his trust.
We do our job, we take this thing to trial, secure a conviction.
Barney loses his license, and he never does that to anyone again ever.
Have you named it? No, and what am I - It can't live here.
- You should.
Start bonding with it as soon as possible.
Walter, have a seat.
There's nothing to be nervous about.
Opposing counsel will put Walter on the stand, - establish the break-in.
- Get his side of the story.
You should call it "Freckles.
" Freckles, please come with me.
I saw the busted doorframe, thought, "Is he still here?" - "He"? - Whoever broke in.
It didn't cross my mind it had been Laura.
- Objection.
- Overruled.
Farley, continue.
Realized it was Laura when I saw the records were missing.
- This was your collection? - Ours, until she moved out.
How long ago did Laura move out? Three months.
She left a note with her keys.
So she no longer lived in the residence.
I didn't want you to leave.
I still love you.
- Objection, Your Honor.
- Sustained.
Farley, please do not address Ms.
I'm sorry, Your Honor.
I love her.
Always will.
Nothing further.
You testified that Laura - returned her keys.
- With a note.
- These keys? - I asked for the keys.
She ignored me.
I changed the locks.
It didn't stop Laura and her crowbar.
The doorframe - Did you take her name off the lease? - I was heartbroken.
I'm sure you were very sad, Walter, - but I asked you a question.
- Objection.
Lopez, less argumentative, if you please.
My client was on the lease.
She still had her keys, so when she returned - to her apartment - Laura left me.
I don't give a damn about who was on the lease.
I told her that if she left Was Laura still on the lease? Yeah.
Thank you.
Nothing further.
I wish you hadn't done that.
Judge Benner wants you involved with her campaign? I would be helping, yes.
Is that weird? Unusual, but you're her protégé, her trusted lieutenant.
Which makes me your valued captain.
- I think it would be sergeant.
- Oh, the metaphor collapses.
Point is, when do we start? David Sanders asked me to look - into her private practice years.
- David.
Campaign consultant.
Interesting man.
Benner worked at Slefinger & Feste for three years.
Large civil suits.
Won't be too many cases.
Public records will probably only show lead attorneys.
Even as an associate, her name would be on something in the system.
And what are we looking for? Anything the opposition could twist into a weapon.
On it.
Love research.
Calling People vs.
Counsel, your appearances.
- Amy Quinn on his behalf.
- Mark Callan for the People.
- Okay, are both sides ready? - Yes, Your Honor.
Defense is ready.
I realize the defense was only recently assigned this case, and the People's readiness shouldn't be seen as pressure.
While defense is ready, we would entertain a reasonable People's continuance, - should it be needed.
- Counsel, please approach.
- Paul.
- I have eight prelims today.
This is felony court, not the court at Versailles.
Come on, talk to me, man.
Why are you doing this, man? Let's have some order, Ms.
Yes, Your Honor.
- You said I should take the money.
- Not true.
- Barney - I'm going to jail, man.
- You said - Paul.
- That's enough! - Counselors, come back when you have your people under control.
I have to go to the office.
With the court delay - That's not on me.
- I didn't say it was.
When should I plan on returning? I'm capable of texting when we're done.
Barney tipped Quinn's hand.
"You said I should take the money.
" - She'll argue it was a gift.
- 60 grand.
I must be generous.
She'll say it was, I don't know, friend in need.
We'll counter with the payroll records that I asked for.
Show it was a work-only relationship.
Ooh, yeah.
Listen, the payroll records That was more of a, uh, an informal thing.
- Informal meaning - Under the table? Oh, that is a damning yet accurate characterization.
Really? It's all right.
I should've double-checked.
That's on me.
It's all good.
It's not about the legal definition of employee.
We'll just need to characterize the relationship.
Luke, ideas? We'll use your checking history, job postings, - written instructions - Great.
Need help, ask, uh - Sam? - Ask Sam what now? - I-I can handle it.
