All Rise (2019) s01e16 Episode Script

My Fair Lockdown

1 Previously on "All Rise" Meet our newest clerk Mr.
Luke Watkins, coming straight from Courtroom 802! I'm running for State Attorney General.
Benner's worried about opposition research, so she turns to you? A toxic class action stood out.
Was that against Cubrillon Industries? I should just forget the whole thing - is what I should do.
- Yeah.
Have you talked to opposing counsel yet? Jean Rubenstone-Frost.
She represented the workers.
I was hoping you had a few minutes to talk about Cubrillon Industries.
Keys and cell phone in the bin, please.
- Hey.
- Oh.
You are a lifesaver.
If I don't get some caffeine stat, let's just say there'll be some interesting spelling in today's transcripts.
Oh, I bet.
You were up late last night.
Oh, my God.
You were home? I thought you were over at Luke's.
Case in chief starts today.
I needed to clear my head.
- Are you guys - Uh-uh.
You do notget to change the subject.
You had a guest an overnight guest.
Who? Century Bar after work.
I sat next to this cute lawyer Ben.
New in town.
He was alone.
I was alone.
He bought me a drink.
He gave me this amazing smile, and then coup de foudre.
This new look is doing its work! It really is.
That sounds so fun.
You gonna see him again? We were in such a rush this morning, we forgot to exchange numbers.
Well, what firm is he with? That's okay.
We can Google him.
Ben last name? Uh, we were very spontaneous.
I don't actually know.
You don't know? Oh.
This is me.
Can you get me an almond milk latte? Large.
Oh, Marky Mark.
How's it coming with your big psychic case? It's in the bag.
The last day of the trial.
Defendant's gonna testify, and we are going to shred her credibility.
I'm glad to see your wrist is doing better.
- Yeah.
- Maybe you should lay off the figure skating for a while.
That's not Is Amy telling everyone that's what hap How's your wingman Luke? - Goose to my Maverick.
- Cool.
Didn't Maverick get Goose killed? Your gain, our loss.
We've got Deputy Van Vynck covering in 802.
- Oh.
- That man is no Luke Watkins.
It's just, I've been watching the jury, and they think this is a joke.
They don't.
We won't let them.
- I feel so stupid.
- You weren't stupid.
You were a victim of extortion, and you're not alone.
She conned a lot of people.
But we're here to make sure the jury knows that.
I think I need to stress-eat.
You ready to go in there, get the big win? The guy is down on his luck, heartbroken after his divorce, and a so-called psychic comes in and takes advantage of him.
And all those other people people just looking for a reason to hope.
Who does that? Love the passion, but don't get too caught up in your casework.
Do as I say, not as I do.
All right.
You gonna help me with this cross? Let's do it.
I'm not entirely sure what we're doing here.
This should have been a plea deal.
My client wanted a trial.
That's his constitutional right.
Your client who doesn't believe in the Constitution, who shot at two officers.
Who were trying to kick him off his land.
They were serving him a notice that his land was being seized because he's refused to pay state taxes for the last 20 years.
He did not shoot at them.
He fired warning shots.
- Ballistics evidence.
- Is scientifically unsound.
I admire your tenacity, but this one's a lost cause.
- Well, lost causes are my specialty.
- Ahem! - Almond milk latte.
- Oh, thank God.
Thank you.
Did you even read the report my expert sent you? Of course I read it, Emily.
I read all expert materials.
Oh! Moonlighting for Postmates? Testifying in Judge Carmichael's court today, so I, um, thought I'd, well, surprise Ms.
Kansky with some breakfast.
Still calling her "Ms.
" Kinky.
This way, Detective Harris.
Sherri, you have a visitor.
- I come bearing pastries.
- Mm.
New French bakery down by Grand Central.
Wasn't expecting to see you.
You knew I'd be testifying.
I generally don't breakfast with material witnesses.
- You said the other night - You didn't text.
I already ate.
You didn't ask if I have time.
I do not, and you unilaterally decided to introduce a new bakery, and I hate trying new things.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean That sounded harsh.
I just I have a really full plate this morning.
- I just thought - We have a routine.
Almond croissant at Lou's every Monday morning.
It's a good routine.
Let's not mess with perfection, okay? I'm sorry.
For the record, that new bakery amazing.
I know you can't control when an emergency assignment pops up.
I was just really looking forward to seeing you, especially since that blizzard messed up last weekend.
It's killing me, too, believe me.
Getting called into a meeting.
I'm sorry, baby.
I love you.
Talk to you later.
I love you, too.
I didn't know you were on the phone.
It's fine.
Travel hiccups.
I'll let her know you're here.
Judge Benner is here to see you.
- Judge Benner? - She is supposed Supposed to be across town in meetings for her Attorney General campaign while you're here talking to Jean Rubenstone-Frost.
But instead, she's here.
Sara, have you met my son Ben? Your name is Ben Benner.
Have I seen you somewhere before? Uh, church, maybe? You a Methodist? My meetings got rescheduled, so I thought I'd grab breakfast with Ben.
Then I'm gonna plow through my backlog of paperwork.
Oh, speaking of which, I need Judge Carmichael's John Hancock - on the requisition form - Let's get her signing, then.
Hello again.
- I wasn't expecting - You didn't mention your mom was Didn't really seem the appropriate time to bring up my mom.
More a third date kind of conversation.
- Fair enough.
- I guess that puts us ahead of schedule.
Maybe we should get back on track.
Second date tonight? Uh, what did you have in mind? Jean Rubenstone-Frost.
So good.
It's Ben, right? Have you met Judge Carmichael? Um Well, that's all taken care of.
Right, the progeny.
Lola Carmichael, underneath all that beard is my son Ben.
Nice to meet you.
Ben Benner.
Your Honor, I've heard a lot about you.
No, he hasn't.
We were just headed to breakfast.
Oh, good.
Well, you two get on out of here.
Ben, it was lovely to meet you.
Uh, I hear the bakery near Grand Central is amazing.
Crisis averted.
Your visitor is here, and Benner is none the wiser.
All this cloak and dagger, it just feels wrong.
I just spent the last two days making calls, rearranging your schedule to accommodate this meeting.
I just did a somersault to get Benner out of here.
- If you back out now - No! I know.
And after what that Cubrillon employee told me about Benner's old firm, the strong-arm tactics and the documents, I know I need to find out more.
Come in.
She was, um, concerned about time.
Jean Rubenstone-Frost.
Not every day a judge calls to ask about a case I tried 30-odd years ago.
- Please, come on in.
- Thank you.
This, uh, wouldn't have anything to do with your colleague down the hall? Lisa Benner? Maybe.
A little.
Thought it might.
Lisa and I go way back.
Judge Benner is considering a run for office, - and she asked me - To look into her deep, dark past? I was hoping you could talk to me about the Cubrillon case.
Careful what you wish for.
How much time do you have? They had no legal authority.
That land has been in my family since before California was a state.
Ephraim, you have to listen.
All I wanted was to keep on in my family's way.
My wife passed.
My daughter, she she left.
I need to take you through the process, what to expect This land, my traditions they're all I have, and this so-called government they took it.
Now they want to take my liberty? This whole system is This whole system is why you've been provided with a lawyer, me, who you need to listen to.
This is serious.
They say that you fired a gun at law enforcement.
The D.
's office will push for They have no legal authority.
Whether or not you believe this system is illegal, you are facing attempted murder charges.
I was only trying to scare 'em off.
I just wanted to be left alone.
I fight the system every day.
You wanna walk out of here, let me do my job.
- But - I am on your side, Ephraim.
Don't forget that.
We're ready to head to Court.
Some cases really stick with you.
For me, that was Cubrillon.
What made it so memorable? They bullied my sick clients into low-dollar settlements.
Tough to swallow, but unfortunately, not all that rare.
The cover-up, on the other hand Cover-up? Six months after we settled, Cubrillon had to shut up shop when an anonymous source leaked internal docs.