- Well, first day.
I'm all yours.
I need to show Barney was an employee, - prove they're not friends.
- Well, you can't prove a negative.
If you have a legal test for friendship, I'm open.
Paul's waiting.
I'll be right back.
Is this about what you gave Robin for Valentine's Day? Come on.
Not last-minute flowers.
- Pink carnations.
- Ugh.
What What'd he give you? Haven't found the right time to open it.
Keep getting interrupted.
How are you doing? First V-Day in a long time you're not dating.
Hadn't even crossed my mind.
Are you seeing someone? What is "plot imani?" Autocorrect is supposed to help.
"Political question.
" You know Benner's running for A.
? She asked me to help vet her.
- Whoa, bad idea.
- I'm kinda honored and freaked out.
Wear a button, host a fundraiser.
Do not dig for dirt on your boss.
- It was David Sanders' idea.
- Who? - Her consultant.
- What if you find something? He's a Howard grad, so Until you know why she's asking, say no.
- You're paranoid.
- I'm pragmatic.
I don't give answers until I know what the question is.
Lisa's been good to me.
She's always had my back.
It's time for me to show her I can do the same.
I'll do my little investigation.
You're right.
It'll be fine.
Literally the opposite of what I just said.
I need to talk to you.
I'm Okay.
Over Over here.
I'm sorry.
I I don't wanna I I didn't know who to talk to, - and this is just - Laura, Laura, slow slow down.
- This is totally surreal.
- What's wrong? Oh, okay.
T-Turn that off.
Why are you I sent Walter these pics early on.
Okay, that's private.
You don't need to It's not gonna have any bearing on the case.
He spammed my work email Everything I had sent him.
- He what? - To the whole staff.
To everyone.
These pictures, they I I I can't.
People are calling me.
My email I can't answer.
I just I don't know.
I don't know what to do.
I can't believe this is happening.
Walter Farley, your alleged burglary victim - Spineless coward.
- Ms.
He sent naked photos of my client to her colleagues at her school.
If you don't offer a plea right now, I will submit his email into evidence.
- What's the relevance? - Your witness attempted to ruin my client's life and reputation.
Your case is done.
The jury will see him for the scum he is.
That's ironic.
Usually you're the one defending the scum.
I'm thinking misdemeanor trespass.
Laura gets time served.
One year probation.
- I need to check with Choi.
- No, you don't.
I'm sure everyone has work to do.
Talk to your boss.
- You okay? - Yeah, just business as usual.
Uh Sherri named the fish Freckles.
- Cute.
- Office looks good on you.
Let's pick this up later.
I gotta get back to this, okay? All right.
To what do I owe the pleasure? Judge Benner's taking a run at attorney general.
So I hear.
What's her platform? - You'd vote for her? - I'd do my homework.
- Despite your warning? - You mean my advice.
I've done a quick review of some case summaries from Benner's private practice years.
Benner's worried about opposition research, - so she turns to you? - Out of a dozen cases, three stood out A wrongful termination suit, a toxic tort class action, and fraudulent investments.
Oh, as much as I enjoy gossip You told me people get run down by their past, to stay clear, but I won't distance myself from friends.
The toxic tort was that against Cuprillon Industries? - Yes.
- Why did it catch your attention? Unsafe and dangerous workplace.
Employees settled too quickly.
Well, I'd be curious to know what made them back down.
Laski knew about Cuprillon Industries.
There won't be much detail in that settlement, and the public record won't tell us why they agreed.
Which is why you're gonna help me find an employee to talk to.
I do enjoy a challenge, Your Honor.
I know that you do.
- He got left in the courtroom.
- I can't take it right now.
- This is a settlement conference.
- It's a him.
Come here, Freckles! - Come! That's a good boy.
- Let's teach him to do tricks.
I understand there's a plea? Misdemeanor trespass, Your Honor.
Midway through trial.