Proof that Cubrillon knew it was poisoning its workers and did nothing to stop it.
Those documents never showed up in discovery? No, we tried.
We could never find definitive proof that Slefinger & Feste helped hide the docs.
- But a firm of that caliber? - They knew.
Including? Lisa Benner was third-year associate.
She would have gone over every scrap of paper - in that case.
- But she wasn't calling the shots.
Lisa Benner has never been passively involved in anything, not even then.
What makes you so sure? We were together for most of law school.
- Oh? Oh.
- Okay.
Shared a studio apartment, took her home to meet my parents.
Whole nine yards.
When the Cubrillon case came along a few years after we broke up, I was I was as surprised as anyone to see her true colors.
Sorry to interrupt, Your Honor.
Time for court.
Jean, I am so sorry.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
- I will be happy to - I'm fine.
I'll show myself out.
Selene Saint Clair.
That's your name, right? - Yes.
- Has it always been? Wasn't it originally Agnes Krudski? - Yes.
- You changed it to sound more mystical, didn't you? I changed it because one of my spirit guides told me to.
Your spirit guides.
Did your spirit guides also warn you that some of your clients would report you for extortion and fraud? Your Honor, I've seen this before.
Her spirit guides are speaking to her.
Your Honor, are you gonna permit whatever this is? Why not? Maybe she'll give us the winning Lotto numbers.
- Huh.
- The guides have spoken.
Their predictions are threefold.
First, a wave of darkness will soon be upon us.
Second, a grave calamity will descend upon this building.
And third and finally, something terrible will befall someone you care for.
Ma'am, did you just threaten the prosecut Your Honor, this is Hey, hey.
A wave of darkness, just as she predicted.
Your Honor, it's well-known that the faulty wiring in here causes the lights to flicker.
Anytime someone uses the espresso machine - in your chamb - So noted.
Please continue.
- Let's go.
- Em.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Ben? Remember Ben? He's Benner's son.
His name is Ben Benner? Not the takeaway here.
I mean, is it, like, a conflict of interest with something? I mean, she's the supervising judge.
He wants to go out again.
All rise.
Ephraim, stand up.
Sir? Stand up.
It is customary to stand to show respect for the court.
No disrespect, but I am an independent citizen.
I will not submit to this illegal tribunal.
Everyone, please take a seat.
Bowles, we have procedures in place here procedures to ensure that you receive a fair trial.
Without cause, they came and took my land.
- Ephraim - An unprovoked act of aggression.
Yet I'm the one on trial? Does that sound fair? Mr.
Bowles, you will have ample opportunity to speak your truth.
On that, I give you my word.
I understand that you disagree very strongly with what has happened, but I'm about to let in that jury 12 fellow citizens who will decide your fate.
If you want them to take you seriously, it would be wise to wait your turn to speak.
Do you understand? My client believes in her gifts, and so did the people who chose to pay her for services that she provided.
That's no crime.
That's a transaction.
Nathan Malone paid Selene to cleanse his karma and then turned on her like a thankless viper when his ex-wife didn't magically take him back.
My client is a psychic, not a miracle worker.
A karmic cleanse does not a better husband make.
- Objection! - What grounds? - He's badgering - Your Honor, these attacks go far beyond what's supported by the record.
Overruled, Mr.
I'm gonna call a brief recess.
The rest of us can stretch our legs while you give your clerk a refresher on speaking objections when and by whom they should be made.
I'm sorry.
Not in front of opposing counsel.
Uh ahem.
I gotta call you back.
Hello, Jean.
I was visiting with Judge Carmichael down the hall.
She wanted to chat about Cubrillon Industries.
I asked her to do a little research.
Lisa, whatever your latest machinations are, I'll pass.
I just wanted to give you a heads up so you wouldn't get blindsided.
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
Of course.
You still drink tea? Would you like a cup before you go? And what did you observe when you arrived at the scene? Tire tracks indicated the patrol car had been parked here.
Over by these trees, opposite side of the tire tracks from the porch, I found bullets embedded in the bark - He's lying! - You cannot do that.
- But - Ephraim, please.
Pure fabrication! You're trying to lock me away based on his lies! Mr.
Bowles, if you don't He doesn't know what he's talking about! - Ephraim, stop it.
- You're all just gonna let him I'm here fighting for my freedom, and you won't even let me speak my piece! Until the defendant can regain his composure, this court is in recess.
Oh, this whole You had no intention of ever letting me outta here.
Oh! - Everybody! - Your Honor No.
Over there! Move it! Move it.
Apple 1, give me cover on doors.
- On it.
- Apple 2 Situation update? Single suspect, white male, believed to be acting alone without premeditation, overpowered a bailiff and took his service weapon.
How many in there? Did anyone get out? Count was 23.
The J.
and court reporter managed to slip out just as it went down.
Take me to 'em.
It was way out of line.
I have to appear in front of Laski regularly.
Rizzo got under my skin coming after our victims.
The time to rebut a shameless defense argument is in our rebuttal, not before.
I know, I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you guys are still here.
Something wrong, Your Honor? Courthouse security's making the rounds.
Lockdown protocol.
Lockdown? What happened? The arraignment court probably misplaced another defendant.
Last time it happened, we were stuck for hours.
If I stayed in chambers, my J.
would make me do actual work, so I am hiding from her in here.
Now if you would In there.
Shelter in place.
Make yourself nice and cozy.
Okay, let's get those signal blockers up pronto.
No communications in or out, okay? Come on, come on, come on.
Lieutenant Logan Hunt.
Special Enforcement Bureau.
- This is my operation.
- Sherri Kansky, Judicial Assistant to Judge Carmichael.
This is my turf.
Well, then you're who I need to talk to.
I need access to this guy's arrest record and anything else you have.
Hey, keep still over there.
Hey, there, Mr.
My name is Logan.
Any chance you have time for a chat? You police? Had enough of police.
I'm just a guy who's here to help you fix this before anybody gets hurt.
How about we start with what it is you want out of this? I want a helicopter on the roof and and and and cash.
Ephraim, can I call you back? I want to help, but this building was built in 1925.
No helipad.
Now I see you've got a ranch here.
Is that where you're trying to get to? I'm not playing games, and I'm not going back in that cage.
You bring me a solution, or we have nothing to talk about.
Let's go.
We need his file Is he rational? He has some wild views.
He's spent his whole life off the grid and thinks, because he never participated in society, he's free of legal jurisdiction.
That said, he responds to logic.
Bowles, if I may? You're not in charge anymore.
I am.
I know that, but by holding these people here, you are doing to them what the government was doing to you.
Oh, yeah? How you figure? These people have done nothing to you, and you are holding them here against their will.
I'm not giving up my leverage.
A judge, two lawyers, and two cops? That's more than enough leverage.
If I let them go Then the police will see that you're reasonable.
They'll be more willing to give you what you want.
You're a man of principles and convictions.
I can see that.
You know this is the right thing to do.
I'm sending some people out.
Anybody tries anything, I start shooting.
I am the supervising judge.
I need to know what is happening - in my courthouse.
- I'm sorry.
These are my orders.
You know, I'm trying very hard to convince myself I'm not terrified.
You wearing out the carpet isn't helping.
I could use a distraction.
Why don't we catch up? Over the last three decades? Mm-hmm.
Oh, let's see.
Got married, had a son, became a judge.
Buried my husband.
Watched my son become a lawyer.
So not much, then? You'd like my son Ben.
He's an idealist.
Although he was a handful the first two decades.
Don't have to tell me what that's like.
Had two of my own.
I know.
I changed my mind.
Now they're off at college, and my ex-wife runs a spa in Sedona.
It's just me and a geriatric black Lab named Springsteen.
We talked about that name for our dog.
Which we never got.
It's a good dog name, so That's weird.
There's no signal.
Where's Lopez today? - Trial.
- That's lucky.
Whatever's going on, I bet Lola has her house in order.
- You try Amy? - Mediation in West Covina.