You could have saved the court a lot of time and effort.
- What's changed? - His client distributed naked pictures - Revenge porn, Your Honor.
- We do not use that term, Mr.
- My apologies.
- First of all, it implies that Ms.
Paschke did something deserving vengeance.
Also, she intended just one person to receive those photos.
She did not make porn.
She was, however, exploited.
You should call it what it is Cyber exploitation.
I hope my viewpoint on the issue is made clear by the generous plea deal we've offered.
The court will accept the plea.
Did the defendant, Barney Budge, work for you? Bathing" on Craigslist, and it gets weird.
Barney was the least weird, - so yeah.
- So he worked for you? Yes, he helped me with everyday wipey, scratchy kinds of things.
It's always the focus, right, what I can't do? - You paid wages for that help? - That's right.
Did the defendant help you fill out paperwork? Some of my fine motor skills are less than fine.
Did you ask the defendant to help you fill out paperwork for an insurance claim after your home was damaged in a wildfire? Yes, I asked him to fill in the basic information, showed him my checking account.
I signed it, trusting him, Later I discovered that rather my account number, he used his own.
Over $60,000 gone.
Nothing further.
Quinn, your witness.
- So you weren't friends? - No.
Didn't hang out, promise to look out for each other? No, he clocked in, he clocked out.
Your Honor, I'd like to mark as Defense "C," this email, which appears to be from Mr.
Gordon to my client.
So marked.
Gordon, is this an email you sent to Mr.
Budge? Uh yes, I did.
Could you please read the highlighted portion of your words? "Anything you need, man, it's yours.
I love you, man.
" But you testified that you weren't friends.
I'm not great with words, and he lost his mom.
Are you supposed to say, "That sucks"? An employer might say, "My condolences.
" - Objection.
- Sustained.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
And that takes us to recess.
But without an email that says, "Take my money," the friendship angle won't keep you from trial.
I'm full of surprises.
That you are.
Do you wanna get together when we finish the prelim? Friday? I have a date.
Another time, then.
- You missed that email.
- I'm sorry.
But you asked me to back up the employment claim.
As a counter to the friendship tactic.
You always work both sides of an argument.
I got it.
I don't make the same mistake twice.
Glad to hear it.
I don't like surprises.
Well, they terrify me, too, and it's not like I can run away.
What am I not understanding about you and Barney? Look, I, uh, "walk" a line.
But if Barney felt like he was my friend, he'd do a good job, and if not, who knows? So I sent a nice note or whatever.
Are you afraid of him? No, I I do the same with my sister.
She thinks I need to be more professional, hounded me until I sent Barney an employee evaluation.
If I give people a little of what they want, they don't worry about me.
You're what, you're hustling everyone? I act like I'm okay, like everybody.
Otherwise, man, when people see weakness, they take.
Letting Barney think you're friends, that's self-protection? - Yeah.
- It didn't work.
Valentine's Day remorse.
When the formerly charming gesture begins to feel irredeemably cheesy.
And we just met? That was not shade, my friend.
That is just the sad, true fate of the romantic.
I should have accepted your help with Paul's case.
- You are correct.
- I messed up.
Would you help me fix it? Sure.
Baby, I love my flowers.
You lie.
No, I love that you were thinking about me.
You want a hint on yours? No! I am waiting.
Reminds me that I made the right choice marrying you.
That's something you need reminding of.
Where are you? I'm meeting with Celia Anne Duval, lead plaintiff in the class action - against Cuprillon Industries.
- Benner's old case? Yep.
Hoping Celia will shed some light.
Hey, this is more than looking at old records.
Baby, if you're going into the field I will be fine.
I love you.
Talk to you later.
All right.
I will let him know you called.
Okay, bye-bye.
I'm afraid I don't have an appointment.
What company are you looking for? Actually, I'm here to see you.
Cuprillon Industries made countertops of "engineered stone" Chips of quartz and resin.