West Covina? Lockdown doesn't sound so bad.
Your, uh your little flare-up earlier have anything to do with that book you're reading? Well, no, it's nothing.
Bro, we road tripped to Vegas.
That's a sacred bond.
Talk to me.
What's got you losing your cool in court and reading save-your-relationship books? It's complicated.
It's a lot to deal with for both of us.
I'm trying to respect the situation, but it just feels like she's pulling away, then she's not, then she is.
It's just It's good, but Her ex wasn't exactly a prince.
I know she's been through a lot.
It's just I'm not sure we got our timing right.
I'm not sure if I'm what she needs right now.
Let her go.
Cut your losses.
I have the hearing of a vampire bat.
If you can feel her pulling away, she's already made her decision.
Due respect, Your Honor, but who made you an expert? Dr.
My wife and I have been seeing her for years.
Rhonda is also a lawyer, so we refer disputes to a neutral third party.
Keeps the peace.
Hey, what's with the tac gear? Just doing a security sweep.
Only the three of you in here? Deputy Luke Watkins.
Courthouse Security.
Can you give me an update on the lockdown? They're releasing some of the hostages.
Hostages? Suspect still has some people in 802 judge, lawyers, some others.
Go, go, go, go.
Go, go, wait.
- All the way down.
- Over to the right.
All the way down.
Okay, Ephraim, let's keep talking.
I did what you asked.
Now go sit down.
Sit down! Stop trying to get in my head! Oh, my Aah! Come get him.
All right, we just need more time.
- What about the daughter? - Alice Bowles.
Central Patrol's bringing her over.
Estranged, apparently, so good luck with that.
Alice still might have useful intel, help us figure him out.
There are five innocent people still trapped in that courtroom with a suspect who is becoming increasingly violent and who now has two guns.
The detective just received a serious blow to the head, - and all you - How do you know? Are you watching? - Disable the feed.
- Yes, sir.
- All right, folks.
- Sherri - No.
- Let's prepare for a tactical response.
A few weeks ago, I'd be in there with a badge and a gun.
Lopez is tough.
Lola, too.
Choi, the rest of them.
They'll be okay.
You don't know that.
Wonder if this is what our psychic meant by grave calamity.
That "calamity" bit is part of her greatest hits.
- Meaning? - That prediction is all over the transcripts of the calls you had me review.
Jones, Garcia, Li all the ones we submitted into evidence.
Every one of them? Said it the same way "Grave calamity.
" Really? Okay, so we tell the jury that she's using the same tricks on them that she used on her victims, and They'll convict for sure.
It's a slam dunk.
You just gave us our rebuttal.
I can hear you.
Gentlemen we're verging on ex parte.
What if I just walk out of here with you? They'll shoot you.
If I've got my gun to your head, anything happens to me, I can still get a shot off.
They won't risk it.
Get up.
No, no, no! Hey! The only thing that'll get you is killed! Her, too! - Stop talking! - Either you'll make a mistake, - or they will.
- They will take a calculated risk, soon as they think they've got a shot.
You don't want that.
None of this would have happened if it weren't for you.
Bowles, your father has no priors before this arrest.
- Has he ever showed - I've never seen him act like this.
It's been three years since I don't recognize the man in that room.
Do you think you might be able to He won't listen to me.
No, the last time we talked, he acted so betrayed.
I'm the last person he would want Lieutenant.
Excuse me.
Things are escalating.
We need to finalize the assault plans.
Okay, tossing a volatile relationship in the situation is only gonna set him off.
- Okay.
- Clock's ticking.
All right, do what you gotta do.
Ma'am, please, if you wait in here Our clock.
You get it right now.
- Yes, sir.
- Make sure it's ready.
I never did nothing to no one my whole life, then you people show up and take away everything - my family ever worked for! - Ephraim, Ephraim.
If you wanna talk about family, Thomas has a family.
Tell him about your boys.
Hayes he is 10.
Little League pitcher.
Practices in the yard every morning.
And, uh, Toby class clown.
Tried to tell me a joke this morning, but, uh, I rushed out before before the punchline.
Really wish I hadn't.
I hate the system.
I really do.
I fight against it tooth and nail every single day.
But he is not the system.
He is a human being.
He is a father just like you.
And why should I care about his family? Your daughter what would she what would she She left.
She rejected everything I ever stood for.
Went to college, took a job with the state.
She doesn't care.
I don't think that's true.
I have gone months without talking to my parents.
I have been mad at them, but I never stopped caring.
What's her name? Your daughter.
How do you think Alice will feel? She When she turns on the news, will you be proud for her to see that you killed an unarmed man? I appreciate that, Captain.
Still, I Ahem.
Call back at your earliest convenience.
What? It's just it's odd, seeing you, when I've had this this this image of you - in my head for years.
- Which was? Corporate shark in a Chanel suit, handing a pen to my clients, asking them to sign their futures away.
I liked that suit.
I wasn't that person.
You must like Judge Carmichael.
Wouldn't trust just anyone with your opposition research.
She always knows what's right.
You wanted her to bust you for Cubrillon? I wanted to know how she'd feel about it if she found out, to see how a big of a political liability it would be, and if someone with a moral compass like hers could excuse it, then maybe I could forgive myself.
Not how that works.
- What you did to those people - Come on, Jean.
I saw how you worked my clients.
I know what that firm was doing You didn't see everything.
You're right.
I don't need to hear your excuses anyway.
I'm ready to actually tell you what happened if you're willing to listen.
Go ahead.
I leaked the documents.
And I made it look like it came from inside the company.
If anybody finds out, it's over.
I'll be disbarred, everything I've worked for.
No news is good news.
Until it isn't.
I don't even know what to say, except that I'm trying not to freak out myself, but about that other thing some advice to take your mind off the crisis? Why not? Give her space.
My last girlfriend? Said I didn't do enough.
Said she didn't know how I felt about her.
Don't Do not overcorrect.
How about a little quiet time? Your Honor, are you seriously not concerned about what's happening in Courtroom 802? Trying not to be.
Would you like to know why? - Sure.
- Because I can't tell the future.
No one can.
Isn't that what you've been trying to prove in this case? No one has a crystal ball.
Might as well be an optimist.
Assume the best.
Live your life.
Same applies to your relationship.
Don't create a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Just listen to her.
Thank you for, um saving my life.
What can I say? Lost causes are my specialty.
I know what I'm gonna do.
You don't want to do that.
Find my daughter.
Tell her that I loved her.
Ephraim, no.
If you do what I think you're about to do, what's the point? Unhinged gunman killed by officers.
Is that what you want your legacy to be? Why should I care? You came here to my courtroom with a point to make, and I gave you my word that we would listen to you.
Don't you still want that, Ephraim to be heard? 'Cause if so, now is the time.
If they go in there Alice? Did I hear that right? Alice? You need to talk to him.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? Someone who cares a lot about the people in that courtroom.
Something changed.
When I left, he thought I was abandoning him, and I tried to explain, but he got so mad, and I I threw it right back at him.
After what I said, there's no way he'll listen to me.
Maybe not, but you might not get another chance.
This morning, my boss I snapped at her for being indecisive, and my my boyfriend brought me breakfast, just to be nice.
And I was such an ass.
Um If I could talk to them now but I can't because they're both in there.
If you have anything that you want to say to your father before anything drastic happens, now is the time.
All right, Mr.
The court is prepared to hear your statement.
What is it that you want? Freedom from all this.
I want my life back.
You cannot do this.
By storming the courtroom, you are endangering those people.
We don't know what she's gonna say.
We don't know how he'll react.
She can get through to him.
There is a chance.
If things go wrong and you had that opportunity Get the camera feed up, but I want your people in place.
The second there's even a hint of this going sideways, we move in.
Help me understand why.
The house they took I was born in it.
My daughter was born there, too.
It sounds like a very special place.
It was my world.
Everything I learned I learned there how to survive, how to be free - Free from what? - Free from your world.