We cut them to fit.
Hard work.
Used to be able to hold my own on the plant floor.
Now I'm lucky if I can sit in a chair and answer phones.
I get winded drinking a glass of water.
You got sick at the plant.
They issued respirator masks, but we all knew it was the dust.
A claim that Cuprillon Industries disputed.
They denied responsibility, said we weren't following safety protocols.
But they knew.
Company documents were leaked, proved that they let us be exposed.
But we had already settled, and Cuprillon went bankrupt.
I haven't been able to take a deep breath since then.
So let's not waste it.
What do you want? A lawyer who represented Cuprillon is being considered for a new job.
Hire 'em.
Bulldogs, every one.
Sent out their young charmers.
Sat in my living room and promised to drag the case on until I died.
So whoever you're interviewing, hire 'em.
They get the job done.
Laura! Sorry.
You've been fired? A student had the picture on his phone.
I have no idea how he got it.
They called me into the office, and they fired me on the spot.
- Did you call your union? - I can recommend some lawyers.
I just wanted to get out.
I thought I had escaped.
What do you mean, escaped? Escaped who? Walter? Has he done something like this before? Yeah.
I got out of a bad situation, and I just wanna move on.
Are you talking to people about this? D-Does your family know? My roommate, friends.
I'm fine.
- Good.
- These pictures The thought of my students, I I shouldn't have.
I loved my job.
I I'm sorry.
This isn't your problem.
- I'm willing to help.
- No, I can Um, I'll call my union.
- And you will go to the police.
- Sure.
Promise me.
You will go to the police with a friend.
Yeah, I will.
I will.
I will.
- Sam has a theory.
- We have a theory.
She was reviewing federal Right, but remember, you were the one who thought of income requirements.
Guys, you work very nicely together.
I'm glad, and that work has led you to There's strict income requirements when qualifying for federal disability support.
- Shockingly low.
- When someone who receives benefits, like Paul, receives a lump sum payment He runs the risk of losing those benefits.
Paul had an incentive to hide the insurance payout.
Paul leans on Barney, basically asks him to commit Social Security fraud.
Barney agrees, but then starts spending the money.
- But why would Paul report it? - His sister Ruth said that Let's get Paul and Barney in a room together, no judge.
See what the story is when they have to look each other in the eye.
Good work, both of you.
- You busy? - Well, I was Great.
Brainstorm with me.
Cyber exploitation is a misdemeanor.
- When Laura reports it - Laura? People vs.
Paschke with Berger? Got it.
City attorney's office would handle it in misdemeanor court like it's like it's shoplifting, but if we can think more expansively, we can figure out how the same actions could constitute a felony.
Unauthorized access to a computer.
If he hacked into her phone to get the image, then No, it was on his own machine.
Could you call it an electronic threat? Hello.
Who Who are you? Sam Powell, also a clerk.
- Oh.
Emily Lopez.
- I know.
Sam and I were researching federal benefit rules.
Emily is my This is Emily.
I don't think electronic threat would make it to filing.
How is this just a misdemeanor? You're the first public defender I've seen try to stack charges.
Well, I always want the punishment to fit the crime.
Amy Quinn.
You are an excellent lawyer.
- That's not suspicious.
- We can resolve this thing without going all the way to trial.
What do you say? - Trying to charm me into a plea? - You find me charming? - Don't try to play me, Callan.
- This is 100% professional.
- 'Cause nothing's changed.
- Not a thing.
I have a hunch.
Well, it's more than A hypothesis.
This isn't about the money.
It's about the relationship between Barney and Paul.
You don't strike me as the sentimental type.
I'm not.
Just want the truth.
- What are you offering? - Lenient deal? Celia's spent most of her adult life struggling, and the settlement Cubrillon offered was nothing.
Medical bills swallowed it in a year.
- I hope that's not fragile.
- Thank you.
You don't know the extent of Judge Benner's involvement.