All the terrible things that go on out there wars, drugs, violent crime, terrorism.
Do you blame me? You don't have to tell me about the ugly parts of this country.
But you take the good with the bad.
Church picnics and ball games - and fish frys - Oh, those things are they worth surrendering your free will to government oppression? Society in every state, is a blessing, but government, even at its best, is a necessary evil.
Thomas Paine, "Common Sense.
" Pretty words.
What's your point? If you choose to only see the bad, to toss out human connection in the name of protecting your liberty, then you see freedom.
I see isolation.
I see a prison of your own making, and that sounds pretty lonely to me, Ephraim.
It didn't used to be.
Ephraim Ephraim.
I'm done.
Ephraim, answer it.
Pick it up.
They want us to turn on the monitors.
Told you, I'm done.
Dad? Can you see me? It's me.
Alice? Baby? Why did you bring her here? Dad, please stop this.
Why are you doing this? They took everything I had.
They took our home, - my land.
- The land? Is that really Dad, I I love that place, too.
I can talk to people, see what we can do to get it back, but, I mean, is that all that really matters to you? Without my land, without my freedom my life is gone.
I'm not gone, Dad.
Everything that I ever worked for is Just because I left, chose a different life, doesn't mean I still need you.
I love you, Dad, so much.
Are you ready to end this, Ephraim, peacefully? Here you go.
Hands all the way up.
- Do it.
Do it now.
- Move, move, move.
Hands on your head.
Interlace your fingers.
Get on your knees.
Lockdown is over.
The situation has been handled.
Is everyone, uh There's a cop in there with a nasty bump on his head, but no one else is harmed.
All right.
Shall we resume in say, 20 minutes? Get out of here.
We both have people we need to see.
I I love you.
You scared the hell out of me.
It has been a day.
You're telling me.
I got locked down in a room with Judge Laski.
Between that and an armed hostage taker, how did you make out? It wasn't too bad.
Luke had my back.
We could have used him in there today.
- How's he doing? - Ah, he's great.
Reminds me a little of myself when I first joined the D.
's office.
Ooh! You were a pain.
Yeah, you kept me from hurting myself.
- Oh.
- My time to pay it forward.
Your Honor, the detective is ready for your statement.
- Mm.
- I'll catch up with you later.
Your Honor, I'm uh, I'm so happy you're okay.
Thank you, Sherri.
I'm so glad that you're okay.
I love you.
Naturally I was not planning to.
If that was too It wasn't.
I just Oh, my God, Em, you're okay.
- That was awful.
- Yes.
Luke, it's just hard with everything going on.
I'll I'll We'll talk later, okay? - I was so worried.
- Okay? What's up? Thought you'd be with, uh Oh, we might need to get a beer.
We might.
Just one, because I want to give you first crack at writing our rebuttal for tomorrow.
But first, beer.
all injured from the courthouse.
Great news.
I'm only mildly concussed.
Cleared to leave.
Oh, God.
I'm sorry.
Does this hurt? No.
In here? I don't remember this part of the routine.
Well, you're concussed.
You know what that means? You can't go to sleep.
Well, I've got a list of ideas for keeping you up.
I still can't get over how brave you were.
Barely remember it.
It's like just pure adrenaline.
Want to pick up takeout on the way home? Oh, you're headed back to the house? I figured you and Luke would Trying to get rid of me? More plans with Ben Benner? - You can just call him Ben.
- What's the fun of that? Speak of the devil.
Oh, he is cute.
- Get after it.
- Shut up.
Hey, are you okay? Yeah.
I am.
I need to check in on my mom, but, uh, maybe, uh how about that drink after Oh, I'm gonna need at least two drinks.
All right.
You've reached Robin Taylor.
Please leave a message at the tone.
Hey, baby.
I was really hoping to You wouldn't believe the day I had.
It was It was really awful.
Um but I'm okay.
I'm safe.
I just And now I'm headed home to our home, and you won't be there, which is Anyway, I'll talk to you soon.
I love you.
Well Go home, Carmichael.
We'll pick this up later.

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