That's exactly the problem.
When they asked me to help with this, I thought of it as, I don't know, debate prep.
But now They had to know you would find this out.
But did they? Why not just Am I expected to construct a positive spin? I just I feel uncomfortable.
Talk to her.
You researched.
Now report your findings.
No, not without a complete picture.
A prosecutor never asks a question that they don't already know the answer.
You're a judge now.
And judges wait until all the evidence is in.
- That would be Ms.
- Yes, please.
Come in.
Thank you.
Emily, please, have a seat.
Thank you, Your Honor.
" It's fine.
We're between cases.
Kind of, actually.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
- All right.
- Can one get a conviction on cyber exploitation if the victim won't testify? - Laura won't - I really don't know.
It depends on the other evidence.
The ex - Walter.
- Walter will claim that he was hacked, but a computer expert will handle that, but then He will say that she gave him permission to send them.
So But the D.
moves on abuse cases all the time where the victim won't testify.
With enough physical evidence.
Was Laura abused? Yeah.
Is she safe? She says she has people, a roommate.
I don't know.
I'm I'm I'm trying to help.
And how are you? I'm fine.
Defense attorney's job is hard enough.
Maybe leave the prosecuting to the prosecutors? I'm just trying to help.
May I ask you a question as a friend? Sure.
Do you feel Could your history with Joe be affecting your choices? Do you think that I'm unaware of that? - I wasn't implying - That I am so broken, - I-I don't know my own impulses? - No.
Emily Of course I'm thinking about Joe, but this fight This is how I'm okay.
Don't tell me that I'm not okay.
I apologize.
That was I apologize.
Thank you for the advice and Thank you.
Thanks for meeting.
I think we can clear a few things up.
Barney, check with me before answering My first question's for Paul.
When you received the insurance payout, were you worried about losing your disability benefits? Oh, my God.
Paul, did you give him the money? Barney holds on to the money on your behalf.
You keep your benefits.
No harm, no foul, right? Why'd you bend the law for this guy? Barney, you don't need to answer We talked about stuff.
I'm not I wanted dating advice, and he's smart about that stuff.
- I thought that - That friends help friends.
You're loyal, and then your friend writes you an employee evaluation.
- I never wanted to send that.
- "Needs improvement.
Meets expectations.
" It's upsetting.
I'd be upset.
So you give yourself a bonus.
Maybe you let him skim a little, but then your sister follows up on the insurance claim.
- You don't wanna get caught.
- Do I need a lawyer? The People will not be pursuing an abuse charge against Barney.
He only spent a little of the money that was given to him to hold.
I'm thinking misdemeanor theft.
- We'll consider that.
- And, Paul? If you report the settlement, I won't see a need to refer the case to the federal government.
We'll find a way for you to keep your benefits.
Barney, I'm so sorry.
You let me face four years? You said nothing? I didn't think it was gonna get this far.
I need to keep living on my own.
But you're not on your own.
You counted on me.
Oh, go to hell.
I am not sympathetic I counted on you.
You know, I know you don't like this.
We all need people.
Easy for you to say.
Can I go now? Yes, Mr.
You can go.
Some unsolicited advice? When someone works that hard to show you they care maybe it's worth giving them a shot.
I won't waste your time.
You've made it quite cozy.
We could chat all day.
What are you not telling me? Something struck a nerve.
Lisa Benner defended an indifferent corporation.
I don't agree with the choice, but it wasn't illegal.
This is why I detest politics.
Everyone gets a little too comfortable navigating the distance between unethical and illegal.
And you sit above it all, looking down on the rest of us? What exactly are you trying to get out of this? I simply seek to preserve the integrity - of our roles in the justice system.
- Judge Laski Slefinger & Feste That firm was notorious.
The law to them was Well, let's just say that some of their senior partners came from the Roy Cohn school.
When Cubrillon memos were leaked, smart money said that the firm had them the entire time.
No proof, of course.
Do you think Judge Benner helped hide evidence that proved Cubrillon's liability? I am suggesting she was playing on that team.
Lisa was just an associate.
Whatever that firm was doing, It was way above her pay grade.
- She was just - Following orders.
For a judge, you're not offering many facts.
I admire your commitment to the rules of evidence, Judge Carmichael.
Still, you need to accept that sometimes things are exactly what they seem to be.
Occam's razor and all that.
- Laski is a smug man.
- Yeah, with a good point.
Don't take his side.
I don't see sides.
I only see sound advice.
You don't jump into bed with someone unless you know exactly What? Curious phrase for a work relationship.
"Jump into bed" is a common expression.
Amy Quinn.
What? Wow! - What? - Amy Quinn.
That took a while.
You've never dated a lawyer.
I don't know what this is.
I've dated plenty of serious, intelligent Sure, I know.
Elizabeth was a computer systems something.
Yes, but never lawyers.
It's different.
She's It's fun.
- You're different.
- What did Laski say? He claims better yet, he intimated that apparently, Benner's old firm was involved in some deeply unethical practices.
- Did Benner know? - That I don't know.
I shouldn't even be talking about this.
I should just forget the whole thing is what I should do.
You talk to opposing counsel yet? You don't want me to get involved.
You don't heed my advice, and yet you come back for more.
A lawyer, Jean Rubenstone-Frost She represented the workers.
Maybe she advised them to take the settlement.
You're worried about Benner.
Maybe these poor people just had a bad lawyer.
It's beautiful.
- How did you - Your roommate told me you were here.
My students played last night.
- I couldn't be here, but - They must be gifted.
It's a cute tradition.
The kids play a couple pieces with the symphony.
That's sweet.
I pushed you too hard.
I'm sorry.
You were worried.
Appreciate it.
I told myself it was the job.
My friends were all, "We never see you," and I'd be like, "I'm busy.
" Then I I missed my mom's birthday.
Why? Ex-husband was mad about something, and I stayed home, trying to fix it.
We were married three years, and the isolation just snuck up on me.
We yelled a lot because I do not back down from a fight, but but the wrong word the wrong question, and he would just get so insulted.
But I guess the insults and the shaming weren't enough.
One night it was quiet.
I thought the argument was over, and then then the door opened.
And he just marched up marched up And A friend helped me with the, um, restraining order.
I got out, and I just wanted to turn the page.
Walter made me turn on "Find Your Phone" to check where I was.
I am okay.
You will be.
But it is a process.
It's a long one.
I am not even out of it yet.
Will you come with me to the police? Yeah.
I thought you had a date.
I did.
Perfectly pleasant.
Mercifully short.
Uh Yeah.
I I gotta ask.
Did you take the embezzlement case because of me? I've made my interest clear.
- You think I need games? - It's something I would do.
You'd work that hard to spend time with me? You wanna give this a go, Amy? What do you mean by "this"? Well, I don't have any dates on the horizon.
- You? - Not the immediate horizon.
Okay, then.
How you feeling? Better.
We haven't talked a lot about our past, not that I have too much, but I feel like maybe we should, uh Okay.
Big romantic gestures, fancy gifts That's how my ex would apologize after punishing me for whatever he thought I I did wrong.
I'm not that guy.
I know.
I might have done something like him, but I am not like him.
This isn't about you.
I just don't like gifts.
That's the takeaway.
So should Freckles move in with me? I don't know.
Sara's gotten kind of attached.
Oh! Has Has she? Yes, she has.
How's it going? The research assignment? Yes.
Status report.
So far, so good.
If you have anything you need to discuss, my door is open.
Good to know.
You've reached the private cellphone of attorney Jean Rubenstone-Frost.
Please leave a message.
This is Judge Lola Carmichael.
I was hoping you had a few minutes to talk about Cuprillon Industries.
Thank you.

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